How to Start Gluten & Dairy Free for PCOS!

What is the first step in going gluten & dairy free for PCOS? Should I cut out dairy or gluten first? This episode is a great guide for any Cyster thinking of going gluten & dairy free!

We give you the perfect tips on how to start with one meal at a time and highlight different ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner including our favorite brands!

We discuss how to set aside time to plan meals whether you are cooking for yourself and/or for others like family and friends.

You’ll learn the research and information behind going gluten & dairy free and how you can decide if this is right for you and your PCOS!

We also answer your questions submitted on our Instagram poll “How can we help you go gluten & dairy free?” as well as read other Cysters advice on going gluten & dairy free and how it helped them with their PCOS!

Call our PCOS Weight Loss Hotline at 1-833-ASK-PCOS (1-833-275-7267). You can leave a question or tell us how we’ve helped you! We might just play your message on the podcast to inspire other Cysters!

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Full Episode transcript:

This episode is brought to you by pure spectrum CBD. And I have been taking CBD and we are loving it. I’m holding the tincture right now. Tallene, can you open your mouth please? Yeah, I’m going to give you a dosage now. Keep it there for 60 seconds while she does that. Let me tell you the great benefits of CBD for PCOS is studies show.

It reduces cortisol, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation. You can go to pure spectrum now to order and use the code, the sisterhood one word at checkout for 20% of and hold for 30 seconds longer. While the sisters enjoy the show. Welcome to a sister and your Mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage,

gluten and dairy free. I’m tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietician and I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS as a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. What’s up. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. Hey girl, Hey, this episode almost never happened. I’m sure if you’re watching the YouTube episode for the video version from YouTube,

you can see them in Italian or cozied up, not following social distancing rules, Two inches away from CX space. Basically we’re sharing one mic because of technical difficulty issues that we had earlier in the morning. Tell him, babe. So basically I woke up this morning and I went to go ahead and set up the podcast equipment. And then I noticed one of the mics,

the cable, the end of it was torn. I guess I got stuck somewhere. Well, I’m usually ready for this. I have a backup cable that I have that I bought like a year ago, just in case this happened. And guess what? The backup cable ended up being the wrong cable. All along. This thing that I was depending on for a whole darn year was for nothing.

At least you thought of a backup cable. I wouldn’t have thought of a backup cable at all. If it was me in charge of tech, The thought goes nowhere. I was like almost a thought, but the thought, the thought the GHT goes nowhere because it was the wrong cable. Well, we’re here now. Yeah, exactly. So today on this episode,

don’t worry, sisters. I ordered a new cable next week to next week’s episode, we’ll be back to normal. But just for this episode, we’re going to be sharing the w one mic. So if the sound quality is just a little bit off because of the volume levels, excuse us, but we promise next week, it’ll all be back to normal.

Admit it. You like being this close to me. I liked it at first, but now you’re getting too comfortable. All right. Well thank you for tuning into this episode. Today’s episode’s going to be big one very important topic, gluten and dairy free. Not just that, but how to go gluten and dairy free the best possible way. Yeah.

So first things first, we should first explain why we trying gluten and dairy free for diet and lifestyle change. Why don’t you explain Baywood to the sisters? Yeah, so basically going gluten and dairy free has helped me a lot on my PCOS weight loss journey, along with helping with my symptoms and just feeling better overall because it helped reduce inflammation in my body.

And it also helped with insulin resistance. And these are two major underlying issues with PCOS. So gluten can trigger a lot of inflammation in your cells and making them more insulin resistant and then dairy can spike your insulin levels and contribute to insulin resistance too. So basically by cutting these two out, I really reversed a lot of my symptoms, including losing 30 pounds.

Yeah, Exactly. And not to mention a 70 to 80% of all women with PCs have insulin resistance and inflammation alongside with insulin resistance is one of the main types of PCRs that’s prevalent in women with PCs. So when you target gluten and dairy free, you’re targeting the inflammation, you’re targeting the insulin issues. Two of the biggest factors when it comes to PCs And stress hormones,

cause having all that inflammation all the time makes you pump all your stress hormones. Yeah, Exactly. So on today’s episode, we’re going to explain the best ways of going gluten free to make it easy as possible for you. Cook tip number one. Yes. Tip number one. So for tip number one, this like takes me back to a little story.

I want to tell you about my journey deciding on going gluten dairy free. But basically the first tip I have is to decide for yourself, educate yourself about gluten and dairy free and how it can help you. And then don’t wait for other people to approve of your decision, to change your diet. Because one of the most challenging things about going gluten and dairy free for me was telling people in my family and my family friends.

So of course my parents were supportive because they saw me in struggle city, like gaining weight and acne and stuff. And they were like, sure, change your diet. But as for other people, it was like, what are you doing? Like especially adults, like, you know, they just, they feel like, and we’re Armenian too. So we’re really tied to our food.

And we just feel like what we’re eating is super healthy. And like, why would you change ancient tradition? You know? Yeah, yeah. But you know, and so there, so going back to my story, I wanted to tell you, so basically we had gone out to dinner with my parents and this was like 10 years ago. And like all of their friends and we were all eating dinner and,

and it was an Armenian restaurant and we were eating this dish called bird egg and egg is basically dough and then fed a cheese in it in like a TRIBE Gluten dairy. It is literally Only gluten and dairy. So they’re like passing around the plate of this. And I just, I just like take the plate, pass it to the next person. And I don’t take one.

And it was like an episode of my big fat Greek wedding when the guy is like, I don’t eat meat. And then it’s like, you don’t eat no meat. It’s a good, a great example. That is exactly what happened. I was thinking of everybody loves Raymond, but that’s, that’s even the better example. What you just, I mean,

I didn’t even say anything and everyone had a problem with it. Everyone turned around and was like, you don’t eat Oh, she’s on a diet. Like all of this, you know, everyone started talking about it and I was the center of attention for like 15 minutes. And I don’t know, it was really stressful. Oh my gosh. If you’re watching YouTube,

see next, fixing the mic. If I’m just making sure your, the mic is picking you up evenly as me. So that one of us isn’t louder than the other it’s going to happen. No matter what I can’t fix, I can’t fix these things, but you know, trying to make it easy on the sister. So listen. So back to my story,

everyone’s talking about me now. I’m self-conscious all I wanted to do was lose weight and help my skin and my body. But anyways, I laughed and smiled through it. It was uncomfortable to this day. I remember the moment, but no one’s saying anything anymore because I lost 30 pounds and I don’t have PCOS. So take that. You’re managing your piece to us.

Like a boss. You’ve reversed, like all your symptoms and you’re able to live your life as happily after. And I’m sure if you were to stop the gluten dairy free train, a lot of those symptoms would start to come back and you know, you’d be back to square one. Yeah. I see it when I eat cheese every so often. Yeah.

The acne comes back. You feel inflammation, different things. Two inches from my face. Can’t you see said cheese last weekend. Beautiful things. But yeah. So I love what Tyne said. You’re decide for yourself. Educate yourself. Do your own research. Because guess what? When, when it’s working for you, when you’re seeing the benefits, the other person might not understand.

They might not know about it. They might not hear about the ongoing research and they definitely don’t know how it’s benefiting you. So you only, you know that when it’s, but when it benefits, you definitely let me keep doing it. Like do your research and do what’s best for your body. Yeah. Do it for yourself. Decide for yourself.

And then once you see Results you’ll care less and less what other people are saying. Yeah, Exactly. Exactly. All right. The second tip, the second tip on how to go. Gluten dairy free is set aside time to plan meals. If you’re cooking more than just yourself, that way you can plan meals that you can partially make gluten and dairy free,

or there are naturally gluten and dairy free. Yeah. That, and you can also, you’re taking charge. You’re like by cooking for yourself and planning your meals. This is now your lifestyle decision. You can’t blame anyone. You was not supported. So for example, I get a lot of DMS of sisters saying like their mom is, you know,

the main cook in the family. And like, they feel like they can’t go gluten and dairy free because their mom doesn’t know how to cook gluten and dairy free. But here’s the thing you can’t depend on other people to help you with this, you can show them the way, like you can show your mom alternatives, or it was something that you would like to eat for dinner.

Or, you know, if you don’t live with your family and you you’re cooking for yourself, you can plan the week out a little bit so that you’re not falling into like gluten and dairy traps, you know, like ordering pizza or something. Yeah. Yeah. And I just want to add onto one of the things was like making foods that are naturally gluten,

dairy free. You know, a lot of times like, I, we get stuck at like, Oh, it has to be gluten dairy free. Let me look for packaging that says gluten free, like gluten-free breads, gluten-free grains. Gluten-free what have you like Mac and cheese and stuff like that. But what we forget is the foods that are naturally gluten,

dairy free. Like, guess what? French fries, something that’s so fun and, and like fun to eat with everybody. French fries are gluten and dairy free. It doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for you. Obviously, if you eat it everyday or too much, it’s not healthy for you. But like you can digress. If you were like sweet potatoes,

you know, dice some potatoes and throw them in the oven. Boom, that’s amazing side carb to your meal. And then like when it comes to proteins too, like meats like reds, like steak ribeye, what have you, chicken, pork, all these meats that are high in protein, they’re all naturally gluten and dairy free. And then they tie in said,

beans and beans is a vegetarian option if you want to avoid meat. So beans is very good high in protein, but it’s also high in carbs. So you want to be careful there, but still like it’s gluten, dairy free naturally. You don’t have to process it. And a lot of foods are naturally naturally gluten dairy. Yeah. Going off what you said,

it’s like even chick pea, pasta. Like if you don’t have chick pea, pasta, you can get a 50 cent can of chickpeas and it’s gluten-free. Yeah. And it’s super cheap because you’re getting a can and you’re kind of getting rid of the packaging debt, you know, usually adds to the cost. Yeah, exactly. All right. Moving on to the third tip,

starting with one meal. So we always get the question. How do I start? Where do I begin? What do I do? Literally just start with the next thing you put in your mouth. You don’t have to have all the pieces planned. It took me a whole year to fully go gluten and dairy free and get used to this diet change.

And so you, you should be really easy, easy on yourself, like plan to the best of your abilities. But also like if you don’t know where to begin, just take it one step at a time, because I don’t know about you, but like going cold Turkey is hard on anything, a diet cutting coffee, like whatever. It may be.

Like I putting my arm around You, like on the couch so I could be comfortable. This is like the most uncomfortable episode I’ve ever done. So close. I have To put my arm around drew, like we’re on a date, which is of course great. But we’re on a podcast series. Like let’s not get too intimate. Sorry. I so sorry.

I, I was saying going cold Turkey. How do you, how do you, have you gone cold Turkey on like coffee for example? Oh my God. One time I went cold Turkey on coffee and I had like pain through my bones because I’d been drinking coffee for so long. So like, it didn’t work for me. Yeah. I remember.

So anyways, take it one step at a time. Start with your next meal, or just start with breakfast. And if you only get through breakfast, gluten, and dairy-free Pat yourself on the back, We can, we’re going to go through right now. So when you let’s say your breakfast, right, you’d the first meal in your day. Let’s just say as an example,

maybe you’re having oatmeal every day for breakfast, right? So oatmeal has gluten in it. However, there are gluten-free oatmeal options. There are, they’re very popular. You’ll you’ll see them in almost every grocery store. Yeah. Just look for it. It’s a naturally gluten-free grain, but they roll it in flour. So you have to find the Glynn Federation.

Yeah. Oats are naturally gluten-free. It’s just like Tyne said, they rolled it in flour, which makes it have gluten. So look for gluten-free oatmeal. The second step is when you’re making your oatmeal, obviously don’t add the dairy milk in there. If you’re going to, some people like to cook oatmeal with milk, try to use, you know,

dairy free milk. Like there were a couple of brands that we like. We love ripple milk. It’s spelled R I P P L E. And it’s made out of pea protein milk. So it’s very high in protein and has no sugar and no carbs. And you can use water if you don’t have dairy free milk. I don’t use water. No,

I use the milk, but I could use water. Yeah. Water. So you can do that. N second thing we like to say, or third thing is to add protein on top of that, because you want to, this is this doesn’t have to do with gluten dairy free, but adding protein to the oatmeal is now mixed makes your protein to carb ratio a lot higher.

So now it’s a lot more sustainable meal because it’s going to keep you fuller for longer periods of time. It will be easier for your cravings and such, Which is also super important because if you don’t have cravings and you’re in control of your appetite, then at the next meal lunch, you won’t be dying to eat. Whatever is the first thing you see,

and you can wait and think, and what can I eat? That’s gluten and dairy free. And so on. Yeah. Another example we could go with is like cereal. You know, a very common breakfast cereal. So, and so what you can do is find a gluten free granola. There are also very common and then you can get a dairy free yogurt,

like forger. They make amazing dairy free yogurts. And all you do is basically throw the granola into the yogurt. It’s high in protein and high in healthy fats. You’re getting carbs. It’s a, basically a full meal. And like, if you want, have a protein shake on the side, if you want to really have a higher in protein,

If you want a chocolate eat chocolate, eat chocolate, eat breakfast, but without all the sugar, here’s what you need to do. Girls listen up, Oh, here we go. Get your dairy free milk and put it in the blender and add chocolate protein powder. I use philosophy. It’s like hemp and it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners in it. Blend it up.

Now you have a protein shake, but no, that’s the base. That’s the milk base of your cereal. So then you get the kind granola, the chocolate strawberry flavor, and you put that with, and then you pour that like protein shake basically as your milk with that granola. And it is so chocolatey and delicious. Like if that’s what you’re in this moon for is such a good high protein chocolate eat breakfast.

You got a tray. Just one thing is I believe the flavor you’re seeing is relatively low in sugar, but some granola brands and flavors there are, they’re like high in sugar because they have added sugar to give the taste of boost. So general rule of thumb is like five grams of sugar per serving. So if you’re, if you’re looking for granola,

you should look for something with five grams or less per serving. I’m so glad I told you guys about that breakfast because seriously, if one of you try it, you have to tag us. It is the bomb you have to do by law. You have to. But yeah, so those are some tips on basically starting slow. So what your breakfast start with one meal at a time.

Maybe you have something every day. Maybe it’s, if you have something every day that has gluten in it, try to replace it one day at a time, you don’t have to completely replace it. And then maybe you replace your breakfast, right? You go a whole week like that. And then maybe the next week you start replacing your lunch. So now you’re,

you’ve replaced both your breakfast and your lunch, and then eventually you’ll move on to dinner and how to make that gluten dairy free and eventually Know how to choose gluten and dairy free. When you eat out things like that slowly, you’ll learn all of the tips and tricks by making a few mistakes here and there, whatever. And this is a lifestyle and in a year you’ll have it under control.

Yeah, Exactly. I mean, for, for Tallinn, it took her like, I believe almost a year rape to lose 30 pounds. Yeah. Yeah. And like, she’s been Longer than because I didn’t know how to work out for it. Like after, you know, but the first year I lost a lot of weight. Yeah. Yeah.

It’s been like a 10 year journey for you in finding out what’s the best thing for you and your body. It’s been like 10 years of you trying out different diets, trying different workouts, trying to see like what levels of sugar, fruit, all this stuff. And you know, over time you learn what’s best for your body. So just be patient with yourself,

sisters and just like one meal at a time. Yeah. All right. The next tip is, Oh, you do. Then you say, if I don’t know what You go for, open your mind to try new things, new pizzas, new pastas, go to the grocery store and pick up something that you haven’t tried before. And you might really like it because we were pizza shopping at whole foods,

the gluten and dairy free aisle. And, you know, I gravitated towards like the regular gluten and dairy free pizza that we always, we always get the diarrhea diarrhea. And then there was this other one. Oh, is that I think that’s something else. Anyways. It was all vegetables, like a Spanish name. I think I was like a vegetarian vegetable based vegan pizza with like a vegetable crust.

And I was like, Ugh, like, what is all of this? And you’re like, let’s just try and try something new. And now it’s our favorite pizza, Favorite gluten dairy free. And who knew, like we looked at it, we were like, eh, it’s different. We, we’re not, we’re never tasted this and you try it and you realize it’s Amazing.

Exactly. So Same thing goes with basically in general with gluten dairy free. So like maybe you’re used to a certain pasta right now with gluten. Right? Well, maybe there’s something else that you like, just as much or even more like, for example, there’s, bonzer a brand pasta, which is really good. B a N Z a Good,

it doesn’t fall apart or get mushy like other brands Benefit. Oh, there’s also like dire. They make their own pasta. They make Mac and cheese. There’s multiple brands and Annie’s makes one too. But the benefit of these pasta sisters is that they’re made of chickpeas or almond flour. And what the benefit of that is that it’s actually has protein and fiber.

And just more than only carbs because when you eat, you know, the pasta that’s made out of a regular flour, you’re just basically getting carbs. Whereas with these gluten-free ones where it’s made out of chickpeas or almonds, they actually have some amount of protein, which is as you know, elevates And a variety of nutritional benefits, antioxidants and vitamins. And just having variety in your diet is really important too.

Like you can’t just, even if you’re not gluten free, like you shouldn’t just eat wheat. We, we like there are other grains that are very good for you. And that’s one of the great parts of being gluten-free opening your mind to new grains. Like I never knew what buckwheat was. And then now it’s my favorite grain. It’s like nutty and delicious.

And they have like noodles made out of buckwheat and it’s so good for you. It even apparently has Inacio Tallinn, which is pretty cool because I take opacity all. So yeah. And like, sorry. Oh, shoot. I almost forgot. Oh, like there’s, there’s so many like inflammatory compounds found in wheat. We’ve gone over this in a previous episode of the,

of the podcast. Basically, I think it was called like gluten or gluten dairy free fat are necessary. And we have another podcast as well, just check out the podcast episodes and you’ll find more episodes on why we gluten and dairy free. But in one of them, we talk about like how wheat it’s been basically due to GMOs and due to mass manufacturing,

they beat basically made wheat like stocks so much thicker. And so that they’re able to grow longer and be, be safer against insects and pesticides. But guess what? This, this has only been done in the last 30 years, our, our bodies have not evolved to accommodate the difference in wheat. Like we’ve been eating wheat for thousands of years as,

as humans. However, in the last 30, 40, 50 years it’s changed so dramatically that our bodies have not, you know, been like evolved or adapted to digest it completely. So now, you know, it’s like almost like for some people that can be like gum, like it gets stuck in your intestines and you’re not able to digest it.

It gives you like, like IBS and things like that. So these are some things to consider with like pasta and like replacing it with a gluten-free option is you’re actually doing something that can be really beneficial for your body and digestive system. Think about it, sisters, let that sink in. Yeah. And then just lastly about the same tip is like giving up cheese and like finding dairy free options where cheese,

like it’s not necessary. Like for Tallinn, she could tell you that, like, she, she wasn’t really too much into the dairy free fake cheeses. She just basically took cheese out. Yeah. I only, I only recently started eating fake cheese because I wanted to, you know, provide variety on Instagram. And like in our recipes, in the sisterhood,

I wanted to give some variety to people and show them, there are all these options out there Who love cheese too. So there are options for you. That’s why we always include their free cheese. Cause we know there are cheese lover, cheese lovers, and we don’t want you to think that you can’t ever have cheese. You can have these replacements if you want.

Yeah. Or you can just not replace it, which is what I did for years and felt totally fine because when you’re focusing on how good you feel, then you’re kind of like, whatever. Like, I don’t really want that anyways. And I’m fine. And I feel great. And this meal is delicious and that’s it. And so you don’t have to like,

you know, replace it and spend all this money on things that you might not like. Exactly. Exactly. And then lastly, or I should say the next tip, we have a lot more tips coming throughout this podcast, but the next tip is in order, in order to create a lifestyle out of this, it’s not about perfection. It’s about Connect Exactly.

This is Sudeck’s favorite. Favorite question. When we go Instagram live, when people ask, like, what if I have a cheat day? What do you save him? Cheat day. We hate calling a cheat date is just a meal. It’s just, you’re having a meal. Maybe, maybe like you feel like having gluten or dairy today. Maybe you want,

you want to have gluten and dairy for your lunch. Well, there’s no pressure. There’s no reason to feel guilty or bad about it because we’re not here to create perfection. There’s nobody in this world that is perfect. There’s nobody that, how dare you Skinny. There’s nobody in this world that is perfect. Especially with their diet, especially with anything in the world.

So we’re trying to be consistent. We’re trying to make sure that we have a consistent lifestyle. That’s beneficial for us and trying to be perfect about it is not going to get you there because it’s just going to create stress and make you feel guilty. And that’s not what we’re No, no, we’re not definitely not, not guilty. I’ll tell you that much.

We’re not trying to make anyone feel guilty for not going gluten and dairy free or not being able to or whatever. If it doesn’t work for you, then don’t feel bad making something else. We’ll like always keep an open mind. Exactly. So if you’re wondering about, Oh shoot, I had a gluten free for lunch shoot is I just cheated my meal or like,

Oh man, I feel so guilty. I’m going to have an off week. The sisters don’t feel that way. It’s just one meal or it’s just one day, literally just forget about it. Like, don’t let it put you down. Don’t let it stress you. And instead just focus on the next day or the next time you want to start your gluten and dairy free,

you know, consistency, your lifestyle. And just, just focus on the consistent portion and not the perfection of the perfection about it. I couldn’t have said it better, babe. Yeah. And then also just want to say in the sisterhood, we had like a whole, as, as we’ve explained before, we have a whole five States success path,

but just to break it down in stage two, you actually, we teach you how to go gluten free. So we walk you through our kitchen. Tiling goes to the heart, our whole kitchen telling you exactly all the products that she has. That’s that’s good and free. We even have a whole video on how to eat out gluten-free so if you’re in restaurants or if you’re grocery shopping,

things like that, we, we explain like how to ask for something. Gluten-free how to talk to the waiter, all these different things. And the same thing for dairy-free, which is stage three. We teach you why or what the benefits of dairy free are. We ha we teach you how to order out dairy-free and as well as we do a separate pantry tour and kitchen tour for just dairy free items.

So we literally walk you through it all to help you learn how to go gluten and dairy free in the most safest, safest, easiest, efficient way for you. Yeah. There’s also a video on getting started, like how to begin, you know, and just, it literally like every experience I’ve had throughout this process is talked about and summarize in a funny and informative way on these videos in there.

Yeah. And I’ve personally done all the editing added some visuals, you know, to make you to make it possessed, make the learning process as easy as possible. All right. So those are the main tips, but now we’re going to go on to, what can we do to help you go gluten and dairy free? So we asked this question on Instagram,

on IgE stickers. We, what can I do to help you go good Tinder free. So now we’re going to read your answers and basically give advice as best as, Okay. The first answer is from my best friend Gabrielle. And she says, come to my kitchen and cook my meals. I bet that’s what, like, everyone will love just telling,

just cook for me. And I’ll be fine. I feel like everyone was thinking about it before they responded to this, Your meals on Instagram. And like, like it’s I know, I know personally, cause it’s so delicious, but sisters, I promise you it’s as delicious as it looks in the one and a half. I don’t know how long it would be more than a half or one and a quarter years that we’ve been married.

I think we’ve only had like two off days, two days where you were maybe a little off, maybe, maybe you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Who knows? I want you to remember specifically which two days, I’m pretty sure every single meal you’ve ever eaten in this marriage thus far has been ridiculously. Don’t make me think. I can’t think of a single thing.

No, I’m only joking. Obviously every meal you’ve made for me has always been delicious. Okay. All right. Let’s move on. Let’s move on. What is the next DM or question that we got about this? Let’s see someone says, can I go gluten and dairy free? Even if I don’t have PCO S Well, I mean, if you have like endometriosis,

there are studies that show that it, that it can really help, but this is obviously like a piece of you as podcasts and we’re, you know, we’re all about, you know, helping them with peace us. I mean, with PCs have endometriosis. Yeah. That’s true. Yeah. Okay. Someone says more Instagram stories and recipes that are non-expensive products.

Sure. So going off of that, non-expensive right. That’s that’s a comment like thought, Oh, it’s expensive to go gluten free. Well, earlier we talked about foods that are naturally gluten dairy free. So for example, sisters, rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, meats, like, you know, ground beef, any sort of steak, anything like that.

I mean, on and on. Are those expensive? I mean, it depends on what you’re getting obviously, but like rice is that one of the cheapest things you can get potatoes is one of the cheapest things you can get. I mean, meats, depending on the different varieties is very relatively cheap. Chicken is cheap. I mean, it’s, that’s just,

that’s just a myth like that. Gluten dairy-free is expensive because I think those people are focusing on the, the specialty brands that are like, that are making foods that are already gluten. They’re making them into gluten free. So that’s where you can get different. There’s one more, she says, I feel like I’m eating. Gluten-free like a chore. How can I make myself look forward to eating food?

Well, that’s really interesting. I mean, definitely you need to think about some of your foods, what you like to eat and then kind of modify them slightly because you’d be surprised how easy it is to take like one of your favorite meals and make it gluten and dairy free. So for example, nachos who doesn’t love nachos, of course like corn chips are gluten free,

but I just made nachos with sweet potato. And then I added some dairy free cheese sprinkled that on and some chicken and some avocado guacamole, jalapeno, red onion, whatever. And it was delicious and it was a gluten-free meal and it was very easy to make. And you know, it’s one of my favorite meals, gluten and dairy free there, you have just try to make sure you’re eating foods that you like.

That’s my thing. Like, just because it’s going to dairy-free doesn’t mean you’re eating salad all day. Yeah, exactly. And then somebody else said related to what we were saying earlier, the problem is rice rice is gluten free, but it affects my peace USA so bad. Well, so it really depends with the rice because obviously it’s a carb and it can affect your insulin.

So it’s really about moderation. So rice is definitely okay. I mean, it depends on everybody’s certain situation, but rice in moderation with a meal in the right portions paired properly with high protein can be beneficial. Actually talk about this in stage four of the sisterhood. And it’s how to eat carbs. It’s not donate carbs. It’s how to eat them.

Like, how are you pairing them? How much is on your plate? Which carbs are you choosing? And also keeping in mind that every body reacts differently to different carbs. So I tolerate most carbs, but some people might not be able to tolerate rice and that might have a really bad effect on their blood sugar. So maybe sweet potatoes are better.

You know what I’m saying? So like everyone has a different blood sugar reaction to every different carb. Yeah. Yeah. And then a lot of people were saying more recipes please. And we definitely, we can, we try to do as many recipes as possible on Instagram stories as well as on our feed or our take talk every day we do it.

But if you’re looking for like print out PDF pages of, of hundreds of recipes, well then honestly the best place is the sisterhood. We have basically like how much, how many recipes do we have, like 15, but we have basically a crap load of recipes that they’re all and they’re free and you can print out the PDFs. And the best part is that the recipes are based on your carb tolerance.

So basically after you learn, after you discover your carb tolerance in, in one of the stages, in the, in the sisterhood, you select it. So let’s just say, for example, you picked a 60 to 90 grams of carbs. So you select that and the button online, there’s a button, you press it. And then you’re like loads.

And then basically when you go to the recipe section, the whole recipe section is based on the carb level you selected. And don’t worry if that changes, you can go back and change it to something different. And then the recipes will change and adapt to what you selected and all the recipe like the ingredient. Yeah. The ingredients with how much stuff to put in it changes based on your carb tolerance.

So it’s honestly a great place to find a recipes that suited for you. So then I asked another sticker, other question advice, you would give a sister going gluten and dairy free. So this is advice from people who have already gone gluten and dairy free. So I love this one. She says you don’t have to lose weight in the first week,

focus on how you feel. Oh, that is so the truth. If you’re feeling more energetic, if you’re feeling like less bloated, just because you didn’t lose weight the first week or even the first month, that doesn’t mean you should stop. Like if you feel good, keep doing what makes you feel good and that’s going to heal your metabolism and that’s going to get you,

your metabolism moving. And the weight loss eventually will happen. As you, maybe you layer in other things like slowly did workouts and things. I mean, the truth is it all starts inside out. Like first you may see that, or maybe your acne is clearing up. Maybe like some patches of hair are growing back and you start to see these changes.

If you started to see these changes, that could be a big sign of other things to come and like, like tie and say like, if you don’t see the first week, give it a couple of weeks for a lot of sisters, it usually takes about two to four weeks. And thinking about this, like the inflammation and all the, the causes,

it didn’t just happen in one day. Right? Like it took, it took time for the inflammation to get worse and things develop. So when you go gluten dairy free, it’s going to take time to like detox your body out of it. So just be patient with yourself. So the next tip a sister has, I liked this one, splurge a little on dairy,

free cheese, gluten free pizza Cress, et cetera. Especially at the beginning. That’s, that’s a good tip, you know, just to ease into it. I mean, not everyone wants to spend this much money all at once, but if you feel like it and you know, you want to, it is a lot more fun, you know,

in the beginning, especially as you’re getting used to new things to choose like the gluten and dairy free pizza. Of course. Yeah. I mean, everybody has different flexibilities. So if that’s something you know, you’re able to do, then yeah. That’s, that’s a good tip. Someone says gluten and dairy will always wait for you. Your health.

Won’t Great. Is that Sarah? Was that your name, sir? Good job, Sarah. That’s a great tip. And yeah, like it’s true. Like gluten, if, if gluten and dairy-free doesn’t work for you, there’s, it’s always there for you. Like if you want to go back to it, you know, so don’t feel a one don’t feel rushed into it.

Like somebody else also said, baby, if you scroll up, I liked it too. Well once somebody said, keep it simple, which is great. But on other sisters said, it’s easier once you get started. So basically what I want to say about is don’t think ahead. Like when you start going gluten dairy free, don’t think ahead to one week from now or two weeks from now,

like, Oh, I’m going to be like this in two weeks because that just gets your hopes up and puts a lot of pressure on yourself. Instead, just get started as easy as possible as for you maybe with just breakfast, like we mentioned earlier, and then in two, three days you can be like, Oh my gosh, I’m going, I’m going gluten,

dairy free. Basically. Like I’m slowly doing it. Like I can do, I can do this thing. I’m eight, I’m capable. And you guys, sisters, you’re all capable. Everybody’s capable of doing it. And you’re all capable of overcoming piece. Yours too. Yeah. Once it’s done or a lot of sisters are saying, start slow,

change out a couple items at a time. Instead of trying to do an entirely new kitchen, be creative with ingredients and don’t give up. I like that. Yes, definitely. The starting store. Not like replacing the whole kitchen at once, because then you’re going to maybe find stuff that you didn’t like. Don’t take it slow. Don’t beat yourself up.

If you go up your path every now and then healing. Isn’t linear. Yeah. Keep trying. If you eat gluten and dairy it’s okay. Just continue gluten and dairy free afterwards. It’s the least restrictive lifestyle. My body loves it. My mind loves it and Results are slow but steady. Yeah. Think about it. You can eat pizza. You can eat basically anything.

If it’s gluten they’re free. So it’s, it is one of the most least restrictive things you can do. Some of those start slow by removing dairy first, then gluten, then sugar. That’s exactly how we show you in the sisterhood. And this is where we go gluten first. Right. But yeah, that’s a great tip right there. Starting slow ones.

Literally everyone is saying go slowly transition slowly because it can get overwhelming. Yeah. Don’t worry. There’s other, there’s always an alternative. Yeah. Alright. Let’s start slow. Take it slow. Gluten and dairy. Yeah. That’s, that’s what we try to teach too. Like not only in the sisterhood, but on Instagram and basically with our posts is always starting slow trying to see if it’s right for you.

Because of course not everything is right for a hundred percent of the population. Like everybody changes. And we’ve never said that it’s perfectly the thing for peace shows. Right. It’s everybody’s different. And you just got to try it to see if it’s right for you. Exactly. See what’s working for your body. Yes. All right. That pretty much covers the gluten and dairy free portion of this episode.

Now we’re going to go on to the PCO as hotline. If you’re new to the podcast, we have a whole hotline. The number is one eight three three. Ask PCO S I’ll say it one more time. One eight, three, three, ask P cos you can call and leave a voicemail with your question or testimonial. We love to play your testimonials in the beginning of the podcast.

Whenever we get them. And we basically answer your questions live on the podcast and you can also send text messages to that. We can read on the podcast as well. So let’s read this or let’s play this week’s voicemail. Hi, thanks so much for starting this hotline. This is so helpful. You have no idea. So I was talking to another fellow sister who has insulin resistance issues and she was talking about being on Metformin goo.

Right. We hate that. And I was talking about my experience with Berberian berberine. I can’t remember what the supplements called, but it’s, it does the same thing that foreman does. It’s just a lot gentler. And I was wondering what your thoughts on taking that and the Avastin all together is like, because since it’s kind of like a Metformin like supplement and you don’t suggest Metformin and NovaSeq all at the same time due to what they do to the blood sugar levels.

I just wanted to know what you thought about those two supplements together. All right. Great question, sister. We, we, we get a lot of questions about obviously Metformin berberine. Avesta tall, just a quick disclaimer, though. Everybody’s different. Like w w we don’t, we don’t know your blood work. We can’t know for sure. What’s right for your body.

So we always say to please consult your doctor when it comes to different supplements, to make sure that it’s right for you. Now, with that being said, I want to explain berberine a little bit what it is and what your thoughts. Yeah. Berberine is another great supplement for blood sugar, just like Avast, Tom. Oftentimes when I have patients who are super insulin resistant and like change their diet,

they’re taking them acetone, but still with the cravings, you know, you layer in some berberine. So that’s how I like to implement it into a S lifestyle, but it is great for insulin resistance. If you’re super insulin resistant, it can help. And yeah, like you said, keep in mind that whenever you’re taking supplements or any blood sugar medications or anything like that,

you really want to monitor yourself and make sure that you feel okay and make sure that your blood sugar is not dropping too low. And so on. Even when you’re taking over acetone, like sometimes it’s good to start with half a dose instead of like the full scoop or a full packet. You know, you want to make sure that you’re doing something that’s good for your body.

So no matter what we recommend, or no matter what your doctor recommends, you need to evaluate how you feel. And if it’s working for you and then go back to that doctor or a dietician or whoever it is that you’re working with. One-on-one and tell them that like, this is what happens. What do I do? Yeah. So, so basically when it comes to of acetone and beriberi together,

is it okay then? Would you see? Or is it too much? I don’t think I’m okay. It depends on the person. That’s the thing. Like, you can be too much. Like for me, it probably would be, I’m not that insulin resistant anymore, but for other people yeah. Sometimes layering them together. It can be. Yeah.

So definitely consult your doctor on that because we, we don’t know like how insulin resistant you are. It may be too much. So just check with your doctor first, a common question that we do get just related to this is can I take Metformin and Avastin all together? So that one based on what doctors, and also what Avesta has told us and studies it,

they do say it’s acceptable to take Metformin and an all-star supplement together. However, based on our experience, based on talions experience and other sister’s experience, some people find that when they take Metformin and also supplement together, they get lightheaded, their, their blood sugar drops too low. Like, like we were saying, we were saying earlier, it just was too much for their body.

Right? Exactly. So it’s important to evaluate yourself and see how you feel. Exactly. I swear the podcast gods do not want this episode to be done. Probably be the audio listeners couldn’t tell, but as we were answering the PCs hotline question, the camera just turned off because the battery ran out. So right after that, I just, I just had to replace the battery so we could finish up the party guys.

But honestly, this episode, seriously, Such a struggle episode right now. You guys have no idea Right now for us. It’s the end of Friday. So it’s like, it’s 5:00 PM, Friday. We’re at the last minute, our energy levels are like almost depleted. All right. But with all that being said, we’re not going to forget about one of our favorite parts of the podcast,

which is where we talk about a sister who’s been managing her piece, us and I got the house and It was three, three this week seem to hold it together. There were so many good ones from the sisterhood. I love it. We always get a lot of testimonials and we love reading them. So again, as I mentioned, if you have a testimonial,

feel free to DM us or message us on Instagram, or even call our hotline to leave the, to leave a voicemail. And we’ll happily play on the podcast. That’s right. All right, babe, who is the, The first winner grace? She says, I convinced my PCLs BFF to go gluten and dairy free and joined the sisterhood. She’s lost five pounds in two weeks and she’s killing it.

I’m officially down 18 pounds and had a normal period wins all over. That’s amazing that it definitely wins all over w a win for the whole family. I can say. And great job, like talking to your friend about it. You know, like if You’re on board with you And honestly, just to go off of this real quick, like if you have a friend who has PCs,

or maybe you’re in the sisterhood and you’re in the Facebook group, try to find a friend, try to get close to somebody with PCs, because it’s like a, like a partner that you can always talk to about this condition. It’s like a friend that you can get support. You can support each other, maybe something worked for them and you can talk to them.

They can give you the same suggestions and vice versa. It really helps to find a friend with PCO as you know. So I highly implore you if you’re in the, in the sisterhood and you’re in the Facebook group, try to make some friends feel free to DM someone that’s in the sisterhood and try to like, get close with that’s right. Support.

Yeah. Okay. Our next one, do you want to read it? Sure. The next winner is Ameena. She says, woke up this morning, feeling a bit lighter, decided to weigh myself three and a half pounds down. Actually cannot believe it done my workout enough to eat something. Keep going ladies. Yes. Amazing. I mean a great job.

And I look, I love how she’s like decided to weigh myself because, you know, we, we usually say like, you know, don’t weigh yourself every day. Like limited to once a week, as little as possible, because you know, they can like put too much pressure on yourself. And I like how she said, I just decided to weigh myself.

Like it was nothing. When you feel comfortable doing it, do it. If you don’t don’t yeah, Yeah, definitely great stuff. Keep going on. You know, we’re all, we’re all here. All right. And the last winner is Kaitlin. She says, I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m officially down 13 pounds. I couldn’t believe it.

Trust the process. Ladies. I’m not a hundred percent gluten and dairy free almost, but I can’t believe the changes I’m seeing. You’ve got this. Keep believing in yourself and you’re healing your body. I truly can’t believe how far I’ve come. After years of struggling in just a few weeks. Amazing Kaitlin, great job. And truly can’t believe how far I’ve become after years of struggling in just a few weeks.

I repeat that because many sisters say, I wish I found you years ago when I got diagnosed, I wish I started this years ago. Don’t feel bad that you didn’t start years ago. Because look at Caitlyn in just a few weeks, she felt better than she has after all the years of struggling. So always remember that, no matter how late you are,

it doesn’t matter because this, the moment you start, you’re going to start feeling better than you felt in the last few years or however long. And none of that’s going to, None of it seriously, you’ll forget that you spent 10 years in struggle city because I forgot, but I have to relive it every time I tell you guys the story. True.

True, true, true. Alrighty. That’s the end of the podcast. We have a weekend now to enjoy and relax the clock on a Friday. And think of podcasts is I guess I do. It is funny. We were doing a live earlier today and during the live, it was like really funny. We were like Tyne and I were like going back and forth about some,

like a funny thing. And one of my friends just hopped up on the live and said, I agree with. And it was like hilarious. Everybody took Tallinn site. And one of my guide friends took my side on the live. And then right after the live, I texted him like, Hey, you want to come home for a dinner tomorrow?

So now we’re having dinner with him. See, you see how Instagram brings people together? Yes. All together the sisterhood. Alrighty, sisters, thank you so much for listening. This is the end of today’s episode. Make sure you subscribe to our podcast. Leave a review if you like, if you like the episode and yeah, we’ll see you guys next week.

Thanks for listening sisters. Talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly Membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle,

gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,.

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