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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician And I’m C doc husband, engineer, MPC us personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

Welcome everybody. Welcome sisters to the first live episode of a sister and her mr. Yes. We’re taking your questions live. Yeah. So this is episode 10, our first milestone for the episode podcast. And we thought what better way than to do a live episode and celebrate? Yeah. For those listening on the podcast on Tuesday next week, this one is being done.

Live through our Instagram account at peace U S start weight loss. Um, we also have another Instagram account at a sister and her Mister, but yeah, if you missed it, if you missed the live episode, obviously you’re listening to the recorder version now, but just heads up next time you can join us. Yeah. You can set a reminder cause we put it in the instant stories and you can just click reminder and your phone will beep when we’re ready to go live,

To be honest, this is a lot different than doing it. Confused. We have a camera going there. We have the for YouTube and then we have the Insta live going and you’re recording it on the podcast speakers. I don’t know what’s going on. There’s so many things. I think the laptop is open showing the audio being recorded like times at,

and then there’s a phone, the camera. I’m just hoping everything’s recording. Right? Talk about repurposing content that’s on. Right? I hope so. So, okay. Let me just, just check the camera, telling you, go ahead and tell the sisters about what this episode is going to be about. Let me check the camera. So this episode,

we’re going to be answering your questions in a Q and a fashion like we usually do. I know you guys always ask us, you know, are the Q and A’s are the lives going to be available to watch later? And the answer is we can’t keep them up forever. Cause Instagram only lets us keep it up for 24 hours. So that’s why we thought it would be such a good idea to make the 10th episode of our podcast,

a Q and a recorded. So you can go back and listen to it. Yeah. Yeah. And I’m going to join the library now with the, with our podcast account so that we can all, Oh look, I just heard myself. Oh my gosh. No. There’s how many pieces of technology I know. I’m just going to message the sisters right now.

Hey sisters, thank you all for joining. Go ahead. And they can see you typing. I like to, I like to read it as I type sometimes. Okay. I feel like I’m in my home. It’s private house. I feel like that I can just talk. There’s a bunch of people watching you and then it’s being recorded for YouTube for a bunch more people to watch you.

So I think that you’re not alone in your own house right now. I think we’re past that. Yeah. So as time said, please go, go ahead and feel free to ask her questions. We will go ahead and I going to go ahead now too much, Cause you’re confused. Just a quick summary about our day today’s Thursday Today, I did a bunch of stuff.

Getting the sisterhood together. I did a Q and a already today for the sisterhood. A bunch of sisters ask questions on Monday. Um, and then I respond in a video format on Thursday and answer everybody’s questions and tag them and link all the things that I talk about and everything. And other than that, I went through a whole inbox of emails.

And while you went to the gym, because I saw one of my clients, I missed going to the gym with SciTech today. So She told me, Oh, what is it? I called her on my Hey babe, I’m on my way home. I’m going to pick you up in like 30 seconds, basically. I’m right down the street. And she’s like,

Oh my gosh, I don’t know where the time went. I was at the office and I got stuck with a client. I was just working. All right, don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just change real quick and leave. And I’ll see you after. And then I ran as I’m leaving, she comes walking out the garage,

you know, I’m like, wait, where are you just waiting around the corner from? But then because you went to the gym, I got to stay at home and make a delicious dinner. You know, when I cook slower, it tastes a lot better. Yeah. So I made a kale salad with like a tahini dressing and then a pea salad with lemon and olive oil and sumac.

And then we defrosted some gyro that my mom gave us nice. And it was like a Mediterranean piece. It was okay. So I’m going to start reading some questions cause they’re starting to come in at a very fast. Is that what you were looking at me would wrap it up. Yeah, it was a rapid question. All right. First question is from Anne Cooper,

87. Would you say hot yoga is PCLs friendly? So yoga in itself is actually very PCs friendly because of the anti inflammatory response your body will have after such a long period of stretching, you were like stretching all these muscles and releasing all the acid that builds up. And however though, when you do hot yoga, it’s going to be the second and be as good of a recovery process because you’re going to put your body through like this really extreme process where like,

not only are you sweating, the heat is really high. And then like you can barely survive like by breathing. Why don’t you tell your experience with, I personally cannot survive hot yoga. When we went, um, the guy said not to leave the class. He said, I please ask you if you get too hot, just like lay on the floor.

I was like, I don’t know about that, but we’ll see. And like five minutes into the class, I was like, time to go Pick up a towel or mat. She just left. And like, After everything, I didn’t want to interrupt other people. So I was just like tiptoed out. Yeah. But then at the end of the thing,

when I was like drenched, I had to pick up two towels, two mats. Yeah. But hot yoga is great for relaxing. If it’s too hot for you, if it’s too stressful, then you know, you’re definitely the best judge of that. Yeah. But yoga is great. And see that goes all the time while I cooked dinner and wait Officially like that.

No, not like wait for you. It’s just, I’d rather be cooking dinner than you been being out yoga. The thing is I really enjoy cooking. It’s just unfortunate that you don’t let me cook as much or get involved as much. I am a what’s the word? Territorial. Yeah, but I try That’s okay. All right. We’ve got another question.

Thank you for doing this. Keenan go over white caffeine is bad for PSUs. That’s a good one for you, but Yeah, once again, pumping your stress hormones. Um, caffeine is going to simulate your little adrenal gland above your kidneys, which pumps out cortisol and THCA and all of those stress hormones. And so the more those pump out the less your body makes other important hormones like progesterone and,

um, estrogen and all other hormones that it should be focusing on. Instead it’s making a bunch of stress hormones and not just coffee. It’s going to trigger that there are other factors that trigger that. However, why contribute with drinking 10 cups of coffee a day. So I just suggest to cut it out for at least three months while you’re trying to improve your symptoms.

And then maybe add it back in a little at a time. Yes. And just, sorry, I was not, I still drink coffee cause you know, I don’t have PCOS, but that’s our court for now. You know, we’re thinking of doing something with type we’ll see. Uh, but yeah, I still drink caffeine, but you know,

there’s always a decaf option. Just be careful when you have decaf coffee, there’s still a little bit of caffeine. Cause it’s really hard to get rid of all of it. So just make sure, like if you’re having decaf, it’s still not affecting you. That, that amount. Uh, what do you think about sprouted bread for peace us? It’s more nutritious because it’s sprouted.

Uh, the greens are sprouted, so it’s more than the, what’s it called? The vitamins. The minerals in it are more bioavailable because it’s sprouted, but He didn’t mean sprouted. I’ve never understood what like sprouted spread means. I always imagined sprouted means it’s coming out of the ground. Like as a bread, like bread now, you know, that’s just what I think it’s the Seeds in it sprouted anyways,

it doesn’t have to be sprouted, but if you like that flavor, go for it. Alright fine. Let’s see. How do you deal with PCLs acne from Jess? Okay. With that, here’s the thing it’s it can be coming from malt for multiple reasons. The best thing to do is to get a hormone test, to really figure out, do you have estrogen dominance?

Do you have high testosterone? Do you have high stress hormones is your blood sugar a mess? And then you can really treat it from the root issue. What the heck is actually happening without having to, you know, buy all these expensive supplements and like all of these expensive creams and you know, wasting money here and there trying to heal it. In other ways you can just get a hormone test and figure out exactly what is going on.

And I really recommend the Dutch hormone test. Cause I did that once and it really helped. But aside from all hormone test going gluten and dairy free has helped with skin issues across the board with my clients, including myself. Yeah. Can you show me that picture one time? Like, Oh, like this is how it was before free and gluten free Before I met you.

I had big cystic acne all over my face because I wasn’t fully dairy free and it was so awful, but you know, diet change and everything fixed it. Yeah. It makes a big difference. So onto our next question, uh, Ashley asks, how do you deal with hair loss from PSUs? Okay. For hair loss. It’s the same thing.

Like once again, figuring out the root issue is the best idea, but there are some supplements that can really help with this saw Palmetto is one of them and also targeting your blood sugar is going to help because typically when you have insulin resistance and high amounts of insulin in your bloodstream, it triggers high testosterone. And then that trigger that like gathers around your hair follicles and causes them to fall out.

And so that’s one way that testosterone can do that. Another way is high stress hormones. And then that can also do the same thing or hypothyroidism have your hormones checked. All right. It looks, it sounds like I have your hormones checked is it’s always the answer. It was always a very important test, uh, Shaolin asks or the good old question.

Hi. Hi. Can you explain why dairy is bad for PSUs? Well, that’s a lot of things to say in one answer. So I’ll let you say it. Basically dairy has insulin, like growth factor in it and that when you eat it, it’s considered like you’re eating a carb because now you’re ingesting more insulin in your, you already have insulin resistance.

There’s too much insulin in your bloodstream. Now you’re ingesting dairy and that’s causing it to spike again. And it’s just making insulin resistance, even worse. And then not just that, there’s a one case. Yes. I was just going to say, we talked about on episode seven or eight where and how, you know, cows used to produce,

I believe eight to casein and they no longer produces, um, due to various reasons. And our stomachs aren’t able to, you know, they’re not used to this diff different enzymes and different, um, uh, casings. Therefore we have issues like digesting and breaking it down. And it just results in you having this inflammatory response in your digestive track.

And then that just releases all of these issues throughout the body. It’s like, there’s a fire everywhere in the body and your body is trying to fight it off by throwing water there by throwing, you know, like the stairs. So now you’re like retaining weight, having acne. Exactly. Yeah. So goats, goats, cheese doesn’t have anyone case in it.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s still a little bit, um, yeah. How are you? It’s still a little better. Cause goats aren’t, um, they don’t have the same case as time mentioned. I’ve also heard like in Europe and other countries outside of U S because they’re mass production is different and um, and whatever other reasons they, their cows produce less of a inflammatory,

um, you know, uh, dairy products, but still, um, we would just say avoid dairy and just don’t put that in your body. So yeah, Try it, like avoid it for at least a month to see if it helps with your symptoms. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to really clear up your acne or whatever symptoms it’s causing,

but then you can slowly add it back in and, um, test it out, see how you feel. Maybe you can handle a little bit, like I can have a few bites of cheese here and there on the weekends and be okay. Yup. Um, Kenya, uh, says, hello guys from, from Texas. I think TX, Texas,

right? Um, I am Julia’s voice asks. How do you feel about protein shakes or powder? And if you use it, what kind? So protein shakes or protein powder is a great supplement to your diet because sometimes it’s hard to have like all this protein in your diet, if you’re busy or you can’t get all the meals, um, the one that tine uses is dairy free.

I think it’s called philosophy. Yes. Philosophy protein powder. Yeah. And it has adaptogens in it like mushroom powder and cocoa cacao and all of the great things that help with your stress hormones, like all packed in one hemp, protein packaging. Yeah. And there’s also like hemp hemp, protein powder, which is also, non-dairy just be careful when you’re buying protein powder.

Majority of them have dairy in it because obviously they use the protein from the milk. So just try to find like alternatives and look for that DF, um, logo. That’s right. 46. And also artificial sweeteners are found in protein powders. That’s so awful for people. Okay. I’m going to give you guys the best website. Okay. Tell them we are not affiliated with this website at all.

I discovered this website maybe 10 years ago, maybe some of you know it it’s called lab door.com, flat door.com. What they do. Um, from what I know, maybe if you guys know more, let me know. But from what I know, they’re the third party laboratory they take in all these supplements, vitamins, protein, powders, probiotics,

fish, oil, all these different categories. And then they test out all the products. They literally go and buy it from the store. They test these products and then they go give a full, um, uh, what is it called? Like laboratory results of the accuracy of all these things. Like how accurate is, what it says on the label to,

they will tell you if there are anything bad in the, in the supplement itself. For example, a lot of protein powders have, I don’t know how to say this. So fame potassium, which is horrible for you, it’s one of those bad things. Turn your, uh, other like obviously sucrose and other things. It will tell you if this product has it.

And then it’ll ring say like top 10 of the products for that category. So I highly recommend it. Check out labrador.com. That’s where I find my fish oil, my protein powders, my probiotics is by looking at the top 10 quality list. Amen to that. Yeah. All right. Uh, tonnage, uh, tonic carriage as college asks, what do you do for facial hair?

Well, I’ve tried laser, but it doesn’t last. And for me only lasted like six weeks then I had to go back. Um, but with facial hair, again, it goes back to blood sugar issues, testosterone issues, and really handling that. And it takes six to 12 months for hair issues to be resolved for either at your head hair to grow back or your facial hair to stop growing.

Um, it takes some time because you really want to get your testosterone at the right level. Okay. Uh, VCP asks, what is the most recommended diet for PCs? Well, to give you a quick answer with that Gluten and dairy free. Yeah. Gluten and dairy free is where you want to start and for tips on how to go like through like the detailed process,

just check out at Pisciotta start weight loss, or you already know this, you’re asking from AIG. So you already know how to do this. Um, East 26 boutique asks is an extreme amount of weight, like 75 pounds, even realistic while living with peace us. Yes, of course. It’s, it’s not obviously peace choice is, is a condition that’s restricting you from,

you know, uh, losing weight or, you know, what you want to do is manage piece you so that you control it so that you can make your body do where you want it to be. Yeah. You’re basically making your med metabolism improve will help you lose weight. So by doing that, you would be changing your diet, your lifestyle,

the types of workouts you’re doing. Because with PCLs, it’s a metabolic disorder. Your cells are not very good at burning the sugar. That’s broken down from the food you’re eating. And so it’s storing as fat. And so what you want to do is heal the cell and like figure out why it’s inflamed and like why it’s triggering high insulin levels, insulin resistance and so on.

So, um, what was the question? Can you lose weight? Can of course, and, and it doesn’t mean go to the gym more and try harder. You can lose weight. We mean, figure out what’s happening with your body so that you can balance your hormones and not have to suffer from all these symptoms. Yeah. And I was just going to say what time?

Just like mentioned, like, it seems very hard and impossible because like, you go to the gym, you try so hard, you’re sweating, you’re sweating. And then you’re not seeing results. And you’re like, how am I ever going to like, you know, like continue and like, get the results I want. Well, if it’s because you’re not applying the correct methods and you’d be so surprised once you just like change things up one at a time,

like do the right workouts eat, like without gluten and dairy and just like, you know, cut out certain things and then wallah, you’re going to be like, Oh my God, it looks like it’s like melting. Yeah. Melting. Well, you know, it’s, for some people it mostly melts right off. And then for other people, Yeah.

Yeah, of course You just have to inquire, like really invest your time. My point is like, there’s like this damn it’s like being, it’s like being held up by all these branches and trees and it needs to be just broken through, through all this water can flow. And then this Badger calmed in his badgers through all this stuff. And there are char waterfalls.

Everybody’s happy everybody has water. I don’t know if that analogy makes any sense. Okay. Um, somebody says, Amazon says, hello from Pakistan. What’s up though. Hello to Pakistan. Uh, she asks, what about barley in PCO? S it’s not gluten free. Oh, it’s not. No, there’s no barley oats. No. Okay.

Uh, Javi Sheik asks, how many carbs per day do you recommend? Well, okay. So how many carbs per day do I recommend? Well, have to figure out how many carbs are right for your body. And that’s by really paying attention to how you feel before, during and after your meal. So what I like to do is track how many carbs I’m eating so that I can see for a week.

Like, did I eat around a hundred grams every single day? Okay. How did I feel for eating a hundred grams every single day? Like, was I fatigued after my meals? You have to track all of this to really pay attention to your body and what you need. So where you fatigued. Okay. Perhaps you ate too many carbs for,

you know, how insulin resistant you are or were you still hungry and just like unsatisfied, maybe you ate too little carbs. So these are the cues that you want to look for when you’re trying to figure out how many carbs to eat and then, you know, accordingly and see how your weight loss is happening. Is it working what’s going on? But the carbs,

like aren’t necessarily the only reason why you’re not losing weight, like it’s also inflammation. It’s stress, there’s multiple components that are contributing to you, not being able to metabolize the carbs. So don’t focus so much on carbs, like as if that’s the answer to all of them. Yeah. And we mentioned like with the dairy on the previous episode, dairy and instant resistance,

they, Hannah. Yeah. Cutting out dairy and figuring out if that’s contributing. Uh, or can you spell the website name? Uh, I, if you’re referring to the lab door that’s lab, lab door, D O O r.com. Do you recommend garden of life? Yeah. Oh, sorry. I just really wanted to respond to this Phoebe.

Yes. Garden of life has a great protein powder. Well, she said garden of life fit powder. It’s gluten and gluten free and vegan. So it’s called garden of life fit powder. Do you know that one? Okay. I don’t know the fit powder, but I know that they have an unflavored garden of life, protein powder, that’s vegan and has some great ingredients in there from what I read.

And I think it’s a great protein powder. They have flavored ones, but you know, those have artificial sweeteners. So that’s why. Yes. Well, she says it’s gluten free and vegan, which means it’s dairy free. So most likely it’s pretty. It sounds like it’s good. Yeah. Um, what’s your approach to, or Kristalina asks, what’s your approach to artificial screeners?

Yeah. Like we just mentioned avoid them because they act your body treats them as real sugar. It senses that there’s something sweet, therefore releases insulin, and then goes out of balance Your insulin, bombards, yourselves, even more making them even more insulin resistant. And then the whole thing happens all over again. Yeah. It really honestly even Stevia. Yeah.

Like I just recommend the first one to three months. Once again, if you’re gonna really stick to this, cut it out. Then if you want, add it back in, but you know what? I don’t recommend it for adding it back in. You’re not going to want to, you won’t have crazy things. You’ll be fine. I don’t know.

I don’t recommend it either. Yeah. Even me like with my coffee and stuff. No, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners. And you get used to it after a couple of, Yeah. Think of it this way. If you’re craving sweetness so badly, then perhaps your hormones are imbalanced and the artificial sweetener is going to throw them off more. So you really got to get down in there,

do the right thing for you. Keep that inflammation down and manage your blood sugar so that you don’t get these crazy cravings. Also take opacity. It really, By the way, if you’re having cravings so much, it’s probably because you’re having a little too much sugar or artificial sweeteners, your body’s still used to it. It’s not constantly craving. Um,

can you post the website and protein powder philosophy? Yeah. Yeah. What’s the, what’s their Instagram call. Philosophy. Love. Yeah. Philosophy. Love is their Instagram. Um, if we’re talking about, I think they’re talking about labrador.com, so I’m just gonna comment. Everybody sees it. Oops. It corrected to left foot.com. How do you reduce testosterone and manage hair statism?

So basically when you’re insulin resistant, one way that you get high testosterone is that insulin goes to your ovaries and triggers your ovaries to produce an overproduced testosterone. So what you want to do is really focused on your blood sugar, what time you’re eating, make sure you’re having a 40 gram protein or 30 gram protein breakfast, and then a snack and lunch,

and then a snack and dinner. And you’re looking at how much carbs you’re eating. You know, it’s not too little, it’s not too much. You’re keeping it all balanced. And there’s a lot of components to balancing your blood sugar. It takes a lot of mental effort. Not only that you’re choosing gluten and dairy free and the mealtimes and the way you pair your snacks,

like pairing your carbs with your protein, so that your blood sugar doesn’t spike when you’re having carbs. And it slowly absorbs into your bloodstream cause you’re having protein. So there’s a lot of components. So that’s why we have the sisterhood available to you. And this is a membership app where I have lots of information to help guide you on this because it’s hard to do it alone.

There’s so many components to it. Yeah. Yeah. And in the, in the comment section right now, I was just reading. Somebody asked, um, how do you reduce testosterone, AKA hirsutism, and then, yeah. And then foreigners, um, replied saying Diana, I had success with spearmint tea for that issue. So we screamer tea and tie and drinks like a couple of times a week,

Three cups a day is recommended for, do I have three now? Yeah. I don’t drink three necessarily, but you know, if I was really trying to reduce my testosterone, I guess I would also decaf green tea, three cups a day. Great idea. I have all these great tea is that there’s research on that has helped with PCOS. I have them in my pantry and whenever I get a chance,

I take one out and sip on it. So thank you. Good job for announce for, you know, like commenting and helping, um, other sisters here in the, in the ag life. And um, yeah. And she even says, I did so much research about lowering D H E levels. Mine were extremely elevated too. I was so worried.

And um, you know, most of the advice, uh, what’s the, Or animal protein. Yeah. That’s interesting. And oops, I’m just going to spam risk call from my phone 10 times a day. And then somebody asks will diet help with hirsutism. And that’s what you just talked about. So rewind back maybe a little bit later. And then,

um, so somebody asks, I feel like, um, Lily asks, I feel like all the protein is animal protein. Can you suggest good protein? That is not me or dairy. So yeah, there’s a reason for this. And before I really get into it, I just want to restart to camera because it’s about this pause. I know it.

Should I get in tutor? Do you really want to, you almost kicked the candle over, you just lit the rug on fire. Um, here’s the thing. I know that we recommend animal protein and a lot of people suggest that it’s inflammatory. I do buy grass fed and I try to make sure that the way, the way I’m sourcing it is like hormone friendly and it’s,

doesn’t have antibiotics injected all up in it. But here’s the thing when you eat protein that comes from beans and plants and things like that. Well, not plants necessarily, but beans. It is also high in carbs. And it’s hard to get that right. Ratio of carbs to protein when you’re eating it from beans that have just as much carbs as a piece of bread.

And you want to have more protein than carbs. That’s the thing. So you don’t want to eat like a whole bunch of beans to get enough protein. Cause now all of the carbs in that, you know what I mean? Yeah. And then you’re going to end up supplementing with protein powder to make up for that. And it’s going to be like a lot of unnatural food.

You’re going to have to process just for the sake of getting the ratios. Right. Also, Are you going to drink hemp protein powder all day long? Like you might as well add some grass fed meat And like the research shows and like, like format, uh, it’s fact that not all protein is equal. So when you’re just getting protein from meat,

versus when you’re getting protein from spinach, let’s say you have 20 grams of each. Well, even if you eat like this much spinach to get that 20, 20 grams, even if you eat 20 grams, it’s not going to be the same. It’s the protein in the spinach has a different immuno acid, um, you know, makeup combinations, which isn’t able to help your body recover.

As much as the protein you’re getting from the animal protein animal meats, you know, it has animal protein has like all these other B vitamins and nutrients that you’re not going to get from the spinach. And yeah. And you can still, you can still supplement all these things and, you know, help yourself if you’re vegan. And like, we’re not saying don’t be vegan or like,

don’t do that. It’s obviously your choice. And like, to be honest, I, you know, like I applaud you for trying to like, you know, put a stop to like mass production of animal products and stuff. So I I’m totally with you there. So like, I think that’s a great thing. And, and like, that’s why like when me and Tony even eat meat,

we don’t like, go like eat from like places like, you know, McDonald’s or like places where, you know, the meat’s not coming from a well kept source. Yeah. So we’re picky about meat. Well, we just like to make sure, like, it’s coming from a good natural source. Um, Fish is so good for inflammation. Yeah.

Seriously get some good fish, have some visual if you don’t like fish. Yeah. Fish all day. So Let’s move on. Uh, prime every day. Asks what about art? Maybe print every day asks, what about oatmeal? Does it have to say gluten-free yes, it does. Yeah. Sometimes it’s rolled in flowers. Yeah. And there are gluten free options and they’re like pretty much everywhere.

Like I see them all the time. I get it all the time. Just look for the one that says gluten free. It’s still like that same brand that I see. What is that nature Valley or where does it go? Old Valley nature Valley. It’s like something, but like you always see and they have the gluten free option. Yeah. Oats are naturally a gluten free grain.

It’s just that they roll it in flour sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. My, one of my favorite combinations is adding like one or two scoops of peanut butter, adding with almond butter in my case. Cause tie-ins, sister’s allergic. Yeah. A struggle. So one to two spoonfuls of peanut butter, almond butter and like a scoop of protein powder. And then it tastes amazing.

Especially if the protein powder is vanilla in my case because Oh, okay. It tastes really good. Yeah. I like overnight oats, mashup a banana with some old, since I’m protein powder and milk dairy free, man. You used to make that from you all the time. When we were there is chia Seed pudding in the fridge. I told you I made it and it has gone bad.

And all of these followers watched me make it on the stories. All due respect. I ate the chia seed pudding. I like the chia seed pudding. If nobody puts it in front of my face, I forget, God knows. I’m a man. I’m a male. I eat the same thing every day. I have a habit with my simple male brain.

I know the process in the morning when I wake up there’s powder, I’m going to have mood in the morning and I have my process. And that is that I will not think for it to get chia seed pudding. I am. That’s not me. I’m sorry. You literally gotta put it in my mouth. Okay. Um, Diana, she asks or she,

she comments here. I began a few months ago taking PCLs and S uh, my also tall and Allstar powder occasionally, and got a job at retail where I’m standing and walking around for hours to help increase my cardio. Well, that’s good. That’s a good way to like, keep your body active. And especially walking is a good way to do cardio instead of intense cardio and about,

uh, I have you heard of piece U S and speed minus line and I’ll stop powder. I don’t know if that’s the brand. Yeah. Occasionally she says, If it’s a 40 to one ratio, um, then it’s fine. Yeah. So, so actually right after that fire and I was asked, what’s the difference between that and what I’m is so vast.

The tall is like the, is the, the re the correct ratio of in your body, like 40, which mimics what’s, um, what the correct levels in your body should be, or it helps your body get there. So that’s why I’ve asked to tall is a little different than most of those other things. And it’s natural. And basically what’s happening is your cell is not accepting the sugar that insulin is giving it so that it could burn it for energy.

And the reason why it’s not accepting is because we’re missing that ratio of in ourselves when we have PCOS for some reason. And so we’re missing that ratio. Our cells are not responding. The insulin resistance is like getting worse and worse. Every time insulin knocks on the door of the cell to give it sugar for energy. And the salt says, no,

it gets more and more resistant. And so basically when you take over basketball, you’re supplementing that ratio of that’s missing in the perfect way, 40 to one ratio of. And so it does its job. Just give it like one to three miles. Yeah. All right. Let’s continue. Uh, so somebody asked, could eating too little carbs,

hurt you and energy jewels. So yes, as time mentioned earlier, when you restrict your carbs, it’s not going to really help with like, speeding up your metabolism. Like you think it would, or like helping you lose weight. Cause it’s gonna slow down your metabolism. Cause there’s not enough energy in your blood. It may even cause inflammation because you’re hungry and you’re in the state of stress.

I find that Lily says, I find that when I switched to eating chickpeas, pasta, my sugar still spikes. Is it maybe? Cause chickpea pasta is high in carbs and It has carbs. Yeah. How much are you eating? Are you pairing it with protein? Are you having like chicken with it? Yeah. It’s just cause you’re eating that one thing that like is perfectly gluten free and is healthy for you.

It doesn’t mean it’s going to like, is that, that’s the one thing you need. Yeah. You it’s about pairing your foods too. So what I mean by that is if you’re going to have some carbs, you want to have some protein, exit, some chicken or something, or even if you’re going to have like an Apple, you want to have almonds with it to slow down the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream.

Because when the sugar is absorbed so quickly, or if you eat a lot of carbs at once, your blood sugar goes up, your insulin goes up. The more insulin you have, the less responsive your cells are going to be because they’re being bombarded by all this insulin. And they’re already insulin resistant and the cycle continues. Yeah. A prim everyday asks.

Do you have a preference between milk almond milk, coconut milk? Uh, in, in the, in our house we drink primarily, um, almond milk. It’s the brand is called a ripple. R I S P protein milk. Oh, it’s people smoke. I’m sorry. I’m like who’s drinking almonds. Oh man. I don’t know why I thought that was all in the middle of all this time.

No, I don’t know. Maybe not, maybe not for some reason right now. Kind of weird. Like what’s peep protein milk. How’s that made anyways. Can you wrap your head around that? It’s not milk, it’s tea, but it’s eight grams of protein. So that’s why I recommend that over all men Carbs, no sugar. So you’re literally getting eight grams of protein with like one,

like what, like one little cup and then add that to smoothie. You’re already adding some natural protein. Yeah. And there is, we’ve actually had milk before. Those are also good. And we have coconut more. Yeah. Yeah. I, I like to cook with that. Like if I’m making something like a Curry or, um, a sauce,

you know, it has like a cool flavor. so looks like, Let’s see if we have any more quiet. We have a lot. Oh yeah. There’s a lot of questions. So we’re going to go on for 10, 15 more minutes, but we want to ask you right now. If you have a success story or something you want to share,

we’re going to, we want to kind of like give you a shout out live. We usually, if all the listeners know every week we do a sister shout out, uh, one of the week from Instagram or from the sisterhood where we talk about a sister who has been managing her piece, us like a boss. So I think it’d be great if we did a live today.

So if you have any stories you want to share about your recent success, just share it and then we’ll read it at the end of this podcast. But for now let’s continue answering some questions. Okay. The next question is from its VV. Q what are your thoughts on intermittent fasting? Okay. So sometimes intermittent fasting can work. If you have insulin resistance.

I’ve actually learned that there was a study that showed that women who, um, who ate normally for like five or six days during the week. And then one day during the week, they only ate around 500 calories that apparently helped with their blood sugar issues and insulin resistance issues. So in, in some ways, intermittent fasting can help your insulin resistance.

But in other ways, it can aggravate your stress hormones more and make your PCs worse. So today I had a client and she said that intermittent fasting was too challenging for her. And it was really like trying, like she was eating like two meals a day and nothing in between. And it was in like a very short window of like five or six hours.

And that was it. And it was so hard for the rest of the day to not eat. And so she didn’t lose any weight. In fact, she gained weight and I was like, this is not working for you. Like, do not force yourself to do something. You feel miserable And like to add onto that. You gotta like do it.

If you’re going to do it, it’s important to do it. Right? Like if you’re going to starve yourself for a long period of time, make sure most of that is when you’re sleeping. So you’re not feeling it. And there’s not these huge changes of, and so in your body. And also like don’t work out on an empty stomach because you’re going to really tire yourself out really quick.

And then your body’s not going to have enough energy to kind of continue to work out. Not to mention, um, afterwards you’re gonna feel a lot more groggy than you would have cause your body just crashed. And now it’s like ticking. It’s time to recover. Exactly. All right, let’s continue. Um, someone saying avoid plastic. Yeah. Shibu said avoid plastic.

It’s true. The BPA gets trapped in our fat cells for some reason more in sisters than in others, in women with PCOS and other women. And I learned from dr., who is my favorite doctor and specialist in PCOS and has an awesome book called PCO. S S O S um, she goes into BPA. She goes all into it.

She even says that one of the most common places you find BPA is actually on the grocery receipt. Like that paper, that the grocery list. I mean, the receipt that you get back at the store from the store after you purchase your items has a lot of BPA in it and she’s like, don’t touch it crazy. Yeah. I guess you always got to say,

ignore your seat. Yeah. Just don’t take the receiver. Like if they ask him, Don’t touch it, wash your hands immediately. Uh, let’s see. There’s a lot of comments. So I’m just gonna see which one is next. Uh, going gluten dairy free. Do you recommend counting calories with that or counting macros? So I think we mentioned this before,

how you don’t need to count calories if, I mean, here’s the thing. I don’t recommend counting calories obsessively. It’s not about how many calories you’re eating. That’s not, what’s going to impact your weight loss as much as well. Of course, if you eat a lot of CO’s, you’re going to gain weight, but of course it’s not going to impact your weight loss as much as the foods that you’re eating and how you’re pairing it and what time and all the things that affect your blood sugar and inflammation levels.

Um, so Yeah. What was the question? Well, my tangent, if you’re gonna forget that question. Okay. I was just reading something here and, uh, not to, you know, um, bring sad news or anything, but I think we should just mention it since, you know, it’s very brave of her to mention this on the,

on the IEG live. But, uh, uh Mazziotta she says, you know, I can’t get pregnant. I had IVF and unfortunately they had some issues when she was pregnant with twins. And we’re very sad to hear that. And if we hope you continue on to like managing your piece us and like doing the right. Yeah. We are. We,

we hope that we are providing a supportive place where you feel like you have enough resources and information to help you get through this challenging time. Yeah. And we hope the best for you and just hopefully, you know what? Stay positive. Yeah. You stay positive. Uh, somebody, uh, simply Mara Marina. I liked that name. She says,

I just got diagnosed. My personal trainer was being so mean to me for not losing weight. And now I know why what’s the first thing I should do. Fire him. Yeah. There’s not contract or no required. Stay with this personal trainer if he’s not the right one for you. Oh my God. That sounds awful. But don’t, don’t miss it here.

Is she? And I assuming that it’s a guy, I am not sure she doesn’t say he or she, it doesn’t matter if it’s not good trainer, don’t stick with whoever that is to find the right balance and a good recommendation. If you’re about to sign up at a gym and you’re about to get a trainer, tell them right away, before you agree before you sign the contract,

tell them, Hey, I have pieced us. And based on what I know and based on like what you’re supposed to do for peace, S I’m not supposed to do intense cardio. I’m supposed to do slow way to workouts. And It’s not about working out harder. Exactly. And most, I think good trainers know this, the good trainers notice.

And unfortunately, well, unfortunately, just like any other, any, any like business or any industry out there, there are bad people at their job. And then there’s people who are good at their job. Sometimes it’s more of the other than more of the other souls. I don’t like when people are blamed like this, there’s so much shame in that.

And not just that, I want to mention that some people are not, um, up to date with what’s happening in the PCLs world, because this whole thing with gluten and dairy free and different workouts, and you know, all of this approach is only coming to light within the past five, maybe 10 years. And people are just starting to learn that,

like this approach is something that works. And so it’s hard to wrap your head around it. If you’ve spent so many years learning that like it’s calories in calories out, like, what are you talking about, hormones? This, that some people just, they don’t understand. They’re not informed yet. You can either inform them or you can find a new trainer and just say,

thank you. Have a nice day. Yeah. And don’t forget at the end of the day, you’re their customer. Yeah. Why should you feel bad? You should go home feeling empowered. Exactly. So, um, it’s peanut polo. Me ask is peanut butter. Good for PCs affected people. Yeah. Good. So as we get closer to her,

I know the minutes are going by so quickly. Well, we answered a lot of questions, but we want to answer more free. And if you to have any testimonial things you want to say your recent success path and, um, thing, just let me know, tell him, it’s just trying to point at. Can I please look, look,

look at her. We should. I got a great, great comment right here from boss, baby 87. She says, week one on your program. And I kid you not day two of gluten dairy free. I started my period. Woo, woo. She says that wasn’t me. She said that with irregular periods, it was a happy, welcome.

Well, probably I know it was just date two, but probably you were already starting to do something before that happened. I doubt day to the program. Magically healed you is probably, you’re probably starting to go gluten dairy free from the, from before, when you were starting to manage your piece, us and it’s you girl. So it’s never us.

You guys are the ones applying all of that information. We’re giving it. And let me just mention one more thing. When somebody sees quick results, like quick weight loss results, click quick period results. I don’t know about two days, but like a week it’s typically because suddenly you’re really controlling your blood sugar and being consistent in your insulin levels. And you’re really taking care of that.

And that is the root issue for so many symptoms, like weight gain and irregular periods and acne. And, um, you’re targeting that. And so once you target that and your insulin levels are low, you’re much better at letting go of the weight and the inflammation. And suddenly you’re losing five pounds. Yeah. So somebody said, uh, her name Christie’s place.

She said, and you guys are awesome. You are so helpful. And I’m grateful. I’ve found you to help me with my health journey. Um, high three. And it’s all from working with you. Yes. Oh my gosh. I remember you. We, you were my clients. Yeah. Yeah. When was that? That was a while ago.

Okay. That’s great. And she had hives, she went gluten and dairy free. Yeah. And blood sugar issues. That is great. And um, it’s been such a blessing having found you guys on Instagram. I just finished week one of your four week course. And I am down five pounds. Yeah. See, I’m telling you ladies, you can lose that much weight in a week if you’re really balancing your blood sugar and not everyone I’m just saying like it can happen.

Yeah. If you’re curious about the course, by the way, it’s unfortunately closed at this moment, we were selling it, um, or providing it for enrollment in the beginning of the, of the year in January. Uh, maybe later in the year towards the end of the year or something like that Mid, mid year, we might bring it back.

Yeah. We might bring it back. Um, so, Oh, and she says, just follow their meal plan, doing gluten dairy free and the weight workouts. Awesome. Uh, prim everyday says thank you for sharing your information. This is such an untouched subject. Yeah. Tell me about it Looking online. And I saw the other day that there’s actually a research being done at some universities about peace,

U S so I’m very see it. There’s nothing published yet, but I’m very curious to see, like, what’s, what’s going to come out of it and what it’s about. Cause like there’s websites that tell you, like what are some current studies out there that are being done and by who and I go, and I like to look on there to see like what’s,

what’s, what’s upcoming, what’s like new, new information that we can find to at least show you guys and make you guys aware. So I will let you know once, um, once, uh, once we know more about that and um, Simply Marie It’s about the trainer was a sheet. She, yeah, she says, she says, thank you so much.

It’s actually a sheet. The personal trainer that was mean, I feel so alone in this diagnosis. Well, not anymore more. Yeah. Us in the sisterhood. No one’s alone there. Diana says, bless your souls guys. PCO has grooves. We’re trying. We like to go against the grain. I know a lot of people out there who are PCO S um,

influencers or doctors or whatever, don’t know, or like to say gluten and dairy free is a great solution for most women. So we’re here, we’re saying it and we’re not afraid. Alright. Okay. Our first live and we’re, we’re, we’re kind of thinking we’re going to do this every 10 episodes. So like maybe the next time we do episode 20,

we’ll do a live again and we’ll do the same format. And you guys ask us questions or maybe you guys will give us some input and we’ll do something else differently. Let us know what you want. So if you were on in this life, um, you can listen to this when we release it on Tuesday as always. And you can listen to the whole thing from the start to the finish.

And if you’re listening to this right now in your headphones, from a podcast app, we did this IgG live on at PCO, start weight loss. You can watch it there next time On the 10th. On the 20th episode. Yeah. On the 20th episode, we’ll do that. We’ll do another one then. So thank you for joining us, everybody.

Yes. Thank you so much for tuning in. We’re so glad we could share this with you. Yeah. So everybody have a good night and we’ll see you tomorrow. I guess If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCRs from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

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