How to Explain PCOS to Your Partner!

Are you looking for ways to get your partner on board & be supportive of your PCOS? Or maybe you don’t know how to introduce PCOS to someone you’re dating?

On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we give you tips and advice on how to get your partner to understand & be supportive of your PCOS!

You’ll learn advice on how to be clear and upfront with your partner and more about how you can manage your PCOS with a supportive sidekick!

What did your partner say when you told him you have PCOS? We took your answers and read them on the episode! We even asked, “What should you do if your partner isn’t supportive?” Tune in to hear the real answers on the podcast!

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Full Episode transcript:

Hey Cyster. And welcome to the show. This episode is brought to you by pure spectrum CBD, and I have been taking CBD and we are loving it. I’m holding the tincture right now. Pauline, can you open your mouth please? Yeah, I’m going to give you a dosage now. Keep it there for 60 seconds while she does that.

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A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m Tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. So you know that whole stereotype that the guy forgets they’re the anniversary things it’s Tuesday,

but it’s Wednesday. Just want it to be known that this time that’s, what’s Tallinn the wife. I mean, I’m not gonna blame it on you, babe. Cause we both thought it was gonna, it was the 27th when it was actually True. We both thought the wrong day. It’s not all my fault, but I led the ship. I was like convinced Captain that led me into the docks.

I was like, it’s the 27th. And you took that day off. And I was like planning everything out. And then we look at our wedding invitation. It says 26th, I mixed it up because our engagement was May 27th. And then the year later was the wedding was May 26th. So it was just the same, like so annoying. Yeah. But it’s okay.

We still, you know, we can still have fun with it. I’m embarrassed. Yeah. I mean, when you guys listen to this, it’ll be all done. But our anniversary was basically in two days and I know it’s tomorrow, technically, but I’m taking the day off in two days instead. So we can kind of complete the patio for those that haven’t seen it.

We did the whole patio. Cause obviously you can’t really go anywhere. It’s, you know, quarantine times and all that jazz. So we don’t want to go to the beaches even though they’re open. I think starting now I think some, and we don’t want to really like drive and like sleep somewhere like a hotel or something. So we just say,

you want, let’s stay home this time and do something else. So we did the whole patio. We put some planter boxes, It looks so beautiful. We’re looking at them right now of show them all in my stories over and over again. Yes. We have this like succulent shelf thing going on celiac like nailed the planter boxes along the rail. Yeah,

it’s gorgeous. But then one of our neighbors told like literally 20 minutes before we started the podcast, we were outside just like admiring our work. Cause we just did like yesterday we were in Miami and then the guy’s like, Oh, I love him. I couldn’t even understand what he was saying. I could do one. But the association doesn’t allow you to put flower boxes on the rail.

It’s a hazard or something. Yeah. And then he said though, but don’t worry. They don’t really care anymore. And they used to care. But now like they really, like, don’t say much because we’ve seen other people have done. That’s why we did it. So other people have them, hopefully you don’t get taken out. If they do,

I will put up a fight to the Supreme court for our flower boxes. The justice system will know the circuit courts. Try to say everything I learned in poly say, um, but one of them has like herbs and stuff. Like we put strawberries, we put kale, we put lettuce and like basil and yes. Launch or things like that. It’s so cool.

I can’t wait to see what it, you know, I’m actually not very hopeful that it’s going to work because I feel like I’m going to kill the cucumber plant. Like the strawberry plant already has strawberries on it’s working out, but I’m looking at the cucumber plan. Like, I don’t know how to grow cucumber. You have to do anything. You just have to give it water.

But if I give it too much, I’ll let me just take care of that please. I don’t know. My supportive husband at the time, like is too scared to give it water. So she gives up too little water and then I’m scared to give it too little. So I use too much. So Some weeks I water him some weeks you butter him.

Do we know what we’re doing? Not really. That’s okay. So today’s episode though is going to be, yeah. I mean, you guys, you are, you know, our, the way we do our life, our marriage, our relationship kind of a linking into our episode today, basically explaining piece us to your partner, to your, you know,

to your loved one. Basically when you’re with that person would be, when you just started dating, maybe you still haven’t established your relationship yet. So you just started dating somebody or maybe even you’re looking to date somebody. This is the episode for you. You have a partner, you just found out you have PCs and you don’t know how to turn to them and say you have PCLs.

Yeah. Yeah. Let’s tell them how I told you. I have PCs. I feel like this is an inspiring story. Yeah. Oh cool. We were, did I tell you on the first day, I can’t remember if I told you that or that I was gluten and dairy free. You told me about gluten dairy free and the like, there,

there was like a, you were doing it for like your body and stuff, like, so for different reasons, but you didn’t say PSUs back then. I’m sure I told you like second, third. Yeah, no, I remember mom told me early on, but it wasn’t probably the first that you told me, like in the waves, like you gave me more information.

So I kind of like was able to take it more and more. So Basically me and SciTech, we met on Tinder. I’m sure you’ve heard, you know, in another intro, in another podcast, how we met on Tinder and we went on our first date and on that first day he ordered like gluten and dairy. You, um, drink for me.

Well, dairy free parties. Aren’t hard. It’s a good interview. Yeah, the buck, I was like first, you know, our first day you were already supportive and Cedric already ate like gluten free bread. When we met, We had like the same kind of mindset because I had, or I had like listened to research about gluten, gluten and dairy free and the kinds of different inflammation and different things that can cause,

but it was never about PCOS. It was just more about general health and then Callie and told me about gluten dairy and like, it peaked my interest. And that’s why from that first day I was like, Hm. Yeah. So it was a little bit easier for us cause you were already into health. But when I presented PCO S to you or anyone for that matter,

I always present it in a way. That’s like, you know, I’m I have PCs. This is how I live my life so that I can prevent it from going out of control. Um, and I try, and of course, many of you, like if you’re recently diagnosed, you still haven’t implemented certain things to get it under control, but still like you can just coming off bold about it is what I did confident.

Like this is me, you know, I’m handling my life. Um, I don’t need you to like swoop in and like do it all for me. I don’t really need to like lean on you with my full weight. Like I can bear this myself, but if you’re going to be supportive, this can be a thing we both do. Whether he eats gluten and dairy free or he doesn’t,

you know, he doesn’t have to, but he does. Yeah. I’m here. Yeah. I just eat goods in there for you just for, you know, health benefits, but I’m here to support you. And that’s like a good thing to consider too. Like usually when you’re meeting somebody and like, or you have a relationship, they’re there to support you,

but it’s you there by yourself that you have to make sure you’re strong and like moving forward with your piece, us by managing it and taking care of it. Like you’re your first line of like responsibility. Like you have to hold yourself accountable to, in order to get support from your love, the oils, they won’t know how, or like the best way to support you if you don’t do,

if you want to show a good example of you. Yeah. You said it boo. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in this podcast. The four tips When you were going out, right? Like you were saying that like, when you tell them you’re not, you’re not doing it in such a way where like you’re asking them for like,

I need help. Sorry. I just saw a wasp location. Well, just two weeks ago we was started a nest on top of our door, front door and then we had to get it removed. So I’m just looking at, there’s a lot of The four tips on how to get your partner on board is what we’re going to talk about. Because like SciTech was just saying before the wasp game,

you have to present it in a confident way. Um, and show them that, you know, you are trying, you are trying to help yourself, your health and so on. And when they join, they can hop on board if they want to. And if they don’t, you know, it’s fine. Yeah. It’s up to you. If you want to stay with them,

someone sent this really sweet message about our story. They were she’s like Katie Whitaker says hi. I’d just like to say how nice it is to hear a story. So similar to mine, I met my current partner of four years on Tinder like us before our first date, I told him about my PCs because my hair was bad. I explained to him,

he came to some appointments and now he understands it all. Thank you for sharing your story. Oh my gosh. That’s so nice. She, you know, she really like was open about it and then he turned out to be receptive, like right away. That’s great. Yeah. And that’s just, yeah, like Tom mentioned, it goes to show that there is that first,

you’re going to feel a little bit of a nervousness when you tell somebody, but you shouldn’t have any fear. If that person really likes you and is already like willing to like, you know, do things for you. They’re going to appreciate you telling them. Yeah, totally. Sometimes guys don’t appreciate it. And we’ll also give you some tips on what to do.

If the guy or girl, you know, your partner isn’t onboard with your PCs. So before we give you the tips, I want to share with you, my elevator speech for telling people about PCOM. I literally speech is, is like a, not a script. Like obviously you don’t memorize it word for word, but it’s like three or four sentences about your PCOS,

about your job, about whatever it is that people typically ask you so that you can explain it. Um, you know, thoroughly in like four sentences, like your pre-prepared speech, Like some, some statement or some couple of like sentences, you know, to say, when you’re in a group of friends or like some new people you want yet to explain it to yeah.

Elevator speech. I like Mattel. I’m not giving a speech in the elevator. Like, I don’t know. I think they call it elevator speech because if you’re in an elevator and someone asks you about something, you have like three minutes in it or like two minutes in an elevator to explain it. You see, okay. Okay. So this is my elevator speech to close family and friends.

Because when you talk to them about it, this can help lighten the pressure and the emotional load that PCs can have on you. Okay. And try to come up with your own because this will help you like, you know, talk, okay. I have PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome, and it’s an endocrine disorder, which means that my hormones are out of balance and my metabolism works differently.

So it causes inflammation and affects most of my body’s systems, including blood sugar, regulation regulation, which makes it easy to gain weight and hard to lose weight. So PCs is a lifelong condition, but I can make diet and lifestyle changes like blink. So I would say like going gluten and dairy free, that will help me manage my symptoms and keep them at Bay.

Okay. No, you know, That’s simple and direct. Yeah. This is who I am. This is what’s happening. Yeah. Have any more questions we can get off the elevator and I’ll continue. Yeah. I mean, if they’re interested in, they want to learn more about it. You can dive deeper into, but that’s a great way to start and great.

Where do like Tufts, anybody, if it’s a family person or if it’s like somebody you’re dating, that’s a good way to start. And I really do this. Like I summarize it in three sentences and I wrap it up and then they almost don’t have anything to say back because they’re like, Oh, okay. And you have to think about that.

Person’s like attention span too. Usually when someone asks you a question, they don’t want to like hear this whole 10 minute rant about my life. They’re just like curious, it’s a natural conversation. So you don’t have to feel like you have to give that whole 10 minute conversation. If you give them just this short, like 15, 22nd statement, then that person would be like,

Oh, okay, thank you for explaining that to me. And then maybe in like a different conversation a week later, that person might ask you cause they’re interested to learn more. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. And if you do the self work, like the, you know, all of these tips, we give you, if you like start thinking of PCOS differently,

when somebody asks you about it, you can give this type of brief answer rather than going into a long emotional tangent. Which of course like you can go on a long emotional tangent with someone if you need support and so on. But not always, like sometimes you’re just presenting it to somebody and you want to do it confidently so that they’re on board with you.

Yeah. So how do you do that? Bane? Let’s start with the four tips. How do you present PCLs so someone’s on board tip number one, be clear. Okay. So what does that mean? Tell them what you need help with, what they can do. I need help with managing stress or eating gluten and dairy free and then be specific.

Like don’t just say that and then like, okay, I need help. No, please don’t bring me bagels from work or don’t bring me cupcakes for fun. Show your love in a different way. Oh, it’s our anniversary, please. Like, don’t buy me a cake. Let’s get gluten and dairy free snacks. Like something. Tell them specifically,

because if you don’t then you know, the girl is, Yeah, I really liked this first tip. If you’re not clear. Yes. The first tip, I liked a lot, because be clear because that person, like, I mean, in my situation telling like told me so many things at first, not try, not our first, like during our first like six months that when we were living together in our marriage,

I kind of knew like how she needed support. Whereas like, if she hadn’t told me like a lot of different things then, or like, if we didn’t talk about them, I wouldn’t not know where to start. So you have to be clear and tell them like where you struggled the most with like maybe you struggle with sleeping. So tell your partner or your loved one that you just started dating.

Um, or, you know, I don’t really, I’m not able to sleep that grand night that way they know. So now they know that they should make sure that you’re very stress free at night. Maybe they sh maybe they’ll avoid The sleep podcast and get some ideas to help you first. Yeah, Exactly. Maybe they’ll avoid bringing up stressful things to you at night because they know you have a hard time sleeping or maybe they know you have a hard time with sweet and like telling said,

Oh, please don’t bring me bagels or cookies from work. You know, like when there’s a leftover bunch lift, it always happens. Yeah. Or if they know that they won’t do things like that and you won’t get annoyed and that way it’s better for your relationship too. Yeah. Being clear is so important. And the more you learn about PCs and the things you can do,

the more clear you can be. So you can even say something like, you know, I have really bad cravings and eating a high protein breakfast will help me. So when you wake up and make yourself breakfast, can you like also make mine or, or something, you know, if you, if your partner’s the one that makes breakfast, you know,

you can be like, can you make me a protein shake? You know? And then like you make lunch and take turns, whatever, but be specific. Yeah. And like, even like with mood swings, if you explain that maybe mood swings happen because of hormonal issues and things are out of balance. And, you know, because insulin like blood sugar,

all of these things are happening. They will be more understanding and they won’t take you like they want like, you know, make it, make it into a bigger thing. Exactly. Take it personally because they know you’re just going through some, you know, going through a lot of things. Yeah. Yeah. And there’s a lot of self work that goes into mood issues.

You know, you have to do your best to take care of yourself as well. And then that person will also take care of you because you’re taking care of those. So when you’re having a mood swing, they’re not like, Oh, this is so frustrating. She’s not doing anything to help herself. And now she’s having a mood swing. Like that sucks.

You know, that’s frustrating for someone. Yeah. Tip number two, decide that you’re worthy. Yeah. Yes. In order to really thrive with PCs, you have to have a mindset shift. Okay. And basically you’re about to engage in extreme self care. Like you’re going to change the way you eat. Maybe you’re going to change the way you sleep,

the way you live your day to day life so that your hormones are supported. There’s a lot of self care that goes on. And when you come from above, from a place of self care, rather than, um, you know, like I have to do this, I have to eat gluten and dairy, and then you accidentally gluten and then you’re mad.

Like it’s not coming from a place of self care. If that’s how you’re approaching it, if you accidentally gluten, but this is a self care journey. You’re more likely to move on from it and just be like, that’s okay, I’m doing my best. Yeah. Your mindset is different. So when you have that type of mindset that makes somebody else come on board with you and also have that type of mind and want to care for you as well,

because you care about yourself. Yeah. Yeah. If they’re seeing the opposite from you, then that’s how they’re gonna treat your piece yours as well. If they see that maybe like you’re, uh, like nervous and like maybe like panicky, or maybe you’re not doing enough to take care of it. Cause you just don’t feel like you can do enough.

Then they’re going to be the same way, like unmotivated to help you with it. Or maybe they’re going to feel like it’s not important because they don’t think it’s, um, you’re making it look important for different reasons. So it’s just that you want to show how important it is to show that you’re really caring about taking care of yourself. So that daycare the same way back and like have the same positivity.

It can go as far as saying, you know, I have to meditate every night before I sleep. Like don’t let me like, please help me make sure that I meditate every night before I sleep. And so this is you putting your best foot forward and deciding like, this is something that’s going to help me sleep. And now this partner of yours is going to be more like,

you know what, like it’s working for her. Let me be supportive. Yeah. So it starts with you. And then they joined basically. Okay. Number three, be grateful. So remember to thank your partner when you know, he or she is helping you, like it’s, it’s not one sided, you know, we need extreme self care,

like a lot of support, diet changes, lifestyle, things like that. But you know, that’s a lot like compared to you, you know, I feel like I have more, I mean, you do a lot of self care too. Yeah. I do. You know what I’m saying? By be grateful, like of course say, thank you like for going out of your way and getting me gluten-free muffins,

even though they’re not dairy free. Like even if you’ve tried for trying. Yeah. And I like being grateful is like a general thing in life. I feel like when someone goes out their way or even just does something for you, you always want to say thank you or be grateful because you know, even for us, like when we get sisters come to us and they say like,

Oh thank you for like, you know, like providing this information. Like we’re grateful for that because that’s why we do it. Or else it wouldn’t be the same. So it’s just the same thing as being grateful for them, helping you and providing you support because they’ll go on with our next step because it’s not really one sided either. Right? Number four,

it’s not one sided. So try to repay the favor. So you’re healing physically, you’re healing mentally, and now your capacity to help others grows. And so, because you’re nice and like peaceful, cause you just meditated and you ate a great meal and your blood sugar stable. Cause you had protein turn around and try to do the same, um,

reciprocate that support to your partner And that your partner might have issues. Like obviously it’s not one sided, meaning it’s not like, obviously you, you may have PSUs, but your partner has other issues that they’re dealing with. Like for example, in our relationship, I have like my own issues, like with different things, you know, like I’ve gone through different issues and me and Ty and talk about it and we’re able to get through it together.

And I’m very lucky to have telling to help me get through it. You know, it’s just like, it’s actually like one of my, like almost like a therapist to me because we’re able to talk through things and then I’m not as like sad about certain things or like if I’m angry at something, then we’re able to talk about it and we’re able to get through it together.

And I’m like very lucky to have her as that. So you may like be in a similar situation with your partner or maybe, maybe he is feeling sad or maybe he’s feeling angry and like you may want to be able to talk to him and not just let him be in like a corner and like, Yeah, because you’re too preoccupied for your, with your PCO S symptoms and problems,

you know, you kind of can like neglect with people around you, which is understandable at certain points in your life. But what, once you became, become aware of it, um, you know, pull it together, like wake up, look around, like there are other people with things as well that needs support. And that’s a partnership. That’s the,

that’s a partnership. If you like, I’m, I’m coming from the approach of, if you don’t support my PCs and you’re like laughing at me about it, and this is a joke to you that I’m like gaining weight under uncontrollably, then you’re not being a partner. Like this is not a partnership. There is some people that might say like, Oh,

he doesn’t understand. So I take care of it myself and we don’t talk about it. It works for us. So I’m not trying to like bash on anyone. But for me, like if this is a partnership and I have a problem, you have to care. And if you have a problem Yeah. It’s like respect. And that like we all the four tips,

like just, it is important for a relationship and you have to combine all these things to make sure it works for both of you and everybody has different ways. Some, maybe some, some relationships you just don’t talk about it. And everybody, those are each person does their own thing. And everything’s fine that probably that may work for some people. But I feel like for a lot of people,

for most relationships talking about things, getting things between each other, like out in the open and like is really healthy. Like, I mean will like, for example, me and Tallinn when we were dating and like throughout the first six months when we were like talking about PCs and the different things talking about in the open really helps. Like I’m sure a lot of people are worried about,

you know, telling their partners about the fertility issue. Yeah. That’s a major one because that’s one of the symptoms of PCOS it’s like for infertility. Yeah, of course. Like I come from a place where I’m really positive about this. And I really think that with PCOS and infertility, you can find a and um, work through it and like heal and get better.

I mean, when you told me when we were dating, you were like, Oh, when I was about 16 and 50, when I was diagnosed, the doctor told me all, like, it looks like you may not be able to have children or you’re going to have very difficult time having children. And then after you were able to manage a piece of us and like go through diet,

lifestyle, change, gluten, dairy free with other stuff, 10 years later, you went to the doctor and the doctor said you have a completely healthy, um, Cirrus and your over your ovarian cysts are gone and you’re good. You’re No, you have you’re ovulating like a salmon swimming upstream. So when you tell me that And like, I’m like,

wow, like, that’s so great for you that I have not, not a single worry about maybe or what if she’s not able to have kids or yeah. First of all, I love you for who you are. And we were, we were already great together. Like to me, some things are more important than others, but to even if maybe you were still in the process of healing it,

I would still be there to support you because I Figure it out. Cause it’s a complicated journey. That’s the podcast where you’re like talking about all the details. Yeah. And it’s like, it’s sure this fertility things, but there’s so much like waste improve it. And there’s a waste to support someone with through it that like so many tests to get out of it together.

So much happier. You have a whole shared testimonial album for women who have gotten pregnant after, um, managing their blood sugar, you know, treating the underlying issues of their PCs, losing weight as a result and getting pregnant. So on you, not that you have to lose weight to get pregnant, but like it goes hand in hand. Yeah.

Well, one thing I hate hearing is I have PCs, Demis. I can’t have babies because that’s so far from being the truth. Like, because it’s not like this, Oh, you have it in like, you could completely like reverse systems and B be able to have children and stuff, you know, I’m sure there’s maybe like very like, um,

like acute or like very, um, rough diagnosis that maybe like it’s hard. What are the situations where it might be harder? Of course there’s other factors that can play into it. Yeah. But I really think that once you investigate it, like you said, and take the time to be, and that’s why I need a partner who is like patient and understanding,

and let’s figure this out together. And you also have to like spearhead the whole mission and be like, yes, I’m going to take care of myself. And then you can get to your goal. That’s why it’s important. Like to explain it like that is that orient to show that you’re improving. It is you want it to your partner know like,

Hey, I have these issues, but they’re all manageable and they’re all reversible, but I have to be able to take care of myself. And that’s why it’s also important that you support me along the way, that way they know that. And they know that there’s like this goal that you’re trying to reach together. Right. And it’ll be so much more healthier and you’ll both be happier.

I’m a firm believer believer of this approach. Yeah. But I did do a sticker in the DMS. I mean a sticker and the sticker on the stories on Instagram, on the grim. Yes. I always ask a question before we record a podcast so I can see what sisters are saying. And so the question was, what did your partner say when you told him you have PCLs and I was overwhelmed with the amount of negative responses.

Someone even said he loved, okay. Now let me read yet. It’s awful when you read some of them. Okay. Someone says, quote, damn, that sucks and quotes. What are we in? Like kin or like middle school or something. That’s not a keeper right there. If you asked me, someone says, um, okay, there are some good ones here.

He is supporting me a lot. He’s a soldier in India. So he is helpful. Like you’re happy. Oh, that’s sweet. That’s great. Um, see, even, even though he’s like far away in a soldier, he’s like sending his love and support to real real man. Someone says I’ve got a supportive, mr. He offered to pay half of anything and everything I needed for help.

Oh, that’s good. That’s nice. Cause you know, it gets expensive And you’re financially getting you through it. That’s a great way of helping. He said we would get through this together and he was nothing but supportive. Oh wait, I like this one. My husband eats the same food. Gluten free exercises with me says, uh, Vic,

Victoria. That’s a good one because that’s like me right there. I’m gluten dairy free with you basically like 95% of the time. And you know, that’s I have no problem with it. I complained. I’m able to bring in dinner. I’m like I’m having second like, uh, courses or like still like my cooking. Okay. Don’t get all jazzy on drinks,

Self compliment. Okay. Yeah. And exercising too. Yeah. We always exercise together. Although I should say to Lynn that your ratio of working out to me, That’s not been the same. I know I’ve been slacking a little. Yeah. Yeah. I usually work out like four times a week with me, but lately you’ve been doing like three or two.

So three. I feel like you were maintained three, but no it’s okay. Because Quarantine got to me, he just like, you’re not always in the mood happens. I’ll pick it back up. But you’ve been going on longer walks. I think that’s why you come back from your walk and you’re like, I need to sleep. It’s like an hour long walk while I’m on the phone.

Of course. I’m not like walking that fast, but it’s still your out walking. Yeah. Okay. Someone says not good more questions on being able to conceive and it tore me down. Tore you down. Yeah. I mean, I feel like when someone’s really digging into like that issue and they really asking you any questions about it could be a little bit like that person.

Just thinking about themselves a little bit too much, instead of thinking about you and your feelings. And like, if it’s not down for the journey And bounce, like, sorry, you can be as positive as you want and approach it. Like, you know what, there’s this thing, it’s an issue. And I’m going to figure it out. Like,

are you here for me? And if he’s like, what, what’s the issue? Uh, no. Yeah. Or like if he’s like stuck on one thing and like, it doesn’t really, you know, just, you just got to explain to him that it’s a process and that, you know, nothing is definitive and everything is improvable. So it’s a process.

Yeah. Someone says he understood, it’s a learning process for both of us. And I found out after we got married, so they got married. Then she found out and you know, he understands and he’s learning because it’s a learning process. Yes. Well, in that, in this case, I did have been together for like for a while they got married.

So he like loves her. He truly cares for her. So for that reason, I believe he will like, um, go through with it. Like no matter what, right. Because when you know someone for like that amount of time and like, they just like, no matter what happens, you’re going to help them. You married the person,

like obviously you’re in it to win it. Like, It doesn’t mean trick. This person don’t tell them for like two years. I’m not saying that don’t do it. That’s not fair to that person either. You have to tell them, you know, And you know, tell them and test them. This is a good test To know before you get married for you,

because you want to make sure you’re with a supportive person too. Right? Totally. Yeah. But no, it’s, it’s good. Okay. I feel like we’ve covered enough of that. It makes me so mad. Like when I was, when I saw the negative ones, I was like going to reply to them and be like dumping down, Dating,

you know, like nobody, like how many people marry the first person or like stay with that person. The first person they get together with. Right. You know, obviously we’re not the first person that we each dated. We’re not high school sweethearts or something. I mean, could I wish it could have been sure you would like that, but it’s just,

you know, like people learn, not that there’s anything wrong with the high school sweethearts. It’s just, people learn through relationships. Right. But you learn through your first couple of bad ones that, Oh, I’m not going to do that again. And you learn from the good ones and Southern, like you end up hopefully finding someone that truly is the person right.

For you. It’s a process Supportive through sickness and in health, If you meet someone and they’re not really respecting you and your piece of us, it’s okay to move on and find somebody else. If you feel like that person is not the person for you, you know? Right. There’s a whole different variety of factors. So don’t feel like you’re stuck with a person because you don’t have options or something.

It’s just like, with everything we’ve told you, like learn about all the different options out there and see like, if you can improve on everything And don’t let him, Oh my gosh. So now that you said that I remembered someone in the sisterhood messaging about, um, commenting the chat forum, like my partner, you know, cheated on me because of like me not being able to,

you know, be a good partner because my PCLs symptoms. And like we got in this fight, but like now we’re going to therapy and like he wants to be back together and so on. And then the end, it just like, didn’t work out because in the end, like he just wasn’t there for her through thick and thin and whatnot. And I guess sometimes it could work,

but like, I just, if you’re not there for the ride and the day one, you know, and if you’re not like, you know what communicative, like your PCs is getting in the way, like before you cheat and stuff like that, then I doubt that you’re going to be there like day three 65 when you’re like trying to have a baby Being clear.

That first is so important. Communication is so important. Just talk it out, talk it out loud. That way you’re going to avoid a lot of bad things like yeah. Or you’re going to avoid a lot of deterioration in the relationship. If you just talk it out in the beginning, don’t let things ferment. Don’t let things get stuck inside your chest.

And like you think about it in your head for days and then it just blows up. Yeah. These things happen in every relationship talking is really important. That’s what works for me in Tallinn, this communication, we really do what we talk our butts off. We’ll brainstorm at 12:00 AM in the bed. It’s just like, you know, you just want to,

I’m so annoying at 12 o’clock I’ll be like, let’s brainstorm. Okay. I did ask a question in the stories after this one and I asked, what should you do if your partner isn’t supportive? I haven’t looked at the answers yet. I’m looking at them right now. Someone says I’m self motivation. So just motivate yourself instead of like expecting the partner to motivate you or just keep going for your own sake,

your body will not wait for anyone to start healing. Oh my gosh. That’s good. Someone said, make sure your next partner is supportive Where Oh, that’s so funny. Yeah. Simple. Make sure you’re next. Okay. Someone says, but seriously, take the time to explain and understand. They may not get it overnight. So true. You know,

really take this episode and gather some info and try to be as I like page what pages answer. Tell that boy. Bye. Yeah. Um, This, this is Brad. I’m like, I’m just reading all the ones that says dump. So and says just manage it on my own. I don’t know. Like, do you want to be in a relationship where whatever someone says,

gluten free dairy free weak ass man free. That’s good. Weak ass man. Sump them. Amen. Sister, stop caring. What they think. Don’t talk to them about PCs or just break up and focus on yourself. Amen. Yeah. Don’t let the person bring you down. They’re either going to support you or they’re either gonna respect you or that’s that right?

Either support either respect and like make sure you don’t do anything to worsen it or just like, I mean, Yeah. Someone’s like, is it worth being with someone who isn’t to help you through the bad and the good seriously, this is not the worst thing that’s going to happen to you in life. I’m sorry. That’s a good piece. It’s not the worst thing to happen to you.

That’s the good thing, right? The bad thing is there’s going to be others, Not to sound negative, But also like a piece USAA, just like that person just said, right? You, you have to be able to go through the good and bad in a relationship, right? So the piece yet is one of those bad things. Just like that.

Other person will have one of their bad things. It’s just like, if you can go through the good and bad things in a relationship together, then that’s a, to me, that’s a warning that things might not, Someone says, let him be. He’s not supposed to be everything for you. Get your support from your friends. That’s true too.

But that, but to me, that’s true. If he at least respects you and is able to give you the space to self care and you to be who you are with your piece, us, if he’s, I’m giving that to you and he, and he’s not respecting you then. Yeah. Maybe it’s not okay. But if he’s at least,

I don’t know. And he kind of like throws his hands up, but lets you do your thing. Like he doesn’t like get in the way of you taking care of your stuff and he like, he actually, Oh babe, why don’t you go do and do so. And so like maybe he’s not involved, but he’s at least pushing you. That’s still okay too,

to me, you know like that person has a point. He doesn’t have to be perfect. Right? He doesn’t have to eat gluten and dairy free with you. But as long as he’s respectful of your journey, So can I have turned turn the shipper again? It’s true. But when I read it, I was like, I don’t know, because you know,

he should be like onboard in some way, but I can see what you’re saying, how you’re phrasing. It makes sense. We’re going to get a lot of sisters turning to their misters and being like, so I listened to this podcast. You need, we’re going to get like a bunch of like podcasts and reviews. Like I was bombarded by wife.

This would be a great episode to share. But just a, just a fore warning, I should say. Don’t try not to listen to this episode and like, be like going to your partner or your loved one and being like, Hey, like I just listened to this and I feel like you should do it. Don’t go hard in the paint.

You know, he’s gonna feel like he’s being attacked. If he hasn’t felt like he’s done enough, go slow. Like step one of our tips. Be clear, listening to this together will be a great start and in a positive way, not in like a way of like, okay, let’s stop everything we’re doing and stop and listen to this. No like,

Oh, let me, you have a drive happening. You’re going to do, you’re going to drive for 30 minutes, pop this one and listen on your drive. It’s a good way to get things going and then listen to it later again. So it’s just like, it’s just like slowly introducing. Don’t bombard him with like, yeah, you know,

all of these things know your partner better than us. This person be receptive to you And like put yourself in their shoes. If you were in their shoes and somebody was going to come up to you and explain piece us, like how would you want them to explain to you? So think of it like that. Alrighty. Well, now that we’ve been your cheerleader for 30 minutes.

Yeah. So the win. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I just interrupted you. No, I was just going to like recap what we just said. Like I’m too much on depression. Okay. Let’s skip that. All right. So let’s let, let’s read the win for this week. This one’s a really nice one. Do you want to read it?

Sure. Okay. Hey and see Doug. I had to message you both to say thank you. I’m so glad I found you guys. I’ve been struggling with peace us for 14 years. I was diagnosed very young at 14 years old and have struggled most of my life with my weight. I’ve tried countless diets, joined the gym, going four times a week,

doing two hour sessions. Wondering why am I waiting? Never, ever budged. Listening to your advice makes so much sense. I finally feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for four weeks now. Thanks to you both. I’m no longer bloated. I’ve dropped. I’ve dropped a dress size and my acne has cleared up.

It’s incredible. I’m so excited to carry on with this lifestyle change and have you both to think for it. Love you guys keep up the amazing work. So happy Easter, everything too. Like it’s not just losing weight, but yeah. Acne clearing up. These are all things I like. Or like these pillars of symptoms with PCOS that you just hate to like,

like not seeing progress through diet, change, lifestyle, gluten, dairy, free Root of the issue. You know, I’m sure this is really helping with lowering her insulin levels, testosterone and Oh, the whole thing, the science behind everything we’re really happy. My, one of my favorite things is to read testimonials on the podcast. I feel like we should do it more often.

We just put them like put one at the beginning at the end, put one in the middle. I just love reading them because it’s so positive and very motivating So many. And I feel like I’m cluttering the Instagram stories by posting all of them at once every day. So I like do it once a week or twice a week and so on. Yeah.

You know, and sometimes I’m scared that it’s going to the Terp, like not motivate people. What make them feel bad, you know? But I think that if you come to it with a motivational approach, this can be you. This can be everyone who’s listening right now. Yeah. I agree. You got this. Yeah. You guys got this really?

You can, you can do it. You can overcome piece us and do you yes. With your boot and send us a message. Tell us how you’re doing and you can be the next win on the end of our podcast. Yes. All right, everyone. That’s the end of this episode. We hope you liked it. You can follow us on peace.

U S dot weight loss and a sister in her business. Ms. A sister and her mr. Not mistress on a, on Instagram and you know, leave us a subscribe to our podcast and leave us a review. We always like to read, I like read the reviews and see how people are liking it. Yes. Alrighty, take care. And we’ll see you guys next week.

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