Can I Have A Cheat Day From Gluten And Dairy Free Diet For PCOS?

Are you wondering if you can have a “cheat” day while going gluten & dairy free for PCOS? In this episode, we show you how you can make the PCOS friendly lifestyle your own!

You’ll learn about some common roadblocks with going gluten & dairy free, how to plan and prepare ahead of time, AND how to get more familiar with gluten and dairy free foods!

To get the scoop + hear from other Cysters about their experience with these same exact questions, click that play button above! And for a quick breakdown of what you need to know about gluten, dairy, and PCOS, including a roundup of easy to find gluten & dairy free foods, read on Cysters!

The short answer is: yes, of course! Although we don’t like to call treating yourself a “cheat day”, because it puts a negative connotation on the term.

The truth is: there is no one-size-fits-all fast-track transition to a completely gluten and dairy free diet. So, take your time, start one meal at a time, and keep us updated along the way. For more tips on getting started, click play above!

The key to starting and maintaining a gluten and dairy free diet, however, is consistency. Whether you’re going 100% gluten and dairy free, or just 50%, the key is sticking to your goals and cutting as much gluten and dairy as you can. Once you see the positive effects your new PCOS diet has on your PCOS symptoms and your overall quality of life, you will gain the motivation you need to stick to it. Plus, your body will thank you later.

If you’re not ready to take on this challenge alone, considering joining the Cysterhood. There, you will gain access the largest community of PCOS women, learning to reverse their symptoms and lose weight, gluten and dairy free.

Gluten And PCOS

Gluten is the general term used to describe a variety of proteins found in like wheat, rye, and barley. Although gluten is a common ingredient in many foods, it could be wreaking havoc when it comes to chronic inflammation.

Since many women with PCOS already deal with higher inflammatory markers that may cause existing PCOS symptoms, this additional inflammation may trigger even more negative side-effects. These include bloating, fatigue, upset stomach, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut syndrome, and more. It also puts a much larger strain on the already compromised immune system, making it harder for the body to ward of viruses, colds, and flu.

Cyster’s can benefits from a gluten-free diet for two main reasons:

1 – Consuming less gluten means less chronic inflammation.

2 – Foods that are naturally gluten-free tend to be lower on the glycemic index. This means improved insulin resistance and better blood sugar levels (also known as blood glucose levels).

It is important to note here, that gluten-sensitivity and Celiac Disease are not exactly the same thing. To read more about Celiac Disease, click here.

Dairy And PCOS

Consuming dairy products like milk, butter, and cheese is known to increase insulin levels in the body. For women with PCOS who already struggle with insulin resistance, this can trigger even more symptoms of PCOS.

Women with PCOS who are also lactose intolerant are at an even higher risk for developing additional negative side-effects when consuming dairy. These negative side-effects include inflammation, bloating, upset stomach, acne, trouble with weight loss, leaky gut syndrome, IBS, and more.

A dairy-free diet can be beneficial for Cyster’s by reducing chronic inflammation and reducing insulin levels in the body.

Gluten And Dairy Free Food List

It’s easy to slip back into old habits when you’re not familiar with gluten and dairy free foods. What do you purchase? What is safe to eat? Cysters, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of some PCOS-friendly gluten and dairy free foods, starting with the foods that are naturally gluten-free.

+ Fruit

+ Vegetables

+ Meat and poultry

+ Fish and seafood

+ Beans, legumes, and nuts 

+ Quinoa 

+ Rice 

+ Nut flours

Now, here are some gluten-free / dairy-free alternatives that can help replace those items you love, but had to cut out.

+ Nut milks (cashew, almond, coconut, etc.)

+ Non-dairy cheese

+ Plant based oils

+ Tofu

Worst Foods For PCOS

As a Cyster practicing a gluten and dairy free diet, it can be really stressful always wondering “what can I eat?”. If focusing on everything you can eat seems like too much, try focusing on what you can’t eat. Fortunately, the list of what you can’t eat is much shorter than the list of what you can eat!

Here’s a quick list of the worst foods for PCOS:

+ Processed meats like sausages, hamburgers, and hot dogs

+ Refined (simple) carbs like white bread, pasta, and pastries

+ Processed food like cakes, candy, and ice creams

+ Sugary drinks like soda, processed juice, and energy drinks

+ Fried foods including fast foods and foods made at home

+ Alcohol

+ Caffeine

Don’t beat yourself up over a “cheat day”. Enjoy it! Then, get back on track!

More questions on gluten and dairy and how they might be affecting your quality of life with PCOS? Drop them below! We’re here for YOU!

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Full Episode transcript:

Okay, It’s all over Tiktok. I know some art trends are really coming up so hard for me right now. It seems like everyone’s into it. So I don’t know. I just want to give the sisters a little air smart intro. Maybe they want this PCOS PCOS. Let us know you want, if you guys want us to add some on other podcasts.

Oh God. I don’t know if we can actually do, but Rip open over the top, pour it in the water. Hear the sounds of the dust. What’s up everyone. Hope you’re doing well. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. This is a sister and her Mister,

A sister and her Mister. So today we’re going to really talk about gluten and dairy free diet. As you guys know, it’s one of the diets that we recommend trying for 30 days to see if it’s right for you. But we’re going to talk about, can we have a cheat day or can you have a cheat day with gluten dairy free and what that’s all about?

Yeah, we get a lot of DMS asking. Can I have a cheat day? We get a little bit acupuncture. Let’s talk a little bit about how acupuncture has been going on because we’ve been doing it for seven weeks now for our listeners fellow listeners, we started seven weeks ago. How have you felt tired? Yeah, we’re on an acupuncture journey and you know,

as I reflect on like the first few times that I went, I definitely see a difference in my daily lifestyle. Like honestly having to go at five 30 on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays has made me prioritize that appointment and really carve out time for myself during the day. Instead of just like work, work, working task after task, whatever I’m doing and really prioritize just,

and it’s 20 minutes the occupancy, but it takes like 30, 40 by the time you like talk to the guy and everything. Yeah. And for those wondering, like what acupuncture is maybe like you’re imagining a thousand needles on your back. Cause that’s what I used to think. Like a couple of years ago when I didn’t know a single thing about acupuncture,

I was like, oh, it’s not where like they put needles on your back and He didn’t movies. It’s like really you. Yeah. There’s a better needle than the guy lays on top of it. And this woman walks on top, like put these shows and movies, but it’s, that’s not at all what it’s about. So for those who’ve never done acupuncture,

including myself. I didn’t do it up until two months ago. Basically you go, you lied down and the doctor will just put needles like five, six different locations. Not the location of the needle will depend on what your condition is. For example, like Tallinn has been trying to improve her, her thyroid health. So the doctor has been putting it on her thighs,

correct? Yeah. My inner and outer thighs all up And down. Yeah. And I guess that has to do with the cheek going down to the, going up to the thyroid. I mean, I’m just kind of like So much better, but Yeah. Yeah. And for me it’s been about like lowering stress, improving testosterone and just, just like basically overall,

like I’m helping with my stress levels. And for me, like, they’ve been putting it like between my toes. He’s been putting it on my big toe, on my pinky toe a couple of times on my like upper lip on my chin. Sometimes on my head, it changes week to week. And like, so when they first put it, it can like hurt for like,

let’s just say a minute, like, like for example, he put it on my toe once. Not once he’s done it, my meetups, but one time he put it on my toe and it was like throbbing for like a whole two minutes. Like I could feel like my heart rate, like throbbing through my toll dish. And then I was like,

wow, this is pretty intense. But then after two minutes of lying there in a darkness, cause they leave you for like 30 minutes after they needle you up. And after staying there for like two minutes, it start to go away. And I started to focus on my breath. I started to just like breathe in, breathe out. And then like after 15 minutes of just trying to relax,

you literally start to melt. Like, it’s almost like literally your body’s melting onto the bed and you can’t get up because you’re an ice cream. Not really though. Like, it feels like you’re, you know, like when your fault, like that feeling of falling asleep where you’re like, like you’re trying to catch yourself, that’s what’s happening. And it’s the most relaxing feeling,

same thing for you, right? Yeah. Yeah. Except you’re not like waking up in a panic, you know, but yeah. Yeah. You literally melt and it orderly. Yeah. And it almost feels like you’re in heaven and now this isn’t every single time we’ve gone, sometimes we’re so high strung or we’re so like too many things going on in our minds that we don’t reach that level of relaxation.

But if we go into it, well, rested, stable already, like mentally, you know, then we reached that point where we’re melting on the table. And so I really encourage you to like do a little meditation, clear your mind, then go to acupuncture and Yeah. And like when you’re lying down in the darkness, just like meditate and that moment took us.

That will help you relax and like fall asleep. And when you wake up, it just feels like there’s a weight off your shoulders. Like a good example I have is, you know, when you work all day and like you’re maybe were working at a desk, you know, on your computer, maybe you’re doing more of a, like a physical job.

And then you feel like that tension in your back, you know, like your back, it feels like so hard and just tense. You do acupuncture. And it literally like that tension like notes away. It lightens up. When you get out, you can like stand up straight your back. Doesn’t feel tight. A hundred percent. That’s like the best benefit for me is feeling relaxed.

You can walk lightly, you know, instead of like tense and hunched over. Yeah. Like those times where he does my big toe and stuff, it literally feels like my foot is like 10 pounds lighter. Like when I’m walking afterwards, it feels like there’s a hole in my foot. And there’s wind going through my foot as if I’m just like throwing a paper airplane in the air.

And it’s just like whizzing through like aerodynamic. Like my foot is more aerodynamic. It’s what I would like to say. You could see his face, he’s explaining this sisters. So yeah, that’s been our acupuncture experience so far. But with that being said, let’s go into this. Week’s Let’s do it. All right. So this week’s episode, we’re talking about cheat days,

babe. How do we feel about cheat days? Well, as we always say, if you joined us on our Instagram lives, we don’t like calling a cheat day or cheat meal for anything. Cause that adds a negative connotation. It makes it automatically makes you feel bad because of the word cheat in it. Because when it comes to being gluten, dairy free for PCO S or when it comes to any diet whatsoever,

it’s not about perfection, but rather consistency, consistency with gluten dairy free is the key. Now other diets, for example, like keto, you have to be perfect, Right? Or else it just doesn’t work at all. You’re not in ketosis. And even when you are perfect, it can still be a miserable experience. And then there’s a look,

other low carb diets, there’s current calories, all these things that maybe does require people to be quote unquote, perfect with limited results. But what, when you go on gluten, they’re free. It’s more so about consistency. Maybe for some it’s 80% others, 90%, maybe 99%. If you’re feeling amazing and it’s easier for you than yeah. Yeah.

I’ve seen responses from sisters who have gotten like 80% gluten and dairy free and lost weight or their symptoms got better, whatever symptoms it may be, their acne, their bloating, their mood. And that’s just 80%. That’s not 100%. And maybe after seeing that wonderful result from going gluten and dairy free, then eventually they become 100%. But I feel like that’s what happened with me.

I started with zero expectations of perfection because I was so over diets and how nothing would work. So it was like gluten dairy free. Fine. So I’d start with breakfast. Eventually I would get used to that and start eating a gluten and dairy free lunch. And then if I accidentally had some, I would evaluate how I felt. Okay. I’m bloated looks like this is really doing something to me.

And slowly, slowly, my body just got used to gluten and dairy free. And I was making easier choices to eat gluten and dairy free, like when I was eating out and so on, it was easier to choose my meals. But this came with time and patience. And I was just at a point in my life when I went gluten dairy free,

where I was so over the strict mentality. And I was like, everyone just leave me alone. Yeah. If this feels good, I’ll do it. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. But, And many people get caught up in that thought of like, oh, nothing will work. Okay. Because they’ve been led to so many different directions, you know,

PCOS is a complex condition and there, they can be so many directions that you can go into an an unfortunately, a lot of them can be the wrong direction and that can leave you feeling defeated almost like nothing’s going to work. So with that being said, we’re trying to make it easy for you. You know, that’s why we have this podcast to help you explain all these different topics.

That’s why we’ve created the sisterhood. You know, we put all the steps of going gluten-free, dairy-free finding your PCs type, finding your carb tolerance, workout all this stuff in a step-by-step way. So that you’re able to do at your own pace without like, feeling like you’re rushed and things like that. Yeah. Every single obstacle you might face going gluten free or dairy free.

We have a short video in the sister about it. Cause like edited to perfection. So hilarious to watch, but even like eating out, for example, you know how to eat out how to ask the weight or what you should look out for or restocking your pantry. We have a pantry tour and I show like exactly what I need in my pantry to sustain PCs,

friendly, gluten and dairy free lifestyle. So once you know these things, it’s easier to do, you know, educating yourself And not to mention if you’re looking for like motivation, inspiration, if you’re looking for proof, we have a bunch of testimonials and we want to inspire you. So if you want to hit over to like our Instagram, for example,

piece show, start weight loss, you can see a bunch of testimonials there about sisters who are either going gluten, dairy, free, finding their PCs type and just basically taking their PCRs in the right direction. We have all these testimonials there that you can get inspired from. So I highly recommend checking out our Instagram to see those testimonials and it can help you,

you know, just feeling more motivated to take the next steps. Yeah, I’d say so I read this really hilarious analogy about changing your diet. It said basically changing your diet is like learning a new sport. You got to flex that muscle to grow it. But sometimes it feels too hard. So we want to cheat and in sports you’d be disqualified if you cheated,

but in life you just move on. So instead of calling it a cheat meal, just try to make it and accept it as part of your lifestyle. Nobody’s Yeah. That’s a really good analogy. Cause you’re in sports when you do it, like when you do a penalty or whatever, a referee comes in and says you’re kicked out of the game or does he 15 yard penalty and then the touchdown gets taken away and then your fantasy football player,

doesn’t get the six points that you’ve been looking for. This happens to me all the time. But yeah. So in sports, when you make a mistake in sports, a referee comes, but in life there isn’t that referee. No. So it’s just on you to stay positive and look forward to the next meal and not feel defeated. Right? Exactly.

Just do you boo. Yeah. Who cares? Let’s move on. Yeah. So how do we avoid slipping up though? Like what are some of these roadblocks that get in our way? Well, we’re going to talk about the top three roadblocks and give you some tips on how to manage your lifestyle and diet so that you can get through them. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible.

I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo in NASSA tol.

This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it.

You got it. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right, babe, let’s take a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some pure spectrum CBD. Sure. Hey, sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety asleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low.

Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued at all. Now open your mouth, please. So I can give you a serving. Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10% of, Can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds.

So the first one is, for example, Monday and Tuesday, you’re killing it the rest of the week or weekend. It goes downhill. Sometimes this happens. Yeah. I do think that’s because like you’re setting yourself up. You’re like creating this huge expectation and you’re setting yourself up to think, okay, I’m going to do amazing Monday, Tuesday, you go super hard.

And then you go so hard. The first two days at the rest of the week, it’s like hard to continue that like, you know that piece. Yeah, I think so. And I think that we set these unrealistic expectations because there’s a lot on the line like fertility, you know, and that’s a lot of pressure. Like if somebody says do this diet and your fertility will improve,

then you set this crazy expectation. They’re going to be perfect at this diet tomorrow because you have all this pressure on your shoulders because you really want to have a baby. Whatever the case may be. That’s where we get caught up in this hundred percent mentality. So want to evaluate that, do a little check in with yourself. Think, is this something that you’re struggling with?

I think the same thing happens to us. We go so hard with our work Monday, Tuesday, that by the time it’s a Wednesday, we’re like burnt out. We’re like, there’s still three days left and why did we go so hard in the first two days we could have like spaced things up better, like been more comfortable during the day. I always want to finish everything on Monday and I always have to talk myself out of it every Monday.

And the Monday becomes as crazy hectic day. So the second, the second point or the second example of how, you know, to avoid slipping up, you feel like you make poor food choices when you’re tired and overwhelmed. Yeah. This would happen in college. And I’m sure that we have some students listening, where you have classes, you stayed up all night,

you have to study, you’re hanging out with friends and now you’re tired and now you’re over it. And when somebody says let’s get pizza, you’re like, sure. Yeah. What are you going to cook something it’s exhausted. You’re exhausted by now. You know? So with that being said, something that really worked for me in college was preparing in advance and packing my lunch,

packing my snack, making sure that I was creating time for preparation for my meals. So I, I even have pictures in my phone, which I should probably post when this podcast comes out of. Cause I would work so hard on what I would eat. You know, I would take pictures of, I had a juicer, I make juice. I would like pack my carrots and like gluten-free crackers or whatever,

like munch on in the library, I’d pack a Turkey sandwich. You always see my Turkey sandwiches on stories. And yeah, that really helped me. What other tips do we have for that stabilizing your blood sugar is also a key factor in preparing all of your snacks and meals. Because if you go hungry for a long time, then you just want to eat a bunch and then you won’t stop eating because their insulin is high.

Yeah. That’s such a good point. So he’s really like starving herself for like, if you’re skipping lunch, you skipping breakfast. Then when you do finally get a chance to eat, you’re going to just feel overwhelmed by the hunger and your blood sugar dysregulation. And it’s just going to have a negative impact on how you’re eating. It’s like you unlock the gates,

you know? And you just can’t stop. This happened yesterday when we were filming and we couldn’t eat all day. Yeah. We’re filming YouTube all day from like 12 until six. And then by the time we got back home, it was like, we got dinner at seven. So we like went so long. I mean, we had, I’m sure we had like a little snack,

like art, like RX bar or a little taco snack. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, good thing. I had ribs for breakfast. Let’s talk about that for a second. If you have a busy day ahead of you, you can plan your breakfast to be big. If you really can’t eat like you have classes or whatever for like four hours and you can’t eat anything,

at least you had a high protein breakfast. And that’s what I did. I had mashed potatoes and ribs at 11 o’clock. Then we started filming at 12. I didn’t eat anything for like four or five. That’s a good way of thinking about yeah. So the next one, the next point, or like how to avoid slipping up is not being familiar with gluten and dairy-free foods and that results in being inconsistent.

I mean, if you’re starting out and you really want to be like perfectly gluten and dairy free, but you don’t know how to, that can be a major slip-up yeah. Yeah. You can be accidentally slipping up and as a result being inconsistent and saving your fault, you’re just not aware of these different little details, which honestly, I would like my first tip for that is don’t be hard on yourself about it because it takes time to learn how to be gluten,

dairy free, like to learn the ins and outs of like, of like the different things. Especially when you go to restaurants and stuff that you don’t realize what different restaurants we’ll put into sauces we’ll put into like toppings or even like when they fry some, some people fry with flour while some people fry with like cornstarch, Some people at flower in soups.

Yeah. Think that you just started Glen dairy-free Dream soup. You think of soup, healthy gluten dairy free, but then they put flour in it. So it’s like, you don’t know. So don’t be hard on yourself when it comes to, you know, knowing the ins and outs. But going off of that, we also do in the sisterhood have a whole gluten and dairy free pantry tour.

So there are two separate videos. One is a pantry tour to basically tell you all the different gluten-free foods in talions kitchen. Yeah. Our kitchen. And it’s as simple as like potatoes are gluten-free it’s some people they don’t know that yet. Yeah. All right. We had a lot of questions about race because unfortunately in the piece has community. So many people will say,

don’t eat rice. It’s bad for blood sugar regulation. Of course, if you eat too much, it can be bad. But if you’re eating a moderation, correct portion size, then rice is definitely okay. You can definitely eat rice potatoes, things like that. And a lot of people are unfamiliar with that when they first start out. And I think that’s totally fine to make mistakes in the beginning,

especially because that is going to teach you slowly but surely. I mean, I remember countless mistakes I’ve made going gluten free, especially like thinking that I was eating rice noodles at a Thai restaurant, but the rice noodles were mixed with flour. I had no idea that I was bloated. Then I had acne and I was like, oh. And then I called the restaurant and asked them well that there were so many instances where I’d get symptoms and then I’d have to call the restaurant just to like,

see what’s up. For example, this one Mexican restaurant I went to, I thought I was eating corn chips and I was eating flour chips, like literally just flour. I was eating flour. Wow. And that’s why we always ask them when they bring chips, corn chips, you know? But usually most like if, especially if you go to most Mexican restaurants,

it’s corn chips or corn tortillas. Cause that’s like the traditional way. But even then they make the flour sometimes. Exactly. So then when I called, they said, well, last night we ran out of corn chips and we had to use flour. The lady said that and I was like, what fun? But you start learning the texture and the difference between the texture of corn and flour.

And I’m going to mention one more thing when you ask the waiter, is this gluten-free or dairy-free and they’re like, yeah. And their face changes don’t believe them. Don’t don’t just be like, well he said, yeah. And then get sick. Especially if they answer like a yeah. Like they see like the Like, and I don’t make them feel bad about it.

I don’t even show them that my expression, my reaction to I’m like, oh, okay, thanks. And they bring it and it’s like an appetizers. I just don’t need it. You know, don’t blame them if they like boys in you. And it’s always good to tell them right away in advance, like before you even ordered before, like as you’re sitting down and they asked you for like a drinks,

water, whatever you can be like, oh, by the way, I have a gluten dairy-free free sensitivity. If you want to call it an allergy that they take that way more serious. Because if you say allergy that now the Russians like, Ooh, okay, we don’t want something to happen. So they take it even more serious than saying it ahead of time helps.

And I will give you like a funny example of my mom. Like my mom, like she loves to bake stuff for me and Talia. And because Tallinn is gluten dairy free and I’m basically like 90% gluten dairy free she’ll make cookies or she’ll make like different like baked goods from gluten free flour. Right. So she was showing me the bag that she’s been like using lately.

And she said, oh, look at this gluten-free flour brand that I’ve found it looks really cool. I think it was called cup to cup or something from target. I’m not exactly sure Pamela’s gone. That was different. She was showing me was like a blue bag. It says cup to cup something. And anyway, anyway, so I was like,

oh, that’s cool. And I look at, I look at the bag, I look at the ingredients and it is gluten free. But when you look at the ingredients, it includes milk powder. So although it’s gluten free, it’s not dairy free. And that was just like a, like an honest mistake that my mom made. But anyone could make that mistake.

You know? Like you’re looking for gluten-free flour. You’re not thinking about dairy. Right? Like most people wouldn’t think about dairy. Oh my God. You’re right. Yeah. It’s times Googling as I’m speaking. I didn’t know that either. I think it was just Pamela’s no. So what is the brand called? Just so everyone’s aware. Cup four cup cup.

Four cup. Yeah. Wow. So I’m not saying anything bad about the brand. I mean, I’m sure it’s a great one. We’ve been using it. My mom has, well now she uses Bob’s red mill because I’ve told her that it’s great, but she used to use it. And I didn’t know that that had, Yeah. So it has milk powder.

So for anyone just FYI and yeah, it’s, it’s an honest mistake that anyone could make, you don’t know. Yeah. Till you have cystic acne. Yeah. So going off of that, basically it takes time to be consistent and you just want to like check the mail, check the ingredients. And after awhile you’ll be way more knowledgeable about it.

So you don’t have to like always second guess on what you’re eating. And again, we’re always happy to help you find those exact foods. And in the sisterhood, we have a whole library recipe library for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and we just added snacks as well as vegan recipes. So we want to support our, our vegan listeners and we want them to feel like they have as many recipes as they need.

So we have added vegan recipes into the sisterhood as well. If you’re interested. That’s right. So sisters, if you’ve fallen off track, get right back on with your next meal, don’t feel bad. Well, that’s my question to you, but what if you are off track, how do you get back in the routine, The next meal, whatever.

Moving on, it happens. Evaluate why it happened. We listed all of the reasons why there are roadblocks to consistency, evaluate whether you’ve stumbled upon some of them. And next time you’ll be more aware and it won’t happen again. You know, nobody’s perfect. And if it’s a lifestyle, you certainly don’t want to have this like pressure on yourself for the rest of your life.

Yeah. So just do UBU. Okay. I completely agree. All right. So those are our tips, but we’re not done yet. We have our DNS. So we like to ask as sisters a similar question and get your responses. So on Instagram at PCO start weight loss. We asked the following question. When you feel like you’ve gotten off track with eating gluten dairy free,

what do you do to get back on track? And these were our responses. Katie woods says, scroll through your page. I love that. That’s cute. We like totally do that. If I fall off my wagon of like fitness and working out, I just go on fitness, like tone it up. I love them. I look at their stuff.

Motivates me back on track. Hell yeah. Next one’s from Annie. Christine. She says, I sit in the sauna in detox. It helps me bring my focus back to my health. Ooh, that’s a cool tip. Just like sitting down and maybe meditating, just like relaxing. Maybe just letting your mind and brain your body just like calm down.

So you can just be more in tune with what you want and stuff. No, that’s a really good point. Samantha Kay says just take the next step, eat gluten and dairy free. And remember it’s a lifestyle. That’s what’s up. Love their answer by Samantha. Next one is rain. Della, I think is her name. And she says,

feel hard. Crappy makes me feel and get back to it. Yeah. I mean, that is a good point in its own because if you can see how it makes you feel in a negative way, then it’s like a training or body to be like, I don’t want to feel that way. So why am I going to go back to it?

Exactly. Yeah. And that’s how it works at the end of the day. We always make the mistakes. And if we can self evaluate and think about why or how we feel and what it’s doing to us, that it’s so much easier to be consistent and create a lifestyle out of it. Yeah. You just don’t want to like, make yourself feel guilty and feel like bad for hours and hours and stuff like that.

You want to avoid that. But if you can just kind of, yeah. You know what? I just, I broke out in acne after I dare you to say, I don’t want to like me, so it’s not really worth it for me to eat it. And the next time around you can be like, I don’t want it. Like,

why would I, you know, Careful because you might lie to yourself, okay. This is what I was doing for quite some time. I thought that it would, it would be okay if on the weekends we would go to parties or whatever. And I’d have a little bit of dairy, maybe a slice of cheese from the cheese board, or maybe a little bit of frosting from a cake.

And I figured I was so consistent during the week. And it’s one little instance, won’t do anything. But as it turns out, thanks to quarantine, I realized that it was affecting my skin. I am that sensitive. And in during quarantine, I was so consistent. I’ve never had better skin in my life. Okay. And then when quarantine ended,

we started going places and I was doing this thing again. Boom. There it goes back with the acne. Totally not worth it. All right. Last one. Cray, Cray. Start with one at a time to get back on track, cut out gluten or dairy. Whichever is easier to cut out. First in the sisterhood. We do that first gluten then dairy.

Yeah. One at a time. One step at a time is like one of the most powerful tools can use. So hell yeah. All right. So before we get to the last part of the podcast, the winds of the week, we do have our hotline for anyone who’s new. We have a hotline that you can call or leave a message.

The phone number is one eight, three three, ask PCO S 1 8 3, 3, ask PCO S every time I say, I feel like it’s like a 1 8, 3, 3. You like those commercials. So this week we have a text message that was sent over to, to the hotline and hear his message. She says, hi, my name is Sarah. I had been listening to all your podcasts and they have been super helpful.

I had one quick question. My doctor told me it, isn’t good to be eating as much protein from animals because of age, which is an advanced glycation end. My doctor said that vegetarian diet is best for my piece. Us. What is your opinion on this? Well, one thing we should say first is if you’re working with a doctor to work with your doctor and we don’t want to get,

get in between what your doctor’s recommending and when it comes to like all these different things. Yeah. Ultimately it is your choice, what you want to do. And there’s no one best diet for PCOS. Everyone can just suggest something, but you would have to try and see how it makes you feel. Absolutely. Absolutely. So when it comes to the vegetarian diet,

or what do you think Tony, is that something that like, what, what’s your thought on the vegetarian diet? So I have read studies about how like red meat can affect our insulin levels and we should reduce our intake of red meat. We should choose hormone free. Organic. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m here for it. You know, I,

I want to eat meat, you know, once a week, if I could, I probably eat more than that. But with that being said, vegetarian diets can tend to be higher in carbs. So when you’re trying to eat protein as a vegetarian, you may find that the protein sources are a carb sources. So grabbing keenwah beans, things like that,

which are wonderful. They might contribute to a higher carb diet, which will maybe prevent you from losing weight or maybe contribute to fatigue or your PCLs symptoms. Yeah. So you want to evaluate that and you want to evaluate GI distress because beans and those lagoons that you get your protein from, they could cause bloating and indigestion, especially if you already have leaky gut and inflammation and things like this,

it can really make it harder to digest these beans. And my sister went vegetarian because she thought that it might work for like a week and she was bloated and just falling apart. So didn’t work for her, but it might work for someone else. Yeah. And not to mention when you’re cutting out all this animal protein from your diet, you’re missing a lot of beneficial nutrients,

vitamins, beneficial, amino acids are crucial for recovery for your muscles, for your entire body. So you’re missing a lot of these nutrients, like, like the B12, correct? Yeah. So, I mean, when it comes to that, that’s why we wouldn’t recommend as the vegetarian diet as the go to diet. Because again, what tie-ins said,

a lot of the protein content from vegetarian diet has high carb content. So it’s yeah. So it’s, it’s hard to have a high protein to carb ratio as a result. And then the missing nutrients, immuno acids that are crucial for recovery. And then fish is so good for you. Like wild caught salmon, you know, it’s high in omega three fats.

It’s great for inflammation. Like there’s just so many benefits. So what I would personally do, if I was presented with the suggestion to go vegetarian is I would do like one vegetarian meal a day or something. And this is what I do. I try to have a vegetarian lunch most days. I think that that helps me reduce my red meat intake.

I feel like I feel good afterwards. Yeah. I I’m full, I have energy. I in fact, feel more energetic with a higher fat lunch, like more hummus than avocado and nuts and seeds and things like that. Then a piece of meat or something like that. Yeah. So that’s what makes me feel good. Find what makes you feel good.

And for any of our vegetarian or vegan sisters out there, we do have new vegan recipes that are all dropped on the sisterhood. So you can, you can always check that out if you like too. Alright. So that’s the hotline question for this episode, let’s go to the winds of the week. So the window of the week, our fellow sisters who are,

who are managing their peace, us losing weight and thriving and feeling like in control of their body Today, I chose a couple from the sisterhood, Right? Who is our first winner, babe? Hannah Begley on. She says, as of today, I am down 19 pounds. Since January 1st, I didn’t start seeing results until I changed my mindset though.

And here are my tips. Sure. Six tips too. So it’s, I love this. I love that. She gave her seven tips top selling. Sure. Yeah. Okay. Number one, go gluten and dairy free, but don’t deprive yourself. If you are on vacation or out at a great restaurant, that is so smart. And our meal prep and workout course,

we don’t have meals that you have to prep during the weekend because you want to live your life. I’m here for it. Like you have to live your life and not be so strict. Okay. Let me go on to two because we have seven stock, but if you do eat gluten and dairy, just pick back up the next day, like it never happened.

Getting mad at yourself, most likely will result in eating more or just stressing you out. Hey man, like literally what we’ve been talking about this episode. Yeah. Three continue to lower carbon take. It may seem impossible, but it’s not, we don’t need bread. Rice beans carbs can come from avocados, broccoli cauliflower. Well, I can see where she’s coming from.

Sure. Yeah. Yeah. The carb intake will be individual to each one. So you don’t have to like completely lower it. You don’t have to like increase it so high. You can find a range that’s right for you. And it sounds like for this sister, a lower carbon take work, which is amazing, you know, and what she’s saying is like also right to a journey to have a lot of carbs.

Either you can focus more on the protein and the healthy fats rather than just on the carbs. Okay. Exactly. Yeah. And also I think she means like, don’t get obsessive about lowering the carbs. You can get them from avocados and foods like that. Okay. Number four, if you have a craving of something, eat it and then find a healthier alternative for that craving for the future.

Well, that’s a great tip. Yeah. Yeah. Like a snack, like a fruit healthy fat, or a fruit and a nut butter snack. That’s a great, it can help you, you know, it’s a great way to get rid of cravings and helps you find a healthy alternative. Exactly. I mean, she says like, just go ahead and eat it though.

Like if it’s chips, if it’s chocolate candy, like don’t, don’t like deprive yourself that I think that’s a clever way to, because if you deprive yourself, you’re just going to like in Gorge on it later, you know? So you just eat it and then think like, okay, can I buy a healthier chocolate or something? Yeah. That’s not that I,

I misunderstood it the first time, Because it’s a new perspective. I’ve never thought of that. Number five, I eat as good as I can all week. So when the weekend comes and if I want to have more carbs, I don’t feel guilty because I put in the work all week. That can go both ways. That can be tricky sometimes.

You know, if you restrict all week, then you eat a lot over the weekend. But for her, she probably just minds her carbs all week. And then if she’s somewhere doing something, you know? Yeah, Yeah. She doesn’t, she doesn’t feel the pressure to like not eat or something because she’d been so consistent Monday through Friday, Number six,

eat foods that fuel your body love that seven fresh is best veggies, berries, lean protein, nuts, the less ingredients, the better while losing these 19 pounds. I have enjoyed for vacations where I let myself indulge on sushi, pasta, truffle, bread, all the good stuff. And then I got back home and got straight back on the grind.

That’s amazing. Yeah. It’s amazing. And that just goes to what we were talking about earlier. Consistency versus perfection. You can still enjoy your life. You can still enjoy the weekends vacations. Like I love it. It’s amazing from her amazing message from Hannah. If you want to see like more information, like tips like this, it’s all part of the Facebook community that we have with the sisterhood.

That’s where like a lot of sisters like Hannah are sharing their journey, sharing their experience, what they’re doing and just asking each other questions. That’s like the most powerful tool you can have as a community. Yeah. We could do a whole podcast episode on her one message. Yeah. Right. All right. What’s the next? So the next one of the week is also from a sisterhood.

Her name is Shambhavi punting. She says celebrating a small one with the community here in the last three weeks, I had been mostly gluten and dairy free, like 90%. And I am happy to experience more energy and start my day without caffeine cherry on the top is I am three and a half pounds down. I haven’t started any of the workout routines yet,

but I am looking forward to it now. Thanks tally. Ah, it’s amazing. Amazing. That’s amazing. She does 90%, you know, she’s not being like so strict and being like, you know, a hundred percent, you don’t need to be. If you find the level that’s right for you and you can always increase it over time, but Three and a half pounds in three weeks is so good.

Yeah. I mean, one to two pounds per week is ideal. If you don’t lose any weight for a week and then the next week you lose one pound. That’s great too. I mean, especially in the beginning of your PCs journey, don’t be discouraged by not seeing the fast results. You might just be a healing, the insights first, right.

You know, getting your insulin and inflammation down and getting used to the lifestyle. And then later you see results quickly. But anyways, my point is no, that can also trip you up if you’re getting obsessive about like, why isn’t one more time, you know, one pounds, not enough. And why isn’t it going down? Yeah. One to two pounds a week is a great,

great goal to have. And even if you don’t get that, it’s still good to like, just consistently over time, lose weight. You don’t have to lose a lot at once. Just like kind of set. Amazing. Thank you so much. Trump Havi. And also, I love how she mentioned, like starting my day without caffeine, you know,

I’ve been doing that for the last three weeks and it’s been difficult and I can, I can definitely relate to like finally not feeling the need for it. Oh. You know, I sometimes had that like, oh, I’m so I’m showing a Drake today. I don’t need coffee. It’s a great feeling. So especially if you get good Sleep. Yeah.

Like we do last night. Yeah. All right. Well that was a great episode. It was lovely chatting with you. Yeah. We got acupuncture again tomorrow. Maybe telling you should do like a, time-lapse put a camera in the room. Time-lapse I’m going to yeah. Just ask the doctor if that’s okay. Because it’ll show him coming in the room and put the needle and all that stuff on Instagram.

Yeah. I’m sure he’ll be cool with it. Yeah. He’s nice. Yeah. Very nice. All right, sisters, thanks so much for listening. We hope this motivated you and made you feel more comfortable on your PCLs journey. We’ll be back next week with another episode until then have a great one. Talk to you. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle collusion, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again. Ah,

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