PCOS Meal Prep & Workouts

How much do you spend on groceries? On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we talk about how we meal prep for PCOS and our strategy towards grocery shopping. We cover how much we spend on groceries, how we prepare and cook gluten & dairy free meals, and more!

We often want to exercise harder and longer because we think that will make us lose weight. We uncover the common mistakes of working out with PCOS and discuss immediate tips for you to improve your PCOS workouts with results.

Like always, we read Instagram messages from Cysters and reveal the Cyster of the week with her latest wins managing PCOS!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician, Husband, engineer, MPC, us personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. episode five sister and her.

Mr. Woo. I’m sit okay. As always. And this is Tallinn. Uh, I just came back from hot yoga and I am still very hot. I got to see what is it about yoga or I’m sorry, a hot yoga where you do it and your body’s still stays hot for like an hour, Hour. You’re sweating for at least six hours Shirt,

guys. Second shirt. I T I wore a shirt and we ate dinner throughout dinner. I was sweating. I showered first and I ate dinner and I was sweating profusely pro Fuseli. Okay. I’m losing my appetite. Yes. Well, what appetite you just ate. You should not have an appetite for yes, But anyone who’s about to eat. It’s going to lose it.

So That’s right. Don’t listen to this part while eating. So I had to change my shirt and now I’m in, as you can tell a nicer, you know, I don’t want to brag, but are sure. Yeah. If you’re watching us on YouTube, you can see my church shirt I’ve changed too either way. Yeah. Let us know.

Like, do you guys do hot yoga or do you do the sauna? I mean, I’ve heard research that like doing hot yoga or especially sauna is good with reducing inflammation specifically for aging, for inflammation in the back inflammation regarding like, like throughout the body. So As sisters, we have a lot of inflammation that we’re fighting all the time. Totally.

I mean, it’s a great thing to have in your routine, your self care routine to help fight inflammation. I mean, we should be thinking of staples in our self care routine that are going to fight inflammation. And if you like hot yoga, then that should definitely be one of them. That’s true. Speaking of adding things to your like lifestyle,

like hot yoga is something I just added about like three, three weeks ago. And I’m so glad. And I think it might be something that I’ll do for awhile. So listen to what time? Just say, like, you gotta add some things That works for you. If you guys saw the stories. When we went to hot yoga, the first time I left 10 minutes in 10 minutes,

I can’t, I just, Okay. The guy said specifically, the guy was okay, this whole room. We’re going to be together as a family. We’re going to breathe together. And he’s like, if you, if you can’t do it, just go down to the floor and just stay there. Don’t leave the room. Well, Tallinn, I noticed 10 minutes in shows,

like a little bit, like, you know, uneasy. She went down to the floor one minute after she immediately got up and left, left her, um, towel and yoga mat on the floor. Like, it doesn’t belong to her. I didn’t want to disrupt anyone and like roll up my mat. Will you shift your style a little bit?

But the second we did a move that required us to stand up and all the shit was like up there. Right. It was pretty hot. I’m not gonna lie. I lost. I was like, Oh, how I left? And I didn’t even care that the guy said that I was like, you cannot make me stay in this room is okay.

She left, got the keys and went and did other errands. I picked me back up after it was over, but I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna lie. It’s really tough. Even now, like I’ve done it like five times, six times now. It’s difficult. Like by the last minute I can’t wait to get out the room. Like,

well, one it’s so crowded in there sometimes. Like, you’ll go through during rushing at rush hour, like today is five, o’clock five 30. You know, everybody’s going after work on a Friday evening. Um, it’s perfect time you go. It’s so crowded. It’s Matt to Matt. I’m sorry. I sweat so much guys. I sweat so much.

I sweat double up. No one person sweats. So I’m sweating so much and I’m sorry, Scared to like move too fast. I’m going to swing at other people. My sweat, like, you know, like when you get like a town, What’s your arm to do warrior pose and slash the people around you. Yeah. They get a star formation.

Like, you know, when you get like a mat and like, you go like this, you fly it, you fling it in the air and it like, it flails the water drop as beautiful formation. I feel like I’m going to do that with my arms as I do the yoga pose. And the person next to me is going to be drenched.

It’s probably crowded because it was like the day before Christmas or something. And everyone wanted to get their last workout in before. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. That was, it was insane, but still makes it harder. Yeah. Luckily it’s not that bad for some reason, side to side. Doesn’t matter since you’re doing mostly for stretches, but yeah,

it’s great. I highly recommend it. And if you guys, you know, looking for other hobbies or have any other hobbies, that’s really good for you. Let us know. So we had Christmas Eve dinner at times a sister house was great. Delicious. She made prime tender. Yeah, it was, it was really good. You know, she put some salt and pepper on it with some,

you know, like really good rubbing there and like a bunch of other like sites like Brussels sprouts, dates, salad telling you, yeah. I made The Brussels sprout roasted salad with some bacon and dates that were also roasted together on my God. It was so good. There was a lot of gluten and dairy on the table, but there was enough not gluten and dairy foods that made me feel For sure.

Like, I think you were definitely able to find alternatives and able to have a full meal without worrying about it. I think it was luckily enough. Yeah, I think, yeah, totally. And that’s the thing when my sister hosts, or when we host, we make like so much food for my mom, you know, Armenian. So it was seeing,

there’s like two tables packed with all types of different food. Some of it’s bound to be gluten and dairy free. Totally. And Christmas day, we were just mainly at our house. We took a really chill out. We all hope you had a great Christmas day, great holidays. You know, this is the time to kind of just take it easy and enjoy with the family,

which is just what we do. We took it easy. They came over and we ended up playing monopoly. Like just like four of us out of, out of the group, got a little competitive. I might have to say, I am a little, I have a little competitive side. Yeah. Got a little competitive. But then once I think you started winning,

everyone started like offering each other money to borrow and like helping each other out. I was like, no, one’s going to win this game if we just went from competitive to, yeah, Sorry. I feel bad. Cause it’s like my father in law and I’m being cut throat like, Oh, you want this car to give me those two things right there.

And they are being cut throat. Eventually. I was like, Oh, you just want it? Then we started helping each other. Yeah. But yeah, just so y’all know. I wonder let’s just get that out there, but yeah. And right around the corner is the new course coming out. So just keep your eyes out for that. Exactly.

We’re going to talk about meal prepping and working out right now. Yeah, just to, yeah. Let’s get into that meal prep. So this, this, uh, episode’s going to be about meal preps and meal planning and working out for piece us in a way where everything’s in sync together where you’re not causing it hormonal imbalance or adrenal fatigue, or you’re not spending a lot of money or maybe you’re not buying the wrong things.

So time, do you want to start with, you know, like some tips or some things you want to talk about? Yes. Usually some of the biggest issues with meal prepping is that, or, or just like cooking in general is that it’s expensive and we don’t have time. And um, we don’t know what to make. You know, those are like three of the most common issues,

but you know, I didn’t realize this as much as I did after we got married. But cooking from home is not that expensive. Especially if you have an organized plan. And I remember one time you were going through our budgeting website called wine, AB Y a B, you need A budget.com. And basically it’s like, you just track what you spend and at the end of the month,

or like, anytime you want, you could see the categories. And it’s like something I love to use to know what we spent money on. And we calculated it per month. The last six months that we’ve been married or the last five months. Cause you know, the first month is always, we are getting used to it the last five months we’ve been married.

We averaging all I have right here. We’re averaging a $30 a day total for both of us to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner combined. So like $15 a person the whole day, total $30 a day. So for the whole month we’re spending about like $900, which is, which is like really, really good considering that like one we’re eating gluten and dairy free.

So we’re being, you know, like we’re being considerable about what we’re eating. We’re not just buying, you know, like, like anything we see out there. Yeah. We’re not buying a lot of processed foods, but we did discover Beanitos the chips. I’m sure you remember from previous episodes Can get those bean fields chips and like all those like healthy,

healthy, alternative sex we would, We would be. Yeah, exactly. I mean the only time we go, like about a hundred dollars over a month is because of those little snacks and stuff. And that’s what typically sisters who go gluten and dairy free start gravitating towards to replace other foods with. And then you find that it gets expensive, but none of those foods are even necessary.

Like those chips, what else is there? That’s the packaged, um, right. Rice. I love rice rice, but if you don’t have it, you can just have like a can of chickpeas for 99 cents because right. Rice is made from chicken, The skin that chocolate almonds, chocolate, gluten free bread, dairy free milk. I mean, these are all things.

These are all things you can do without if you’re really on a tight budget. Sure. But like, I feel like all of these things like to start like the gluten free bread and the dairy from like these days, there are cheap alternatives where you can, like, you can find, but yeah, of course, like if there’s things you want to take out of your budget and you want to go a little bit cheaper,

like for us, it’s $900 a month total for everything. But if we’re like, maybe we shop a little bit less at whole foods, you know, shop more here. We could definitely save a little bit more, but it’s all about what you’re comfortable with and what your, what you want your budget to be. I think that the most expensive part also for cooking is the initial grocery haul.

Like when you initially buy all of the frozen things that you want to stuff in your freezer, all of the, you know, um, like flowers and stuff like that that you want to have in your pantry. Like that’s the initial expensive whole, I think that was like first month that we lived together. But then after that, once you have those staples in there,

it just, it stays at like 900 or a thousand dollars a month for two people. Yeah. So something I did look up, what was it Actually, I think I was about to ask you about what you looked up the just go ahead, go ahead and say it. I did. I looked up how much it costs to get a meal delivery service for breakfast,

lunch, and dinner. And it was $1,200 per person per person. That, I mean, I That’s crazy compared to us, I mean $1,200 per person, not per two people per I think that that is a good idea. If you’re a working person and it’s within your budget, but That’s true. Like we said, if it’s in your budget,

I mean spend whatever you want to spend, if you’re eating the right things, but like $1,200 per person compared to $900 for two people, as you can see, there’s a difference, like if you do the shopping ahead, the meal planning ahead of time, the, the, just the cooking yourself in a kind of like strategic manner, you can save so much.

Yeah. You have to ask yourself what your priority is. Is it to save money or is it to save time? Or is it both? I feel like Fred it’s, it’s kind of both a little bit of both, but if it’s to save time, then go for it, get the meal, delivery service. If it’s to save money, then you’re going to have to start planning out your meals in advance.

Yeah. And when you buy those whole foods like potatoes, for example, they’re cheaper. You’ll roast a bunch. You’ll eat it for like three different meals or like one cabbage. The cabbage we ate tonight for dinner, with lemon, olive oil and salt has been shredded up and in the fridge for like three days, hasn’t gone bad. And every night I take a handful,

I put it in a separate bowl and we eat it. And it’s literally 99 cents. Less like for one, Three days already. And we ate it like for dinner on the side as a source of fiber. Yeah. I didn’t even have to like make a salad every single night. Most people think, otherwise they go to the group. They don’t want to go to the grocery store.

Cause they think, Oh, it’s expensive to shop and I’m going to spend so much money. And then, but we’ll go. Talions examples. She bought something for 99 cents lasting three days as a great salad. So Yeah. Oftentimes sisters, people go to the grocery store and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. So then you don’t get the things that you need.

Then when you go to work, you want to eat something, but you didn’t pack a lunch because you didn’t have all the ingredients. Then you buy a $15 sandwich or salad thing and a drink. It’s like what’s happening. Planning is key. That’s true. People spend so much money on their lunch breaks. I’m sorry if that’s a, if that’s one of you that’s listening.

But like me, myself, I go to work every day in an office. And almost every day I take leftover from the dinner before you can imagine how much money that saves. And I see like majority of my coworkers, 90% go out to eat and you know, that’s okay. Like go out to eat if you want to. And like, but like,

you don’t realize how much money you would spend. If, if you, if you were to cook a full meal the night before and then whatever leftover you have, you taken, you take it to work and it’s delicious probably way better than whatever you’re going to eat out, eat out because So true. Because once you start cooking, you get used to it and you build on recipes and you make them better.

You just have to give it a try. Yes. Most restaurants are eating at lunch or have processed stuff in there. Sugar, sugars, oils and stuff that like is not in a normal household. So just imagine if you kind of just start changing that solely how much money you’ll just say right there. Yeah. You’d be surprised. Okay. And time,

you know, driving somewhere and all that stuff where it could be enjoying your break Plus cooking can be relaxing if you just turn on the real Housewives and start chopping away. True. And then, I mean, it’s like, like the things that are expensive, like what do you think are when they go? So some of the, okay, listen to these tips,

sisters, when you buy precut things, they’re more expensive when you buy processing’s baby carrots, they’re way more expensive than just buying regular carrots and peeling them at home. Um, Charging you, people are charging you for things like that. You could do like, like this. So Unless you want to save time and it’s okay for you to spend that extra dime,

then you know, don’t buy the precut things. I don’t buy the precut things because I like to do it myself. Yeah. Um, I just like, like certain shaped job, symbols and kale, when it’s prepackaged and shredded up, it has those like hard stems on it. They don’t take that out. So then I can’t eat it as my kale salad.

Cause it’s like too tough. You know, I’m meticulous about it. I mean, carrots, when they come out, like those big, full carrots, you’re like, what is this thing? What do they pull this out of? You know? Like you take a huge thing. And then, but like the baby carrots, people that are know,

like those baby carrots or the carrots that don’t make it, like, meaning they’re the carrots that come out bad. So in order to sell them and save some money, they shave them down until they look eatable like a baby carrier edible and they sell it to you like that. So just there’s a reason. Yeah. So I hope these tips really help with your meal prepping processes.

Um, speaking of tips, working out the other biggest component of PCs, weight loss, there’s meal prep, there’s working out, working out can be really discouraging for a lot of sisters. I remember when I first met you, I was like, Oh, I just walk. And I don’t do much because walking is real. Yeah. We’re doing intense workouts.

You were doing like workouts through the Nike app that were like making you do this. And then circuit workouts where they’re not, they could be great for, for like people in general. Yeah. However, like when you have PSUs and you have issues related to, you know, hormonal imbalance and drill fatigue, there’s different workouts you should be doing in different styles or should be incorporating.

And I actually, personally, obviously I don’t have piece to us. You guys know this I’ve said this, but I am a peace of personal trainer. I have been working out for like more than I would say, 15 years. Um, I’ve also been playing sports my entire life. So like, I feel like not only do I know this field,

I am so passionate about it that you like, you guys don’t know, like I’m, I’m listening to you. Two videos learning about this every single day, keeping up with the latest information. Not like for school, for my own benefit to teach other people and to apply it, you know, to everyday practice. So You’re not wasting time on the treadmill for hours or going to kickboxing every single day.

Like I used to go and not seeing results. I mean, who wants to rip themselves out of bed and kick box if it’s not going to make you lose weight. Yeah. So what I like give you guys any advice or information, just know it’s coming from a good place. And some like, like overt, a lot of experience. So why first,

like something’s wanting to tell you about working out with PSUs is like, don’t go, go ahead and start by running five miles a day or putting yourself into a crazy circuit workout where you’re doing these like three different workouts back to back to back where you’re like, you’re out of breath and you’re sweating when Yeah. It does not look fun to me yet.

Yeah. You’re really suffering to start with right. Jumping around and panting and out of breath and just like pushing yourself to the max because your doctor told you that or your personal trainers yelling at you to like push, push, push. It’s what a lot of people told, you know, like a lot of trainers tell people, you have to just try hard,

run your butt off until you know, you can’t breathe anymore. You have to expunge all the calories out of your system, calories out food and just do more, uh, working out. Then you eat. There’s nothing appealing about that. That sounds like torture. And I cannot spend the rest of my life doing that just to stay safe. So like the way I’ve worked out for a long time is slower paced way incorporated workouts,

where you have dumbbells in your hands and you’re doing various different workouts for yeah. I mean, the thing for me is when I go to the gym, like I just, I just love being there. I love to just block out everything I did throughout the day. And I’m able to work out and just not thinking about like anything that happened at work Workouts.

Yeah. This many sets and this many reps and life will be perfect, sorry for 30 minutes at the gym. So like for an example, like our PCs workout, what I would recommend and what I told Tallinn, like from the get go is when you go and you want to work out, let’s say your full body, you would grab some weights and you would do an exercise for the back,

maybe 10 reps. But those 10 repetitions are not like fast paced as if you’re trying to go as fast as you can. Instead. You’re what you want to do is you want to control the weights where your muscles are really being engaged and being worked. What that does is not only does it burn calories, what it does is it makes your muscles work.

It, um, tears the muscles in a good way so that they are able to rebuild using fat, Using the sugar in your bloodstream so that it doesn’t turn into fat. Yeah. When you work out your muscles, like in this way and not just running, when you work out your muscles in this way, your muscles are pulling the sugars. And they’re also using the fat that you’re burning while you’re working out.

Whereas when you run, when you run, you’re barely spending calories. First of all, when you do like two miles, you’ll see on the treadmill. Like it’s not that much because if you eat dinner, you’re already over what you just spent. So like, and when you run, you’re also doing so wasting so much sugar from your body. So you want to eat more than you normally would.

Whereas when you do weight based exercises, your, your body has already absorbed that sugar. So it’s your, body’s not crazy hungry. And you’re able to sustain the diet that you want to stay on. Yeah. It doesn’t make you as hungry as cardio. I’m sorry. If I just went on a tangent, I get so passionate about it. I’m so passionate about this.

I just want to like tell you all the right information. This is just the start. Like this is just the beginning tips. I want to tell you. There’s so much more. We don’t want you to rip yourself out of bed when you don’t want to work out and drag yourself to the gym and take a crazy workout class. Oh my God.

I used to do this every single day. You should enjoy, you should enjoy going to work. I like to work out in home. My favorite cause we have some weights. Yeah. Is to just like project the workout on the TV or you tell me what to do. Yeah. And in the comfort, my home at the pace, like you had mentioned,

like let some of your workouts or like fast flection and then slow extension. So that you’re feeling the burn in your muscle, but you’re not like moving really quickly or like using weights that are too heavy for you. They’re just enough. So that at the 10th rep you’re like, okay, I have to put this. You don’t. Yeah. You don’t need to lift the heavyweight.

Oh yeah, exactly. I mean, you don’t need to lift a heavy weight. What you’re doing is you’re lifting relatively lightweight. Right. But once you controlling the weight down, your muscle does a lot more than you think. When you’re controlling the weight down slowly, your muscles are like working so much more than when you just drop it. When you just drop it.

Gravity does like more than half the work. Whereas when you control it slowly and basically do the whole workout slowly, your muscles are empty. The entire time engaged. You just, the whole body is working and you don’t hurt yourself and you don’t hurt yourself. Like the first time we went to the gym together, me and Tallinn, a funny story.

Tonya was like, so when do we start running around the building and doing this and that? I looked at her like that kind of stuff. You were like, you were like, okay, now we take a 62nd break. Do this set again. 10, 10 reps. And I started doing like jumping jacks in our 62nd break. He’s like,

what are you doing? Oh my goodness. Such a waste of energy. That’s I forgot that we did one set. I was like, okay, rest. And you started doing chomping. I remember it so vividly. And it was four years ago. You seriously blew my mind. I was like, wait. So I don’t. And then I called my sister after I workout.

And I was like, Arlene, you won’t believe the type of workout I just did with him. And we were like, still dating this. Wasn’t like a crazy serious thing yet. I was like, we were doing a slow workout. I’m sore. But I don’t feel negatively about the gym. Like, I’d go back. She’s like what? And now that you’ve been doing it,

like consistently together for the last couple of years, I mean, you said this yourself, you’re in great shape. Your body’s looking banging. Specially, if you asked me, it’s great. It’s always been great. But like, it really works Really try. I don’t like look in the mirror and want abs or anything. I just want to be like healthy and normal and like nothing.

I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder or anything. I just want to go day to day feeling comfortable in my body, in my skin and, um, just have control over my body, which I feel like I’ve achieved after a lot of years of ups and downs and hormonal issues that like have impacted results. Yeah. And it’s a, it’s a good place to be.

And I want all of my sisters to be there too. And again, this something you want to like Do as a lifestyle to me, you want to sustain. So it’s not something you want to go hardcore every day, I’m going to lose all this weight and just have a six pack. And that’s my goal for the rest of my life. At some point,

you’re going to come to a point where, you know, I’m happy with how I am and hopefully, you know, like everything else and you just want to maintain, Be just a feeling that you do, because that is your thing that you do. It’s not a thing where you drag yourself to the gym. It’s just, you have weights at home and you do your 30 minute workout and you maintain and that’s,

that’s perfectly fine. And that’s where, you know, most sisters want to be. Exactly. So we’re going to now move on to some other fun topics Like the DMS. Yeah. So let’s see who rolled up in the DMS today. I’ve posted, um, some questions on Instagram story, just to get some feedback from what my sisters are saying about meal prep and time saving techniques,

money saving techniques. And One of my favorite things, I love listening to DMS and answers and like the questions. Cause like they’re funny, informative. And A lot of people say the same things, which means that a lot of sisters want to hear information on certain topics. So it’s good to address the most common concerns. Yep. All right. The first one.

So DMS and a time saving tips for meal prep, we got one person OBS the nine said chop veggies, right after grocery shopping. Okay. That’s smart. And it takes a lot of effort and discipline to do that. Cause grocery shopping can be exhausting in and of itself. But if you wash and chop things, it is so much quicker to cook.

You just, Oh, you need parsley. Grab it. It’s already washed True. It’s like ready to go. Like shredded cheese. Jeez. That’s for you. Yeah. All right. We got one, uh, one other person for time saving tips for meal preps, Scotty, Scotty, if cut onions, scallions, sweet peppers and freeze. So you can save time while cooking.

That goes back to the last one, but she needs a wife. I mean, it just preserves them. My mom gets pre chopped onions from Costco. So she, and then she puts it in the freezer in Ziploc bags so that she doesn’t need to chop an onion every single time she’s cooking. Cause that takes like five minutes or 10 minutes, you know?

I don’t know. It just takes unnecessary amount of time. If you just precut them, put it in the freezer, it use your freezer, ladies. It’s very useful. Yeah. And never realized how important the freezer can be to like just save like me and stuff. And then later eat it. Or even like vegetables, like you’re saying right now,

or smoothies too. Especially like bananas. If your bananas about to go bad, put it in the freezer, use it later for a smoothie. You just saved those bananas. Right? Right. Okay. Another one Lynn hair girl. I make three to four days of grab and go salads with all the fixings. That is smart. If you get Tupperwares and then just put together salads,

don’t put the dressing. So it doesn’t go soggy. Yeah. And yeah, it doesn’t go bad. You put some shrimps or chicken or whatever in it. Yeah. And I love like a spinach salad with like tomatoes or like what’s some fresh onions on top like that, like a basic salad. Look, I only say that because it’s easy to make however,

kale salad with like your kind of marination with like lemon lemon. Ooh, Ooh. You can just get a lemon vinegarette dressing thing. And you know, some something citrusy is good with kale and kale lasts three days. Just like the cabbage. All right. Last one. Trader Joe’s. Oh, that’s from rotten apples. I like that name trader Joe’s yet.

They’re great. Cause they have so many like gluten free options, like pasta that’s made out of like, um, zucchini or, or like any other vegetable It’s yeah. It’s quicker to cook. These are the time saving tips for meal prep, pasta from zucchini. I mean zucchini noodles. If that’s what you meant, you just like do a quick two minute saute.

Whereas with pasta, you have to boil water and all this trader Joe’s has a lot of precut things and they really think of their consumer, which is like a girl in her mid twenties or like a working mom or people who are busy and don’t want to be chopping things up and doing all that. They have all these like medleys for you. Yeah.

And they want it to be like relatively healthy too. So it’s a good option. You had other questions for, from DMS money saving tips. Yeah. Yes. So before we had time saving tips and this, the now we’re at money saving tips for meal prep time wanted to read these All the S D nine says I always check the account. I mean,

I always check the discount meat section and I find good deals and can meal prep around what I find that’s smart. We bought this kind of ground beef and it was like half price because they were selling turkeys for things. Thanksgiving, dad and ground beef. Yeah. Sail like grass fed everything. Yeah. Delicious. And like we mentioned earlier, we put them in the freezer.

Yeah. And then you just meal plan around it. Like she says, it’s a great idea. Or look out for those discounts. Freeze it either when you want it. Right. Jordan can, can’t read says using grew vegetables and roasting them in a pan to use in different ways, saves money, saves money, and time root vegetables are very cheap.

So what are root vegetables, potatoes, carrots, turnips, stuff like that. And they’re very robust. Like they don’t go bad. Great for your veggies. I mean, for your vegetables. For your hormones. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They don’t go bad. Yeah. And you can have them in your pantry at all times. I stored them in like a paper bag above the fridge.

No, I have like, you know, um, potatoes up there, but the carrots are in the fridge and they just, they don’t go bad. Nice. It’s like 99 cents for a huge bag of carrots. Um, grow with humor who you may run says farmer’s market rather than grocery store. It’s cheaper and fresher. We used to shop at the farmer’s market.

Yeah. Yeah. We did. It can be a little more expensive sometimes if it’s like all organic and fancy, but yeah. Farmer’s market can be a lot cheaper than people think. Conscious, Kathy says stick to whole not processed foods. Yeah. So true. It goes back to what we said earlier. Try to do some of this stuff yourselves,

instead of buying the process stuff, it’s a little bit more The chips and everything. It’s just Yeah. Can add up. I just looked at the kitchen to see if we have more. It looks like we don’t. Yeah. Every time I buy it, we eat like a bag or half a bag at night. So I like, Well, it’s so small.

What do you mean? One bag is like the size of a small bag in my opinion. It’s very sure Mrs. Christine Snyder says use one or a few ingredients for multiple meals, then buy in bulk and freeze or batch cook. Yup. Let me think. Use one or a few ingredients from, okay. So don’t buy like so many ingredients just buy in bulk and cook according to Yeah.

Again, it combines the things we’ve been saying before. Like that if it’s on discount, if it’s, uh, like others, other scenarios, buying books, save it in the freezer, use it later. Just like she’s saying just like other sisters are saying, Cohort says off-brand stuff. See? Yeah. That works. As long as you know what it means,

make sure it’s like a good quality brand. It’s not some sort of cheap brand where they’re like they’re sourcing their meats from sketchy places. Yeah. And then I also asked, why do sisters think that going gluten and dairy free is so expensive. So step mom, Oh eight said not at all. You just need to meal plan, eat more whole foods.

There you go. Cha champagne, shadows, dairy fuel is expensive because it’s made from nuts usually, which are expensive. They, that can be true. I mean, sometimes like a lot of them are expensive because they’re so much quality check in so much. Um, more money goes into making those products. Like you’re like this, person’s saying they’re using nuts.

They are more expensive. I mean, almonds are not cheap these days. Whereas corn is so cheap. So yeah, that they are right. It is more expensive to the gluten free products. But again, it’s getting cheaper, you know, Milk. I don’t know if that’s as expensive, Honestly, getting cheaper. Like it really is. It used to be a lot worse five years ago.

So I think we have some hope in the future and it’s expanding so many more brands are offering gluten free options. And honestly, if there is one process food that I think is a staple for me, it’s not the gluten free bread. It’s not anything like, you know, chips, MIPS, whatever. Yeah. It’s the dairy free milk because I like to drink my smoothies in the morning and the ripple pea protein milk has eight grams of protein in it.

And I like that. Or just any dairy free milk you can mix with protein powder. It tastes good. If you’re going to spend, that’s what you should spend it on. Everything else. It’s like, you don’t need chickpea pasta. You can just buy chickpeas, like no big deal. Yeah. So we actually want to hop over to the Wednesday this week and I say hop onto because winter is Help dizzle.

Oh eight. Right. She DM to me. She even sent me photos of her before and after. Yeah. And she says, thank you for everything you do. I have learned so much about my body and PCs from you. Since I started following your tips, I have been getting regular periods. My skin is clearing up. I am getting better sleep.

And after finally figuring out the right balance of nutrition exercise and taking a basketball, I am down 28 pounds. Thank you for being a beacon of light in a confusing storm of symptoms is such a sweet thing. Thank you for messaging. Good job. I wish we knew your real name, but hop doodle. Congrats. We’re really proud of you here.

An inspiration, such an inspiration, not just for the like regular periods of losing weight, but keeping yourself strong throughout all this good job because it all you persevered Seriously. It’s not just a matter of going gluten and dairy free. And that’s the answer. Yeah. There’s lots of things that go components that go into losing weight with PCO. S and I feel like it’s,

it’s a mental game. It’s like, how many carbs do I eat? You have to test it out this much, that much, you know, going gluten and dairy free. Like we said, meal planning, it’s harder. Then, you know what you used to be doing? And like changing up your workouts. Oftentimes sisters, you don’t want to change your workouts.

You’re used to doing it a certain way. Even if it doesn’t give you results, it’s there’s mental blocks. And you know, I’m just saying losing 28 pounds is not as easy as just waving a magic wand and hop dizzle. You pop Good job. Congratulations. And we hope you continue your peace us journey, managing it and keep on updating us about your wins.

Yes. And this kind of goes on to our last topic and we haven’t talked about this much on the podcast. So like, to some of you may be surprised if you’re on talions page. However, our Instagram piece, us dot weight loss you’ll know that we have a course coming out just tomorrow launching on January 1st, 20, 19, 2020, that’s right.

20, 20, January 1st to start the new year, we have a meal plan meal, prep and workout course specifically for peace, us weight loss. And you through this course through meal prepping and through working out, you’ll be managing your piece. You as you’ll be losing weight, you’ll be doing exactly what you want to do. So I really I’m so excited about this.

I explain this, please explain the meal prep cause like portion. Cause there’s so much in this thing that I wanted them to hear. I it’s just that I understand the holdups to meal prepping and to working out. And so we’ve designed this program so that it can help you bypass all of the drama and the, I don’t know how to cook and it’s too expensive and I don’t have time and I don’t want to give up my workout,

my high intensity workouts. Cause I’m afraid to gain weight. Like we have skipped all of this drama for you and created a four week meal prep and workout plan with video tutorials on how to cook every single thing, how to do every single workout. Step-by-step like it it’s like, how do you bake an egg bake? And then step one, peel the potatoes,

roast them, you know? Yeah. I mean, and this is a, and this is a four week plan. So tying goes week by week by week, day by day. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you’ll see exactly how to cook, how to make these meals, like in videos where she’ll show you how to peel the onion. I’m sorry.

Peel the potato, cut the onion, which by the way, I’ve done 12 times, I still don’t know how to do it. Right. I have to ask. And the meals only take 30 minutes per week, night per week, pack your lunch for the next day. And your breakfast is already prepped in advance. And like for example, there’s an egg bake you make on Sunday and then you eat it Monday,

Tuesday and Wednesday. You make chia seed pudding, Wednesday, you eat it Thursday and Friday, like you’re just batch prepping things and having a plan. So you’re not wasting time. That’s one of my favorite things about it is what I, why I wanted to explain it is like when you make that 30 minute meal for dinner for not just for you,

you could do all the ingredients as much as you want for the entire family. Trust me, they’re going to want more than one portion. I’ve been eating these for the last several months. As we personally try these out to make sure they’re delicious to make sure they’re beneficial in every possible way. So you’re going to make these meals for dinner. And the next day you’re going to have leftovers for,

for lunch. And we’re going to have specific meals for breakfast. You’re going to be saving money, saving time. I think it’s like the amount of detail that And the workout. So you can do that. The workouts That’s like the other thing. So that’s just, yeah, I was just, I’m getting into Italian’s area of her expertise, which is the meal prepping.

And you know, she’s a dietician. I have, I’m so lucky to have her because she’s able to cook up meals and make things so good. That’s why I’m so excited about it. But like the, there’s also a workout section that goes hand in hand with the meal prepping. So like when you eating this, you’re also working out that day on a Monday doing these workouts Three days a week.

We have workouts, upper body, one’s lower body, one’s full body. And then there’s an AB workout you do after each one or if that’s too much for you, you can do it on a separate day as the fourth workout of the week. That’s correct. So we’ll even have like an intro work intro video for each week. So, you know,

yeah. Show you all the moves that are like complex and hard to do, show you how to do it with me, teaching you in front of the camera with Tallinn as my example. And we like show you how to do these workouts. And then when the workouts start, for example, on Monday, we go work out by workout video with all the instructions,

all the sets and reps you’re supposed to do. And the best part is it’s not one big, long video workout for Monday. It’s like one dumbbell, presses, whatever. And it shows you how to do it. One minute clip and then to this. And it’s like four or five workouts per day. And see doc tells you how many sets do you do?

How many reps to do and how many minutes, like 30 seconds or one minute break in between sets so that you’re keeping your stress hormones low so that you’re using the weights for your insulin resistance. And it just targets like all of the things that need to be targeted with PCOS. I love it. Yeah. That’s like, yeah, it goes back to what we were saying is when you’re doing the wrong workouts,

it affects your hormonal balance. It basically causes you to keep on having this imbalanced throughout your hormones. It drives PCO S you don’t want your workout to drive. I should be doing the opposite. It should be relaxing. You should be giving a results. Those two things are mattered. Not to mention adrenal fatigue. Most people who work out the wrong way,

they’re experiencing adrenal fatigue and they don’t know that’s the cause those two, all those things I just talked about, we’ve been talking about, we are targeting in this workout plan and the fact that it goes hand in hand with the meal prepping you guys, we promise you if you follow this, like you’re guaranteed to see results. And I, if I could go back in time and give myself this course,

when I was first diagnosed with PCOS, I could have saved myself years of struggle, wasting money on things. At least now you’re here for all these sisters, all these ladies and girls that are maybe getting diagnosed. They’re probably so happy to have some I’m so happy to be able to help. Yeah. Cause it’s tough. Like you saw, It’s tough when you’re starting out.

You don’t have the resources, but now there’s internet there’s podcasts. There’s Instagram. Yeah. Yes. So that covers our course guys tomorrow, January 1st, 2020 something Tallinn and I have been working on really hard for you. Since the moment we got married and move in together, we started filming this. Awesome. Thank you so much for listening. We hope you enjoyed this episode.

That’s right. Take care and enjoy the holidays and have a good new year’s. Hey, if you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to check out our upcoming course meal, prep and workout for PCs, weight loss. We’ve got four weeks worth of video content that will help you learn to cook our quick gluten and dairy free recipes, and also feel great with our PCs friendly workouts.

Learn to live the PCs lifestyle and lose weight with our guidance and help link in the description.

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