PCOS And Cystic Acne: Causes And Treatments

PCOS-related acne is a frustrating problem that can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. If you have PCOS, chances are that you’re already dealing with a lot of other symptoms, like hair loss and weight gain. But acne can be incredibly demoralizing, especially when it’s cystic acne—the kind that forms painful, pus-filled bumps that take longer to heal than regular acne.

The good news is that there are treatments for PCOS-related acne that can help keep your skin clear and prevent new breakouts from happening. The first step is knowing what causes cystic acne in women with PCOS, so let’s get started!

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects your hormone levels. It can cause irregular periods, excess hair growth, and acne as well as a list of other issues.

PCOS is caused by high androgen levels. Androgens are male sex hormones that can make your body produce too much testosterone or other androgens. These hormones can lead to problems with your menstrual cycle and cause acne on your face, back, chest, and upper arms.

The symptoms of PCOS vary from person to person. Some women experience facial hair growth or acne breakouts; others might have trouble conceiving due to irregular ovulation cycles or thinning hair on their heads (or both!). But whatever symptoms you’re experiencing right now—we’re here for you!

PCOS Acne Pattern

It turns out that PCOS-related acne can show up anywhere on your body, but if you’re prone to it, chances are good that it will appear in areas where there are high levels of androgens (male hormones) in the body.

Androgens can cause excess oil production and inflammation, which can lead to acne breakouts in these areas:

  • Your Face (around the jawline and lower cheek area is a common sign of PCOS)
  • The back of your neck
  • Your armpits
  • Under your arms
  • On your chest/breasts
  • On your back

What Does PCOS Acne Look Like?

Many women with polycystic ovarian syndrome experience acne because of the hormonal imbalance that causes their skin to produce more oil and secrete more sebum. The two types of acne that PCOS causes are either pustular or cystic acne because it involves pustules and/or cysts. 

Pustules are caused when bacteria gets trapped under the skin, causing inflammation and pus to form. This can lead to clogged pores and the formation of whiteheads, blackheads, or inflamed pimples. While cysts are deeper and often times larger red pimples that tend to be painful when you touch them.

Women with PCOS may also be more susceptible to developing cystic acne, which is characterized by large, painful bumps that appear deep within the skin and are often accompanied by scarring. Because PCOS is a hormone-related condition, it’s important to talk with your doctor about how hormonal treatments can help manage your symptoms—including acne—and help prevent scarring from developing.

The bright side is that there are effective treatments for both PCOS and acne that can help you manage these conditions and improve your quality of life.

How To Treat PCOS Acne

For women with PCOS, acne can be a real struggle. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that there are certain foods that cause acne, but really, it’s more complicated than that. If you have PCOS, your ovaries may produce more male hormones than normal, which can lead to acne breakouts. PCOS also causes menstrual irregularities and weight gain, but these symptoms are not necessarily a given in all women with the condition.

There are treatments available to help manage your symptoms and reduce the risk of long-term complications such as infertility or diabetes. You may need to try several different options before finding one that works best for your needs.

If you want to treat PCOS-related acne, you’ll need to address both the hormonal imbalance and the excess oil production. Here’s how:

Reduce stress.

Did you know that reducing stress can help fight your acne?

When we’re stressed, our bodies produce more hormones—male hormones—which can cause acne. And when you reduce stress, you reduce inflammation—inflammation that may cause male hormones to rise in women with PCOS. This hormonal imbalance is the cause of acne for many women with PCOS.

But when you reduce stress, you also help your body work better overall—which means better hormone levels and fewer breakouts! More on the link between stress and hormonal imbalance HERE.

Consider cutting gluten and dairy.

Cutting gluten and dairy from your diet may help you treat your PCOS-related acne.

Why? Because these two things are known to cause inflammation in the body, which can exacerbate acne symptoms. Inflammation has long been linked to acne, and it’s estimated that up to 50% of people with PCOS have increased inflammation in their bodies.

To reduce your intake of gluten and dairy, consider eating more foods like nuts, seeds, legumes (beans), and whole grains. These foods are naturally gluten-free and tend not to contain as many hormones as dairy products do. That said, if you’re looking for ways to get extra nutrients from these foods while they’re still on your diet plan—like a boost of protein or iron—you might want to consider taking supplements instead of relying solely on them for nutrition!

Use benzoyl peroxide products.

Benzoyl peroxide is an effective treatment for acne, and it’s also safe to use on your face if you have PCOS. As opposed to other products that potentially contain harsh chemicals that could throw off your hormonal balance or your skin’s pH.

Some people may experience some side effects from benzoyl peroxide, like dry skin and irritation. But these are usually mild and temporary. If you start to notice that the side effects of using benzoyl peroxide are bothering you too much, try switching to another acne treatment or giving yourself a break from using it for a few days.

Try eating a diet rich in antioxidants.

Acne is a pain. But it’s also a sign that you’re possibly not eating a healthy and balance diet. In fact, eating a diet rich in antioxidants can help treat acne caused by PCOS.

Antioxidants are substances found in many foods that prevent oxidation and aging. When your body is exposed to environmental toxins like pollution or cigarette smoke, it creates free radicals—and these free radicals can cause damage to your skin cells and DNA. Antioxidants fight free radicals, helping to keep your body healthy and young-looking.

Blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants around: one cup contains about 5 grams of antioxidants! They’re great for fighting inflammation—another cause of acne—and they also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in your body.

Try blue light therapy.

Blue light therapy has been shown to be effective at reducing inflammation, which can lead to an improved complexion. It also helps reduce excess oil production in pores and improve overall skin tone.

The best part? Blue light therapy doesn’t require any chemicals or prescription medications—it’s all done with natural light! You can find blue light therapy devices at any beauty store or online retailer.

Check out Cyster and Mister’s advice on dealing with PCOS acne above! 

If you’ve tried every imaginable cure to fix your acne and nothing has worked, this episode is for you! On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we focus on PCOS Acne and helping you find the best solutions so you know how to treat your acne the right way!

We cover medications that are usually prescribed by doctors like Accutane & Spironolactone, as well as natural options including diet, supplements, creams, treatments, and more!

Tallene explains her journey dealing with her acne and her routine to maintain her skin every day! Like always…we read a message from a fellow Cyster who’s been losing weight and managing her PCOS like a boss! 

There are many reasons why you may have PCOS acne and our podcast goes over the different causes to explain why you are breaking out and how to stop it from the root finally!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a Cyster and her Mister. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make peace us a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

How’s it? In the past couple of days, folks so long. Yeah. I feel like I’m in a time warp. It’s crazy. Like this isolation from coronavirus, it’s like the isolation is like, it makes the days feel a lot longer. Like even though it’s flying by because we’re working all the time, but it’s still, I mean, I personally work from home a lot of the time.

Anyways, I go to my office a few times a week, but this is normal for me. The time just flies by the next thing I know. It’s five o’clock you’re home from work and the day is over. And so yeah, working from home consistently and like really not leaving the house for anything, food, nothing makes it feel like it’s just one long day.

Like the week is one huge day sleep, wake up, sleep, wake up. Like you don’t leave the house. Yeah. I mean, just from my, from my view, just cause I go to work every day and they come back, uh, I’m an engineer for those that don’t know. But for me going back and forth, like I’m used to that,

but now that I’m staying home, it feels like each day is like a part of the weekend. But like, it just feels longer. Like I love it, but like how are we going to do this to the end of March? Well, we will adapt here. How is that? I was just going to say, I wonder, how is everybody doing with their quarantining?

Is about people working. Like, are you, are you ladies working or are you off work? Like maybe like a, almost like paid vacation time. I think a lot of DMS from sisters asking for workouts because they’re stuck at home and they’re trying not to like fall off the PCs, weight loss wagon. Yeah. You know, so I’m getting like really desperate DMS of people like,

Hey, help us. What are we going? Might talk about that in just a few minutes, just a few minutes. But just, just recently, I got a permission to finally work from home. I mean, I think for a lot of people, they either did it immediately. But for me, like I was considered working for like an essential company because we supply like power for it.

Or like we supply parts for nuclear power plants, like around the world. It was crazy. They gave me like a pass. Like basically if I got pulled over by the police, I worry outside. It was a pass that said the barrier of this notice is, is a, is an essential employee, United States of America. Oh my gosh. But was cool.

I felt more important than normal. I know, you know, I was like, wow, that’s my husband. Yeah. But no, they finally allowed us to work from home. So now I can actually just work from home. Maybe go into work once or twice a week. And yeah, I like it. There’s just more time. It’s fun to have you at home.

I mean, working from home when I’m alone gets it. Well, honestly, usually I like visit my sister and work with her or like my mom comes or something, so I’m not alone alone, but because of the quarantine, I’m alone, alone when you’re at work. So I go crazy. No, I really do. I feel like I don’t know what to do with myself When I was at work.

The, in the beginning of the week you were like, I’m losing it. Yeah, no, I lose it. I lose concentration. How long can a person stay in the same spot without We should say for those, I don’t know, listening around the world, you know, there’s so many people we have now listening, but for those listening,

like in LA and orange County, like where we lived, they basically said you can’t leave your house unless you’re going for an essential work hospital or grocery. So basically you can’t see your family members like just go visit, say hi, even though like maybe their quarantine too, like you’re not allowed to really do much. I’m sure you can sneak on it and something,

you know, get, get through. But like, yeah, you’re not supposed to, but that’s why, like, I think Tallinn is kind of like, she can’t even go in and see your sister or her mom, or just walk out of the park. I need human interaction. That’s my yeah. And going to the grocery store, by the way,

I love doing that. It’s not fun to, it’s not fun. Now. Let me tell you. Yeah. So this leaves a lot of us, you know, at home now wondering what to do our today’s podcast is about, um, PCs and cystic acne and where you can do to like help and get rid of it. Before we get onto that,

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The course. And like a month later I was getting all these DMS of people who lost usually around 10 pounds in that month, 10, 11, 12 pounds, Which was a great start because they could continue using that course over and over and continue losing weight. You can just retake the book, especially if you haven’t seen weight loss results and nothing has worked like when you lose 10 pounds in four weeks,

it’s mindblowing. Yeah. When nothing has worked before, because you’ve been trying solar And yeah. I mean, we incredible feedback. So anyways, I’m getting all these DMS from sisters asking like, what do I do? I’m stuck at home. We got you, bro. We’re doing this flash sale just for you. There’s a very special thing about this that we didn’t offer the first time around.

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um, you can either choose to get just a meal plan, just a workout plan or both. And if you get both mean, you say you save some money and um, to give some details time, why don’t you explain what the meal plan consists of? Okay. The meal prep section of the course has video tutorials on how to make all these gluten and dairy free meals that are absolutely delicious.

So good. Right? You have a meal for every day video. Yeah. Videos for every single meal, but like you don’t have to cook every day. That’s the best part about it. So you make, you know, you prep of a few things on a Sunday or Saturday and you apply those things to create easy 30 minute meals throughout the week.

So it’s like, you’re not spending all this time in the kitchen preparing elaborate things. And you’re making your batch, making things like your batch, making your breakfast. And you’re making double portions of dinner to have leftovers for lunch and like repurpose one thing into like fish, a fish dish into like fish tacos the next day for lunch. So it just makes it so much easier,

especially if you’re new to cooking and you don’t know how to cook or where to start, you can watch me do it in the video tutorials. And then the workout section. Well, just to mention it, like the thing I really like about the meal plan is it teaches you how to be smart and efficient because I mean, especially around these times,

do you want to be able to shop efficiently? Yeah. Right. We can’t just go to the grocery market every day. Tallinn teaches you how to like get those groceries perfectly for the week or longer if you want. Yeah. And no more, no less. Exactly. And you have all the staples and everything. You need to make the meals.

Not just that you have leftovers on purpose because you’re making a bigger batch for the next day for lunch or when, anytime you want it. And like, it works so good that you save a lot of money the way we did it, the way we did it, we calculated it. And we’re like other sisters, like who took the, who took the course,

um, they $15 a day In California. That’s really good. Yeah. Yeah. It is. I mean, $15 a day, $15 a day is awesome for here. Like if you, if you purchase food from outside, you’re spending like $15 on one week. That’s true. This is like you basically you’re spending on breakfast, lunch and dinner combined for one person in a day,

$15. I mean, that’s very good. So the other part, the workout plan is basically, um, along same theme yet the step by step video tutorials for each workout in that week. So we have weeks, one to four, one through four, and you’re progressing along those weeks. So the workouts are changing every week and you have three to four workouts a week and you choose if you want to do three workouts and an AB workout or vice versa,

like there’s a way you can customize it if you, if you wish to do. And the best part is like the thing I love it. Like we show how Tanya’s doing the workout and there’s tips on what to do, what not to do. How many reps, how many sets, how to pick the right weights. And we like, we’re guiding you through videos the whole time.

It’s almost like we’re in there with you talking to you as you’re working out. Yeah. It’s pretty fun. You’re like in our living room watching And like, really, this is the best time for like, we weren’t planning on releasing this until like later in the year, like, um, in a couple of months. But like now we’re thinking,

Hey, like people need, now everyone wants something right now to do. Not just that. Like you want to use this time, not to just like, obviously this is maybe you want to relax, get away from the stress. But like, this is the time to work on yourself. Like you don’t want to be just stuck home watching Netflix and feeling like I can’t do anything.

It’s so depressed. Like if I’m just, if I get in that rut and like not do something for myself and my health and my wellbeing, I’m just like, ah, all the time. Totally. I feel you, what are you going to Netflix central at least do like something, you know, learn something, engage your creativity, your mind For me,

it’s good. Like the Netflix and show to me. But it feels the best after I’ve done. Like something like better for myself or something productive. So yeah. So like uses time. Like one of my recent metaphors has been your liquor in a cocoon, you know, right now we’re currently, we’re in a cocoon and we’re weeding. We’re fermenting in this cocoon.

And I don’t know what the process is for a butterfly, but eventually we’re going to in a couple of weeks in a month, in a couple of months, we’re going to turn into a birthday. Remember? So treat this time as that honestly like play guitar, play an instrument, maybe, um, learn, learn a language, Work out, learn how to work out.

The DCOS, learn how to make some gluten and dairy free meals that you like that are easy that you can do when the quarantine is over. And you don’t have time to like sit down and like learn something like that. Like on other thing, it could be that like, this is the time you can actually finally work on yourself because life is so busy that it never gives us the opportunity to stop her and breathe and say,

Hey, I need to like improve myself here and there. You finally had the time to do so. And this could be the time you manage your peace Jewish and you lose weight so that when this is over, you come out of it and now, you know, everything you need to do in the real world when you’re going through your normal life stresses.

Now, you know how to deal with everything. That’s how I like to look at things as an opportunity to improve. Yeah. So I’m on, it’s available right now, the link to join and enroll in the course, just to know if you enroll, you have lifetime access and it’s all accessible through an app on your phone, uh, Android,

iPhone. Yeah. Through teachable, you have the app and you can actually like follow it on your phone and everything in a perfect way. So we hope you check that out. Just go to Instagram, peace, Jua, start weight loss, to see all the details and the website and enroll. Yes. On to the main topic of our podcast episode today.

Uh, how did you cystic acne and pretty much improve on that? Improve on acne. Yeah. What better way to spend your time then doing face masks at home and improving your skin Walk around like you have with a mask half the day, seriously scare your husband while he’s at home. Honestly, the best thing though, before doing anything for your acne is to try going gluten and dairy free.

You’re reducing inflammation, you’re reducing insulin. And you’re reducing high testosterone, which is what’s causing this acne by trying the gluten and dairy free diet. And seeing if that works, because typically that works for a cystic acne. So it takes a while. It takes several weeks to really see the results. Yeah. Don’t do it for like three days and give up.

It’s like a several week thing. Yeah. Your, your body has been eating gluten dairy for so long that it’s not used. It takes a while to get it all out of the system and to process this new basically fuel. Yeah. I was a little bit in denial for a while that dairy was actually impacting my, um, my skin. So I would cut it out.

Then I would add it back in, Oh, a little bit of cheese and next thing you know, I’m eating dairy again and cut it out again. So my acne was like all over the place, coming back and forth. And then when I met you, I had like perfect skin. So you didn’t even see me like seriously, if you met me three months before my skin was awful,

it was like really painfully awful. I mean, to me it would not have made a difference. And I think we even got questions about that. Right. Like people, as people were asking like, Oh, what do you like, w what about if you know, I’m a little like, um, what’s the word self conscious about self conscious about it.

And like, you know, like when I’m dating, I’m thinking about it. Like, to me, in my personal view as, um, a guy, as a guy, as a supportive partner, like when I met taller know North before, if I hadn’t met a girl in like shed acne or something like that, I will not really, like,

that will not be in my head. I wouldn’t have, if I’m really supportive. And I really like cute. And I want a conversation with you. Like, that’s not in my mind. I just want to get to know you. And I don’t care about like those kinds of things. And to me, I have, they, what I want to do is help you not like put you down in those kinds of situations.

I think most good guys would think the same. Yeah. Once we started dating, I was still, you know, eating dairy here and there. And my was still inflamed and I had acne. And like, sometimes it would be those painful cysts. And then you would see it and be like, Oh my God, don’t touch it. Or,

you know, it hurts. I feel so bad. Like, what can I do? Like you cared, I get some ice, but I was like, don’t touch it. I had to tell you not to touch it. I was like trying to take control situation. We own a cause I was like self conscious and stuff. Yeah. I asked in the sticker in a sticker on Instagram story,

how has acne impacted your life? And a lot of sisters responded and some are like terribly, absolutely terribly makes me have low self esteem, low confidence. I’m always trying to cover it up. Um, I can’t wear anything which is below my, like other than a turtleneck. Cause I don’t want to show my skin. Um, yeah. I’m I mean,

so many comments. Let’s see. I hate my skin so much. I’m embarrassed to go out, left craters on my cheeks. Um, it’s so painful. Someone says I did Accutane. We’ll talk about Accutane in this episode as well. I mean, it just, it takes such a toll on your self esteem. And to be honest, like there’s so many acne products out there and a lot of times they don’t work because what we’re doing is we’re fueling the acne through our diets and our,

our hormonal imbalances feeling it. So no matter how much money you spend on skincare products, if you don’t get to the root of the issue, it’s going to keep coming back. Yeah. I agree with you there. If you want to, we always say you want to like investigate and get the root cause of your and your symptoms and with acne it’s the root cause come can be because of the gluten and dairy and the lifestyle changes you need to make.

So digging in there first, it’s like the most important thing, like change that. And like we see from sister testimonials, like we see like, Oh, after going gluten dairy free, like four weeks in they’re like saying they see a lot of improvements in acne and not just weight loss, but acne as well, like it’s motor skill differences. You know,

something that also helped me was getting laser facials. I did this a lot when we were dating and this was when I was like, on and off. Aren’t you still doing it? Well, like maybe on that, but you’re still doing it. Um, yeah, I get now I get extractions like a regular facial. Like the lady does extractions on my face and then they do a,

uh, red laser to help with inflammation. So it’s not like red and puffy after the extractions. And I like that for now because I don’t have cystic acne anymore. This really helps with texture. But when I had cystic acne, the blue light laser therapy, I went to this place here. That’s called skin laundry, but they, you can also buy something on Amazon to help you with it.

What does the blue light therapy do? Like how is the, what is it doing Is amazing. The blue light therapy is good for cystic acne. It heals the existing breakouts and then prevents new ones by killing the bacteria responsible for most acne. And it down-regulates oil glands. So they produce less oil with, we have this overproduction of oil because of PCOS.

So it just targets exactly like, you know, what is going on with your skin. And it doesn’t hurt. It’s like not painful at all. It’s just the light where I went. It was So you can buy this blue light. Huh? Can just buy, You can buy it. Yeah. Um, you can definitely buy it A blue light or it’s a special blue light,

kind of a laser kind of a, There’s a special one and I’ll link it. Okay. There’s a link. You know, I did my research. I found a good one that has like excellent reviews and I’ll link it to the description. But, um, from my experience like this was the best. Like the first time I went, I was still eating dairy at the time.

But the first time I went it and my SIS literally literally started disappearing within hours. Like my sister literally watched my face change after a 15 minute laser facial that I know, I know you don’t exaggerate times. So that’s surprising to me. No, I don’t. I never really exaggerated. When you tell me something like something is working. Like you’re never like crazy,

like exaggerated. You’re not like that. So I trust you when you say it Happened, you can ask my sister, like everyone in my family, because my whole family was like telling like, you should try this new place that opened. My dad actually mentioned it. And I was like, you know, I went, I came home and everyone looked at me differently.

They’re like, Oh my God, because I had such bad acne at the time. It was really good. So anyways, I’ll link the blue light laser lamp that you can buy and do at home. But, um, yeah, it’s not painful at all. And it’s great. So if you, you know, if you’ve had acne for a long time,

I’m sure, you know, there are other treatments that your Dr. May have recommended. And a lot of sisters in the sticker that I posted on Instagram story, once again, I like to ask what’s going on out there mentioned Accutane and that they’ve tried Accutane and it hasn’t it, they I’ve read that when you take Accutane and you have PCOS, the results don’t last because it’s hormonal acne and your acne comes back.

And you know, for some women it does work, but it’s also really strong and you have to take it with birth control. So taking this really intense medication with really intense side effects and birth control at the same time at a young age, because you’re desperately trying to get rid of acne is like a really unsafe company. Sounds like you’re just like making the roller coaster go higher and higher.

It’s a roller coaster. How come they make you take it with birth control? Is it because birth control depletes you of vitamin a? So now you have to take a whole vitamin D No it’s because if you accidentally get pregnant on Accutane, you have horrible birth defects. Like you, you most likely with crabs where they force you to take birth control when you’re on it.

And my friend she’s told me that she had to take a pregnancy test every time she went to the doctor to make sure that she wasn’t pregnant on Accutane because it’s so bad. Can you, Um, I am flabbergasted. I am all those. What are those fancy words that people say? No, no. Like those fancy words like flabbergasted or I am,

uh, a gate, a gate. I dunno, I am. Yes. So if you’ve tried Accutane and it hasn’t worked, um, you know, after a while your acne comes back, you consider other routes that will help with the root issue of your PCs, like lowering testosterone. And how do we do that? That’s by managing our insulin levels and managing our stress hormones,

because that acts as the same way as testosterone gathering around our pores, causing inflammation and cysts to grow. And so how do you do that? Going gluten and dairy free. And, you know, Obasi tall can also help with acne. Somebody answered that in the stickers. She’s like I used to have acne, but I took it by style. And the reason why is because maybe the biggest underlying root issue for your acne was insulin resistance,

triggering high testosterone. So it’s really important to uncover what is actually happening. Yeah. And there’s also spironalactone right. Yeah. Yeah. That’s another really common one that sisters are recommended. So that one is an anti androgen pharmaceutical. So this one is prescribed to you and it’s actually, it’s like a diuretic and it’s used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure.

And as a side effect, it blocks testosterone receptors. What this does is it helps reduce acne and hirsutism caused by PSUs, but it can also cause birth defects. So you have to take it with birth control too. Yeah. So at the end, this is again like the same thing, like Sounds. Yeah. I mean, a lot of sisters take spironolactone and it really helps with their acne,

but that’s because it’s targeting your testosterone. There are other ways to target your testosterone too. That has harmful. Yeah. Yeah. Just naturally changing your lifestyle and your diet is like the first and foremost thing, like most important thing, I think. Yeah. And we’re not trying to put like any shame on anyone who has tried these medications because perhaps it worked for you,

but we want you to be informed so that you know, what your other options are. Because a lot of times when you go to the doctor, you feel like that is your only option. That’s how I felt when I went to the doctor and I wasn’t completely dairy free. Cause I was in denial and I was like, what do I do?

She was like, here’s some spironolactone. And I knew it would have helped. But then I was like, but no, like tell me why my testosterone is. I tell me what I can do to fix it. And that’s what we want to help you. Yeah. Nonblocking, what’s fix it. That’s not just, that’s not just cover your broken arm with,

with like a painkiller or something. Let’s actually, you know, put a cast on it. So it heals. That’s how you have to look at your body. And we should mention like, if like Tyne said, if Accutane spironalactone or any other medication works for you continue doing what you’re doing, don’t listen to us and yeah. Do whatever you want.

It’s usually like, this is like, this is something we’re just giving you information. So you know, like the reasons and the side effects and you know, the pros and cons and we’re just giving you the information you need to, you can make it, you can make a decision. That’s right for you. A lot of times, like some doctors don’t give you all this information and then you’re left with making a decision on half the information that you should,

um, that you, that you have known. So we’re just trying to give you all the information so you can just make the right decision. That’s all it is. Because when I was giving, I’m going to go on a birth control tangent. When I was handed birth control, there was no conversation about the potential effects it could have on my mood,

on my fertility, in the future, on my PCO S spiraling out of control while I’m on it for years and years without doing anything, take it. That was it. And if I asked any questions, it was like, shut up. Just take it. Yeah. We asked him for I’m a doctor. I know every time I get out,

but there are good doctors that will really help you through. Honestly, there are, there are great doctors. It’s just, there’s like, you know, just like any profession, there’s a few that’s. Yeah. Not as good. I mean, I wrote an article in the sisterhood about how to choose the right doctor for PCOS and any, I say like,

you know, make sure they know the effect of Avastin tol like make sure they know what it is to take an OSIsoft supplement and the research behind it and how it helps, like ma you know, find someone who’s informed about more things than just birth control, Sprockets on a Metformin, the concoction that they just throw at PCs. So it takes a while to find someone.

And in the meantime you can learn. Yeah. Yeah. And take some of this information that you learned maybe to your doctor, so that now you can make a better informed decision, you know, consult your doctor and see what your options are when it comes to these medications. And you know, other, all the other options, you can take Other options that you can do.

Of course, like we said, going gluten and dairy free, reducing your insulin levels, which will reduce in turn your testosterone levels, which are gathering around your pores and causing cystic acne. So that’s great going gluten and dairy free. It’s also going to reduce inflammation throughout your body. I know we had another episode about gluten and dairy, and we talked about how gluten triggers,

zonulin, and enzyme that causes like the junctions of your stomach to loosen up and cause food particles to go through and get into your bloodstream and cause chronic inflammation, every time you eat gluten. And when that happens, when you have all this chronic inflammation, every time you eat gluten stress, hormones pump, because your body is in a state of inflammation all the time.

So all the time you’re pumping the S which is a stress hormone that also acts like testosterone and causes acne. So there’s multiple pathways that this can occur with and just going gluten and dairy free for like a month, you know, at least a month to see. Cause it takes time. Like we said earlier, it’s not like a three day thing.

It’s like a one month thing. It may really make a huge impact on your skin. And the course that we came out with is four weeks long. So it’s the perfect amount of time to target skin issues with weight loss. Yeah. It’s like, it’s like a perfect combination of food and the workouts to help you with that. And there’s also,

um, spearmint tea that Tanya like basically drinks almost every night. So much research on this side. It’s a very potent antiandrogen where you’re gonna say something. Yes. Spearmint tea. I drink that one. And we also drink Rosebud tea, which lowers stress hormones. So we’re targeting both. Yeah. Keep going spearmint tea. Yes. So streamer T is a potent antiandrogen it reduces testosterone,

uh, and helps prevent acne. And you want to drink this maybe like three cups per day, if like, if you really want to target, you know? Yeah. And so does decaf green tea. So three of my favorite teas, decaf, green tea, spearmint tea, and Rosebud team, reduce your testosterone, reduce your stress, hormones,

targets the acne. She targets all of them. Yeah. And just make sure that these are the decaf kinds, just so you don’t have the caffeine in your system. So, you know, like as we always talk about the caffeine increases stress hormones and can cause adrenal fatigue and other issues. Yeah. Yeah. I think you’re the supplement King. So why don’t you tell us about the supplements that can help us be sure.

I love to. So there’s a couple I liked, I will I’ll I’ll start with first is vitamin E and zinc supplements. People with acne are typically have low levels of vitamin E and zinc, and that could cause the acne. So just make sure your levels are good. You can always get them checked with a doctor or if you’re taking, you know,

a multivitamin, make sure those have good levels. Um, one thing that I really think could help is CBD. So CBD really helps with, uh, fighting inflammation. It helps with the repairing of your sows. It helps with actually your, your, your skin as a result. And it can really help clear up, um, acne in different ways.

So one CBD, uh, brand that we actually just recently started working with their name is pure spectrum CBD. You can go to their website@preussspectrumcbd.com, but we have a special code. Now the code is third sisterhood, one word, one word. And if you put that you get 10% off from anything on their website. So feel free to go there.

And CBD just helps with a lot of inflammation, inflammation, inflammation in the body. And one area that targets is acne. So Exactly. And you know, I was looking up online like, Oh, other benefits of CBD for PCO S and there’s a significant amount of like information about how it helps and research about how it helps with insulin levels. And I read somewhere that the most relevant effects of CBD for PCLs involve it’s regulating effect on insulin levels,

as well as its potential to promote weight loss and support other side effects of the condition of PCOS, like anxiety. So when you’re like, we’ve been saying like, if you target insulin, you’re lowering testosterone. And when you target inflammation, your end insulin, you’re also promoting weight loss and you’re by targeting inflammation. You’re also reducing anxiety. Yeah. It’s all these great benefits.

This is a great combination with eating gluten and dairy free and should only take it after we eat. Yeah. So one tip, I recommend two tips I recommend is eat it after a full meal, especially like something like a fatty meal, because that will help your body absorb the CBD better and put it to more use. If you take it on an empty stomach,

your body’s not able to absorb and transfer those, um, those compounds in the CBD as efficiently versus if there’s fat, because now the fat kind of transports all those beneficial things much easier. And the other tip I want to give is when you take it, put it under your tongue and let it stay there for about a minute, because the most effective way to absorb CBD into the body is through,

uh, like basically through your mouth, because when you eat it, your body kind of like, doesn’t absorb it as well. Like your digestive enzymes and other like parts of the body just, um, kind of burn it off. Let’s just say to put it in layman’s terms. I don’t know. I’m not a doctor, but really this is something they say.

And by absorbing through the mouth into, I guess your blood stream, you’re, you’re able to much more effectively, like they see like almost like four or five times more effectively absorbed this CBD. Wow. So we’ve been talking about CBD for like the past couple of weeks, maybe months, like we even talked about it on the general episode. So we wanted to partner up with our favorite brand,

like the brand that I’ve been taking personally for the last year or so. And the one that we’ve been taking their pure spectrum. So go, there are quotas the sisterhood, you get temp, one word, you get 10% off, anything on their website. I’ve been taking it since we got married because you got me all hooked on this. And it has been,

and I’ve said in the other episode, literally 15 minutes after taking it, I am relaxed. And I forget that I took it. So it’s not like a direct, like I’m, it’s not in my head. Like I literally forgot that I took it. Yeah. And then 15 minutes later, I’m like, gosh, life is good. I’m so relaxed.

I’m like, why am I so relaxed? Well, yeah, I took CBD seriously. And one of the great things we’re doing right now is we’re waiting for a package to come from pure spectrum CBD so that we can give you sisters some giveaways, some prizes. So we’re, we’re again, like we mentioned, we’re working with them so we can help you with the,

you know, getting your hands on CBD and trying it out and see if it works for you. We want you to have the right PCO S lifestyle to ha to help promote your weight loss journey. So this is part of it. Yeah. So the next thing, part of your lifestyle that I want to mention is the green tea toner that I’ve been using for awhile.

And I don’t know why I don’t show you guys my skincare routine enough. I show mostly food, but after the step, so I’m going to start trying to show you. But, um, this is something that I learned from a friend of mine that I met through Instagram, healthy skin, glows is her handle. And she gave me her course access to her course.

And I gave her access to my course. And I was looking through a course and like, learning all about how your skin actually has the potential to heal itself. And you don’t have to use all of these harsh products and like waste all this money on products to desperately help your skin. So of course there’s, Well, sometimes these products have like things that strip away chemicals like alcoholic ice or propel.

It has these things. I like absorbed the oils essential. Yeah. Apparently according to her course, our oils actually are cleaning our face. Like they’re actually there for detoxification. So your body makes ShipIt every time. So then, so now that I’ve like, learned so much about skin and like the amazing ability of our skin to heal itself, if we’re eating the right foods that aren’t like promoting inflammation in the first place,

I don’t use face wash in the mornings. I just wash my face with water, no soap. And I wipe it with like a clean towel and I’m moisturized. I use this one from summer Fridays that, you know, I tested out a few more strategies, but this one was the best for me. Everyone’s different. Um, and my skin Blessed for me,

the, and like I say, like not being a face wash in the morning. Oh, it is blasphemous jets. One of the words I was trying to think of It is isn’t it ladies DFE let me know, but I’ve never fished wash my face. Oh, well you have perfect skin. I don’t know. Wait guys, don’t do that.

How come girls have to think it’s because it was just put in your mind because we buy this product, keep buying, or do you have a face wash? You have this wash. This could be like, maybe it’s like a trick. Yeah. Because we’re more, um, we suffer from like hormonal and acne and stuff. I don’t like using the word suffer.

I take it back. We have hormonal issues and acne and things like that. And we’re vulnerable. And then there’s this whole beauty industry that takes advantage of that makes us think that we can’t heal ourselves through our own body’s ability to repair. And we can’t do anything to help promote repair. We have to buy all these expensive products so that they can do it for us.

But in fact, like that’s not true. Like there are some products that are actually wonderful, like vitamin C serum. I use that. And just like other essential oils that I use on my face. Sometimes I use teacher, whatever, like, yeah. But, but it’s, you don’t need like all of these crazy things to heal your acne.

Like you actually have the ability to do your, do it yourself. And that’s what I learned from her course. And I stopped using all of these products, at least crazy intense, like acids and stuff that were stripping my face. And like I said, like, I don’t use face wash in the morning. I just wash my face with water.

I put on the moisturizer, I put on my makeup and I try to buy makeup. That is like hormone friendly. I use the EWG, healthy cosmetics website to look things up before. Um, I use them and I try them see like, yeah, it tells you if it’s better, if it rates them. And then I try it and I see like how I feel if my skin is breaking out.

And that’s how I know, you know, you don’t just like use something and then stick to it. Like Sephora takes things back. Like I just take it back. I’m like, this didn’t work. Like I’m not going to continue. Yeah. I know. But what can I do? Like my skin is sensitive and then another, um, so I think I was trying to say this in the first place green tea toner,

um, is something that really helps, you know, how we said decaf, green tea is great for low tests, lowering testosterone, but using green tea extract and mixing it with rosewater and spraying it on your face as a toner is a cheap and easy way to block DHT, which is basically testosterone from causing acne. And so I do this at night as well.

I like spray my face with, um, this pretty glass bottle I got on Amazon and I put Rose water in it. Um, 30 milliliters of rosewater to 15 drops of non-alcohol green tea extract. Um, and you can keep it in the fridge. So it’s like fresh and spritz it on your face. So yeah, what I’m saying is, yeah,

don’t spend all this money on all these. Okay. I’ve been a little lost the last minute or two, even talking about this, this and that. I’m like, I just have normal snug, but about the oils. I mean, like, I don’t, they say don’t like wash your hair with shampoo every day, or like you’re stripping all the thing.

Right. You’re shipping all the oil from your hair. So yeah, something similar. It is. And the other thing was when you work out, like some of these personal things to keep in mind, uh, when you’re working out, what makeup, I guess, um, Ty told me that when you work out with makeup, your, your clogs or your,

um, yeah, you get clogged pores and your, your face is not able to breathe and that’s just causing maybe a further acne. And also, you know, just maybe doing it without makeup, just it’s it’ll help. Yeah. And for me now, the easiest way to take my makeup off is using my cellar water. It does not make my pores clog.

I don’t need to use like all this water and all this face wash. I literally just put my solar water on a cotton, swab, wipe all my makeup off, you know? And that’s it. And then clean face clean. When you wipe your towel on your face, there’s no makeup on your towel. It’s amazing. It’s amazing people. I liked that.

Cause every time I see the tower as a face on it, like, what is this? Is Jason here from the futon, the horror movie. You don’t know, you don’t watch horror movies, Which is not true. And let me tell you why, because when we moved, Don’t give me a, let me tell you why. Let me tell you,

Cause my mom’s listening, my mom is listening and she should know she bought me separate towels when we got married so that I wouldn’t ruin your towels, correct. With my makeup. Correct. And so she’s like, don’t you dare like really like see that, you know, you don’t want to use like thousands, Your honor, if I may bring further evidence,

I’ll bring it. I see these houses around the town. They’re laying on the bread next to the, to the bathroom sink or like hanging next to my towel sometimes. And it’s just, it’s there It’s stained with makeup. I don’t know. This was before I knew my seller water people. Like I just discovered this amazing thing that cleans your makeup off perfectly.

And I ruined all these doubles before. So who cares? Oh, they don’t. I wash them, but they’re stained with makeup. That’s why they’re not like dirty. They’re just stained or whatever. It’s fine. You don’t even use them. Of course. It’s fine. I just use her bathroom cause it’s a ran next to the door. So sometimes,

sometimes it’s Can’t believe you, the truth comes out on the podcast. That’s right. The truth. Okay. Let’s get into some well, so are we done with all the, all the tips and your personal routines? Talk about this. Are you bored to death of me talking about my personal skincare? It’s all. It’s all good. Jazz. Let’s go to the wind.

Yes. The win of the week. Do you want to read it or do, do I read it? Okay. Alrighty. This a winner of the week comes from J Martine. Thank you for sharing all the information you shared with us. Three weeks ago, I stopped dairy and I went gluten free. And so far I’ve lost 15 pounds in my period.

Finally came back after almost months on my having one. Thanks so much. Wow. 10 after 10 months. First. Good job on taking it. Yeah. Good job on taking the initiative. I mean, I’m sure those three weeks, it’s a, it’s a, it’s a different last saw that maybe where you were previously used to, but you know,

you, you made the jump, you changed it and dang, good job. Yeah. I want to read another one and yeah, let me just read this one. And then I have something really funny to say. So the other day I was damning people who had previously taken the course and I was asking them like, you know, how was it going?

Whatever. And so they were telling me their testimonials and um, and then I was like, Oh my gosh, like, do you want to make a video about, you know, your experience? And I can share it with all the sisters. And a lot of that, three of them said that they were pregnant and had morning sickness and didn’t feel like giving me a video.

I’m not joking. Three of them. They’re like, thank you so much. The course was wonderful. I took it in January and now it’s March and they’re pregnant. And I’m like, Oh my God, Give me a video. Like, wait, but you’re done. So anyway, that’s so funny. Three of the people who had like the best testimonials,

That’s a good excuse. I’ll take, I’ll take that over anything. That’s okay. I want to read one of them. One of them DMD me instead of making a video. So she’s like my experience during the four week challenge in January was great. I lost 10 pounds at the end of the four weeks, but the weight is not as important as the feeling of not being swollen from my feet,

hands on stomach. I have horrible inflammation and that’s not the best part due to my PCs. I usually struggle from getting a period twice in the month. The second comes from when I’m supposed to be ovulating. Instead I get my period I’m supposed to. Oh, but what, but guess what? In February and this March, I have had a regular cycle and today I’m obviating.

Since the challenge has ended, I’ve been 90% compliant with sticking to gluten and dairy free lifestyle and workouts and PCs friendly workouts. I mean, and she just goes on out. So great. I mean, so she took the course in January and this is like, Yeah. And yeah, that’s what she deems me. Yeah. I mean, it was like a very long time.

I’m very happy for it. I mean, to see your body change and then like you notice all nombre here, non better there it’s like the ultimate happiness. What better kickstart to losing weight than losing 10 pounds in a month. Like after that, you’re like, Oh my gosh, this is possible. I can do this. And it’s already a lifestyle.

The only peaks Then here was this, what better way to come out of a quarantine? The new look like a look like you come out and like, your, your symptoms are under, under control. And you’re just like, your hormones are all balanced. Your mood is all gray because it’s all sustainable and you’ve lost weight. And now people are going to be like,

what happened to you? Come out of your apartment? Looking like, Well, others come out, like they’ve been stuck at quarantine moving. They’re just eating whatever Netflix thing. Yeah, exactly. Great. So congrats to both those sisters, the first testimony on the second testimonial and the three sisters were pregnant. Good job told me you guys did great.

And we’re personally proud of you. We’re so happy. Yeah. I think that, that concludes the end of this podcast, but just a yeah, we hope you liked it, but just, you know, everybody keeps safe. Honestly. One thing I want to mention, you know, they were saying online that like, you know, try to spread the word,

you know, like keep people safe. So I feel like we should do our part. Everybody try to stay home as much as you can, try to avoid contacting or contacting others and like try to social distance yourself. It’s very important to wash your hands and you know, Do your workouts. Don’t go to the gym, eat gluten and dairy free and cocoon right out of this,

looking like a butterfly. So be safe and yeah, don’t forget about the flash sale for the course. It’s only available for the, Oh, we forgot to mention it’s only available for the next like four or five days. So after that, turn it off again. Yes. Alrighty. Take care everybody. And we’ll see you next week. Hey,

if you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to check out our upcoming course meal, prep and workout for PCs, weight loss. We’ve got four weeks worth of video content that will help you learn to cook our quick gluten and dairy free recipes, and also feel great with our PCs friendly workouts. Learn to live the PCs lifestyle and lose weight with our guidance and help link in the description.

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