PCOS Q&A + 3 Gluten Free Foods to Fight PCOS + Guess this Food

Wondering what dairy free milk we like the most? In this episode, we answer all your burning questions in a Q&A session!

We play a little game called “Guess This Food” where Tallene has to guess a PCOS friendly food based on hints!

Last but not least, you’ll hear our top 3 gluten free foods to fight PCOS!

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Full Episode transcript:

so much good things to say about PCOS that will just blow your mind. into my own hands and with the stem naturally So there’s, if you haven’t listened to our episode with Dr. Fields, Gersh is actually our most downloaded episode of all time.

It’s called hotter, reverse piece us with Dr. Phillips. And she’s coming back on the podcast in a few weeks. I know if you don’t know who she is, she’s also the author of peace S SOS and we in our world, we call her the queen of peace us. Cause like We call her the queen. We should Tell her we shipped.

That’s how I was introduced her. The queen is here. The queen is there. She like was one of the pioneers about 20, 30 years ago, looking into like in-depth research piece, us starting her own facility, starting her own, just traveling Combined with gynecology. Like she’s a gynecologist who studied functional medicine. So she brought like the two worlds together.

She knows so much research. She has this book S S O S I suggest you read it before our next podcast episode air. Yeah. And she’s one of the reasons where the gluten and dairy-free came into the PCs role is because she talks about it extensively in her book as one of the first approaches when she has patients coming with PSUs. And that’s where we got a lot of our knowledge,

as well as other doctors and experts in the area. Yeah. She has a lot to say to a patient diagnosed when I was diagnosed and I went to her, she said a lot in that first day. Yeah. I memorize everything. She told me it was just really hard to implement at first. Yeah. And it took me like years and years to do it,

but I feel like our method has been heavily influenced by like her research, what she said to me at my doctor’s appointment. What other naturopathic doctors also say that align with what she says. Exactly. All right, though, we have a very fun episode for you today, sisters, we, as we mentioned in our last episode, wanted to change up the style of the podcast.

It’s just a little bit to make it a little bit more, even more fun to make it more interactive to make it about you and, and more about different piece. You as topics, not just one topic for the whole episode, as you know, like in previous episodes, we just have one topic and we go over that topic. And that was really right.

Yeah. And now we’re going to have multiple different topics within each episode to really give you more knowledge and keep it a little bit more broad as to what you can learn through each episode, we’re Covering more ground. So pay, plugging your headphones and pay it. Exactly. I’ll tell you the topics for today and you’ll see how fun it is. So the first thing we’re going to start with today is guests.

This food tire has no idea what this food is. I’m going to give her a couple of hints and then she’s going to try to get the food. And then the one she gets, is it right or wrong? She’ll tell us the best ways to eat that food for PCs, but I’ll give you a hint. The food is something that’s very healthy for PCs.

Okay. After that, we’re going to do a little Q and a from Instagram. We’re going to take your questions from Instagram and answer about five, six questions. And then we’re going to do wins of the week. And then to end out the podcast, we’re going to do three gluten-free foods, three gluten-free fruits to fight PCLs. So as you can tell,

it’s going to be really fun. Packed. Let’s get started. Let’s hit it. All right. Are you ready for this baby? Are you ready? The guests, this food? I don’t know. There’s what Hinz, Because the hints are on the paper right here, but I don’t want you to read because I want them to come to you.

Fresh Tommy. All right. So Ty has no idea what this is and scissors, if you want to guess with her, just yell it out in your office or your school. No one will care. Alright. Guests based on these hints telling, oh, and by the way, you only get one guest throughout the entire game. If that one guest is wrong.

Okay. All Right. So you can’t just be guessing every single thing in the world. And it’s very specific. Okay. Right. The first hint is this food is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids first hint. All right. You want to guess right now? It’s a very generic entry. Now. I’m not ready. You’re not ready. He’s good.

All right. Good. Good. Good. The second hint is rich in vitamin D. So why don’t you talk about what you’re thinking so far? What this food is like so far? What’s your guests salmon. Okay. We’ll see. I don’t know. I can’t see anything. I know we have a third hint. The third, the third is the final hint.

Okay. The third hint is a may also supply a significant amount of iodine, which is a three hints. I don’t know as time thinks about it. Why some of these are really important for PCs. So omega-3 fatty acids. They can help reduce inflammation. And we all know how big of a role inflammation plays when it comes to weight gain, as well as your metabolism with PCs.

Second head. When I said vitamin D, this is great. For instance, sensitivity, improving air quality, improving our population, improving fertility. And then the third hand iodine. This is really important for thyroid function, which as a result affects your metabolism. So what is it telling you? You get one guest. Let me give you 10 seconds.

Yeah, I’m right. You got it right. Oh my God. But you set it after the first. And I was like, God damn it. It was easy. It was just like, oh, mega three. Okay. Must be a fish. She said vitamin D. I was like fish. And then I said, I had done.

I was like, oh, fish. Yeah. Yeah. But not all types of fish salmon, particularly when it comes to these hints. So now that you get Saray, why don’t you kind of give some of your favorite dishes with salmon while you like salmon for PCs and yeah. Let me tell you, come closer. Have you made a salmon taco before a crispy salmon taco?

I’m going to brief synopsis the recipe for you. Okay. First you have to do this. Get some coconut milk, little bit like a dollop of Mayo, some chili powder, a bunch of cilantro, some, a squeeze of lime, some lime zest, blend it all up right now. You have your sauce. They get the salmon, lay it on,

you know, a sheet pan, right? With parchment paper or whatever, drizzle on that saucy sauce. And then what you want to do is get some gluten-free bread crumbs. Oh, by the way, you have to put salt and stuff on the salmon. Get some gluten-free bread crumbs, mix it with some, I dunno, whatever seasoning you like again,

chili powder, garlic powder. Give it some flavor, Italian seasoning, whatever. And in crust, the salmon with that and bake it and then basically make a taco afterwards. Yeah. Pickled onions and everything. It’s so good. It is the best way to eat salmon. If you don’t like the fishy flavor, that’s what you got to do. Yeah.

And for the sisters who don’t like fish like me, I hate fish, the passion. But when Tali makes it like in these different kinds of ways with like the taco, or sometimes she’ll make it like a salad Patty, it makes it delicious. It only makes it delicious. I enjoy it. So for anyone who’s like hates fish, I’m in the same boat with you.

I don’t want to go in, I don’t want to leave that boat. I don’t want that fish. I agree with you, but it’s important, you know, like You have to for you don’t, I mean, you don’t have to, but it’s important to be diverse with Your proteins. Yeah. You should have fish a couple Times a week.

Yeah. Not just only be for not just chicken yet to like switch it up from chicken to beef, to fish. Like you can’t just have one source of protein. Yeah. I agree. All right. Well, I Hope everybody. I want to do this every episode, the guests, this food, and I’ll make it more difficult next time,

because this is my physical, my first time doing this game. And you know, first time is always a little difficult, so I’ll get better at it. As we go on with these episodes. What’s our next segment. Pape. Let’s Do the Q and a answer. Some of your questions. Yes. And these questions came from Instagram comments. So if you want your comments or if you want your questions to be read,

just leave a comment with your exact question on any one of our latest posts. We usually check the latest ones and we grab your questions from those at PCs dot weight loss, by the way, peace U S dot weight-loss on Instagram. Just leave your comments there. All right. The first one Sierra Morgan says, Hey, Chica, what alternative milk do you find is the best regulate hormones and avoid dairy?

I mean, first of all, dairy free milk doesn’t regulate hormones, but I can tell you that coconut milk, I really like it. It’s natural. And when you add chia seeds to it, it adds a pump of calcium. So I think that’s my favorite alternative. Yeah. Coconut milk. Yeah. I like almond look as well. I like flax milk.

I think I I’ve so much. Yeah, there’s a lot of different types. But the one thing to be really aware of is the unsweetened kind of, you want to get the unsweetened kind because a sweetened versions tend to have obviously added sugar as well as other processed ingredients for the taste and flavor of sweetness. So unsweetened is usually the best bet for any kind of dairy free milk.

A hundred percent. Next question is from Felicia and she says, is yoga or Pilates good for PCs? Is that considered low impact workouts? Yes, both are actually great options. Yoga is really, really great way to reduce stress, but also improve mobility help with back strength, help just overall with the flexibility in your body, highly recommend yoga. Same thing with Pilates.

Pilates is a very low impact. Majority of the time you’re working with very, very low weights, either on your back or like standing up and doing some really low impact exercises. However, one thing I want to say is if your goal is weight loss, I wouldn’t particularly say, oh, yoga will be enough. Or Pilates will be enough because they’re a little bit too low impact.

If you want to look at it that way. Cause it, cause in yoga, you’re not going through the role of like activating muscles and exerting energy and building lean muscle. Usually you don’t get that from yoga In yoga. You’re not like lifting weights and like, you know, I mean to a certain extent, but it’s not the same as lifting weights.

Yeah. Yeah. And then same thing with Pilates. Like it’s, it won’t be as extensive enough to build a lot of lean muscle, but it would still be helpful. I’d still definitely recommend Pilates as a starting point. And then once you feel like you’re ready, you can move on to something a little bit more focused on the strength training approach,

if you really want to build on that lean muscle and your metabolism. Okay. Right. Next Amina hurry says this may be stupid, but does dairy free include eggs and cheese? Not a stupid question. There’s never a stupid question. So eggs are not dairy. They’re in like the dairy section of the grocery Store. Some people have a reaction to eggs.

Maybe it’s inflammatory for you. You wouldn’t know unless you cut it out for 30 days. Like I always say, yeah, but it’s not dairy cheese. Yes. Dairy products or anything that’s made from milk. Exactly. So anything made from milk cow milk specifically, or mammal milk, if you want to say like that anything made from mammal milk because that’s where cheese is made.

So eggs, wouldn’t be dairy if you look at it that way, like eggs on come out of a cow, I guess. Right, right. Is that correct? Yeah. Okay. I’m just kidding. Just kidding. The next question is from Irma Natalee at the I’m hope I’m reading it correctly. Irma Nataly. She says, how should I use the apple cider vinegar?

Do I need to dilute it first? So I think there’s questions coming up because recently on Instagram we posted about how apple cider vinegar can be helpful for like peace, geos, weight loss, and things of that nature. Do you want to explain how you would recommend using it? I mean, it is great for insulin sensitivity, so keep it in your kitchen fully stocked,

have backup, have it available in every corner of your house and just, you can dilute it in water. You can take a shot, but for me that’s just like way too much. That’s way too dramatic. Like I can’t do that, but diluted water, put it on a salad, you know, just like try to have it. Yeah.

Incorporating it into different stuff, like a salad or even like doing like when you pickle onions, you pickled it an apple cider vinegar. Oh yes. The red onions pickled them and apple cider vinegar and they taste good on everything. And you’ll get some apple cider vinegar, totes Arianne mall would Smith sets is a nice tall. The same as Avast tall.

Yes. Oh, Vasa tall is made up of two different installs Mio and, it has a 40 to one ratio of those and also talls in Avesta and that’s because it is the most researched and shows that it helps for, for women with PCOS The 40 to one ratio. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So that’s why we really suggest about as tall.

It is highly researched by like third party. Yeah. I think a lot of people get confused about an all-star versus Avast at all. So of asphalt is just a brand. That’s like the name of the brand, the company that makes the NRC. It’s just like, like vitamin C, vitamin C is like in also tall. And then what is it like a company that makes vitamin C Encapsulation Pure encapsulation?

So the pure capsulation vitamin C that’s their brand. So that’s, that’s the only difference with an all-star versus of as stock, but not all in our styles are created equally. Like time was explaining or Vasyl has a 40 to one ratio and 4,000 milligrams a day. Those two things are super important because that’s, what’s been used in the latest research studies.

Right. Semina, can we take Avesta even during periods, I swear. I have less period cramps now. Yes you can. Yes you can. And it’s great for insulin resistance, which will help with your periods thems. All right. Next segment. I love this. Moving from segment to segment. I hope this is you’re liking YouTube. So now we’re going to go to the winds of the week before we go to the three gluten free foods to fight PCO.

S why don’t you kick us off, babe? All right. Jackie, N G she says, hi sisters been gluten-free dairy-free for two months now. And on Obama stop for one month dropped 10 pounds already. After years of gaining weight, even just looking at food, my brain registers that I’m full much faster than before. So I naturally eat a lot less cycle regularized to 28 days like magic.

Anyone here have experienced reversing, low cortisol levels in the morning and high cortisol levels. At night, I took a blood test and those are the results it’s affecting my circadian rhythm. Still struggling with energy, sugar, cravings, and mood. Thanks in advance. I love she is seeing progress with Obama Stop. Yeah. And going gluten, dairy free foods,

both. She did the dairy free gluten free for two months. Novasol for one month dropping 10 pounds. That’s amazing. Absolutely. And her cycle regularized, I mean, that is a sign that you’re doing great. Yeah. And we should go look. Her questions are, Yeah. Yeah. So the high cortisol levels at night, a really good wind down routine at night can help you get those cortisol levels.

Nice and low. Watch the sunset don’t stare at your phone, but also not doing an intense workout during the day because these types of intense things can keep your cortisol high and it can be really hard to bring it back down. Okay. Yes. And some supplements. So if your cortisol is high in the night and low in the morning, I’m not sure exactly because I don’t know your individual lab levels,

but it may be that your adrenals need some support. So we know of a couple of supplements. If, for example, if you go to equalize or if you go to Amazon, there’s a supplement called adrenal sooth or adrenal support. It’s basically meant to be taken in the evening. When you take the adrenal PSU, that basically brings out your cortisol levels and makes you basically like ready for sleep.

CBD has also been shown to help with this in the evenings as well. And there’s also a different supplement called adrenal energy from equal life, because that’s when you’re supposed to take it in the morning when you wake up so that it basically helps to raise your cortisol levels in the morning. So if that is the case and you’re struggling with adrenal, basically,

I highly recommend looking into those supplements and that’s should be available on equal life, as well as Amazon Next one of the week from the sisterhood, Sarah McAllister, she says I’ve been following for a while and have been mostly gluten free, dairy free since discovering a sister and her Mister on March slash April. I fell off the bandwagon with eating this holiday time for a few reasons.

And instead of getting down and continuing to eat freely, which would usually be my norm. I came here for inspiration and to the sister for some yummy recipes. After checking back in here and with my goals, I have put my foot down against feeling bad and being bloated. So I’m back on track. Thanks for the encouragement, the recipes, and the helpful advice posted here on Instagram and on Instagram.

I’m not usually one to post yet, but I’m so grateful to those of you who do, I’ve got a long way to go and thankfully, a path to follow Grinch muffins. Thanks to the sisterhood, made the gingerbread cookies too. But my family got to them before I got involved. And she posted a picture of the Grinch muffins. This is a recipe you can find in the sisterhood or gluten free dairy free,

low sugar. That looks so good. They’re so green. They’re like vibrant green, like exactly like the Grinch green tea. Yeah. That’s green tea. That’s amazing. I love that. Shout out to Sarah. And I love how, like, she didn’t like feel bad during the holidays. It’s really easy to feel bad when you’re like going. Cause obviously we weren’t Easy to this during the Holiday.

Yeah. There’s so many family dinners and not some people don’t know you’re you’re you have a certain lifestyle. Some people don’t care, unfortunately, but it’s great that she didn’t let that get her down. And instead she went, yeah. Yeah, exactly. Dairy free muffins. When life hands you lemonades, you make muffins. Life is a Grinch. Make muffins out of It.

Exactly. Exactly. I guess. I guess I should put that in a hallmark book. All right. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have.

And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo in NASSA tol. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced.

So taking bus tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right. And then before we go to the three gluten-free foods to fight PCO,

S we have one more win from Allan tacky. She says, show my win for this week. We live in San Diego and just flew to Minnesota yesterday, where my parents live, shout out to all the sisters in San Diego, in Minnesota for the plane. I packed so many stacks that I didn’t have to resort to getting food at the airport,

which is something I actually look forward to because it generally means I can quote, unquote can eat junk food, but I didn’t need to. Then today I already did my slow workout today. Working out generally was a rarity for me, but on vacation is unheard of, thank you, Tallinn for helping us become better versions of ourselves. It’s amazing. You really learn from you.

And when it comes to packing the snacks to work, Tallinn is like a hunter and gatherer. When it comes to packing snacks, I am not leaving the house on like a day long adventure without my purse filled with sacks or like a sandwich. Like we never go on a plane without me having packed, like a sandwich or sliced apples and like Ziploc of nuts.

Like, It’s always something, there’s always something. The only thing we have to get, unfortunately, is water. Cause you can’t take water into the airport, but yeah, it’s like, we always have like your bag ready to go At that time at my sister’s wedding, when you were hungry in the limo on her way to her wedding. And I knew you’d be hungry because he didn’t eat the like steak and the stuff that they made in the morning.

Cause it was too early to eat it. So I put it all in a Ziploc bag, put it in my purse, my like nice designer purse. I put a Ziploc bag of like steak, Steak with bread And made him a Sandwich on the, in the wedding limo. Like we’re all in the limousine with the wedding, like the groom. What do you call the brights?

I know. And I knew, cause I was like, this is going to be a long day. He hasn’t eaten anyways. I always do that though. Every purse has a kind bar. That’s so funny. Alrighty. With that said, let’s go into the final segment of today’s podcast, three gluten-free foods to fight PCO S what’s our first food to fight PCSB buckwheat Buckwheat buckwheat.

So yes, it has the word wheat in it, but it’s gluten-free and it has this delicious nutty flavor. And I like to buy buckwheat noodles. It’s really fun to use with like Asian inspired recipes because it tastes really good with like gluten-free soy sauce. Shrimp can cheat flavors like that, but not only does it taste good, it’s great for PCO S it has de Cairo inositol in it,

which is an excellent insulin mediator that can be found also Inova. So yeah, I mean, I’m not saying buckwheat noodles replaced With that stuff, but at the same levels, but it’s a good book to Know exactly. So it is a great gluten-free carb. It has protein, fiber zinc, vitamin B, and I just love it. I have it always in the pantry.

It’s a great way to like, like Tyne said, increase insulin sensitivity, and also reduce testosterone. And it can increase the frequency of ovulation and normalizing blood sugar levels all with, through the benefit of the enormously tall that’s found in buckwheat. Another reason why it’s really helpful with PCs it’s that it’s rich in magnesium, vitamin B zinc fiber and protein. So these are all a great properties,

a great option for sisters out there, because it is all going to help you decrease the risk for inflammation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, which are conditions that unfortunately, when we, when PCs are at a higher risk for that, it just set it. So that’s number one, the number one food, not like number one, isn’t the most important food.

We’re just saying one of the great Foods. Yes. Add to Instacart. Yes. I had a delivery. Where is it from Instacart? What’s our second one. GSE it’s, It’s our fab one serving of these gluten free dairy free seeds has more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries. And three times more iron than spinach and More potassium than bananas.

You said it, she has seeds are also one of the best sources of omega-3 fats. And earlier when we were doing that little quiz about choosing the food, I almost said she has, Oh yeah, I know that was one of your, I knew you, you might either get chia or a fish shot. I tried to kind of tricky between that.

You Did, they can also be classified as a daily vitamin because they are so rich in vitamin a B magnesium zinc, copper phosphorous. So next time you make a smoothie or a next time you make a salad or, you know, put it in your water or whatever, you know, and make sure you get a serving a couple of tablespoons of chia seeds.

Yeah. It’s a great addition to like a smoothies. If you’re making a morning smoothie, just add like a tablespoon of chia seeds, because it’s going to actually help with speeding your metabolism because it hits you with that protein, the fiber, the omega-3 fatty acids. It’s just going to help boost your basic metabolism. And not just that, it forms a gelatin like substance in the stomach,

because I’m sure as you know, like the chia seed, you maybe have noticed when you put it in water, it kind of like swells up. Right? So it basically forms like a gel to like substance because of the soluble fiber content and this fiber content, it makes you feel fuller longer and helps us stabilize your blood sugar levels. Perfect. I mean,

what else do you want? That’s it. It’s great. You should have it all the time. Yeah. Awesome. I put it in almond butter. Like I mashed on the butter with the chia seeds and then I have fruit with it. And it’s just a great combination of PCs friendly. I personally, I personally just added like one tablespoon into like my smoothie,

but I like yours. Yeah. See that Smash, smash almond butter. Because I mean like, how else are you gonna eat it? If you’re going to have an apple and almond butter, it’s going to get everywhere and you don’t eat a tablespoon of chia seeds. So smash it in your office butter and then slathered on an apple. Nice, delicious.

The third and final pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds. So like I mentioned before, it has an enzyme that blocks DHT and that enzyme is called beta cyto sterile. I don’t know if I’m saying it right. But basically when you reduce DHT or you block, it really helps with preventing hair loss or preventing facial hair. So, you know, like we said earlier,

you gotta have some pumpkin seeds in the kitchen. Yeah. When do we talk about pumping? I’m so sorry. I don’t know if we talked about, on this podcast. Yeah. On the private podcast. I was like, wait, we did talk about pumpkin seeds, but I’m lucky. Yeah. I’m like, when did we talk about it?

But I remembered it. But now I realize we talked about it on the sisterhood private podcasts. So I was like, wait, what? So let’s go into more detail about it because not everyone here heard about what we said about it. If you, if you saute pumpkin seeds added, add some coarse salt and then cool it after you toast them,

you can store them and you can have them anytime they taste so good when they’re toasted and put it on a salad or snack on it, it’s delicious. And as time mentioned, it’s can play a big role in reducing DHT, which is the most potent form of one of the most potent forms of testosterone, which can lead to hair loss or facial hair.

So eating like pumpkin seeds, it can basically help with that. Yes. And it also has some essential fatty acids to help regulate hormone function, improves skin and nails and lower insulin levels. Absolutely highly suggest making this a staple in your house. Yes. And of course, when we say these are foods to fight PCs, we’re basically talking about these kinds of foods that provide you nutrients and provide you the benefits that are really needed when you’re fighting PCs.

I would talk about all the time with birth control. When you go on birth control, when you come off of birth, control it, depletes your body with so many different nutrients, such as magnesium and vitamin B12. So it’s really important if you’re on birth control. If we’re getting off of birth control to focus on foods that deliver the nutrients that you may be missing.

And even for other cases, nutrients, that you may be missing helpful to find the right foods for that. Yeah. Keep them as staples. That’s what I’m saying. Always have it in your pantry and find different ways to use them because they’re great for PCOS. Absolutely. Whew. Well, this was fun sisters. I hope you like our new layout of the podcast.

Let us know in our DMS Please. Yeah. Comment on PCO. Start weight loss, comment on a sister and her Mr. Instagram page and let us know how you liked it. Yeah. And if you want to participate in the Q and a section of the podcast, which we’re going to be basically doing every week now, going forward, just comments,

your question on the piece. You start weight loss or on the assister and her Mr. Instagram page. And we’ll be taking your questions there to answer them here. That’s right. Till next time, sisters. Yes. We Hope all we are all have a great week and we’ll see you in on the ground. Do you soon. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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