Does birth control help with PCOS? (Weight loss + Menstrual Cyce) + Natural Alternatives

Are birth control pills really your only option for losing weight and regulating your cycle with PCOS?

In this episode, we share how birth control really affects your hormones and body so you can make an informed choice in your PCOS journey!

We also give our top 3 tips to naturally lose weight and regulate your cycle without birth control.

This episode is for you if:

– you’re currently on birth control

– you’re thinking about going on birth control

– you want to know the effects of birth control on your body

– you want to know about natural alternatives to birth control

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Full Episode transcript:

Dr.<inaudible> my own hands. And<inaudible> With the fingers up like this, they do like a call. Ooh, You’re recording. I tricked you at once again. You should know when I said, oh yeah, what is it? What’s up, everyone. Welcome to today’s episode. We are recording our second podcast of the day. We just recorded a podcast for the private podcast,

for the sisterhood where we talked about the meal plan challenge. Yes, super exciting sisters. You will be receiving in the mail slash email, a free gluten and dairy free seven day meal plan. It’s super easy to follow it’s gluten and dairy free. And some of my favorite recipes that I extracted from the sisterhood, and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

And if you’re listening and you haven’t signed up yet, we’ll include a link in the description of this episode. Cause it’s not too late to sign up, even though the meal plan started yesterday, but you can still sign up and get your free meal plan challenge, and just a heads up sisterhood members. They get a little bit more with, or a lot more with the meal plan.

They get a meal plan for each type of carp tolerance. They get grocery lists and basically ways to prepare for the meal plan a little bit more. So yeah, just a heads up to everyone. You can go ahead and sign up in the description of this podcast. If you have not started already, I’m super excited. It’s not too late to sign up.

And three sisters are going to be selected to win a three month supply of opacity acetone. All you have to do is post pictures of the meal and tag us on Instagram stories. Boom, you qualify to win. And the great part of when you’re in this sisterhood and involved in the challenge is you can share your meals and talk about with other sisters in the Facebook group about how you’re doing with the meal plan and just everyone gets to share their own experiences.

It becomes a whole community challenge together. Yes. The conversation dives deeper when you’re part of the sisterhood. Yes. Alright. So with that today, we have another fun episode. What are we talking about today? We’re talking about birth control sisters, raise your hand wherever you are. If you were told to go on birth control, as soon as you were diagnosed with PCOS,

or if you didn’t have your period or if it wasn’t regular, raise it, raise it higher because you’re not alone because I’m sure if anyone in the room is listening to this podcast episode, they’re also raising their hands. Yeah. And we all know a birth control is many times prescribed for, you know, irregular periods as well as weight gain. So we’re going to talk about how birth control can help or not help with those issues as well as alternative natural ways that you can still get your period back and lose weight.

So stay tuned until the end where we discussed those. But before we get started, let’s do a little Q and a session. So the first question for you, Tallinn is from on Instagram from Christine, J S G she asks, what about taking less of gluten and dairy? Can we still see benefits? Yeah. Well, it really depends on the person and how sensitive they are to gluten and dairy.

So for me, I’d have to cut it out completely, but some people can see that they’re less bloated or that their skin is getting better if they just reduce it to like 50% of the time, it just depends from person to person. And I really suggest you test it out in a way that is easy for you. So maybe that’s not cutting it out cold Turkey.

Maybe that’s just having gluten and dairy free breakfasts for the week. I mean, thinking about this way, we all know that gluten can affect or add onto inflammation. It can affect insulin resistance and negativity, both gluten dairy. So it’s like the more you remove it, the less of the inflammation that can occur, the less of an impact it has on insulin resistance.

So it’s all about that range of benefits that everyone can see for some clients has a hundred percent for some it’s maybe a little less. Yes. All right. Next question for Tallinn is from, I’m going to try to read this username here. Sima’s bundles and blue cats who I think she does bundles and bookends, shout out to her. She asks how many hours of sleep is enough With a question.

Well, okay. Eight hours for sure. I aim for eight hours, no matter what, you know, no matter what time I fall asleep, no matter what time I can, this microphone, I aim for eight hours. The best hours to sleep is 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM and continue sleeping afterwards. But that’s like prime time for quality sleep REM cycle sleep.

Yeah. I’ve heard that, like, as you get older, you do a needless sleep, but I don’t know if that’s Heard that too. Yes. But like, we always talk about how women with PCs, they sleep like 7, 8, 9 hours and they still, still wake up feeling exhausted. So in those cases, you know, it’s not just sleep debts issue.

There’s some sort of underlying issue like adrenal fatigue. There’s definitely something happening with your cortisol levels. So just because you’re getting enough sleep to it doesn’t mean that you know, That you’re just totally energetic just because you slept for 10 hours. Exactly. Yeah. So aim for eight hours. And then if you find that you’re super fatigued still, and you want like nine,

10 hours of sleep and you’re still tired, then focus on supplementing, focus on changing your diet and lifestyle ways to support your adrenals. Like SeaTac said, Yes. Fun little thing. I have just started to squeak to wake up at 5:30 AM. I’m trying to do this thing where I basically sleep at 11 and I wake up at five 30. So I can like,

basically like wake up at the crack of Dawn, like started working before telling wakes. So another time bothers me, but like, I get like a headstart on my work and I feel like I’m just able to get more stuff done. It’s honestly hard to wake up that early. I used to wake up that early all the time for my engineering job,

but I don’t know. I really like it so far. And eventually I want to start to see if I can wake up at 4:30 AM. If I could do that, What are you going to do that early? I Don’t get everything done. And just wait for you to do Ted talks. He’s wiggling. All right. Let’s do take dogs every day.

I mean, I’m so proud of you for waking up at five 30 and like doing the hard stuff in the morning for work so that the rest of the day is a little bit more like creative or relaxed or normal without feeling rushed. I mean, it’s hard. I’m not going to lie for like half an hour. I’m on my phone, like looking at just so I can like fully wake up.

Like I need some sort of entertainment to like, make it worth it. Yeah. I get it to really like stimulate your mind and eyes and stuff. Yes. All right. Next question is from, Rubina all tough on Instagram. She says I took a blood test and my blood sugar level came out normal. Could I still have insulin resistance or was that test enough to confirm that I don’t have it Interesting.

So your blood glucose level is going to be a late indicator of insulin resistance. If you’re having high fasting blood glucose. Yes. You may have insulin resistance, but also if you’re late in the game and figuring that out. So getting an insulin glucose tolerance test is much more accurate. It’ll tell you exactly what’s going on and keep in mind, even the slightest bit of insulin resistance can trigger PCO as symptoms and high testosterone.

So just because you’re within range, but you’re at the higher level of the range. That doesn’t mean it’s like you don’t have insulin resistance. It could just be the slight bit that’s triggering symptoms. And what was the test that you recommend? Insulin glucose, tolerance, tests, Insulin, glucose tolerance test. I G T. Alright, great to know.

Great to know. And the next question, final question is from Mimi SMS, she asks if there is a case we need to use sugar, should we just use regular cane sugar? Well, see duck. Good question it. Since you are the sugar police, you answer, How dare you call me to sugar police in here? Well, we’ll just say this first,

we never talk about, you have to cut out sugar completely. We just talk about the added sugars that can be really, you know, a big culprits in a lot of things that we eat daily. For example, you get a protein bar and you look at the facts and it has like 10, 15 grams of added sugar, or, you know,

other foods like that, where you just have to be careful of the added sugars that are really not necessary. And the same goes for your just like really sweet things in the world. So we just talk about managing like your sugar content day to day. For example, maybe eating one to two fruits, one to two servings of fruit a day because fruit can still pack a lot of sugar.

And with that, you want to make sure that you’re eating fruit. For example, with like some sort of a healthy fat and protein, like a nut butter. If you eat it with peanut butter, that a protein that healthy fat helps absorb the sugar slower into your bloodstream, therefore right after you eat that fruit, you’re not getting immediate cravings or you’re not getting like a hungry read afterwards.

Yeah. Do you feel more satisfied with it? I see a lot of sisters, like they get cravings and then they eat a bunch of fruit because it’s a healthy alternative instead of eating white, something sweet with the cane sugar in it. But yeah, like you said, like it still has sugar in it. Yeah. So when it comes to Minnie’s question here,

should we just use regular cane sugar? I mean, just thinking about how much sugar you’re basically using. So like what do you use example when you’re baking something, You have some dessert recipes in the sisterhood and we do use sugar. There’s maple syrup, there’s regular sugar, brown, sugar, whatever. The whole point, what I’m trying to make is sugar is sugar.

It’s how much you use. So there are low sugar recipes and I don’t suggest eating a dessert from the sisterhood every single day, but we’re also like Cedric said, we’re not saying cut out sugar completely progressive your life. It can be done in moderation. And if you have really bad sugar cravings, the answer is not a sugar substitute. The answer is so many other things,

you know, and we talk about that a lot, having a high protein breakfast, making sure you’re supplementing with something like if Obasi tall so that that can help with your cravings and so on. So there’s really no replacement for sugar, just moderation and healing, your cravings. Yes. Sugar, sugar Haji gets so hot. One time when we were dating,

I made SEARAC muffins, high protein muffins, and he demanded a nutrition label for the muffins To know how much was in each serving. And I was like, how would I know that I wasn’t doing the math in my head while I was baking this lovely little gift for you. So then I went back to work and my job was to make nutrition labels.

And I made him a label. And I told him That was a very thoughtful, but I will say ever since, like we’ve been dating and we’ve been married, Tyne will always make these amazing, like delicious things for me. Like she’ll make me like protein muffins, protein cookies, basically any of those bakers with, with added protein. And I always ask tie-in okay,

how much protein and sugar is in each of these things. And to this day, you still tell me, I don’t know, man. I don’t know. I just put a Little, why can’t you give me an estimate? So I know how much protein I’m having, how much When I tell you how much there is in there, you’re like,

that’s not enough, but I can’t Hire scoop of protein powder in each muffin faced disgusting, Hunter, you D word. Alright. Okay. We ain’t silly over here. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having one. Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen?

Well, Obasanjo helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body.

But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup, so I don’t drink it. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order.

Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making, you don’t want to take a prenatal. That’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. They’re a needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive. It contains the active form of folic acid folly as well as 2000.

I use the vitamin D also, it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. So before we move on to the birth control, what you’re all here for, let’s go over the wins of the week.

These are fellow sisters who are managing their peace, us driving, losing weight, and showing peace. Us who the boss, our first one of the week, Asia Davis sets, Hey Tallinn. My name is Asia. I live in south Florida. I was officially diagnosed with PCOS in the beginning of 20, 20, and six months later, after starting gluten and dairy free,

my cycle was restored after three years of not having it. I recently put on weight towards the end of 2021. I was eating too much dairy, not working out the last few weeks. I decided I’m going to start fresh. Gluten free dairy free 10,000 steps a day. And my sister had monthly workouts, two weeks and four pounds down already. I can’t wait to see six weeks.

Oh my gosh. That’s awesome. Yeah. Got her cycle back after three years of it being irregular. And just after two weeks of going back on the gluten dairy-free 10,000 steps, workouts, four pounds down. So that’s amazing Asia and shout out to her. She posted a selfie. Shout out to her glasses, your chest clear glasses. She looks cool,

Which I also have. So It’s like a cool check. Yeah. Four pounds down in two weeks, which means in six weeks, she’ll be down 12 pounds. Yes. Yes. We all know you can always go up and down like one to two pounds or, you know, it’s like weight fluctuates a lot. So obviously I just like to be optimistic.

Well, absolutely. Yeah, me too. I just don’t want to put pressure on anyone either. I know you don’t either. Yeah. Okay. Great point, Asia. Don’t listen to me. All right. The next one is from Sarah Peyton. Sarah. She says, I just want to share a huge win for me, went to the OB last Friday to recheck a cyst.

I had, I ended up getting even better use. And the fact that my sister was gone, I also have lost 14 pounds in the past six weeks. Thank you to this group and Tallinn for the guidance so far, hashtag win, Hashtag winning. That’s so crazy. I just to go and a whole sister’s gone. Yeah. Yeah. I lost 14 pounds in the past six weeks.

Snaps for you. Snaps. Were you also surprised when you went to the doctor and you saw that your cysts were gone? I, I literally was amazed. I didn’t know. It was possible. I remember the first time I had the followup ultrasound, the girl was like, yeah, your sister much better. Like, it doesn’t really look as bad as it looked before.

I was like, oh, interesting. So then I continued and then I went back and she’s like, yeah, you don’t have any cysts. She was like, you’re as fertile as a salmon, swimming upstream. In fact, you’re ovulating. So be really careful. Wow. And we’re being careful And it’s all possible. It is all possible. Absolutely congrats,

sir. We’re so happy for you. And the last one, Tommy, if you like to read is a pregnancy news. Cindy Lopez says I’ve been taking Novasol since January 5th. And on February 18th, I found out I was pregnant. We had been trying for two years. That’s amazing. So round of applause, Round of applause, I’m so happy for you.

Yeah. Two years is a long time and insulin levels have so much to do with our fertility. I can’t believe someone doesn’t tell us that immediately when we’re struggling with getting pregnant. When women with PCs are struggling with pregnancy, the first thing out of the person’s mouth should be, oh, have you been managing your insulin resistance Or do you have insulin resistance?

A whole Slew of ways you can manage your insulin resistance. Let’s start with one. So it’s amazing. Cindy. We’re really happy for you. And if you’re looking for any baby names, I’ve that cert hall is really good. Can someone please name their baby so tall? Oh, wait. Somebody once gave us a Sidak and Tallinn more name. Oh,

it’s serene. Oh, that’s nice. Siren, siren or siren. Something like that. Yeah. It could be serene. My cousin’s name is sighting serin. That’s army named too. So Cindy, just letting you know. I mean, there are options. Okay. So that is, I think it’s like, if we do it, it’s a bit like,

You know, To like combine your names and like give it to your child. That’s a little egotistical to do that. No. Don’t you think Isn’t there a famous person who did that? I don’t know who George Foreman, I believe named all seven of his kids, George, even his daughters Stop It. I’m dead serious. I’m pretty sure about this.

Okay. You’re an egomaniac. Let’s move on. Alright. We are now moving on to the main topic of today’s episode. We’re going to talk about birth control, how it can, or it can help with weight gain as well as period. And then we’re going to talk about three tips to naturally lose weight and help get your period back. If you’re looking to not go on birth control,

which is completely up to you. So Ty, why don’t we start by talking about your experience with birth control? Well, when I was first diagnosed with PCOS after a ruptured ovarian cyst, the first thing that happened, my doctor offered birth control and I was so young, like 18 and I had no idea what it was. I didn’t know if it was dangerous.

I was like, oh, good. A solution. And I took it. And then I was like, what? After a while I was like, what the hell is this? Like, what is this doing to me? Even though it helped me with like losing weight and managing the ovarian cysts and acne, I, I still was like, not going to take it as an answer.

So then I went off of it, cold Turkey in the middle of college, which is a stressful time, which was a bad idea because I didn’t have any game plan. I didn’t have an exit plan. I didn’t even know what PCs was or what I needed to do. That’s when I started to go to naturopathic doctors and figure things out for myself.

But yeah, I do suggest having a game plan before you just get off of it. Yeah. I mean, your sister got off of it and she went through months and months of like issues and kind of getting your period back as well as like being able to lose weight. She took the lab test in the highlight called lab kit on our Instagram story.

And it literally changed her whole life. And if it wasn’t for that test, she’d be falling apart right now because she has taken birth control for like 14 years. And that is just such a long time to be suppressing your PCs without realizing it. Yeah. Okay. So now that we talked about times journey, her experience with birth control let’s I guess get into it.

So time, we’d love for you to explain to us what is birth control and does it actually your period? Well, birth control is basically a synthetic hormonal cocktail handed to a lot of women under the false pretense that it’s going to be regulating your period. Here’s what it actually does. It stops you from ovulating. If you don’t oblate, you don’t have natural hormonal fluctuations throughout the month.

Therefore, no more period problems, but those natural hormonal fluctuations that happen each month help your body produce the sex hormones that are necessary to help support mood libido and bone health. So then when you’re not going to those natural hormonal fluctuations, can your mood libido like bone health is basically affected even as you’re taking birth control. Yeah. That’s why people have low libido,

low bone density, bad moods. But then they’re like, oh, like it’s just me. It’s not that. Or like the Doctorate has that. It’s just you. It’s not that. Or like, whatever. Yeah. They’re not aware that it’s actually committed birth control or the fact that they’re not going through those fluctuations. Now what about when you can offer birth control?

Are those really bad? Like the mood libido and bone health issues, It can definitely get better after you get off. I don’t know about bone health because there’s a certain window of time of age in your twenties, early twenties, when your bones are maturing and becoming strong and then it stops. And then it just starts to decline after like 28 30 or something.

I don’t know the exact age, but then it just starts to decline. So if you haven’t developed proper bone health in that really important stage of your life, it could be not to say it’s going to, but it could lead to issues, arthritis, things like that. My sister, I will say one more thing. She got off birth control,

right. And she’s like 30 and she was gluten and dairy free for a while because of me. But then she like had a little bit of gluten dairy and she literally got inflammation her hands to the point where she’s like, I’m arthritic. She said, I can’t close my Hands. I Can’t move my fingers. You know, it’s obviously the inflammation from the gluten dairy,

but like, why is she so sensitive to it? You know, why is, why are her bone so weak and Britta? That’s insane. It’s insane. So does it actually regulate your period when you take birth control? No. Well, the bleeding you experience, it’s the placebo pills. It’s like the pills that are sugar pills. They’re like not actual hormone pills.

So once they stop giving you hormones, then you have a withdrawal bleed. But that doesn’t mean it’s a real period. That doesn’t mean that what was that Mean? That you’re going through the hormonal cycle that you should be going through? It’s actually great. I literally got a notification about our supplement meeting that we’re having tomorrow or like, as everybody knows,

we’re developing or supplement line. And I just got a notification about the meeting that we’re having with the, with the manufacturing company. So yes, We’re really excited because I’m just going to talk about it for a second. Nope. Hold on. We’re diverging for breath controlled supplements. So when you’re offered birth control, it’s typically because you’re gaining weight with PCs or you don’t have your period or all of these symptoms,

and they’re all being caused by metabolic hormones. And what I mean by that is insulin inflammation. And these issues get exacerbated by birth control, but you can do things and you can take supplements to help control these problems, these underlying problems. And then in turn control, metabolic hormones, improve your metabolism and lose weight. Naturally. That’s the goal with the supplement line And just say,

okay, since tie-in started to give you a little bit like a full transparency. So we thought that like, maybe we could do the supplement line and it would be ready within a month or two or something. But what we realized is, so when it comes to supplement lines, there are bunch of like manufacturers out there that make supplements. But as you might guess,

not all of them make supplements equally. They all have different quality standards. They all have different certifications. Some of these certifications are fake. In fact, we even found out like some companies had horror stories where they thought they were getting a certain supplement. And after a few years of selling that supplement, they found That the proper testing done And it was fake,

fake. Yeah. We were giving them rice flour instead of what was it? Berberine. Yeah. Something like that. Of all Things. You’re getting someone rice instead of berberine, which is good for blood sugar control. Yeah. So like there, there are all these horrible stories. So what we’re doing now, we found an amazing, amazing company to work with.

And we’re basically getting NSF certifications, which is a third party certification that basically says that your, your whole laboratory, your whole manufacturing process is all verified. They come in, they check your center. They make sure all the right practices are being done. They check the supplements to the potencies, to quality of ingredients and all of this, all this see costs,

time and money. And there’s so much research that they do to make sure that the supplement, the dosage, the amount of time you take it aligns with the studies that relate that supplement to PCs, weight, loss, or management. And like, again, like we talk about all vast the tall and the three month supply, but seriously, like you can buy any old inositol supplement.

But this Avast has like specifically designed based on the studies and the research. And so that’s the effort we’re putting into our supplement line. We want it to literally be like the dosage, the amount of time, the quality that you need to see, the results that they saw in a study. You know, We’re literally working with like a team of people.

Some of them are doctors. Some of them are literally experts. Who’ve done this research who like it started life is to basically make sure these supplements are supported by research, especially for like PCs. So stay tuned. It’s gonna take a little bit longer, but when we’re done with in a few months, It’s going to be amazing. So just stay tuned for that.

But all right, let’s go back to our regularly scheduled program. We just have to kind of let you all know it because I know everyone’s excited. We get, we kept getting questions about like, when is it going to be ready? When is it going to be ready? So day-by-day but kind of to explain what time was saying earlier about does birth control regulate your period?

So if you look at a birth control, it’s like almost like a carton, right? It has a pill for each day of the month. Now I believe timed, correct me if I’m wrong, but there are basically majority of those pills are the hormone pills and a certain percentage like four or five pills at the end are like these different colored pills.

They’re like, they’re like sugar pills, or they’re basically like a placebo pill. So when you take those pills, you’re not getting the same hormones that you were getting from the other pills. And that’s what causes your hormone levels to drop and to cause your uterine lining to shed. And that’s what you’re actually bleeding, therefore known as the quote unquote fake bleed.

And it’s fake because you didn’t go through the hormonal cycles of high estrogen, hyper gesture. Like there’s this rhythm that happens before you get your period and it has to happen because your body benefits from those rhythms. So when you have high progesterone, certain things happen with your bone structure, your brain structure, your mood, like it’s really important to go through this rhythm of hormonal development before you get to the period part.

Hmm. All right. So let’s go into waking. Birth control can also cause weight gain. So for some people it might help you lose weight, but for some people you might gain weight. And the top reason why women stop birth control is you guessed it. Weight gain. There are even several studies that suggest the weight gain caused by the pill is a result of water retention.

And this is true for some women. Yeah. They want to say it’s just water attention. Yeah. So if you started birth control, gain weight, and then stopped and lost the weight immediately, then yes, that’s probably is water retention. In that case, the weight gain is temporary. There’s also studies that show the pill can lead to lower muscle mass.

And as a result, lower metabolism, when you gain weight because of the lower muscle mass and low metabolism, it doesn’t just resolve. After you get off the pill, you have to work on healing that after you get off the pill, she had to work on improving your muscle mass and your metabolism. And you also get more insulin resistant due to the pill.

So when you get off the pill, you’re even more insulin resistant than you were in the first place, making it harder to lose weight. So there’s a couple more reasons why we gain weight with birth control. And one of them is estrogen. We know that excess natural estrogen can lead to weight gain. In fact, some studies have concluded that the synthetic estrogen in birth control can be 10 times as potent as natural estrogen fat have receptors for estrogen.

And when you have synthetic estrogen, that’s 10 times more potent. It can be a formula for weight gain. Yeah. And that’s tough to lose weight from that. I mean, that’s why, like all these reasons you’re stating we have so many like stories of like your sister, other fellow sisters who have like experienced all of this when they get off.

And it takes some time to fix their estrogen levels, to fix their metabolism to muscle mass. It’s not easy. It’s such a struggle because you can be working out as hard as you can and everything, and your hormones are just not responding and your metabolism isn’t working. And if your, those hormones aren’t working, then all that effort, you know,

it’s going to be really hard to see the results you deserve. One thing that also people don’t talk about enough is how birth control has an effect on your thyroid. So it can actually increase thyroid binding globulin, which binds to your thyroid and doesn’t allow yourself to use it. And then as a result, you may experience hypothyroid symptoms like weight, gain,

hair loss. And sometimes like we’ve seen this from other sisters, their TSH labs look normal, which is like frustrating because like your lab results look normal, but then you’re still gaining weight. And you don’t realize that the weight gain is due to your hormones. Yeah, exactly. That birth control just skins really suppress your thyroid. And for some people it can be so extreme that like,

after they get off of birth control, it takes quite a bit of time to get their thyroid to function again. And it has such a big impact on your metabolism. I’ve heard such horse. Why does it look normal during that time? Do you think during the time? Yeah. Like how come like the TSH labs look normal, but they’re still going through those issues.

Yeah. I don’t know. Like sometimes lab work looks normal, but you still have the symptoms of, you know, low thyroid. I really suggest taking a functional approach and looking at functional ranges, they’re much more specific, Clear thing. Maybe those people may be taking conventional lab tests and those are kind of giving a wide range where it doesn’t tell them that they’re going through or they have any abnormal level.

Yeah. Or they’re not even doing a complete thyroid panel. So a lot of people, their doctors just, oh, let’s look at TSH, but it’s like, you want to look at T3, T4, see what’s going on. You know, it’s not, it doesn’t just like end at one lab. It’s a really tricky one, the fibroid.

And if you’re looking for an example of lab tests, we have them two locations. We have one where you can download it from our website, peace, us weight, If you go to the blog section and check out the blog called five questions to ask your doctor, but we have an even more in-depth list of lab, lab tests, and much more in the sisterhood where you can really,

there’s a whole section dedicated to it. You can download it and you can basically learn a lot from it as well as take it to your doctor and really ask for all those tests to be, has to be requested. All right. So that’s like the whole rundown on birth control, but we’re not going to just give you that information. We’re going to now try to help you out and give you some tips to naturally lose weight and help get your period back.

And a couple of things we want to mention is if you’re on birth control, or if you decide to go on birth control at the end of the day is completely up to you. We just want you to be aware of what birth control does and the effects it can have. If you choose to go on birth control or not, we’re still here to support you.

And we still believe in what you’re doing for your piece. You’re straining. So just want to make that clear as well. And if you want to get off your birth control, just talk to your doctor first, talk about your concerns and try to give some of this research to them, help explain to them why you may or may not be seeing,

you know, the, the results that you’re looking for with it, Shout out to Dr. Jolene Brighton. She has lots of information on the subject as well. She has a book about it. So if you really want to deep dive and get to know everything about birth control and every minute detail, she has a great book. Yes. Okay.

So three tips, let’s start with the first one Diet change. All right. Fellow dietician here at all about it. If you’ve listened to our podcast, you know what I’m talking about, what I’m going to say next, try going gluten and dairy free for at least 30 days to see how it affects your PSUs symptoms. You might feel less inflamed.

You might lose weight, have better moods, or even a healthier period where you don’t have as much cramps. So it’s really important to see whether or not gluten and dairy are playing a role in your body’s level of inflammation and insulin resistance, because this is going to have a huge impact on the quality of your menstrual cycle and your PCs symptoms, because the root issues of PCs start with usually inflammation and insulin resistance.

So it could be really exacerbating that. Yeah. And we both know how much in effect gluten and dairy has on those. Now, in addition to that, there’s a couple of other areas that you can, you can focus on for a diet. So it is detoxifying vegetables, as well as seeds and nuts because these have micronutrients like zinc and magnesium,

and those vegetables are going to be able to help detoxify the excess estrogen in your body. Yeah. Especially the excess estrogen that accumulates from birth control and the zinc and magnesium will help enrich your body with the nutrients that birth control kind of strips you of magnesium specifically. So vegetables to help detoxify the excess to estrogen and nuts and seeds for those micronutrients. Yes.

If you want to learn more about what talent eats in a day, we just did a podcast episode about this, about two or three weeks ago. If you check out the feed on this podcast, you’ll see one that says what Tallinn Tallinn eats in a day. And it’s a special edition of traveling in Spain. So it’ll be a fun one that you can listen to.

Yeah. All right. Second tip. If you’re struggling with blood sugar control, this is going to have a major impact on your periods. So take your supplements sometimes changing your diet. Isn’t enough. Like you just need that extra boost. So you may have heard me talk about Odessa tall all day, every day. It’s my favorite supplement for PCOS.

And we have the link in the description for you, but just a brief overview. If you haven’t heard of it before Avastin helps improve with egg, quality and oblation. And a lot of sisters have messaged us about the incredible impact it’s had on their cravings and mood and getting their period back as well after years of not having one. So take your supplements,

sisters. Yes. Birth control. Like just because you didn’t get your period doesn’t mean birth controls the next step. Do some research, find what works for you. A lot of sisters find the Avast tall, just a it’s a vitamin B eight supplement specifically. That’s what it’s made of can do. And again, if you want to get into more in depth and learn more about supplements for PCs,

we also have another episode for that. Just check out the feed. We did it in the last two months. It’s called best supplements for PCs. So you can listen to that episode as well after you hear this one and yeah, we got all those kinds of episodes for you. Now, the third tip for regulating your period and losing weight is reducing stress and getting adequate sleep.

Alright. See Sidak why don’t you hit this one since you’re the one who decided that 6:00 AM is our new wake-up time hour. Thank you. I’m getting a bit Almost Continuing. All right. So reducing stress and getting good sleep. There’s a reason why it’s a, it’s a key to keeping your stress hormones like cortisol in check because it plays like a major is it plays a major role in keeping your insulin levels stable.

These two hormones, cortisol and insulin are the priority when it comes to regulating your menstrual cycle, because you really have direct control over them through diet and lifestyle. If your cortisol, for example, remains high, it tells your ovaries to slow down because it perceives external stress as dangerous. Therefore, basically your body. It says, okay, there’s a lot of stress externally on our body.

So this isn’t a good time to get pregnant or to ovulate. And then that leads to period irregularities. So this is where we talk about how peace us is many times a condition that can be passed down by our ancestors because in the old days or the old civilizations, when there was like famine, when there was war many bodies of women, they,

it shut down because of all that extra stress, the body basically told itself, okay, this is not a good time to have a baby to ovulate because you don’t want to get pregnant when you’re hungry or when you’re going through all the stress. So the same thing can happen when you’re not getting adequate sleep. Super important to know this, to take care of yourself,

because it has a huge impact on your period and the quality of your period. And I like how you mentioned how back in the day women would shut down. Like their bodies would just shut down in times of famine or warfare warfare. And it just goes to show how much, you know, your body is so intuitive and how its reaction to its environment or your reaction to your environment can impact your menstrual cycle.

So some things you have control over like meditating before a stressful meeting or after the stressful meeting. Some, you have a bit of control over these stress hormones. I’m not saying like, life has to be perfect for you to be perfect. I’m just saying there are things you can do that can buffer those stressful situations. There’s things you can do that can keep your blood sugar stable,

that can improve your period and prevent you from having to deal with these problems. Yeah, I agree. And there’s a lawnmower happening right now in the background. And I really hope the mic isn’t picking. I mean, I’m not hearing it in the headphones. What lawn are they Mo? I was Just saying, I was thinking the same thing. All I see are Building,

I know like we’re, as you know, we’re in Spain and this is the first time that I’m hearing a lot more go off because I haven’t seen any grass. It’s like New York, like are there’s grass in the streets of New York. Not really. Right. So I dunno what they’re mowing. Maybe it’s a lawn. Maybe it’s a tree. I don’t know,

Chiming a tree. Okay. We’ll find That. So we said two hormones. So we talked about cortisol, the other hormone insulin, it’s basically very related. So insulin has a say in the hormonal behavior, stress raises cortisol and cortisol raises blood sugar, which is then linked to period problems and peace yours as well. So it’s like, who is it?

The chicken or the egg. So hormonal balance basically always improves when you stabilize blood sugar, whether it’s through the way you eat or manage stress, every cell is affected by insulin. You said it, insulin is super important for your body. It’s your body’s response to your environment. It’s protecting you. It’s telling you to store fat. When there’s a famine,

it’s telling you to burn fat when food is ample and you’re thriving, you know, it’s really important to think of insulin with every move you make. Honestly, I, I’m not even joking. It’s like subconsciously I’m always thinking about my insulin levels because of how much of an impact it has on PCs management. So whether it’s like, while I’m eating,

I’m like, all right, well, did I have a lot of carbs yet today? How do I feel how hungry I am for who am I for this? Like, I’m, I’m gauging myself, I’m monitoring myself, or if I’m stressed, okay, what should I do? I should remove myself from the situation for a minute, regroup, re drink some water calmed down,

or when I’m working out, like, okay, how do I feel? This is good. I’m strength training. This feels great. I’m going on a walk. I’m relaxing. Like, I’m always thinking about like how to take myself to homeostasis when it comes to like insulin levels. I love that. I love that. So again, we have another episode that we just recorded two weeks ago on insulin resistance.

So obviously like for each of these three tips, we’d love to get in more and more in depth and help explain how to improve each one, but that would make this like a two, three hour podcasts. But what we’ve done is basically giving to three major tips with some great information. And you can, after this, go back and listen to those episodes and get even more deep into it to really help to resolve those issues and reverse with symptoms.

We’re basically throwing like a bird off of a balcony. So it flies into the sun into the abyss. So I hope that’s really helpful sisters. And I guess that’s the conclusion of today’s topic. Don’t forget. And they’ll link in description. There is a link where you can join the seven day free PCs meal plan. It started yesterday, or, sorry,

it starts today. Today’s Monday. Sorry, we’re recording this a few days before. So sometimes I forget what they, which podcast comes out with the private podcast. So today the challenge starts, so it’s not too late. You can go ahead and download the meal plan and get started on it, and it’s completely free. And just a heads up to sisterhood members.

You’re getting a bit more information with your meal plan. You’re gonna get a carb tolerance for each meal, and you’re going to get a, a grocery list and a bit more with each meal, as well as the community where we’re going to be all sharing about the, the meal plan. That’s right. Don’t forget to giveaway. Yes. Three sisters will be selected to win three months supply of opacity,

Just Sisters. We’ll talk to you soon. Take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle,

gluten and dairy free, get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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