Grocery haul & weekly meal plan for PCOS weight loss

A grocery haul for the ages! We take you through what a PCOS grocery haul should look like for a weekly PCOS meal plan including our own recent experience.

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Full Episode transcript:

So fundamentals. I look at fish first. Okay. What fish are we going to eat this week? Typically it’s like salmon or halibut, maybe shrimp. I think of like what meats we’re going to eat each day. And I think of how to utilize leftovers. So I got like two packages of chicken because I was like, oh, we’re going to eat this for like two or three days.

I’m not just going to make one dinner with one package of chicken and then have to make the same thing again again, again. So I think leftovers, I buy like chicken and bulk ground beef and book fish in bulk. And I make it all at once.<inaudible> my own hands. And<inaudible>, We’re in the land of the sheep. The good one You should see me right now,

sisters huddled over in this chair in my big green puffer with the hood on, I can’t even turn around and see Cedar because the hood is so big. It’s great. And we were basically outside, like in a little cottage, like patio right now. And we’re looking over the countryside of west Yorkshire. So this is like wherever we have like a beautiful view with sheep.

And it’s like a very melancholy right now. If I could say Melancholy, does that mean set? Shoot. I met calming My English Second Language as third as everyone knows by this podcast already, my English language is not top-notch. Yeah, it’s really gorgeous. I almost expect the lamb to like pop up next to the window right now. Yeah. Yeah.

We could see some lambs on the right side. If we look over, I mean, they’re, they’re beautiful animals, but I had to say, is this sheep or lamb? Oh, I don’t know. Is there a difference where such city people, such city folks, We don’t know anything, But like the baby sheep or the baby lamb, whatever they are,

they look so cute. Right. And then the older ones, as they get older, it looks like they just have like Pooh stuck to their back. You know what I mean? Just like does like dried poop on there. So poop yesterday, we were hanging out with the Rams. Yes. I said the Rams and I don’t mean the team.

I mean the animal. Wow. I didn’t know. You knew, you knew there was a team. I don’t Know what sport they play. I know there’s a team. Oh, okay. Yes. So the Rams would like the horns on them and they jump all over you and they like literally Ram into you. They’re very friendly. I mean,

they’re so small. They couldn’t hurt you. I wouldn’t call them friendly. I, No, they’re pretty friendly. Like we go in, so like the place we’re staying at the Airbnb we’re staring at just to give some clarity, the people who own this place, they live on the second floor and we’re on the first floor. And they have basically a section with,

I don’t know if they’re Rams or if they’re like a hybrid of a sheep and a rat. Cause they’re very, yeah. Like they’re very, like, they’re very small, but very puffy. They’re very friendly to, I mean, I don’t know if I’d call them friendly because they hit you. If you don’t feed them and they chase after you,

if you have food and they Ram into you with their horns, I mean, they rammed into one time cause you were kneeling down, which I think they probably thought, oh, she’s getting into some sort of like attack, Positioning position. So I think that’s what that was about. I will say they’re cute. They’re fluffy and cute. And I really like the countryside and animals.

And I mean, it is such a blessing to be able to record this podcast with this view and the lambs. And there’s a boxer dog as well. That’s the best part. Wow. What a little fresh air can do to you. Yeah. I feel like for us, cause we’ve been like going from one city to talent to another, this has been kind of the most calming of all the places.

And almost like, I don’t want to say it’s better than anywhere else, but right now I’m really enjoying this a lot because we’re like finally settled we’re in the countryside, it’s calm and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I think our cinema leg. And we’ll talk all about that and the food that we bought. Yeah. Why don’t you tell us what we’re going to do today?

So today we’re going to talk about basically how to strategize when you’re grocery shopping for the week, how to do like a PCO friendly grocery haul on a budget and you know, especially if you don’t have access to like specific gluten-free special foods, breads, dairy, free cheeses and things like that. Like what you can do because that’s our current situation right now and we are maneuvering it,

I would say very well, thanks to our piece, to us weight loss method. I feel like from the four week plan, there are so many things that I’m pulling from it that we are like living right now, here in this like cottage life. Yeah. So we’re going to talk all about it For sure. And talking about that, we’re actually today,

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My sister did this lab test. It’s Amazing. Yeah, we have to. Yeah, but my sister got off birth control. She did it. And it really like profoundly changed everything for her. Yeah. So it’s really all the resources you need to reverse PCO to figure out what’s going on with your PCLs and finally lose weight naturally. Yeah. And if you ever thought about getting the four week meal and workout plan,

this is the time to do it because for the next five days, these exclusive bonuses go beyond the four week Mila workout plan because of course four weeks is a great, great start to managing your PCs and learning how to eat better. Not only that you get access to the four-week meal plan forever, you have forever access. So it never goes away.

But with the arm course this week, basically you get an annual pass for free in the sisterhood. So for the next year, you’ll have a community, you’ll have a learning path, you’ll have more workouts, more recipes to access. And like Tyler mentioned, you get the $250 off a lab kit, which helps you get down to the root causes of your PCs and so much more.

So this is a great time to basically get started with that Prime time sisters almost mid-year it’s prime time to invest in yourself. Yeah. All right. So with that, let’s jump into some of our questions of the week. So our little Q and a session, let’s talk about this first question. I think everyone can relate from Instagram at the Ross house.

This sister asks, I want to try this, but really struggling with the motivation of switching and changing when myself hubby and little boy have to all eat the same meals and et cetera. So I think she’s talking about going gluten free and how difficult it can be when you have a household who doesn’t follow your regimen. So I think Tanya, you may have some great tips for those.

Who’ve talked about this before. Yeah. I mean, I can totally understand that. That’s hard. I felt that same way when we moved in together,<inaudible> because I was cooking for us and I was like, oh, I feel bad. Like he, you know, I can’t make so many things for him. Like lasagna, I’ve always wanted to make it,

but I couldn’t because of the dairy and everything. So I can see how that can be challenging. But you would be surprised to find out how many recipes are really simple to make that are gluten and dairy free. And then you add the cheese later if your husband wanted that, or if your child wanted that and you can like modify it. So it’s like one meal.

And then at, towards the end of the meal, before you put it all together, you add the cheese for him or you add whatever for you. And that way you can eat the same thing almost, and just like modify his. So if you look into the recipes in the sisterhood or the four week plan, you’ll find that a lot of these are really delicious.

And if he wants to throw on some cheese on like an egg bake, he can totally do that. You know, but then you don’t have to have cheese on yours because you can cook it without the cheese and then add the cheese later. I think this is definitely resolvable. And it just takes a moment of thinking and like critical thinking, like,

how are you going to do this? What foods does your family like to eat and how you can modify them? Yeah. Great, great answer. All right. Stick it on the gluten bandwagon or Penn regen or bandwidth, the theme, I guess I should say not that wagon question from Daya Violeta. I got this question because every time I, I feel like we show a breakfast recipe on,

in the sisterhood or on the Instagram, there’s this question when it comes to oats, dire, violet to us are these gluten-free oats. And I guess we just want to clarify that oats like oatmeal. They actually come naturally. Gluten-free what happens is a lot of companies will roll oats in flour, which will then that’s where you basically get to gluten. But most a majority of gross grocery store.

When you go in there and you look at the oatmeal section, you’ll find that there are gluten-free oats, which nowadays like they S they stocked them up as much as two gluten ones. Yeah. You can definitely find them. In fact, we found them at Starbucks the other day, like oatmeal. Gluten-free yeah. Next question. So why does dairy cause inflammation and not meat question from Marie NYC?

Okay. I love this question because when you are first diagnosed with PCs, you’re told to cut out so many different things. You’re almost like, what can I even eat? Like they’re saying, meat’s inflammatory, they’re saying dairies inflammatory. So here’s the thing with dairy. It has a hormone called insulin, like growth factor in it. And when you have dairy,

it can cause spikes in your insulin levels and impact your insulin resistance and PCOS symptoms. So it’s like, it can be related to a lot of your symptoms, like cystic acne, irregular periods, anything that has to do with high testosterone. But as for me, that’s also inflammatory. And that doesn’t mean that you have to cut out meat completely. It’s just to know that you would eat it moderately.

And I’m talking about red meat and this can cause inflammation in your body, which can make it harder for your insulin resistance. And that can be challenging. So I like to reduce it to like two, three times a week, but I don’t cut it out completely because it doesn’t have, have as much of a direct impact on my PCs symptoms as dairy does.

Do you see what I’m saying? So what about red meat makes it inflammatory? You can be the way that it’s grown. There can be inflammatory cytokines in it. I was actually looking into this before the podcast started and there are studies that show how excess red meat can cause more inflammation in the body and reduced projesterone levels. So definitely in moderation. Yeah.

Moderation. So you don’t have to cut out your red meat, but I think moderation is definitely a good idea, especially for us. Like, we’ve been trying to keep it to two to three. Sometimes it gets hard to, it’s such a good staple, but yeah. Chickens still good too. Chicken’s great. Turkey’s great. And fish is fabulous,

but right now I’m like really not drawn towards fish, given our location. I’m just like, where do they get their fish from? I really into like what the fish looked like at the grocery store here. So I didn’t buy it, but I will say like, fish have that several times a week. It’s great. It’s an anti-inflammatory and it’s a great meat replacement.

Let’s do with that last question. Let’s go to our giveaway Monday, sexy own section portion, whatever you want to call it. So you’d like to give away something, every episode of the podcast. And we pick a random person from the reviews on apple podcast and today’s winner is The Angelo mama. 1, 1, 1 8. She says, after listening, I informed my gynecologist about inositol.

He researched it and suggested I do try it. Wow. That’s amazing. She says you are both amazing. And I can’t wait to tune in also how supportive your husband is and is amazing. Thank you. She says we are not just lazy. Thank you so much. That’s amazing right there. I meant to that we are not just lazy. We are figuring out how to heal our metabolic hormones.

So good for you, sister. Yeah. Andrew mamma, just email And we will send you a CBD tincture from my soul CBD. So just email us and we will get that sent over to you. And if anyone wants to participate, you know what to do, You know what to do, But on that note too, if anyone is interested in trying CBD,

like we love, love, love CBD as a daily regimen, especially in the evening, it really helps with sleep. And we all know like how difficult it is with PCs. I mean, I don’t know. I’m sorry, but we know of other people’s experiences and maybe yours, if you’re listening about how difficult it can be to sleep. And I think like tying,

like how many times I’d be taking CBD and fall asleep in like 10, 15 minutes. So good. I mean, when I take it at night and I’m already tired, it’s like the perfect wind down. It’s amazing how like the humming anxiety in your head can just like stop. Yeah. So I love it. Yeah. So there’s going to be really key when you’re,

when you’re talking about cortisol regulation, but also studies show it can help with instant resistance and it can help with lowering inflammation, all very, very important factors when managing PCs. So if you’re interested, we have a 15% off code or page. All you have to do is go to my soul How do you memorize? I know these things,

but if, if you don’t want to type all that out, just go to our Instagram, look at our Lincoln bio and you’ll see that there is a link just to go directly from our Instagram. There it is. Right. All right, let’s hit it. We have the wins of the week. I love this part. We’re going to celebrate some sisters and their progress so far.

So we have first step, Amanda. She says, just saw my doctor for my yearly physical. And my glucose levels went from 111, which was pre-diabetic down to 83. I’m so happy. That’s amazing. That is amazing. I wonder, like if you still have to take medic, like if you completely don’t have to take medication because of this,

that’s so good and actually so good for your PCLs because the root issue with a lot of PCs symptoms is the lack of blood sugar control and you’ve got it going on. Yeah. And it’s going from literally being pre-diabetic to I’m hoping in our case, not being pre-diabetic, which is a very common thing in the PCs community due to insulin resistance. So it’s great.

I was pre-diabetic. Yeah. Right. That’s crazy. Scary. Yeah. Very scary. All right. Great job, Amanda. The next one is from Rachel in this sisterhood, she says, hi sisters. Just want to share a few teeny tiny wins. Well, they are not teeny tiny ones. They’re all amazing wins. They’re all huge. Yes.

But she says, I’ve noticed over the last few weeks, the last five weeks I’ve taken Avast, natal been gluten and dairy free and been really conscious of my sugar intake. My skin is the best since pre puberty. My sleep is amazing and waking up is so much easier. I feel lighter, not so much in the sense of weight, but like I’ve been deflated,

less anxious, particularly at work. And each time I say no to gluten or dairy or sugary food or drinks, it gets easier. I’m yet to see my period come back. But it’s early days and I’m now 22 pounds down at only five weeks. Wow. That is great. I mean, five, five weeks, 22 pounds. Those are really,

really astounding results. Great job, Rachel. And you’re do, you’re doing great. You’re doing great. I mean, I typically see like two to three pounds of weight loss a week, but you are doing fabulous. As long as you are feeling good with what you’re doing, you’ll be able to continue. I feel like, like you said, like as you continue,

every time you make one choice for yourself, the next one gets easier. Yeah. I mean, it looks like you’re like reigniting, like your metabolism reigniting this. Yeah. Deflating, like as in your water retention is going away. And I totally know what you mean by the word deflating. Like I felt really puffy at one point, like my cheeks,

my face, my chest, like it just, everything felt swollen and it was all this water retention and you’re doing all these great things for your blood sugar and inflammation, and that’s letting your body release that water retention and finally making your metabolism move and the scale budge. So I’m so happy for you. Yup. Yup. And about the period too,

it can take sometimes like two to three months, especially when you’re taking Avast tol it takes about two to three months. So just, just give it some time. If you’re seeing all these improvements, those are great signs. I’m so happy for you. So next up is dimple. She says, hi, posting a different breakfast of the days since I ran out of chia seeds and the eggs at home broke.

So here’s a gluten-free bread, a teaspoon of avocado and via life dairy free cheese. Also some papaya with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds and melon seeds. Don’t know if Mellon seeds are great. I’m not sure. Kind of confused if I have protein in this meal on the side is spearmint tea with Avesta have a great day sisters. All right. So let’s break this down.

Pumpkin seeds, great zinc magnesium. I mean, I like to add it to everything. I even bought some at the grocery store the other day as a snack melon seeds. I’m not sure, but I imagine it’s, you know, nutritious, it’s a seed. And as for protein, you are getting some protein from the pumpkin seeds, but it isn’t as high in protein as if you were having eggs,

but your eggs broke. So, so here we are, you have a high-fat breakfast and I think it’s fabulous. As long as you feel satisfied and full you’re good to go. Yeah. I mean, like, I think simply you did the best you could with your, your circumstance. I mean, did she, as he’s ran out the eggs got broke,

you know, like what can you do? So Yeah. These things are gonna happen. Yeah. I feel like based on what you did, you did a really, really great job of like overcoming your limited situation. And it really helped with basically finding the best alternative. And I just looked up melon seeds and it looks like the, like the nutrition facts.

It’s pretty good. It has almost 28 grams of protein per hundred grams. I mean a hundred grams is a lot of course, but yeah, it has a great portion of healthy fats. It has a 48 grams of fats per hundred grams carbs are on the lower end, that 11 grams and as good calcium iron and zinc. So, I mean,

just based on this quick look here, I would say it looks like it’s a great addition to, Well, that’s a good high-fat breakfast, fat takes a long time to digest. So it’ll keep you satisfied until lunch most likely. So if you can’t have a high protein breakfast, a high-fat breakfast is great too. Yeah. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having one?

Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo.

And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup,

so I don’t drink it. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making you don’t want to take a prenatal that’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. Their needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive.

It contains the active form of folic acid folly as well as 2000. I use the vitamin D also, it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. Okay. So we are going to jump into the main,

main portion of today’s episode, which is how to do a grocery haul for piece cos Tallinn. You’re the master here. So why don’t you just, should we just kick it off with some main pointers are like, where do you want to start? Well, let’s start by talking about what we’ve been going through here in England in terms of like grocery shopping.

Sure. So we just left London just the other day and we drove four hours to get to west Yorkshire. Is that where we, So before we left London, we actually went to this mall called Selfridges and they have a grocery store in like the second floor and they have a bunch of like gluten and dairy free snacks. And it, it just so happened that we stumbled upon this.

So we got some gluten-free crackers and we got some peanut butter and we got some decaf tea. Yeah. It was a cool stuff. But I wouldn’t say it’s something you can like live off of like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Definitely not. It was just like things you might find that whole food. So that was just luck. And then on our drive to west Yorkshire,

you know, we brought like a little snuck with us. It was a four hour drive and we came back, we had a three-hour meeting for the app And then He duck dragged us. It was like 9:00 PM. And I looked on Google and it said, okay, all the closes at 10:00 PM. So I’m like, okay, perfect. Let’s go.

Let’s go down. Back to the cars. We’re up in the mountains. I’m like, let’s go back down to the city or village and let’s just get some groceries for the whole week. Let’s not eat out the whole week. When I looked at him, I was on fire. Okay. I’m tired. It’s 9:00 PM. I’m at the end of my wits.

I don’t know if you sisters saw the stories where I was like, I’m taking CBD and I’m going to bed, but yeah. He dragged me to the grocery store. Yeah. You know, it was the right thing to do. Like, we didn’t want to go out to eat anymore, but we’re kind of like sick of it because London, we had to go eat out every day because we’re in a hotel apartment,

so there’s no food. So we Just, Yeah. So I did, I made it to the right thing. You Did. You did. You did. You did. So we to the grocery store and this was not like Fu grocery shopping, like I used to do at whole foods and that’s okay. Like all you really, and I told him,

I was like, all you really need is produce and meat and you can figure it out. Like, Yeah. And I think what you mean by that is that it wasn’t a huge grocery store. Like it was like, There weren’t a lot of vegetables. It didn’t look very robust. It was really hard to find like dairy free milk or I couldn’t find chicken broth.

Like there were things that like, weren’t there yet. I would expect from a grocery store, but yes. Yeah. Sorry. I was gonna say, I feel like usually like all these are like pretty good in size, but I feel like this one was half the size. Cause it’s in like a village and in like a, really like a small town in west Yorkshire,

so Called Aldi’s right. Is that what you said? I wasn’t paying attention. Cause I was so annoyed that we were grocery shopping. Go ahead. Go ahead. So I fastened my seatbelt and I was like telling stop moaning and let’s do this. So I started in the produce aisle. So now I’m going to talk about a grocery haul here. So I started in the produce aisle.

I got the vegetables that I thought that would be good for a soup, a chicken soup, because I figured that that could last a few days if I made a big pot of soup. And then I got a bunch of vegetables for like each night that we could eat. So that there’s always a fiber, there’s always a side to our meal. And then Cedric found some rice,

which was great. And I noticed that they had a lot of frozen vegetables of things that like, I couldn’t find fresh, so that’s fine too. They like freeze the fresh vegetable and make it easy for you to just like throw into any super any meal. So that was good. And then I found the meat and so that was the protein, I got chicken,

I got ground beef and I figured I would make a chicken soup. I could make like a spaghetti squash with ground beef in it. So I was coming up with like ideas of things that could make with this, these like fresh products, despite that I couldn’t find like seasonings that I’m used to, or like marinades that I would have used. You know,

if I was at home that I’m used to, I just had to like look past all of that and go to like the core of gluten and dairy free, healthy eating for PCs. What is it? It’s fresh vegetables, healthy, organic meat, and you know, anything gluten and dairy free that I could find in this grocery store. So it wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be.

And I think that my like attitude going into it was making it harder. And then once I got there, I realized I have to do this. It’s not so bad. Let me just stick to the basics. The core principles of like, what I talk about, which is the produce, the protein few pantry items. And that’s pretty much it.

And it shouldn’t be so bad. So here we are cooking from home. I’d say it’s good to see doc. What do you think? I think you did a great job during the shopping. I think in the beginning you were a little bit like, oh, I don’t want to do this. And then you really got into the groove and you were,

I could see you calculating in your head. Okay, let me get this. I even told you, I was like, I’m really turned on right now. Cause I hadn’t seen you like do a grocery shopping in a long time. Not that that’s not that you have to. I’m just saying like, usually that was our normal routine back in the day when we lived in America,

we were just like, both of us would go grocery shopping, like once a week to get all this stuff. So we just, it was a good to see that side again. Cause I was like, oh my God, we’re going to have some good healthy food this like this this week finally. But yeah, it was, I think it went really smoothly.

And like now we even have like, maybe like a surplus of like three or four days of food because we just like got really good, good, like fundamentals, staples of like what to eat every day. And so far, like we’ve been eating, eating this for three days and it’s been super delicious. Yeah. I was, I remember bossing you around in the grocery store buying me chicken,

rub me the carrots. Yeah. It was like, I didn’t know where to look. It was like, I don’t know, like, is it me? Or is it us? But like English, grocery stores are so different than American grocery stores. For example, eggs. Aren’t in the fridge. We’ve learned that in Europe, they don’t put eggs in the fridge.

They leave it out, which is totally fine. I guess it makes sense. Like why would you put them in the fridge? Like It’s been fine. We’ve been eating them. That’s what everyone does. So that’s one thing. And then it was very different, but we really made it work. And I just a shout out to all the, because I think they,

it was a really nice grocery store in my opinion. Like we really found everything we needed and, And everything we it, yeah. I mean, it’s a grocery store. If you just have vegetables and meat, we’re good to go. Quite frankly, like, you know, you just have to get a little bit creative with it, but it was fine.

Yeah. I think it was great. So for someone who has never grocery shopped for peace us before let’s do like a, more of a detailed approach for them. So if they’ve never done it, they can kind of like write these down. So everyone get your notepads out, get a pen out or just like user phone, the notes app. I feel like that’s a new norm now,

but well, first time, like what’s your, what are you looking for? I think we always talk about the PCs weight loss plate method, right? Like what, what is that exactly again? So half your plate is veggies and the fourth of your plate is protein and a fourth is a cart By way. I knew that. I just want to say it for everyone.

I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t know that, but anyways, so let’s talk about some categories. Okay. Let’s start off with the easy stuff, meat. So basically proteins. What proteins are like some of your, your, your fundamentals. So fundamentals. I look at fish first. Okay. What fish are we going to eat this week?

Typically it’s like salmon or halibut. Maybe shrimp. Tuna. Tuna is great too. Canned tuna. I love making like a tuna salad, which is one of the things that I did make here in our cottage. Very easy. They had canned tuna. And so, yeah, I w I think of like what meats we’re going to eat each day and I think of how to utilize leftovers.

So I got like two packages of chicken because I was like, oh, we’re going to eat this for like two or three days. I’m not just going to make one dinner with one package of chicken and then have to make the same thing again again, again. So I think leftovers. Yeah. I buy like chicken and bulk ground beef and book fish in bulk.

And I make it all at once. Did you say ground beef? Beef? Cool. Yes. Great, great, great. I guess one more thing to add. There is also eggs. Like eggs are really, really good for like a breakfast staple. You know, like if you’re looking for high protein, breakfast, eggs are always one of the best options.

You know, you can eat like two or three and then pair that with some, some carbs, some other healthy fats, like avocado and boom yellow gonna make amazing high protein breakfast. Yeah. You can even dip like chicken tenders in egg yolk, and then dip it into gluten-free breadcrumbs, make some chicken tenders. All right, Dan. So we,

we got our protein down. That’s our proteins right there. Now what about some produce? Like the fiber, the veggies that we talk about? So I always think like, I need to get enough vegetables for every single day. So I’ll buy brussel sprouts for Monday broccoli for Tuesday. And that’s what I was thinking of. When I was at the grocery store,

I was like, this is how much we, the in one day, this is how much we eat in another time, seven days in the week. And that’s how much I would get. So produce. I would think of like what I’m going to eat each and every day. And then by that many, I know it can get overwhelming. Cause you’re like looking at this big aisle and you don’t know what you’re going to want to eat,

but just get it. Just, I got Brussels sprouts. I got broccoli. Just get it. You’ll think about it later. Okay. So that’s produced right there. You also get sometimes like the frozen stir fry veggies, right? What do they call it? Yeah, I guess they’re called that. And it just makes life so much easier because then you don’t have to like chop anything or wash anything.

You just, boom. Put it in a pot, heat it up and steamed. Good to go. Cuckoo cuckoo. Now what about canned goods? What kind of canned goods do you look for? I know we mentioned canned tuna, whereas anything else he got canned for example, like beans or things like that. So this isn’t my house or else I would like stock a pantry of canned items.

That’s why I didn’t get like canned beans or anything like that. But at home I would always have like a variety of canned beans so that I could make something with it, with the vegetables that I have. You know, if you have cucumber, you can make a CU cucumber, garbanzo, bean salad. You know, if you have tomatoes, you can make salsa with black beans.

It’s always good to have a variety. And it’s gluten-free and it’s, it’s a carb and it just like makes your life easier when you have that stocked in your pantry. Okay. Great. Great, good, good, great. So we talked about proteins. We talked about veggies. We even talked about some canned goods right now. Let’s talk about the carbs portion.

So let’s break down some carbs, babe. Like, for example, what are your favorite carbs to, to usually buy and including some grains as well? Yeah, so we, we bought rice for this trip, but if I was at home, I would have a variety of gluten-free grains, including amaranth millet. If that’s how you call it, The lead Millett,

whatever keenwah rice wild rice is good too. I love wild Rice. Oh yeah. Buckwheat is also delicious. And I would just like have these in jars in my pantry. And that would be the carb of the meal, a fourth of my plate. So I would think like, let’s say I’m making black bean tomato salsa as my carb. I could also add some keenwah in it or something like that.

And then salad on the side, chicken, boom Potatoes are great, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, any type of squash. It’s always great to, I I’ll never forget like the squash you make where you couldn’t happen, then you put the ground beef in the middle who we I’m sorry, I can’t do that because they don’t have, I know you’re just talking about in general.

One thing I did, which is like, I don’t know if this is, if this is like, if this actually works since there’s immuno, but you know how you’re supposed to wash rice. So I got the rice and there wasn’t like a, what is that thing called? Where you put the rice into wash with Colander. So there wasn’t a colander.

So instead I just, I put the rice and basically a paper towel and then I held the paper towel Open and put the water through. Did that work So that the rice would get washed while the water would go underneath the paper towel. If you know what I mean? Like basically balling the rice with paper towel and then putting water through the middle.

It kind of worked until like the paper started to tear away and then some of it like fell into the song And then it kind of worked. I feel like it did some of his job, but I don’t know. I, a wash Should have used like an actual towel, But then you like a huge wet towel, But like a kitchen towel,

not like a bath towel with Like, I know I like your creativity. You tried. Okay. So let’s get into some other fun stuff. So what are your favorite spices like to add to your foods? So of course you can get like a spice cabinet for your kitchen. If you’re like stocking your pantry and everything. I love to use paprika though,

like that. I get in large quantities and paprika smoked paprika, smoked sweet paprika in everything tastes so good. Seriously, sisters, you’re missing out if you’re not putting in your ground beef or your chicken, but aside from spices, I like to use herbs. Syracuse used to grow herbs and that made it easier because I feel like it gets expensive and then you don’t use them.

And so if you just have an herb garden, you can like snip it and use it. Yeah. An herb garden is really cheap to start and maintain. Like usually herbs are really cheap to, to buy from, you know, like where they called a green store or Nursery nursery. So here I bought some Rosemary and I’ve been using that, but it’s not as good as fresh.

It’s like brown, but anyways, I highly suggest fresh herbs. Nice. And couple, a couple of more categories left. So what about snacks for stuff in between meals and things like that? What are some things you look, you look at? So for snacks, like I’ll typically buy some gluten-free crackers or something like that, or if you don’t have access to specialty foods like that,

just a piece of fruit and nuts. We’ll cut it. I feel like keeping it simple is always great. That’s what we have with us right now. I got some small green apples and I just have one of those a day with, with a handful of nuts. And I’m good to go. I want to elaborate on snacks more because snacks are what make your grocery haul expensive snacks are like,

if you start buying the special chips and the special crackers and the special cheeses and all of these fun things, like I know it’s exciting and I’m here for it, but it does make the bill go up and up and up because they’re all processed, you know? And even though they taste good and maybe they’re good for you too. They’re not necessary.

Like if you’re eating enough for breakfast, lunch, and dinner than an apple and some nuts should probably be just about enough for you as a snack in between lunch and dinner at like three o’clock. That’s not to say you can’t have any more than that. I’m just saying like, you don’t actually need all those special things. Great. Great. And lastly,

do you have any like recommendations for like baking goods? Like for example, if someone wants to make a dessert or someone wants to make some sort of any, any kind of dessert that’s maybe in the oven or just like, like a pudding, I dunno. What, what are you, what do you recommend Baking? Okay. If you like baking,

then you can start testing out with different gluten-free flours and test the textures, mix them together, like almond flour, coconut flour. You can mix them and see how you can get like a muffin to be just the right moisture for your palette if you like baking. But if you’re not like into that kind of stuff, just go like a all-purpose gluten-free flour habit around in case you want to make pancakes or something for breakfast one morning and you should be fine.

Nice. Okay. So I think we covered everything or all different aspects. Yeah. And everything that I’ve mentioned here is something that I like really live by, honestly, the way that I grocery shop and think about how I’m going to feed us, because I feel like responsible for this, but I really like strategize in this way. Like, what are the proteins?

What are the vegetables and what are like the other things like the spices or the herbs that I need to make this meal go to the next level. And in the four week meal plan that we have out this week with the exclusive bonuses we mentioned earlier, this is how I break down the grocery list for each week. And I have like sections for the produce sections for the pantry items and sections for the proteins and anything else so that,

you know, you know, how to think when you’re grocery shopping and you’re not just looking at this big confusing list of things, then you don’t know like if you need it or if you don’t need it. So for example, I’m looking at one week right now, and I’m looking at like hazelnuts as one of the pantry items. And if you were thinking like,

okay, I don’t eat hazelnuts or I prefer almonds or something, you can just control, find hazelnuts and see which recipe it’s in. And just be like, no, I’m going to swap that out for almonds actually. And just swap it out. So it’s organized in a really easy to understand way so that when you are done with the four week meal plan,

the goal is for you to be able to think this way, when you’re grocery shopping or recreate some of these meals in ways that you like modify them, you know, make them again, change the protein instead of ground Turkey use ground me or something, whatever you prefer and like make these recipes your own and like a staple in your diet. And you’ll be so surprised what four weeks can do to you.

Like after four weeks of eating this way. And like following this plan, you’ll learn so much. And you’ll train your mind into thinking this way, when you’re grocery shopping and like feeding yourself and, or your family. And like, after the four weeks you can retake the course, you can do the whole plan all over again. But if you don’t want to,

you will have learned everything you need to know to just be able to do it anywhere. Even in west Yorkshire while we’re here right now, you know? Absolutely. And so yeah, you get that grocery list and all the recipes have a video that basically show you how to make each meal for the four, four weeks. So every day you can watch how to make it and learn along with Colleen on how to make every meal.

Perfect. And they’re all in 4k. I mean, I know that doesn’t matter, but like as a producer, I like to brag about the, the, the, for the 4k Venus, not to mention like it is a meal plan and it also comes with a workout plan in conjunction. So as you’re doing your meals, you also have a workout plan to do.

And it just all goes together perfectly. So, as we said earlier, this is the week to really take advantage of it with the exclusive bonuses. And we just can’t wait for, for you to get started. I feel like it’s a really different plan than any other like digital plan you would find because the videos take it to the next level. Like we’re talking about techniques,

I’m talking about, like in the meal ones, I’m talking about what you should be thinking when you’re picking up these ingredients or why I chose certain ingredients for certain meals, for PCs, weight loss, like everything is designed with PCOS, weight loss, insulin resistance, inflammation in mind. So I talk about why in the videos. And I think that’s important because when you’re done with the four week plan,

you’ll know these things and you’ll go grocery shopping and you’ll think these things while you’re shopping. And now you have the lifestyle, like the keys to the lifestyle for a PCs, weight loss in your hands, and you can just do it all the time. And you don’t even have to like think too hard because you know everything. Cause I said it all in the videos.

Yeah. That’s a really good point too, because you’re watching, you’ll learn those special ingredients. And in the future when you’re making anything else, you’d be like, oh, I remember Tallinn saying how pumpkin seeds are really great for lowering testosterone. Maybe I’ll do that pumpkin seeds to my breakfast here. And like, like, just like that you learn from all those videos,

what can be beneficial additions to your foods in the future. And you start gravitating to those things naturally and you barely have to think about it. Yep. Same with the workouts. You know, it does a great job explaining them. We’ll give you props right now. I feel like I talked about food a lot. And if we’re going to jump into the course,

I might as well say these workouts are so fun. It’s me and Cedric. And then my sister and a friend Leanna, she also joins us. We do like group workouts and Sierra talks about all the steps, how to count, how to breathe all the details. Yeah. They’re all full length workouts too. So you can just basically press play from second and starts.

You just sit back and not sit back, but you just, basically, you got, you put your yoga mat there, you grab your weights or, or a cable or just body weight. And you basically just follow along for the next 30 minutes. You don’t have to press pause because all the rest times are included. So you’re basically just pressing play you’re following along.

And the whole four week plan is like that for the workout. So we made it really, really easy for, for anyone to basically follow along because we know how challenging it can be when like you’re pressing pause to like catch up with the video or you’re like, you have to skip forward because there isn’t the rest time included. So we’ve really made it.

So you just press play and you follow along the whole time. Yeah. I also feel like sometimes it’s really hard to follow a PCs friendly lifestyle. And this gives you, like I said earlier, like the keys, like the guidance to live this way, even after the four weeks are done. Yeah. I’m really excited about this. I love the testimonials that come like four weeks after this launch.

I know it’s going to be great. It’s going to be great. All right, everyone. Well, thank you so much for listening to us this episode. Thank you for listening to us Ram about the Rams Sham. I don’t know if that makes sense, but yeah, we’re having a great time here. It’s really, really peaceful. And I think next time you hear us,

maybe we’ll be in the countryside still, or maybe we’ll be in Scotland. We don’t even know yet, but next time you’ll just find out, Figure it out. We’re going to book therapy and be tonight. Yes. Talk to you soon. Sisters Take care, everyone. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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