How Aleymir lost 100 pounds with PCOS!

How Aleymir lost 100 pounds with PCOS!

In this episode, Aleymir joins us to talk about how she lost 100 pounds after joining The Cysterhood and incorporating our PCOS Weight Loss method!

You’ll hear Aleymir’s story of how she went from being diagnosed with PCOS, being handed birth control, told to just lose weight to adopting the gluten & dairy free lifestyle and also getting her period back!

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Full Episode transcript:

Gaining weight, especially in the stomach area is not because you ate too much. It’s because your environment and your genetic predisposition to having insulin resistance or to having high cortisol is being exacerbated and played up. You could be a myriad of really random things. It could be from not eating your high protein, breakfast, and relying on coffee throughout the day. And all of these things that people or doctors tell us to do in order to lose weight is actually making the insulin and cortisol,

hormone worse and worse and worse, making it harder to lose weight and continuing to break our metabolism. Dr.<inaudible> my own hands. And<inaudible> Welcome everyone to another episode of a sister Antar Mister. Today, we have a Lamia. She has lost 100 pounds after joining the sisterhood and following RPCs weight loss method. And her story is amazing. She’s gone from having ovarian cysts and just being told to lose weight and being handed birth control to really adopting the gluten and dairy free lifestyle and getting her period back.

So welcome LA Mira. Let’s talk all about it. Thank you guys. Thank you for having me here, Elena. You’re calling in from Mexico, correct? Yes. I’m here in Mexico. What’s part of Mexico. Are you from, is it Mexico city or a different part? No, I at Monterey, this is more like North Mexico. Okay.

Very cool. Very cool. Closer to us in Southern California. Yes. Now, right now though, because right now we’re actually in Istanbul in Turkey, so we’re a bit farther away than the Southern California, but still it’s good to know that you’re, you’re close to our home base. Yes. I’ve been watching this story is that you’ve been uploading and I’ve been watching how you have fun in Turkey.

That’s fine. Yeah. Yeah. We’ve been having a good time traveling around. So before we started this podcast, we were chit chatting about some recent happenings in your PCLs journey. And I really want to cover that talking about hypoglycemia and blood sugar control. So where should we start with, should we start with summarizing your PCs journey or summarizing what’s been happening now?

Well, I think what’s been happening and then we can go through the whole journey. Yeah, Let’s do it. So yeah, yesterday I was, I was telling to Tylene that yesterday I had an episode of hypoglycemia that this is part of my PCLs or the PTO is that I am handling. So the hypoglycemia makes me go lower with its sugar blot and also increases my insulate.

So three in the morning. I know that I cannot as keep the breakfast because either way I will feel bad and I will have these episodes of hypoglycemia. But yesterday, for some reason I couldn’t have my breakfast at time. And by afternoon I started feeling unwell. I started feeling BCN and having all these symptoms of the hypoglycemia that I already recognized. And when I started to feel like this,

I go directly to eat some banana and S and some honey also to have more sugar in my blood. But definitely like, there are some kind of symptoms that I already know it’s it’s too late. So when it’s too late for me, is that I’m going to faint. And unfortunately, yesterday I fainted. Yeah. But I mean, it was fine.

Cause before I fainted at all, or I blacked out at all, I ate, it’s been in it and I have some honey that could made me feel better. And after 15 minutes I started to recover myself. But that was a way for my body to tell me that there is something that I’m not doing wrong, that I’m not doing good. Or there is something that I need to change.

And this case was skipping breakfast. I was also telling Telene that during these processes, I started to feel like five, is this happening to me? Why my body respond like this? But I think it’s not my body’s fault. I mean, it’s, it’s normal to feel this way at some point or when you are struggling with the symptoms, but,

but it’s important to know that that’s the way that the body is communicated to you. So Yeah, absolutely. With a, with hypoglycemia, which is for those that don’t know, as you’re explaining as low blood sugar, it’s going to happen to anyone who either has diabetes or who has insulin resistance. So even as though you may be going through your peace journey,

it’s like, especially in your case, you’ve done such an amazing job, losing a hundred pounds, reversing. So many of your symptoms, of course, along the way they can be like setbacks. They can be some, they can be some situations where you may feel like, like, like you said, like, why is this hot happening to my body?

But it’s just one of those things that you have to keep focusing on to like improve that blood sugar regulation basically reduce the chances of these, these situations happening. So even if in your situation where you skipped breakfast for a day, or even like, let’s say you skip a couple of meals, they can happen, can occur. But it doesn’t mean that everything you’ve done in the past has gone for nothing.

Yeah. I mean, there are so many different obstacles that are going to present themselves during your PCLs journey. Like right now, maybe you’re busy with work and you just forgot to have breakfast and you didn’t have time. Or like, you know, one day you’ll have another obstacle that gets in your way and whatever it may be, just know that like PCs is something that you’re going to constantly have to manage,

but you’ll learn how to navigate these situations gracefully. And hopefully this’ll will be the first and last time that you faint from hypoglycemia because now, you know, like what your boundaries are, you know, no matter how much work you have, you have to have breakfast, you know? So don’t feel like this is setting you back. This is actually just like a learning experience that will move you forward.

Yeah, definitely. Actually it had been a while since I didn’t have this since I didn’t find it like from a puggle Samia because I’ve been managing than I was before. Cause I remember when I was at school or when I was at high school, I didn’t know what hypoglycemia or how was the hypoglycemia impacting my body. And, and you know, when we’re young,

we, we are reckless and we done like take care of herself, but that’s like a thing that we burn, we don’t prioritize. So I remember that there was a few time when I was at high school and some teachers or someone from high school needed to call my mom to tell them that I fainted or something. And they, my mom was like,

yes, that’s hypoglycemia, their deep care. Something like with true guards, some, some soda or a chocolate or something like that. And unfortunately that was a way that I knew how to handle it. But since I started to research more about this and, and, and talking also to my Jina ecologist, cause she know about PCO is fortunately I got the look to find her and she understand that the PCLs as well and how these should be managing or managed,

not just because of birth control, but she was my fourth Jaimee colleges. I mean, it was hard to find her, but she explained me more about hypoglycemia and how I can handle it. And it’s not just like which sugar, because that could also be worse for my insulin resistance. Then not having sugar at all. When you have hypoglycemia with PCLs,

it’s really a reflection on blood sugar control. And so I remember when I was actually wedding planning, I had really bad blood sugar control cause I stopped working out as much. I wasn’t lifting as much weights, lifting weights, doing slow weighted workouts, really helped with insulin sensitivity and preventing hangry attacks like blood sugar, rollercoaster situations. And I wasn’t doing that even though I was eating healthy and I was having my breakfast,

lunch and dinner, you know? And so I remember like going out to try on wedding dresses and not having a snack with me and being so hangry and shaky and just like in such a bad food in a moment where I was supposed to be so excited because my blood sugar was like hypoglycemia was happening to me. And you know, despite everything that I do for my PCs,

I wasn’t lifting weights and I wasn’t taking my supplements. And so that was having a huge impact on me. So it, it was a really big learning lesson that no matter like what’s going on, how busy you are, your head is everywhere. Like you still have to focus on you a little bit throughout the day. You know, whether it’s a 30 minute workout or some weights or just swallowing some supplements,

you know what I mean? So I had a big learning lesson there and those situations haven’t happened since Brexit. Yeah. I will chase her. Like, I mean, you’ve been basically like, man, I’ve never seen Tanya like in that kind of a situation, like the recent past, of course there are times where like, as we’re traveling because of a certain situation,

we have to skip lunch and then tallying towards dinner. I noticed she gets a little quiet and maybe like a little, little hangry. So I’m just like, okay, I’m just going to give her some space. Maybe I can kind bar. Yes, yes. There’s always a kind bar. Like she’ll pull out a kind bar, like maybe 30 minutes before dinner.

I’m like really you’re going to have a kind bar right now. And she’s like, I have to have it. I have to have it or else. Yeah. And I remember like a week ago we were at the beach and here in Turkey, there’s something called the Simi G this guy that sells like pretzels on the beach. It was like three o’clock and everyone was getting one and I was so hungry cause we had like breakfast at 11 and then we were going to have dinner at eight.

So I was like, oh, but then I had the kind bar and it totally picked me up. And I was like back in action again. So that’s from learning, that’s from experience. That’s from bad situations that had happened to me. And that’s just me like knowing how to navigate my PCOS day to day. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah.

Don’t feel bad about it. It happens. Yeah. And as you were mentioned, for example, before your wedding, I didn’t know until like couple of months ago that hypoglycemia has a lot to do with cortisol also because cortisol and growth hormone levels are also like actively increased and are important from the recovery, from the hypoglycemia. So when you’re having like these show,

your blood are like these unbalanced anxiety. Yes. You started to feel anxious and stressed and as you say, also angry sometimes. So yes, Sugar is closely tied to stress, Whereabouts to actually release a podcast episode next week about the cycle between, or maybe for the listeners, they’ve already listened to it. But it’s a, it’s basically the whole episode is about the relationship between insulin resistance and stress and how they can basically make each other worse or basically how stress can make insulin resistance.

Worse. Yeah. I mean like the core diesel, your body produces more cortisol to balance or to manage the hypoglycemia as a, it’s not good to have a lot of cortisol in your body. So it’s it’s to balance the hypoglycemia that it’s not something that also, so the best way to manage this, it’s it’s, it’s like having good habits and knowing what to eat.

And as she said, like having your, your bar, like that’s a way that you know how to manage yourself and had to manage your body in case of an emergency or something that could come. Even if you don’t, you don’t prevent it or you are not expecting to, to have it. Yes. Yeah. Maybe let’s jump back. Let’s jump back to the beginning of your,

of your PCs journey for a moment. Kind of maybe let’s talk about where you, where you started from with your PCs journey and maybe the initial steps you took, how that went and then where you are today. So like, what was it like for you when you were diagnosed with PCs? Did you hear about that sister who took opacity call and finally got her period after a year of not having one?

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And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup.

So I don’t drink it. Got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. I was diagnosed with PCLs on 2015, if I’m not mistaken, but it was just like my China call said at the time, and he just told me, like, you have some sales and you have to get right of it and take this bird control and lose some weight.

The typical handout that we always hear about, which is so unfortunate. Yes, totally. Like he didn’t even mention that there’s was a syndrome or there was something that I need to take care of in a daily basis. It was just like, you have some sales and get rid of this. And I felt that the PCLs was just having the cyst.

I didn’t know that this was one of the multiple symptoms that you could have with PCLs. So yeah, I took the bird control because I knew I wanted to get crate of deceased, but I knew that taking the bird control will make me gain more weight. So it was like, watch the light duty. But in order to like, get rid of the cyst,

that it was more important for me. I had to took it, but yeah, it comes with a lot of changes. Also, like hormonal changes, the bridge control. It’s a lot of side effects that made it harder to manage your hormones than PCOS did in the first place. Huh? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, like it was a nightmare.

Cause I remember I was like 17, 18 years old and take him to his very controlling for the first time and like managing all my changes on my body. Like hormonal changes that I was, it was a little bit difficult. But then yeah, I remember when I found you on tick-tock it was like, this is interesting because this has been happening to me.

And as I mentioned to you before I was doing my own research and I was also like going to different doctors to see what what’s happening and how can I handle my body and why what’s going on with my buddy. And, but they called the like, explain you better, how the PCO is called impact your buddy, because in cow you can manage sheep.

Also all of them were telling me, just lose weight and that’s it. And at some point I started to believe that I was having these, the PCLs because I was overweight. Did They make you believe as if that the weekend cause your peace us, but like, I dunno why doctors don’t there’s like why so many doctors don’t understand this or why they disliked misconception is out there,

but it’s PCOM that causes the weight gain the weight gain that causes PCO it’s like weight gain, weight gain has millions do with leading to PCs. If you look at the, the two out of the Rotterdam criteria, which says you need to have two out of the three criteria to have PCRs, they are irregular periods, hyperandrogenism and ovarian cysts. Nowhere in those criteria is weight gain listed,

like that’s a scientific approach. But for some reason, doctors who’ve gone to school who’ve who are very educated. They don’t know like that very clear criteria, Really interesting to me because it’s a simple understanding of metabolism, but that was them is so complex. And obviously certain doctors aren’t like specializing in metabolism and metabolic health. But just knowing how insulin and cortisol works is enough for you to realize that gaining weight,

especially in the stomach area is not because you ate too much. It’s because your environment and your genetic predisposition to having insulin resistance or to having high cortisol is being exacerbated and played up. It could be a myriad of really random things. It could be from not eating your high protein, breakfast and relying on coffee throughout the day, which so many people do they take pre-workouts,

which have caffeine in it. They have a cup of coffee for breakfast instead of a meal because they think it’ll help them lose weight. And all of these things that people or doctors tell us to do in order to lose weight is actually making the insulin and cortisol, hormone worse and worse and worse, making it harder to lose weight and continuing to break our metabolism.

It’s amazing that you’ve been able to lose 100 pounds. And how long did that take for you? It’s been two years now. Cause I started 2020. I was, I was doing the pandemic, you know, it’s crawling not on tick-tock and That’s what I take talk was really blowing up during the beginning of the pandemic to, So thanks to the algorithm I found you and,

and yeah, so I started to relate my symptoms because the, actually there was so many symptoms that I had and that I be handling my whole life that I didn’t your, this was because of PCLs. And that was interesting for me. And for example, they have hypoglycemia. I’ve been, I’ve been struggling with this my whole life because something that,

that it’s not good known or like it’s not known at all, is it hypoglycemia? Sometimes it’s not related to the exogenous insulin therapy that people with diabetes may had and they experienced, they hypoglycemia and there, they don’t have like the right amount of insulin, but this is not my case because my case is an hereditary hypoglycemia. My grandfather had it, my mom had it,

my brother had had it in also myself. So I didn’t know that there’s insulin resistance that I’ve been struggling with. It’s part of the PCLs and it was part of the, is also so yeah, when I, I saw and I started to do my own research about this and I started to relate all my symptoms. It was like, whoa, if this is true and if these go help me to manage my symptoms,

that will be good. Cause I’ve been looking for a medicine for methods, for doctors who can tell me how to improve with this or how can I manage all these symptoms? It’s almost like a miracle, right? Like you never, like you never maybe believed or you never, no one ever told you that it was possible. Yeah. And, and that was something that I will didn’t expect.

Like I, I saw you and I say, I say like, okay, I’m going to give it a try. Like, cause there were a lot of methods that I’ve tried or that I tried before and they didn’t work. So it was like, okay, I’m gonna give it a try just for one month and I’m going to see if it works or not.

Let’s see. So I was a little bit acceptable at that time. But as I told you, I, I had tried a lot, so No one, no one can blame you. Like you’ve been led through so many roads through so many different methods that like you should be skeptical at that point. Like what is going to work for my PCs?

Absolutely. Yes. And, and yeah, I did it for one month and it was not like 100% gluten free because I wanted to start it like not completely going gluten they’re free. Cause I knew I was going to quit at some point and go back to gluten. So I wanted to reduce gluten the first month I run out of passed out or type of bread or,

and also the day Erie and yeah, I, I said like, I’m going to stop buying those things and having that on my kitchen, just like to avoid these, you kind of cleared the shelf and you created space for gluten and dairy free. Yes. And great. Yeah. And you totally helped. I remember like at my third week I started to have my period and I didn’t have it like seems eight months back.

So it was awesome. Eight months. And it came in three weeks after you tried to, after you made those changes. Yes. Yes. And yeah, I was surprised too. And awesome. And yeah, I totally like, I remember thinking like this is not a coincidence and if it’s working and actually, I, I didn’t know, what’s occurrence coincidence because I started to feel better,

not only with my period, but also like having a better mood. And I remember my hypoglycemia episodes and started to like, not feeling too often and yeah, so I was like, okay, I’m going to keep doing this. And I’m going to keep going gluten and dairy free and like following your tips and following your diet and all this stuff. And yeah,

it’s been working since then. I mean, yeah. I didn’t notice how much I lost, how much weight did I lose because that was not my main purpose. When I started this, when I started with my journey, managing my symptoms, it was because I wanted to manage that. I had not because I wanted to lose weight. I thought that losing weight,

as I mentioned earlier, was what’s causing the PCRs. Not like on the other way. I’m sorry to interrupt you. I’m here. I was just going to ask, can you walk us through how you felt in that first month? Or like, like what were some of the feelings you had some of the physical symptoms you were feeling like, did you have more energy?

Were you able to sleep better or like with, did you have a better control over your cravings? Like as you were getting your period back, what were you feeling? Well, I definitely, I started to feel more energetic because I remember also my roommates were just telling me, like, you fell asleep everywhere. Like if I’m watching a movie or something you started to like,

we, we the strike just for a second and then we go back to you and you’re sleeping and then it like funny. Yeah. And, and I didn’t know. So this was part of the PCL is so yeah. I started to feel like, where are they getting at that, that part? And also I’ve been struggling with anxiety. And I remember when I started with the gluten and dairy free lifestyle,

I reduce my anxiety a lot because it’s, weren’t often during the morning that I had this inside Citi or panic attacks, I was like, what were you having? Like a lot of caffeine or like a lot of coffee during, during those mornings? Yes. Yes. I’ve. Even though that coffee was causing all this and you skipping breakfast. Yeah.

I was doing all ground, like before managing my symptoms. I was doing all wrong. So yeah. That’s okay. It’s all your fault. You didn’t, you had no idea. Like it’s a very big, a very unknown thing. How like stress, as we were talking about earlier, stress and insulin resistance are, are very related. So in the mornings one you’re skipping breakfast.

So that’s like dropping your blood sugar and then two, maybe you’re overloading on caffeine because you may already have low cortisol. So you’re trying to overcompensate by drinking coffee, which I, myself included. And I’m sure many listeners have been, had been there as well. So that’s like the, that’s like a deadly combination right there. That’s going to really cause you to be overstressed and cause your insulin resistance to unfortunately be at a,

at a low point. Exactly. And for example, when I falling asleep or where I felt like maybe coffee or something like that will help me not to fall. It is live, but it was worse. But yeah, that’s totally normal to think because I didn’t know what was going on with my body. And I remember I saw, see, I saw a change on my hair because I was losing a lot of hair during that time.

And yeah, I didn’t know that going with it in there, if it will improve my, my hair growth and, and not losing gray hair. Yes. And Goes to show how reducing inflammation is such a key component to even blood sugar control. Like if your cells are inflamed, then your blood sugar, your insulin hormone, isn’t going to be able to communicate with yourselves.

And then you’re going to get blood sugar, rollercoaster and anxiety. And on top of that high testosterone and hair loss and all of those symptoms, and it’s just this like a cascade effects that it has, you know? And so just for anyone who’s listening, who hasn’t gone, gluten and dairy free or tried it for 30 days just to see how they feel,

how it affects them. I mean, of course growing your hair back, it takes some time sounds like you were really committed for like two years to lose the a hundred pounds. And that, you know, it takes like eight to 12 months to really see your hair growing back. So you’re not going to see that in 30 days, but you will see some,

some results with your blood sugar control. And that’s one step before the symptoms of high testosterone because high insulin leads to high testosterone. So in 30 days, if you see that your blood sugar is more stable, then you’ll find that in 12 months, your testosterone isn’t as high. And those symptoms of high testosterone aren’t blaring the red light. Yeah. When I saw that going gluten in there free the first month was working and I started to like adapt all these lifestyle to my life.

I saw this results, like the hair. Cause I remember I had like some point of my hair on my head that was completely bald. And I remember a year later, oh yes. I started to have more in now. I don’t say it at all, but it’s been like two years. It was a journey. It was not like something from the day to like from the night to another day,

it was two years journey. And, and, and I hope this cool also go for the rest of my life. And yes. And, and, and yeah, I remember when we went to the Instagram live, all of my contents were like, I knew you did something because they noticed, they noticed that I lose weight and, and they were telling me like,

yeah, you, you look great. And you all, it was not, not only physical, but also like feeling better, having more energy and also feeling less stressed and having less anxiety, they started to notice. And that’s why they were telling me like, yes, I knew you did something different and I’ve been noticing that. So, yeah.

But yeah. Awesome. And it sounds like you were able to lose weight with PCLs and to manage your symptoms. And that’s so important while you’re trying to lose weight with PCI. It’s not just about that part yet. It’s not just, well of course we all want To crazy diet. Yeah, Yeah. Yes. Out of ULA mirror. And I think it’s great how you’ve been able to lose weight.

Yeah. And I, and I love that your friends and the people around you are noticing, and we’re happy for you. And they notice like this, this difference in you. Yes. And actually, they were, as I mentioned earlier, that like losing way was not a main purpose, but they were telling me like, you look Skinner or like,

you’ve been losing weight. What are you doing? What kind of diet or something. And then it’s like, I’m not on a diet, I’m on a lifestyle. Yeah. I love that Great response. So yeah, they, and I remember my best friend told me on my birthday, I started this on July 20, 20. It’s been two years now.

And then my birthday is in September and he told me, like, I noticed you look tinier because you’ve been losing weight. And at that time, I haven’t even noticed that because during the pandemic, like I was just at my house quite inside. And like, I didn’t notice. And there was no re no one to notice this. And when I saw my best friend,

he told me that and yeah, I was like, am I? And yeah, last December also, my other friend told me, like, now you look like that you have lost, lost weight. And, and it’s not like five pounds or 10 pounds, like what you’ve been doing. And I was like, or what did you take in what kind of feels like you’re taking or something like that.

And it’s like, no, I’m not doing something like just to lose weight. I’ve been managing my PCR and, yeah. Awesome. That’s awesome. Alamia And were there any along the journey, as we were making the lifestyle changes, were there like supplements or any other adjustments you made that you would suggest for other people? Actually, I haven’t had the chance to take some supplements.

I’ve been, That’s even better. I mean, if you just like doing this without supplements or without any like extra supplementation and just focusing on lifestyle diet and just like just changing different habits, that’s, that’s even better because You can layer that in later. It’s always, the first step is diet change, lifestyle change. Yeah. Supplements at the same time,

or you can take it later when you’re Even need it. You know, sometimes you may not even need it When I started this. And I saw that you were also advising to take some supplements Obasanjo and all this stuff I wanted to try it first, like the gluten and dairy free diet or The shot Isn’t exactly. Honestly, Avast natal is I would suggest doing it while you’re going gluten dairy or changing your lifestyle only because sometimes we are struggling with insulin resistance because of like a genetic predisposition.

So you can change your diet. You can eat really well. And then the cravings call you and it’s like, you, you know, you did everything perfectly. Why is this happening? Right. So it can be something that you’re struggling with, that you can overcome that will stop. You know, eventually you don’t always have to take over and stop,

but sometimes doing that together is, you know, ideal and anti-inflammatory supplements to help get that inflammation down quicker. Just for those who are listening is why, I’m not saying you should have done this, or this is what you should do, but everyone has their own journey and wants to, should be able to do it their own way. That works for them.

And sometimes taking supplements later is fine. And sometimes taking them while you’re on your journey is good too. Yes. I’ve been wanting to have supplements, but I, I haven’t had a chance. I remember last year because we, we don’t have a bustle here in Mexico. And I remember at that time when I saw the<inaudible>, there was no shipment to Mexico.

So, so yeah, and I remember last year I was about to go to the us and I told my dad because my dad lives there in Wisconsin. So I told him like, kink, you look for the basketball and see if I can buy it there. And that was excited too, to get it because I didn’t have the chance to have it here.

But for, for a president of reason, I couldn’t go to the states. And then I told my aunt that she was going to travel to Texas. And I told her like, can you get this of acid all for me and there, but she called him find it. And yeah, I saw a couple of weeks ago that the, now there,

there are some shipments here in, in Mexico. So yeah. I’ve been wanted to try that because yeah. I mean, like, even though I feel great right now, like without gluten, without there, we, and with all these managing all my symptoms naturally, I know they’re there. These could be better or that maybe the school impact my buddy in a way that I will then in my game.

Yes. Just going gluten and they’re free. Yes. And yeah. So sometimes, maybe sometime, maybe in the future, I would go with the supplements. Definitely. That will help. So yeah, Of course. And if you scroll down on the page where you can order a basketball in the FAQ section, you’ll see an option for international shipping and you’ll be able to see if you can have it shipped to your country.

So for anyone who’s listening, or if you want to check that out well, Alamia thank you so much for joining us and sharing your experience with us and inspiring the women who are listening to you right now, who are also on their PCs journey, going through the highs and the lows, just hearing somebody else and hearing what you’re going through. Even after losing a hundred pounds and how you’re managing your symptoms is so inspiring.

And we’re just so lucky to have you on this podcast and in the sisterhood. I absolutely a hundred percent agree. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you guys, because without you a will, they know all this, and I would then go through this journey that it had been making me feel better. And I know there are a lot of sisters out there that they are starting with these,

and they’re starting to understand their body, their sentence. And you’ve been so helpful with your content. And thank you so much. And I hope I really appreciate that. You invited me to share my experience because I hope the school help more sisters too. Don’t feel bad or don’t feel like, yes, because this is difficult and nobody tells you this,

but it is hard or tough to manage by yourself and wondering why this is happening to you. But instead of that, you should just understand it and embrace it. And that’s part of yourself. It’s not yourself, but you can manage it. And you can try for this. And thank you so much for helping us like a lot of sisters without Jurnee.

And as a, as we always, as we always say, like, it’s, the credit always goes to you, LA mere anchor, critical to all the sisters who are managing their symptoms, losing weight. And just because like, we’re, we’re here to spread the information. We’re here to spread the awareness, but it’s, it’s always you, that puts the effort in that actually like put the steps in to actually get there.

So always the credit goes to you. So we always, we always appreciate it. Thank you so much for that. Thank you. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed this episode and we’ll see you next time. Bye-bye take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site,

where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle collusion, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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