Talking CBD with Mike & Angie Lee of Soul CBD!

We sit down with Mike & Angie Lee to talk about CBD and their industry leading company, Soul CBD!

We talk about auto-immune conditions, how Mike & Angie started Soul CBD, and the benefits of CBD.

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Full Episode transcript:

Hello sisters. Welcome to another episode of a sister and her Mister today, we have Angie and Mike Lee, a brother and sister duo who created their own CBD company called solo CBD. If you’re new to CBD or you don’t know anything about CBD today is a great episode to learn more about it. We’re going to talk about what motivated them to create their own CBD company,

as well as some of the benefits as CBD has for symptoms that are related to PCs. So stay tuned. This is a great one, Dr.<inaudible> my own hands and with stem naturally<inaudible> It was really my career in boxing that I think was the, the reason or rather like the pain that came from the career of being a professional athlete. And so I just dealt with a lot of different pain,

joint pain, back pain, broken hands, broken noses, you know, you name it. I had it. And then unfortunately it was diagnosed with auto-immune disease as well. And I think that that was probably just a lot of my body being in fight or flight. And so from there just came a lot of chronic inflammation. And so I was constantly,

constantly trying to search for like natural solutions to pain because at one point I was on eight different medications because they were taking me from doctor to doctor and I was on Humira and methotrexate and painkillers and antidepressants and anti-anxiety, and it was a really kind of dark rabbit hole. And I just knew number nine, the ninth medication, wasn’t the answer. So I slowly started weaning off of all the medication.

I changed my diet. I started doing breath, work meditation, hot cold therapy, diving into supplements and learning about them. And that’s through that journey. I discovered CBD and the hemp plant in general and all the different cannabinoids. And it started helping me with anxiety and it got me off of anti-anxiety meds. And the next thing you know, it started helping me with pain.

And I started whittling down my pain medication, which anybody who’s been on pain meds knows is very difficult. And so Very addicting, Very addicting. And it was just out of necessity honestly. And when you’ve gone through so much pain and pain that I still go through, even though I’ve retired a couple of years from now, it gives you a level of empathy.

I think that you could never get otherwise. And with that empathy, I wanted to share and create something that could help other people. And so Angie had her own struggles with anxiety. I mean, she’s standing up on stage in front of thousands of people and she has this huge podcast, so proud of her. And, you know, with that obviously comes anxiety.

And so I introduced CBD to her and she fell in love with it as well as well. And we were like, listen, let’s, let’s start this and see what it does. I mean, it was really not intended to grow the way it did. It was just like, let’s just share the message. It had no financial goals to it just pure let’s have fun and,

and help people. And it’s really from there where, how we’re sitting here now. Yeah. That’s usually where the best ideas come from. It’s from like real world experience from real, like from like real pain that you go through and you find a way to kind of reverse that. And then when you share that with the world, those are usually the best companies are the best products out there that actually help the most amount of people because they’re coming from a real story.

Yeah. And I think Angie’s heard me say this a million times, but I’ve always said that, you know, pain is a gift. It’s kind of a little mantra that I’ve told myself and I tell people, and you know, for me, I’ve tried to turn that into gifts and I’ve always felt like you, like you just said that some of the greatest companies,

performers, athletes, leaders have created incredible things and created legacy and helped other people from their pain. And so if you can switch that mindset of pain, being suffering to pain, being a gift, I know it’s not easy all the time and it it’s very difficult, but it can start to be a tool instead of a crutch. For sure. I totally agree.

So when you told Angie about this, about CBD and she saw the benefits from it, at what point did you two look at each other and say like, okay, let’s start our own CBD company. Yeah. I’m trying to remember how long after it, I would say a few months then, you know, a lot of it initially to start a business is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that,

that has to happen. You know, the legalities getting, getting the actual product, we’re finding the product. Mike was doing a lot of calls with, you know, people in this space who could mentor us in it and who could consult us. So a lot of that happens before you have like your, your public launch, I should say. So a lot of that was kind of like BTS for almost like half a year to a year.

And then finally, once a lot of that was, you know, in place and we had the website live, we actually had the product, we had the labels, we had the shipping ready once we had all of that set up to actually be an e-commerce brand, then we were able to launch. So yeah, it took a little bit of time,

which I didn’t realize. And I feel like as somebody who just likes to jump in and just go, I didn’t realize that there’s so much that goes into it before you start. But Mike helped to really get all of that organized and going, because there’s just so much that goes into it. Merchant processors and the legalities of, of shipping and CBD and all that stuff.

So we had to get that first, but yeah, it was, it was pretty fast though. I would say from the idea of the conversation and then getting, getting into action. Now it’s out there in the world and all these delicious flavors that like, I can’t resist. I love them all. Especially the vanilla coconut. Oh, you like that one?

That’s your favorite? That is so it’s now my favorite raspberry was my favorite, but now the vanilla gummy. Ooh. Yeah. So you two have reversed some pretty, I mean, if, if you want to use the word reverse, but some pretty intense auto immune issues, anxiety issues, you’ve seen, you know, the light at the end of the tunnel.

I think it’s so inspiring. Let’s talk a little bit about CBD and its benefits and some of the ways it’s impacted your community of people who are getting CBD from you. The biggest challenge for us right now is education. And so that’s why we love coming on like platforms like this. And it’s really, we feel like it’s our job to educate people about what CBD is and what it can do,

because I think there’s a lot of stigma tied behind it, you know, for sure, right? Like what is it? Will it get me high as a TC test, positive, will I test positive? Is the safe, can I overdose? You know, and I think ultimately people need understand. This is a plant that has been around for thousands of years.

We derive everything from the hemp plant. So, you know, under the cannabis umbrella, you have the marijuana plant, which is very high in THC and low in CBD. And then the hemp plant, which is very high in CBD and low in THC, THC being the psychoactive compounded, it gets you high. And you know, there are benefits that as well,

but we just, we choose to stay all, keep all of our products zero THC, because we feel like that’s what our audience wants. And there’s a ton of benefits with CBD CBN. CBG is actually a lot of other compounds within the hemp plant that really helped that we’re introducing into our gummies. For instance, we have sleep gummies that have CBN cannabinol,

which is an incredible compound that helps with sleep. But basically CBD is, has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. And what it’s doing is activating your endocannabinoid system and putting your body into homeostasis. So it’s really giving you balance. And while that feels very general and broad, it is because it’s really a miracle compound and plant that helps with anxiety. It helps with sleep.

It helps with pain. You know, it helps with focus there. There’s so many different pain points that it addresses. And so I think that confuses people. But when you tell them ultimately that it puts your body in homeostasis and has anti-inflammatory properties, it kind of like, lets you understand that it works from the top down. Like anytime you’re reducing inflammation,

anytime you’re putting your nervous system out of fight or flight and into rest and digest, you’re giving your, your body and mind a chance to heal and start to regulate properly. And so the biggest pain points we see are anxiety and sleep without a doubt. But there’s so many other things that CBD is helping with peop for people. And I mean, we have,

I’m really proud to say we have over 6,000 five-star reviews now. And so for us, that’s so massive because our community is everything. And Angie preaches this it’s community. First brand second, we, we asked the community what type of products they want, what would they like to change? How can we do better? And I really feel like Angie’s been a huge reason for our growth because she’s so tapped into our community and customer service.

And I think that’s massive. Yeah. I see that. And I would listen to your podcast like years ago, before even trying CBD. I know I’m a huge on that. To me, that’s the biggest thing because you can have the greatest product in the world, but if people don’t know about it and they’re not talking about it, you actually don’t have the greatest product in the world.

Right? And so for me, marketing is the oxygen. It’s everything. Your community is everything. Your customers are everything. And the way that things are going now in 2022, it’s almost like people are craving that intimacy and that old school feel of shopping again where, you know, it’s because things have become so saturated right on the social, on social media,

you can scroll for five minutes and you’re going to be hit with so many different ads. And it’s just so many different products. And so what really separates brands is the brands who actually answered their DMS and answer their emails and actually care and listen to their customers and ask them questions. And what flavor do you guys want and what product do you want next?

And I think that that is the magic sauce right now. And I think that we are constantly reminding ourselves of that. And if we can keep doing that, I think that is going to be the secret that separates you from a bunch of different brands. You know? So I tell everyone this, no matter what you’re selling online, you have to put the customer first.

But a lot of people they’re just so obsessed with the product and then they forget to talk to their customer. So yeah, we’re, we’re huge on that. That’s like one of our biggest things. Yeah. Yeah. Plus the fact that like right after I have a gummy or a dropper full I’m relaxed, like it takes like 10 minutes and I feel the benefits.

It’s not like in my head, like there, it is like suddenly 10 minutes ago I was annoyed about something. And now I’m not like it’s crystal clear to me the effects that it’s having on me, which makes me realize that, you know, if I take care of myself, certain things in my life, won’t be as big of a deal and have as big of an impact on my stress hormones,

on my, you know, outlook if my outlook changes. So, I mean, it’s, it’s like an important part of my routine. I mean, just like anything else that helps put like auto-immune diseases into remission, you know, like Mike was saying, there’s so many diet and lifestyle changes and things you can do. And I think supplementing is a huge factor and it plays a huge role in reversing symptoms of inflammation,

autoimmune diseases. Yeah. And I think, especially when it pertains to auto immune diseases, since I’ve been dealing with them, you know, I still deal with it. I still, it’s not like, it’s not like I don’t have pain anymore. It’s just con I’m just learning to manage it. And I’m learning to do it the right way. And when there’s flare ups,

but no matter what, when you’re stressed and you’re in fight or flight, it always exacerbates the symptoms of any type of auto immune disease or conditions. That’s kind of the beauty of CBD. It’s not like all of a sudden you’re going to take it and the disease is gone or everything in your life is reversed. However, when you start to get into a more relaxed parasympathetic,

nervous system state, everything starts to get better. And those problems that would be exacerbated and a lot worse suddenly starts to diminish. And so it’s kind of like working from the top down as I mentioned earlier, which I think is a beautiful thing. Yeah. I’m so glad it’s starting to, I mean, not starting, I’m so glad now it’s popular.

Now people are realizing because a long time ago, like nobody was talking about this and the impact is so profound and people were, are getting addicted to medications and things that aren’t good for them when there’s an alternative, they had no idea about. Yeah, it’s pretty incredible. I mean, I think ultimately the stigma comes down to a false narrative. That’s been pushed around by the pharmaceutical industry.

And quite honestly, you know, when it’s a plant and something that they can’t grow and you talk about like mushrooms and adaptogens as well, that’s been around for longer than humans have and type of plants and fungus rather that helps so many people. I mean, we, we add like lion’s mane, Bacopa Rishi, all these different mushrooms into a lot of our different products as well that have incredible healing benefits.

But the issue is the lobbyists and pharmaceutical industry greatly in dangers what they’re doing and they don’t like that. And so there’s been a lot of negative propaganda for years and years that have been around cannabis in general, because it’s something that grows from the earth and can help people. It threatens the pharmaceutical industry and not to demonize completely. The pharmaceutical is going to share.

I think that, you know, for me going through my journey, there’s been times when I’ve needed pharmaceuticals and there’s, there’s things there’s times when people need it. But when it’s the only answer that a doctor gives you, that’s just not okay. When a doctor only gets six to nine hours of nutritional training in their residency, that’s not okay when we’re not talking about what’s going in our body in a daily basis versus just write this prescription and everything will be fine.

That’s a band-aid cure. And it’s really a disservice to the millions and millions of people that deal with chronic pain every single day. And that number is only going up and it’s like, we’re, we’re only getting technologically advanced, more advanced. Why are more people sick and especially their mental health more than ever. And so for us, I’m at the forefront of trying to lead that lead that charge and or help lead that charge,

rather of telling people that all natural solutions to pain are great. It’s low risk high reward, and you should, you know, be your own doctors essentially because your gut will in your intuition will usually lead you in the right direction. Yeah. I mean, a similar thing happens a lot of times with PCs women, the same approach by doctors where they don’t give,

put enough attention into natural remedies or remedies that actually get to the root cause and said, a lot of times, the quick fix is instead provided like birth control or just other other treatment options that are, like you said, they’re more of a bandaid approach rather than a approach that actually gets down to the root cause and speak about PCs. I mean,

for our listeners, for the sisters listening, if we could give like a quick beginner’s guide to CBD in terms of like how you would recommend someone to get started with CBD, maybe like dosage options, as well as like, which products you would recommend from social CBD in terms of like the different symptoms. Like for example, sleeping, like energy focused things,

things that like that. Yeah. Well, Andrew, what are your, some of your favorite products? I know you’ve got a few that you’re obsessed with. Yeah. And, and I think speaking of PCs, you know, and you guys know this better than anyone, it, a lot of it is a blood sugar issue obviously. And it’s,

I think a lot of that’s tied then into stress and the central nervous system. So to me, when I look at TCOs and I’ve even had, you know, yeah, like you said, old school doctors say like, oh, you just gotta take this random medication for PCs. Or even if you’re somewhat borderline, when, you know, then you have a naturopathic doctor who was like,

no, you need to bring down your inflammation and balance your blood sugar. Like that’s it. So it is fascinating. And I think we’re CBD can really be a nice compliment for things like DCOS or blood sugar. Instability is just reducing inflammation, reducing inflammation. The body is going to help every single system. It only helps it doesn’t hurt to break down inflammation ever.

So that’s where I think our tinctures are high potency, 1500 milligrams can be really, really great. I add those two cacao drinks all day, pretty much in the morning if I’m feeling anxious or at night, for sure, before asleep, I add the peppermint took a cow it’s really delicious. And then the gummies are great. They’re 25 milligrams. So it’s not as much as the tincture,

but still very efficacious and still worked great. And we have a lot of women who like that as an men, obviously, but we have a lot of people who love that for bringing down inflammation. So my favorites are definitely the tinctures at night to add to cacao. I’ll do the gummies here and there throughout the week. Obviously the taste is incredible.

And then I love our chill caps. That’s my favorite product of ours. It’s essentially adaptogens that really help your adrenals and your central nervous system to calm down. And I love kava. So we’ve mixed kava kava with CBD, which is really a really beautiful, beautiful marriage of two ingredients that gives you the sense of calm and ease and bliss. I always joke and say,

it’s like a glass of wine without the calories sugar or the alcohol. So I’m a huge fan of the chill calves. I think it’s the best thing ever. And I think everybody can benefit from some kava kava and some shell in their life. And like Mike was saying about healing, you know, the body can’t heal when it’s in fight or flight,

it heals and rest and digest. And so I think that’s big too, whether it is PCLs auto-immune, whatever it is you’re dealing with in life, it’s such a good reminder that the body heals when it feels safe, the body heals, when it feels safe, it wants to feel safe, metabolically, spiritually, emotionally. So I do think that it’s where CBD comes into play is it’s bringing your system down a bit.

It’s allowing it to relax in order to heal because all of us need to heal in some capacity. So yeah, those are, those are my favorites right now. I switched it up. So I think that we should be taking CBD. I mean, do you take it all day? Cause I think we should be taking all day, like morning,

noon and night. Like, Yeah, like there’ll, there’ll be some days where I wake up and let’s say I do an alert cap if I have podcasts and things like that. I do those a few days a week or a few times a month. And then I’m having some peppermint tincture with Micah cow and then I’m having a gummy at night and then maybe a bite of the sleepy gummy if I really need to get good sleep.

So yeah, there’s definitely days where it’s a lot of the day. And then there’s some days where it’s just one and then there’s a few days where I go where I think it’s really healthy to cycle supplements. And so I’ll go a whole week without any and I’ll get back on it the next week. So yeah, everybody’s different depending on how much you,

you need to heal or what your body needs, but it’s okay to take cycles and, and to cycle off any supplement for a few days or a week and then get back on it too, that that can really help with absorption and efficacy to What’s really interesting about that is a lot of people, including myself will actually notice more when they’re not taking it.

And so I’ll take CBD every single day. It helps me significantly. And then if there’s some days maybe I’m traveling or I forgot for a couple of days of all of a sudden feel like, why am I having anxiety? Why am I kind of on edge? Why do I have like a little more aches and pains? And then I’ll be like,

oh, I’m not staying on my regimen. So I find that really interesting too. Yeah. Yeah. Cause like you don’t really realize how much it is actually helping you once you stop and see how your, how your body is without it. It’s like when a lot of times, if you cut out something from your diet, you don’t, you don’t realize how that food was affecting you day to day until you actually cut it out.

And then when you put it, put it back, can you feel the inflammation, et cetera. So I think the same thing when you take CBD and we don’t take CBD, you feel the big difference. Yeah, absolutely. And, and things take, you know, days to register a new system sometimes. I mean, I know for me when I eat gluten,

I don’t have an immediate reaction, but it might be a day or two later that all of a sudden I get a lot of inflammation. So I say that because it’s, and you guys obviously, you know, managing gluten and dairy and everything with PCOS, I know how important that is, but it’s like, it’s important for you to understand that like nothing’s overnight and nothing’s immediate in our bodies.

It takes time for things to like build up. And it’s so important to get good habits, whatever that is for your body, but to sustain good habits over time. And that’s when you’ll, you’ll see the best results. And for me, especially, that’s kind of like the habit of doing daily regiments and CBD happens to be a one of, one of many.

Yeah. It’s part of the lifestyle that you’ve created for yourself. So before we speak further, I just, I wish I asked this sooner, let’s define what fight or flight mode looks like and then define what rest and digest looks like. Because I feel like sometimes we’re so used to being in fight or flight. We don’t even know that we’re in it,

like all the time. And a lot of women with PCOS, we have chronic anxiety inflammation, and just like feel on edge, maybe even high testosterone that makes us feel like we’re in fight or flight all the time. And it’s like part of our regular life. And we don’t realize that we can come down from that. So let’s like, let’s actually ex define them and give examples.

Yeah. I actually just, just Googled it here. I’m like, I want, I mean, I know what it is, but it’s fascinating to think. What, what is the actual definition is the sympathetic nervous system, right? So you have your sympathetic and then your parasympathetic sympathetic is obviously when you’re stressed, your body assumes that it’s in danger or a stressful situation.

So it says the direct response to the body’s involuntary response to a dangerous or stressful situation, a flash flood of hormones boost the body’s alertness and heart rates sending extra blood to the muscles. So the opposite of that would be parasympathetic, which is obviously when you feel calm, this is meditation, breath work, sleeping. I mean, obviously this is something that I think most of us,

it’s more difficult to be in parasympathetic now than it is to be in sympathetic. And it doesn’t have to be something like sprinting on a treadmill or being chased by a lion. I think it’s, if emotions are heavy on our heart and we’re going through stuff, your body still registers that as, as a stress. Now I don’t think the goal in life is to have zero stress.

That’s virtually impossible. Our ancestors didn’t have zero stress. They were bringing after lions and stuff to get food, right. It’s not like they had zero, but I think what they were better at is they lived in a less toxic world and they had the time and space to maybe come down from it more. I think, I think it’s all about your adaptation.

Like your ability to come back down. It’s almost like after a sprint workout, your ability to bring your heart rate back down. It’s not that you shouldn’t do sprint workouts here and there. The body likes a little bit of, of you stress, which is like a positive stress here and there. So I don’t think the goal is like live a stress-free life on an island and do nothing.

Right? No, because I think in reality, if we all did that, I think we wouldn’t actually be happy after a few days. We’d be like, okay, what am I talking to? What do I do? Do something or feel like I’m contributing or something. But I think the goal is to throughout the day, whether it is meditation,

breath, work, supplementation, like CBD, things like that, adequate sleep, managing emotions. I mean, I’m not an expert at it. I’m always trying to work on it. And I think it’s the thing that is, is the game changer. I think the people who can do this age slower and they are just healthier humans, you know,

so I think of it as your stress state and then the state you’re in, when you’re able to literally digest food and you’re literally able to digest nutrients and you’re able to actually be calm and, and everything from, you know, fertility to hormones to good energy. So that’s how I would explain it. That’s a great explanation. I really like what you said about transitioning easily from fight or flight mode to rest and digest.

I think that’s where people get caught up, especially with PCOS where we’re always in fight or flight mode. We struggle with transitioning into the rest and digest. And I think CBD is like part of that transition. So we can go from one to the other without living, having to live on an island away from everyone, you know, we’re able to just function.

Right? I think we all think that’s what we want. And then you play out that scenario and you’re like, nah, I don’t want to live on an island alone. That would be sad. After a few days, really, Honestly, we spent two weeks in York Shire in the countryside in England. I Thought the first week I was like,

this is great peace and tranquility. The second week I was like, I’m going to die. We need to leave. We need to be. Yeah. Well I think we’re also addicted to stress, right? I think again, there’s good stuff. There’s bad stress. There’s the stress of the feeling before you go speak on stage that’s, that’s a,

that’s a stress. My body is definitely like what is about to happen? We can tell that I’m scared, but then my body is saying, but my mind is happy and excited. And it’s, it’s feeling in alignment and purposeful. So there’s this interesting conversation around like, is there good stress obviously? Yeah. Working towards a goal is good stress,

but then how do you come down from that and make sure your body has adequate, you know, rest and carbohydrates and, and healing, you know, foods and, and not overdoing exercise. It’s almost like I think everything is, is seasons of, of responding to the stress and then resting. It’s like pushing rest, push and rest pushing rest.

I think the promise society now is, and this is where your soul comes in to help people, especially with the supplementation is most of us don’t actually ever rest. We’re always in, in the season of push. So then we don’t really have time to adequately repair mentally or physically. So we’re always sprinting. And I think in Europe and in other societies,

they don’t, they don’t do that as much. They have more like, Hey, let’s honor that this we’re resting now a little bit to get back into the push season. That’s coming up next. So yeah, it is interesting. Yeah. It’s definitely a culture thing. I completely agree. We were just in Europe and the cafes were full of people doing rest and digest Every day,

every day during lunch is packed, the cafes are packed. I’m like, what are people doing For them? They look so happy, you know, like stuck at a computer with like a 30 minute break to barely eat something and then go back to their cubicle. Yeah. They don’t live to work. Right. They just work to live a little bit.

And then, yeah, that’s fascinating. That’s such a cultural thing for sure. Wow. And I want to ask about a CBD because you know, like in the last five years, especially there has been a lot of like many like CBD companies coming out. There’s a lot of, of course new ones coming out every day. But I want to ask,

like what makes soul CBD like so different from other companies you guys definitely like care about the testing and like the pure product that comes out. But I mean, is, is that something you guys really focus on to make your product different? Like what, what really makes my soul or souls to be different than other companies? Yeah. Well thank you for saying that.

I really appreciate that because that is something we’re very proud of and very intentional on. I mean, when I started this, we, you know, started this back in, oh my God, 2018, I was still a professional athlete. So I was getting drug tested. So, you know, my body was my asset. So it was very important that anything that I put into my body,

you know, was clean. And also that I wasn’t ingesting levels of THC and it had a lot of implications. So it, it kinda started from, as I said, a point of empathy and myself understanding that there’s so many products out there that are heavy in metals and pesticides, you’d be shocked, you know, because not only the CBD industry,

but the supplement industry is very unregulated And Right. And so it ends up being like a blessing and a curse because there’s a lower barrier to entry. So you can have a lot of people that want to come in and try new companies, but you have so many bad actors and so many CBD companies that don’t have the amount of CBD that they claim in there.

Or they do have levels of THC and people, all of a sudden are getting high or they’re not passing drug tests. And for us, that’s just not okay. Point blank. Like we do double third party lab testing. We go above and beyond with our testing and our facilities where we’re sourcing from stringent checks, only working with GMP compliant, NSF formulated facilities.

And we’ve lost thousands of dollars on delaying launches on throwing out batches that didn’t meet our requirements and not the normal requirements, our requirements, which are even higher. So we’ve definitely put that first and foremost at the forefront of what we’re trying to do because Angie and I have always said, like, we’re not going to give a product that we wouldn’t feel comfortable giving our mom,

giving our family, giving our friends and you know, at the end of the day, forget money. That that’s really what it’s all about. Like, that’s, that’s the legacy we want to leave. And we obviously want to build a great business, but if we don’t start with that foundation, the house will come crumbling down. And it’s just so unfortunate that so many people cut corners.

Because once again, you would be shocked how many supplements and you’re going to websites and they don’t have the third-party lab testing up. And don’t really know what’s in there. And for so many people with autoimmune issues, a little bit of mold or pesticides or bacteria can really be detrimental to your body. So yeah, that’s something we care about. Yeah.

Especially when you’re taking it every day, you don’t want to have any sort of contaminations. And I love that you’re doing that because it’s completely optional. Like you don’t have to do third party testing. You don’t have to all this, these stringent steps, like it’s, it’s all optional yet. You chose to do all of them and like Tyne and I are actually in the process of creating our own supplement line.

And like we’re making them all NSF certified. So we know exactly like the pain, the extra costs and like the delays that happens like ours is delayed by two months, just do the testing. So it’s difficult, but it’s definitely worth it at the end of the day when you’re, when you, when you want a product that you want to take yourself,

that you trust a hundred percent, you have to go through those through those steps. Yeah. Well, that’s really exciting. Congrats guys. Do you know when, when you want to launch or can you share, share what you’re looking to do? Hopefully September. Yeah. It’s a bundle of supplements that are meant to help women with PCOS, their metabolism it’s called metabolic plus.

And it’s basically the foundational supplements for women who are struggling with metabolic dysfunction, blood sugar issues, inflammation, not being able to manage their symptoms and lose weight. So it’s great in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes just like CBD, taking out our heart and soul to get things out there, but we’re fine. Just popping CBD every day. Yeah. It’s,

it’s always so much work. And I think, you know, people don’t realize the complexity that comes behind building a true, solid, trustworthy business like that. And it’s cool that you guys are diving into that because there’s so many things that we do behind the scenes to enrich our product and our customer experience and everything that doesn’t even get to be seen between site visits and sourcing and all the little backend things to make sure that that product is the best product that we can deliver.

So, you know, I know you guys are going through it now, so it’s just important for people to know that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication if you’re doing it right behind the scenes to deliver the best product, to help people. Yeah. Yeah. I saw you two going to a factory one time on Angie stories and both of you are like trusts from head to toe in like protective gear and all that to me,

I was like, that looks so fun. Like I want to be, I want to do that. That’s so funny. Yeah. And I feel like Mike can speak to this more as the CEO, who’s, who’s running the operations of it as well. It’s like, I don’t know. I almost feel like the first year and a half, it’s like a hump that you have to get over the first two years.

And then once you’re over that hump, it’s not that it’s not still hard. You have different problems, but it’s the initial getting over the initial, like first like, whoa, getting it, just set up and going and getting a team. And then once, then you can get to, what’s like the fun problems, like building, you know,

other things and having more fun with the marketing and the team. But I feel like the first year and a half it’s like Mike was just, you’re just trying to figure so much of it out, you know? And it’s not smooth yet. Not to say it’s ever fully smooth, but I feel like the first year and a half to two years,

and they say this with every business and entrepreneurship, if you can get over the first to get through the first two years, you can do it because the first year and a half is just like headaches and phone calls with manufacturers. And it’s just so much, and you don’t have customers really yet. So it’s not exciting. It’s just that the, like,

if you can like push through that, then you can get to the point where, you know, in five, 10 years, you guys are gonna be like, wow, I’m so glad we pushed through the sucky. Not fun part in the beginning. Yeah. Once you see the results and the influx of testimonies and reviews come in, it’s like,

you forget how hard everything was when you started it. You completely forget it. And you’re like, this is great. Let’s do something else. So then you come up with a new idea. That’s funny. Yeah. I feel like every day I’ve got like a weird or weird idea. I’m like, oh, we should do this. We should do this.

We should do that. I know. Well, for a, for all our listeners, if you’re interested in ordering CBD from source CBD, please go to my soul, my soul And we even have a special, a special page for our PCO sisters. You just have to go to my soul S and you’ll find many of many different speed products that are currently 15% off.

So just wanna say, thank everyone for listening. I’m listening to Angie and Mike’s information about their company, so CBD and about all the benefits that CBD provides. And just want to say a big thank you to you as well and GME for coming on here and really giving us a behind the scenes of your company. And just a more thorough explanation of what CBD can do to do,

to help others with their symptoms. Thank you for having us. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle,

gluten and dairy free, get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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