Should I Cut Calories for PCOS Weight Loss?

Does cutting calories work for PCOS weight loss? On this episode, we talk about whether cutting calories can help you lose weight with PCOS!

Were you told to just eat less and work out more? We go over the common myths associated with PCOS and losing weight!

Is there evidence to show cutting calories work? We go over the research and what cutting calories actually does to your body!

We also read Cyster submissions on their experience with cutting calories and how it was for them! Tune in to hear their personal stories!

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Full Episode transcript:

Hey Cysters, the doors to our four week meal prep and workout course are officially open. We’ve designed this course based off of the gluten and dairy pre meals that we eat and the PCs friendly workouts that we do together. So, you know, they’re delicious and fun. This course is exactly how I was able to lose 30 pounds with PCOS. And we’ve created step-by-step video tutorials to show you how to make the meals and do the workouts.

So it’s super easy to follow enroll today for lifetime access because doors closed on Friday, may 15. Welcome to a sister and her Mister, a podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian, I’m Sirak, Husband, engineer, and PCOSpersonal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. I have a one o’clock tanning session penciled into our Saturday agenda. Yeah. Yesterday you came to me like, by the way, beep tomorrow 1:00 PM Pacific standard time, I will be tanning on the balcony or the community pools. Okay. You don’t have to pencil this.

And this is not some sort of, so lawn with a, what is that guy? Paul Fiedler that I don’t know that famous Paul, that shampoo bottle that says Paul, something, Paul Mitchell, Paul Mitchell. What does the Paul Mitchell salon? You need to pencil in a one o’clock tanning session here go 10 weeks. We have a lot of tasks that decided that we have to grocery shop laundry,

whatever. I just want to make sure I’m there. When the UV index is Well, I’m happy for you to index UV index yourself anytime you want. I will be. I think I have during quarantine swimming, tan. Yeah. And it’s so important. Vitamin D you know, there’s so many studies coming up and showing that vitamin D and the immune system,

especially for something like coronavirus can be such a big difference. Yeah. So keep your vitamin D levels high up sisters. It’s a very important vitamin that is essential to your immune system, but you’re doing that NP. Cos we talked about that on the previous one, A whole episode on vitamin D. I wrote like a whole 10 page paper in grad school about vitamin D NPC.

Yeah. I remember we talked about, yeah, we brought up your paper. You brought up the fact that your, um, your paper for your grad school was a paper on vitamin D. And I think like you read like a part of it. Yeah. Posted it on Instagram story too. I like scrolled it through any who ladies. Yeah.

Yes. We’re going to go into our podcast episode today. The topic is the good old question. Does cutting calories work, especially for PCs. Now that cutting calories, that whole thing of all less calories in meaning you exert more calories than you’re taking and therefore you, Yeah. The age old, um, piece of advice from doctors and whatnot. Just put the fork down.

Yeah. Just eat less and move more. That all work. Yeah. I’m sure you can already tell from our tone that we do not like the idea of cutting calories. We’ll go into reasons why We at once and I’ll say it again. Say it again. It’s not about eating less food ladies. It’s about what food you’re choosing to eat. Yes.

Period, period. Okay. It’s about how your pairing goes through God cast there. That is the whole point. That’s how you, you tell your friend, if they ever ask you, Hey, does cutting calories work? And he say, no, you slap me. Well, get out of my way, but no doubts with that fire. I’m just kidding.

Okay. I’m just getting, we’re taking it too far. A little bit too far, but we will try and cutting calories. What were you saying? No, obviously we will get into depth into that. We won’t just give you the simple answer of no, it doesn’t work, but I mean, it does work for certain people maybe who are really restricting themselves nutritionally and putting their body into a really unhealthy habits and maybe even Binge eating binge eating afterwards.

It’s like temporary weight, losing weight. I’ve tried it before one time. And I remember this specifically because I was talking to one of my friends in college and he was a runner. And I said, I was going to eat a thousand calories and run like three miles a day. And they had those stupid hundred calorie packs and everything. I was like really committed to this like horrible way of thinking and it didn’t work.

And he was like, that’s not a good idea. What are you saying? And it did not work at all. I was so hungry. I had such bad cravings. I was miserable, irritable. I couldn’t pay attention in class. Like it was the worst thing. One thing that comes off right there is the 100 calorie packs. Remember how popular those used to be.

So like, I really hate that whole 100 calorie pack stuff is, cause it’s like this mental game that these companies play with us, especially like the unhealthy companies it’s like cookies or like chips and things. And they make these a hundred calorie packs, which are the mini versions. I mean, Coke, Coca Cola does the same thing. Right. And they make the mini packs make you feel like,

Oh, this is okay to eat. Cause it’s a hundred calories, but you’re still putting a hundred calories of sugar or whatever is the bad stuff is in there. And like, if you have more than one, two, three, now it’s adding up to a meal. And like, even if it’s throughout the day, these are things you’re adding on that are not good.

I mean, that, that takes away from the limiting calories, you know, talk, we’re having gear, but that’s just like one thing, like the hundred calories stuff is not always good for you. You have to eat. Yeah. It’s about what you’re choosing to eat, like what those calories are. And if you’re just going to eat 1,000 calorie packs and call it a thousand calories,

you’re going to be miserable And yeah. Quite a bit. So what happened with the, you said you ran three miles every day. Yeah. Three miles every day thousand calories. It didn’t last that long. Cause I was so miserable. Yeah. That’s so hard to sustain. Like I mentioned earlier, it works maybe for like a day or two and then your body just starts to fall apart.

Cause it doesn’t have enough nutrients in a food. Your body’s like hurting and it’s just not yeah. Recover from the workout or anything like that. Yeah. And then of course it takes for me back then, I didn’t have a lot of guidance and like Instagram didn’t have a lot of PCs information. So then I went from that to like kickboxing and the whole nine yards.

And it took like all of college for me to figure out that I see best results by just relaxing and doing yoga or I didn’t really know about weightlifting at the time. So I was doing Pilates, which was better than w you know, running and stuff. And then I was eating gluten and dairy free. I started in college that was like, after this whole thousand calorie fiasco.

And it’s so funny because I was eating like healthy and I always ate healthy in college. It’s just the foods that I was choosing was all riddled with gluten and dairy. And I didn’t know that I was intolerant to it. Yeah. Yeah. You were spending a lot of the years in college trying to figure out what’s going on and like, what’s the,

what’s the culprit here. Yeah. But once I mentally shifted from calories to how do I heal my metabolism? That’s when the results happened, then you’re, I was like, you know, I didn’t really know at the time, but I was like healing, insulin resistance by, you know, cutting out dairy and not running so much. And, um,

eating more protein. Like my doctor Nirvana told me to have like a protein shake in the morning and, and you know, all these little, yeah. All these little things really like helped with actually seeing the results. 100%. I love it. I love hearing that. I mean, it sucks that you started with, you know, the wrong area,

but I love that you at least moved into a better direction. Something that works a lot better. I mean, you, I think you told me earlier, you’re reading 16, like about 1800 calories a day now. So you’re not limiting your calories in a day per se. And you’re also like working out and stuff. Like what? We work out together three times a week,

sometimes four and four, if I’m being good. Well, I never forced you to on the fourth one is after the third one. I’m like, all right, you’re done for the week. Here’s your raffle ticket anyway. But A lot of sisters, or a lot of people I should say too, but sisters, especially because it’s really important for a piece of us,

we get, we get stuck or you may get stuck in this habit of, you know, this obsessive lifestyle of working out too hard, or, you know, I’m going to restrict my eating. I’m going to work out hard. I’m going to get to where I want to be, because I’m going to this place in two months or something, you know,

like we all have these things in our heads. It’s very natural. Yeah. So you want to meet that goal. So you get in this restrictive lifestyle. And a lot of times that includes, it’s not restricting calories and it’s not. Yeah. It’s addicting because you don’t believe that there’s any other way. Like, you’re just convinced that this is the way to do it.

And like, when we talk about cutting calories, let’s get into the yes. Because some people are going to say, I do see results when I cut calories. But when we talk about cutting calories, we’re not talking about restricting. I mean, we’re not talking about when you’re eating a lot already and you’re cutting back a little bit, but maybe some people might need to cut back a little bit.

We’re talking about when you’re cutting calories below, like a recommended normal level, basically you’re going below the average or going to where you’re now restricting the body instead of giving it a normal, adequate amount of time. Yeah. You’re like, you’re stressed. You feel stressed. Like you’re intentionally stopping yourself from eating. And then you’re like, I’m starving. You know,

that’s what we’re talking about. We’re not talking about like people who are eating more than they should. And then Yeah, because like, uh, if you, if you may be like, um, you know, eating a little bit too much and you see some weight gain or some weight plateau, it could be like, you do need to like,

you know, lower the calories, a little bit portion control. Some of the foods pair the foods better. And in that case, you’re on the cutting, the calories to a normal level would work. But in a case, yeah, in a case where you have normal calories, but maybe you’re just eating the wrong foods, you’re pairing them wrong.

Maybe the carbs to protein ratio is not where it should be. Then you know, it’s not, you shouldn’t be focusing on the cutting the calories there where you should be focusing on is making those changes here and there and imperialism. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, it’s rarely about people over eating because they feel like it, if you’re overeating, oftentimes it’s because of insulin resistance and your body is just your metabolism’s out of what you’re being tricked into thinking you’re hungry,

you know, because of multiple reasons. Yeah. Like I’m sure a lot of people have felt this way when you starve yourself for like half the day or maybe like full day. Cause you’re like, okay, let me wait until dinner. Let me wait till dinner, you get to dinner. And then you eat like crazy because nothing like suffices that anger.

Why? Because your blood sugar dropped so low, your insulin’s all over the place. And now you’re eating and you get a rush of insulin and then you can’t stop eating because now your body’s like, Oh, finally food. And it’s pumping all this insulin into your bloodstream to store what you’re eating. And it’s an excess of insulin. So then you overeat or you have cravings after dinner.

You want to eat cookies and stuff like that. So balancing your meals throughout the day is like really important, eating enough calories, spreading them out. Absolutely. And it’s just, it’s so funny because so many doctors still abide by like the calorie rule. And there’s even a study here that I wrote down. Um, the first line treatment option for overweight women with PCOS is diet and lifestyle intervention.

However, optimal dietary guidelines are missing. Although many different dietary approaches have been investigated data on the effectiveness of low, very low calorie diets on PCs are very limited. Tell me why we’re still forcing people. Yeah. I feel they’re looking at the wrong things. You know, it’s like when someone comes in, instead of asking them, okay, when you just have 2000 calories a day or whatever,

1500, I don’t know what the limit a doctor would say is, but have this much calories a day, but then you’re not telling that person, okay, by the way, you shouldn’t be eating this, this and that. You know, it needs to be the complete dog other around it. When the person comes into doctors should be like, okay,

what are you eating? All right. Let’s remove that from your diet because that’s causing inflammation, that’s leads to weight gain. And then once you remove those things from your diet, then, you know, if you know, if you’re overeating, maybe you’re having a little bit. Yeah. Because especially if you go to a naturopathic doctor, they would give you that type of advice.

And they would tell you that the foods you’re eating. So for example, gluten is causing you to have some, maybe causing you to have some leptin resistance. Leptin is that hormone that tells you you’re full. So basically when you’re eating gluten, you can’t really detect when you’re full that fullness hormone isn’t working properly. And then you end up feeling like you’re never full.

Like you could just keep eating and eating and eating, and then there’s dairy, which increases your insulin when you’re eating it. That could be a case like on the insulin index. Um, it’s extremely high. It means that your body pumps a lot of insulin when you eat dairy. And then that makes you think that you have to eat more because now that hormone is the post to store what you’re eating and yourselves.

So basically if you went to naturopathic doctor, they would tell you this and you’d start trying to cut out gluten and dairy and seeing if that’s what’s happening in your body. Yeah. Um, By the way, just something from last week’s episode with dr. Sumina. Yeah, that was super interesting. I don’t know if all this, if all the sisters listened to it yet,

or maybe if you remember this exact part, but in that, um, episode, she mentioned a study where 400 woman in Tiran, they did a study with dairy and and they found the direct correlation between a dairy and a causal piece choice, or like PCO as being related to it, which was crazy. Like just goes to show you like what we’re talking about here,

like dairy or gluten, things like that can have a direct impact on your PCs and you know, how they work. And you would never know unless you cut it out for a month at least, and then added it back in to see what’s happening with your body. Yeah. So honestly, if you’re to this podcast, good for you, because you’re probably very empowered and you’re taking your health into your own hands and you’re not letting the doctor make you feel like you’re not trying hard enough because you’re eating too much and so on.

And, and this is great because it’s important to feel like your health is in your own hands. Like when you go to the doctor and you’re told all these things you can have, you should have the strength to be able to step out or, or to say, you know what, I’m actually cutting calories. That didn’t work for me. Do you have any other suggestions?

If this is like not a naturopathic doctor and this is likely the case, Like a doctor, always a doctor of course has great knowledge. And I mean, David doctorate degree. Right. But it doesn’t mean every time they give you tell you like cut calories and eat less, you have to be like, okay, like you have no option. Or like did absolutely right about that diet thing.

You’re like, yeah, it’s okay to just be like, are you sure cutting calories will work? I tried that it didn’t work. Also. I know resources that say that cutting calories caused this and this and that. I mean, like we can’t just sit there and look at them and be like, if Tallinn did a, you know, a doctor told telling you,

you never going to be able to have kids. Your PCs is going to cause this and this and that. If Tallinn just sat there and said, okay, and went back then, you know, we would not be here today. Exactly. You took the initiative, you took the power to your hand. You said, hell no, I’m going to freaking figure out a way to reverse the symptoms.

And you did. You found other sources and it takes time. Of course, time didn’t do it in one time. Didn’t do it in one week or one day. She, I mean, we always talk about two or 10 years to get from, you know, being diagnosed to being fully in control now. So it’s a process, but just like with diet,

like sometimes you have to take the initiative into your hands and think, you know, oddly little, not doctors, don’t actually take a lot of courses in nutrition. Yeah. It’s very, it’s very known that doctors maybe take one or two, if any nutrition classes in the school. So crazy to me, they should know more. Yeah, No,

that cutting calories eat raises your stress, hormones and cortisol. And, and then when you’re, you have too much cortisol being produced, you’re not making enough progesterone and progesterone is necessary for oscillating and having your period and like all of these things. And when you have a lot of cortisol, you have a lot of inflammation and you, you gain weight in your stomach area and it’s a,

it’s a mess. So like, why are we telling people to cut calories? It’s like causing them to have high cortisol and go into starvation mode and then like, even hold on to what they’re eating. Because Yes, cause that is what happened. So when your body needs a certain amount of calories and you don’t get it, that your body is now shunted,

it doesn’t have the nutrients. It’s now looking around your body’s like, okay, I don’t have food. Where do I go? Where do I go? Okay. Where does, what part of your body contains the most dense things? Oh, your muscles. Okay. Then they go after the muscles and we get some nutrients from there. So now your muscles are shrinking.

And unfortunately that causes the fat to muscle ratio to increase. So now you have less muscle and, and this causes you to actually gain weight. So because your body is like, it’s suffering from not having been able to have enough resources that it has to pull from its own your own body. I lose weight initially. Cause you’re losing muscle, but then you’ll gain weight.

Cause you don’t have muscles. That’s what I said like, okay, maybe for one day or two days, it’s like easy or you feel okay. But then after, you know, a couple of days, it’s you really feel like your body doesn’t have enough energy because it doesn’t, it’s tapping into its own resources and you don’t want it to do that.

I get so like stressed when I don’t eat enough. I think yesterday accidentally didn’t eat enough. I don’t know why We got a long walk to like for a long one hour walk. I thought you got kidnapped. I was like, I looked out the window. I was like, all right, 30 minutes. I’m just going to tell the sisters that’s me from now on.

You know? No, but then I can’t no. Okay. Wait before the walk I had anxiety because I was like, Oh, I don’t feel good. And I like laid down and it’s because I wasn’t eating enough. And I don’t know why. I didn’t realize that what’s wrong with me. Sometimes you just don’t pay attention. Then I went on a walk,

mind you, I took a gluten free cookie with me on this pleasant walk. So I could, I just wanted to like do something for myself. I called my best friend. We’re talking on the phone, I’m eating a cookie and wait, I’m getting sidetracked. But speaking of this cookie, three people in the neighborhood stopped me to make fun of me for,

or just tease me for like eating a cookie at five o’clock, one old guy downstairs, like you’re gonna spoil your appetite. He’s like, isn’t it a nice day. And I’m like, what? And then the other neighbor was like, after I finished the cookie, cause he saw me eating it initially. He was like, are you done with your cookie?

Last time I saw him. They’re all just being funny and nice Anyways. And then I came home and I was like, I am starving. And then I ate dinner and I started coming back to my senses and I was like, Oh my God, all I needed was a piece of meat to what’s wrong with me. I don’t know. Sometimes you forget.

I mean a person forgets, you just do a workout or this whole thing. And then your mind, maybe you’re not really hungry. So you don’t think about eating, but you should because your body needs something right there. It needs fuel. And then you don’t put that fuel. It literally impacts your dinner or your, your day later on. Because later on,

you’re going to feel that, you know, the need to kind of eat more too much. Cause your body’s craving it. It doesn’t able to fill that you Yeah, not to mention it makes you a different person. Like I had anxiety, no reason just cause I was hungry, you know? Or like even in college I couldn’t pay attention in class.

Cause I was starving. Do you ever feel like, what do you, what happens to you in your story? Well, I’m story. I get so tired. Like I’m just like, I can’t even open my eyes. I just like lay In times after Cedex work, workout. Cause we eat after the workout, but like, you know, he works out really hard and then he’s really hungry and he still has to shower,

feed him. Yeah. I was shook under the shower, like avocado and like a chip and stuff. But like yeah, in the shower I definitely feel like personally me, if I don’t eat good right after a workout, like I usually have a protein shake and then some sort of like something like a carp, like half a banana or something, just something before dinner.

But if I don’t have that, I feel an impact to be hours later. Like I feel I need to eat some snacks. Like something, something like I’m feeling hungry. Like it just, it messes me up. If I don’t have protein in the morning, the rest of the day is ruined. That’s what happened yesterday. We didn’t have any breakfast food.

We ran out of dairy free milk. I couldn’t make my protein shake. And then, um, I was like hungry. And then we went to my parents’ house and I ate a little bit there, but I didn’t have breakfast essentially. And I think that’s why I like was losing it at the end of the day. Cause my lunch was small too.

And this is so my story of like cutting calories late leads to binge eating and just doesn’t work. I mean, Oh and then the, yeah, one time I did a sticker on Instagram story about binge eating and asked everyone like how many of you suffer from binge eating? And like thousand 500 people replied 99% of the people who took report were like binge eating.

I’m like, Oh my gosh, it’s totally, you know, a result of multiple things. Like we said, cutting calories or eating gluten and dairy and um, feeling like you’re hungrier than you are. Um, and yeah, cutting calories. And then once you start eating, like you said earlier, Yeah. Impacts everything. So like inflammation, your stress hormones are being produced.

And then now you have adrenal fatigue. And then now you’re feeling like you’re basically like you’re dying because you have low blood sugar and your brain is like completely de fueled. So you can’t function your brain, you can’t think, and you’re irritable. The more you have adrenal, the more this situation happens like day after day. You’re not eating enough. And like you’re ignoring your hunger cues.

Like I did yesterday. The more susceptible you are to adrenal fatigue, like you said, and then the symptoms like facial hair, acne, hair loss. Exactly. I’m so glad you said that’d be so like a lot of the cutting calories is not just, you feel worse or it doesn’t work. There’s reactions in your body. So like you said,

it can lead to, you know, over time. Yeah. Fluctuations in hair loss or hair growth. Yeah. Mood issues. And like we were saying, because it’s creating inflammation, your body detects this and now you have more stress hormones as a result. So cutting calories. You’re now increasing the overall stress in your life. And then like we said,

the low blood sugar, it’s just all these things. The insulin resistance causing her citizen, testosterone, all these things like by doing cutting calories, you just adding on to that cycle And your metabolism more. It’s like already, you’re having a metabolic disorder. If you have PCOS now you’re cutting calories. You just you’re making it. Yeah. So like our model always is,

you know, it’s not about eating less and working out more. It’s not about, it’s not about putting the fork down. It’s not about any of that BS. You know, it’s about listening to her body, eating the right foods, pairing foods correctly, gluten, gluten, and dairy free lifestyle and just that’s it. Right? Try it out.

That’s where you can start from. And yeah. That’s where you can start and then develop more lifestyle habits. Like every podcast episode is something you could apply into your life. When you feel ready, there’s an intermittent fasting one. There’s a sleep one. It’s like, once you start going gluten and dairy for you build on it and you see what’s working.

What’s not what Absolutely. So we had some, uh, I love this one time does, is she, she asks a question on Instagram and she asked, have you tried cutting calories? And how did it go? So we took all your answers and we want to read them to you right now. Yeah. All right. The first one was from Sarah.

She said I have, when I was younger and I was irritable all the time. Oh, there you go. That’s one of the side effects that we were talking about. Russia moody says I felt tired all day. Lost energy to do my workout and hungry. Trying to fill up my stomach with water. Oh no. Yeah. That sucks. I mean,

I totally feel you there. I’ve been there. You know, you don’t have food, so you have no energy to work and like, you don’t even have enough. I wouldn’t have enough Erin, just to go workout after working too. It’s just Fill up your stomach with water. You’re just gonna keep it out. Yeah, exactly. Actually the water,

if you just drink a water and not have food, now you’re just flushing out the vitamins. So water is great though. Not water all day, but food to Ludia says weight stayed the same. And I put on weight despite hard work. Horrible. She says, yeah. And that makes sense to why calories. Yeah, totally. It’s a lot of work.

And your weight probably stayed the same because you were cutting calories and then your body was going through all this inflammation, all this reaction, Stress hormones causing you to hold weight in your stomach. Yeah. Yes. And maybe you’re losing some, you losing some muscle, like instead of you know, where you want to lose. So Lexis bar choice says it works for me,

but it’s not fulfilling to feel like I’m being starved. Oh yeah. There’s that too. Like for some people, okay. You might see some temporary results, but then after a while you’re like, I can’t live like this day after day With a low blood sugar. I mean like Christian bale or those actors who lose a crazy amount of weight. I don’t think they’re enjoying it.

They’re just like, yeah. They’re like eating like really bad stuff. And it like, that’s just like losing a lot of weight for like a movie role. And then, but then they’re really miserable the whole time. That’s what they say in the interviews. Like it’s the worst thing I’ve been through. Like it’s like, it was the worst three months of my life.

It’s because they’re miserable. Just cutting calories. Why are you even, I mean, you’re making 20 minutes. I don’t think I would do it for 21 days. I just wouldn’t because I don’t think my body w I would die. Yeah. It would be pretty good. There’s no amount of money ladies. That’s going to help you. That’s going to convince you that cutting calories,

Jax Amela says, tried it started losing my hair, felt tired and horrible. Pretty much all the time. The worst. So sorry to hear that. That sucks. Um, that’s probably like the starting to lose my hair. That’s probably cause of the low blood sugar, the insulin resistance causing, uh, maybe high spikes of testosterone leading to her citizen.

So hair loss. Yeah. Or your stress hormones are so high that your body is not producing a sense of non essential things I care is on essential. So instead of like, cause you’re in a state of stress, your body’s not making like pair. Yeah. Oh then I should mention this coffee mug. I mentioned on my previous episodes of gluten,

a lot of people message me my coffee cup. Always let my coffee get cold. I know everybody can’t drink coffee, but tea for you guys. So I got this Yeti as a solution and it’s so good. The top has a lid and it just like, it keeps a hot all the time. Now it’s too hot. I got to like,

leave it open for five minutes or so clues on it a little bit, but it’s great. Thank you for all the recommendations. I got like 10 DMS on the podcast page, uh, about recommendations. So I really, really appreciate that. Alrighty, I’ll continue. Uh, next one was from Maria Griffin. She said, I find, I naturally eat less calories being gluten,

dairy free because I eat healthier foods and less, less junk. Nice. That’s really good. So I’m hoping, you mean like less calories as Oh now you’re like in the normal range maybe before you thought you were in the normal range, but you were eating gluten and dairy and it was causing you think that you wanted to eat more because you were eating gluten and dairy.

Yeah, exactly. Making your insulin go up. That’s really good. Good job. Yeah. Angela says, Kusa says never ending cycle of binge eating. Well, yeah, just like we talked about earlier. Yeah. And there was a w one above that Danny says yes, but it ended up binge eating. Oh yeah. Yeah. So similar to that,

it’s this binge eating cycle happening. Not eating anything. Yeah. Your insulin starts rushing into your bloodstream when you finally eat something and think of it this way, all that Stuff you ate at once or like in that period in that meal, if you just spread that out throughout your day, instead, you’ll be in totally fine. But it’s because you packed it all at the end of the day,

because all these, so you need it, you craving it because you starve yourself, then it’s not good. Right. Cause it’s too much for one meal. Right? Courtney Clement says, made my chronic fatigue. Even worse. Adrenal fatigue, get those stress hormones going horrible. I was exhausted. Say says AAS, Cooley. Yeah. My cortisol went crazy and I lost my period for a year.

It says Kasey monk. Yeah. The cortisol is direct impact. Like we mentioned with the inflammation and the stress hormones. So, you know, it’s unfortunate results and we hope you’re doing better. Now. All of you, including ASQ and Courtney, we’ll hope you’re feeling better now. I know it’s it takes a toll. Yeah. Maria says, oops.

Uh, Maria says I literally started myself and still got nowhere Girl need to been there. I remember what I was. I remember when I was like 16, 17. And like, you know, you’re trying to get the six pack for the pool days. You know, in the summer you have all like the girls and stuff. That’s like the prime time,

you know? And you’re, you’re trying to like try and get six pack. So I would like be like, okay, I’m going to like, not eat a lot. I’m going to have like the sick, like really nice looking six bag. But like, I’ll be playing so much sports. And then like not eating. I was like, what’s happening to me,

but it never worked. And I just ended up, like, I remember like gaining weight and then whenever I would actually eat what I would know, what I should normally eat and just work out and stuff, I would actually look exactly what I wanted to look like. So like, even with like, it worked like that for me. So just eating normally and just doing my normal schedule of working out and stuff.

I mean, all I needed, You feel good. Then, you know, you’re doing something right for your body. If you’re starving, you’re not, if you’re eating gluten and dairy, it’s making you bloated and acne and all of these things and gaining weight and that’s not working either. If you’re eating gluten and dairy free and it’s working for you,

then you feel good. You want to stick to it. It’s not that hard. You turn it into a lifestyle for yourself because you’re happy. And your body just like gets to the weight that it, it naturally wants to be at in the first place. And you don’t have to do anything extra. And that’s the thing, that’s the thing. It’s not the same as somebody who’s,

um, who doesn’t have PCOS and wants to lose weight. It’s different for women with PCOS because once you change the ingredients that you’re eating and the ratio of protein and carb, your body just goes to its natural, um, whatever healthy way that you should be. And then beyond that point, if you want a six pack and like get all chiseled and whatever,

that’s a whole nother story for a woman with PCOS. Yes. So that was great. Yeah. That was great. Yeah. You don’t need to go like the extra 10 miles. Yes. Okay. Let’s Yeah, let’s read the wind, but I think that’s, that’s, uh, our topic on cutting calories for PCRs. We hope you found that helpful and we’ll,

but we’ll bring that. We always like to bring that subject up anyways. We would like to talk about it because we want all your sisters and all that. There’s, you know, there’s more to it than just that, like we mentioned in this whole episode, right? So let’s go into, like Colleen said, the wind of the week, a sister who’s been managing her,

us like a Bauhaus. And after that, we got a little surprise for you as well. So go ahead. Yes. She’s from the sisterhood and she says, we’re going to keep her anonymous. Good morning, sisters. Happy may I am always extra motivated at the beginning of a new month. Let me too, I’ve worked really hard in April to instill several habits that will keep me on track toward my health and fitness goals.

Gluten free dairy free Avast, natal PCs, friendly workouts, CBD, sleeping better and more. Oh my gosh. I have started to notice differences with my body, but more importantly, huge improvements with how I feel both physically and mentally. I’m really proud of myself and motivated to keep going yesterday was the first day I felt confident in a while. The sisterhood has helped me more than,

you know, thank you all for always being here for me and cheers to a new month. We are all in this together. Yes. Congratulations to her. I’m so happy to hear she’s doing better. And she’s even, like she says, she’s proud of herself and motivated to keep going, which is like my number one thing I like to hear,

because I know that sister’s going to just keep on going and growing and growing. Once you start focusing on how you’re feeling and if you see that you’re feeling better, it’s so much easier to follow. You played so many things at work and it’s just combining all those. Can you imagine like how The workouts that Davy CBD, sleeping more and more? She says,

I want to hear all the details. Yeah. Awesome. Really good stuff. So, uh, before we go, I just want to mention, uh, Tyra the surprise, but I should mention, or, you know, four week meal plan and workout course has five more days left from today until the doors close, you could enroll and have lifetime access.

So don’t worry about that. But the reason I just wanted to mention it now is because if you’re wondering how to, you know, how to eat, how to pair foods correctly and how to work out, right? This is pretty much the exact, um, place for it. Right? We have video tutorials to show you exactly how to make gluten and dairy free meals for four weeks,

without wasting time in the kitchen, just cutting to the chase, prepping things in advance. So you can make 30 minute meals during the week. Cause you know, we all have busy schedules and we don’t want to spend all night in the kitchen making extravagant things. So these are meals that will only take you 30 minutes at night, as well as video tutorials of CDX showing me how to do PCs friendly workouts three times a week.

Yes. So that’s the great thing about it is it’s four weeks of step-by-step video tutorials on not just how to make the food for the four weeks, but also how to work out for four weeks. And we, you could get them both or just get one or the other totally up to you. A lot of the sisters who have done both together for one month and actually,

you know, really followed everything in there. Yeah. Have lost around 10 pounds in that one month. Even if they’ve already tried gluten and dairy free just by following the plan, they’ve seen even better results. Yes. And the best thing about it is it’s not just four weeks, you have lifetime access or I hear a lot of the sisters, they go back pretty much whenever they want to,

to a specific workout or just, you know, they want to do the workouts all over again, change up a couple of things or see how they can improve. Even with the food, you can go back to let’s just say week to date or sorry, a week to a Wednesday. I want to do that food where I want to change up one ingredients,

see how it does now. Like you’re always, you have the freedom to do that. And it’s all available on your phone, on an app. Exactly. Yeah. You can do it on your, you can just like take your phone to the kitchen and follow the videos from your phone. And the best part is all of the meals are planned out.

So that they’re high in protein, especially the breakfast. Like there’s a science behind how I put together all of these meals. And I even show you how to decide how many carbs to put on your plate. And then the workouts are like slower with weights. 62nd rests. Not yet. I’m doing the workouts too. So you see exactly how she’s doing it with instructions.

Step by step. We don’t leave you hanging for one second. And we’re always available to contact for support when you need help with it. So available until only this Friday. So doors will close in five days. But once you do enroll, you have lifetime access. So don’t forget that. And we only, um, you know, we provide this only like a few times a year.

So after the doors closed, it won’t be available for, you know, a while. Yes. All right, everybody that takes care of pretty much everything for this episode, right, babe. Well, we hope you enjoyed this episode. I’m going to go 10 right now. No, we have an hour. It’s still talking to them. We have some things to do,

but you go 10 and do some stuff and everybody enjoy your day as well. Alrighty. We’ll see you guys next week. Bye. This episode is brought to you by pure spectrum CBD SeaTac and I have been taking CBD and we are loving it. I’m holding the tincture right now. Pauline, can you open your mouth please? Yeah, I’m going to give you a dosage now.

Keep it there for 60 seconds while she does that. Let me tell you the great benefits of CBD for PCO is studies show it reduces cortisol, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation. You can go to pure spectrum now to order and use the code. This sisterhood one word at checkout for 20% of Natale and hold her for 30 seconds longer while the sisters enjoy the show.

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