How to Reverse PCOS Acne Naturally

One of the most hated of all PCOS symptoms, acne, affects a large percentage of women with PCOS and is something you simply cannot ignore…it stares at you, you stare at it…I (Tallene) am fully aware of the pain you’re experiencing!

Why is acne happening with PCOS? We break down how acne occurs in women with PCOS and what you can do to help reverse this painful symptom.

You’ll learn about natural supplements as well as treatment options available from doctors. We even include lifestyle tips you can start today!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome Cysters to another episode of the podcast. Welcome sisters. And today’s actually a little bit of, not a little bit telling don’t kill me. Today’s today’s a special day was actually our first date. The men Tallene everyone on June 7th.

He looks at his calendar on June 17th, 2016, five years Ago. Today we went on our first state. Yeah. Yeah. Well now you know what day we’re recording this podcast when you hear this in the future, but yeah, this is June 17th right now. And we’ll time. How has the last five years been? It’s been fun. I forget the last five years we’ve already had our anniversary.

We’ve enjoyed it, but how was the first date when you look back on it? Yeah. You know What? I love this because when people ask about our first date, I mean, it’s one of those stories where like I was so uncomfortable, it was basically a blind date, met on Tinder, but for anyone who hasn’t heard us talk about Tinder,

yet they should seriously sponsor this podcast. We met on Tinder and we went on our first date and see Derek wanted to go to dinner. And I typically go out for drinks. I would go out for drinks with typically, I didn’t know them. Like, why would I go all the way to dinner? You Know? And the funny thing was talent wanted to talk on the phone.

Like she was like, oh, could you call me? We can talk on the phone. Why wouldn’t you want to talk on the phone? I don’t even know you. And I’m going to talk on the phone with You to this day. He doesn’t like to Talk to me talking on the phone. Most guys don’t like talking on the phone. I don’t like to talk about how’s my day with my,

I don’t do that with my guy friends. I don’t do that with my family. And now I’m going to talk to a random girl. I don’t even know on the phone, but you invited me 11:00 PM in bed. What am I as a teenager or a teenage girl? Like, okay. I mean, I just wanted to hear your voice. We went on a dinner date.

I didn’t know you. It was blind basically. Do you know scary? That is for a person, but that’s great. I liked going to like, get a drink and just, you know, test the water is equals, you know? Cool. And then decide if I want to get dinner, but that’s fine. It all worked out here.

We aren’t married. So I, I remember, I remember sitting in front of the restaurant and there was no one there. I had, you know, there was a valley in front of the restaurant. I rallied my car. I sat in front of the restaurant waiting for you to walk up because I was like, where else am I going to say?

So I felt like such a loser. Okay. I felt so, like, I was like just Sitting in front of the restaurant. Where else were you supposed to do it? I don’t Know. Sitting by myself, just like staring at the street and thinking, what the hell did I get myself into? Who is this person? Whatever. And then,

and then you walked up or shall I say, like John Tooley, like ran up the stairs? Yeah. It was like a little bit of stairs In like, I don’t know. I just didn’t walk up. I just like jogged up the shadows. Like I was Rocky and you know, when he’s in Philadelphia is going up the stairs and he looks back down.

He’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah. I ended up, did we hug? Yeah, we hugged. I should have Said hi. Hello. See, doc was very quiet on our first date, if you can imagine. Yeah. And the reason why is because the week before I was on an airplane and on the airplane, for some reasons,

you know, when you go up in the air and you’re like your ears pop, and then they kind of like pop back or like, yeah, like there’s a weird thing with your ear. And then you have to kind of like swallow your spit or whatever, and then kind of goes away. Well, for me, it didn’t go away for whatever reason.

For two weeks, my ears, like didn’t pop. Like basically it felt like I was like at 30,000 feet in the air and my ears were full. So I couldn’t hear two weeks. So on our first date, I was The loud one and he was quiet. It was so quiet and I couldn’t hear anything she was saying. And I remember at one point something fell out of the kitchen,

like, or, sorry, sorry. Something fell on the restaurant, like a piece of glass and it broke. And I was like, oh, whoa, what was that? And then you looked at me, you’re like, that’s like the sixth time it’s happened. I also remember, I had told you I’m gluten and dairy free on the first day.

And you ordered me a gluten-free drink and a gold pineapple cup. And then you bought me a pineapple full cup later. Yeah. But most People are probably wondering how was that? Like with the PCO S you know, explained the diet and stuff. But I don’t really, when I look back at it, I do know you told me you had,

you were gluten and dairy free the first date. And I don’t remember exactly if you said you had piece us or not the first day. I know we talked about a more intensively later on, but I remember when you told me about gluten dairy, I was like, it peaked my interest because I was really, I’ve always been into health and I’ve been into a lot of research about gluten.

Cause I was already looking into cooling, gluten and dairy from podcasts I was listening to. So it was, it was a match made in heaven. It Really was. And I’m glad I put myself out there. And even though I felt awkward standing in front of that restaurant at which I will never forget that feeling of being so vulnerable. It was so worth it.

And if anyone is out there dating, yeah. Don’t give up. Absolutely. Yeah. Put yourself Out there because you know, that is key. Like just putting yourself out There a hundred percent. I am before I found Tali. And I was like, I don’t know who I’m going to find. That’s going to be right for me. I just,

I felt like I was never going to be able to find the right person. And then, you know, lo and behold, I found though, is this so cheesy time while we’ll be having dairy on this podcast or anything, but no. So good joke. But yeah, a lot of times things in life don’t come easy. Right? So like telling you we’re in the uncomfortable situation when you were waiting in front of a restaurant and it’s not that big of a deal for you guys,

but you know, there’s going to be this dialogue in your head. You’re like, what am I doing here? Who is this guy? Everyone’s Looking at me, nobody was there. There’s, There’s always going to be uncomfortable situations, but those are the situations that greatness comes out of, you know, like don’t comfort. That’s where, when you get through it,

you can kind of come out out of the other end, like, you know, feeling better chill. I think that relates to a lot of peace, Jewish journey stories Too. Yeah. Making ourselves a little bit uncomfortable. Yeah. All right. Well, speaking of let’s go into today’s episode, which is all about PCO S and acne. Yes.

This is one of the most hated symptoms of PCOS. And it affects a large percentage of us women with PCOS. And it’s just something that we can’t ignore. Like it stares at us in the mirror. We stare at it in the mirror and it’s on our faces. And yeah, it’s very painful and like emotionally painful. And, you know, I remember my face would ache from how much cystic acne I had.

And it is just one of those symptoms with PCOS that can really tear down your confidence. So with that being said, we are going to talk about lots of tips and talk about what the heck is even happening with our acne. Like what is happening underneath, because that really motivates us to make a change. Yeah. We’re going to talk about the root causes.

We’re going to talk about supplements and basically diet and lifestyle approaches to help you reverse that us acne, but let’s start with what is happening. What is actually happening when with this acne. So with acne, your acne is this outward manifestation of the inner inflammation in your body. It’s and that’s combined with elevated levels of androgens, which are predominantly male. Right.

So just to break that down, because that was a little confusing for me, I was like the manifestation just manifest. It’s the insights coming out. Yeah. It’s the base, the result of the inflammation that’s happening inside the body, coming out to show you on the outside of your skin. Exactly. And that’s combined with the elevated androgens such as testosterone.

Am I understanding that, right? Yeah. When you combine inflammation with high androgens, it’s a recipe for here’s the autism and one of the symptoms of here, statism being acne. Yeah. And then there’s facial hair, hair loss, this, that, but we’re going to focus on acne here because we, women with PCs were more susceptible to acne.

The bacteria on our skin is different. The CBM, the oil that protects our skin is also unique. And just as a result of the inflammation and the PCO S that’s basically driving the physiological aspects of our skin to change. Okay. So I’m like point I’m showing SeaTac with my hand, but with that being said, acne can kind of be a blessing because then you’re,

you know, you have inflammation. Like your body is literally telling you here, chronic inflammation. So immediately, you know, that you should be reframing your lifestyle, your diet, and how you really look at acne, because we can prevent a lot of other serious conditions on the road. If we pay attention and treat the root causes of the PCLs and the acne.

And a lot of us, like, we feel like, and I’m one of those, I was one of those people and I still kind of get sucked into it. You know, you want to buy all the nice creams and lotions and tonics. And like I, at one point would spend as much money as it would take, like to fix my skin.

I don’t care, like give me the magic cream, but there isn’t, it’s like The, one of the biggest industries is basically skin products. And it’s because so many people, they want to improve acne or other, you know, other features that they may want to improve. Yes. Yeah. And you honestly, like, I mean, I’m sure there are products that can help,

but at the same time you want to treat the root of the issue. And sometimes you can get like trapped and sucked into all these different products. Let’s just walk into Sephora. The bottles are beautiful. You know, they, it makes it seem like it’s clean and organic and you should get it, blah, blah, blah. And really like,

all you need is a face wash, a toner, a moisturizer, retinols, gray, you know, vitamin C. Yeah. And like, it’s not so complex. Right. But other than that, none of that is going to stop the cystic acne from coming out. Unless you treat the diet and lifestyle aspects that are causing the oil to be extra,

like Fiscus, you know, on your skin and like create this cystic acne. Yes. All right. So we’re gonna move on to supplements, right? Yes. All right. Cool. Before we move on to supplements, we just want to mention that this episode is brought to you by Theralogix or versatile. So as many of, you know, Avastin hall,

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You guys know how much we love CBD and its benefits on sleep and anxiety, and it can actually help with improving acne pure spectrum CBD actually has a moisturizing cream that that is meant for the face. So it’s a great product. And if you’re interested in ordering CBD, you can go to pure spectrum and use the discount code, the sisterhood, the sisterhood,

one word, and get 10% of your order. And we’re going to talk about inflammation and insulin levels and how that affects our acne as well in this podcast. Yes. All right. So with that out of the way, let’s go into supplements, supplementations. Well, CDX, favorite, he has done so much research on this omega-3 supplements. Oh My God.

I freaking love fish oil. Start this. You can go ahead. I’m going to bring the bottle so I can kind, just see the ones I like. Okay. Okay. Okay. So a lot of junk foods have processed oils like high in omega six. Okay. And this is more inflammatory. So when we consume that type of diet, it creates an imbalance between the ratio of omega three and omega six.

And that’s what leads to a lot of inflammation and high levels of omega six makes our C bum the oil more sticky and viscous, which causes more breakouts. So we want to make sure that the ratio between omega three and omega six is correct. And there isn’t a lot, a lot more of omega six, which comes from the junk food in our diet women with PCs,

we have a hard time converting omega three to the more important and a potent EPA and DHA. So we’re not getting the benefits of omega three because we’re having trouble converting it to EPA and DHA. And this is why taking supplements like fish oil that has like EPA DHA in it. This can be really helpful for us and also zinc, which also helps with converting omega three to EPA and DHA.

If we want to get the full benefits of omega three, sometimes we have to take supplements or eat foods high in zinc to help with the conversion, or, you know, consult your doctor about taking a zinc supplement. Zinc is really important. I love having pumpkin seeds because I found out that they have zinc and magnesium and all these great minerals in them for PCOS.

So I sprinkle them on everything now Sidak would you like to tell us about your omega three journey? Yes. I mean, I’ve been taking omega-3 for like maybe the last seven, eight years. And like throughout the years, I’ve done so much research on it to the point where like I’ve switched brands, I’ve done like research into the intellect, the quality of different brands and things like that.

I will say one that Theralogix has a great omega-3, it’s called therre omega. If you go to their website, you find thorough omega. If you use our PRC code 2 9, 2, 6, 6 0, you’ll get, you’ll be able to get 15% off. But two other brands that I’ve also used in the past one of them is called pro omega 2000. And you can find this on Amazon pro omega 2000 it’s by Nordic naturals,

very high intensity potent form of the EPA and the DHA highly recommend that brand. And then the other brand that I really like is also by Nordic naturals. And that one is called omega-3 phospholipids. And that’s basically like an alternative to krill and it’s like uses like raw extract and things like that. So it has a more potent versions of the EPA and DHA.

So what I do is I, basically some days I take the Promega and the omega-3 phospholipids together. Some days I take the Thoreau mega kind of switch it up, just so like, my body doesn’t get used to the same fish oil every single day. Cause I take it every day. So I like, I change it up between those three, just to like my bodies.

That’s so great if you weren’t so into this, Basically, because it’s like, there’s so much benefit for inflammation for cognitive function, you know, like it’s been shown yeah. Preventative health. I’m trying to live to 140, like I don’t know about y’all, but I’m trying to get to the three digits and trying to outlive everybody. All right. Next one.

Yeah. I pretty much talked about think it helps with making omega three more bioavailable for us. And again, the pumpkin seeds also animal proteins have a lot of zinc in them. And zinc also helps to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is the more potent form of testosterone. And when that’s high, it can trigger a lot of oil production and acne.

So zinc is also important and also vitamin a, which brings down inflammation because vitamin a is a key nutrient in supporting your intestinal barrier. And a lot of the acne comes from intestinal and gut Issues. Yeah. Like when you gluten, right. And the in touch intestinal permeability, the leaky gut happening. So they can help with that. But you don’t want to take just any old vitamin a supplement.

You probably want to eat foods high in vitamin a instead because you can easily develop a toxicity if you take high doses. But with that being said, I’m sure at many of you are thinking of Accutane, which is a drug that’s commonly prescribed for women who have, or people who have acne and dermatologists kind of like see this as like the magic pill,

like the solution here. It’s very strong. It’s, you know, it’s actually a chemotherapeutic agent, you know, it’s, I’m not sure, but it has something to do with cancer. I want to Google it, Google it while I talk about it. I just want to give a little warning for women with PCOS who are offered Accutane. The success rate for us is much lower than for others.

Only about one in three of us have a long-term benefit from it. So have a see short term improvements. And then the FA you know, a little bit later, the acne comes back or maybe a few years later, it comes back with a vengeance because you’re really not treating the root of the issue. And it is again, a temporary fix,

like many things, many prom false promises about acne. Yeah, Sure. So a chemotherapeutic agent also referred to as antineoplastic agents are used to directly or indirectly inhibit the uncontrolled growth and proliferation of cancer cells. Right. Oh, okay. So they’re basically meant to shut down the growth of cancer cells. That’s what they were originally created for Accutane. And now it’s for acne.

I don’t know like how those two relate. It’s very strong and there’s so many side effects. If it could help, what if it, if it’s supposed to be for cancer, then it’s, it’s probably really strong. So, I mean, I dunno maybe. Yeah. Perhaps it works for some people, but for some, the side effects like that depends on the person.

It, you know, we’re also offered spironolactone. Another drug. Many of you are probably aware of, I was offered it as well, and it blocks the action of testosterone on our skin. Especially if the skin receptors are very sensitive to androgens like testosterone, you know, this is gonna be really helpful in temporarily fixing the issue and helping with the struggle of acne while you’re figuring out the diet and lifestyle and the gut issues that are untrue underlying it.

I didn’t try it myself, but I do think that acne can be so debilitating that like, if, you know, if you want to take spironolactone, of course, that’s a great option for you. If your doctor recommends it, you know, think about it, make the informed decision, but also have an exit plan because you don’t want to take it forever.

You want to figure out what’s happening underneath. And then also we’re offered antibiotics. Oh, and I was reading PCO S S O S by Dr. Phil scourge, my favorite book, she talks about how she’s against antibiotics for treating acne. And they rarely work for PCs patients from a long-term point of view. And in fact, they’re harmful for our gut microbiome because you know,

the right bacteria is going to reduce inflammation, acne, and it, and taking the antibiotic can harm and kill off the good and the bad bacteria at the same time. So you really want to think about what decision you’re going to make. If you’re going to make a decision, a medical CDX distracting with this Instagram video, oh, It’s just recording a story of us making the podcast.

I mean, So you can make any decision you want about your acne. You can take medication, you can do cosmetic things, or you can change your lifestyle and or so you can do them all at the same time. So whatever you decide, I prefer the lifestyle changes. Of course, it took longer. The struggle was real for much longer.

Of course, if I had taken spironolactone or something, maybe we would have fixed it sooner and it would have been glowing faster, but I really wanted to figure out the diet and lifestyle changes. So at the time, like I stuck to that for a while. And I mean, it took a while. Like it takes, it’s a slow process.

It takes like six months to see a significant improvement. That’s a long time. The thing that makes it hard because six months is a long time and it feels even longer when it’s day by day, step by step one sees changes immediately or suddenly. But just like with a lot of, you know, diet and lifestyle changes, it just takes time.

But once you see the changes, then you know, it’s happening, then you know, it’s improving. So it’s just continuing, continuing it’s like that ball rolling down a hill. It starts rolling as it keeps rolling and goes faster and faster and faster. So that can be the same thing with your improvement. You start improving. It gets faster and faster and bigger and bigger.

That is The darn truth. And I can tell that because when I have dairy, it causes acne and it lasts a long time. So I imagine it also takes a long time to reduce that inflammation heal. It’s not like you ate, you know, gluten and dairy free one day and the next day your skin is perfect. No, like it’ll take the month to clear it all up.

Yep. And at one point I’m such a fool. At one point before we got married, I started eating dairy again. I was like, oh, like a slice of cheese. Like, I’ll be fine. And this was like way before we got married. My acne was so out of control and I was in denial. I was like, no,

no, no, it can’t be, it’s just one slice of cheese. Like every once in a while, not even every day, But you still, this mistake, you’ll, you’ll be like, we’ll be at a party and you don’t have, you never have gluten or dairy. And all of a sudden at a party, You’re like, oh,

I’ll just have, I’ll Get a corn tortilla chip. And I’ll just get a little sliver of bread or I’ll get a little sliver of this. The other day we had guac at a party and you didn’t know that the guac had dairy in it. How could you know? I didn’t know that now, by the way, scissors some guac, I mean,

depends on how the quality, they actually add yogurt to it to give it that more of the full effect or the whip. Okay. Yeah. The whip and to give it So be careful and make sure the guac doesn’t have, like the Darien is Italian didn’t know. So she had like a couple of bites and then really couple of bites I had,

I had a Searchie yeah. That’s So, so yeah, she did it, she did that and she had no idea. And then later found out and then had like a little bit of acne under her jawline. Yeah. I’ve had like three cystic acne is on my jaw line all week. Cause I had a slice of Bree. Yeah. One little slice,

not even the whole size and that guac with the dairy in it and a smacker role of frosting from the cake. Okay. Listen, all throughout quarantine, I wasn’t tempted by anything. And now we’re going to Connie’s everybody’s birthday. I’m not really tempting. Like if I see cake I’m not interested or if I see gluten dairy, I’m really not interested.

But we were sitting at a table that had just like this whole cheese platter. And I was sitting there for like two hours. Finally. I just had a little slipper of, I mean, if you look at Bri long enough, like how do you hold yourself back? So I guess the lesson year is with the journey of improving your acne. It’s step,

step, it’s a step-by-step journey, but there’s going to be days where it can feel like there’s a setback. You know, maybe you had something by accident, like in tie-ins case, or maybe just something went off, like something, more lifestyle, stress. What have you. And maybe you wake up and there’s a bit of the acne use back.

It doesn’t mean that all the progress and changes you made were to nothing. It’s just a little step back that you’re going to, you’re going to forget and you’re going to go past it and you’re gonna even do better and better. So any setback sisters, just make sure, just in your mind, it’s a little step back that you’re gonna, you know,

improve. Yeah. Very good. That’s basically the way to look at. I also Got a laser facial to help reduce the inflammation afterwards. I was already planning on like restarting my laser facials, but I went to skin laundry here in Newport beach. They have a few locations. You can also get laser facials at your dermatologist’s office. Dr. Fields scourge has the salumi,

laser blue light laser at her office. It’s a great way to reduce inflammation and get like a healthy glow back and to help your skin heal. Yeah. So we’re kind of getting into the part where we’re going to talk about treating PSUs acne, right? Yes. So I think we should just kind of what you just said, the laser. So can you kind of explain that to listeners tie-in and like what that is and how that can help with acne?

Yeah. So the one that I do is the YAG laser at skin lunch YAG. Okay. And basically YAG basically reduces the inflammation, kills up the bacteria and it doesn’t hurt. It takes 10 minutes. BPB BPS. Why don’t you Tell us the story you told me about how you, because you told me before you met me, you had really bad acne and you did it.

And people were like shocked, same time or something. Right. What Was that about? I met you. I was gluten and dairy free, but still figuring out the consistency of it all. Yeah. You know, and my skin was absolutely breaking. I was very stressed about school, my internship, blah, blah, blah. And all of these things,

as we’re going to talk about, you know, in a second affect your acne. And I was doing crazy workouts before I met you too. That was affecting my acne. So basically I was going to skin laundry. I was getting laser facials and it cleared my skin so much in addition to going gluten and dairy free. It’s incredible. It just goes to show,

like I said, you have to find an approach that works for you. You can do medical treatments, you can do, what’s it called cosmetic treatments like lasers. You can do lifestyle treatments and find the combination that makes you happy that works for your body. But the first thing for sure is diet and lifestyle, because you’re really just wasting your money.

If you’re not going to change that. Yeah. You’re wasting your money on all the cosmetic solutions. You’re wasting energy taking drugs, you know, like spironolactone, Accutane, whatever, if you don’t really target yeah. Your diet and then talking About diet, you know, it’s kind of, it’s very unfortunate, but the standard American diet, the standard American diet,

that’s what it’s called and in America, unfortunately, that literally stands for sad. But many of you know, it’s kind of terrible the way it’s been set up for, you know, for Americans. But it’s basically composed of a lot of sugar, a lot of processed foods and things like that, which can be a deterrent when you’re trying to reverse acne.

Also another factor to think about is alcohol. So not trying to scare anyone into saying you can’t drink alcohol or anything like that. This is just for awareness so that, you know, the alcohol’s impact. Basically, if you’re trying to heal your gut and fix your skin, alcohol is something to limit for a period of time when you’re trying to do that.

It’s because when you’re trying to go, when you’re going through the healing process, there’s has to be a little sacrifice with alcohol in order to really help the gut and heal the skin. Do you want me to kind of clarify this? Yeah. It can be inflammatory, especially on your liver. Your liver is supposed to detox hormones, and it’s not going to be able to do that if it’s sluggish because of all alcohol or because of high sugar in your diet or processed foods,

like CNX said, all of these things can at the end of the day, hit your liver and your liver is what needs to be strong and healthy to detox the hormones that are gathering around your hair follicle and your oil gland and produce over producing oil and so on. Yeah. And of course, a, an anti-inflammatory diet. So time was talking about,

you know, you don’t want to impact your inflammation and things like that. Well, an anti-inflammatory diet where, you know, you guys know, we recommend gluten for example, is gluten can be a big factor on inflammation, as well as dairy, you know, dairy increases levels of IGF one, which then increases testosterone. So dairy increases IGF one,

which then increases testosterone, which then increases acne. So when you’re having dairy, it’s basically continuing that cycle. And then of course, wheat gluten it’s causing the inflammation, recreating that cycle. And then similarly with sugars, sweeteners, you know, alcoholics. Yeah, Exactly. So it sounds like it’s not a lot of fun, but it’s worth the sacrifice.

Yeah. And There’s no diet or process, which is perfect for all PCs women. So please feel free to do X, some experimentation on your body to discover what works for you. The term here, the best term here is investigate, keep investigating your body. You know, you’re all unique in, in your immune systems, your toxic load, your genetics,

but the unifying theme, the really important theme here is to lower inflammation, finding a diet to help reduce inflammation. That’s good. And they are free for you. Amazing. If it’s something else just as amazing, you know, just finding what’s right for you and with all the supplement and the recommendations we made to it’s very important. You know, like with the vitamin a,

with the zinc, speak with your doctor, get your levels checked, make sure that you’re low on vitamin a or if you’re low on zinc or, or any of the other suggestions. Cause you don’t want to take anything that’s extra. It’s only going to cost you extra money. So it’s all button, keep investigating, get a blood test, see what you’re low in,

see what areas actually need to be improved instead of just throwing everything at the wall. True. Also sticking to the diet change for long enough to see a difference. Like again, it’s not one week it’s like 30 days, minimum, 30 days minimum. Yeah. In some Cases longer like three months is usually the best, but 30 days minimum for sure.

Yeah. And also reducing stress and getting more sleep. Like I said, I was in college and I was very stressed out in grad school, especially and driving in traffic and all of these things. And it was, I for sure had high cortisol before I met Sierra. I mean, it was probably through the roof and that was definitely my acne.

Yeah. So, and meditation was not part of my life at the time. Massages. No like who has the time? Yeah. High stressed. It can just cause the increase increased output of cortisol and as it’s going to cause more acne, so stress, big factor, Huge, huge. And then sleep. So for sure was not getting enough sleep because that was in school,

driving traffic, going to work, blah, blah, blah. You want to get like eight hours? How do you do that with all the studying and stuff? Yeah. And It’s actually really important too, is a critical element related to inflammation. Just one night of sleep deprivation results in elevated markers of inflammation. So scissors try to get seven to eight hours of sleep nightly if you can.

Yeah. So in summary, as you have seen, there is no magic pill or bullet for the treatment of PCs acne. We want to focus on reducing the inflammation, the androgen levels like testosterone and DHA while also healing our guts. And then finally the fire in our skin will calm down and our acne will fade away. So just hang in there,

sisters. I know how hard it can be. Yeah. Consistency is key and patience and it does take a bit of time. Yeah. And if you’re wondering what has worked for other sisters, well, we actually asked you sisters on Instagram. So on Instagram we asked a, a poll if by the way, if you don’t follow us on Instagram,

we’re at PCO S dot weight loss. And we have daily PCs tips and so much more information there. But we asked the question, the question was, what has helped clear your cystic acne? And these were the responses Got sets. A lot of water and yoga. That’s good. Sounds like Cortisol. Lowering. Yeah. Water is great for reducing inflammation,

helping to basically, you know, hydrate your body, hydrate your skin. Yeah. Next one is red head in America. Great name. She says foam foaming cream cleanser or Sarov C E R a B. I’ve heard of that. Isn’t that like a, like a natural survey. Yeah. Natural one, right? Yeah. I think I’ve used their soaps whenever I get tattoos,

because it’s like antibacterial, which is what you’re supposed to use for tattoos. See, Previtt says going dairy-free yes. It’s been so much research showing the impact of dairy on cystic acne. Yeah. Okay, Cool. Tr immunos says I went to the dermatologist because I stopped gluten and dairy, but it didn’t work for me. So I wanted to mention this one because it doesn’t end up going gluten and dairy free,

like your gut bacteria, your stress levels. Like we said, they can all have an impact on your acne. And until you figure that out, it might be frustrating. So you might want to go to a dermatologist and start, you know, sprawl Octa or whatever they suggest temporarily while you figure out what the heck is going on. Yeah. No RX BM says reducing sugar intake.

Absolutely sure. Gonna have a big impact. We talked about it. Yes. Kaliah Wells says lots of water and clean eating, no dairy, gluten or alcohol. Amazing. All the suggestions that we talked about, water dairy, gluten alcohol Americans to reiterate Dairy can trigger, you know, high androgen levels and because of the high insulin that it triggers and that can have a major impact on our acne.

That’s why I was telling you like cheese. Just one slice can really just take me to help. All right. And then Danielle said, Daniel, I’m not gonna say her full name. Cause I think it’s like her real name, but Danielle, Maurice Israel say she says getting off the pill. Yeah. I mean, a lot of, a lot of people would say sometimes The pill can help.

Sometimes it makes it worse. Yeah. And then lastly, Laura, Laura G she says medication like spironolactone because even after cutting theory, it wasn’t enough. Yeah. See, yeah. Like you were talking about every One has a different, you know, treatment to it. Everyone needs a different like therapeutic treatment. Yeah. All right. So that was,

those are all the DMS. And before we move on to the last segment, which is the winds of the week, I am going to play a voicemail from our hotline. So for those that don’t know, we actually have a hotline that you can call, leave a message, leave a voicemail or a text message. And you can leave your question or a testimonial of how we’ve helped you.

And we love to play them on this podcast. So today’s question comes from fellow sister. Here we go. I’m gonna, I want to know if there are any fertility supplements that you guys recommend, it would be really helpful because I really trust your judgment. So thank you. Great question sister. Yeah. So when it comes to prenatals, you don’t want to take just any prenatal because sometimes they’re not specific to what stage of pregnancy you’re in and they’re very broad.

So Yeah. Like some companies will make prenatals that are for when you’re trying to get pregnant, but also for someone who is pregnant. So you’re basically paying for all these unnecessary vitamins and things when you’re, when you’re trying to get pregnant with a prenatal. Yeah. Like DHA, like you don’t need that until you are pregnant. Yeah. Do you want to take a supplement before you’re pregnant that doesn’t have DHA,

but has 2000 IUs of vitamin D and it’s just designed for women who are trying to conceive that’s right. And we, we really like Theralogix is prenatal. As you guys know, like their logics makes or basketball, but not just that they’re logics is run by a medical board of doctors and they also even have a medical advisory board that approves all their supplements.

So that’s one of the reasons why we love them very big on quality and making sure it’s reputable supplements approved by doctors. So there are logics has a couple of prenatals. The one of them is called Theron natal core. So this is for women who are trying to get pregnant. It has active form of folic acid, which is fully, it has no DHA.

It has reduced iron content. It has a 2000 our use of vitamin D and really good stuff. And then they also have a prenatal called perinatal overbite. That’s for women who are over 35. So if you’re over the age of 35, it basically has something called, which improves ovarian response to the embryo quality in women with a decreased ovarian reserve.

So it’s basically for women over the age of 35 to basically help with the air quality, because when you’re a bit older, that can be aquatic. Yeah. Can be compromised. So, and then of course they also have a prenatal for women who are already pregnant, that one’s called the perinatal one. So again, that has all the components necessary for basically a multi prenatal multivitamin when you’re pregnant and has also more of the vitamin D.

So as you can tell, they kind of designed it. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And we’ll put that information in the podcast episode description too, if you are looking for prenatals. Yeah. Yeah. And I think the PRC code, the 15% off will also apply to any of these prenatals to basically anything from Theralogix. If you use our PRC code 2 9, 2, 6, 6 0,

you get 15% off. All right. So now let’s move on to the winds of the week. So these are sisters who are managing their PCs symptoms, losing weight, basically thriving with PCOS. Our first PCs wind of the week is from Instagram. Her name is Madison and my two. And she says after Kenyatta, dairy and gluten, my skin has significantly improved,

just a few cysts, still sitting under the skin on my jaw and neck. But visually my skin has smoothed out majorly, amazing sister. So just cutting gluten dairy-free major improvements and, you know, incorporating some of the other suggestions may still may help get rid of the other remaining cysts acne, but great progress sister. Yes. I like her. She says just a few cysts sitting under the skin.

It just, it shows that dairy has helped reduce her S her acne significantly, but it does take time. And that little bit of cyst that’s like left underneath her skin. She’s noticing, but she’s still being patient with that. So I wanted to point that out. Yep. Awesome. Our next, when Alyssa Duran says, celebrating my birthday with some gluten-free dairy-free and sugar-free cake,

my boss made, and she posted this in the sisterhood. My God, it looks so good. Yeah. Fresh berries from her garden. So excited to be newly a part of the sisterhood with the guidance, support, and thorough explanations, making this all the more, better to understand as to how to reach my goals. I’ve had PCs since I was 15 years old,

so 12 years now, and this is the first time I’ve had substantial and consistent results. Check out my three weeks progress of going 100% gluten-free dairy-free and sugar-free no one, no one bad meal or a bland meal. Also celebrating that. I got my period, been taking a basketball for three weeks as well. And boom, my period came yesterday down 12 pounds and two pants sizes celebrating a lot today.

Amazing, Great job, Alyssa, everything she said in this message. Look at this. She even posted pictures of this beautiful dessert and a before and after photo. Yeah. And like, I just love how she’s celebrating her birthday and enjoying her cake to the fullest. You want to scoot in there, free sugar free, just can still show all that stuff is so still so enjoyable,

fresh berries from our garden. And you know, it was also like very inspiration for a lot of sisters who maybe have been diagnosed just like Alyssa at the age of 15, you know, for her that was 12 years ago. And after so many years of not seeing progress or not seeing the changes she wants, she still found a method. You know,

that really helped her. So for anyone, if you were diagnosed 10 years ago, five years ago, even a year ago, or even this year, this is a great inspiration that you too can, You know, it’s never too late. Yeah. You can always address it. And it just goes to show how little information there was 12 years ago,

you know, there was probably nothing out there. Nobody was screaming, gluten, dairy free from the rooftops. But now here we are amazing, super happy for you. Yes. And If you’re interested in joining the sisterhood where this message was posted, it’s always available to You know, we always talk about it. This is our membership program,

where we help you one, discover your PCs type, help you go gluten, and dairy-free help you discover your carb tolerance and help you learn how to work out for PSUs. All done in a very fun way, where you’re going through stages one through five earning points along the way and getting rewards to basically celebrate your progress. We have workout programs. We have recipes that are all gluten dairy free for breakfast,

lunch, and dinner. We’re adding vegetarian recipes as well. So not to mention we have our Facebook group and two live calls a month. So really fun place, supportive place if that’s what you’re, where you learn. So that’s, what if that’s what you’re looking for? The Cicero is a great place. You can find And I think that’s pretty much the end of the episode.

I mean, tine first day, five years ago. Pretty good. So far. It’s pretty good. Pretty good. Five years, I would say Five years full of love. And for those, yeah. For those wondering how do we kiss on the first date? Oh yeah. Well, not only do we kiss, we made out that’s right.

Made Out first base, baby. Is that what it’s called? Yeah. It’s okay to say the wrong thing here. It’s actually a funny How long that first day was. It was like a five, six hour day. Yeah. We just couldn’t get enough of each Other. We went from the restaurant to this other place next to the restaurant and Then a walk and this and that.

I mean, I don’t know. Anyhow, do you remember my, my paper? Do we really want to you before we go, okay, this is the cheesiest pickup line of all time, but basically it was like getting late and I was like, okay, I got to go in for the kiss or else, like it’s too late to it.

So I was drinking like this jalapeno, like alcoholic drink, you know, like those drinks that were the add spices. I hate them by the way. But I accidentally got one. So I’m drinking it and like it tingles your lips. Right. Cause it’s spicy. So I go to Tyna, I’m like, oh, you should. My lips are,

my lips are tingling. You should feel it. There’s Like 10 for the kids, The worst pickup line of all time. But you know, I got the job done. We Remembered it five years later. So it just goes to show. All right. So there’s well, thank you so much for listening today about this episode about acne. We’ll be back next week with another great episode for you,

but until then find us on find us on Instagram for daily PCO, stips and yeah, That’s it. Talk to you soon, sisters. Bye-bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of viscose from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,.

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