Signs of Inflammation, PCOS Q&A, Mistakes to Avoid

LIVE from Barcelona we give you our top 10 signs of inflammation and the most common mistakes to avoid with PCOS!

We answer questions in our PCOS Q&A session and how our first 3 days in Barcelona are going!

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Full Episode transcript:

Coming from a balcony in Barcelona. Yes, my own hands. And, I have never been so stressed in my life. I’m clinging to the mic and my cell phone for dear life. Right now. We’re on the fourth floor of our balcony in Barcelona. And it’s a very thin Belk and it’s not like a lot of space. It’s very Farrow,

just enough to walk around and Barely walk around Yet. Like the railing is thin. So you see straight through it. Like you can literally, if you look down, you see straight through your legs, Just look down. Okay. But this is, we are in Barcelona. Finally, if you listened to our last episode, we were just mere days away from flying.

But now we’re here. Who’ve been here for about four days. It’s been wonderful today. We had, I had gluten-free bread for the first time. It was toasted. It was soft. It was a bad get, honestly, it was the best gluten-free bread I have ever had was Crazy that you see that. Yeah, no, Absolutely. And the places like right around the corner so we can go on.

Yeah, it’s right across the apartment. Good. Old one. Yeah. So let’s talk about our experience of our in Barcelona. If you don’t want to hear about this, you can just skip forward to like 10, 15 minute mark. Maybe a little bit less, but how has it been for your time? The last three, four days. I love it.

This is starting to be my favorite city in Europe. You know, I haven’t like traveled that much. I’ve been to Paris and Florence, but this takes the cake. Yeah. This is amazing. There’s so much to do so many nice people. Great food. Yeah. I love that. The second you get out of the apartment, you’re already seeing hundreds of people walking the streets.

It’s just like life. Yeah. There’s so much bustle and so many steps. Okay. I’ve had, so like every day, 10,000 steps. That’s what I’m talking. Yeah. Like to go anywhere, like for example, to get lunch, you have to walk like half a mile to go to a good spot and then come back. You have to walk another half a mile.

So basically you’re already walking a mile just to get lunch. And then again, for dinner, et cetera, I never used to do that. I mean, we’d go on a walk after lunch and then maybe I’d go on a walk, like at least like five times a week, but not as much as we’ve been walking here. And it feels really good.

Yeah. Here, like you’re basically forced to go on walks, which is a really great thing because you get to see the city. The one thing I have to say though, is making a really hard as everybody’s too well dressed. So it’s adding the pressure for us to always be like, I don’t want to put jeans on to go get lunch.

I just want to wear sweatpants. Like we’re in LA. I miss the lounge where see, I missed the lazy lounger is seen in California, but you know what? It’s like, people are really classy. They wearing like scarfs and like nice wool jackets. Oh gosh. Something I’ve never seen in my life. Like this much. I don’t think I’ve traveled in the winter time.

It’s always been summer. So the fashion here is just like stunning, winter wear coats and shoes, boots, you know, like cool scarves hats. It’s a great, And like the number of restaurants everywhere. It’s insane. Like how many restaurants there are at every corner. My corner, every like block as you go. There’s like 30 restaurants. Yeah.

It’s almost hard to pick one. And honestly, there’s always something gluten-free you can find, even at the croissant place that we walk past today, they had like an egg and potato quiche. Yeah. And I could have eaten that if you wanted a croissant. Well, let’s talk about the food for a second though. How would you like the foods while being here?

I love it. And the top us tastes really good. It’s just different than what we used to the whole. Yeah. Like everything has wetness to it. It’s similar. Like it comes with like the sauce of its own underneath it. So it’s a little bit hard to get used to, especially when like the menu, like half the menus are in Spanish and we’re trying to learn.

So it makes it a little bit difficult. But just like, if you come to span, expect like wet food, a lot of top hot style, like a lot. That’s a great thing. I’d show like the top. So what’s your preference? No, I think it’s great because you can have a little bite of everything. Yeah. The other day I tried an anchovy base us and it tasted really good.

And I’m trying to get used to anchovies now that we’re here because they’re really good and sardines they’re good for peace has their healthy fats. They have all these vitamins and minerals. You know, every time I go to a top us restaurant, like we can’t get like a main dish for ourselves. Right. I typically get like a fish taco or like a salmon,

something which isn’t on the menu here. It’s like, they’re fatty fish is like anchovies and things like that. So even though it’s very fishy, I’m trying to get used to it. Yeah. That’s the great thing about top house too. You have to commit like you can get three or four different small dishes. So you get to try everything. Yeah,

exactly. And one thing that’s famous here is called the patatas bravas, which is basically like at every single restaurant. It’s potatoes, special potatoes with the sauce on top. It’s delicious. But of course, once you have it every single day, they I’m sure the native citizens here. I’m sure they don’t eat it all the time. Cause it’s everywhere.

Right. But it’s delicious. It’s gluten-free and it’s a carb and I’m here for it. Yeah. Well what’s this commotion happening down the street right here. Don’t make me look down. No, like there’s like a bunch of cops, cops with the toll you see like right there, ready? Towing a car. The dude like towing, like this tiny bicycle with the,

you have like all this commotion over a bicycle. I don’t understand what’s going on. I guess we’ll figure it Out as you go. But yeah, it’s been a experience so far, of course, one thing to keep in mind too, like our apartment. And it’s a big, big difference from, from like where we were living in California, because here’s the thing,

all of these apartments, they’re like two, 300 years old compared to, you know, our condo in orange county, California. That was like 50 years old. Right? So like the piping system, like the water pressure, the like the heating AC, all that kind of stuff is so different than it is here. Like for example, when we’re in the shower,

I am a DJ. Meaning like I have to constantly adjust was honking right now is I hope you guys aren’t hearing that honking. Okay, look, what’s happening. Look, they’re towing the bicycle time. I swear to God, there is a AAA truck and they’re literally towing a bicycle. Oh my God. There’s like a basket at the end of the bicycle.

Maybe that’s oh my God. They literally putting it like as if they’re towing a car, I can’t be what I’m seeing right now. I abandoned bicycle in the middle of the street. They’re putting on a tow truck. Oh God, What were you saying? Oh, the buildings are really old. Yeah. Like once you put it on like hot,

it doesn’t stay hot. It gets cold. It gets too hot. So you have to keep adjusting like the temperature gauge. I don’t know. I feel like I’m, you know, DJ Definitely stuff to get used to we’re acclimating. I would say, especially these past few days with like the jet lag and like going live on Instagram and everything. It’s just like,

we’re really trying to figure out what the heck is going on and you know, not eat dinner at 10 30. Yeah. I mean, none of these are complaints, whether we’re just like talking, we’re like, we love what we’re doing. We’re just trying to exactly what the experience has been like. So don’t get us, don’t get me wrong.

We’re not complaining. We love Barcelona. We’re having the time of our lives here seriously. And if you’re wondering how long we’re going to be here, we’re going to be here for two months. We basically moved here. Like, we’re not like, this is not a vacation. We got rid of our condo. We sold our cars. We have nothing to our names.

So like, if you have a place for us, sisters in America, when we, once we come back, please, we need somewhere to stay. We have our parents, our Parents, we’re going to live at home for the rest of our Lives. Oh my gosh. Okay. So I guess that’s our, a little bit about Barcelona. Stay tuned.

We’ll we’ll give you an update every single week about how it’s going here, but let’s get started with our episode today. We’re going to be doing a little Q and a answering some of your questions. We’re going to go over our posts of the week from Instagram. There’s always like a post on Instagram every week that gets the most attention or gets the most questions.

So we’re going to go over one today. We’re going to do some wins of the week, and we’re going to talk about the biggest mistakes to avoid with PSUs as the most common mistakes that sisters make. And we’re going to kind of explain, go through each one and explain how you can avoid them. All right. Why don’t we get started with some of the Q and a questions?

So the first one is by glow up by 2020, this question, this was a comment on Instagram, on our Instagram posts. She asks does PCLs cause anxiety. She says, oh my God, your video makes me understand why I was feeling tired or stress or worried on small things. And I think she’s referring to the real video we had about,

remember, you were like, oh, I’m ready to start my day. But then all of a sudden you start feeling anxiety, cravings and all these like different PCs symptoms. So why don’t we explain that one bit? Yeah. I mean, with PCO S we need to practice extreme self-care okay. I’m not talking about just like go on a walk and calm down,

like whatever. We have a priority in our lives to really, really take care of ourselves. And when it comes to anxiety, it can be really immensely triggered by so many things. So for example, having low progesterone, having low blood sugar, both of those things, PCs women struggle with having high stress hormones that stay high and don’t come back down something that will piece you as women struggle with.

These are some reasons why we get this like anxiety so much more than other people, but that doesn’t mean you have to like live with that anxiety. You just have to know why it’s happening and prevent that trigger. So keep your blood sugar stable, right? Make sure that you’re eating three times a day. You have a snack on hand, you’re doing slow weighted workouts to build muscle and improve insulin sensitivity.

And that way you’re, you don’t get like hangry attacks and anxiety or wake up with low blood sugar. I mean, even now I haven’t done a slow weighted workout in like a week and a half because of traveling and everything, preparation, preparation, blah, blah, blah. It’s garnish. And I feel like my muscle mass is like slowly melting away and I feel insulin resistant,

like my cravings or like my hangry attacks. They are stronger than before. So we’ve got to get you back to doing some Solway to workouts, which we actually signed up to a gym yesterday finally in Barcelona. So we’ll be starting to go today. Yes, the really fun. All right. Next question is from it’s Marella she asked, what strength do you recommend for CBD?

And I think she’s referring to one of our CBD posts. If you don’t know, we are big, big supporters of CBD supplements. One reason why is they really help with anxiety? They can really help with depression. They can help with insulin resistance as well. And just overall can really help with regulating cortisol levels. Especially when you take it at night can really help with sleep.

As you know, many sisters suffer from cortisol dysregulation, which can lead to adrenal fatigue, lack of sleep, et cetera. When it comes to choosing the right strength. Honestly, what we would recommend is you can either buy like the smallest dosage available. And if you want, if you want it to go, you can go to my soul

And if you, the code word, PCO S you can get 15% off, but you can buy the lowest strength. And then just take that one dosage and see how you feel after 15, 20 minutes. Do you feel more relaxed? Do you feel like the onset of the CBD kicking in, if not, you can take a little bit more,

maybe like half dosage more, and that way you can kind of see what’s the level of dosage that’s right for you. You could even do this with like a medium dosage of that. Let’s say like 500 milligrams or a thousand milligrams, and try taking a quarter of the tincture. When you try the quarter of a tincture, you can see how that affects you.

You can try have et cetera. Basically what I’m suggesting is get the smallest dose as possible and see how it affects you and add on as you go on to see what’s right for you. Now, one warning, I’m not warning, actually. I want to say like CBD doesn’t make you feel high. It’s not like, you know, THC where you’re going to get high at all.

It won’t come up in your drug test results or anything like that. So keep in mind, we’re not talking about you feeling high. We’re talking about the relaxation feeling, basically, you know, like anxiety being reduced, things like that. I need some CBD right now. The more we talk about anxiety, the more I look down, It’s fine.

This is not a Ctech. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Subtle helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most PCPs sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance,

we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking Odessa tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance,

starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup, so I don’t drink it. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Okay. So Izzy green thumb says any tips on fighting cravings. I’ll do good for three days,

but day four, I’m caving in, well, here’s the thing. You can do your best. And of course, try to avoid these things that you’re craving sugar, whatever it may be. But with PCLs women with PCOS, we struggle with our in NASSA tall ratio in ourselves. And that is why the supplement has been shown to help piece us so much because it literally replaces the missing in yourself that triggers cravings.

So what I’m trying to say is you can avoid it as much the sugar, as much as you can, but at a certain point, it’s like this issue, like this hormonal issue, this genetic issue that’s happening. Okay. Avoiding the sugar is great. Taking a supplement and avoiding the sugar is even better. Yeah. And eventually you won’t need to anymore,

and your body will just adapt. Your metabolic hormones will adjust, and you won’t crave those foods as much even without, And it can even get deeper too. Like it can also in regards to like your carb tolerance, you know, having too little carbs or having too many carbs, like finding the right amount of carbs for you is going to really help sustain those cravings as well as having the proper amounts of protein to carb ratio,

to make sure that you’re not having too many carbs compared to protein. So it can definitely get a bit more complex when you involve all these different areas. Okay. Zoey licious says is the arrest hall supplement the same as regular enough tall? Oh, Bassa tall is in ASA tall, but it is with the 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and,

which is the ratio that’s in yourselves. So studies show that it’s more effective to take the 42 1 ratio, which is found in opacity hall. Then just in Astana alone. And studies showed taking 4,000 milligrams a day is most effective in helping with the cravings at quality of violation, all of those symptoms of PCOM. Yeah. And if you’re looking for a NASTAR supplement,

like we don’t care. If you get all basketball aggregate different brand, we just want you to get the proper inositol supplement that’s been used in the latest studies. So like Tyne said, that’s going to be a 40 to one ratio of Mio and D and also tall. And based on the studies, it should have a daily dosage of 4,000 milligrams. So that’s 2000 milligrams in the morning and 2000 milligrams in the evening.

Now, the great thing about Avesta is that it’s the most price efficient, the cheapest in all-star settlement. You can find with those criteria because it comes in a three months supply. We have never seen any other in NASTAR supplement with those criteria is met for as cheap, as possible as Avast tol that comes in a three months supply. So that’s why we love Vassar tall.

And it’s also NSF certified been tested by a third party laboratory. So yeah, it’s their Favorite talk about it all the time. It’s in my luggage. I know tine brought it with her. I Should take them. All right. That’s all the QA questions we have for today. Let’s move on to our post of the week. So we pull the post from our Instagram.

If you don’t know our Instagram, I’m sure you already do. But at PCOM weight loss, that’s where, where we’re talking about here and the post of the week was 10 signs of inflammation with S so we give you 10 different signs and we can kind of help you explain through each of these. So, you know, whether you have a lot of information with PCs,

or maybe you have minor inflammation, but one thing to know that inflammation is very common with PCs woman. Yes. So should I list the 10 signs? Sure. Let’s go through each of them. And I kind of explain each one a little bit. Okay. So there’s bloating. And this often happens when you’re eating foods that you’re sensitive to, that you struggle to break down and digest then.

Yeah. And that protein gets through and into your bloodstream and causes chronic inflammation. So that can be Wyatt bloating. And the oftentimes women with PCs struggle with IBS, which is irritable bowel syndrome. That can be further aggravated by gluten dairy, if you’re sensitive to them. So, Well, let me drop some science right now. What happens when you eat gluten is it can activate a protein called zonulin.

Now zonulin actually regulates the intestinal wall, which basically helps to protect food and other particles, bacteria from getting into your bloodstream. So what happens when you eat gluten is it can activate zonulin protein causing the intestinal wall to widen. And then it lets food particles and other bacteria into your bloodstream. And that’s where it can cause systemic inflammation, bloating, and our second sign of inflammation,

which is migraines, joint, Pain, migraines, and joint bane. Yeah, exactly. I mean, that’s why we highly suggest going gluten and dairy free for 30 days to see how you feel, because you won’t know if it’s causing inflammation in your body, unless you cut it out. There are some sensitivity tests, but they’re not that accurate and they’re expensive.

And it’s just so much easier if you cut it out and just see how you feel because you are your best, you know, doctor like you, you know, your body the most, right? So in the sisterhood, we always talk about this and we really encourage sisters to try for 30 days to see how they feel. I mean, if you listen to our podcast with Dr.

Phyllis Kirsch, the queen of PCs, the Queens gynecologist, a piece, she has, she literally said, I recommend cutting out for 90 days. Gluten dairy. Yeah. So it really is. Her book is great too. She also says like, get rid of gluten and dairy. And yeah, she talks about how that inflammation, not only does your body react in these ways and the symptoms that I’m talking about,

but also it can lead to autoimmune diseases. One thing I love about her book is on the page Alamo for at page 1 92, she literally literally says in the gluten dairy free portion, or there’s been some backlash against the gluten-free lifestyle for PCs. And then she continues to drop all the science afterwards being like, boom, bam, boom, bam. What do you think now?

Like, I love that. I love, Yeah. She’s really confident because she’s reversed so many women cos There’s nobody else that knows as much about PCs than Dr. Fields. You know what? She’s a genius with cos I don’t know a single person who knows about PCO as much as her. Yeah. All right. So our second and third sign were migraines and joint pain and the fourth sign of inflammation is acne.

All right. So acne that typically with dairy, well, gluten too. And it is a sign of inflammation because basically that oil gland is being inflamed by the inflammatory cytokines that are released from when you eat gluten and dairy. So the inflammatory cytokines are leading to cysts on your face and it’s painful. And honestly there’s no topical treatment for it as far as I’ve understood,

except for not eating the gluten and dairy. And it’s really helped me to cut it out, Especially dairy. If you look at your drawer, literally studies showing direct links between dairy consumption and acne. So if you’re having acne symptoms cutting out dairy, you may see a lot of benefits from it. So you can try and see Eczema. Same thing,

skin conditions. Yeah, That was wow. Wow. Is there fucking, I Can’t sit down anymore. I don’t care. I don’t care. I feel like the T-Rex is like around one of the buildings is about to come around. All right. The sixth sign is difficulty losing weight. Seventh is weight gain. So this is because when your cells are inflamed,

they are not responsive to metabolic hormones. Like insulin. Insulin is trying to communicate with yourselves and give yourselves the sugar in your bloodstream so they can burn it for energy and your metabolism can move. And I’m so sorry to interrupt you with. There are neighbors across the street from the balcony are looking right at us where look straight, just look straight. There are people in the window looking right at us,

which Window Look straight and balcony right in front of us. I see a girl looking right at us. She’s looking right here. Look, look straight. Can you count the TRO From the top? Like straight, if you look just straight, babe, I’m looking out the window right behind the Curtain. I can’t believe right now you’re blind. You’re blind as a bat.

See it. Oh, they just close the curtain. Oh, I see. Okay. Because I just pointed at them. Oh my God. I just pointed at them and they closed the curtains. Oh my God. She’s Looking at us. Okay. I’m sorry. Continue. I totally cut you off. I’m sorry. Okay. So when you have inflammation yourselves,

they’re not responsive to metabolic hormones and inflammation is also a sign of stress. So your stress hormones go up and when your stress hormones like cortisol are high, it’s harder to lose weight and so on and so forth. It just cascades, you know, and inflammation is one of the PCAs types, but everyone with PCs has inflammation and it leads to the other PCs types.

So that’s how, yeah. Then we’ll have fatigue. That’s definitely, like I said, when your stress hormones are high, because you have inflammation, your body has like a stressful response to it. You’ll feel tired and fatigued as well. And then we have being frequently sick. And that’s just your body’s response to all this inflammation and stress that it’s putting.

Well, w when your body is under systemic inflammation all the time, it have energy to focus on making sure that your nervous system, your, your, your immune system, it can’t work at a hundred percent due to all the inflammation. Cause there’s so much to deal with. Yeah. And then auto immune diseases. So I want to talk about this because it’s very interesting.

And I just read this paragraph in PCO, S S O S by Dr. Phyllis scourge, she says that gluten and dairy, she was quoting studies, gluten and dairy have proteins in them that trigger an autoimmune reaction. So what happens is these proteins found in wheat and dairy can mimic the proteins of the tissues of your organs. And that’s something called molecular mimicry.

They look the same and your body sees the gluten and dairy as an invader. So it attacks it, but it also attacks your tissues at the same time. So what happens is every time you’re eating the gluten and dairy, you’re having this auto immune response. And eventually it leads to things like, or it can contribute to worsening issues like hypothyroidism or auto-immune diseases.

And so on. And women with PCOS often have autoimmune diseases. If not PCOS is considered an autoimmune disease. So the autoimmune response, it’s very interesting. This molecular mimicry thing, A hundred percent, all right, those are the 10 signs of inflammation in the highly encourage your sisters to go to our Instagram. You can find out posts in the last week or two,

and you’ll be able to basically kind of get more information from there in the caption. And that’s one thing we should say too. I, we always encourage to read the caption of our post because we go into more detail. It’s really hard to explain 10 different things in the picture. So we like to kind of break it down in the caption, always,

all right, let’s move on to our wins of the week. So this week, our wins of the week is actually focusing on the workout challenge that we had in the sisterhood. We do a challenge almost every month. And this time, this month, it was a three day workout challenge. So many sisters participated. We’re so happy to see them all participate,

especially those who, who started their workout journey, new, or even those who basically continued on what they were already doing. So a couple of shout outs for those sisters, the first one is Holly and Holly basically posted her workout. She showed, she says, does this count as posted my workout? And she showed her a photo. And she says,

but here’s my sweaty photo also with my tread in the background for good measure. And she includes how she, she did stationary rowing as well as walking and some Peloton as well. So that’s Looking good sister, great job, Holly, Francesca posted a picture of herself doing squats. Love it. Ooh. Don’t mind my face. I was super tired.

Love the neon leggings. Like neon is like one of my favorite colors right now. Sarah process definitely enjoy these slow weighted workouts over intense, Hey workouts. I used to do Amen. Holding her red. Dumbo’s love it. And it’s, it’s like, I feel like dumbbells are getting easier to find these days with like the whole, you know, COVID getting a little less and less.

Yeah. Hopefully. I mean, I don’t know. Hopefully the supply issues are kind of getting easier. I mean, I know COVID still like a big thing, but hopefully the supply issues that people were seeing with dumbbells and other things are getting better and selling Them, whereas before literally you could not even Buy them. Yeah. And one thing to keep in mind,

too, if you, even, if you can’t find Dumbos, you can still do a lot of body weight exercises, or you can get resistance cables, which are a lot easier to find. Cause resistance cables can basically mimic what Dumbos do as well. Rebecca says, add a wonderful workout today. I hate during my lunch break and she shows the map of her hike,

which I love seriously, nothing like a mid day walk to help your insulin sensitivity brings your stress, hormones down. Love it. So as the winds of the week, of course, you can always join the sisterhood to participate in the monthly challenges. Oh my goodness. These noises, I feel like Godzilla’s Coming. And that’s what I’m saying. It’s God’s lives around the corner.

Crushing the buildings and Climbing. Yeah. One thing in Barstow is a lot of construction because of course it’s a very old city with the buildings. So they’re always re re what is the word Renovating? Yeah. That’s the Word renovate. Yeah. Renovating a lot of these old buildings. So we’re seeing a lot of that right now happen. Now I’m Devin again,

to listen to this episode, the audio, and if it’s like so much noise, trust me, sisters, we won’t do it on the back coming every week. Well, let me know on Instagram DMS, if it’s like, if you, if you didn’t like the background noise, if it was too distracting, let us know. And we’ll definitely want to make this podcast still enjoyable to listen to.

All right, cool. So the last segment that we have here is we have four PCs mistakes to avoid. Now we’ll go through these rather quickly because we don’t want to make the podcast too long. I know the sisters, we did like a survey, usually 30 minutes. Is that like the best time? So let’s just go through these. The first mistake to avoid common mistake is restricting calories.

Yes. Here’s the thing. When we’re diagnosed, we’re told to lose weight. When we go on Google, it, it says, stop eating. It says, restrict your galleries. So it’s a huge issue for PSUs. It puts you in starvation mode and it suppresses your thyroid and leads to hypothyroidism, which means that your metabolism moves slower, which is so annoying because then you gain weight easily whenever you do eat.

And it’s just not good for our overall metabolic function that we’re trying to heal. I mean, the point is to be able to eat and to burn what we’re eating properly and to not have to think about calories, right? But cutting calories is going to suppress those hormones necessary for us to be able to metabolize what we eat and then it’s going to make it harder later.

So I don’t suggest cutting calories, but I do suggest thinking about your metabolic hormones, balancing your blood sugar, supporting your thyroid with nutrients, reducing inflammation with going gluten, dairy free. And honestly, this is all the stuff we talk about in the sisterhood. We don’t talk about cutting restricting calories in any way, shape or form that is not PCOS,

weight loss. Yeah. And so we focused on fixing the metabolic issue that’s actually happening already. And next one is crash diets. So it’s really common for sisters to be recommended a very restrictive like crash diet. For example, like keto. A lot of times, you know, keto diet at first can help you see some results because you, you drastically cut down your carbs and that can have an effect on instant resistance.

Belonged term is a really unsustainable approach. Imagine having 30, 40 grams of carbs for the rest of your life, it’s not possible. It’s not something you can actually enjoy for your whole life. So what happens is maybe you do cheat over one month, two months, maybe you see, you see some results, but then the second you get off of it,

because you didn’t find your carb tolerance because you don’t focus on the root issues. The weight that you lost can come back to symptoms that improve can come back because there’s no sustainable approach to continue doing after the keto diet, Which is sustainability. So key. Yeah, Absolutely. Which is why we love, like instead of a diet, we love a lifestyle.

So for example, a gluten, there are few lifestyle. It isn’t restrictive. You can still have all the foods you love. You can still have carbs. It’s rather about finding the carb tolerance. That’s right for you. So when you go from that approach, instead of restricting the foods you eat, you rather go it as a lifestyle and consistency.

It’s never about perfection. It’s rather about finding the consistent lifestyle that works for you for some that’s me removing gluten here and there for others is doing 90% or some it’s a hundred percent. So it’s the lifestyle consistency that works for you. Yes. The next mistake to avoid is not being prepared. There are circumstances where you might not find a gluten and dairy free option for you or a PCs friendly,

you know, option or situation, but you want to go into it prepared. Like there were so many situations with that I had to learn from because I showed up hungry and all they had was like a cheese platter at somebody’s house, for example. And that’s how I learned to pack myself a little something. If I feel like, you know, we’re going to a child’s birthday party,

they’re going to have pizza. Like, what am I going to eat? Let me just pack myself a quick sandwich and eat it right before we walk in. So I’m not like starving and miserable. Like, you know, so being prepared is key. And sometimes it just takes some mistakes to figure out where you need to prepare in advance. Yeah.

And it’s also about like breakfast and things like that. Like you don’t want in the mornings, we know life can be busy. You have school, you have work other responsibilities. So when you’re rushing out in the morning from like, let’s say you wake up and you’re rushing and you just basically leave, leave the house without getting any breakfast. Or maybe you just grab like one banana or something.

It’s all these. See, it’s not going to be a great way to stabilize your blood sugar for the rest of the day. It’s not going to be great to have a sustainable amount of food for the rest of the day. So you don’t want to be, you want to be prepared for those kinds of days where you have to rush out the door.

So maybe that means having a go-to breakfast that’s quick and easy to make in the mornings. Something you can grab something that’s, that’s always available so that you’re not stuck in those kinds of situations. Yes. All right. And then the last mistake to avoid is working out as hard as possible. Yes. Well, I’ve done this sister’s seriously. I thought I was going to burn more calories and lose more weight and all of this.

And I wasn’t thinking of my metabolic hormones. And it’s a huge mistake because it’s exhausting and it makes your symptoms even worse. And I just read a study that says going on a 10 minute walk three times a day, like after each meal improves insulin sensitivity more than strenuous exercises. Yeah. So just think about that for a second. You’re trying to heal the insulin resistance so that you can,

you know, metabolize what you’re eating probably am burned fat properly. Right? Well, doing strenuous, crazy workouts clearly is not as effective according to the study as just going on a walk after your lunch, you know, and like lifting. It’s a really interesting point too, because just yesterday we’re doing our sisterhood private podcast. We did a whole Q and a session where we basically answered everyone’s questions in our private Facebook group.

And one of the questions was, oh, like when I do slow to workouts, I don’t feel like I’m burning as many calories. Do you think it’s still going to be good for weight loss? And I thought this was a perfect question because, oh my goodness, what’s going on there? I don’t know. I can’t even look at it. I can’t do the same.

Okay. I don’t want to explain what we’re seeing because this checked it. Okay. So it was, I thought it was a great question. Like, oh, I don’t feel like I’m burning as many calories is a perfect question because it’s a common misconception that the way to losing weight with workouts is all about the calories that you burn during the gym.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s not about the calories you burn at the gym, but it’s rather how your body is affected after your workouts. So when you do strength, training workouts, AKA Slovenia workouts, they literally help improve your metabolism after your workout. So what that means is your color burn the rest of the day, the next day,

and the day after is higher. Now you’re burning more calories every single day throughout the day from morning till evening, that’s, what’s going to help you lose weight sustainably and consistently not the hours. You’re at the gym because the hours at the gym is very limited. You only have one to two hours. If you’re doing those kinds of long workouts, instead of that,

you can literally a 30 to 45 minute workout. That’s going to help improve your metabolism and your insulin sensitivity. The two major reasons why with peace, you aren’t able to lose weight as well. So that’s what we’re talking about is working on those sustainable results, consistency, and giving you the results that you deserve. That’s right. You don’t want to be wasting your time at the gym and coming home fatigued.

Yeah. You want to see the real results that last? Yes. Well, sisters Tips. Those are the tips We miss you. We do. I mean, this city is beautiful and it’s very noisy as you can tell. So let us know how you like this episode on the balcony. Was it distracting? Was it too much noise? I feel like one day we should go to the,

to the famous park. I forgot there was a park. Well park. Yeah, it was let’s record a podcast. There that’d be really fun, but I think it’s raining this weekend. By the way I checked the weather. It says it’s Saturday, Sunday may be raining. Okay. We’ll see. Yeah. We’re also going to meet up with a sister.

We’ve been DM-ing they’re going through DMS or we’re going to meet up with a sister from Spain and have dinner with her. She Reversed her PCO. S yeah. It’s going to be really a fun. We’ve never like really gone out to dinner with the fellow sister before it’s going to be, we’ve done a lot of lives with sisters, but never like in person.

So that should be really interesting. Yeah. Maybe she’ll Come on our podcast. Oh yeah. Alaska. Yeah. We’ll do a podcast at the restaurant. All right. Awesome. Well, thank you sisters for joining us and yeah, I guess we’ll talk to you next week and give you more updates about Barcelona. Talk to you since The stairs. Take care.

Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body.


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