How to pick the best multivitamin for PCOS + Our new PCOS supplement line launches today!

How to pick the best multivitamin for PCOS + Our new PCOS supplement line launches today!

Pre-orders for our new supplement line, Metabolism Plus, start today! The first 100 people who order Metabolism Plus will get a free 3 month supply of Ovasitol and ALL orders will receive 1 month free in The Cysterhood! Limited supplies available…order now!

What should you look for when choosing a multivitamin for PCOS?

In today’s episode, you’ll learn the essential nutrients & minerals that a PCOS multivitamin should contain including daily values, what to avoid, and much more.

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Full Episode transcript:

Choosing the right combination of food and supplements can help you fight P C O S and reverse your symptoms. So it’s really important to support your body by taking a daily multivitamin. So you can kind of plug those small, but critical nutritional gaps that happen because of P C O S because of inflammation and medications like birth control and Metformin. Dr. CS It’s time.

Sisters is finally here after six or seven months of planning, getting it ready, our supplement line, the metabolism plus by overfit is out. And we are so happy. We’re finally here. Woo. What a relief. I remember when we were starting this at the kitchen table in Barcelona, sitting in those uncomfortable chairs and that Airbnb, those metal squeaky chairs having meeting after meeting,

trying to figure out what formulas to use, what to include, but the day has come and they’re officially available. Yes. If you don’t know already, they are to spell that is O V a F I But of course, it’s also in the description of this episode. And as Ty mentioned, ever since February, when it started,

we talked to several doctors, we talked to several like manufacturers of supplements, and we’re finally here. It was a long time coming and it was something that people have been asking us for several years, which is why we took, you know, we did our due diligence in terms of finding the right supplements and the right sources. So it’s finally here again,

just go to to order yours it’s pre-launch at the moment. So they will ship in two weeks. When you order today during pre-launch, they will all ship on October 3rd and keep in mind. The first hundred people to order will be getting a three month supply of acetol and one month free in the sisterhood. What I mean by that is even if you’re not in the first hundred people to get Ovasitol,

you will still get one month free in the sisterhood, as long as you order during this pre-launch period, starting today on September 19th. With that being said, we haven’t talked about the last part of our supplement bundle that is being offered with metabolism. Plus, as you already know, we’re offering omega-3 fish oil, Turin Coq 10, and the last one is a multivitamin that we’ve specially designed.

And we’re gonna talk about that today. And we’re also gonna talk about what to look out for when you’re buying a multivitamin or essentially what is the best multivitamin for P C O S. And we’re gonna talk about some of those essential core nutrients that you should look out for and the ones that we’ve included in our special formulated multivitamin as well. Sot, how do I say this?

Ting start the horses. Is that how you say? I don’t know. Oh, fuck. My question to you is actually do P CS. Women need a multivitamin Great question. Starting the horses. I don’t know where you got that from, but basically the answer is yes. And let’s get into it. So when you have P C O S what you eat is really important.

I mean, there are foods that can cause chronic inflammation, like sugar, gluten, and dairy, and that kind of gums up your system. It breaks down your metabolic machinery. And so what I mean by breaking down your metabolic machinery is this, we already struggle with chronic inflammation when you have P C O S. So we don’t absorb all of the nutrients of the foods that we eat because of chronic inflammation.

And we take medications like birth control, our Metformin, and we struggle with nutrient gaps. And so our cells become less powerful at converting carbs to energy and all these metabolic processes, because we have these missing nutrients. And so it contributes to the reason why we have a slow metabolism when our P C O S is not under control. And so choosing the right combination of food and supplements can help you fight P C O S and reverse your symptoms.

So it’s really important to support your body by taking a daily multivitamin. So you can kind of plug those small, but critical nutritional gaps that happen because of P C O S because of inflammation and medications like birth control and Metformin. So I also wanna mention that the foods we eat aren’t as nutrient rich as our ancestors. I mean, you know, CX started gardening and I can’t wait is going to start gardening when we go home.

And I can’t wait to eat the food from our garden, because I’ll be more confident that the soil we’re using is more nutrient dense, like right now at the grocery store, we don’t know about how nutritional our food is. It’s not as nutritional as what our ancestor was eating because of modern agriculture. So you have to keep that in mind when you’re thinking,

oh, well, I eat my vegetables. Well, are they nutrient dense? And are you struggling with the nutrient gaps that most P two S women struggle with? This is why a lot of people talk about, you know, looking for organic foods or looking for non GMO foods, because like modern agriculture strips, nutrients from the soil, and therefore you don’t get as many of the same nutrients from the food that our ancestors did,

hundreds and hundreds of years ago. And also, lastly, keep in mind that something we should always like discuss here is keep in mind that supplements are designed to be just that supplements, meaning they supplement your day to day diet and lifestyle. They’re not the core factor in being healthier or reversing P C O S. They supplement you in what you do day to day,

which can really help give you an advantage. Of course. So ideally you wanna take high quality supplements that fill in the gaps that you may be missing from your diet. It’s hard to fit in all the nutrients and have a perfect diet that includes all the vitamins and minerals and nutrients that your body needs. So by supplementing, against supplementing as a keyword,

by supplementing your diet with a complete multivitamin is like having an insurance policy that you’re getting all the benefits from your diet as well. I like that word insurance policy makes me feel confident when I’m taking my supplements. Like I’m taking care of the essential core issues of my P C O S every morning. Well, I’ll tell you what, this is a lot more cheaper than a regular insurance policy.

So let’s get into the benefits of our insurance policy or multivitamin for P C O S. So when you take a multivitamin, you wanna make sure that it has key nutrients, especially for P C O S. There are some essentials that we’re gonna go over right now. In this episode, ours has 20 key nutrients over 20 key nutrients that are essential to promote your body’s ability to convert carbs into energy and manage your metabolism.

And I know I mentioned this before, but again, it’s really important for your metabolic processes. It’s really important that you have all these key nutrients that we’re gonna go over, that you can find in our meta multi babe, do you wanna start with the first one? Sure. As the mic gets passed around like a Baton. So the first one we wanna mention is vitamin C.

So we included this in our multivitamin and we highly recommend if you ever look for a multivitamin to ensure that it, of course has vitamin C many, do the body needs vitamin C for our adrenals to pro for your adrenals, I should say, but for all our adrenals to produce hormones. So when you have adrenal fatigue, your body uses more and more vitamin C to keep up with all the stress,

hormones and androgens that you may keep making. So it’s an important vitamin to restore and make sure you have when you’re in the process of healing, adrenal fatigue. So it’s definitely included in our multivitamin. And so is vitamin D. So it turns out vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin. I know we’ve talked about this in previous episodes, but it’s a precursor hormone precursor to hormone development.

And it’s a key factor in maintaining your hormone balance. It’s actually the building block to a lot of our hormones. And unfortunately three out of four women with P C O S are deficient in vitamin D. And that is a lot. In fact, studies show that P C O S women may have a genetic variation that affects how effectively vitamin D functions in our body.

When it doesn’t work effectively, it contributes to insulin resistance and inflammation and all of our issues. And there’s a lot of research that suggests we should be supplementing with vitamin D to avoid chronic illnesses. So, you know, P C O S is a chronic illness. And it’s definitely something we want to constantly support and maintain our health with. So vitamin D is absolutely included in our meta multivitamin.

In fact, there was one study that shows that people who supplemented with vitamin D are 40% less likely to develop diabetes. That’s really important to know because when 80% of us struggle with insulin resistance, it can turn into diabetes. And if just by taking a vitamin D settlement can make us almost half as likely to develop the diabetes, then it’s a win for us,

right? So taking it every day, super important. It’s in our daily meta multi, Yes, vitamin D is one of those supplements that everybody can benefit from, cuz it can, it can affect your metabolism, your, your insulin sensitivity, it can impact your moods. Like so many studies have shown that when you have low vitamin, it can make you have more mood swings,

depression, anxiety so much. So vitamin D is key key factor. And of course, ours contains vitamin D three, which is of course the important kind of vitamin that you wanna take. And next is vitamin K. So why vitamin K well, vitamin K studies show that it’s significantly increases S H B G, which is sex hormone binding globulin, something we’ve talked about in the past,

which it essentially acts as a sponge to clean up excess testosterone in the body. And vitamin K also reduces D H T a more potent form of testosterone. So essentially you’re increasing your sex hormone binding globulin, which can help to reduce testosterone. And at the same time, you’re reducing DHT a more potent form of testosterone. This is great. As I talked about,

basically for anyone who’s suffering from high testosterone and it can improve P C S symptoms like hair loss, facial hair, and weight gain. We love a good DHT blocker. There’s also like shampoos out there that block DHT that help with hair loss. So just having vitamin K in there, great idea. Then we have magnesium. So we’ve talked about magnesium before,

cuz it’s so important for P C O S women. It helps with our mood. It helps with our anxiety. It helps with getting better sleep. And there are studies on it for P C O S women that show that we are 19 times more likely to have a magnesium deficiency. There are a couple reasons why this might be the case. Having insulin resistance actually makes us excrete more magnesium when we urinate.

So that’s why we may be depleted of magnesium and also taking birth control and Metformin. It strips us of magnesium. So having a magnesium supplement is great and I can definitely te tell the difference when I consume magnesium, because I feel more relaxed. I feel like I get better sleep at night and that is why we included it in our daily multivitamin. Yes ma’am all right.

Next one is zinc. So studies show that zinc supplementation can reduce the intensity of period pain as well as block access androgens that cause acne, hair loss and hair growth. In fact, one study found that zinc supplement significantly decreased P C O S related hair loss and hair CISM in eight weeks. So for our sisters who are suffering from hair loss, this is a great way to supplement and help with that.

Also some research also suggests that zinc deficiency may be partly to blame for insulin resistance seen in P C O S. So being deficient in zinc is more common for P women. Again, another reason why, or one reason why it could be that birth control depletes P CS, women of zinc, which leads to increased risk of diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance.

Also, this is a really, really interesting study. There was one study that looked at the co supplementation of magnesium zinc and vitamin D and calcium for three months and show that these taken all together had beneficial effects on PCs, women’s insulin and metabolism, markers of cardiometabolic risk. That’s amazing the fact that a co supplementation study was done and they saw an amazing benefit.

And again, another reason why we decided to include all of those in our Metul. That’s right. I love when we find studies like this, we also included a B complex in there. So you know how we’ve talked about B vitamins. In fact, in acetal is made of vitamin B eight B vitamins are really important when it comes to P C O S there’s B,

which is a really anti-inflammatory supplement and it supports mood regulation and the production of serotonin and dopamine, which is really important for the feeling of happiness and contentment and just being, you know, calm and collected. So B complex really can have an impact on your mood. And it also includes B12, which is important for P C O S women to help offset the effects of Metformin that typically strips us of B12,

which is so essential for our brain health and mental health. So B complex is in there as well. Yes. And lastly, I mean, I say lastly, because I feel like this episode will be multiple hours long. If we went over each single ingredient in this meta multi, this multivitamin that we formulated. But the last thing we wanted to mention is folate.

So we have something known as methylated, folate methylated folate is a biologically active form of folate, meaning it doesn’t need to be converted into another form for the body to absorb it like folic acid does because some people have trouble converting folic acid into the active form of folate. Therefore, we went with the much more higher, higher quality methylated folate. And the reason we did that is there’s a study that showed folate supplementation for eight weeks among women with P C O S had beneficial effects on metabolic profiles and amazing results.

And we made sure this multivitamin has essentially all the core nutrients that P C O S women could take and keep in mind, like we see all these studies, right? Imagine that you took all these separately. Imagine you had to take a vitamin D vitamin C, a magnesium zinc Foley, and it be complex. You would have like six, seven different bottles at home that you would have to take.

But with this one, you’re basically combining all of these, all of that into one pill. And of course, these are also just some tips. If you’re gonna look for a multivitamin, just look out for these essential, essential ingredients that we talked about here, cuz they can be really helpful in managing your P C S symptoms. So even if you don’t choose to get the Metul,

these are some tips that we’re trying to give you. And just some other ones that we didn’t mention during this is that our Metul has selenium, which has been talked about to help thyroid conditions. It has, I’m trying to read it cause it’s such a small font, but it has biotin, which some people have talked about to improve acne as well as hair loss and so much more.

So you can also find more information about the, the multivitamin. If you go to our website, we have the full, complete formula there. So highly recommend to, to check it out over There. Yes. I mean, I can hardly be from this. So you’re gonna have to go on the website to read all of the ingredients in there.

There’s over 20 essential nutrients in that meta multi. So as you can hear from our tone, we’re really proud of this multivitamin and how encompassing it is of a lot of the issues that comes with P C O S and we fully trust that it can help fill nutrient gaps that we may be struggling with when it comes to P C O S Oh one thing too.

It has iron for menstrual support. Bam, bam, bam. Yes. I mean, we can go on for dates about all of the things that it does include. All right, sisters let’s get into the wins of the week. Shall we? Let’s see, we have Staria Lynette her. She is from the sisterhood and she’s sharing us, sharing with us,

her weight loss journey. She says, I’ve only been doing this for less than one month. In that time I’ve been steadily losing each week and I haven’t even added an exercise or OSINT yet. I’m still very far from my goal, but I’m on my way. And it looks like she has already lost five pounds. We’re so proud of you. Staria and I love how you’re layering on all the,

the components to P C O S weight loss one by one first, starting with diet then going into supplementation. I mean, whatever works for you. As long as you continue on your journey and con continue to investigate your health and what’s working for your body. In fact, it’s 5.7 pounds. We had a applaud for, for all the, for all the progress and she even included a picture of the graph that she’s tracking.

So that’s amazing to see and great job. Great job. Staria all right. Next one is from Bernard Jennifer DOK. She says, my period came, it’s been too long years. I had periods with help, but my period only came naturally once in normal, last year and spotting last month. I’m so happy. That’s amazing. I’m so happy.

Your period came and you got it naturally amazing job. You know, I really, I know exactly how you feel like not having your period for two years. I didn’t have mine for one year and it’s absolute insanity. It feels like so I can totally understand the happy tears and the emojis that you’re putting here in your message. And I’m just so happy that we can share this experience with you in the sisterhood.

Next we have Molly. She says just completed day 30 of my new gluten and dairy free lifestyle. And I have to say, I feel so much better. No more bloating, no running to the toilet. After eating I’ve even lost 11 pounds from 16 stone, 11 pounds to bang on 16 stone, huh? I’m not familiar with stone because we use pounds,

but that’s awesome. 11 pounds looking forward to seeing where I’m at in another 30 days. I love that. I mean, losing two to three pounds per week is a great pace, a healthy, gradual pace. And I’m so proud of you that you’ve been seeing these results and you’re sticking to it and just keep layering on all the components to P C O S weight loss.

It’s awesome. Great job, Molly. And on that note, that’s the meta multi right there on that note that covers our episode for today. But keep in mind, everybody today is the launch date or the pre-launch date of metabolism. Plus where we include our multivitamin known as meta multi. It includes cure. Cumin includes Coq 10 and I’m forgetting, don’t tell me,

oh, I get three fish soil. So today on pre-launch date, the first hundred people to order who be getting a three month supply of ol and everybody who orders in this next two week pre-launch period will get one month free in the sisterhood. I can’t wait for everybody to try it and get your feedback. And yeah, that is today’s episode. Thank you everybody for listening.

And we’ll be here again next week. Talk to you soon, sisters. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S S from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the P C O S lifestyle pollutant and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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