Should I take CBD for PCOS?

CBD is gaining momentum in the health and wellness world, with some scientific studies confirming it may ease symptoms of ailments like chronic pain and anxiety.

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) struggle with inflammation, which after it becomes chronic, can lead to depression, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndromes, and more!

On this episode, we explain what CBD is and whether it can be beneficial for women with PCOS!

You’ll learn the symptoms that CBD can help with, why all CBD products are not equal, and how to take CBD and get the best absorption! We even talk about serving sizes and how to figure out what CBD dosage is right for you!

We answer questions from the PCOS Weight Loss Hotline & read the Win of the Week, a Cyster who’s been managing her PCOS like a boss!


There is so much good information packed into this episode, you don’t want to miss it. For even more information on PCOS and CBD, and how it can greatly improve the quality of life of women with PCOS, read on! We’re going to go over how and when to take CBD. As well as how much to take, and the difference between CBD oil and Gummies.

Will CBD Help With PCOS

YES! When you find the right product and dosage for you, CBD can be very effective in treating symptoms of PCOS. CBD supports the endocannabinoid system to combat inflammation throughout the entire body, which is a common symptom of PCOS. Beyond CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation, studies show it can improve insulin resistance and promote better and deeper rest, which can reduce stress on the body and mind. And in turn, reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Both of which are also common side-effects of PCOS.

Research shows that CBD is also helpful in regulating female hormones. And as a result, CBD can help promote healthier and more regular menstrual cycles. CBD is also known to regulate blood sugar levels and reduce body weight/promote weight loss (which we all know can be incredibly challenging with PCOS). So basically, CBD can provide relief on almost every single symptom of PCOS, as well as provide plenty of other health benefits.

How To Take CBD With PCOS

First and foremost, its important to understand that CBD products are not well-regulated. At least not yet. So, in order to ensure you’re consuming quality CBD, opt for products with the NSF®International seal. This seal tells you that the CBD product has been held to a higher standard, and is a quality product.

You’ll also need to choose between full spectrum CBD (contains THC, more effective for pain) and broad spectrum CBD (does not contain THC). See the links for more info.

Now, you can take CBD in a few different ways. For PCOS, the two main and most effective ways to take CBD are via CBD oil (also known as CBD tinctures) or CBD edibles. Aka CBD gummies, CBD chocolate, and so on.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are, of course, eaten. Usually, you can find all different types of dosages and flavors, making it easy to find a CBD edible that works for you.


CBD oil is administered via a dropper, and usually applied right on or under the tongue. Usually, the dosage measured in how many drops you take. So, its easy to adjust dosage as needed.

When To Take CBD

Really, you can take CBD any time of the day. But, we recommend starting by taking it right before bed. Taking CBD right before bed will promote good and restful sleep, and reduce any side-effects you might would have during the day. Until you fully understand how CBD effects you and because CBD affects everyone differently, it’s best to take it at night.

However, once you better understand how your body responds to CBD. And, once you figure out the dosage that works best for you, you can take CBD any time you are experiencing symptoms of PCOS. You can also take it as a preventative measure to prevent the onset of symptoms. Especially when it comes to inflammation and hormone regulation.

How Much CBD To Take

In general, there is no one-size-fits-all dosage for CBD. Like we mentioned earlier, everyone responds differently to CBD, so its really more about finding the dosage that works the best for you. If you’re just starting out, its a good idea to start with a small dosage, somewhere between 10-20 mg. Then, work your way up (if needed).

CBD Oil vs Gummies

In general, edibles like gummies take a little bit longer to kick in than oil. Still, most say they feel the effects within one hour. However, gummies do tend to taste better and are a bit more versatile when it comes to flavors to choose from.

As far as effectiveness, its important to understand that oil and edibles can have different effects. And these different effects can be hard to predict and are individual to each person.

For example, taking CBD oil may provide better relief for inflammation than edibles in your body. At the same time, taking CBD edibles might provide better relief from anxiety than CBD oil in your body. And then, these scenarios could be completely different for someone else. See what I’m saying???

More simply put, it all depends on your body. So, understand that trial and error will be key to determining the types of products you use, how much you use, and how often you use it. It will take some time to get the dosage just right, so that you always achieve the desired effects.

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Full Episode transcript:

Hey Cysters. And welcome to the show. This episode is brought to you by pure spectrum CBD, and I have been taking CBD and we are loving it. I’m holding the tincture right now. Tallene, can you open your mouth please? Yeah, I’m going to give you a dosage now. Keep it there for 60 seconds while she does that.

Let me tell you the great benefits of CBD for PCOS studies show it reduces cortisol, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation. You can go to pure spectrum now to order and use the code. This sisterhood one word at checkout for 20% of Natale and hold her for 30 seconds longer. While the sisters enjoy the show. Welcome to a sister and her mr.

A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m Tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make peace us a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. Well, hello. Hello Cysters. Welcome to episode 34 of the podcast.

Welcome ladies. And this is probably one of the most nerve wracking podcasts that we’ll do in a long time. Cause we’re currently live to about 200 or 150 people watching this as we’re doing it. We’re live on Instagram. We’re live on tick-tock. We’re recording for you. I feel like we’ve hit a fourth wall because we’re just, we’re talking to the sisters directly and now we’re talking away from the S from Instagram.

We’re talking to the podcast while they’re still listening to us. It’s very interesting times. Interesting, but I’m feeling it. We love it. Yeah. See Jack, the producer in charge of all of these freaking cameras. So for anybody that’s listening right now, you can always follow us on Instagram and have an opportunity to watch an episode live. Like they know we haven’t done a live episode recording in a while.

I think we did one with the 10th episode of the podcast. It was called a piece us Q and a, where we took questions from Instagram and we basically answered them live. We recorded the live basically answered. Yeah, let’s see what people are saying on the live. Before we move on to the topic of this episode, by the way, We will be doing a hotline live and not,

not live. It’s going to be recorded on the pilots. We’re going to answer some questions from the hotline. So you can always, The best thing about the hotline is it gives us an opportunity to be, to literally play your voice on the podcast and maybe you’ll hear your own voice. And then we answer it right afterwards. So it’s our favorite thing.

Exactly. Let’s see, people are saying, GLM says, this is such a fun idea. Your sister was saying that this was so exciting. And then we have somebody else saying, I feel honored to be live here. Michelle, funny, you’re on our podcast girl, I see a question, Which is something that we just recorded about. The question is how do I motivate myself to stay consistent with the lifestyle?

Because I always mess it up when I don’t get Results great question. We just literally literally just recorded an episode about this. And the funny thing is you, you would have already heard this episode if you’re listening to the podcast, but to answer the sister on the, on the live, do you want to talk about the episode? Yeah, basically this episode was a bit of a reality check,

but like a motivational push as well, because lifestyle change takes time. Like one day you’ll be good at it the next day you won’t. But if you keep in mind why you’re doing this and how preventative it is for you to make these changes, because women with PCOS are at risk for so many other diseases, then you get really like a little bit more buckled down and you really want to make these lifestyle changes happen.

And you realize, you know, and later in the episode, the previous episode, we talked about how to make this a lifestyle, how to give yourself some leeway and, and practice lifestyle change like a muscle and strengthen in. And it’ll take like a year if it has to who cares? Yeah. And like the three pillars of the episode are basically to,

to motivate you, to make you like help be consistent and kind of get the right mindset when it comes to tackling piece Jewess and overcoming all the different symptoms. So it’s a great episode to kind of learn about it. And if you haven’t listened to it yet, it’s the previous episode number 33. Alright, great. To help you stay motivated. So let’s get on to the,

I don’t know which camera to look at that one, that one. So, But we’re now looking at you, But yeah, so today’s topic is about how CBD can be beneficial for PCOS. That’s right. Many of you have heard about CBD and you know, there’s a lot of information about CBD. It’s been touted as like this great fix to everything and all this like jazz,

but all these, see just like any other supplement, it’s a supplement. It helps to improve certain things like inflammation and we’ll get into all that. But at the end of the day, it is a supplement, but it can have a huge impact on PSUs us. So that’s why we’re talking about it. Yeah. If you don’t change your diet and you’re just cha you know,

just take CBD, you can’t expect everything to be perfect because inflammation is the core, like the root of all of our PCs problems. So we want to tackle it in every way possible, whether it’s diet change or supplements, and one really popular supplement. Now we’re talking about CBD. Sudeck’s been on the CBD chain for a long time and he got me on it.

And then I was like, well, what does this do for my PCRs? And turns out it does a lot. We’re going to be talking about that. So let’s, let’s get into it. What is CBD? That’s like the first question I kind of want to go over it because there’s a lot of like, obviously when you first hear about CBD,

the first question people ask is, wait, isn’t marijuana. Am I going to test positive for weed? Am I going to, if I, if I have a drug test at my job, am I going to test positive? And absolutely not. No. So CBD is derived directly from the hemp plant, which is a cousin of the marijuana plant.

It does not contain high amounts of like a very high amount of THC. In fact, when they make CBD, it’s completely taken out of the whole, the whole plant. So it does not produce a high nor does it cause you to test for THC. When it comes to hemp plants, it literally has 0.3% of THC. And they actually remove this when they are making the CBD supplements.

So just keep that in mind. And the reason they use hemp is that it has a lot higher dose of CBD than, than like a marijuana plant. Marijuana plant usually has a lot of THC and stuff like that. And a very low amount of CBD or the hemp plant is the complete opposite, very high amount of CBD, very low amount of THC,

which was removed. When did they make the CBD? That’s good. Cause I know a lot of people keep asking like, will I get hired? Yeah, you will not. I was taking CBD for many years and I had an engineering job and I never tested positive for a drug test or anything like that. So don’t worry about any of that stuff.

Unless you smoke marijuana, then you’re going to test. So what, what are the symptoms that it can help with baby? Okay. Well with PCLs I was like, you know, I got hooked on this CBD. I started feeling really good. You know, every time I took it, 15 minutes later, my anxiety was like from a 10 to four,

you know, at least. Yeah. And I was like, what the heck is the CBD thing? How’s it helping my PCOS. Yeah. So the thing with inflammation and PCs is that, you know, when you have a lot of inflammation, you’re like twice as likely to have depression and anxiety and things like that. So by taking CBD, really treating the inflammation portion of PCOS,

that’s driving these like mood disorders and so on. So that’s why CBD is super helpful. It’s super anti-inflammatory. And it helps like reduce the inflammatory markers like cytokines from, in your body. And one study even showed that CBD reduces cytokines by up to 87%. Yeah. This is our body’s inflammatory response. And CBD is able to modulate that 87% is a lot.

And I physically feel it like it’s not even a joke. It’s not something like A hundred percent would mean basically it’s reduced by half. So 87%. It’s almost like reducing your inflammation by up to half. So that’s a great sign of like how it can help you is reducing that inflammation, which we know, especially for a piece, a lot of women with P Stewart PCLs have auto immune related disorders,

which many times have information. Yes. Yeah. So yeah, not just that, sometimes I hear sisters complain about joint pain and things like that. And honestly, it’s because we have so much inflammation and you know, those rashes on our skin, like when some sisters go gluten and dairy free, you might find that your skin gets better and your body feels better.

And it’s like, weights lifted off of you. You don’t feel as depressed because this inflammation isn’t constantly like chronically running through your body And with PSUs. So we know that inflammation is one of the most prevalent underlying symptoms, right? So it’s like one of the ones that really causes the other issues to be more, to be worse, insulin resistance. Yeah.

And then that drives further other issues that snowball from it, like metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and so on. So it all comes back down to inflammation and what we’re doing to heal it. And you know, I feel like everything we recommend is anti-inflammatory whether it’s diet lifestyle so on. Yeah. And then before we get into the CB, the different CBD products out there,

just to, to note that hemp, there’s like two different kinds of hemp products. There are CBD, which we mentioned earlier is a completely tsetse free and is basically what we’re talking about here. And then there’s something called hemp seed oil. So there’s a, I don’t want the sisters to get confused on this, which is why I’m talking about it.

Hemp seed oil is not the same as CBD hemp. Seed oil is more of a, like a supplement that has the dietary fat, the dietary fats and other, you know, like oil and like that. Yeah, exactly. So hemp seed oil, while it may have very little amount of CBD is not CBD. So I wouldn’t say go and take that if you’re looking for CBD products look specifically for CBD products and not something that says hemp seed oil or hemp oil or something like that.

That’s so interesting. Yeah. And I want to mention like CBD has been shown not to just help with inflammation, but it’s also shown to be helpful in treating epilepsy in children and seizures better than any of the prescribed medications out there right now. And it’s one of the few ways that I was, I learned about CBD at first was I was listening to these.

I’m kind of like, I don’t wanna say who they are, but these famous people and they were talking about their children and how they’ve tried almost everything to help with their child’s seizures. And they were basically like crying. And then they talked about how they, they were suggested like this high dose of CBD and how it completely reversed the symptoms of the seizures and epilepsy symptoms for their children,

for the child. And I was like, wow, like, this is like, this is really doing something. That’s really doing something for people out there. And of course it really helps with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, like with inflammation as Tom was talking about earlier, Different doses help for different levels of extremity, extreme like issues. Yeah,

Yeah. Yeah. Well, we’ll get into the doses. Yeah, totally. But I’m just saying like, someone with anxiety can benefit from like a little bit someone who has epilepsy might need like a doctor’s prescription for like a lot more and so on. So just because you don’t have epilepsy, it doesn’t mean that like It’s not gonna benefit you. Yeah,

of course. One second. Let me turn CX a Mike A. Little bit. That’s right. How dare you get in my face like that? This mic is my mic and my mic has never had issues. I am looking at you and your mouth is not, I’m still talking to it. How dare you? Tallinn never speaks into the microphone. I have to do extra editing every single time to make sure her voice is just as high as mine.

And then people are going to be like, Oh, how come you’re making your sound? Your voice louder than hers. I’m not, this lady will not speak into the microphone no matter how hard I, Well, these past couple episodes, I’ve been doing a great job now I’m correcting. Yeah. Well, thank you. What is it saying? The student teachers master.

Alrighty, so let’s get into the Pacifics Pacifics. I was listening to something. I was reading about it. I was like all over the CVD train, you know? Yeah. We did a lot of research for this party And I learned that CBD products have something called turpines in it. And turpines like, one example of a terpene is Lymone Nene.

And it’s found in citrus fruits. So when you smell an orange, you relax. Right? Yeah. They put it in diffusers and stuff. And they say that these like, smells will relax you. Well, yeah. It turns out like these turpines all these different types of turpines do different things. And CBD has like an array of turpines in it.

And it, and then working the full spectrum CBD has all these different turpines that work together in something called the entourage effect where like really makes you feel relaxed and really good, like after taking it. So like some, Yeah. So I was just going to go into the three turpines that you were talking about, but yeah. I think you were going to do that.

Yeah. Yeah. Interrupt you Lynn a little. Yeah. Hello. It’s used to help with like sleeping and anxiety and they use it in aroma therapy, lemonade from lemons. It boosts your mood reduces inflammation. Well it’s found in lemons, not it’s not from them. Oh no. Yeah. It’s found, it’s also found the limits and it’s, it works together with other turpines to make them work better.

Like the entourage effect, Humulin, it’s an aunt, an appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory, I mean, there’s so many different turpines in CBD that work together and scientists have been setting turpines for so long now. And they’re realizing all of these therapeutic effects that it can have on you. And you can buy like certain types of CBD that works specifically for sleep based on the turpines in Anton The full spectrum.

Yeah. So the important thing with the CBD is that it should contain all of these turpines because that time was talking about it’s literally called the entourage effect. And what this means is that they are able to work together in conjunction with each other. So the reason why this is important is that not all CBD products are created equal, not all CBD products have what’s known as a full spectrum.

So when they, when we talk about these terpenes and the cannabinoids that are available from this, the cannabis plant or from the hemp plant, you have to keep in consideration that not all the products that you find out there will actually contain all of them because in the manufacturing process, in order to save money and cut costs, these are, they go through a filtration process to kind of clean out.

And a lot of times CBD products we’ll remove these, some of these cannabinoids and some of these turpines, and then you don’t get the full effect. So one, so like obviously sisters know that we do have us podcast sponsor. They are called pure spectrum CBD. And I just want to tell the story of how we came across them. I used to take pure spectrum CBD for the last,

or I am taking for the last two, three years before they were ever a sponsor of the podcast. Cause when I did my research, I found out that they have the full spectrum of all the terpenes and cannabinoids. So me and Ty had been taking it for like the last year that we’ve been married and I’ve been taking it for longer than that.

So we obviously came to contact with them and we helped to make them a sponsor of the podcast and also give you a discount. So if you go to their website, pure spectrum, you will receive 10% off using the discount word, the sisterhood, one word. But I just want to say that they’re a sponsor of the podcast because we truly believe in their products and their CBD products.

And anytime that you do find a sponsor of this podcast, just be aware that we only put sponsors that we agree with, that we know that we take, that we personally take the best. I don’t personally take a Vesta, but that we personally make up on accident yet. So we really trust them. And that’s why we, you know, suggest them.

But of course, if you find a CBD company that has also full spectrum, feel free to use that brand as well. This is just one day. Yeah. We love this one. Yep. So we forgot to take some last night. I just realized I actually took my dairy. You have to, I depend on you chasing afternoon with all supplements.

Where’s my pen. Okay. All right. So there’s different ways to take CBD. One way is rubbing into Cedric’s neck every night to help with the strain. Cause he like, he’s always on the computer editing. Right. And like you’re staring at the screen and like the two muscles in the back of your neck start clenching up. And like before you know it,

it’s a stiff rod and Ooh, hold on. Oh. Receiving a call on the live. Okay. And before you know, it you’re next like a stiff rod and I have to like, press the CBD into his neck. It feels good. Yeah. It’s like a CBD sophomore. It really does. Like, it calms my cause. There’s a lot of like stress and anxiety happening on your back throughout the day.

It’s crunched up onto the desk. It develops like stress and stuff. So when you rub it down with CBD really helps me. Yeah. But that’s not like the best way to, I actually did a lot of research on this. So there’s basically like three major ways of taking in CBD. There is through the mouth, you know, with the tincture.

Yeah. There’s inhalation like through like a vape or something like that. And then there’s the skin like time was mentioning. So the skin actually the absorption rate for the skin is a lowest. Whereas taking it through the mouth is the best way. So to keep up, to keep in mind as well. When you take CBD through like a tincture, you want to put it under your tongue and hold it there for one minute.

And the reason is so when you actually let’s say you eat CBD, like you just take it through the mouth and you swallow it without holding it. What happens is the liver metabolizes, the CBD, this is known as the first pass. But when you do that, when the liver metabolizes the CBD and it goes through that first filtration system, a lot of the beneficial turpines and Canterburians that we talked about earlier are actually filtered out.

So what happens is you don’t get the full benefit, but when you actually hold it under your tongue for a minute, the mucus membranes in the mouth actually absorb it. And it bypasses the digestive system in your stomach. So that’s the reason we always talk about holding it under your tongue instead of just swallowing it. Cause this will actually was here. Yeah.

This will actually make sure that your mucous membranes absorb it into, into your blood. Well, I did read that like holding it under your tongue for 10 to 20 and not, I mean, we’ll give you a response in 10 to 20 minutes cause it’s like the strongest place to absorb it. Yeah. And then just to go into like how to take it and stuff.

So when, if you take CBD after a meal, especially a meal that’s higher in fat, there will be a four fold, meaning four times better absorbency of the CBD itself. So after dinner, when you’re doing your nightly wine down, Exactly. That’s like my entire, his favorite time to take it is right after dinner. Like literally right after,

because I mentioned when you have a meal, it absorbs are way better and yeah, it’s, it’s like, it sets up a good moment for you to kind of like start relaxing and getting into that whole self care routine. I love it. You know what you should do. I read this, you should, or I’m going to start doing this,

take the CBD and wait, put a timer for 20 minutes and literally rate how you feel before you took it and rate how you feel in 20 minutes and see if it actually made a difference. Yeah, I didn’t do this, but I did notice that in 15 minutes I was a completely different mood and I was like, wait, what was I upset about?

Like, I’m fine now. I don’t know. I’m a little bit more relaxed, you know, but anyways, if you literally grab a pen or like take your phone, set a timer and like in your notes type, like how you feel before and after you’ll be amazed. Yeah, definitely. And what time’s suggestion is can also help you find the right dosage for you.

Yeah. So like there are obviously very individualized and dosage has always worked differently for different people based on many different factors, but Writing it down, like this will help you realize if that dosage that you took is enough. So if you didn’t see any difference than maybe like a higher dosage. Yeah. I mean, most teachers come with about the most tinctures.

They start off with 250 milligrams and then it goes to 500 and then it goes a thousand and more we’re currently taking a 1000. We are. Oh yeah. Is that why it tastes different? We used to take 500 or something. 500. That’s why it tastes different Maybe. Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know. You could taste the difference in the sensitive to taste.

So, but, but again, that’s that doesn’t mean Gordon started taking a thousand C so like start off with two 50, if you want. And then do what time suggested, like taking it and then seeing how you feel 20 minutes after, and then maybe you go on to higher dosage or maybe you start off with the different ones. So it’s really individualized and Well,

what would you say about the gummies? Because I used to, like, someone sent me a free bottle of gummies, an advertiser and I took it and you know, I dunno Because it all depends on like the digestive factors I talked about and how your liver will actually filter out some of the, some of the beneficials. But I don’t know, maybe when it’s a gummy,

it’s different. Like, I don’t know the chemistry behind that. Cause maybe it’s baked. So when it’s baked, it’s a lot different, like I’m not aware of how the gummies work, but they do work. Slowlier meaning you will take your about 60 to 90 minutes. Yeah. So like it’ll take slower to take, to take full effect. But I think it can still work.

I just don’t know the specific chemistry behind eating it when it’s a gummy versus an oil. Cause there’s like a whole baking and like what does the baking do to the things? Yeah. And you’re swallowing it. You’re not keeping it in your mouth and sucking on it. I definitely just like swallowed it whole because they didn’t really like it. Yeah. And like,

you’ll start to see a lot of the benefits start to kick in after like a week or two weeks. And it like, it’s like a whole like avalanche effect. Right. It starts to be better and better and better for you. Yeah, totally. It becomes part of your anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Yeah. I just want to know like a lot of sisters,

we have fatty liver. So if your insulin resistance isn’t under control, you might find that you’re, you’re struggling with something called fatty liver and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It’s called. Yeah. And so as you treat your insulin resistance and it gets better, you know, that’ll go away. But keep in mind, like when you take supplements like CBD,

you want to take lower or lower doses because you don’t want to hurt your liver. Cause it’s already in struggle city. So like that’s why when someone asks about alcohol too, I’m like, I don’t know. It depends how your liver is doing that’s your insulin resistance. Yeah. So that is, Oh, actually before we finished the topic on CBD,

there is a research that shows that there is a threefold again, meaning three times increase in survival rates for mice who are given CBD when they have cancer. So there are, they’re basically mice with pancreatic cancer and they gave them CBD and they had the ones with CBD, had a threefold increase in their survival rates. And there’s a whole bunch of other studies that basically mimic these Results in different ways and in different kind of,

sort of like cancers and things. There really isn’t enough research about CBD and its benefits. It is. Yeah. But honestly the financial interest of like pharmaceutical companies really trumps like a lot of beneficial studies that could probably show us the benefits of CBD. Yeah, No you said it right? Cause like, like, like tying saying this there’s a huge,

like a big pharmaceutical like lob, like the lobby system, that’s basically kind of preventing from CBD, from probably going ma major All this time. We’ve had this crazy prohibition of CBD. Was it, Is it related to just marijuana? Which, which is also related to hemp. So because of that, Something so good for you for so long it’s taboo.

Yeah. Yeah. I mean not to go fully off, but there’s actually a reason for marijuana. That was why was it legal for a long period of time? So the reason is many of, you know, window William Randolph Hearst. So he as, as maybe some of you know, was like on like a huge newspaper, he owned paper mills and basically on a lot of like paper production factories and around,

I forget the exact timing, but around the 1920s, thirties, hemp was like this new thing. And people were touting hemp as the future billion dollar agriculture. Well, William Randolph Hearst didn’t like this. He, because what this meant for him was that he was going to have new factories. He was going to have to replace his paper mills. That was gonna cost millions of dollars for him.

And maybe, you know, the whole business who knows. Yeah. So basically he started doing what they call back in the day as something, what was it called? Something journalism where basically a fake false stories and marijuana was basically created that word marijuana was created out of like these, all these like fake journal articles talking about how marijuana causes you to do this and to do that.

And they were like literally blaming it on immigrants. And they were saying that immigrants were taking marijuana and doing crazy stuff. Oh my God. Basically through all of this marijuana became illegal. I forget the exact day. But sometime in the early 19 hundreds and the real reason was cause of hemp and hemp was like this huge, like million dollar like industry before all this was thinking it was wasn’t going to become even bigger.

Like Henry Ford built the first car in dashboard and interior out of hemp. And like, even in like, there was like videos of him like hitting you with a hammer and it’s like completely indestructible. Cause it’s like a very, very strong fiber. So wow. There’s like so much like me, there’s so many benefits to him just for like, not just for like CBD,

but also for industrial purposes. But again, these lobby lobbying and all these crazy, it’s just like it prevents sometimes from the best things from coming to the light. Such an interesting story. Yeah. Captivating. Yeah. I’m sure you said it. Great. Yeah, I I’ve I’ve read it and I’ve heard it so many times, but then trying to put it into the podcast in like three sentences without not thinking about it first was a little difficult.

No, he said agree. I’m sure everyone’s staying there with their mouth wide open. Like what the hell? Yeah. That’s insane. Yeah. It’s very interesting. I mean, I’m feeling really guilty right now for not taking CBD for a couple of days in a row. All right. I’ll just share for this. Just like the Just don’t like,

I just want to point out, you know, all this prohibition against like marijuana and CBD and whatnot. Alcohol has been legal for however long and it turns people into belligerent, psychotic messes a lot of the time. Okay. Drinking too much. Whereas when you smoke too much, you just fall asleep, become like a lazy citizen of society or nothing happens to you and you just relaxed.

Yeah. Okay. I mean, I’ve never done it, but like just saying, so how could you like have all this crazy prohibition against CBD and like, you know, weed and stuff and people are out there drinking alcoholism and stuff like that. I don’t even think you can get addicted to it. Yeah. In a world where you can have all these,

all this, you can literally walk down the store and buy enough alcohol to kill you. And with marijuana, there’s been no reported overdoses from people taking it. So it’s just like, yeah, exactly. And you can’t even do that much. Cause you have to literally eat or smoke a pounds of it before you overdose. So it’s just like, and there’s like pharmaceutical companies,

you know, giving out painkillers and all these crazy things to people who are then becoming a dictator yet. This one thing is still like, Oh, so much. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, alright. And then just like FAQ, frequently asked questions. As we talked about earlier, it does not get you high. You, it will not make any,

it will not give you a high feeling of any store and you will not test positive for THC. Almost all CBD products have a statement on there that says no THC. Even the ones, the one that we recommend pure spectrum CBD, it says out right on the bottle. No THC apps at all. So yeah, it will not get you high and it will not show up on a drug test.

Right. It’s like, that’s the usual question. Cause people are obviously, it’s obviously it’s an important thing to consider it with anything, right? Yeah, of course. So don’t be Supplement. You want to add it to your nightly wines down, pour yourself some Rose hips, tea Rose, but tea, whichever, you know, drop some CBD in your mouth and have your pre supportive husband play the guitar for you.

Yep. Alrighty. So that’s about it for the CBD portion. Now let’s move on to the Calling Bob. Yes. I’m going to call it that from now on. Hi. I just wanted to know if Asim call help. You get your period back from not having an afternoon a long time. Thank you. Have a great day. All right.

Great question. Obviously you have acetone is one of the supplements that we also recommend for insulin resistance and cravings pay. Why don’t you take this one? Yeah. So it definitely has helped so many sisters get their periods back. Like after not having it for years, you could give it a try. You don’t need a prescription for it, but we always say consult your doctor.

If you’re going to try anything new, but it’s a supplement and it helps with insulin resistance. And when you’re insulin resistant, it triggers high testosterone. And then that high testosterone affects your period and whether you get it or not. And it also affects, abbess also helps with progesterone and observation and egg quality and making sure that, you know, you’re oblating and that’s how sisters along with changing their diet and taking a bus to tall can get pregnant as well.

Great. Great, great, great response. Next question is, Thank you so much for taking my question. I wanted to ask if you had any suggestions on pre-packaged or really easy to make snacks that included gluten free dairy free lifestyle that you suggest, but that might also help with not having too much sugar. I know for me, especially during the summer months as a busy college student,

I find myself just grabbing a bunch of fruit and while fruit I know can be great. I also shouldn’t be having a bunch of fruit every single time that I want to have a quick snack. So what are some suggestions that maybe I can find in the grocery store or make really efficiently when I have little time? Thank you. Question. Basically A sister was asking about what are our thoughts about prepackaged foods and even just,

you know, different kinds of snacks and stuff that are gluten dairy free and basically PCs friendly. So one of my favorite snacks is having like gluten-free crackers or carrots and things like that available, and then like a nice dip. So there’s of course there’s like dairy free cream cheese, but then there’s also hummus or avocado like Kwok, you know, or just like mashup happen avocado.

You don’t have to like make the guac or just buy guacamole, you know? And that’s like a quick snack that you can throw in your purse. If you buy those little to go containers of guacamole or hummus or something, or if you have like a little con Tupperware container that you can put it in. I love that. I also make my own trail mix because I find that the ones in the store are too sugary.

Yeah. So I get my favorite, like dry cherries and then some salted almonds or end regular almonds. And then I mix it with like a ratio that I feel is best for me. So it’s not like mostly cherries or whatever, and then put it in a zip. Nice. My favorite snack as gluten free is being field trips. I can’t believe you didn’t mention them.

It’s basically a chips made out of beans instead of corn. So it’s high in protein, high in fiber. Great, great replacement for like regular chips. Yeah. You know, there’s obviously there’s always stuff like gluten and dairy free crackers and all this like packaged snacks you can buy. But like I’m not really a big, like a big fan of like,

like the process stuff, because it’s just like, even if it’s gluten free, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be completely healthy for you. Because at the end of the day, it’s a snack that’s maybe like processed and stuff. One snack that trader Joe’s sold that isn’t like a processed snack is a bean salad. And they put it in this little Tupperware and I think it was supposed to be like a side dish to a meal,

but I ate it as a snack that day. And it was like chickpeas with lemon and olive oil and sumac. And then some like chopped cucumber and they just made this like Mediterranean chickpeas salad. Then I like remake it now in our own house, like with dinner and stuff. But a little bit of that as a snack is great. Yeah. Like a bean salad it’s high in protein.

It has some carbs in it. Yep. And obviously these are just some of our favorites and we always like suggest that when you go to the grocery store, maybe try some new things, try some different stuff and see what you may like. And then you’ll have a whole plethora of things that you personally want to eat all the time and want to like try out all the time.

So just see what you like and go from there. Try new things. All right. Before we sign off, we always do one thing. And that is the one of the week by a fellow sister. That’s right. This week’s a winner. Her name is Ophelia. Do you want to read a book? Sure. She says, hi sister.

I actually sent a message on my third week of going gluten and dairy free. And since then I lost around 11 pounds. I still consume a little gluten sometimes, but it’s way less than I used to before. Thank you for everything. Aw, amazing. Yeah. Good job. And 11 pounds. And that’s great that you’re, you know, that you’ve found a balance.

Like she’s not like 100% in it. Like, you know, it’s all right. In the beginning, I was like, I’ve had a little bit, but it’s still okay. Yeah, no that is, that is great. 11 pounds in three weeks is nothing to like, like ignore, because that means you’re really on a great track on a real good,

like doing great progress. And we always say like, you should be like, if you’re trying to lose weight one to two pounds a week is great because it’s sustainable. Yeah, of course. If it’s, if it’s more it’s okay. If it’s less it’s okay too. It’s not pressure. Yeah. If it’s like one pound every three weeks, that’s something keep going.

Honestly, the reason why a lot of sisters lose a lot of weight with going gluten and dairy free most of the time it’s because your insulin levels drop. And when that happens, you’re not storing what you eat as fat as much. And water retention goes down. And that’s amazing because like the swelling in your hands and face and feet and things like that go down and you start losing weight easier.

And like seeing the results you deserve rather than eating a low calorie diet with gluten in it. And that you’re still swollen and you’re still like, you know, Oh yeah. Like times a lot of times it happened in the first couple of weeks. Cause your body has like this shock that like, Oh finally, we’re reducing inflammation. Finally reducing insulin resistance.

And it’s just like your body’s like kind of like, okay, let’s do this kind of thing. So great job. We’re very proud of you and keep it going. And we’re always here to help you along the way you go, go, Alrighty, that’s coming to the end of the podcast. I am starting to sweat again. We seal is broken and we are in need of ACE air conditioning,

Spare listening system. Yeah. Thanks for listening. We’ll probably go and film some tech talks now who knows what we’ll do. We’re in the filming mood. Yeah, but everybody have a good and safe weekend or a good week and just take it strong ladies. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCLs from Sage one, Colden alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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