PCOS Type Breakdown: Inflammation, Supplements, Workouts for PCOS

Everyone with PCOS struggles with inflammation, it’s not just a side effect but rather a central factor of PCOS that can lead to fatigue, weight plateau, cystic acne, anxiety, and other debilitating symptoms,

Today we’re going to help you learn the root cause of your inflammation with PCOS and give you tips to put your body in the best state to fight off inflammation.

In this episode you’ll learn:

– What is inflammation?

– How does this affect my PCOS?

– Supplements & daily tips to reverse inflammation

– How to upgrade your diet to fight off inflammation

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Full Episode transcript:

There are four PCLs types. There’s inflammation, insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroid. You can have one, you could have all four, like you could have varying degrees of each PCO S type, but basically you want to understand and based on your symptoms, or if you do lab work, you can really like get to the bottom of it.<inaudible> my own hands and stem naturally.

This is how we started the podcast. This is how we are. This is what differentiates us, everybody. What differentiates us. I’m sitting here by a fake fire in a leather seat, chair, leather armchair, Trying to sit back China, Like the old Bag With a grandpa in west Yorkshire. Yeah. We’re here for another couple of days. And then we’re going to hit over to Scotland,

Edinburgh, and it’s going to be may. It’s going to be may. Okay. So sisters basically, what was I going to say? I don’t know. You just started off with empty sentence. You clearly had nothing to say. Yeah, we miss London. That’s what I was going to say. I feel like we really miss London. We stayed in Yorkshire for a week and loved it Two weeks now.

Yes. I’m just saying the first week we loved it, then we were like, let’s stay another week. And I was like, let’s say another two weeks. And you’re like, oh, let’s just say one week. I’m like, okay, fine. So we booked another week here. And honestly, we haven’t made human contact in like five days Besides each other.

Could you believe it? I know it feels like we’re installed Terry confinement, but for couples. Yeah. I feel like we’re doing pretty good. I Mean, Not a single arguments, but still like, we need to talk to other people it’s Normal. Yeah. I’d be like, we talk on the phone with our family and stuff, but that’s like different.

You need like personal. Yes. Other people like in your space, like sometimes you forget go To lunch with someone, you know, or like, This is why we’re starting the podcast making bird noises. Cause that’s how we talked to children Going Crazy. Next time, we’re going to see a person we’re going to be like, blah, blah, blah.

Speaking of seeing other people like talking to other people, not seeing other people, we have such a hilarious story from London that we be forgetting to say, and it’s like an inside joke that me and Tom had been saying like the last, like two or three weeks. So we’re in a pub, like a pub English pub in London. Oh, G O G pub.

And we were there to watch, like, it was a big boxing match. No, like boxing is big in England. It was like a Tyson furry boxing match. And basically we’re there and it’s like 10:00 PM or 10:30 PM. And we’re just there. Like, it’s really weird there. Cause I want to see the fight in times is there for the experience,

but we’re sitting at a table maybe like I’m having like a beer or something and we’re having like a really like, like small dinner and we’re just sitting there and there’s like one or two chairs next to our table. And it’s like, the pub is getting kind of busy. And like this couple comes by and this really, Really, really Drunk lady asks,

oh, is it okay if we sit next to y’all? Well, yeah, of course, like it’s a busy bar. Like you can sit, watch the fight, whatever. So she sits next to us. And for the next 15 minutes, this person was tiny. You got to explain it. This person was running havoc on our life. Wreaking havoc and ruining our evening.

Yeah, she was so drunk. So drunk, literally leaning on Sierra, breathing into his face. I don’t know how you didn’t get sick from that. I mean, I think I got sick from that. She was like, so drunk, like talking over words and she had this most British accent, but it was so funny because like, she was so drunk out of her mind And she had this cool British accent,

which I thought was like fun to listen to. So she’s talking and I’m kind of like smiling and nodding and looking away and looking at the TV. So she kind of gets the idea that I’m not interested in her Mothering Older. My husband. Yeah. Well, how would I enjoy? Like I was just being polite. Her husband even said you’re bothering these people Came In and she was like,

my husband told me I’m bothering you guys. And I was like, no nonsense. Like, I didn’t want to be rude. I would say you’re being a bit more cold than I was just because I thought Bed A lot of years. Like, what are you smothering on? My husband, like All over me. Like I can’t do British accent,

but he’s like, what are you guys here for all? Where are you going next? I’m like making up. I’m like, we’re leaving London tomorrow lady. We’re not here for another day. I’m trying to watch a game. Like the juicy things were happening in the game. And she was like, distracting you. I feel bad. Cause you’re trying to watch.

So I keep looking away. Sudan keeps looking away now there’s like silence. Okay. This is so funny. This is the funniest part right here. You have to kind of relay this perfectly. I’m going to let tie-ins say this part. But so it becomes a finally this lady is just like stops talking. It becomes quiet for like 10 seconds. And she’s like sits back with their arms,

like crossed. And then she goes So Loud too. Like as if like, or not even try, this is like a, almost sounds like a stereotype, but it’s not. It’s literally what you would hear in a movie from a drunk British person, you know That drunk goose in the Arista cats, the drunk uncle, everyone who has watched theorists to cats knows what I’m saying.

She was literally that drunk goose. And she had leaned over into Celiac’s face and like basically into his mouth as he was biting into a sandwich, I Breathe in her mouth and she Goes so Forever. So Like voice crackling, her voice so loud, just like she just had to talk. Like We almost laughed. We almost laughed. We looked at each other and we almost like busted out laughing,

but we kept it together. We couldn’t believe what just came out of her mouth. And eventually she got the hand left and I was like, I don’t even care how you feel. Lady the audacity to sit here, drunk, smother yourself over my husband, like ruined our evening for half an hour. Like, I don’t know how long she was there,

but I was eating like a, like a cheeseburger from the Pope because it was dinner. And I got out and had one nip and like she was talking, it felt like I was eating her freaking breath the whole time. It felt like I was eating her butt. And that night I got that night. I got, I remember if I got food poisoning or something,

but I hadn’t shows at night because I think you’ll have Pope food is, and I was like, no, that lady bread is what gave it to me. It was her freaking breath, her drunk breath that got me sick. I was like, so sure of it. Last thing I will say is so like mankind could not stop saying every time we,

we say so to each other, we that’s how we’re saying it. Like we had not stopped. It’s an inside joke. Now that will last forever. So going forward on this podcast, that’s going to be our thing. We’re going to say sisters, you’re going to know what it’s about. You’ve watched this episode. You’ll know what we’re saying. It’s going to be the thing.

Now we have so many weird things. We can’t say mirror without saying mirror because Of Jada Pinkett Smith. Now we can’t say so because of this drunk lady. Yeah. You can’t say insulin sensitivity. All right, Well it’s continued, but then I’m looking at the audio level. Why am I so much more louder than you Here? Are you happy?

Even now I have to go. I’m literally eating the microphone. I’m eating the microphone Fixes and post-production. I Am literally, my mouth is smothered on How eight Del lady’s bro. So today’s episode, we’re going to do a little quick Q and a answer some quick questions, do a little winds of the week and then go to our main topic today.

We’re going to break down one of the four PCs types today. We’re going to break down inflammation. So stay tuned for a later part of the episode, but let’s go ahead and start with the podcast episode for the Q and a time question for you. This question was left on our YouTube video. That’s about supplements for PCOS on the YouTube video. Alaina left a comment.

Can you take all of these at once? Well, it really just, of course you can, but it depends on the person. Sometimes there’s something called too many supplements. Some people get an upset stomach from it. Sometimes you don’t need all of the supplements. I mean, my gosh, there’s so many recommended supplements for PCO S you know, you don’t need every single one.

So I would really deep dive into what your cos type is and try to figure out what is the best supplements for your PCOS type before just like grabbing everything that’s suggested, you know? Yeah, exactly. Right. All right. Next question. Is, is it possible to fall into multiple categories and she’s talking about to different PCRs types. So out of the four types,

she says, I seen to fit one, three and four. Yes, you can. You can have all the PCs types. You can have one and you can have them to varying degrees too. Like sometimes you have a lot of insulin resistance and sometimes you just have a little, like everyone is different. So I think that some lab work can really help you understand the degree to which you have each type of PCLs,

but yes, you can have all three types. Yeah. And we have a lab kit in the description that you can check out that basically helps you get to the root issues of your PCs. And the lab kit is linked in the description. Last question is from the Griffins adventure. Why so slow with the weights and why so late? All right.

Great question. Which I will, I’m so happy to answer. So we get this question often, like why so slow? So we w our workout method, as you know, is called slow way to workouts. And the reason why we’re actually going slow a lot of times on the way down, for example, when you’re doing a squat, you stand up and you go down.

So it’s not one just to keep your cortisol levels down. But two it’s also to increase effectiveness. So one thing that a lot of people tend to do, including myself, when I started to work out is let’s say you’re doing a bicep curl or doing a squat. You stand up as you’re squatting up, and then you drop down, like, almost like you’re letting the gravity do the work.

It’s almost like you’re just dropping down without really having any control. Same thing. We’re doing a bicep Crow. You curled a dumbbell up, and then you just drop it. Well, when you dropping it on the way down again, you’re letting the gravity do the work and not your muscles. Your muscles are completely out of work during that stage. So they’re only working half the time throughout that movement.

So if on the way down you go slow. Now your muscles are working twice as much. Therefore the workout is even more effective. In fact, some people believe that the eccentric portion, which is the part where you’re going down is sometimes more effective than the concentric part, where you’re lifting it up. So this is why, like, with our workouts,

they’re only 30 minutes, sometimes 45 minutes, max, because we’re using all these little different tricks, different hacks to make the workouts as effective as possible, going down slowly, controlling the way as much as possible, your muscles do more work. Therefore you don’t have to double the exercises. That’s why all of our workouts only require four exercises. And why sisters continue to see so much results week after week doing them?

Yes. All right. That concludes our Q and a portion. Yeah, Let’s go to our wins of the week Wins of the week. This is my favorite part. Love it. Super motivating. We’ll start with Giana. She says, hello sisters. I haven’t posted in here in a while, but I have been following along with the sisterhood. I would like to share a bit of my story in a recent win about a year and a half ago.

I joined this group and starting, trying to commit to the lifestyle I dove in headfirst and did great for three months, but then crashed and burned. Just like everyone warned me. What happened for the last year? I have been struggling to get back on track. I’ve had a lot of changes to my life in the last year. So it was hard to adapt to my lifestyle.

I started my own business, which threw my stress levels into overdrive after being open for some time. Now I have finally gotten a grasp of my schedule and, and motivated again, to treat myself right and take care of my health. This February. I decided to try this again. Only this time I wasn’t going to just dive in. I took my time going fully gluten and dairy free,

started with just yoga until I felt comfortable to do slow weighted workouts. I’m three months into this journey. I’m so happy to say that my cycles regulated, I’m sleeping so much better managing stress. I lost seven pounds. I’m super happy about it. I’ve lowered. The inflammation seen changes show in my blood work. I am feeling balanced and like myself again,

I wouldn’t have been able to do this or even educated about this. If it wasn’t for this group and information telling NCDA, thank you for all that you do. You’re so welcome, John. Great job. I love your approach. You took your time. The second time around you didn’t jump into it full. And I think that’s like really the really good lesson here.

Of course, everyone has a different experience, but I think just taking your time, adding things one step at a time, instead of trying everything at once is it can be a lot easier. And I think it shows in your results, losing seven pounds, feeling super happy, Loring inflammation, seeing the changes in your blood work, feeling balanced. Like this is exactly what we talk about all the time.

Yeah. I mean, it’s not uncommon to like start and then feel, oh, I can’t do this anymore. And then feel bad because it was helping. And now you, you know, so it’s a cycle and it’s not over, you have a lifetime to figure out consistency and to figure this out. So yeah, it’s totally normal. Absolutely.

Our next one of the week is from Ashley. Ashley says, Hey, sisters, I want to share Victor with, through all. Since taking a vast tall, I have noticed I have not had mood swings. Like I used to. I still crave carbs, but I hope that will improve too good luck to everyone on your journey. Great job,

Ashley, with Avastin tall, it takes about three months to really see the changes in your insulin, resistance, cravings, and much more. But seeing differences already is a really good sign. And for anyone who’s interested in Avastin tall, that’s our favorite supplement for PCs, especially for insulin resistance. It is the most researched supplement for a piece. Us showing that it improves insulin sensitivity and it improves menstrual regularities.

So if you’re trying to improve your periods, it’s a great supplement. It improves air quality, cravings, so many things. So if you’re looking for that, it’s, it’s in the description. And if you use the PRC code 2 9, 2 6, 6 0, you get 15% off your order. Oh right. The next one is from a sister who posted a chocolate cake and I’m really into it right now.

What I would do for a slice of that, that looks so good. She says, I just checked into a hotel for my birthday celebration, wanted to share my cake. That’s gluten and dairy free the hotel even informed me that they use xylitol as a sweetener for my cake. One more thing. I got my period on time finally, after years,

even, even though that’s awesome. What hotel is this zoom into the photo? It says the Ober, the Oberoi Dubai, The chocolate It’s delicious. Oh my gosh. Sila tall chocolate cake that in the sisterhood, let me Write Down. So xylitol is one of those sweeteners that we do, like, because it shows a lot of, there’s a lot of great research behind it,

so. Awesome. Cool. So before we go into the PCs type breakdown, we have a little winner. We have a giveaway that we’re doing every week now on the podcast. So we’re in this giveaway winner from our apple podcast reviews, as well as Spotify. This week’s winner comes from a review left by princess Priscilla on apple podcast. She says helpful and positive.

I’ve been following and listening to their podcasts for over a year. Now they are my favorite piece of your support group because they just get it. I’ve been doing gluten dairy free for six months on and off for a cheat day here and there, but I’ve lost 15 pounds. And my periods are getting almost regular. I love one day recommend clean products for us to try out,

always listened to this podcast. When I’m doing my hot girl walk, I love that hot girl walk. I like that name. We should start using that name. I loved it. You feel Like confident. You go out, you strike, oh my gosh, You just changed my life with that quote. We’ll Be talking about that for a long time.

Congrats princess Priscilla. We’re going to actually send you a three months supply of Avast natal to get your award. Just email us@helloatpclsweightloss.org. And we will send it your way. And for anyone who is looking to participate in the giveaway, you know what to do. You can just leave a review, or if you’ve already left a review, you’ll be considered to win next time.

You Know what to do? Just leave a review. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having one. Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Obasanjo helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have.

And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced.

So taking us tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Right? Cool. Let’s go into our main topic of this episode every so often we want to do episode where we break down the four different piece,

your types, and today we’re going to break down inflammation. Yep. I really like that. We’re breaking it down because it is like the fundamental core things. I feel like everyone with PCLs should fully understand. So basically there are four PCLs types. There’s inflammation, insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroid. You can have one, you could have all four.

Like I said earlier, youth had have varying degrees of each PCO type little bit of this little bit of that. But basically you want to understand, and based on your symptoms, or if you do lab work, you can really like get to the bottom of in and see it and be like, you know what? I have a lot of inflammation.

I’m going to take a supplement and all women with PCOS have inflammation. So this is definitely a topic that we want, like everyone to understand and think about throughout their life with everything that you do. Cause I certainly think about it while I’m cooking. You know, I’m like throwing some tumeric, anti-inflammatory fresh fruits and vegetables. Like anti-inflammatory, I’m thinking of these things.

Yeah. So I think a great way to start this episode about inflammation is to explain what inflammation is in the most simple terms. So inflammation is a process by which your body’s white blood cells protect you from infections from outside invaders, such as bacteria viruses. So basically when your white blood cells go to the area of infection and that’s where you see like redness on the outside of your skin.

But in some cases, in some diseases, your immune system triggers when there are no invaders to actually fight off your immune system acts as if regular tissues are infected or somehow unusual causing damage the after date. Exactly. So that means like, let’s say you’re eating something inflammatory your body recognizes it as inflammation and releases it inflammatory response because you ate that food.

And now there’s a bunch of inflammatory response in your body, right? You’re maybe you’re bloated all these symptoms that we’ll talk about. And there are two types of inflammation. There’s acute inflammation. That’s a short-lived. So for example, if you get a cut on your elbow, your body will send white blood cells there. And you’ll have a little bit of acute inflammation there until the cut goes away.

But then there are chronic inflammation. That’s where it’s long-term and it lingers for months, sometimes even years with those. So this is something that’s really common piece us where when you eat foods like gluten or dairy, or if you’re just eating other inflammatory foods or foods that your body’s just sensitive to, it could be other things. And it basically causes your body to have constant inflammation,

chronic inflammation, over long periods of time. It could also be from having high insulin levels, chronically high insulin, chronically high cortisol levels. These things can also create like inflammation in your body and inflammation can exacerbate that. So it’s just like a cycle. So how does this relate to PCO? S all women with PCOS have inflammation. We struggle with it.

And our symptoms of inflammation are typically feeling fatigued all the time, irritable bowel syndrome, where like going to the bathroom is an issue, allergies, joint, pain, anxiety, and irritability, just feeling like pissed off all the time. And with joint pain, feeling swollen and like puffy as well. These are all like signs of inflammation. Oftentimes we have skin rashes skin conditions as well,

and those are two signs of inflammation. And there are also like even more ways inflammation affects your body with peace us. So the inflammation can act on the ovaries to overproduce testosterone. And we all know the overproduction of testosterone can lead to hair loss, facial hair, acne, and much more. So that’s a big, big way how inflammation can lead to a bigger issue with or production of testosterone.

It can also act on our fat cells to trigger insulin resistance. Inflammation can lead to insulin resistance. That means your cells are like inflamed locked up, not responding to the hormone insulin. And that’s really bad for PCs symptoms because insulin is this really important hormone. That’s supposed to give yourselves the sugar from your bloodstream to burn it for energy. And if it’s unable to communicate with your cells,

insulin is left high and it goes in triggers high testosterone, your ovaries. So it’s really important to think of these things. And we talked about earlier with the Q and a when somebody asks or can I have multiple types of peace us, and yes, this is exactly how that can happen. Or one way it can happen is one piece you as type can lead to another.

So, and what information it can lead to insulin resistance. So now you have two types of peace. You, as, as time explained with insulin resistance, it can drive other symptoms like facial hair, acne, anxiety, weight gain, much more. So that’s why it’s really important to really look at inflammation, look at ways to reverse it, improve it,

and that we’re going to help you with that right now. I’m not going to just leave you high and dry and just, and just scare you with some of the symptoms we’re going to give you some waste, reverse inflammation. So we have our top tips for that. I guess let’s get started with the boob. Okay. Getting good quality sleep, making sure your melatonin is nice and high at night.

Melatonin’s an antioxidant. If you don’t know, it’s really important to make sure that you are creating a lifestyle that is allowing you to have quality sleep. That means winding down at night, reading a book instead of staring at your phone, making sure you’re getting into bed around 10 30 11 and getting a good seven to eight hours of sleep. It’s really important, especially for the next day and for your body’s overall level of inflammation.

Yes. Alright. Next tip is to load up on your greens. Of course, we’re talking about greens like kale, spinach, celery. Yeah. Especially the cruciferous vegetables that can like pull out debris from your intestines Because those are antioxidants. Yeah, exactly. And they’re cleansing and that’s anti-inflammatory in and of itself. You can make a green juice with like one fruit in it,

like an apple or something. Yeah. I think vegetables are great. But sometimes with PCO S especially, it’s gonna take a little bit more support than just vegetables and an anti-inflammatory diet. Sometimes you need supplements like curcumin fish oil, ginger Rez, very strong vitamin D or green tea decaf. Of course. Yeah. My favorite is curcumin. I think that is one of my favorites.

I like to put it in everything that I cook. I try to have some, every single day. That’s why a supplement is necessary because it doesn’t go with every single meal of course, but it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. And it’s really highly suggested for PCOS women and a side note. We’re including curcumin in our supplement line that were coming out with,

And it’s not just any curcumin. We’re actually it’s. It took us like a months of research working with our manufacturer to find the perfect source of curcumin because not all curcumin is made equally. So we’re actually sourcing this one from a company in France, and we’re doing NSF testing on it, which has never been done on the supplement. So it’s gonna,

we’re sourcing it from France, from this really, really highly credible laboratory. And we’re going to be doing this really important NSF testing, which if you don’t know, that’s a third party laboratory, that one looks through your whole production cycle, but to also test the actual, the actual supplements themselves, to make sure that they’re clean, pure, and it’s ex it’s actually correct to what you’re saying.

So we’re going through this kind of like a couple months, long process to make sure that that’s done. It’s actually the curcumin that’s holding us back. We would actually have the, yeah. We would have the supplement line actually ready to go in a month if it wasn’t curcumin. But the curcumin is going to take about a few more months to go through that entire testing process,

because it’s never been done before with this one, because again, we care so much about the quality of the supplement, because you can get any of these supplements from Amazon. Yes. But after doing all the research, we’ve done two there’s. You have no idea how much things vary in the supplement world. I know, and it’s, it creates so much confusion for the person who’s trying to find curcumin.

Like there are all these different brands on Amazon, but not all of them are clean or pure. And so that’s why it’s taking us so long to find the right one, because it’s actually so important for PCs. Like there’s a study that shows that curcumin administrated for 12 weeks to women with PCOS, significantly decreased weight glycaemic control and serum lipid levels. So I’m really excited about this supplement and just to like dive into it,

even deeper. It stimulates bile production in the gallbladder, which is used by the liver to eliminate toxins. And that’s really important for women with PCs because we’re affected by harmful environment, environmental toxins, whether it’s our makeup or cleaning products. And we have excess androgens and estrogens floating around in our bloodstream. So when you’re a, bioproduction, your gallbladder is simulated and your liver is eliminating these toxins,

it’s going to help your body get rid of these things. So that’s why the studies show that how effective curcumin tumeric, if you will, is for PCs women. Yeah. And just lasting. Like, it really depends how bioavailable the curcumin is because you may find one that let’s, let’s just say it’s a hundred milligrams. I’m just totally making up numbers here,

but only 20% is actually bioavailable to your body. Whereas if you find another one that’s of a higher quality and you take, let’s say 80 grams, well, 95% of that is bioavailable. Therefore, sometimes a lower dosage can be better than a higher dosage, depending on the quality, whether it’s been tested. So that’s why, like, we’re really doing our homework to give you the best,

best, best supplement for each thing that we’re going to release very soon. So all, Alright, Let’s go onto our next tip to reverse inflammation. This next one is exercise. Yes. Exercise. So we’re not just talking about, of course, like story to workouts are great. Just doing strength. Training is going to be a great way, but even walking is a great start because a form of exercise actually creates an anti-inflammatory response in your body.

So just by going on a, on an active walk every day and then eat, and then later on implementing slowly to workout strength, training workouts, to your routine, that’s going to help reduce inflammation in your body. And lastly, our last tip, but not least is upgrading your diet, trying to go gluten and dairy free for at least 30 days to see how you feel.

And it, if it helps reduce your symptoms, that’s when you know that you’re sensitive to these foods and they’re creating chronic inflammation in your body Stress. Why? Because when you, every time you eat gluten, So I’m asking you why as if like, I don’t know, I’m just trying to lead Tallinn into really just really helping everyone understand. Like,

there’s a reason why gluten does impact PCO as an inflammation. Every time you eat gluten, a protein called zonulin is released in your stomach. And our gut lining should have these tight junctions, but the zonulin causes the gut lining to loosen up. And because it’s loosened up, the protein in gluten can get through into your bloodstream, creating chronic inflammation and then a cascade of hormonal issues because your cells are now inflamed and everyone’s body is different.

Not everybody has a strong reaction to gluten, but a lot of people seem to because they feel bloated after they eat gluten, especially if they’ve cut it out and then they reintroduce it. Cause that’s when you know, if you’re eating it and you’re just like used to how you feel. You’re not going to know, but if you cut it out for 30 days and then re-introduce it,

then you’ll see, oh, you know what? This was really helping reduce my blow. My stomach feels better. I’m not as fatigued after my meals. For example, maybe you have more energy. Maybe the scale is finally shifting because it can create a lot of acne, bloating, weight, plateau, all these issues. So try going gluten and dairy free.

See how you feel after 30 days and messages. And again, this goes back to what we were saying earlier, when your body thinks that there’s a foreign invader in your body. So like trying to explain this happens when you eat gluten, it gets released into your bloodstream. So your body attacks it as if it’s a bacteria as if it’s a virus.

And then this causes immediate, like an immediate inflammatory response in your body. It literally makes your whole body going to like a battleground for inflammation. So if after you eat gluten, if you feel issues in your stomach, if you’re feeling headaches, being bloated, this can be a response of that inflammatory state. All right. All Right, Sisters. So I think basically the breakdown of the inflammation piece,

you, as type, of course, we have even more further breakdown in the sisterhood, our membership platform, where we have the five steps, piece, us weight loss. And in, in that five steps, we go over the four piece, yours types, including inflammation, and we really get into it. We have all the supplements listed for you,

where you, where you can order them from where you can find them. And we include the other piece of those types as well, and how you can further help yourself. So you can always join us Lincoln bio to join, but yeah, stay tuned for our future episode where we break down another piece, you as type as well. Yes. Talk to you soon.

Sisters Take care. Everybody. We love you. Hope you have a great week and we’ll see you next time. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of<inaudible> from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle collusion, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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