How Tallene Lost 30 Pounds With PCOS!

Tallene walks us through her own PCOS journey and how she lost 30 pounds with PCOS while reversing her symptoms!

Tallene was diagnosed with PCOS about 10 years ago and like many Cysters, she was told to go on birth control until she wanted to pregnant. She went to multiple doctors who just told her to eat less and workout more!

Her symptoms of cystic acne, irregular periods, uncontrollable weight gain, and moodiness spiraled out of control until she found the natural diet & lifestyle changes that worked for her!

We discuss how she took back control of her body, how she found the right doctor for her PCOS, and how she went gluten & dairy free to support her new lifestyle!

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Full Episode transcript:

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And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking us tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup.

So I don’t drink it. You Got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your Order. Doctor. My own hands and well, hello. Hello sisters. Welcome everybody to another episode of a sister and her Mister. That is Italian. What’s your cheesy intro like that? Let’s keep it dairy free and not as cheesy like that joke.

You liked that corny, Cheesy joke. Did you come up with that? I Don’t know. I just want to give one warning as we start this podcast that my voice may be a little different today. Let’s just say I have messed up teeth and I got Invisalign just two days ago. Gosh. And it great. Now feels like a concrete. There’s like a concrete structure around my teeth.

Like basically they came in and the construction men, they brought in the cement truck. They opened my mouth and they filled it up with cement, waited for it to dry up. And then they left, came back the next day, did some drilling and left. So that’s my current state in my mouth. I’m gonna be honest with you. You sound totally fine.

Yesterday. You had a list. You got used to the Invisalign now. You’re fine. I know You mentioned that too, but to me, I just sound really diff, especially when I try to talk fast, that’s when I start to like mumble and I dunno, but it’s really cool. Like for those that don’t know, Invisalign is like, they put that like clear,

almost like a mouth guard over your teeth, but it’s like perfectly made according to your teeth and it’s supposed to over time, basically move your teeth into the formation. It’s supposed to just like braces. Right? But in this case, it’s not as visible, but like you can tell, like if you come face to face and you talk to me,

you can tell like, there’s something on my teeth, but it’s really crazy sisters. Like I took it off. I wore it the first day for like five hours and I took it off to eat dinner. And then when I took it off, I looked at my teeth. It was already like straighter because I had the other two teeth in your,

on the top, like the two buck teeth, as you like, as we like to call them, that’s where my issue comes from. I chipped one of those teeth when I was like eight or nine years old. And ever since then, because of that chip tooth, if forced like those two teeth to get kind of a little bit messed up.

So when I, I ate it like snapped back into what it used to Be. It did the first day. Now it’s not snapping back. That was, that was the creepy part. Like I took it off. It was the front two teeth were straight. And then when I started to eat it frigging snap back, I felt my teeth move.

But now, now that I’ve had it for like two more days, it’s not snapping back when I take it off. So that means like, it’s really the place it’s working already. So we’ll see. I, I go back in, in a month to get new ones or like I’m supposed to change it every two weeks. So hopefully it all goes good.

I’ll let, I’ll keep the sisters updated. So if there’s anyone interested in Invisalign, you guys will know. I dunno, posted in stories and everyone will see the transformation of your teeth. Yeah, we did do a photo series. I mean, we did do like a story on Instagram where we talked about Invisalign and people, so many people chimed in with their positive,

like, like experiences and how it helped them. So it made me feel a lot better. That’s good. I always like asking for advice in Instagram stories. Yep. All right. With that being say, we have a very special episode of the podcast today. It’s a lot about telling the time. Why don’t you give the intro? Sure. Well,

today I’m going to talk about how I lost 30 pounds with PCOS and you know, basically what my, my story is about when I was diagnosed and how I got through whatever it with S all the symptoms, you know, going through college, going gluten and dairy free. So I just want to start with that story. And I’ll start from the beginning.

It all started with a ruptured ovarian cysts. So I was one of the lucky sisters who got diagnosed fairly quickly, basically, you know, after the ovarian cysts, I went to the hospital because it was super painful. Like I couldn’t even stand up and walk. And then the doctor at the emergency room said that it was an ovarian cyst. I went to the gynecologist and she said,

okay. And she did an ultrasound. She said, you have PCO S it was very quick. A lot of women don’t get diagnosed so quickly because you know, the diagnostic criteria, I feel like a lot of doctors aren’t following it. And you know, if you don’t have ovarian cysts at all, then they say you don’t have PCOM. And that’s not the case.

So whatever the case was, I was diagnosed very quickly. And then in the same appointment, I was handed birth control as my only solution. And, you know, like when you’re young, like you’re 16 years old, or was I 18, I was 18 years old and you’re not familiar with like natural pathic medicine. Like, you don’t know how,

like, blood sugar can play such an intense role in your hormonal balance. Like none of these things, I had no idea. So it just seemed like you’re broken. Here’s how to fix it. Let’s turn off all your hormones and give you birth control, synthetic hormones instead. No explanation of like potential side effects. Maybe someone should monitor me, like my mom or mice.

I should monitor myself while on birth control in case I have horrible mood swings, depression, anxiety, weight gain, you know, like no one said like, well, if this birth control doesn’t work for you, like, let me know. It was just like, take it go. I don’t remember like a responsible way of, yeah. Like An explanation or someone telling you that when you take birth control,

it will do X, Y, and Z. And actually birth control is not going to actually heal it heal. It’s going to just pump you with synthetic hormones. But yeah, again, no one was there to give you all those details. And not just you like a lot of people in your Situation, my doctor didn’t have that many bedside manner skills.

And, you know, Dr. Jolene brighten always talks about like, you should be informed, you know, both positive and negative of the birth control pill. And we’re not, that’s exactly what happened to me. So that being said, I took it. And luckily I didn’t have horrible side effects from it, you know? So I was like,

okay, this is fine. No ovarian cysts, you know, no more pain, I’ll be fine. I’ll just take this birth control. And then I Googled about PCs, cause I still wanted to learn what was happening. And I still couldn’t like, figure out the science of it. I only could read what the side effects and the potential things that can come from it were.

So I was just like scared to death, like in, in to taking the birth control pill. There wasn’t like an explanation on Google at the time. This was so long ago. So, and the, I still don’t didn’t know about blood sugar. Like seriously, it’s all about blood sugar. Like one thing you could have taught me was like blood sugar is related to hormonal balance,

stop eating sugar, you know? Yeah. The insulin resistance, no one said this. Yeah. Yeah. So I went to college and I was like really curious about health. I wanted to study health and I was like, am I healthy? Like, I’m on birth control. I want to study health. But like, am I even healthy a year?

I am with this PCO S I don’t know what it is like, what’s happening here. So that’s when I said, I’m going to get off birth control. And I went off of it and I had all these awful symptoms. The cystic acne, my face hurts so bad. Gaining weight, uncontrollably, mood swings, no period for like an entire year,

you know, the facial hair acne. It was just the whole thing. And imagine you’re in college. And like, you know, this is the time to like thrive. And here I am like super unhealthy. And I have no idea why, because I was eating as healthy as my, or more healthy than the average college student. Because luckily like in my family,

we grew up with Armenian food, which is relatively healthy, like home cooked meals, you know, vegetables and all of this. So I wasn’t eating like the pizza in the cafeteria. So I couldn’t understand like, what was happening to my skin. You know, people would like compliment me about the way I was eating. I was the unhealthy one.

So then I started going to naturopathic doctors and my mom came with me to like all these appointments. And I went to several because I just like, didn’t believe it at first. Cause they’re like, go gluten and dairy free and do the supplements. And I’m like, oh, you’re just saying that. So then I’d go to another one. They’d say the same thing.

I’m like, okay, these people are clearly they’re onto something. So I started listening and actually the first naturopathic doctor that I went to was doctrinaire, shout out to Dr. Ted Dr. Nirvana. She’s been on the episode two times on the podcast. So you can check back on the feed to hear her episodes. So she told me all about how I should go gluten and dairy free.

And, and, you know, there’s a lot of things that she said, but in college, like it’s hard to apply all of them. So I started with the gluten and dairy free finally. And this is like, after a year of suffering, no period, terrible like symptoms, you know? And then I went gluten, dairy free, all my gosh,

my skin, I started glowing. I started losing weight. I didn’t look as bloated. Like, but it wasn’t immediate because it took time to go gluten and dairy free too. Like you’re in college. So now we’re in sophomore year and this was, I was like deep diving into figuring out how to eat, how to eat out, how to cook,

how to cafeteria navigate, you know, like what this gluten and dairy free diet. And yeah, it was pretty intense for me for that full year. I feel like we talk about that a lot. How, like, it took me a whole year to go gluten dairy for me to say this on Instagram. So people don’t feel, of Course,

it’s like, you can’t just like turn on the switch. And all of a sudden you’re good Tinder free. Or it’s not that easy to just like turn on the switch and day one. You’re able to do it without, you know, not knowing everything to do. Like it’s. So the, one of the most important things about going gluten dairy free is like the process of learning how to do it,

the how to apply the diet and lifestyle slowly, not just all of a sudden removing all the gluten dairy from your diet. Exactly. And like, there’s also so many components to PCO as weight loss that like, you can’t just do them all at once and you can’t expect it to heal instantly. So it was like a long game. So that whole year,

that was me figuring out gluten and dairy free. Meanwhile, meanwhile, I was still working out like crazy kickboxing, like crazy, you know, twice a day, sometimes not getting enough rest. Like I was so like active. It was insane. We’d go salsa, dancing like three times a week. Be like, not that that’s bad for PCs,

but like, relax, like sit down. You know what I mean? Kickboxing hit. And then the spin classes and then just a little salsa club, salsa dancing later three times a Week. Yeah. And I couldn’t focus in class at all. My stress hormones were through the roof. So now I’m gluten dairy free. This worked for like acne a little bit with the weight,

the mood, this was great. So, and then at this point I’m like, okay, what should I what’s happening? Like I need more. So that’s when I, you know, continued going to naturopathic doctors. And I learned about balancing my stress hormones. So, I mean, one doctor was like, you just need to relax. Like you need to stop like studying so hard spending so much time.

Like you need to let it go. And just like mentally let this thing go. You know? So that’s when like the mental portion came into it and I was like, okay, I’m not going to do this anymore. I’m not going to sit in front of my books, forcing myself to learn things that are in absorbing into my brain. Like I need sleep.

I need rest relaxation, meditation. Like this is all too much pressure. And, and I stopped the kickboxing too. I started doing yoga instead. I felt so much better, so much more clear. I got better grades, like, imagine my grades. And this is the moment you like, just relax just a little bit to the edge and let your body rest.

It’s like, it’s almost like your brain works better. Like it retains information better. It performs better with like workouts and like mentally performance better. So it makes sense to me Sometimes I feel, I would feel like if I tried really hard and just like strangled myself to like do this one thing, that it would be perfect. And that was not how I could make anything successful.

Like everything was just mediocre or like, Ugh, like not good, you know? And it was only when I relaxed and stopped strangling everything like strangling the studying and strangling the workout, you know, just every, when I relaxed, yeah. Everything came into place, it was all mental. So, and not all, but like, it was a lot of mental strength to like stop it.

Even my roommate, my best friend, Megan, she was like, she remembers me like closing my book and being like enough. And, and she’s like, okay, can we go hang out now? Like, can we play like away? Can we go outside or you’re done studying. So she saw this change happened basically in front of her very own eyes.

I really was overdoing it. So. Okay. So then I got the sh so now I’m still like, I’m still a little overweight at this point. Now it’s like junior year of college. Okay. And the gluten-free and dairy-free helped lowering the stress hormones helped, but like, I haven’t started with the slow weighted workouts. So I mean, I’ll all I was doing was like walking,

yoga, palladium, things like this, and that was fine. But finally I graduated, I went to grad school and then I met Cedric on Tinder. We swiped. Right. Cause I was like working somewhere close. Yeah. It was actually By chance because originally Tallinn lives like an hour and a half away from my house, but she was working in LA and I was obviously I’m living in LA.

So that’s how like our profiles matched. Or if that wasn’t the case, if you were somewhere else, then you know, we might not have swiped right. On each other. But also it was interesting that my work was only like 30 minutes away from your house. So I’m sure that also played a factor like me working close to you and you working close to me.

Exactly. Isn’t that insane? So, I mean, that was a huge shift when we started dating and working out together that was major. And also I, at the same time I was working at this meal delivery service company and I was a nutritionist and I would do like the nutrition labels for the meals. And like I would plan the menus and everything and I would obviously eat their food.

So I didn’t like cook throughout grad school. Actually. I was eating like pre-portioned meals. And that’s when I learned meal portion sizes. Now I wasn’t like over eating so much, but like I tr I was trained because I was only eating their food to eat three ounces of steak or like half a cup of rice or whatever the portions were. Yeah.

And it just, it blew my mind, like was eating a little bit more than the portion that maybe I should have been eating. Yeah. That’s a little more, the things that adds up, you have three meals a day, maybe three or four meals a day, and then you have seven days a week. So if you’re just going slightly over each one,

that’s three times a day, three times, seven 21 times a week. That just adds up. So that’s yeah, I can pull It. It was a great way for me to learn portion sizes without getting obsessive with like an app and like constantly, like, you know, I think it’s great to actually use an app to track your meals so you can learn about portion sizes and be more mindful.

Yeah. So that’s great. But I wasn’t doing that. And this job of mine like provided that education for me with the food that I was eating there. And it was just amazing, honestly, to eat like the perfect portions all the time. And the foods are gluten and dairy free. It like really made my life easier. It was pretty interesting.

And before that I was working at a gluten dairy free grocery store in college. So before grad school, and that helped me learn all about these gluten and dairy free products we talk about and we eat now. And they were like first coming out when I was in college too. So like I met some of their like sales reps and their owners and stuff they’d come and like bring in their products because gluten and dairy free wasn’t that popular.

Like there was a separate store. Yeah. Instead of like whole foods, you know, I remember you told Me you had like one specific story that was all gluten free. You used to go to That. That’s where I worked, like whole foods wasn’t popping yet. Yeah. We’re very, very Fortunate now that like, it’s, it’s like a staple,

like gluten dairy free options. Like if you go to whole foods, there’s a whole aisle for dairy free Jesus’ milks, all that stuff. Same thing with gluten-free of course, 10, 15 years ago, it was like the opposite. Like it was like nothing, but exactly times changed for the better or for a lot of people, I think. Goodness and Instagram too.

Like you can learn so quickly. Oh my gosh. There was no PCO Instagram back then. And even if there was, it was, it wasn’t as intensive or like as much information as there is now. Like now there’s a lot of accounts there’s us, of course. And you know, there’s a lot, there’s a lot of information coming out every day that wasn’t happening that much in the past.

Yeah. I mean, we post three times a day and we talk science, like we’re talking the, you know, the captions that we write are like explanations that like I wished to have had back then. Yeah. We like, we tried to cite research studies in the captions as well as like, we talk about it in stories and you know,

you guys know scissors. No, we do like a live every three times a week to answer all your questions, get into the science and all that stuff. So yeah. I mean, yeah. Now it’s our job to basically continue spreading that information on Instagram as much as possible. So, I mean, meanwhile, so I’m dating Cedric at this point and we started working out together.

See, doc, do you want to take a little bit from here and explain your experience when we first worked out together? So when we, when we got married back in backlash, I think physical year ago, right? Yeah. It was like a year and a half. Yeah. A year and a half ago. Back when we got married and we started working out and I basically like me and tie-in weren’t,

we hadn’t like worked out a lot together just yet. So at that point I told her, Hey, let’s like, do some of these workouts where I’m like, basically doing weight training or modify them for you so that it won’t increase your stress hormones. We’ll keep it slow. And you’ll be able to, you know, build lean muscle mass without bulking up and things like that.

So we started and I had her do, I had her do a couple sets and she immediately, after the first set was done, got up, started to like jog a little bit around the place being like, all right, I feel it I’m like, what are you doing right now? Calm down. And he’s like, calm down. You just did your set.

You need to stop and rest 60 seconds minimum, take this moment to breathe and then get back into it once your body’s rested. She’s like, what, what? This is a workout. And she like, didn’t take it serious. At that moment. We went back into it, did our second set, did our third set, went to the next workout.

By the time we got to the third workout, Tallinn was like, what is going on? I am so sore. I’m starting to sweat. And how is this workout? This difficult. And I had to explain to her, like, you don’t need to be running around, going on sprints, doing all these crazy movements to lose weight. The P there’s so much power within weight training.

And we believe in like, and the way we have designed and modified weight training to make them stay away to workouts, it makes it a perfect way to target the root issue of PSUs, which is a metabolic dysfunction. You know, when you do an intense workout at that very moment, you’re basically burning calories. Yes. But what’s happening after that workout.

When, when you go on like intense run, let’s, let’s just say you burned 300 calories. When that run is done, you’re no longer burning calories. You go and have a meal. And if you’re having dinner for most dinners are going to be more than 300 calories. Let’s say, so you’re already eating more than you ran and nothing else is happening after that workout.

Whereas when you do weight training, it actually affects your metabolism. You know, studies show, when you do a weight training, your metabolism will stay increased for up to three days, even when you’re not working out. Meaning when you’re sitting down and working your metabolism is higher because the day before you did weight training, not just that, when you actually modify your body composition,

meaning if you just slightly increased your body’s lean muscle mass, your metabolism as a result will permanently increase because muscle requires energy. You’re not fat. It just sits there like storage. It doesn’t do anything except provide energy when the body needs it. Whereas muscle, even when it’s, even when you’re sitting doing nothing, your muscle is twitching. It there’s blood flowing.

It needs to be at all times be fed. So as a result, if your muscle, if you’re, if you have more muscle, your body’s co Metta med Abla metabolism. My Invisalign messed me up right there. It is higher as a result. So as long as you continue that and you keep that lean muscle, it will be higher. Now with that being said.

So at this point I was a personal trainer, but working with Tallinn in that workout session, start to specialize in PCs, personal training with her because I saw how, especially because of her experience, I saw how, like, not she wasn’t brainwashed, but she was just led to believe that the only way to lose weight with working out is to workout as hard as possible and not eat as much.

She had that mentality going into it because that’s what a lot of trainers tell you. They just tell you workout hard as possible and cut down on your calories and you know, you’ll lose weight. Exactly. But that’s such a short term objective, and it doesn’t look into the long-term sustained sustainability like hall. Can you, for the next 30 years, walk,

workout as hard as possible and cut down your calories. Imagine for the next 30 years, I’m Telling you I was running five miles a day, eating a thousand calories at one point, and I still wasn’t losing weight. And I was miserable. Like, how is that sustainable? That was so awful. Because Again, that whole mindset is about the short-term results.

Yeah. It’s also addicting. I remember kickboxing and there was this one girl I made friends with and she also said she had PCOS. And she said to me that she shouldn’t be actually be doing these intense workouts because it’s too stressful for her hormones. And that was the first time I had ever heard that. And I didn’t want to believe it slash I didn’t look into it because I was addicted to that adrenaline rush.

And I was so brainwashed and I was like, you can’t be, what is she talking about? And I ignored her, but I kind of re still remember that because I was like, that’s interesting. Yeah, no, they should’ve listened to her back then. Yeah. I Mean, even a lot of times when we talk about this on Instagram,

people are like mind blown. They’re like, this makes so much sense. I’ve been doing a hit. I’ve been doing spin classes for two months and I haven’t lost a single pound and then they’ll do it. They’ll just try, do weight training for one week. And they’ll, I’m, I’m not, I’m not lying. You guys can please watch our lives.

You’ll see. People will be like, I did it for two weeks and I lost two pounds after not losing weight for two months. Like, it’s unbelievable. And it’s literally, it’s not like magic is just, you’re just listening to your body. You’re working with the, PCLs not against it. Yeah. So when that happened with TALENs workout, that one day,

you know, after the workout was done, she was like, okay, I see you, my sister. Yeah. She called her. She was super, she said, okay, I see your point. I see your point. The next day. She was like very actual sore because it was the first time she ever did it. You know,

it’s very normal to be sore after your, after your first time weight training or in our case during this Florida workouts. But a week, two weeks later to may tie and told, Ms told this to me herself, she’s like, I’m noticing like I’m getting like leaner and like definition. My butt is poking out more. Her, her booty game was really,

was really doing well. It was Popping back then. I got to say, we were dating. I was really into the squats. Yeah. So, I mean, that was, yeah. That was your experience with the workouts and how we basically implemented slow Way to workout. Yeah. That’s where they came from. Yeah. I mean, I just want to point something out,

notice how I’m learning these things in such a long period of time. Like at this point, this is like the sixth year of having PCO S you know, and I’ve learned gluten and dairy free. I’ve learned not to do stressful workouts. And I learned like not to cut calories so much and eat like a portion size. That’s proper for like my body,

you know, and this is, these are amazing things that like took a long time to like piece together. So I didn’t just lose the 30 pounds quickly. I was really still investigating my health and figuring out what was happening. And even after the workouts, it doesn’t end there. I went to Colorado to do my dietetic, internship, my rotations,

to get my license. And what happened was I ended up fasting, but not on purpose, just because I had to. So because of the rotations, the shifts that I had were like 12 hours a day, or sorry, eight hours a day. So I would eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack all within 12 hours. Like I had to fit that all in,

within the 12 hours. And I had no time to snack and dilly dally in between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Like, I did have a one snack between lunch and dinner, but that was like, after work ended at five. So, cause I would be starving, but basically that fasting method and not eating too many times was helping my insulin resistance.

And I only realized this afterwards because I, I continued to lose weight there and I was like, what’s happening? Like I’m really getting fit over here, you know? And not to mention I was walking almost 10,000 steps a day and that’s so good for you, like 10,000 steps a day, or like 5,000 at least. Like, it’s just, I can’t,

I still right now, like I can’t get it in these days because of the way the nature of our work. But like, yeah. I mean, I could, if I prioritized it. Yeah. But Even like back then, we were doing the 10,000 steps. That’s really good. Cause you were like constantly being active. Like it’s not just going on a one walk.

That’s 10,000. It’s like, you’re sitting for 10 minutes. You’re getting up because you’re in a hospital, you’re sitting for 10 minutes, you get up, you walk around, sit back down, get up. You’re constantly getting up and walking. So it’s a really good way of keeping your body active too. Yeah. So I mean, now it’s like,

at this point it’s been eight years of having PSUs and I’ve learned all these components. So I finally got my license after the rotations were over and I was like, I need to specialize in PCOS. That’s it like, there’s no other route for me. Like people need to know these things because everything I learned about PCI management in school was not the natural pathic approach.

It was the conventional approach. And I had to do all this investigation myself. And I just felt like it was a huge injustice for everyone to not know the potential benefits of trying to go gluten and dairy free, changing your workouts so that they’re not pumping stress hormones. Like these are things that naturopathic doctors are talking about, but not a lot of people go to naturopathic doctors.

They often go to dieticians or just, you know, your general doctor. So I wanted to like make sure that people know that like this is a thing that you can try, you know? So that’s when my mission started. And at that point I had lost the 30 pounds. It took me so long that I, I got snatched. I came back from the rotation snatch.

I was like, I got this brew. So ladies, and if there are any gentlemen listening now, you know, the struggle that it took for me to lose 30 pounds, my goal, our goal is to make it easier for you so that it doesn’t take you this long. And it’s not this treacherous journey of like confusion and turmoil and cutting calories and all of these awful things you can do to your metabolism,

you know, to desperately lose weight. We just want to skip over all of that and help you with your PCs journey. Yeah, Exactly. Wow. And now we’re here And now with our podcast podcast, sister and her mystery, these people listening. Yeah. Together. We, I mean, I, I always like to make it clear, like taling did an amazing thing,

starting this, starting your Instagram page, a piece USDOT, weight loss, like reaching all these thousands of women. And I just wanted to say, I’m very lucky to be your husband and to be able to join you in this endeavor to basically spread awareness and help. So many people like just for those that don’t know, like I was a mechanical engineer,

I used to work for a nuclear company, like designing stuff for nuclear power plants. And just like six months ago, back in July, 2020, I quit my job because me and Tallinn, we were making this podcast. We were working together on Instagram and it was really becoming a lot of work, enjoyable work, but it was becoming a lot of work to the point where I couldn’t focus on both things.

Like I either to make a decision like I’m either going to help edit the podcasts, making the clips, audio engineering, helping to, you know, film, tick talks and stuff with Tallinn, or I need to focus on the engineering. And like, even though I spent 10 years or sorry, like four, six years of my life going to school and 10 years working at that place,

like I genuinely felt more happy and felt better helping, you know, all, all users with PCs and working with my wife Tallinn. It was so much more fulfilling, made me a lot more happy. So like that quitting process was like, it was like the easiest thing I ever did in my life. Like that decision. I mean, don’t get me wrong.

I thought about it for months before I w before finally doing it, talk about it with Tallinn, but she was completely supportive. And I definitely think it was the right decision to make, because at this point, our podcast has only gotten better. We’re only, we’re making more and more dogs. We’re making more information available for all the sisters. So it was definitely the best choice I ever best decision I ever made.

I just want to say, thank you, babe, for helping all that happened. It’s all. Thanks to Please stop it. It, well, it was your idea to start the podcast. There’s only so much one person can do. You know, there’s a lot of things that go into like running this whole production, you know, and producing all this content.

And I was by myself doing the best I could. Once you join, it’s like double up on the power and now we’re here reaching all these wonderful people. Yeah, exactly. But It’s amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will. I wanted to go into our favorite segment. One of my favorite segments before we go into the winds of the week,

which is the piece you as hotline scissors, you guys know we have a hotline, a one eight three three ask cos one eight, three, three a S K P C O S. You can leave your voicemail. You can leave a text message and ask us your question or a testimonial. And we play them on podcasts and answer it live. Or we read your text message.

So today I actually, we got a really, really interesting texts from a fellow sister. I want to read it because I feel a lot of sisters have, have, or are experiencing the situation right now. So here is the message. Hi, I’m a sister and I w and I’ve already started Avastin hall and gluten and dairy free. Last month dropped six pounds.

I just spoke with my doctor about checking my zinc and magnesium levels. And he gave me a lecture on not being a sucker for quote unquote quick fixes by taking supplements and using tried and true Metformin that has actually research backing. I can’t believe that I told him, well, basketball does and is certified. It is NSF certified, but he discounted saying,

no, it’s not. You can’t test on people and say, it’s regulated. He also said, claims no side effects. If it has no side effects, it can’t work. What? He, let me repeat that. He also said it claims no side effects. If it has no side effects, Then it, then the product can’t work. Yes.

Sorry. I lost my place. He also said a claims north side effects. If it has no side effects, it can’t work. That’s unbelievable. All medicine has side effects. They have some effect on body. If it doesn’t, then something is wrong. No, it’s not. It’s a supplement. It’s a drug. Anyway. I mean, Of course supplements can have side effects,

but that doesn’t mean usually if it doesn’t have a side effect, then it’s that, then it’s nothing like that’s absurd. But anyways, let’s continue. Okay. Hold on. Okay. He said, he said, just eat fruits and veggies and work out. Oh, just eat fruits, veggies and workout. Don’t eat. I don’t have any photos.

Don’t focus on your insulin resistance, which 80% of women would eat yourself fired. I feel so invalidated. She says he refused to run tests to check my zinc and magnesium levels. I need a new doctor. One who understands latest research is more open and kind, but I don’t know who or where to turn. I’ve had bad doctor experiences for all my adult life.

They don’t take time to listen, understand or help. Does anyone have any suggestions or database for doctors who specialize in? I live in Austin area, but can even do Houston or Dallas. If I need to drive for competent care, I will do it. Wow. Wow. Well, my blood was boiling. I was reading those messages or that message,

right? What kind of ill informed link completely uninformed. If you don’t know, if you haven’t done the research yet, then just don’t speak on it. Just say, I don’t know. I need to look into it. That’s all you have to say. You don’t need to like make things up and misdirect. He’s completely making it up. Let me just say one thing that it was not just researched on five people.

There are a handful of studies, literally handful of studies comparing in NASSA tall to Metformin. And I assure you, it was not just five people. Second. He says that if it doesn’t have to have a side effect and it doesn’t work. So you’re telling me, you told me multivitamins don’t work like multivitamin. If it doesn’t give you a side effect,

it’s not actually giving you vitamins and nutrients. Is that what you’re telling me? Yeah. Absurd. Absurd. And he’s saying go for the tried or does it try to ineffective Metformin? Like you can’t just like choose which research studies you want to listen to. I mean, you can, if they’re like poorly executed, but you have to like investigate it before it happens,

speaking upon it. Yeah. So anyways, my advice to her is I actually have on my phone, a screenshot of a database where you can actually look up, look up functional medicine or naturopathic doctors, and potentially find one that can work with you with your PCLs. So this website is called natural And this is the American association of naturopathic physicians.

Or you can go to the Institute of functional medicine. I F These are two websites where you can look up, you know, a doctor that you can find that can help you with your PCs journey. Yes. They won’t be gynecologists. Maybe you can actually find a gynecologist who specializes in functional medicine like Dr. Phyllis Gersh, you know,

but of course it’s not very common to find one. Maybe you can find one though. So anyways, don’t give up, there is someone out there that will listen to you. Don’t take this personally from, you know, if you’re having a bad experience with a doctor, don’t take it personally. It just, maybe it’s not your approach, the approach that you’re looking for for yourself,

and maybe his approach works for somebody else. And that’s fine. So you do you go look for a doctor that works for you and, you know, I guess he’s just doing his job. Yeah. If I could Just say one last thing is that doctors, as there are bad doctors and good doctors, just like any other position, like there’s just because doctors go through like a lot of school.

It doesn’t mean that every doctor is the best and they know every single thing. And they’re the Smart, there’s a lot to know. They can’t investigate everything. You have to give them a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. They can’t know every disease state inside and out and all of the ways to approach It. It’s like, that’s why want to specialize like an endocrinologist or naturopathic doctors could be a bit more helpful because they at least have some specialization going on that can focus on the endocrine disorder.

That is PCOS. So, yeah. And I like what tine said, like, don’t take it personal. Like the doctor didn’t say that because he or she didn’t like you, it’s just, that’s what they learned. That’s what they learned to say. And, you know, just keep searching, like, just like any other job or position. There are good and bad people at those jobs.

And, you know, with doctors, there’s a lot of great doctors, but there are going to be some bad ones. So just keep keeping And PCs is so complex. You can’t expect in that doctor appointment to get the information that you’re looking for, unless you’re paying for a naturopathic doctor for a one hour appointment, you know, like my appointments were long with my naturopathic doctor and I’d pay out of pocket.

Like I really had to invest to figure out what was happening, you know? Yeah. And nothing bad against doctors either. Cause I know I kind of went off a little bit there, outrageous blatant dismissing and like guests, we respect doctors because they go to school for a long time. But when they act like what they’re seeing completely true with that actual looking at the new research and the new information coming out,

that’s when it gets me a little bit of like a little angry, you know, because I have, I have two cousins doctors who are so they’re very smart and they’re constantly learning and they’re always like applying that in their practice. Sorry. I wish I could give you their names, but they don’t specialize in PCs, but they’re like two great doctors,

my first cousins. And they’re, they’re the kind of doctors who keep on, you know, reading up on the research and like adding to their knowledge. So, you know, that’s just how it is. Yeah. You just need to find one that works for you. Yeah, exactly. All right. Let’s go on to the win of the week or wins of the week,

which I promise won’t be as controversial as that last message. But the first win, this is actually a message we got in the sisterhood from Lauren. She says, hello, just found the sisterhood. After starting Avast tall, August, 2019, after my endocrinologist recommended, it ended up getting pregnant. April, 2020 just had my miracle baby in December after trying to conceive for three years,

I believe it all because of acid tall. And she posted a picture of her baby. Congratulations, Lauren. That makes me mad. Seriously. Not just that look how long it took her. You know, she really persevered, like know August, 2019 Ben pregnant April, 2020. So she didn’t just like do it for two, three weeks or a month or whatever.

She was like really sticking to it for more than three months and, you know, getting her oblation in order. And then she said she had her miracle baby in December. Yes. I love that beautiful message. And Tyne said the perseverance, there is a huge factor for those wondering though, like, well basketball, how it helps. It helps.

It helps with instant resistance and they’re helping with a population quality. So in many cases it can, it can there definitely help with fertility. All right. The next winner is Sheila. Sheila says I’ve been following you for a while. And I finally took the step to start the gluten-free and dairy-free diet for one week. Now I have lost four pounds since starting,

which I hadn’t, which I haven’t been able to lose that much in forever. My order of, of basketball just arrived this morning and took my first dose. I feel great. And can’t wait to see how much more this combination helps me up. Also the slow weighted exercises love the content you two are amazing. Thanks again. And that’s so great.

Thank you for that, Sheila. And I love how, you know, she’s, she’s like adding a ball, these things slowly at a great pace, you know, gluten dairy free and she’s already started seeing great results. Then she got her a basketball applying a slow way to exercises. Great job. Great job, Sheila. That’s awesome. Losing four pounds with PC,

like after trying so hard, not losing any weight and then finally losing four pounds. It’s an amazing feeling. And I’m sure she’s continuing to see success. Yes, yes. And a triple yes. Yes. How did we get out of fourth yesterday? All right. So I guess that was the episode and this whole time we’ve actually been live on clubhouse or thank you for our listeners.

We have a listener, Valerie, right now. Thank you, Valerie, for listening to this episode. But for those that don’t know on a, when we do our recordings for our podcasts, we actually go live on clubhouse. So if you want to hear these episodes recordings live before they come out on apple podcasts and everywhere else, just download the clubhouse app,

make sure you follow us peace, USDOT, weight loss. Of course it’s all free. So just another, basically another social media app for you to download and follow us on. But yeah. Thank you everyone for listening today. You should maybe think that we’re listening to your journey, Listening to like my long, long journey. And I hope it’s inspiring for you to not give up.

I mean, just look at how long it took me to put all the pieces together. Yeah. I mean, I, we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you, but of course these things take time. So yeah. Thanks so much for listening sisters. Okay. Thank You Tallinn for sharing your journey too. I know it takes a lot to share all that your experience.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart. Pleasure. All right. Thanks everyone. We’ll see you next week. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,.

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