The Best Supplements for PCOS

What are the best supplements for PCOS weight loss and management? Do all supplements work the same for every woman with PCOS?

On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we talk about The Best Supplements for PCOS! There are many options when looking at supplements but that doesn’t mean you need to buy all of them at once. There are different types of PCOS which means you should focus on the ones your body needs the most.

We cover each PCOS supplement, how it works for your body, and what type of PCOS it’s best suited for. There are some favorites that Tallene personally uses everyday and even ones that Sirak takes himself that’s also beneficial for women with PCOS.

Links to PCOS Type Quiz & supplements below!

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Pure Spectrum CBD
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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician And I’m C doc husband, engineer, MPC us personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

What is up sisters? Welcome to episode one, five 15. Hey, Ty. I hope you don’t expect me to sing happy birthday to you. Like he did to me last week, but happy birthday to you. My love. Nah, you can’t get that out of me, but it was time’s birthday yesterday. We’re recording this on a Saturday,

but yesterday, Friday was her birthday. So thank you for being born on such a wonderful day. Thank you for all the wonderful birthday gifts. Yeah. I mean, including salsa dancing. Yes. I had to kind of compete with what type our birthdays are one week apart. So what that means for the rest of our lives is tying gets me something and I have to Exactly So,

but no, I got her salsa dancing classes and a couple of workout clothes since you know, we’ve been going to the gym a lot, um, martial lately. Yeah. And uh, yeah, I think Cute card and Oh my gosh. The cutest part was I was asleep when he was getting ready for work and he laid a Rose on me just like in,

um, sleeping beauty or snow white, how they’re like sleeping with a Rose on them. And the Prince has to kiss them to wake up. It happens. It was great. Everything was great. And the, we had like an amazing dinner at night for those wondering how do you, you know, eat gluten dairy or go gluten dairy free. And even on days like your birthday where you just want to like,

you know, you want to go nuts or you want to just enjoy a really nice meal time. What’d you eat yesterday? Yesterday we had gyro. Um, what Euro gyro, how do you, I think there’s a guy wrote, I have no idea, but it’s basically the thin sliced meat. Meat. Yeah. Lamb. Yeah. And then it was on like,

you know, French fries, style potatoes with some tomato sauce. Yeah. This, this is like a delicacy and like a lot of middle Eastern cultures it’s called and it’s basically, you put the meat on top of like the bread and like the meat is supposed to like the meat juice socks on the bread. And you put like a little bit of like tomato sauce with like different herbs and like a little bit of yogurt,

but she, like, I think I put that on top. Give it that Tingey flavor. That was delicious. I think, I think mine was the same way too. It was potatoes underneath. And just a little bit of this. It’s supposed to be Peter bread underneath, but because I’m gluten free and it tastes good. We request potatoes under.

Yeah. Or in this case it was your parents who made it or He got it for us. But like also who doesn’t like potatoes and meat, you know? That’s true. So, yeah. That’s just one of few ways where you can still enjoy yourself on your birthday. You don’t have to worry about, Oh, gluten and dairy fruits. I’m not going to be able to enjoy like a,

a very rich meal. It’s a good time to think of your favorite meal and make it gluten and dairy free. Yeah, we do all the time. Just, I think last week we were at a restaurant, um, the front yard and we got a, what was it? We, we put on the Instagram story. Yeah. Burgers. And you got no bones,

No bun and just French fries. And I got a regular one with buns, but a salad. Yeah. We kind of like shared it too, because you got some of the salad. I got some of your fries. And like, I wanted to mention this on Instagram, but I only thought of this afterwards. Cause we moved the, um,

dish that we were sharing. I’m not sharing the appetizer that you got for yourself. We weren’t sharing it. He ordered Mac and cheese and he’s like, let’s move this out of the picture. So they don’t think that you ate it. But I was like later, I was like, well, people should know, like you can order Mac and cheese and I don’t have to eat it.

And we don’t need to go the rest of our lives without ordering the appetizers you want to eat just because I’m not going to eat it. Like you can eat it tomorrow, packed it in your lunch. The next day You’ve reminded me. I was like, Oh, I’m going to get the Mac and cheese. But I was like, Oh, you can eat it.

So maybe I won’t get it. And then you’re like, no, I just get it, babe. You eat some of it. Now the, you take some of it at home and I eat it for lunch the next day. And you know, Yeah, we need to take more accurate pictures. So, All right. Uh, the goes into our topic of today’s episode,

which is the best supplements for PCs. Not just all take, you know, uh, of course a multivitamin is great, but just like, what is, what do we need to take for PSUs specifically and for, for good health. Yeah. And the answer is, there’s not one supplement. That’s going to solve all of our problems. But um,

if you do understand the root issue of your PCO, then you can curate what supplements are more necessary for you that will benefit you more than others so that you don’t have to be spending all this money on every single supplement you come across that they say is good for PCO. And not to mention like, uh, before we start to like go into details and stuff.

Really the most important thing you should start with first is diet and lifestyle change. Because like, no matter how we eat, um, I’m sorry. I should say, no matter how many vitamins you take, the way you eat really dictates how you feel. So if you feel bloated or you feel like, you know, you’re having like a little bit of stomach issues,

the vitamins or whatever you take is not going to like fix that instantly. It’s going to help. But what is going to fix that is the way we eat and the way we like know, remove gluten from our diet, uh, in your case to reduce inflammation and you know, all the symptoms that come along with it, including bloating and insulin resistance and much more,

it’s going to remove that from the equation. You’re going to feel a lot better. And then once you take the supplements to boost your PSUs, then like, it’s like this perfect harmony. Yeah, Exactly. It starts with food. And then the siblings, like you said, are just a boost that like add this element of healing, especially because,

um, a lot of times when you’re struggling from metabolic and metabolic issue, like PCO S when you take adaptogens, which are things that it’s not a vitamin or mineral, it’s more like an herb that urges your body to heal itself. Like if you’re constantly eating foods that are going to produce inflammation and continually fuel that fire, and you take those adaptogens,

it’s like, we’re not moving forward. We’re just staying in the same spot. You know? So that’s why diet is really important. And then come supplements, let’s get into it, you know, best, you know, best. If these supplements are going to be a good for you, you have to monitor your body and your mood while you’re taking them.

So before we get into like the top handful of supplements that we think are talked about most in the PCLs community, let’s just go over. Um, some of the things that typically happen before we take the supplement like birth control, which strips us of a lot of the vitamins and minerals that we need to absorb in order to have healthy bodies. Once you get off birth control,

if you take a blood test, you might find that you’re really deficient in a lot of things. So well, whether you’re on birth control, not on birth control, it’s important to consider some of these supplements. Yeah. Cause there’s supplements. Also, if you don’t deal with some of the issues first, it’s just going to mask the issues where you don’t like,

you want to deal with some of the issues that can snowball, like eczema, IBS, fatigue, the vitamin and mineral deficiencies, like doors are gonna, uh, Start to happen. If you don’t pay close attention to the root issues of your PCOS. Yeah. Um, a lot of sisters deal with this and it comes from inflammation and, um,

which is, you know, most women with PCOS have it. And so yeah, when you ignore it, it starts turning into a multitude of issues. Um, and yeah, like I said, birth control can mask all of that and also strip you of nutrients necessary to have healthy functioning bodies, especially when you get off. Oh yeah. When you get off,

you should do, if you can, if you can, if your doctor, you know, provides a, take some sort of vitamin or mineral test to see if you’re deficient in specific things. Yeah. Especially vitamin D. Yeah. And we’ll get into, we’ll get into why like vitamin D is very important and how you can, you know, take to supplement your PCOS management and weight loss,

but really like, there’s all these different, um, nutrients and minerals that the body, as time mentioned stripped of while you’re taking birth control. So when you get off of it, we really want to make sure you Yeah. Replenish yourself with nutrient dense foods and then supplements as well. And plus there’s like so many different types of vitamins and supplements you also,

before we get into it, the most important thing is know what type of piece you, you have knowing the type of pieces you have will dictate which supplements are the most important. So we’re going to start off and we’re going to do the first one that we’re going to start off. We’ll have to do with the specific type of piece us. So sisters make sure like,

um, if you, if you haven’t taken already, there’s a quiz where you can find out the type of piece you, us, you have, It’s not a diagnosis, but it’s a fun quiz and we’re linking it in the district description. Correct. And if you want to learn more about the different PCs types, we can always join the sisterhood where we have lots of resources on how to manage those types of PCR.

Yes. And just, uh, just so you know, the disclosure, the quiz, as Tom mentioned, is not a diagnosis, consult your doctor to get like a final, you know, confirmation of the type of piece shows you have. Right. But at the end, when you see the result, like, let’s say you take the quiz,

it says you have adrenal fatigue. And then it describes what it is. You, you yourself can be like, you know what? Yeah, it sounds like I have a dream. Like I am exhausted all the time and this and that. So yeah, it does help with, um, you figuring out your diagnosis, It’s one of the best ways to flex start investigating on how to manage a piece of viewers.

Yeah. So Let’s start with my favorite supplement. we have a 15% off code. This is the supplement that I can scream from. The rooftops it’s helped. So many women, we even have a whole podcast, Including your sister, my sister, your sister got off of birth control just like recently, about a month ago. And she’s been taking her best all the whole time.

And even the first day she took it. She said, she felt like she was getting her like, like emotions back. Like she felt like her in like the second she started dragging her body, like turned on like a light switch, which is this, that was coming out of her own words. I heard her say it. She was like,

this is crazy. And five minutes, I feel like a different person. Yeah. A lot of times you like Deficient when she got off birth control. Now that I think about it, I bet. Yeah. Her mood depended on the supplements. She was. So that, that goes like to say like basketball is one of the most important supplements you can take.

It’s natural. It mimics the body’s ratio of in also talls and, um, de Cairo Manasseh. So it helps your, your body regulate hormones helps with insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue. And it just really, uh, important, important stuff Because it’s helping with insulin resistance. It’s also helping with weight loss as a result, because if your cells are,

if you’re healing the metabolism of your cells, and they’re more responsive to the food you’re eating and taking that up and burning it for energy, and then you’re not storing what you’re eating as fat as much because your cells are not resistant to insulin. So I love OBSI for insulin resistance. Um, and then the, you know, before we continue going through settlements,

let me talk about the PCs types. So insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, and hypothyroidism are four major PSUs types. And PCs can also be triggered after birth control. So, um, but, I think overall, like most women can really benefit from it because 70% of us have insulin resistance and a lot of us have adrenal fatigue and inflammation.

So, and those are three components that can Benefit. We also have personal stories of a Vesta tall on Instagram at peace USDOT, weight loss. One of the highlights is Avastin tall, and you can see personal stories of people taking it and their improvements and how they felt while date they were taking it. Yeah. And how quickly it regulated their period.

And, um, some women got pregnant because it helps with egg, quality and oblation. And it also just AIDS in your weight loss process. I love it. It’s one of the best ones I wish I could take it, but you know, But sometimes, sometimes he accidentally drinks the cup that I have about stalling and I’m like, spit it out.

Yeah. I hope so. All right. Next one. The next one is actually four sisters who specifically have adrenal fatigue. It’s called adrenal support. Yes. So this one is actually like pretty much like a literal chill pill. It’s like a synergistic blend, synergistic blend of adept. Okay. I have to read this because it’s going to be hard for me to just say off the top of my head,

it’s a synergistic blend of adaptogenic and nerving her herbs. And it’s paired with nourishing B vitamins and calming amino acids like L theanine and phosphatidylserine, and it basically supports like sleep and cortisol, balanced cortisol is the stress hormone. You know, we talk about while your workout that’s what is, you get pumped full of tissue for your body to go in that fight or flight mode.

So it regulates cortisol and helps you relax and keep your adrenals, you know, common. Yes. My sister took this one. Oh, she did A lot of women with PCLs have elevated cortisol at night and low cortisol in the morning, which means that you don’t have energy in the morning and then you’re awake at night and you can’t sleep. Um,

so this can really help with that along with other lifestyle changes, of course, like getting into bed early and not looking at your phone screens before. Um, yeah. And making sure that you’re having like blood sugar balanced by eating a high protein breakfast, et cetera. Yeah. You know, to keep you energized. Let me link that in the high protein breakfast keeps you energized,

which helps with your stress levels because you’re not like hungry. Of course. Alright. Next one. Dave is saw Palmetto. You want us to talk about that? One Saw Palmetto, this one I’ve heard a lot about, but I haven’t taken it. It’s for women to help with women with PCs, especially to help with hair loss because it acts,

um, in a way that inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT and DHT is a form of testosterone that leads to hair loss. So like gathers around your hair follicle and then your hair follicle falls out or gather around your pores. And your acne happens to be like cystic because of it and oily. And just like, you know, skin issues and little bumps on your skin.

It all has to do with DHT. And a lot of us are more sensitive to testosterone. Um, so some of us have more acne than others and some of us have hair loss and some of us don’t. So if you do have hair loss and issues like that, then saw Palmetto is something that can really help you. So again, if you try something like this,

you would have to monitor how you feel while you’re taking it, how your mood is, if it’s helping and so on. And, um, you know, then you would know if it’s right for you. Okay, great. I like that Next. We have wine, no wine. It’s not a supplement. This one has resveratrol. Maybe many of you have heard of it.

Resveratrol is like the, the known as like the antioxidant, um, ingredient in like wine and like other things such as nuts and berries and you know, other things, but resveratrol is a very powerful supplement. So what it does with peace U S specific, uh, specifically is so there’s an overgrowth of testosterone producing cells and resveratrol appears to stop the overgrowth.

It helps us ovary like, wow. So this helps to normalize the structure and function specifically of the ovary in women with pizza, as, as Tyne said. And you know, the other thing he really does as well, uh, with resveratrol is the anti-inflammation and reducing the clotting and making it helpful for endometrial lining the, the health of the lining of the endometrial lining is that the lining of your uterus,

Right? So if you’re not having your period, like you want your, you, you know, they want to superior to that. The endometrial lining is healthy. So supplements like resveratrol can help with like healing your endometrial lining, but you have to be careful if you’re blood thinners, cause it can thin your blood. But this is one of the most powerful,

um, supplements for PCO S it’s a really powerful antioxidant. And the fact that it helps with the overgrowth of testosterone producing cells in your ovaries is really helpful because what happens is when you have insulin resistance and your ovaries produce a lot of testosterone, you can treat your insulin resistance by taking and doing all of these great things that we’ve recommended for you,

but you can also treat your ovaries and stop them from over producing testosterone. You know, in the meantime, it’s like a double whammy, so you’re stopping the insulin resistance from triggering testosterone, but you’re also stopping the ovaries from over-producing testosterone. So again, like there’s multiple ways to tackle these issues, these root issues of TCOs like insulin resistance. And,

um, you can do all these lifestyle things. You can take resveratrol. This is just another option for you. Yeah. And was a spiritual don’t like, just go drink a bunch of wine. You won’t get, that’s just going to get you a little tipsy and all that you, and you won’t get like, as like what you need. So take like a supplement form that will really help a lot more trust me.

And yeah. And the other thing was virtual. It’s showing it’s helping with inflammation anti-inflammation and anti-aging, it’s helping, you know, with the, um, you know, sometimes cells age faster, but they’re saying resveratrol is showing that it’s helping the aging of cells. So yeah, it’s, it’s, it looks like it’s beneficial for PC, uh, for women with PCOS and beneficial in other ways as well.

Yeah. And so far we’ve covered inflammation and blood sugar issues and adrenal issues. And I just want to point out by, by targeting these issues and taking the right supplements and doing the proper lifestyle changes for these root issues. You’re also targeting the other issue. That might be a root issue. Hypothyroidism. Yeah. I mean, we’re not even done yet,

so we’re not even done yet, but if I was like a sister, I’d be like, Oh, I have adrenal fatigue. So I’ll take adrenal support. If I had insulin resistance, for example, I would take Avastin at all or any of the other ones too, that we’re going to discuss further on. So like, I think it’s a,

it was a good start if you have, if you know your type, you know, like which of these is gonna help you more. Right. And it’s also part of the new routine that you’re developing. So as you listen to our podcasts, I’m sure you’re picking up on little things that you want to start changing in your life and doing in your life.

And so these supplements can just be one of those things, which leads me to my next point, CBD, which is CDX favorite supplement. Is it a supplement? Yeah. It took a supplement. Cause it’s an addition to my diet. This is like routine to go to the drawer and take it out and then force me to take some because I don’t like the oil,

but like whatever it’s, so to help, you’re always Helps. I think I convinced her one day cause she was having like, I didn’t even really know if it would help with this, but she was having stomach aches after we came back from our honeymoon and she was having stomach aches. And I said, babe, try this. I think it’ll like help Sue you like it’ll help.

Yeah. And you actually really helped. It helped them Perfectly fine. No, the next day, the five minutes later I was like, fuck, I’m fine. Okay. Yeah, it was really good. And uh, CBD has many benefits. Um, so want to, let’s talk about some of them right now, number one, regulation of mitochondrial function to improve the burning of access sugar and fat as energy,

which means it’s supporting weight loss because it is actually you explain it. Yes. Well, yeah, it’s supporting weight loss and it’s supporting mitochondrial function, which means your cell metabolism and it’s helping yourselves burn more sugar and fat, whatever you’re eating and using it as energy. So this is the same concept of insulin resistance. So studies show that it may help with regulating.

Yes. Yeah. And then another way. So we should say these are like the three different ways. It helps with supporting weight loss with a piece of us. So number two is it reduces insulin resistance to improve blood sugar regulation and support beta oxidation of fat. So what does that mean? It’s reducing how, how much your sugar, your body’s pumping and it’s helping to,

you know, balance the blood sugar regulation and, and instead, yeah. And instead of not instead as well, it helps to burn up the fat that’s stored. And then one study showed that it helps with reducing your appetite. But it, not that we’re trying to say, you need to take, look appetite suppressants or anything because once you go gluten and dairy free and start balancing your hormones Or basketball as well,

it’s very, very helpful with the cravings. Yeah. But you know, CBD can help and it also helps with anxiety. So this is one of the most common reasons why people take CBD and there’s a lot of research to back up how it can help with anxiety. So if you have adrenal fatigue, if you have low progesterone, it causes anxiety.

So taking CBD can help you with treating that. Um, there’s a multitude of reasons why, You know, fatigue, we talked about in the episode with adrenal fatigue and CBD and CBD, wasn’t one of the beneficial supplements for that. And yeah, like tying to it helps you helps calm me down. And Sometimes you get into this like natural,

um, just you’re used to being a certain type a way and like reacting very like aggressively to things or just, I don’t know how to explain it. Just being the type of stressed person. And no matter how much you change, the way you eat or how much you change your lifestyle, it can only help so much. Sometimes you need a supplement to help you push yourself to that extra point and CBD really can help.

Yeah. There’s a lot of natural supplements to help with that. So like melatonin at night helps with that. And CBD is like a really good one. Tonin is another big one because studies show that women with PCOS have lower levels of melatonin making us struggle to sleep. So if you really cannot get yourself to sleep in the CBD and everything’s not helping melatonin is another option.

And we should, I feel like I need to say CBD will not get you high. It has no THC in it. It’s actually made from the hemp portion of the, of the plant. So there’s, there’s no like psychologically, it’s not psychoactive. You won’t feel anything. You won’t feel high and you won’t test positive on any, um, you know,

drug test or anything like that. Unless, you know, you get it from like some, some sort of like shady spot. I dunno, like whatever. But if you want a brand that we use personally, it’s called pure spectrum CBD. I think that’s their website as well, pure spectrum But that’s the one that I personally and time personally takes in.

They also have like creams and stuff that like we got for, um, my father-in-law Italians dad and like he uses for his knee and knees and stuff. So yeah, I’m a really big fan of CBD. Yeah. Vitamin D. This is a supplement that I wrote so many papers on in grad school about PCOS, because honestly there, at that time I felt like there was not enough research about PCLs and I just kept,

I just kept writing about vitamin D or maybe it was just one really long. Um, I say that I wrote at the end of grad school and like, most of it was about minutes, But usually it’s a good topic to write about. There’s so many beneficial things about vitamin D, not just yours, but do you remember what you said exactly in that paper paper?

Maybe we should share it. Like, I think it’ll people will want to see what the Tallinn right. In her grad school, you know, maybe if you’re like, if you’re a TA you work, you’re an assistant to a professor. You can let us know if it’s maybe your professor let us know if it’s a good essay. I mean, I passed grad school,

so it was something. Um, but yeah, vitamin D deficiency is common in women with PCRs about 70 to 85% of women with PCOS have a vitamin D deficiency. And I remember getting a blood test and seeing how deficient I was and Oh my gosh, my inflammatory marker was so high. And so that’s also linked to vitamin D and inflammation. And so I went to the whole foods aisle to buy vitamin D and the guy was so I’m hesitant to give it to me.

He’s like, did you have a blood test done? And you can’t just take vitamin D because it gets, um, you, you don’t pee it out, like other water soluble vitamins. So you can actually like have too much vitamin D. So I guess the guy was just trying to be like, what are you just walking in and taking it?

Cause you Googled something. And I was like, boy, you don’t even know you should see my blood work. You would be pouring vitamin D Dominic. First of all, I’m dietitian. It should be like that addition son, But yeah, vitamin D get your blood checked regularly to see how your vitamin D is doing, because it is linked and very clearly in research to inflammation and insulin resistance in women with PCOS.

And so we need excellent vitamin D levels in our bodies. What’s like the recommended like goal for women with peace shows. Um, you it’s the ideal amount of vitamin D supplement should be like 2000 milligrams. Oh yeah. That’s the daily you’re right. I don’t know why I asked, we were talking about this before the podcast, but uh, yeah,

the FDA States 2000 milligrams per day for Dietary. Like if you eat The dietary recommendation, which I think 2000 milligrams is good. However, you know, if you, if you’re already like under, you know, based on your test results, if you’re under, then you probably need to take a little bit higher, but definitely consult your doctor about that to find the level that’s perfect for you.

Yeah. And you don’t absorb all the vitamin D that you eat. So that’s why sometimes you need a supplement to help you, you know, take a bunch so you can absorb more, you know what I’m saying? So anyways, get your blood test. Yeah. And actually the interesting thing is it’s the stager showing, especially in America, that people have a very big deficiency in vitamin D because a lot of us are either at school where we’re always like,

you know, inside, you know, or at work, you were in our office. And like, we don’t get like, we, when we have lunch, we’re eating lunch inside, or we’re going out to go get lunch insight somewhere. Like we’re rarely going out to a park nowadays to like enjoy ourselves in the middle of the week. It’s usually reserved for the weekend.

And sometimes on weekends we’re busy and we don’t get to go to do things or it’s the weather’s not great. So you think about it, how much sun do we actually get like direct sunlight if he asked me probably not that much. No. You know, so Inside taking away in the sisterhood, not getting sunlight and also some people don’t want to be under the sun.

So vitamin D supplement is a great idea. And the thing is vitamin D supplement also helps with the absorption of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Meaning not like the bad way, but like the good, like, if you, if your body can’t just absorb the, you know, the ultraviolet rays from the sun and make vitamin D sometimes like your body also needs some vitamin D to help facilitate that.

So yeah. So taking this helps with the conversion as well. And I’m sure, I mean, do you, receptors are in your ovaries, endometrium and placenta. So imagine like those receptors are there and if you’re deficient, then your ovaries are going to struggle. Yeah. So the, the, it hinders the development of the follicles on the ovary for women with PCOS and then like,

it kind of stops isolation. Yeah. Yeah. It can. I mean, it doesn’t directly stop it, but it can hinder. Yeah. And then as a result, Yeah. It can be one of the reasons why you’re not ovulating because like all these different factors and vitamin D could be one. And like it’s also been the deficiencies in vitamin D has been linked to alterations of LH hormone,

uh, sex hormone binding globulin Helps with lowering testosterone, insulin resistance and serum insulin levels in woman with peace. She was, yeah. So yeah, I mean, And all of our problems it’s related to them, So, and it really, really helps with depression. There’s is it’s studies are really showing now, like, it’s basically, like if you look at these studies,

they’re like, it’s almost proving that vitamin D sunlight is so important for like mental health. Yeah. You know how I know if a supplement is good for me or not, and I probably should have said this earlier. It’s if I take it and the next morning I feel some type of way. So if I take vitamin D at night and the next morning,

I just feel a little bit more energetic and light then, and it’s consistently like that. And then I stopped taking it and then I’m not like that. Then I know that that supplement is doing that to me. And I, I have like multiple supplements that, um, change my like mood a little bit, you know, Vitex has done that to me when I took it.

Um, Oh, basketball changes your mood a little bit. So yeah. Vitamin D try it again, like monitor yourself before you go to bed. And then when you wake up, see how you feel in terms of yeah. Can like throughout the day, is it sustainable? Is it like spikes of this certain feeling? Or is it a sustainable feeling?

You want something that’s going to be a good balance so that you’re happy and you’re feeling great. So, yeah, just to finish that off, as you mentioned, there’s all these great benefits of vitamin D with not just peace, the peace related symptoms, but with mental health And another one, another settlement that helps with ovulation and egg quality is Maka.

A lot of them, Not much, not much, not much macho has caffeine. And I mean, if you can get decaf, get it, but this is not, we’re not saying macho is maca, M a C. Yes. I don’t think there’s decaf macho, but if you find it, let me know, because I love matcha loved anyway,

Maka, a lot of women trying to get pregnant, take marker power. I’m like a little bit in your smoothie. It really helps with an enhancing fertility and it tells your body to release more luteinizing hormone. And that’s the hormone that helps you obviate. So Maka powder is a, um, adaptogen. It’s not like a vitamin or any, it’s a it’s,

it comes from like a plant. So, and there’s a multitude of adaptogens you can take. And they’re all pretty expensive if you asked me, so don’t try to take all of them, but you know, it’s a nice gift. Like I gave you some for Christmas, like Asha, Gunda, Maka, macho. I agree. I, I kind of like,

I have like a circuit with them. I put one this day. Yeah. I certainly, I kind of rotate them around to like, sometimes I take a break from them for a week or two, try to change it up For me, the protein powder that I, um, drink every morning and always link it in my stories too. Um,

but that protein powder has adaptogens in it like ashwagandha and like reach reishi, mushroom powder, this and that to help my body adapt to like general life stress, whatever it may be, you know? So, um, yeah, Malka is just one of them. That’s great. And then another common one that I was recommended once. Um, and I remember taking it and acetol,

cystine Glad you said that one. I did not want to pronounce it. And you told sustain. So this one, it’s a powerful antioxidant that increases the amount of the master antioxidant, gluten glutathione produced in the ovary, which is crucial for fertility. It also increases insulin sensitivity. Anti-inflammation reduces serum, testosterone levels and the free androgen index time. When I explained Tony’s things that I just said.

So again, it’s targeting a lot of the root issues. It’s targeting insulin resistance, it’s targeting anti inflammation, inflammation, it’s targeting, um, androgen. So that’s stress hormones. I mean, N-acetylcysteine is really targeting everything. That’s underlying your PCOS by targeting those two things. You’re also targeting thyroid health. So, um, yeah, this is one that a lot of women with PCOS are recommended and women with high stress hormones and women who don’t ovulate and have insulin resistance and inflammation can really benefit from inositol cystine and a study even showed that 1.2

grams per day of aniceto cystine combined with Clomid for women who were trying to get pregnant, improved the number of follicles retrieved and the thickness of the endometrial lining and oscillation and pregnancy rates. And so when, when it was compared to Clomid alone. So what I’m saying is maybe, you know, if you want to get pregnant and you’re taking Clomid, you could like this study,

combine it with NSC though. Cystine. But even if you’re not trying to get pregnant, you want to ovulate, you want to have health and fertility and balance in your body, no matter what. So don’t be deterred by supplements that say like, Oh, it can help with, you know, pregnancy. Yeah. I mean, Oh, basketball can too,

but like, it can also help with a multitude of other issues, um, that are happening to women with PCOS and my last but not least other favorite supplement. So Avastin tells my number one and my number two, What is number two. And will there be number three? CBD is number two, number three, number three. Yeah. Liver stuff.

I was going to say, Oh, one thing with your mentioned M G Oh. And put my pants. Jeans. No, everyone. I know that’s tried this because of me, everyone in my family has taken it. I take it like two times, three times a week. I need a lot of women with PCs have fatty liver. And it’s because of insulin resistance and how we,

you know, have this metallic metabolic issue. And our fat, you know, is storing in our bodies, around our Oregon, specifically our liver. And when our liver is not functioning properly, we’re not detoxing our hormones. And we’re having a buildup of estrogen or a buildup of whatever. We’re not throwing out the used hormones. You know, there’s a cycle.

Yeah. And Swiss something. Even your doctor, dr. Nirvana recommended you when you were initially diagnosed, she’s like, this is going to help with your possibly your fatty liver, or how are your, if your liver is in that condition, this will help with that Insulin resistance. And it totally did help. And another thing it regulates your bathroom situation.

You have a healthy bowel movement. Yeah. Healthy is key word. It’s not a laxative. It’s like a healthy, It sounded like, Oh my gosh, I have to go to the bathroom. And like, everybody turned the sound down. So you don’t hear me right now. It’s not nothing. There are ladies listening strips. Come on. I’m sure when you’re in the stall and then you want to like,

keep it quiet anyways. We are ladies. We don’t go to the bathroom. That’s true. That’s true. Doesn’t exist. It just evaporates from your body because Exactly. But anyways, There is really great. It’s the liver supplements really great. We will link it because I live for this liver settlement. I don’t know why I haven’t shown it on Instagram yet,

but you know, some things I just forget to show you guys, because I’m so involved in my food and I’m like, I have to post about food, food, food, but sometimes I should post the other things. Yeah. Yeah. That’s true. While you pull up the, um, the RDMS and the sister of the week, we just want to say if there’s any supplements that users have tried and,

um, that you think that it’s beneficial for others, let us know message us and we’ll look into it. And we’ll see, you know, maybe this is something that a lot of other sisters can take and that can help them too. Yeah. Let us know. So the win of the week, this was a DM and she will be left on unnamed.

Um, This is the winner of the weak sister of the week. The name of the vehicle, whichever way you want to call it, but it is the one of the, Okay, well actually I can, might as well say your handle in case she’s listening. Christina, Marie, she DMD me saying happy, happy birthday. And thank you all caps.

Your knowledge about PSUs truly changed my life. Recently. I lost 12 pounds since the beginning of the year, I altered my workouts because of you and have committed to going gluten and dairy free. I’m also incorporating intermittent fasting. The weight is falling off and I’m so caps all caps so grateful to have found your page. I’m currently studying for my board exam and I no longer feel brain fog when I study or in general bloating no longer occurs.

And my energy level is up all the way. I hope to also be off blood pressure meds by doing this lifestyle change. I’m so excited that I finally found something that works for me and that I can continue throughout my life. My best friend slash sister CYS here is also in this journey with me. And she is just as ecstatic as I am.

We’ve never felt better seriously from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. I hope you have an amazing birthday. It’s such a nice message. And we’re so happy for you, Christie. I think words can describe, I mean, you went through a lot, but like to get rid of the brain fog and the other symptoms, I mean, you’re taking your board exempt,

so you’re already going through such a high, stressful situation. So the fact that you were able to manage it and, you know, get your body through it is huge. So big, big shout out to you, but congratulations and proud. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I just went on Instagram and it looks like you reposting my screenshot that I posted about you.

I have to tell you that we care on our podcast. Maybe we’ll, we’ll send her a message right now and let her know that we’ve mentioned her. Yeah. Alright. Thank you sisters so much for listening, please DMS with your sisterhood stories and tests And your favorite supplements, the ones that work for you. If we didn’t mention today as always,

you can find us on Instagram, PCO, star, weight loss, and a sister and her Mister also on YouTube. You can watch this entire episode and subscribe, leave us a review. Anything, anything helps guys. Thanks so much. All right. Thank you. And you guys have a good week. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCLs from Sage one, Colden alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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