What are the best supplements for PCOS?

by Tallene Posted August 26, 2022

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a type of hormone imbalance in women that affects how the ovaries work, leading to a wide range of symptoms. If you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, you’ve probably crawled the internet, trying to understand what dietary supplements you should take to help manage the condition. 

The symptoms of PCOS can include the following: 

  • Hirsutism (i.e. hair loss) and unusual hair growth, caused by excess male sex hormones (androgens) 
  • Acne 
  • Inflammation (e.g. joint pain)
  • Fatigue 
  • Irregular or absent menstrual cycle 
  • Elevated insulin levels, caused by insulin resistance
  • Weight gain, and slow or difficult weight loss 
  • Fertility issues

There are many medications, treatments, and therapies available to help ease PCOS symptoms. But what if you want to manage it naturally, without birth control pills? 

You’re in the right place, Cyster! As a registered dietician with PCOS, I’ve spent years researching, training, and recommending the most effective, evidence-based supplements to help you cut through the noise. 

Here’s my definitive list of the best supplements for PCOS.

Please note this blog post is not a substitute for official medical advice and is for informational purposes only. If you are concerned about your PCOS symptoms, suspect you have an underlying health condition, or wish to start a new diet/lifestyle/supplement plan, please consult your doctor first. Neither the author(s) nor the publishers of this content take responsibility for any potential health consequences or side effects experienced by any person following this educational content. 

What Are The Best Supplements for PCOS?


Turmeric has numerous health-boosing benefits. What’s more, there’s a comprehensively researched theory speculating that turmeric could ease PCOS symptoms.

Curcumin is the bright yellow pigment found in turmeric, known for its natural anti-inflammatory properties. Research suggests that curcumin can help in the management of inflammatory conditions and improve systemic markers of oxidative stress, which is recognized to play a key role in the pathophysiology of disorders like PCOS. 

Studies have shown…

  • Curcumin stimulates bile production in the gallbladder, which is used by the liver to eliminate toxins as it filters the blood. Improved liver health is important for women with PCOS. We’re at higher risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) due to factors such as excess abdominal weight, high triglycerides, high LDL cholesterol, and high consumption of fat, sugar, and refined foods caused by cravings/high insulin levels. 
  • Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, which are highly reactive molecules thought to cause ageing and certain conditions. Curcumin also boosts the body’s own antioxidant enzymes – it’s a win-win!
  • Curcumin improves the endothelial lining of blood vessels, which plays a huge part in preventing heart disease, blood clotting, and regulating blood pressure. 
  • Curcumin may fight depression. It can increase brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BNDF), which are typically low in people with depression. Curcumin may boost serotonin and dopamine, which could lead to mood improvements. 

Our very own Ovafit curcumin formula provides the most bioavailable curcumin, so you’re getting maximum effectiveness at a minimum dose. You’ll benefit from 100% absorption from 300mg, whereas other existing turmeric sources provide around 12% absorption from 1500mg. 

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Coenzyme Q10 

CoQ10 (also known as coenzyme Q10) is a vitamin-like compound that your body produces naturally. The cells use CoQ10 for growth and maintenance. As a powerful antioxidant, CoQ10 protects the cells in the body by neutralizing free radicals, which reduces oxidative stress in the body.

Coenzyme Q10 is known to lower blood pressure levels, enhance immune system functions, and play a critical role in the functioning of the reproductive system. Emerging research indicates that CoQ10 may be highly beneficial for women with PCOS, as it could help to improve ovulation, fertility, and lower insulin levels. 

  • CoQ10 may improve insulin resistance in PCOS Cysters, as well as metabolism and hormonal balance.
  • It can lower inflammatory biomarkers, like C-reactive protein.
  • At 100mg daily (our dosage), studies show a significant positive impact on glucose metabolism, insulin resistance, and LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Over time, the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, don’t use CoQ10 properly. Supplementing has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and improve egg quality. Increased concentrations of CoQ10 are correlated with higher grade embryos and better embryo development in IVF.
  • CoQ10 supplementation for individuals taking Clomid for ovulation has shown to significantly improve fertility, ovulation, and pregnancy rates. One study showed pregnancy rates were 6% with Clomid and 37% with Clomid + CoQ10.

Our very own Ovafit Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) formula is highly bioavailable because it has patented VESIsorb® technology that improves absorption by 300-600% compared to standard CoQ10 supplements.

  • Our formula for this powerful antioxidant is designed for maximum absorption to help you fight inflammation and improve insulin resistance – two core factors for metabolic health and PCOS weight loss.
  • It is independently tested and certified by NSF International to guarantee that the amounts of vitamins and minerals contained in each dose are consistent with the label.
  • Our CoQ10 is combined with vitamin E. Some studies postulate that co-supplementation of CoQ10 and Vitamin E may have a strong, synergistic effect on metabolic profile and may work better than a single supplement. 

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Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing, mood-boosting fatty acids that must be absorbed from natural sources or supplements. They’re essential nutrients that you absorb from food to help build and maintain a healthy body. 

Hair Loss with PCOS

Studies show that omega-3s are beneficial for PCOS Cysters as they may improve insulin sensitivity, reduce hirsutism (PCOS-related hair loss), help regulate periods, reduce fatty liver risks, improve hair and skin, reduce testosterone, and reduce inflammation. 

Unfortunately, people with PCOS  cannot efficiently absorb omega-3s from seeds and nuts due to the impairment of an enzyme called D6D that converts them into a usable form. Thankfully, you can skip this conversion step by taking fish oil supplements.

Our very own Omega-3 Ovafit supplement has been specially formulated for PCOS Cysters. This purified fish oil supplement is rich in EPA and DHA (the most important, usable types of omega-3s) and highly concentrated for maximum nutritional benefits. 

Sourced from 100% sustainable, wild-caught Alaskan Pollock from the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea, it’s met the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard for sustainability.

The supplement has also been independently tested and certified by both NSF International and the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) for content accuracy, purity, and freedom from contaminants such as mercury and PCBs. AlaskOmega® is a refined omega-3 fish oil concentrate and a registered trademark of Organic Technologies.

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The multivitamin is the ultimate all-rounder! Having PCOS can rob the body of nutrients. PCOS Cysters often have sporadic nutrient gaps due to medications that deplete vitamins and minerals. One of the side effects of metformin, for example, is reduced vitamin B12 levels. 

Support your body by taking a daily multivitamin, so you can plug small but critical nutritional gaps in your diet. 

Our very own OvaFit MetaMutli multivitamin has been specifically formulated for women with PCOS. 

Check out the lowdown: 

  • It provides a full range of over 20 key nutrient essentials that promote your body’s ability to efficiently convert carbohydrates into energy and manage your metabolism. 
  • It’s specifically made for PCOS women to support immune health, metabolism, bone health, and more.
  • The majority of minerals in this formula come in a ‘chelated’ form for better absorption and bioavailability. This is super important as not all multivitamins are chelated, rendering them almost ineffective. 
  • It’s independently tested and certified by NSF International to guarantee that the quantities of vitamins and minerals contained in each dose are consistent with the label.
  • PCOS robs us of essential nutrients that are critical for metabolic health. This multivitamin is designed to fill nutrient gaps that exacerbate PCOS problems like hair loss, cystic acne, fatigue, and weight gain.

What’s in the MetaMulti?

Vitamin A (900mcg) & Vitamin C (100mg)

  • The body needs vitamin C to produce stress hormones like cortisol. When you have adrenal fatigue, your body uses more vitamin C than usual. It’s an important vitamin for improving adrenal fatigue.

Vitamin D (50mcg 2000IU)

  • Vitamin D is a precursor hormone and a key factor in maintaining hormonal balance.
  • It’s estimated that many diseases could be reduced by as much as 50% if vitamin D deficiency was corrected by taking vitamin D supplements.
  • 3 out of 4 women with PCOS may have a vitamin D deficiency.
  • Studies show that PCOS Cysters may have a genetic variation that affects how effectively vitamin D functions in the body, leading to insulin resistance.
  • People with higher levels of vitamin D are 40% less likely to develop diabetes.
  • It also reduces inflammation which influences insulin resistance. 

Vitamin E (40mg) & Vitamin K (100 mcg)

  • Studies show that it significantly increased SHBG and reduced DHT, resulting in improved androgen and insulin levels. 

Vitamin B6 (6mg), Vitamin B12 (25mcg), Folate (L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate) (667 mcg), Thiamin (10mg)

  • The necessary factor for blood sugar stability.

Riboflavin(10mg), Niacin (25mg), Biotin (30mcg), Pantothenic acid (10mg), Choline (50mg), Calcium (100mg), Iron (18mg), Iodine (150mcg), Magnesium (100mg)

Find out more and order it here

Remember, supplements are a fantastic way to plug nutritional gaps, but they’re not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. They can’t replace the nutritional benefits of foods, but they can provide your body with additional vitamins and minerals to help you stay healthy and symptom-free of PCOS. 

Make sure you consult your doctor before taking a new supplement and follow the manufacturer’s instructions so you’re getting the correct dosage. 

For more tips on PCOS diet dos and don’ts, check out our podcast, A Cyster and Mister, and our handy blog posts on PCOS and Chill

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    1. Hey Cyster! The Metabolism Plus bundle doesn’t require a subscription, but it is an option that ships to you every 90 days! We provide a 3 month supply because that is how long it typically takes to see improvement in your metabolic health, by bundling them, we are able to offer them at rate that is far less than the industry average when compared to supplements of this purity ❤️

  1. Congratulations on your new supplements! I’m so thankful to have found you guys and following your program I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’m now currently pregnant. 🙂 Are these supplements safe to take during pregnancy and or have they been tested on pregnant women?

    1. Thank you so much! And CONGRATULATIONS!! There is not enough research to support that these supplements can be used during breastfeeding or pregnancy. Curcumin should not be taken if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You can check with your doctor to discuss which supplements would be right for you 🙂

    1. Yes! We are offering international shipping for our products and now we are proud to be able to offer international shipping for Ovasitol as well! If you scroll down to the FAQ on ovafit.org, there are instructions to get our supplements shipped internationally

  2. I have an anaphylactic allergy to shellfish. I’m always worried about taking fish oils and if they’ve been cross-contaminated with any shellfish. Are you able to assure me that there is only pollock-sourced oil?

    1. There is no shellfish in the fish oil, however, please consult your doctor to find a fish oil option that’s approved by your doctor.

    1. Great question! They are not certified Halal. Our softgels are made from certified BSE-free bovine (cow) gelatin.

    1. I generally try take all of my supplements in the morning after breakfast Always be sure to take your supplements on a full stomach!

  3. hello! how long does the ovafit ovasitol typically take to ship once ordered? and how long does it take to see results?

    1. It depends on where you are located! You should receive a tracking email shortly after purchase to let you know when they should arrive. 3 months is typically how long it takes to see improvement in your metabolic health when supplements are taken consistently

        1. I actually designed my Metabolism Plus bundle to complement Ovasitol! And I have reviews featured on the ovafit site for you!

  4. Can person take each pill all together or do yall have 1 pill that does all the work in One pill . Because I have all the symptoms with pcos and seeing if I have to buy all the different kind of bottles.

    1. As of right now there isn’t a way to combine all of these supplements into one pill, so that’s why I created the Metabolism Plus Bundle! That way you can find all of the supplements in one place and in the amounts that are ideal for those of us with PCOS ♥

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