10 foods that relieve PCOS symptoms & help you lose weight!

Women with PCOS deserve to enjoy what they eat, but not suffer because of it. Food gives us freedom, joy, and can also relieve us from some of our most debilitating PCOS symptoms!

What do we mean by this? The right food gives us energy, health, and can improve PCOS symptoms like cravings, hair loss, fatigue, and much more! And, weight loss too, for so many of you looking for a way to shed pounds with PCOS.

In this episode, we’ve compiled a list of PCOS fighting foods that you can use to create healthy and tasty meals. Meals that’ll keep you feeling like yourself while reversing and losing weight with PCOS!

For a full breakdown of the list, check out our blog!

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Full Episode transcript:

Women with PCOS, we struggle with absorbing omega-3 fats from seats and nuts because we have inflammation. And it creates this issue with an enzyme called D 60. And because that enzyme isn’t working properly, it makes it harder for us to absorb the omega-3 and it’s easier for us to absorb it from fish. If you’re not consuming fish every day,

I highly suggest that you take an omega-3 supplement. This is part of our Metabolism Plus bundle because it is an essential nutrient for women with P C O S Into my own hands and thirst them naturally. So I became a, Oh, Everybody was Fu fighting. Those cats were fast Lightning. I’m so bad at, why am I, why am I so bad at melodies?

Honestly, come From a scratch. Everybody was kung fu Fighting. Huh? Who? Huh? Go Now. Everybody was fast. No, you’re Saying Oh my. Those cats were fast as not everybody. You see my thing is I sing the lyrics to songs wrong and I have accepted this part of myself since I was a little girl. A little girl.

My sister has been driven crazy listening to me seeing the classics with the wrong lyrics. Funny thing about that, Arlene Ty’s sister told me this recently that Italian makes up the lyrics. And I didn’t know that because all the time I hear Italiansinging, I’m always like, how do you like knowing the lyrics? Everything. And then after that, now I listen and she says,

she says everything wrong. Can I say it wrong? I mean not everything, but like some of it it is what it Is. But so this today’s episode was you know, 10 P C Os fighting foods and before that Italian was like fighting foods. And I was like, that’s so funny. So I was like, why don’t we start the podcast with the kung fu fighting intro?

But it does, it just didn’t go as planned. Yes, probably cuz of me. No, I have no melody My bones Beautiful Babe. It was great. Beautiful sisters. We’ve serenaded the sisters And before we did this, by the way we watched everybody was kung fu fighting music video. And it is a real classic, really old and it’s hilarious if you watch it.

Like compared to what we have nowadays, the guy in the music video is literally in the same spot. The entire video. You should really look it up. Yeah, it’s a, it’s a sight to see. Yeah. Like he’s in the same spot the entire video and he is just singing and it’s entertaining. But like if you compare it to,

to now there’s like literally like 60 different scenes in a music video compared to now. I know Taylor Swift artistic is changing like into 10 different costumes. No, This was awful. No, this was good if you Asked me and yet it was A classic if you asked me this is better. What the, what you really think. Yeah, classic.

I mean I was not entertained. Okay. Music video, I was like wow, this really sucks. I was enjoying the music so I guessThe music was good. I swear at Crossroads. Alright, done. Well sisters, today’s episode we’re gonna be talking about some, you know, some main foods that we, we really like to fight P C O S symptoms.

Yes. And how to eat them to make them fight P C O S. You know there are lots of nutrient dense foods but it’s really how you’re pairing them, how you’re eating them that make them actually great for P C O S and blood sugar control. So we’ll get into that in this episode. Yes. Before we get to that, let’s do our quick q and a session.

So we got some questions from our different social media platforms. First one is from Maddie on TikTok. Her question is, do you recommend any YouTube videos for at-home workouts? Yes. Actually great question. We ha if you go to our YouTube channel P C O S weight loss, we do have a couple of slow weighted workouts, full videos for anyone who wants to try them out.

You can definitely go there to do them. It’s about 30 minutes so you can do it at home with weights or no weights. Yes. Next question is from Kelly stk. She says, what does it mean if my period lasts three months, then disappears for four months, then comes back for three months. So that means that your period is irregular.

And it could be for multiple reasons. I’m just gonna throw some out there. It could be insulin resistance, it could be hypothyroid, it could be a lot of different things general like hormonal imbalance between estrogen dominance and low progesterone. What I would suggest here is to try taking ovasitol. Ovasitol is a supplement that helps improve insulin resistance and 80% of women with p c s have insulin resistance.

And this really affects our ability to have a regular period. So I would probably start there. I’ve linked acetol in the description and it comes in a three month supply. So it doesn’t work immediately. You would have to take it, well sometimes it works immediately, but sometimes you know, after the three months you start to see more regular periods, less painful periods,

less symptoms of PMs. So it comes in a three month supply. You can take it for as long as you want people to take it for like years. Eventually you might not even need it because it can really help with insulin resistance. And when you pair it with the proper foods and p c s fighting foods that we’re gonna be talking about in this episode,

eventually you might not need the support of ovasitol. Yeah. And speaking of Ovasitol question from Mariana Studies say it’s appropriate for women who have P C O S and want get pregnant to take in acetol, but I don’t want to get pregnant. Can I still take it? Great question. So we get this question a lot because of course if you don’t wanna get pregnant,

you don’t wanna take a supplement that’s meant for someone who wants to get pregnant, right? But the thing with ovasitol is, or in OSS in general is that it’s like a supplement that helps all the different pathologies of P C U S, whether you want to improve your fertility, whether you wanna lose weight, sorry, I had to take a breather there.

Whether you want to improve your insulin resistance, egg quality menstrual regularity. Like for example, if you, if you haven’t gotten your period for a few months, so have shown that in ocelot can help you get your period back. It depends on which symptoms you’re trying to improve. But overall, like it’s great for all the different pathologies of psst has mentioned in the Past too.

Yes. It’s not just for if you wanna get pregnant, which leads me to my next point, you don’t wanna focus on your fertility only when you wanna get pregnant. You wanna focus on that before and make sure that you’re producing enough progesterone to have healthy skin, healthy hair, a good mood, less bloating. I mean all of these things are important whether or not you wanna get pregnant so ol for the win.

Yeah. By the way, something we haven’t fully announced on the podcast yet is that you can now order ovasitol internationally. If you go to our overfit website, we now have ovasitol on our website as well@overfit.org. So I linked it inthe description, if you wanna order Avast now outside of the United States, you can do that. Yes. And you still get the 15% off offer.

People have been begging for this outside of the US Yeah. So we’re really happy that we’re able to do this now. Yes, Absolutely. Alright, shall we get into it? Let’s Get into it. The 10 P C O S fighting foods. Let’s jump in. So basically what does all of this mean? What do you mean by P C U S fighting foods?

We’re talking about foods that are anti-inflammatory foods that you can really rely on and make like a regular part of your routine. Something that gives you health, energy relief from symptoms and of course weight loss too, depending on what your goals are and depending on how you eat them. So we’re gonna get right into this. Yeah. And we also wanna make it clear too,

like we’re trying to create a list of foods that are great for PCUs, but also foods that you can enjoy too because we want to create healthy and tasty meals with this list of foods. We hope that it achieves both of those one fighting P C O S symptoms, but also creating something that you enjoy that’s healthy and tasty. I can talk about food all day.

Yeah, I’m really excited for this episode. Okay, the first category of foods is lentils and beans. Yes. So these are a great source of fiber and fiber is in your diet. It’s gonna help you balance carbs, regulate your hormones or lower cholesterols. They also keep your insulin and blood sugar regulated. So again, helping with insulin resistance, helping with balancing your hormones,

cholesterol, like it’s all around great source of Food. Yeah. Lentils and beans. They’re gluten-free carbs. A lot of times when sisters decide to go gluten-free to help reduce inflammation with P C O S, they are, you know, at a crossroads between purchasing processed gluten-free carbs that might be like gluten-free crackers or pasta or chips versus buying natural gluten-free carbs like lentils and beans.

And of course my suggestion is to lean towards the natural ones, lentils and beans plus it’s cheaper so you’d be surprised going gluten-free can be a very cheap process. Lentils and beans are great for your pocket and also they’re nutrient dense as well. And you also wanna choose a carb that’s good for your blood sugar. So like ciac said, lentils and beans have lots of fiber in it,

so it would probably be better for your blood sugar than corn for example, which doesn’t have as much protein or fiber in it. Yeah. So I would highly suggest if you don’t have this right now and you’re trying to go gluten and dairy free or gluten-free, at least get some canned beans like chickpeas, black beans, get some lentil soup that you can make,

lentils that you can make soup with or you can buy lentil soup and this can be a great carp addition to your meals. Yeah. Especially if you get cravings all all throughout the day, the hy fabric content is gonna make you feel fuller longer and not crave like other, you know, foods until you know it’s the next time to eat. Cool.

Yes. What is the next food group babe? Or next food I should Say. The next food item is avocado. So I am obsessed with avocados. Like when I was little I used to make guacamole and eat it so much here in California. Yeah. My grandma would make it for me like it was my thing. I remember like sitting down and just eating guac chips here in California we get is amazing best avocados from Mexico.

Yeah. So, but anyways, avocados, they’re so anti-inflammatory, they’re so good for your digestive health. It can help with reducing inflammation. Inflammation looks like joint pain, headaches, weight gain, fatigue and food sensitivities. So avocado is a staple. Every time I do my grocery shopping I make sure I have it because I add it to my meal and it’s just that healthy source of fat that I can always count on.

Yeah, and one thing I want to mention too is if you wanna find some avocado recipes, if you go to our website P C O s weight loss.org to our blog section, we actually have a whole blog article dedicated to, I think it’s like 10 healthy avocado recipes for P C O S weight loss. So check it out, P C os weight loss.org,

go to the blog section, you can find those recipes all with like avocados used. So yes, besides those health benefits, avocado again with the healthy fats, it just helps you feel fuller longer as well. Yes. So it just again helps with reducing cravings. So one thing I’ve learned as I lift weights, I’ve been lifting weights four times a week doing my slow weighted workouts and I’ve been trying to up my protein intake because I’m getting hungrier,

my metabolism is getting stronger and I really want to eat something, you know, so I want to eat more protein and avocados, they are just like so seductive, like ugh, that like creamy, so seductive, fatty, delicious avocado that’s gonna make me feel full unsatisfied and I want to eat the whole thing, but it doesn’t have protein in it.

And what I’m looking for is protein because I’m trying to build muscle mass. And so what I like to do with avocado is mix it with canned tuna. This is one of the recipes we have in the sisterhood. It’s a quick snack, it can be a lunch as well. You can wrap it in a, in a gluten-free tortilla. But basically pairing those two foods together makes it a great source of protein and fat.

A perfect snack or lunch and especially if you’re lifting weights and trying to build muscle. So I would suggest doing that instead of just eating the avocado. Yeah. By the way, my goals is to grow an avocado tree in our backyard. We live in California so it shouldn’t be like too difficult. The thing with avocados is you need two trees because they have to pollinate themselves in order to produce avocado.

Avocado so romantic. So if it’s just like one avocado, it won’t grow avocados and they have to be a type A and a type B avocado tree in order to pollinate themselves. If it’s two type a’s, then we’re out of luck. So It’s no wonder my mom was never able to grow avocado even though we always had an avocado tree and I was so obsessed with avocado and I askedmyself,

there you go, what the hell’s the point of this stupid thing if it’s not gonna grow? That’s why me and avocado, If you didn’t have another, didn’t have another, it didn’t have a partner. My mom didn’t have a green. Doesn’t have a green thumb. Yes. She’s like, oh god. All righty, the next food is nuts.

So we all know protein is really important for P C O S. It helps improve insulin sensitivity and and regulates blood sugar levels and at the same time it helps the absorption of carbs and sugar. So nuts are a great source of protein and they’re also an anti-inflammatory. Like avocados. Yes, I love to have some almond butter as a snack or with my breakfast,

but for me, so I used to eat like almond butter mixed with chia seeds on gluten-free bread. And that was my breakfast awhile, like a long time ago. And then I learned about the 30 grams of protein rule for P C O S to help improve insulin sensitivity. And I like to have 30 grams of protein for breakfast. So for example,

this morning I made us a protein shake with protein powder, you know to really bump up that protein intake. And then next to it I had like a little almond butter snack on a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free gingerbread cookie that I made. The recipe is also in the sisterhood, but basically I made this gingerbread cookie on Sunday. Nice. And it is with all-purpose,

gluten-free flour, it has no dairy in it. And also I used xylitol instead of brown sugar. Nice. You can’t even tell it tastes notjust like anything else cuz xylitol is the same sweetness as sugar. But enough about these cookies, it just pairs really well with almond butter and a protein shake next to it. And we’re just having a very well-balanced breakfast right now.

Did you hear about that sister who took Ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well Ovasitol helps with healing insulin resistance, a common root issue that most P C O S sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings finally regulate their periods,

ovulate and improve their ED quality. Each packet of ovasitol has a 40 to one ratio of myo acetol and D chiro acetol. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body, but with women like me who have P C O S, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking ovasitol can be super effective in treating insulin resistance starting from the root of the issue.

So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup so I don’t drink it. You got it, boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right time. I’m gonna give you the next one because I need to blow my nose. It’s really bothering me. So take the mic,

Take the wheel, Take the wheel and I’ll be right back. Okay, the next one is salmon. Salmon is a delicious fatty fish with tons of health benefits, of course, has lots of great fat. Sorry, I was gonna say it has lots of great saturated fat. No, it haslow in saturated fat, which is better for our heart health.

It’s anti-inflammatory and has lots of B vitamins and vitamin D, especially women with P C O S are low in vitamin D. Salmon is like a wild caught salmon is my favorite fish recommendation for P C O S because of its high levels of vitamin D and also that it’s so anti-inflammatory. I love to have smoked salmon for breakfast. I know it’s not everyone’s preference to have fish for breakfast,

but it is such a great source of protein that I love to have it for breakfast and I know that that’s going to carry me throughout the day. I used to eat that a lot while we were traveling. It was easy to find at restaurants and also like reliable because I knew that if I had smoked salmon with my breakfast I wasn’t gonna be craving or like hungry while we were walking around and sightseeing and everything.

So smoked salmon is also just, you know, something to keep in mind as a good breakfast source. I will also add that fish is a great source of omega-3 fats. So women with P C O S, we struggle with absorbing omega-3 fats from seats and nuts because we have inflammation and it creates this issue with an enzyme called D 60. And because that enzyme isn’t working properly,

it makes it harder for us to absorb the omega-3 from seeds and nuts and it’s easier for us to absorb it from fish. Now I don’t wanna get into the whole like science right now, but that is a brief summary of what’s going on. So in order to get that omega-3 fat benefit, we wouldn’t have to consume fish. And if you’re not consuming fish every day,

I highly suggest that you take an omega-3 supplement. This is part of our metabolism plus bundle because it is an essential nutrient for women with P C O S. We struggle with having enough omega-3 fats in our diet and that’s why wewanted to include included in the supple supplements. Sorry, sorry, What was I saying? I’m gonna le leave the link to the supplements in the description.

You can check that out. If you are somebody who doesn’t eat fish regularly, it’s definitely something to consider because omega-3 fats are the building blocks or help build our hormones. I was just trying to squeeze in back to my chair. You didn’t have to stop your talking and call me out, knock Me over while Stop. All right, Next. Everybody thinks I’m just a pushover.

Done. That means what? Are you safe? A pushover? You Pushed me over. Okay. And the fifth fighting food is berries. Now berries are also anti-inflammatory and high in fiber. Tasty as well. So it’s like one of those things you can add ontoyour desserts. For example, if you’re having like dairy free ice cream, add on some berries on top.

I love berries as my choice of fruit for P C O S because a lot of fruits or several fruits are really high-end sugar. And I remember eating them a lot throughout the day because I thought that this was like a healthy source of sugar and I had lots of terrible, you know, cravings with P C O S. So I really leaned on sweet fruits to give me that boost,

you know what I mean? That sweet nectar and Yeah. And so it really wasn’t doing me any help. Okay. Like eating a bunch of tangerines throughout the day because they have cravings is not the way to go. That’s not like what’s going to help with your P C O S cravings or insulin resistance or anything like that. But berries on the other hand,

when you add these low sugar fruits to your smoothie, or maybe if you eat it as a snack with some almond butter, delicious, it’s wonderful. It’s how you eat it that makes it good or you know, not so good for your insulin resistance. And I love to pair my berries with protein and fat and, and that’s just, that just makes them a lot better for insulin resistance.

Absolutely. All right, so we got five down. Five more to go. Oh, actually one thing I wanted to mention about berries, some science behind it, they’re also full of antioxidants and polyphenols. Antioxidants are the ones that fight free radicals throughout the body and polyphenols help with the weight management, indigestion and even diabetes. So this is great for P C U S because 80% of sisters have insulin resistance,

so can help with that. All right, five down. Five more to go. Let’s do a little break and do our wins of the week and finish up with the rest of the five. Our first winner is Julia, and we have an amazing announcement here. Okay, I was gonna give it to time, but she giving it back to me.

All right. Julia says, good morning sisters. So I have a win and wanted to share my story with you guys. I found thesisterhood and follow the exercise routine. And the meal plans start to feel amazing scene results. And in 2021 I was pregnant, super happy, excited, and couldn’t wait to be a mama. Unfortunately, six weeks later we lost a baby,

which left me down and devastated. Now fast forward to 2022, we are pregnant again and 14 weeks along. Now I know there are some sisters out there who have experienced loss and heartbreak. Don’t give up. You guys got this. Keep following the meal plans and workout routines. It can totally be in the carts for you. Amazing, amazing news.

Julia, we are so happy for you. That’s awesome. We are so proud of you. And this is so encouraging for anyone out there who’s struggling to get pregnant, it can be a very challenging journey. And messages like this are super encouraging and just really bring peace to our hearts. Yes, absolutely. Amazing. Julia, we are so happy for you and wish you and your partner the best.

Yes. All right, our next win. Our next win is from Amru. Dusa. She says, all my sisters who understand this very well, I got my period today after almost five months and without a pill, I definitely cut out gluten and dairy about 80% and did moderate workouts every day. Yay. I’m super excited and my tummy finally looks less inflamed.

Thank you for all the support and especially grateful for Italian for creating this group. Happy Thanksgiving. Woo woo. You go girl. Amazing. That’s awesome. Look at that consistency. Yeah, 80% going gluten and dairy free. 80% is great. You don’t have to be 100%. 80% is also fabulous. You do you, you do what makes you feel good and it looks like this is really benefiting for you.

Absolutely. Okay, let’s go back to our episode and our sixth p u s fighting food is leafy greens, Leafy greens like kale and spinach. I just added kale to our smoothie this morning. They have lots of vitamin B, which is great for our attention. It’s great for our insulin sensitivity, healthy brain cells and metabolism. So I love leafy greens,

especially because they help us detoxify excess estrogens, which are found everywhere. You know, it’s those toxins in our hair products, it’s those toxins in our makeup. We wanna make sure that those get detoxified out of our system and they don’t stay within our bloodstream and mimic estrogen. And so leafy greens help us do just that. Detoxify. Yes. All right,

next one is, oh, a lot of people are gonna like this one. Cause I like it. I love this one. Do you like this one Too? I love this one. Dark chocolate. Hell yeah. So chocolate. What? Wait, we’re putting chocolate on the list. Yes, We’re putting chocolate on the list Because a little dark chocolate never hurt nobody because it actually helps to improve insulin sensitivity,

reduce blood pressure, and can actually help with weight loss. Just like berries, the dark chocolate contains polyphenols that can help fight fatigue as well. So why don’t we combine some berries and some chocolate and combine the P C U S fighting attributes of each one to make one ultimate soldier. And nuts. And nuts. I’ll throw it in there. Throw it all in There.

Oh my gosh. How does that sound? Or What do it just combine all 10 of these foods into a bowl and just match it together. That’s Exactly what I’m imagining right Now. Okay. And then we just bake it. You don’t Wanna bake and then we just like throw like anytime you need like a boost, you just like, you just throw in like a protein ball.

Oh God containing all 10 of these ingredients. Don’t Be ridiculous now you Don’t be Ridiculous. Some chunks. Okay. How does this sound? Some dairy free chunks of dark chocolate in a Ziploc bag with some blueberries and some almonds. Isn’t that the best snack? Yeah. Like you know, if you’re in class or like on the go or anything like that,

it’s better than getting like a bag of mixed nuts from Trader Joe’s that has all kinds of dried fruit and sugar in it. It’s more controlled. I like to make my own trail mix and dark chocolate is alwa always part of it. I like to get dark chocolate and then I choose a dried fruit of choice, like dried blueberries or dried cherries with no sugar added to it.

And then lots of different nuts in it. And you know, the dark chocolate is just fun. You wanna have some fun with your snacks. Yeah. And be aware to the, with dark chocolate, like you wanna avoid the ones that are, that have like dairy in them or have added sugars, like added ingredients that are not necessary. Real dark chocolate.

If you get it from a like a good brand, it’s not gonna have dairy in it, it’s not gonna have added sugars. It’s just gonna be like pure dog chocolate with cocoa, you know? Yes. Cool. And Trader Joe’s Has it. Yeah, that really big like cardboard looking like thing one, right? Yeah, I think that one has dairy in it though.

The dark chocolate one though. Okay. Maybe. I don’t know. We have to double check. All right. The next P C O S fighting food, the P C O S Kung fu fighting food is turmeric. Turmeric is one of those legendary health foods and it is delicious when you put it on rice, when you put it on a lot of different meals.

And it’s great for insulin resistance. It’s great to help lower your blood sugar and to raise your healthy cholesterol levels. So I like to cook with turmeric a lot, but I also like to take a curcumin supplement because that is the potent form of what’s healthy in the turmeric. You know what I mean? Yeah. So, So sorry, Go ahead.

Hit it babe. You’re a curcumin expert. Well, I was just gonna say like the, the most beneficial component of turmeric is acurcumin, but when you eat turmeric, you’re not getting that much curcumin compared to the like turmeric that you’re eating. It’s like literally like less than a percent of the turmeric you’re eating to get the beneficial amount of curcumin into your body,

you would have to eat so much turmeric, right? Instead, you can also have a curcumin extract in the form of a pill. Like we have, we have a, in our metabolism plus bundle, one of the bottles is our curcumin complex, if you wanna call it, because it is a very highly bioavailable curcumin that is almost a hundred percent,

if not a hundred percent absorbable into the body. Yes, it’s a hundred percent absorbable and it’s 300 milligrams. A lot of other curcumin supplements come in a really high dose because they’re not as absorbable. And then you have to digest a really high dose of curcumin and basically you’re not getting all the benefit from it. So Yeah, that’s the thing is like we’re me meticulous.

Yeah, like curcumin is actually really hard for the body to absorb. So for example, generally your body will absorb only about like 10 to 15% of what you take. So for example, if you take a 1500 milligram curcumin pill, your body in the studies have shown will absorb 10% of that. So that 1500 milligram is only 150 milligram, whereas ours is 300 milligram.

But in the studies have shown that it is hundred percent bioavailable and absorbable, therefore you get 300, a hundred percent of that 300 milligram, a lot more that you get from the 1500 milligram pill. So not to get too more deep into that, but that’s kind of like Really proud of our curcumin supplement. Yes, we are. We are very Proud of it.

All right. Next on the list is pumpkin. I had to add this in there because it is the season for pumpkin. Pumpkin is a delicious squash that has fiber and it has a great source of vitamin C, potassium and lots of antioxidants. I like to add a scoop, like a tablespoon or two into my smoothies. I also like to bake with it,

make some low sugar deliciousness with pumpkin because it is so healthy for you. And so is a lot of other squashes, like pumpkin stands out right now, but there’s also spaghetti squash and butternut squash and these are also a wonderful source of vitamin C and antioxidants and also just a delicious source of fiber and a bit of carbs in your meal as Well. Yeah,

absolutely. Okay, well we are down to our last one. I feel like everyone should make their guess right now. If you’re listening, you don’t know what the 10th one is right now. Make your guess. I’ll give you a hint. It starts with a T, the letter T. All right. Guess guesses. All in tomatoes. Tomatoes.

That’s right. Tomatoes are very versatile, easy to cook with. You could eat it as a snack combining with something else. You could roast it with a salmon dish, put it in a soup sauce. You could literally integrate it into anything. But is there benefits to it? Yes. It’s so good for you. Yes, they are very anti-inflammatory.

They have lots of fiber in it. Of course, they’re low in calories, they have lots of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, and it’s just a great health food that you can eat in so many different ways and you can hide it in so many different, well, it doesn’t really hide because it has that delicious tomato flavor, but you can use it a lot in so many different dishes.

Even cherry tomatoes, you know, make a salad with it or cook tomatoes in your soups and stews. It is nutrient dense and just wonderful. And it’s in a lot of our recipes in the sisterhood because it really ties things together. Yeah, exactly. And kind of to summarize all these 10 foods, if you’re confused about like, okay, you just told me 10 foods,

how do I start incorporating them into my day-to-day life? So like when it comes to all the recipes and the meal plans inthe sisterhood, they’re all designed with these foods in mind. Not just these 10 foods, but all the foods that are good for P C U S symptoms. So if you want to have foods that are catered that are designed with these kinds of ingredients in mind,

you can always check out the sisterhood with all the meal plans and recipes that we have. There are literally 50, a hundred plus at this point because we add 10 new recipes every single month, a hundred plus gluten, dairy, free recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, everything. Yes. And kind of to summarize this episode two,

like we just talked about foods, right? Lifestyle. We also talked about some supplements and we always talk about, when we talk about supplements, the important thing to note about supplements is that they supplement your diet. So your diet is really where your body gets the majority of its, you know, like nutrients and vitamins and what it really helps it to,

to propel every day to have energy and just lose weight and et cetera. But if you don’t get, you know, the proper diet and lifestyle, sometimes those things are lacking. There are gaps, and then your bodies aren’t running at its specs. Now, that’s when you wanna add in supplements to again supplement your diet and lifestyle. So what we’re trying to say is,

and the point of this episode is you always wanna first focus on your diet and lifestyle. When we say diet, we don’t mean go on a diet, we just mean what you’re putting into your body, your day-to-day. You know what you’re eating basically. So you want to improve that by adding these kinds of foods into there. And if you feel like you still have gaps,

you still feel like you, like you need to fill in those nutrient issues. Then supplement, for example, like we mentioned, our Metabolism Plus supplement bundle, which contains literally like all the nutrients of vitamins that we talked about in this episode as well. Yes. Well that pretty much concludes our 10 P C O s Kung Fu Fighting Foods. Yes.

I hope you enjoyed this episode, sisters, and I hope you are thinking about some of these foods while you eat them and you enjoy the feeling of knowing that they are so good for your P C O S. Yeah. And if you wanna learn more about the avocado recipes that we mentioned before, you can go to our website, again, P C O s,

weight loss.org and go to the blog section. And if you wanna get access to all the recipes, you can find this sisterhood there as well. If you have any questions or want us to cover any episodes, please please send us a DM on Instagram atPCUs dot weight loss, and let us know what episodes you want us to cover. Yes, talk to you soon,

sisters. Take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters, just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the P C O S lifestyle, pollutant and dairy free.

Get ready to finally feel in control of your body again.


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