PCOS & Metformin

Did the doctor prescribe you Metformin for your PCOS? Metformin is commonly prescribed for women diagnosed with PCOS while there are other options like lifestyle changes and various natural supplements.

On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we talk about what Metformin is, how it works, the research behind it, and more! We go over the side effects of Metformin as well as what it does to your PCOS.

Cyster’s wrote in with their personal stories of Metformin and how it fared for their PCOS. Tune in to hear their stories. We also go over alternatives to Metformin such as Ovasitol and the growing research behind it!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician And I’m C doc husband, engineer, MPC, U us personal trainer. We’re going to make peace us a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

What’s up sisters? Welcome to episode 11. We are here. We’re going to talk about Metformin and Avesta. And if you’re watching our YouTube version of this podcast, you can see behind us, we have this gorgeous Valentine’s day It was like, where’s she going with this YouTube endorsement? And now I find out it’s about the glitter art shapes. Yeah.

And I was like, how do I make Valentine’s day happen our first year of marriage? How do we make this a little more possessive? I don’t think you’ve shown people like Tali. I came home yesterday or two days ago and the wall is covered with this string, with the hearts hanging, but also the, the patio door, the screen door that’s glass window is like covered in stickers.

I say, kiss me and like hearts. I mean, I’m flattered. This is cute. I feel like I’m living. I was getting there. I feel like I live in the nineties with all these stickers and then I go to the bathroom and I’m, while I’m in the bathroom, I’m like, all right, I’m about to close the door.

You know, I got to do your thing, do my thing. And then Ty says, Oh, have fun wiping. And like, obviously I was like, what? And I look at the toilet paper. And of course it’s like this Valentine’s day toilet paper that has like hearts and says, like it said, I love the shit out of you,

but then it doesn’t say shit. It has a poop emoji. Excuse you. Well, yeah, it was pretty funny. And it’s cute. You know, I appreciate it. Yeah. Nothing like a little nineties tacky throwback. Yeah. I guess it’s not tacky. It’s fine. Put my order in for the flowers. You can say that right now did some hard work,

you know? Oh my gosh. And I got these heart shaped cookie cutters and we’re going to make pizza, but we’re going to cut the salami in the shape of hearts. The salami. I thought you meant the dough. No, we’re going to get the dough from whole foods. Yeah. They call you flower. Oh, we can’t like cut that into a heart shape.

Sounds like a lot of work then me and myself, maybe they can make it in the shape of a heart. Maybe they’re doing that for Valentine’s day. Maybe there’s a special request, you know, like when they make it for those that don’t know, if you go to whole foods, you can ask them to give you a cauliflower crust for your pizza.

It’s literally just a crust. That’s like ready to be put the toppings on and like put it into the oven and voila, you have a gluten dairy free pizza. Yeah. As long as you want to put cheese on it, You can get the dairy free cheese. And just, if you don’t like it, mascot with a whole bunch of vegetables and salami and ground pork,

It makes yeah. Dyer makes some really good pizza. Um, like nondairy cheese. Yeah. What is it? Springtime. Sprinkles, sprinkle cheese shredded, shredded cheese. I don’t know. So yeah, Let’s get into the topic of today’s. A lot of you have been asking us since the moment that I have uttered the words Obasi tall. What the heck is it?

And is it the same thing as Metformin? And should I take out for a minute? Oh, the side effects. And so we are here to answer all of these questions and deep dunk. I believe like almost every woman that gets diagnosed with peace shores, they either get prescribed the birth control or Metformin from everybody’s story. Like they always say, I don’t know what to take.

There’s no other options. They told me to take birth control or Metformin. Should I do that? So right. It’s because so many women, 70% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance. And so basically like if the first thing that they give is Metformin to tackle insulin resistance, you know, it, it probably works for 70%. So, you know,

they just give that out, give birth control and say, you’re fine, but there are other options. And so Obatala is one of them. And we’re going to go into why. Yeah. And you’re probably wondering like, some of you, like, what is Metformin, just to give you a quick description, we’ll go into more detail later. Metformin works.

Yeah. It’s a drug works in two ways. It helps your cells respond to insulin. And then it reduces the levels of sugar produced by the liver, as well as the amount of sugar, your stomach and intestines absorb. So that’s like the, like the generic function, the function of it, and like what it does. And in turn that helps with reducing your insulin resistance of your cells.

But it’s found to be an endocrine disruptor, which is a chemical that’s mimicking hormones in your body and just like birth control and just like BPA, like these are all in disrupters for your endocrine system. And it seems to be doing more harm than good for women with PCOS. Um, so it’s commonly prescribed and I’m sure you were, I was offered it certainly.

And I said, no, because I knew that there were other lifestyle and diet changes that I could do, which would work equally if not more effectively than Metformin, Of course. And although like Metformin can, can definitely work on some women. But the thing is like, you want to try the natural first, like why not changing your diet and taking a natural supplement instead of putting your body on like a prescription drug.

Because as we all know, like with birth control, getting off of Metformin is also very difficult. Then you’re going to have similar symptoms, just getting off of it. Some like, cause it’s some, um, you know, artificial artificially made drug that your body’s not used to. Yes, Exactly. And you know, just so you’re informed when,

before you make the decision of getting off of Metformin or staying on Metformin with the advice of your doctor that you trust, because you go to a trusted doctor. If you listened to us before, you should know that in also talls, which is opacity call a combination of nostalgia work just as effectively as Metformin. So consider that when you’re making a decision on how you’re going to tackle your insulin resistance and speaking of insulin resistance,

I want to make sure everyone knows what this is because I talk about it a lot because so many women are struggling with it. And this is something that you should know, like the back of your hands, because this is the root of most PCLs. And there are several root causes of PCOS, but insulin resistance is like the most predominant one. And it can spiral out of control and turn into diabetes if you don’t do something about it.

And so how does it what’s happening? What’s happening to your body and why? I was told that I was like almost pre I was pre-diabetic Really? Is it like, cause like the lifestyle, like the impact it was having on your life? I was in college and I was eating like, however I was eating, which I thought was pretty healthy,

like sandwiches, like regular meals. I mean also the most common college, like girls and like people to just go to like fast food. Cause they don’t have the time. They try to keep it on their budget. Never ate fast. That was not like, cause I was just used to my mom’s cooking and like healthy food in our cafeteria was good.

It’s just that I was not eating gluten and dairy free and I was eating like chocolate candy, whatever. Like I wasn’t thinking about it. Like if it was there, I was like, sure. You know, cause I wasn’t aware of my body and like what was harming me the most. Yeah. And so basically what’s happening is when you’re eating sugar or a lot of carbs,

I’m like too many carbs. I’m talking about like past 150 grams and, and Oh, you’re exercising a lot. What’s happening is there’s a lot of sugar in your bloodstream after you break down those carbs to sugar and then the more sugar there is, the more your pancreas is going to send out insulin, which is a hormone that picks up the sugar and puts it into your cells.

So you can burn it up. But the more insulin tries to, Hey, sell open up and take this sugar. You know, the cell becomes more resistant it because that’s just what happens. Like insulin keeps bombarding it. So the more resistant to it, it is the worst here. PCR symptoms get because that sugar ends up storing as fat. And then that insulin hormone goes to ovaries and triggers you to produce more testosterone and all of these other PCs symptoms happen.

And not just that, the more inflamed yourselves are for whatever reason, whether it’s gluten, dairy, stress, um, you know, lifestyle factors, whatever reason your mood is causing yourselves to be inflamed is also causing them to be more resistant to insulin. And then insulin is knocking on the door of your cell and then it’s not opening up. And then basically more insulin is sent out from your pancreas.

Cause it’s not like doing its job and then it gets worse and worse. Alright, I’m going to need to listen to this podcast myself. I’m like where’s I mean so much information I know. And then diabetes, because your pancreas gets tired of pumping all this insulin all the time because your cells are so insulin resistant. So anyways, I know rewind,

listen to it again. Really understand what’s happening now, once you understand and you want to make new lifestyle changes, it will make more sense to you and you’ll be more inclined to follow them because now you know why you have cravings. Why? You know, and let me tie this to cravings really quick. Okay? The more insulin you have in your bloodstream,

that’s not able to put the sugar into your cells to burn. The more cravings you have because your body thinks that you don’t have enough sugar in your bloodstream. And like, you know, you need sugar because you have all this insulin. There’s just an overflow of insulin from your pancreas. So you have cravings now. So now you have cravings. You’re tired because your cells aren’t burning the sugar for energy.

And um, you’re gaining weight because you’re not burning it up. Yeah. And so here we are insulin resistance. PCLs out of control, almost diabetic ton with my spiel. As you guys can tell, I can stay in my lane and let the dietician talk, let the expert do her thing. While you just observe and pay attention, You can tell,

you know, there’s working out too that can drive insulin resistance further into the group. Of course, that’s why we say do slower workouts with, with, uh, incorporating weights because that helps your body to pick up the sugar in the, in the blood. And therefore your insulin resistance is under control. And like you get more results that way because your body’s sugar isn’t spiking.

And like, is it just bounced throughout the workout? Yeah. Slow controlled. Yeah. When you do that fast workout and you’re running or your kickboxing and like you’re sweating and like you’re out of breath. Your body is like depleting all of the trigger, like sending into the blood and like trying to like give you energy. And then like just throws everything out of whack Because you’re not able to burn it up.

Cause you’re insulin resistant. And then cause you’re not able to burn up that sugar that you’re supposed to be burning while you’re doing this one hour long run or high intensity workout. It stores this fat. And then you wonder why you’re gaining more weight for doing orange theory or your weight. Isn’t moving, you know, you’re cycling all the time. Yeah.

And to be honest, it’s, it’s, it’s so much cheaper to go that route to go slow with it. Um, route, because you either need to be like sign up to just the gym or like you can do at home easily, just like, you know, buy a couple of, you know, Dumbos and stuff. And like, if you know the right workouts for your,

for like the regimen and stuff, you just do that. And like We got you ladies, we have workout videos in the sisterhood. That’s true. We do. But like just if you do that, those simple things instead of paying for like, you know, like a $500 class over like two months or something, and then you don’t see results and then you feel horrible because you didn’t get the results you want,

but you try your butt off. But then too, you know, like you feel like, Oh, I wasted my money or like, Oh, they bamboozled me. Or like, or like, you know, it’s just like, it’s like all this negative energy and then you never want to do it again. That’s the thing. You never want to do it again.

I, I, I hate when that happens. Cause yeah, like I understand like why that you were feeling that way. Like, I wouldn’t want to do anything if it’s not gonna work. If it’s yeah. If I go through that kind of experience, but spending all that money. Yeah. But like, unfortunately it’s just because the knowledge isn’t really out there and like not everybody knows,

like we’re all used to the whole old school, traditional work, harder run, run, run, and you’ll always see the results you want. And like, but there’s you gotta be smarter about it more. Yeah, Exactly. So we want to inform you about what Metformin is and what opacity is and some of the research behind how they work. Yeah.

They both work equally as good as each other, except Metformin has cited. Yeah. And just the thing, like there’s no need to freak out and like eliminate your, that your carbs or like count calories on like, just go on like a crazy restrictive diet. I mean, just today I was messaging somebody, um, on Instagram and like they were saying how like,

Oh, should I just do a thousand calories today or something? Or like 600 calories. And like me and Tyler were like next to each other. And I was like, Oh my, Oh my goodness. Like that’s, that’s so restrictive. Like you do not need to cut out. You cut your calories like that. Like there’s people like who can,

who just do a 2000 even slightly more or like Eight, 2000, 200 calories and last week And they lost weight. And it’s because it’s about what you eat, what you put in your body and like the kind of movements you’re doing with your body that really dictate your results. It’s not about restricting or like going on like a diet where you’re cutting out all fats or all like carbs or something,

Because that causes stress. And then more stress means more information and more insulin resistance. Yeah. And they really like gluten dairy free is like one of the best options for that reason. It’s like, it’s not a restrictive diet. You can still eat. Like we mentioned earlier, we’re going to eat pizza for Valentine’s day. We’re going to, you know,

go through a restaurant, have steak and French fries when they maybe who knows, like there’s like all these options that we always have, that we can still enjoy our lives and not feel like we’re restricted in any way. So that’s, that’s my spiel. You say it like it is honey. Yes. So we told you on that foreman works, but it can have its place.

Sometimes it works for some ladies we’re not here to like bash on Metformin. I’ve heard of it working, but oftentimes it doesn’t, it has so many terrible side effects and it doesn’t significantly improve fertility or oblation or giving like lasting weight loss results. It also depletes the body of vitamin B 12, which is really important. That’s like, what gives your body energy?

And it helps your body repair. And it all, it’s also very important for like detoxifying and, um, unfortunately Metformin is not recognized as an endocrine disruptor and like, just like, um, like birth control. It’s like, it just acts as this chemical, like chemical, like substance. Exactly. And so that’s the last thing you want because B12 helps you detox.

Now you’re missing B12 when you’re taking Metformin and Metformin is acting like a toxic substance in your body. And so in our liver struggling to detox anyways. So it’s like this whole awful combination of negative side effects. And I’m saying, why do that? When you have a natural option? Yeah. Like we’ll get into later why basketball is like a natural option.

That is also very similar to how Metformin, um, but what the function of Metformin is like another thing that Metformin does, that’s really bad. It’s like it alters your gut microbiome. And like, it’s like, that’s critical. It’s very critical. Your gut. And like what this Metformin does is like, it burns like your good bacteria and like,

am I right? Isn’t that one of the most critical things in your, The gut health environment is so critical because it helps with inflammation. So if your stomach is not doing well, the bacteria in your stomach, and if it’s being, uh, altered by taking drugs like Metformin or birth control, whatever it may be. Yeah. That inflamed inflammation that it’s causing is going to further drive issues with PCOS,

insulin resistance and so on. Then that stress like overall stress in your body. Yes. And like the gut is really important. Like just, just on its own with like free Metformin for a second. Like the gut is a really important factor in your daily, like, um, diet, just, just make sure that everything, yeah. Like they’ve now linked the gut,

basically your stomach to your brain. And like they found neuron, like transmitters that, um, have just like the same amount of like, uh, feeling as your brain. It’s crazy. Like, they’re not saying like, like the way you eat and like all this stuff is connected to like depression. And like Once you have inflammation from poorly, you feel depressed and anxiety ridden.

Yeah. And obviously that’s not the only problem what you eat is like other factors why someone has depression, but it’s like, it’s one of the factors that could make it worse. And um, so it’s very important that like, we have a good diet with like, will you incorporate probiotics? You know, there’s like the supplements you can buy. And I’m like,

I take one a day, one a probiotic supplement a day. So, you know, just try to just try to think of, you’re like balancing your gut biome because it’s when you take it, like something like an antibiotic, it completely destroys your gut biome. And then it takes your body about two years, sometimes longer to repair and completely replace all the good bacteria that was there.

So like, obviously antibiotics is very important in, in some cases. And like, you need to take it and like to fight off some, to fight off bacteria. Yeah. Of course. Just keep in mind though. It’s gonna destroy all the good bacteria in your stomach. And when that happens, a lot of people have like stomach problems, cramps issues.

So just, if you ever do antibiotics, just make sure you go on like a strict probiotic regimen afterwards. Interesting. And like you said earlier, when you get off of Metformin, you’re still going to suffer because now you’ve altered your gut microbiome. And then now you have to repair that after you get up and you Take probiotics, if you are going through that.

Yeah. If you’re just, if you just got off Metformin or if you’re taking Metformin, um, go ahead and just start taking probiotics. It’ll, it’ll start helping with your cramps. Cause we’ll relate it. We have some people who put in, gave him their, um, testimonials about Metformin or not testimonials. I should say comments, what they feel it,

it did to them. And a lot of them had stomach issues. So I think that’s directly, I’m talking about 80, 90%. There was like one or two people that are like, Oh, you know, I got used to it, then I was fine. But then like, They were like, there was like IBS issues. There was like diarrhea.

There was cramps constipation. Why go through yeah. When you have another option. Okay. So also we should, we should mentioned that if you take Metformin alongside of us at all, you could be at risk for hypoglycemia. So like we recommend doing that obviously, but also just talk to your doctor about these medications and supplements you take, like do not stop taking Metformin without consulting or physician.

You don’t just first talk to your doctor, make sure everything’s okay. You can go off Metformin and then you can, you know, just to have a clear path instead of just like, you know, I’m just going off of it. So it just, just be Exactly find, find a doctor that knows about in OSS talls and the power of,

of acetone. Cause they are out there. And then there’s some that aren’t familiar with it because maybe they haven’t kept up with the research. But there is recent research about this saying that they work equally as well and about as tall as natural without the side effects. Yep. And in summary, before we went to a basketball, like Metformin can have some beneficial impacts on the regulation of sugar or glucose.

But, um, as we said, there’s some various supplements and lifestyle changes that work better. Exactly income. Oh, FaceTime. Oh, we’re favorite supplement for PCFS ladies. Turn up the volume. Okay. Should I tell them what it is or do you want to tell we’ll make the first introduction. Oh, basketball. This is a supplement. It’s this powder.

You can put it in water twice a day with meals, with breakfast, with dinner, drink it up. Right. Colorless flavor lists, little bit sweet. And it’s made up of a combination of a NASSA tall. So it’s made up of myo and de Cairo in NASA tall. And so they’re combined in a ratio of 40 to one, which is similar to the ratio that they should be found in your body.

Yes. So there’s my yo And then there’s Cairo Cairo and they come together a and they’re made up of 42. That’s how you remember this. Okay. You make the song in your head. This is the song songs. You remember Vitamin B eight and they’re blended in a ratio of 40 to one, which is the same ratio that it should be found in your cells.

So the thing is with, we’re missing that ratio of inositols we’re missing it. And that’s why we’re struggling so much with insulin resistance. So in, you know, there’s the whole lifestyle. We don’t know why we’re missing. Is it natural? Or is it because of the way that we’ve eaten or in our lives or how we’ve been working out,

whatever it could. It’s genetic it’s passed down genetically, most women and their sisters and mothers have DCOS. I mean, if you have, and mostly your mom or your sister might have it too, or your cousin. Um, so what I’m saying is it might be passed down genetically. So you might be off with your, and also tie ratio and Avastin is the perfect supplement to go in there and supplement you.

Yes. And it’s the great thing is it’s colorless and tasteless so that you can put it into almost anything like you’re like water obviously, but tea like decaf tea, or like, like anything you’re drinking, just put it in there. All this is smoothie. You can put it in there and it’s not going to alter the taste. And you just have a twice per day with your meals,

like a smoothie. Like I mentioned, if you’re having to is perfect. Exactly. And yeah, There’s some awesome research on this. Like according to randomized controlled studies involving in NASA, Tal supplements in women with PCOS in Austin. Huh? What is in NASA? Tile is vitamin B eight. That’s that’s it right there. Yeah. And it’s found in fruits and nuts and beans and they created a powder out of it.

You know? However they did that. Yeah. Yeah. Any other questions? I’m sure. Well, that’s good to know. I’m loving this. We should mention, by the way, Tallinn, sister’s currently taking a best to talk, goes to show you how much we believe in this supplement. The Italian takes it every day. She gives it to her sister.

Of course she’s PR she like always is recommending to people. Yeah. You don’t have to take it if you don’t feel. I mean, if you’ve taken it for three months, cause it comes in a three month supply and that’s enough in your period is regulated and all of your symptoms are starting to get in control. Cause you’re, you’re changing your lifestyle to then you don’t really have to continue it unless you feel like you still need it.

And I sometimes feel like I need it. So I don’t take it every day. But sometimes I take it like during wedding planning, I felt my blood sugar being like a roller coaster from stress or like, you know, there’s just times in life where I feel like insulin resistant again, because it’s genetic. It’s like in me, I constantly have to control my PCs and do some and everything I do every day is to make sure that I am healing my body and my body it’s in remission and I don’t have symptoms and my skin is clear and my periods on time and things like that.

So yeah, we can’t heal PCOS and like, you don’t have to take over a store forever, but you can do all of these things to really boost yourselves, get them where they need to be. And then just continue living your life, according to whatever CS, you know, whatever allows you to not see such horrible symptoms. Yeah. I mean,

there comes a point where you manage it so well that you don’t even think about it most days. Yeah. Like me being in time, most of the time don’t even, I don’t how’s your PCO is like, never cause she’s like a hazard. So good under control that I’m never worried about anything, you know? Yeah. Sometimes I have cheese last weekend.

I had a little bit of cheese broke out a little and I was like, okay, it’s fine. Everything’s still under like two bites. So Yeah, no, it’s fine. But I found the balance, you know, like 99% of the time I’m gluten and dairy free. So can I finish the research? I was reading babe. Okay. I’ll just go in my corner.

I’m sorry. In rasa, tall provides improvements in almost all pathological conditions. According am in PCOS. According to this study, it says recovery of reproductive abnormalities, decreased androgen levels and improved insulin levels were a result of taking an off the top. And in 2019 in Italy, there was a study on similarity and differences of my own hostel on Metformin. We have Italian fans.

We were talking to them on Instagram the other day. So hello. Totally. We love Italy. We were there for our honeymoon. We’re going back again this summer to celebrate our one year anniversary because we love it that much. The researchers noted that the only real difference between Metformin and Anesta is the adverse side effects of Metformin. They found no difference in an insulin or testosterone results between Metformin and ASTA tall and people who took my own also did not have any adverse reactions to the supplement,

but people took Metformin found to be five times more likely to have side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, lactic, acidosis, weakness. So on. Wow. That is so it’s the same. Yeah. It’s it’s it’s, as you can see, it’s a lot of symptoms related to like these gut issues and yeah. Yeah. Gut issues, diarrhea like,

Oh my gosh stuff. But he was replying in the DMS with a poop emoji. I was like, how did you feel when you took them appointments? And like, that’s all she wrote. I’m like, Oh my God, I need you poor thing. Okay. Let’s go on to the DMS. Then The DMS, this is one time asked.

How did you feel when you took Metformin? A lot of fun responses here. So let’s go through these L Liberty says, hell, that’s all she says. Yeah. I mean, that’s a good one because then you feel like all this, like anger, you feel anxiety. And then like you have all these symptoms with your stomach. That’s a definition of hell.

Yeah. Uh, I want to read this name cause you know, uh, they say horrible so much diarrhea. Oh gosh. So with multiple OLS diarrhea spelled correctly, but you know, a lot of Oles, uh, federal Federica Stony says great. The only thing that bothers me is a change of taste on any food. So it looks like she had a,

a good response to it. But to change of taste in your mouth means your taste buds are being, Oh no. That’s because you’re having the taste of a metal in your mouth, right? Yeah. That’s one of the side effects of Metformin tasting metal. Wow. We can do better than that. That does not mean it’s great. Is that from your blood?

Is it that, is that the iron from your blood that’s being depleted or something? No idea. But I read that that was a side effect. Wow. Is neon or Shannon? Gold. 94 says may no difference lost weight and gained the back. So it wasn’t a sustainable thing. As we mentioned earlier, a lot of, a lot of these prescriptions and stuff like they don’t provide you a sustainable solution.

It’s like this. Yeah. With all basketball, once you take it and it helps regulate your period, it helps with insulin resistance. So you can lose weight, like all of these things, then you stopped taking it and you’re healed. Like you’re not re reliant on this supplement to see results. Like it heals you, you get regular periods from then on like,

you know what I’m saying? Like these are results. Why should you take something? That’s not going to work long term. Yeah, Totally. Kay. Brakeman says didn’t work for me and made me feel sick the whole time. There we go. Like this, a lot of the symptoms. And as we mentioned, it’s not always, uh, it doesn’t always work.

Uh, I was about to read the email, but, um, named, but I’m going to stop there. She says, had the worst diarrhea ever. My doctor switched me to a slow release Metformin and I fainted. Oh my that’s horrible. I’m sorry to hear that. That’s awful. Can you imagine you can take that. And then now you’re scared every time you’re going to take it,

that you’re going to faint It’s cause your blood sugar drops. Even with the whole basketball, you have to take it with food so that you That’s probably what it is. Yeah. Maybe you took your Metformin on an empty stomach and that is what happens. So always with these kinds of things, um, take it with food. So your blood sugar doesn’t dramatically drop.

Exactly. I think that’s all the DMS. I mean, there were hundreds, there was so much David noticed. I was like, babe, how come? There’s like so many messages to was way more than like, you know what we always see in like it was because so many people had an opinion about Metformin while there was, you know, good ones.

But there was a lot of bad ones. I think I would see the percentages were like 95% bad and 5% good if I had to like kind of summarize three good ones. Yeah. You think so? I put one of them here. Yeah. She was the one who said great. The only thing that bothers me is the metal taste in my mouth.

I don’t know if that’s good, but she said great. So I put it. So we just, so we have our wins of the week and one of them, I want to shout out this one’s for obesity tall. Um, This week we usually have one. Well I just, yeah, there were like really good ones, two really good ones this week.

And I have like a whole, um, album in my phone album of Avastin, tall, uh, testimonials like hundreds of them from sisters who got their periods back after like years and years of not having their periods who have lost weight who feel better because it helps with anxiety too. Like in higher doses in hospitals, help with anxiety. You can even take it as,

um, some supplement for depression and saying it’s going to solve everything. But there are studies that it helps with depression. And so basically what I’m saying is all these testimonials. I picked one of them from Rachel and Nebraska and she’s from the sisterhood. She posted this in the chat forum for all her sisters to read. And she wrote third month on Avast natal.

Second period in the records. This is the first time in years. I’ve had two in a row, no cramping. It’s not as heavy. I’ve always had horrible symptoms before and during my period, but this one, I felt completely fine. Gluten and dairy free. And really are healing thinks telling the best combination you can’t just do of acetone and like eat.

However you want. Combining it with gluten and dairy free. Awesome story. I love that Rachel, congratulations. And you know, keep on going on. Like it looks like you’re really like getting everything under control, so good job. Good job. And then babe, do you want to read this other one? This was an email I got, we’re not going to say her name because she wanted to remain anonymous.

Uh, because well you’ll why once the doc reads it. Okay. Alright. Alright. Let’s read this one. Hi Tallinn. After being diagnosed, I was so frustrated that I had it. My mom and my sister didn’t have it. Why did I have to be blessed with it? I started doing some research and quickly became conflicted with what I needed to do to manage my symptoms and get things under control.

I was told so many different diets to try and all of it seemed too overwhelming. And to be honest, part of me, wasn’t willing to give up the food I loved. And this is like a heartfelt story. Like I feel this girl’s story. You’re just reading this. I was like Emily Dickinson right now. Really The rest baby. It’s really good Following your Instagram account for awhile.

And when end of December rolled around, I was tired of being stagnant and not doing anything to fix it. Your course was released. And I committed to just try something. All right, here we go. Workout course. And I just finished the four week course. It was so hard in the beginning, but as time went on, it got a bit easier.

Within the four weeks I lost eight pounds all violated for the first time. And today I got a call from my doctor that I am pregnant. I had been balling all day and I can’t even believe it, home it out. Woo. Thank you. Thank you. All caps. All amazing. This is such a great story. I’m almost like You see,

my judge dropped our course got someone pregnant. Wow. We got someone pregnant. I know. Amazing, Amazing results. Oh my gosh. So incredible. It’s a, here’s the thing. You’re balancing your hormones. You’re actually doing something to balance your hormones. And then that is resulting in weight loss. Eight pounds in a month is perfect. You want to lose one to two pounds a week?

And then she obviously, which means that she, her blood sugar was under control. Cause she reduced all this inflammation and insulin resistance by going gluten and dairy free. And then she obligated and she got pregnant. That’s crazy. That’s wonderful. I’m so happy for her. This is the trio of the results you want. This is exactly the Holy Trinity.

We wish that depends everybody. Everybody wants something different. This is something. If these are some of the things that you want, that’s a great thing. Obviously not everybody wants to get pregnant, but like you definitely want some of these results. And it’s just so great to see somebody go through that process and reverse their symptoms. And like now come out on the end or fully in her case.

Hopefully she continues to be, you know, like having a healthy, having a healthy pregnancy and like ovulating and all that good stuff. So like, this is just a great story. Like even if you don’t want the pregnant part or another part, just know that there are stories out there like cruises Solutions. And we want to motivate you by reading all of them.

So if you want to order Avesta we have a 15% off code and you can find it in the description of this podcast and the link to purchase it. Yeah. Yes. And just know this is something that we truly believe in that Tallinn gives to her sister. She takes herself every day and like you see it in her stories all the time. And like,

we wouldn’t be suggesting something to you if we didn’t truly like, like believe it back it up. Literally the only supplement that I shout from the rooftops for PCOS, I know there’s others out there. There’s so many, you can spend lots of money on supplements, but I’m trying to help you minimize it and help you go gluten and dairy free and take one supplement at a time and see how you feel.

Also like just not, this is not an advertisement. No, they didn’t tell us to go on this podcast and suggest it to you. Like that’s not at all like how, like this happened. This is something we truly believe in that we want. We would suggest to our mothers, if they had the choice to take it, Stir myself, thousands of women.

I’m all about it. All right. All right, sisters. It was so nice chatting with you. Yeah. This was a great podcast. I hope you found it informative and definitely listen to it. Listen to it again. Yeah. I will listen to this, like three to four times. I’m personally going to listen to it twice. I mean,

I always listened to these before they’re published by them. Listen to it twice now. Alright. Talk to you soon ladies. Bye. Bye. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCOS from stage one,

cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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