Do I have to go gluten & dairy free for PCOS?

Are you wondering whether you have to go gluten & dairy free for PCOS?

In this episode, we go over the research behind gluten & dairy and how they can impact PCOS symptoms! We present case studies as well as tips on how to start going gluten & dairy free!

You’ll also get to hear our personal opinion on this hot topic in the PCOS community!

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Full Episode transcript:

You know that tick talk that is baked salmon with rice mushed together. Serratia. I don’t know about it, but you’ve been telling me all about it these past couple of days And get every day for four days. And finally, tonight I’m making it. Who is The person who like That first? Oh, no, everyone’s doing it though. And they’re squishing the salmon with the rice together and then picking it up with seaweed.

And I even bought seaweed. I can’t wait to show it on Instagram. Oh wait. That’s why there’s a salmon in the synchronous, like frozen that’s mapping defrosting. So you’re going to mush that together with the rice. Just cook it together. Well, I’m going to cook it separately and then smush it together after, And then you just eat that with seaweed.

See, I don’t like soupy. I like to see what is, this is the soy paper to like the rice paper rice paper. Yeah. Like when I get sushi or whatever at the end, when that, when I get a role at the seaweed, just to see what, Well, maybe I’ll try to find some before you come home today.

After I leave the house, I personally liked the rice paper one, but I’ll post about it. And all the sisters will see the gluten and dairy free. Dr. my own hands. And Well welcome sisters to another episode of the podcast today, we’re going to talk all about whether you have to go gluten or dairy free dun dun be really fun episode.

We’re going to dive really deep into it. And I guess we might just get started. I mean, we introduced this episode with our gluten and dairy free dinner night. So I feel like, And the funny thing is actually like before we really jump into it, like a lot of times there’s confusion about what’s gluten or even dairy-free. So I think you’re like right off the bat,

we should just say like, rice is gluten-free you can eat rice. Obviously. You just want to eat it in moderation because it’s packed with carbs. So you want to eat a moderation, but other ones like dairy, like eggs are eggs, dairy, no eggs are not dairy. So you could eat. If you Want to, like, you know,

it doesn’t do anything For you. Yeah. I think it’s just, there are some studies that show some people are sensitive tags. So that’s a very individual thing. Of course. Just Like gluten and dairy. Yeah. And I think most, a lot of times people get confused about like when they go to the grocery store and they see the dairy section and there’s like eggs there.

I think that’s why people think like eggs are dairy. So that’s not the case. Eggs are not dairy. Basically. Dairy is anything that’s made from cow milk in general. Like it could be goat, milk, cow milk, things like that. And that’s all dairy. And then for gluten, like you said, rice is gluten free potatoes are gluten-free keenwah beans.

Like all of these are great carb sources that are gluten-free. Yeah. I think I missed a big misconception. Is that when, when you say gluten-free, some people may assume that’s low carb or no carb, cause we’re trying to say don’t eat carbs, but no, not at all. That’s nothing to do with carbs. You can still eat all the carbs that’s appropriate for you.

And that includes like potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes. Yeah. So many different like naturally occurring carbs that you can find. Some people think, some people think that because you know, if you go gluten-free you lose weight, right? I mean, so a lot of people have lost weight going gluten free. And some people think that’s because you’re not eating as much bread or like,

you know, you’re just avoiding the bread basket or whatever, but that’s not the case. And we’re going to talk all about what gluten really does to our metabolism, our body, when it comes to PCs and like really the metabolic reasons why women are losing weight when they go gluten and dairy free and how just not eating the bread and the bread basket is really like dumbing it down to something that it’s not like calories in calories out.

So Exactly. Oh, that being said, let’s get started, babe. Why don’t you start us off with All right. So going gluten and dairy free, it gives you an edge in fighting inflammation and insulin resistance to things that women with PCs are already struggling with. These are major root causes of PCOS symptoms. I mean, it is like the driving factor of the metabolic dysfunction,

having a lot of inflammation, your body kind of like rejecting some of the foods that you’re eating or not being able to process things because of inflammation and inflammation triggers more insulin resistance. So imagine yourself being like on fire. Okay. And it’s just like locked up because it’s so inflamed insulin, the hormone cannot give your cells, the sugar from your bloodstream to burn and process and do what it will with it because your cells are all inflamed and like locked up.

So basically that is the relationship between inflammation, insulin resistance. And when you choose what ingredients you’re eating, how you’re preparing your foods, what time you’re eating, how much of what you’re eating, all of these things affect your ability to metabolize the food and reduce the inflammation and insulin resistance. And so that’s why I feel like it’s really important to talk about this because going gluten and dairy free can give you an edge in fighting these root issues of PCLs.

So we suggest, try and get for at least 30 days to see how you feel. And then when you eat it, when you accidentally have it, you’ll know if it’s having an impact on your level of inflammation and insulin resistance, because you know, your skin might break out. You might feel really bloated. You might get really moody. You might get cravings for it more,

you know, like that. Then you know that it’s all working for you. It’s not serving you and it’s just making your symptoms worse. And there are a lot of studies done on gluten and dairy in regards to inflammation and insulin resistance. A lot of these studies show that gluten causes inflammation as well as impacts insulin resistance and so forth. Same with dairy.

Yeah. Same with dairy. And at the moment there aren’t any studies done on gluten dairy free specifically for PCOM. Yes. But Let’s only pray that We’re really hoping they do. But the unfortunate thing is I do research done on peace juice is so low. In fact, a research done on piece us has gone down by 60%. That’s 660% in the last 10 years.

And just recently I saw this just recently, the United Kingdom, I don’t know, or the parliament government, their budget for next year. They even brought down the research budget even further down. So they’re just like, they’re not a priority. Exactly. And we can’t be sitting around waiting for the government to make it a priority. We have to discover what is driving the symptoms for our bodies.

Every woman with PCOS is individual, you know, for some it’s gluten and dairy and for others, it’s something else. You have to do the research for yourself on your body. Exactly. And, but let’s go into some of the research. Okay. Gluten glue 10. Well, I mean, here we go. One of the most common research studies about gluten is how it contributes to leaky gut.

So basically when you, every time you eat gluten, your stomach releases, this protein called zonulin. And when zonulin is released the lining of your stomach, where it eats kind of permeable, I mean, it’s not supposed to be permeable. It loosens up and becomes permeable. So the gluten protein gets through and into your bloodstream. And that is where the chronic inflammation starts.

Your body sees that as an invader, the stress level goes up in your body because of that inflammation. And it’s quite a mess. And that can totally contribute to PCs symptoms like feeling bloated, skin rashes. Oh my gosh. People living with these skin conditions and not realizing that leaky gut is contributing and also just brain fog. Like I remember feeling so fatigued and just like,

oh, like after eating sometimes when I was having Glen, just like, couldn’t carry a conversation, like falling asleep on my feet. The brain fog is really unreal. I remember having it in college and like not being able to focus and just like pay attention in class. And my grades would suffer because I could not, or not necessarily my grades,

but my level of effort was like so high compared to everyone else because my body could not stay focused. And like, I was so fatigued all the time. Yeah. Eating, like, let’s just say bread or anything with gluten. And you’re feeling this way, like bloated low energy fatigue right afterwards, that can literally be the systemic inflammation. The battle is a battleground for inflammation when you’re eating gluten and it’s activating zonulin and creating leaky gut.

So Yeah. You know, it happens to everyone who eats gluten, this zonulin reaction. Yeah. Some people can process and digest the gluten quicker and excrete it from their bodies better. And then some people can’t. And so that level of gluten sensitivity, you can only discover that if you cut it out for 30 days and then add it back in and see your reaction.

Yes. And then not to mention another piece of research for those with thyroid issues, gluten, it contains a protein called gliadin that your body can easily mistake for a thyroid molecule in a process known as molecular mimicry because it’s mimicking another molecule. And when your body thinks that it’s, that molecule actually attacks it and wreaks havoc on your time. Yeah. Because it sees it as an invader.

So not only does it attack the gliadin, it also attacks the thyroid molecule. So if you have thyroid issues, which many women with PCs do, this is one of the four root causes of PCO. S your body will attack your thyroid every time you’re eating gluten. I mean, it is so worth figuring out, honestly, like figure it out so that your brute issues of your PCPs don’t continue and like snowball and get worse and worse.

Talk about whether you have to go gluten and dairy-free and just a bit like, well, we’ll give you that answer whether you have to, or don’t have to, we’ll give you the answer in just a little bit, but it’s kind of continue with some of this research. Another thing was leptin, right, babe. Yes. Leptin sensitivity, leptins,

that hormone that makes you feel full that tells your brain like, okay, we ate enough. That’s enough. But if it’s not sensitive enough, it won’t be able to trigger that response to your brain. And gluten reduces leptin sensitivity by 50%. And so you feel hungry all the time. Like I have seen women come into my office back when I did one-on-one coaching come into my office and tell me that like,

they cannot stop eating and the amount of calories that they were eating. Like they could not stop. They were hungry all the time. But when they went gluten-free they finally felt satisfied and they found that they weren’t eating as many calories as before, but they were still really satisfied and not hungry all the time. I mean, it was amazing to see It,

like, basically, like leptin’s like a thermometer. So it knows based on your blood, whether to set that. Yeah. Whether how much, what exactly where they are, how much fat is in your blood, it tells your body, okay. It’s time to stop eating. But when you’re, when the leptin sensitivity is reduced by 50% that their mom would,

it doesn’t work as efficiently. And doesn’t send the body, the signal to stop eating because it’s still feeling hungry as a result. It still feels hungry. And there’s a bunch of more studies, like for example, gluten can cause a morphine, like response in your body, gluten to gluten morphine, and then people can feel addicted to eating bread or other sort of gluten,

like carbs, things like that. The gluten morphine kind of plays on your brain’s opiate receptors and makes you feel addicted to gluten. So like that gooey delicious like bread. And like, you know, not only do you create it, but like your body is like addicted to it. It’s just like cheese, you know, cheese can also be addicting.

Yeah. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, basketball helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings.

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Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. That’s going to Derry edges. You know what? Talking about research studies earlier. I wonder if people know, like, do people, people know how big the dairy council is it a dairy is like a mafia and they are the people who are funding.

Research studies. Yeah. Just thinking about this. Everyone has a child was drinking a full glass milk every single night, right? Like every night your mom would give you a glass of milk. You have to drink this. Where did that come from? Well, it was like done as a marketing ploy by the dairy council as like, oh, drink milk.

It’ll make you taller. It’ll give you stronger bonds, Milk cartons at School. I mean, it may do all that, but there’s so much more to it, you know? Like, and so I feel like dairy or milk itself especially has been like marketed to like just society and like children, Staples. And now it’s just pumped with hormones and all these awful things that wreak havoc on our endocrine system.

It’s like literally a cocktail, All those studies there aren’t done independently. They paid by the dairy council. Right. Just so people know, like when you look at any study in the world, no study is done for free. Somebody has to pay for it. So that it’s either going to be government funded or it’s going to be done by a private company or a university,

which a lot of times in universities donated by another company as well. So it’s like, who wants this study to be done? And what are their underlying intentions? Exactly. So like, no company is going to be paying for a study. That’s going to be the opposite of what they want. So that’s basically what the motive Exactly. Oh, dairy,

dairy, dairy, dairy. Where do we be getting Let’s let’s talk about how it impacts insulin resistance. Cause that’s 80% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance. Yeah. Well, when it comes to insulin resistance and dairy, I mean, dairy has insulin, like growth factor in it. Dairy is literally a cocktail to make a baby cow calf grow.

Okay. So it has insulin like growth factor in it, which will spike the insulin and promote growth with PCO S we tend to gain weight rapidly because of our insulin resistance. If that’s not under control, the last thing we want is to drink something that’s going to spike our insulin levels more and make us grow more. You know what I’m saying? Yeah.

So insulin like growth factor is in dairy. And so that can spike our insulin levels and contribute to more insulin resistance and more weight gain. Yeah. We forgot to mention this. There actually is a study done on dairy and S one study interferon found a significant relationship between moat consumption and risk of PCs. If you want to look that study up, you can Google PCU S terror on dairy or milk and it should come up.

Yeah. It should come right up after that. They found a significant relationship between milk and PCs. Yeah. We don’t talk about that today. Danny also, it increases your risk for cancer because of the tendency of like environmental chemicals, BPA pesticides, herbicides in a bio activates in the animal fat it’s often like a repository of hormone disrupting toxins and the link between dairy and estrogen related cancer,

including endometrial and ovarian cancer. It’s pretty well established. And I’ve seen a lot of research about this and also about like endometriosis and going gluten and dairy free. And you know, the link between cancer and like dairy and things like this. So it’s definitely something to consider. And it really blows my mind when I see people promoting dairy for PCOS, because it’s blowing my mind that people are so unaware of what is going on and not doing the research,

Or you just don’t want to admit it. You know, they just want all the credit. It seems, I don’t know. M in dairy itself, there are so many like hormones, steroids, Cocktail of hormones for the calc to grow. They’re giving all these drugs to the calf And then yeah. Making it, And then we did a YouTube video just recently.

If you go to, U S weight loss, you can find our channel, but we did a video called what I wish I knew about dairy, who the dairy-free taste test. So if you want to see a taste test with me and Tallinn tasting different dairy-free stuff and comparing them to the original, go to our YouTube channel, we also do the same thing with gluten as well.

But we talk all about the cows and like what they’re given and how like, cows aren’t meant to be producing that much milk, but they give them all these hormones and these drugs help them produce, like, what was like 20,000 gallons of milk a year or something like that. Something outrageous something outrageous. So They’re producing milk year round when they shouldn’t be basically,

and then they get susceptible to diseases and infections, and then they take antibiotics to prevent that. But then like we consume the anti biotic through the milk. Yeah. Good Lord people. Yeah. So, so something that talent talked about in stories recently was how many people are hesitant to cut out dairy because they’re addicted to cheese. And the LA times,

most times just literally who leased the article about this time. I want to just talk about it. I mean, Sierra like forwarded it to me and I was like yelling. No, not the, I was in the bathroom doing a number two. And I’ve, I was like reading like news. And I like saw it. I was like, Now like four to two,

It’s literally saying what I have been screaming about from the rooftops all along years. I couldn’t believe it on the LA freakin time. So what is it, sister, as you’re all like at the edge of your seats, Sorry, sorry. I don’t want to interrupt the headline of the article was why cheese is like crack. That was a headline of the article.

That’s what, I just want to mention that because that, because I think you were going to talk about the insight, but I just want mention the title was why cheese is like crack and look that up. Los Angeles, times cheese crack. I don’t know if something else might come up, but you shouldn’t be able to find it. So cheese has a protein in it called casein.

I’m going to summarize this article, but basically casein converts into CAISO morphine when you digest it, right? CAISO morphine travels past your blood brain barrier plays on your brain’s opiate receptors and makes you feel addicted to cheese. CAISO morphine, the word morphine isn’t keto morphine makes you feel addicted. She’s like you literally want to eat it all the time. Not to mention casein is very inflammatory.

There are studies that show how inflammatory casein is in the first place. So now you’re addicted to this inflammatory situation. Okay. And that is basically what the study was suggesting that like, if you feel addicted to cheese, this might be the reason why, and that inflammation that it’s causing is it impairs our insulin sensitivity. It damages the hormones, that signal ovulation inflammation also makes hormone receptors,

overly sensitive to androgens like testosterone. I mean, it just like snowballs into this whole freaking thing. And the LA times, although they didn’t get into like androgens and stuff. Cause obviously they’re not like, Yeah, it wasn’t about like specifically peace to us. It was just about cheese itself. Yeah. So I wish they did, but yeah. And I almost fell out of my chair cause I was like people,

this cheese addiction. I know Now with all this being said, let’s go to the big question. The big elephant in the room, the elephant in the room, Do we have to Go? Do you have to go gluten and dairy-free? Well, I would say that’s for you listener to decide based on everything we just told you. Yes. Right?

We gave you all this data about how gluten can lead to inflammation, how it can impact instant resistance, same thing with dairy, how it can impact your thyroid. Now it’s really up to you to decide whether that fits you and what your situation is with. PCUSA Take a look at your symptoms. Do you crave cheese? Do you crave dairy and gluten as well?

We talked about CAISO morphine. We talked about gluten morphine, which is the same situation. LA times let’s come out with another article, right? Look at your symptoms and see, you know, is this something that might benefit you? Do you feel the cravings? Do you have the skin issues? The acne, the bloating, the fatigue, the brain fog.

Yeah. Try it for 30 days. Yeah. Because if you don’t know that gluten and dairy is triggering these responses in your body, then everything that you do to help your PCO S is going to be to no avail because you’re still fueling the inflammation and the insulin levels, you know, and you’re going to try all these things and all these lifestyle changes,

but you’re still eating the foods that are triggering that response. And I’d like to also add that, like going on a diet change or like a lifestyle change, isn’t always easy. And sometimes, you know, the support of the one-on-one support of a dietician or someone can be very helpful and sometimes going gluten, dairy free, isn’t the right fit for everyone with PCOS,

especially if you’re struggling with eating disorders or like issues with your relationship with food, I wouldn’t fully like launch into it right away. I would work with somebody one-on-one and then, you know, when you’re ready, if you choose to do that, that’s totally up to you. Like there’s no pressure to have to do this. It’s not the end all be all.

And like that it’s not going to, you know, be the only thing that can help you with your PCs. There are other things as well and working one-on-one with someone can be very helpful in that particular situation. And for anyone who’s thinking about doing it, just, we just want everyone to know that we’ve seen a lot of success with going good Tinder for you,

including Ty in herself. Like she was able to lose 30 pounds after she was diagnosed with PCs, by going gluten free. We have thousands and thousands of testimonials of sisters who have gone gluten dairy free. They lost weight. They’re thriving with PCs. Many sisters have gotten pregnant. Like we’ve seen so much positivity in the sisterhood as a result. So if you feel like it’s really difficult,

or if you feel like it’s impossible, we just want you to know that there are people who’ve done it and they’re thriving. So We also provide all the resources to make it as easy as possible. Yeah. And just one more thing I want to say, we need to keep the positivity in the PCs community. Like this is really important. We’re not going to get into anything,

but it’s really important that we are acceptable of everyone’s lifestyle changes and success. You know, no matter if a person went keto or if they were in gluten dairy free, or if they did fasting, no one should be judging each other and saying, what you’re doing is wrong. What that person’s doing is wrong. Yada, yada, yada, blah,

blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Yeah. There’s no reason to hate on any other person for what their diet changes or to talk badly about fasting or keto or like whatever, whatever it is like we should be acceptable. And if you see someone who’s seen results from going gluten, dairy free or going keto, you should give them a hug and be like,

congratulations. I’m so happy you saw results. Yes. It’s unfortunate. We see the opposite a lot of times where I just don’t want to get into it because it’s so negative, but we see the opposite a lot of times, and I’m not sure where that’s coming from. I’m not sure where it’s coming from. And it just blows my mind because people are suffering.

One in 10 women have PCOS and suffering from symptoms. And if you can do something that makes you happy, that is helping you with your symptoms and weight loss and your mental health and everything. You’re doing something. And you’re happy about it. Nobody should be saying anything negative Or diminishing, Diminishing your hard work and effort that you put into whatever you did,

whether it’s gluten-free dairy free or some other diet. Yeah, no, no dietician should be telling you that your success is not real or your blah, blah, blah. Yeah. I’m sorry to interrupt. There are so many different types of PCs that sometimes like Quito is the key for some peoples who are super insulin resistant. And then it’s really not the key for people who aren’t super insulin resistant.

So it’s like, why are you judging like that? You don’t know this person’s medical history. Maybe it was fabulous for them. You know, It’s hay away judging you. You don’t know by your judging what you’re doing to that person at that moment. You know, this person has just seen success for the first time in their life and you’re judging them.

And now they’re going back into this black hole. That’s all. Oh my gosh, you know, what, can I give an example? Or is it going to go down this rabbit hole? I posted about someone who lost weight going gluten and dairy free once. And she was so proud of herself and I was so proud of her. And we were like,

DM-ing each other. And she was like, yes, post my picture. Yes. So I posted it. And w w all these wonderful comments, and then someone re posted that photo and made her feel so bad for all of the diet changes going gluten and dairy basically made her feel bad for going gluten. And dairy-free diminished all of her hard work and also completely bypass the fact that she is symptom free for the first time in like 20 years.

And just bashed and passion, publicly shame, and like, took that photo. And she asked me to take her photo down from Instagram, that before and after, because she was so upset that like this group of people attacked, Okay, who are supposed to be a PCs advocate or supposed to be part of the piece, just, It felt so bad for her.

I felt so bad. And I was like, oh my God. Like, and I posted this thing so happy for her with like such good intentions and look what happened. And like this poor girl, and now she, who knows what she’s going through emotionally seeing all this like, drama around her picture, like how it’s disturbing to like post somebody else’s body on your page and say something like that.

Yeah. Anyways, I’m so disturbed. I really just think that everyone needs to take one deep breath and take a look around and realize that people are trying to do their best and they’re doing, what’s working for them and we should cheer them on. I think, yeah, I completely agree. I think people should go let go of their ego and should stop being selfish.

And just because you’re not seeing, I don’t, I don’t want to get into just because you’re not seeing the same results with your program. There’s no reason to bash others, you know, and like stop being so egotistical, stop being selfish and being a real advocate, Be a real advocate, A real advocate for the community and actually support people who are seeing results.

And the last thing we’ll say is this community is the most supportive community in the world. If you want to leave a comment on our page and say, what worked for you, it doesn’t matter if it’s gluten dairy free or keto or fasting or whatever, we’re going to support you. And we’re going to make you feel good for feeling better. And we just want everyone to know that you’re accepted in our community no matter what.

And we love you from the bottom of our heart. Like, that’s what we’re all about. Like our passion is Every day excited to read your comments and excited to hear your progress and excited to know that like something we put out there has helped another person thrive. Exactly. We live for it. We do look for telling whole life is dedicated to this.

I quit my job as an engineer to do this, you know? Like, so it’s all for you, sisters. Let’s read some wins. Yes. All right, let’s go ahead and just getting emotional over here. So let’s go ahead and get into the wins of the week. These are sisters who are imagining a piece of us losing weight, thriving,

and feeling their best. You know, we, we typically do the DM sticker first before the winds. Should we do that first? I did a sticker. I asked how do you feel after going gluten and dairy free? All right. Let’s do it. Okay. How do you feel after going gluten? Dairy free foreigners Says just started again. And all my skin and body pains and issues are slowly going away.

Nice, great job. Pronounce Kamanu plume says more energy, less skin issues like acne, less digestive issues and less UTIs. Kayley Greenfield says three weeks, gluten and dairy free. And I don’t have cramps that my brain fog is gone completely gone. Wow. That’s so good. Kaley. Great job. Decks RX. I lost 10 pounds and I stopped feeling bloated and fatigue would be there’s so many.

There’s so many let’s let’s read them fat. Okay. Nick champ. I lost 30 pounds since August. My moods and cravings are so much better. Woo Says, period is back regularly after not having my period for up to a year. Oh gosh. Mary Perry. It didn’t do anything for me. That’s all right. It happens. Yeah. Not for everyone.

That’s perfectly acceptable. Christy. Petrucci lost weight. More energy. Got periods back. And now I’m pregnant. Woo. We hope you name either Sudhakar. Italian. I will literally die if somebody does that. Okay. Well, it’s like twins boy and a girl. And they named them second time. It’s unusual names. I don’t think anyone who is.

Yeah. Especially someone, if they’re not Armenian, isn’t even paying for their kids. Your family’s going to think he named him after like vodka or something like Ciroc, like, Okay. Where was that? Erica? Erica. Vic. Troja. I’ve lost 10 pounds. And I feel so much healthier now. Yes. Aaron Hart. I just found out I’m pregnant after cutting it off for four months.

Been trying for seven years for seven years and got pregnant after four months of gluten. And dairy-free Erin so happy for you. Congrats Bridge Mack, 10 lost weight, cleared skin. But my favorite part is all the energy I have now. No proof putting Ooh. Yes. In a year I’ve lost 40 pounds and now I’m pregnant. Oh my God.

Another opponent, Hannah Barry. Less implement you. You keep getting the pregnancy and a bear, less inflammation means less stiffness and pain. And my energy’s amazing. That’s awesome. And then the last one Taylor Ellis says, I literally feel like a new person. So energetic and strong. Yeah. Basically you become a new person. Once that inflammation is the triggers stopped to insulin trigger.

I forget what it’s like to have no symptoms because you go so long having symptoms. And then finally you do something and it helps so much that you’re like, wow, this is really amazing. Exactly. And then now let’s finish off the podcast with the wins of the week. And these are from the sisterhood that I just want to mention. If anyone is thinking about going gluten and dairy free,

or, or if you feel like it’s a big feat, we just want you to know that we have a resource for you where you can go step by step in the sisterhood, our membership platform, we had the five states success path where each stage you learn one specific thing to help manage your piece to us. So the first stage is finding your us type.

The second stage is going gluten-free third stage is going dairy-free. The fourth stage is finding your carb tolerance. Meaning like how many carbs have in a day. And the fifth stage is how to work out for PSUs. Within each stage, there are several videos to go through just like you’re doing like modules. And then once you finished those videos, you check mark,

you get some points and you move on to the next stage. We’ve made it solid. It’s like a game. So as you learn about a piece, you S and you keep managing it, you gain points and you can use those points to get rewards. And we of course also have a whole recipe section for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

And we also have vegan options as well as meal plans. And we have a whole workout section, A whole workout plan section where each month you get a new workout plan and you get the Facebook community or whole community of sisters going gluten, dairy free with you. We can ask your questions to including us. Yes. And you get two live calls a month with us and the doctor just about some Q and a I’m out of breath.

So you go ahead, Jessica Jacobson and the sister. And she says, Hey, sisters, I’m new to the sisterhood. As of a week and a half ago, I have been really enjoying all of the info telling and Ciroc have shared. I began taking and eating gluten and dairy free. The best I could last week with limited supplies, I live in a rural area.

So finding replacements for products that typically have gluten or dairy has been interesting. I placed an order with thrive market this week to try some new gluten and dairy free things. I couldn’t find in my grocery store, I have tried following pretty much every diet and eating style that you can think of without any luck of losing weight and being on my 10th day of eating gluten and dairy free,

I feel absolutely amazing. And I lost four pounds. I just want to share this in case anyone else is having issues, finding gluten, dairy, free items like this. And she posted a picture of everything. She bought all the brand names, showing so many cool things, bonds up pasta, right, right, right. There’s some sprouter seed salad toppers.

I’m seeing some nog Mary’s crackers, almond breeze chips. Yet a lot of stuff Is a great pantry. How Amazing missing job Jessica. Next one is from CRI Scurlock. She says, happy Friday, sisters today marks a full two weeks and I am down another pound and I can see I’ve lost inches. Woo. But most importantly, I feel better since going gluten free.

I started dairy free this week and did great, but slipped up and put ranch on my salad yesterday, without even thinking, however, I’m going to keep going and be more mindful and better prepared when I’m out. Love it, love it. And it’s always very important to be mindful that it’s not about perfection and just about consistency and learning along the way.

So create you’re doing an amazing job two weeks through, and you’ve already seen a lot of results and you’re feeling better. I chose that one because it’s just so realistic. Like you’re not going to be perfect at it, but that doesn’t mean don’t do it or don’t continue or just give up. It’s like, whatever, it’s a lifestyle. You don’t have to be perfect.

Absolutely. I guess that’s the end of today’s episode. This was a really fun one. And again, if you want to listen to this over again, to listen to the research that we brought out about gluten and dairy free and make a decision about whether it’s right for you, that would be a great route for you. And we also go into the research in a lot more depth and explanation with graphics and things like that in the sisterhood.

Ciroc has edited all the videos and they’re really fun to watch and like, easy to understand. So if you want more explanations of research studies and why gluten and dairy affects PCLs, it is all in the sisterhood in Awesome. Wayne, if you want to join the sisterhood, just go to PCO S, PCO S, and you’ll find it there.

And with that being said, let’s all remember to be positive, kumbaya, kumbaya, and we’re sending love to all our sisters in the community. Talk to you soon, ladies. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PSOS lifestyle, gluten and dairy free, get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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