Avocado Recipes for PCOS

10 PCOS Fighting Foods

Avocado Recipes for PCOS
by Tallene Posted February 1, 2024

Though I talk a lot about losing weight, there is a lot more to eating right than dropping the pounds. Food gives us freedom! Freedom from some of our most debilitating symptoms. Freedom from some medications (not all). And, freedom from our PCOS! 

What do I mean by all this? Food doesn’t just add pounds. The right food gives us energy, health, and relief from symptoms. (And, weight loss too, for so many of you looking for a way to shed pounds with this disorder.) 

Women with PCOS deserve to enjoy what they eat, but not suffer because of it. So today, I’ve compiled a list of PCOS fighting foods that you can use to create healthy and tasty meals. Meals that’ll keep you feeling like yourself. Here are 10 PCOS fighting foods:

List of PCOS-Fighting Foods

10 PCOS Fighting Foods

Lentils and Beans 

Lentils and beans are a great source of fiber. You need fiber in your diet to help you balance carbs, regulate hormone imbalances, and lower cholesterol. Lentils and beans also keep your insulin and blood sugar regulated. It’s truly a magical food! (Just not the way they told you in elementary school.) 

For weight loss, lentils and beans’ high fiber content takes longer to digest than processed foods, carbs, and other junk. So, you’ll feel fuller longer with more energy and spunk to take on the day.


Did you see our post on avocados last week? We dedicated a whole article to delicious avocado recipes that would satiate snack time or meal time, while also relieving symptoms! Anyway, check it out for the details. But, to summarize, avocados are a superfood for women with polycystic ovary syndrome. 

Avocados, like beans and lentils, are blood sugar balancing and hormone regulating. Additionally, they’re anti-inflammatory! Digestive issues, headaches, joint pain, weight gain, fatigue, or food sensitivities can all happen because of inflammation. So, if you experience any of these symptoms, you need to be on an anti-inflammatory diet. Luckily, there are lots of delicious foods to eat that relieve this common PCOS symptom!

Avocado for fighting PCOS


Protein is so important. It helps improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels. At the same time, it helps with absorption of carbs and sugars. Nuts are a great source of protein, and they’re also anti-inflammatory like avocados. (Healthy fats are the best!) 


Okay, one more healthy fat for your list. Fatty fish, like salmon, have a ton of health benefits. They’re low in saturated fats, a great source of protein, anti-inflammatory, and good for insulin resistance issues. Plus, you can expect high levels of B vitamins, potassium, iron, omega-3, and vitamin D. Don’t you just feel better hearing about all a delicious salmon meal could do for you?


For another food that’s anti-inflammatory and high in fiber, eat berries! This is the best, because berries are so tasty, eating them doesn’t feel like a food sacrifice at all. They’re like mini desserts that add a little sweetness to your life, and a whole lot of aid to your PCOS symptoms

Berries are also full of antioxidants and polyphenols. Antioxidants fight free radicals throughout the body. And, polyphenols help with weight management, indigestion, and even diabetes.

Leafy Greens

Making healthy salads is a smart way to manage PCOS and your weight loss journey. Greens like kale and spinach have a ton of vitamin B, which is great, because almost every woman with PCOS is low in vitamin B. And, vitamin B helps with energy, your metabolism, and healthy brain cells! 

If all that wasn’t enough reason to add leafy greens to your diet, why don’t I throw insulin regulation in there too? As long as you’re not saturating your salads in tons of sugary dressing, your salads will help you lose weight, alleviate symptoms, and conquer the day. 

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate on this list? Whaaat? Okay, not too much, but a little dark chocolate doesn’t hurt and actually does have some benefits. In addition to improving insulin sensitivity, it reduces blood pressure and aids in weight loss. Plus, just like berries, the polyphenols found in dark chocolate can help fight fatigue. And, now that I mention it, wouldn’t dark chocolate with some berries be totally delicious for a PCOS diet-friendly snack?

Dark Chocolate for Fighting PCOS


Turmeric is one of those legendary health foods, and it’s really tasty! It reduces inflammation as one of its key healing properties, but it also reduces insulin resistance, lowers blood sugar, and raises good cholesterol. 

If you’re not used to cooking with turmeric, I get it. It’s not super common, but you can use it as a seasoning with vegetables, rice, soups, and eggs! If you end up really liking the flavor, even opt for some turmeric tea to get a ton of that good stuff in your system. 


‘Tis the season, right? Pumpkins are high in fiber and fantastic for balancing hormone levels! They also provide Vitamin C, potassium, and antioxidants. And, who doesn’t love the flavor of pumpkin? Make a pumpkin soup, some pumpkin hummus, pumpkin bread, or even pumpkin chai pudding for a dish good for your tastebuds and your body! 


Tomatoes are so versatile and easy to cook with. You could literally pop whole grape tomatoes in your mouth as a snack. Or, you could roast tomatoes with a salmon dish. Or, on a more traditional note, you could cook them into a soup or sauce. You can basically integrate them into anything. 

This is great, because tomatoes are anti-inflammatory, high in fiber, and low in calories. Additionally, they have antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin A. They’re a great health food, but an even better PCOS weight loss and diet tool!

Find relief from the harsh symptoms of PCOS by consuming these PCOS fighting foods!

If you have PCOS, you know that the old way doesn’t work. You can’t keep the same lifestyle, and expect to see change or feel like yourself again. 

Instead, you’ve got to take back your life through conscious food and lifestyle choices that’ll help you defeat these symptoms and reach your goals – whether you want to lose weight or just feel better

And, guess what? These changes don’t mean no good food and no good fun. Not at all! Follow my blog PCOS and Chill and listen to our podcast to hear all about how you can adapt to live with PCOS. 

It’s a tough journey, but with a little adjustment in diet, supplements, mindset, and lifestyle, you’ll be on your way to reversing PCOS & losing weight! Let’s do this, ladies!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. When i came to know about this problem i got so scared. My main concern was what to eat and what not to eat . You solve my problem it was so simple to understand.

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