How to Workout for PCOS Weight Loss!

Are you working out as hard as possible and not losing weight with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)? Do you feel unmotivated to start working out? In this episode, we break down how to work out for PCOS weight loss & share our tips for starting a consistent workout routine!

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Start slow.

Don’t start your new workout routine or your new year by immediately working out every single day. This is going to give a big shock to your body. Plus, it can result in injury and it’s going to make you not want to work out again. So instead of that, you want to start incorporating physical activities one by one.

Do physical activities that you really enjoy.

Try to find something you’ll want to do consistently – whether that’s slow weighted workouts, walking, swimming, etc. Consistency is key when it comes to losing weight with PCOS, because you can work out for a week and feel good and then fall off of it and forget how good it felt. So you want to do things that you enjoy so that you have the motivation to achieve your goals and so that you remember how good it feels.

Don’t focus so much on how many calories you’re burning.

This is a really common thing when you’re at the gym, especially when you’re on the treadmill or when you’re on some sort of machine that tells you how many calories you’re burning (like an elliptical machine). Instead of measuring your caloric output, create a different goal. For example, instead of seeing how many calories you burn, look at how many minutes of exercise did you do? How many exercises were you able to accomplish? This is a more motivating calculation of your hard work.

It’s not all about cardio.

Aim to log 15 to 20 minutes of steady state cardio three to four times a week. Steady state cardio allows you to log more sessions and hopefully enjoy the moderate intensity activity. More than the feeling of breathlessness you get from a HIIT workout, anyway. The point is, get your cardio exercise in, but don’t push yourself.

Strength training can be vital.

Strength training can consistently help with your caloric burn after your workouts. For example, muscle burns calories while at rest, whereas fat doesn’t do anything. It just stays there. It’s just sitting there as storage, whereas muscle burns calories even at rest. So when you add lean muscle (build muscle), you’re basically increasing your metabolism permanently.

Include exercises that target lots of different muscles at once.

These are called compound exercises. It means that more muscles are working with each repetition. The more muscles you’re taxing, the more calories you’re burning after your workout. And when you combine movements and multitask in the gym, you also reduce your workout time and are able to be more productive throughout the day.

Be consistent and don’t get discouraged.

Hitting your workout goals week after week is what leads to the results. And that commitment to consistency is going to help make staying active a lifestyle instead of a one-time ordeal. In fact, the simple act of repetition will help prevent weight gain and keep the weight off long-term. When you feel yourself plateauing, switch things up. Workout during a different part of the day or try a new exercise. Either way, don’t give up!

Don’t forget to fuel your body.

If your goal is to lose weight with PCOS from your diet and workouts, it doesn’t mean that after you work out, you shouldn’t eat or you should starve yourself. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. If after your workout, you starved yourself or you don’t eat, then your body’s actually going to go to your muscles for resources, rather that fat. So, be sure to eat a healthy meal or snack after each workout / physical activity – prioritizing complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats.

What Is The Best Exercise For PCOS Weight Loss?

The answer is: it depends. It depends on your goals, whether or not you have insulin resistance, whether or not you have issues with your adrenal gland and stress hormones, and which type of PCOS you have. (Take the quiz below to find out!)

However, there are certain types of workouts that generally work better for women with PCOS than others. These include slow weighted workouts, strength training, resistance training, yoga, pilates, walking, and so on.

Intense exercise like high intensity interval training, HIIT workouts, and jogging are types of workouts that can put stress on the adrenal system and actually do more harm than good when it comes to regulating blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and your menstrual cycle.

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How to Workout for PCOS Weight Loss




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Full Episode transcript:

3 3, 3, 2, 1. Happy. Dr.. Yeah. Happy new years. Everyone. Hope you’re start to 20. 22 was a great one. We hope you got to celebrate with your family, your loved ones. I hope this is a great year for everyone. Happy, healthy. The whole nine yards. Yeah, We just got done right now,

recording the podcast for the sisterhood private podcast, which was really fun. We Got to cuss. I know We got the curse. We got to talk about Tallinn, personal story about her dying, her hair or not, and what she feels about it. And like the pressure she feels that will do the I’ve never seen him go up on a podcast like that.

Honestly, when I’m allowed to curse, I can really loosen up. And usually like, when we’re doing this podcast, we don’t want to go on like a whole tangent. Cause like you’re here to listen to a specific topic and we want to deliver that information to you. And if we go off tangent, you’re like, okay, what are they talking about For like 15 minutes about,

yeah. Yeah. But whereas on the sisterhood podcast, we felt like we could do that. And it was like more fun to do that in that podcast. So Yeah, if you want to get access to that, of course you can join the sisterhood, the link in the description. Yeah. Once you join, you automatically get enrolled in the private podcast.

So it’s all fun. Today’s topic is going to be all about working out for PCO S weight loss. This is my favorite topic to cover one Of my favorite books. It’s my favorite topic. Peter’s Personal trip. It’s his favorite topic to cover, but it’s especially important because it’s the beginning of the year. We all have our new year’s resolutions. You know,

a lot of my resolutions in the past have been related to working out, being more active. If you remember, in 2021, my new year’s resolution was to get more activity and walk in. Yeah. And I definitely did more than 2020. I mean, it was a pretty low number to beat, but still could have done better. But in the beginning of the year,

I was really, really into it. Yeah. We’re going to go over all the tips, the main tips to help you start with your workout journey, how to start, how to consistently get going and what are the best practices to lose weight with PSUs workouts. So good. This isn’t going to be some generalized workout podcast. It never is. It’s about PC O S Exactly.

And speaking of workouts, if you already don’t know, three days ago, we just released our very famous, I should say, four week a meal and workout plan for weight loss. I’m sure you’ve already heard about it, but these are four weeks of full length workouts. Meaning we start from scratch to finish with tie-in and I, and with a special guests,

like Coleen’s friends, Leanna, she’s been on the podcast before she’s in the videos too. We all do the workouts together for the whole entire time. I did That’s the other day was the upper body workout and my triceps are on fire. Yes. And of course it also includes four weeks of recipes, all with video instruction on how to make them.

And this is like a meal prep kind of a course. So it helps you learn how to plan ahead of time so that you’re making like 20, 30 minute meals real quickly Saving money. So you’re not wasting money on like random groceries, you know exactly what you need. Exactly what you’re going to make that week. Exactly how much of the ingredients to get.

So you have enough for leftover lunch or something like that, or put it in the freezer for the next week, like meatballs, for example. Yeah. So I’ve planned it all out for you with chef roughy, shout out to ropy. We collaborated, he came up with some great recipes. I twisted them into piece to us friendlier versions, what he was saying,

like he had great recipes, but I had to like twist them into PCs, friendly, like balanced Version, portion sizes, and things like that. The Protein carb fat ratio, like it’s all very important. So it’s really, every ingredient is specific. Every balanced meal is specific to PCs, weight loss, and metabolism. And so are the workout.

Yeah. Even the ingredients that we use have shown to have benefits for different piece. You have symptoms. For example, we use pumpkin seeds, which has been shown to lower DHT levels, which is the most potent form of testosterone right Around the hair follicles hair fallout. Yeah. We’ve used different ingredients in there, like spearmint tea or different kinds of nuts.

Cheersies things like that that are, have shown benefits for symptoms that are associated for PCL. Yeah. And you know, you following a four week plan, like this makes you start getting used to using those ingredients. So after the plan, you’re always using it. You’re always putting pumpkin seeds in your salads because you know, and it’s like a thing now and it’s,

you know, that it can help you, you know? Yeah. And again, the course will always be available, but until January 7th, so you have about a couple of days left until January 7th. If you sign up before, then you will have special bonuses. So you’ll get annual pass the sisterhood whole year. Cause we want, we don’t want to just have you start your year,

the first four weeks. Right. We also want you to start the whole year, right? Yeah. So you get the four week course forever. You have access to forever. And on top of that, you get an annual pass. So the sisterhood where you can join the Facebook group and talk about sisters who are taking the course with you To learn about PCLs more recipes,

monthly workouts, everything like that. And then also a voucher for the lab testing because that’s super important to your lab ranges. So you understand your PCLs type, understand what supplements you need to take. You get a 30 minute call after the lab test. So all of these bonuses are available only until January seven. Yes. So if you’re thinking about getting this four week meal on workout plan now is the time.

Yes. All right. With that being said, let’s go ahead into today’s episode topic, which is how to work out for PCs, weight loss. Now, before we get into our tips, we asked you this question on Instagram, PCO start weight loss. We asked you what’s your workout experience been like with PCO? S I’ll let, go ahead and read that.

Oh right. I can definitely relate to all of these. So let’s see. Honestly, sometimes I’m so tired. I find it hard just to get started, says soy Beeman. Yeah. I mean, if you’re fatigued and we’ll get into this in the episode, If you’re constantly working out day to day and you’re feeling fatigued, day-to-day you’re not going to want to work out.

You’re going to feel so tired. It’s because it’s just going to take away from your own motivation to work out. Yeah. Lately I’d say take a nap. So recess definitely switched to slow weighted workouts and walking daily as my cardio. That’s good. Wonderful. Yeah. As Zu says, I run because I enjoy it and I’ve lost 7.6 kilograms in 10 weeks.

So it’s not a black and white. No, no. Oh, absolutely. And that we never say that cardio is a no-no either. And we’ll talk about that today. Our tips for doing cardio for PCs, Especially if you don’t have problems with your adrenal gland, you, you don’t have like a stress hormone dysregulation. That’s not like the root issue of your PCOS then running could be.

Yeah. And also depends on if you have insulin resistance or not either. And we’ll get to more about that later. Everyone’s different. Yeah. Oh, this is good. She says, I feel after years of doing fast pace workouts, these slow ones are such a mental challenge. Not to rush. It is sometimes a challenge not to rush through them,

but once you get the hang of it, oh, does it burn and feel good? All right. Let me read a couple of times handed me over the answers. Crystal says I get dizzy and fatigued when doing hits or heavy weights. Yeah. Can happen. You know, especially with insulin resistance can make you get lightheaded when you’re doing intense workouts.

Cause the blood sugar drops Probably getting anxiety afterwards. Yeah. It’s tough. We like jump right into CrossFit and things like that. That’s terrible. Speaking of CrossFit, Chelsea says I did CrossFit for six months. It didn’t shed a pound. So yeah. Everyone could have a different result with each of these kinds of workouts. But I feel like most PCs woman,

when we look at intense workouts and the results, a lot of them don’t see results. And we’re going to talk about some of the reasons why and what you can be doing instead to help you see results. Some of the modifications you can make. All right. Personal trainer, who I married, hit it. All right. So the first tip is starting slow.

So what this means is don’t start your workout routine or your new year, your new workout routine by immediately working out every single day. This is going to give a big shock to your body. It can result in injury and it’s going to make you not want to work out again or consistently. So instead of that, you want to like start incorporating the activities one by one,

instead of starting out to work three, four times a week, why don’t we start instead by walking three to four times a week? Yeah. Like going on a 30 minute walk three to four times a week that gets your body to enjoy that consistent movement. So that once you’re ready to make the jump to the actual workouts, you’re already in tune with your body to do it three times a week.

Yeah. You’ve already created space in your day for movement. So you can swap it out at that point. Yeah. And think about it this way. Thinking about marathon runners, marathon runners, didn’t get into running marathons from day one. They slowly, gradually moved up to being able to do those marathons, you know? So like they didn’t first,

they didn’t go ahead and run 28 miles on the first day they started with let’s just say five miles, then 10, then 15, 20, 20. So I’m not trying to tell you to go run marathons. I’m just trying to give you an example of how like you shouldn’t rush into something. Absolutely. Especially if you haven’t worked out as much in the past and it’s new to you,

or if you’re very discouraged by not seeing results for years, you know, it’s really hard to like get back on the wagon. And the best way, like Sidak said is just to go on a walk, create that space in your day for a movement than when your soul is ready, then you pick up the weights. Yes. A hundred percent agree.

Did you hear about that sister who took over basketball and finally got her period after a year of not having one. Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most PCs sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings.

Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo in NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance,

starting from the root of the issue. So Awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right. The second tip, do the activities you really enjoy. So consistency shows results.

So try to find something you’ll want to do consistently. Consistency is so key with all of this, because you can work out for a week and feel good and then fall off of it and forget how good it felt. So you want to do things that you enjoy so that you remember how, you know, like, for example, I like to do slow weighted workouts in my living room,

watching sex in the city. If sex in the city is not on, I’m not into it. I’m not into doing it. Yeah. That too. Yeah. If it’s not on, I am not like drawn towards the workout. Yeah. Sometimes we work out at my sister’s house. You know, if the garage is dirty, this, that,

like, I don’t feel like doing it. You know, you have to enjoy it to get that consistency. And you could even change up the workouts. Think outside the box, try different workouts until you find something you enjoy. So Maybe you’ll enjoy a Zumba class more, or maybe you’ll enjoy like a group class, something with a group workout. Maybe you like Stoli to workouts more.

Maybe you like walking or running on a steady pace more than do those things more often. Yeah. Do like a self evaluation. Find what you like and that’s how you’re going to get consistent at it. Yeah. All right. Our third tip is don’t focus so much on how many calories you’re burning. This is a really common thing when you’re at the gym,

especially when you’re on like the treadmill or when you’re on some sort of machine that tells you how many calories you’re burning, for example, like an elliptical machine. So what you, what do you do? You keep your eye focus on that number and it makes you just work harder and harder to get that number higher and higher and higher. But that really isn’t a balanced approach.

There are more factors to losing weight with PCRs than looking at how many calories you burn just during that workout. Instead of measuring your caloric output, create a different goal. For example, instead of seeing how much calories you burn, look at how many minutes of exercise did you do? How many exercises Were you able To accomplish? Yeah. Like how many sets exactly.

How many sets did you do? How many workouts did you do? That’s what makes a difference with your metabolic health? Yeah. You want to change your focus from calories to metabolism? What am I doing? That’s good for my metallic tablets so I can burn fat after. Yes. And we’ll get to that too. Is that there’s a different tip just for that.

But at times it’s exactly right. It’s exactly right. It’s not about how much you’re burning there. It’s about how much are you going to burn after your workout? Exactly. So, yeah. So start focusing like how you’re feeling your wellbeing. So, and this, this can only happen when you establish a healthy and balanced approach to working out, not by being obsessive about how many calories.

I know the calorie thing, it just takes away from the whole point of a PCs friendly workout, the slowness, the weights, the 62nd rests in between sets like all very important for hormonal health and building muscle. Absolutely. And we’re going to get to talking about later, but strength training, it helps increase caloric burn afterwards. And we’re going to talk all about that.

And a couple of All right, the next tip is that it’s not all about cardio aim to log 15 to 20 minutes of steady state cardio three to four times a week. Steady state cardio allows you to log more sessions and hopefully enjoy the moderate intensity activity. More than the feeling of breathlessness you get from a hit workout. So that’s something like fast walking,

biking, swimming, they’re all S steady state cardio options that keep your heart rate. Yes. Yeah. And you can also push us to 30 minutes to if you like to. And one of the reasons we talk about limiting cardio just a little bit is that when you have insulin resistance, which 80% of women with PCO has have, what ends up happening is when you go on a really,

really long run, your body naturally will dump a lot of sugar into your bloodstream to use for energy. However, with insulin resistance, that sugar doesn’t get converted to energy. And instead it gets stored as fat. So maybe you’re running for hours and hours every single day or every other day. And you’re not seeing the weight move the scale move well,

that’s, that can be one of the reasons is the insulin resistance could be holding you back because of those really, really long workouts Lately, you’d be surprised. I’m just saying, I’ve read a lot of people who have said that this was a situation for them. And they were running miles and miles and marathons and everything. And they couldn’t seem to lose weight.

Even though for the longest time, they were very physically fit. And it’s because that insulin resistance creeped up and their metabolism wasn’t working the way it used to. And the combination of factors, gent genetic environmental, this, that PCO S yeah. Boom. They’re not losing weight. Yeah. Yeah. And when you do like these really intense runs, we talked about it before,

but it can create a spike in your cortisol hormones, your stress hormones. And we talked about it before, but for a lot of people for, for, for everyone, when you do a really intense workout, naturally your stress hormones increase. This is like your adrenaline rush. It helps your body perform better. However, for women with PCs, when these stress hormones are increased,

like this, they’re not able to lower it back down as, as fast as possible, As quickly As quickly as other people. So what ends up happening is the stress hormones stay elevated sometimes up for days. And they, you feel like you’re fatigued. You have anxiety, you wake up the next day drained. You’re like, I can’t get out of bed.

I don’t want to do anything. And these are all these all can be attributed to these cortisol hormones being elevated for far too long, right. Something to think about is everything that you do, everything that you eat every way that you work out, what is it doing to your cortisol? What is it doing to your insulin? If you have to think of these things,

when we have PCOS, everyone’s different. This isn’t going to be the same for everyone, but you want to think like, do I feel fatigued? LexiNexis like, do I feel fatigued after this workout? Maybe it wasn’t right for me. Absolutely. All right. The fifth tip Strength training can be vital. So we talked about it earlier, but strength training consistently can actually help with your caloric burn after your workouts.

So for example, muscle burns calories while at rest, whereas fat, it doesn’t do anything. It just stays there. It’s just sitting there as storage, whereas muscle, it burns calories. Even when you’re sitting down at your computer and you’re working or you’re studying, or you’re just watching TV, whatever. Yeah. So when you add lean muscle, you’re basically increasing your metabolism permanently,

as long as you maintain that lean muscle. So that means without more lean muscle, your metabolism, your colored burn is now higher. When you’re sitting at your desk, when you’re watching TV, when you’re doing anything for that matter. So this is what, this is what we talk about. When it, when tie-in said, we want it fix that metabolic dysfunction.

So boosting metabolism, more calories burn, and it can be really essential for weight loss, Super important, arm yourself with a great metabolism. And you’ll be able to eat anything you want. I’m not anything, but you’ll be able to metabolize everything that you’re eating. And it’ll just be a lot easier to lose weight. Yes. All right. Sixth tip do make sure to include exercises that target lots of different muscles doing compound exercises.

These are called compound exercises. Yeah. When you’re, when you’re combining different muscle groups into one exercises is called a compound exercise. It means a more muscles are working with each repetition. The more muscles you’re taxing, the more calories you’re burning, you know, after your workout. And when you combine movements and multitask in the gym, not multitask, like talk on the phone and work out multitask,

like do like a squat and then a bicep curl, right? Like two muscles at once you increase your calorie, burning potential, a bicep curl with a lunge, oh, you already put that example on it. Or a squat and a shoulder press are both great strength, combos. And I will say that doing compound exercises saves time and energy. And in the four week a workout plan,

we have a lot of compound exercises. That’s like the main focus because you want to. So I just want to like break this down for a second, going back to the four week plan, we have four workouts in each workout day. So like Monday you work out, there’s four different workouts, four exercises in one workout. Right. But they’re all compound.

So you’re saving time. You’re working multiple muscles at once. It’s a productive workout. Not just like doing like one thing. You’re doing all the things in one. Yeah. Right. And you’re not like jumping around from one workout to the next year focused. So you’re going to do a, what is it? A squat and a shoulder press. Okay.

You do the squat and the shoulder press. You just work. Two thighs. You just worked. Your shoulders, worked your arms. You take a one minute rest. You do a squat and a shoulder press again, one minute rest squat, shoulder, press again. Then you move on to the next workout. So you’re focused laser focused on those multiple muscles at once.

Once you’ve taxed them as people in the fitness world say, you can move on to the next word. Yeah. Yeah. And just to kind of talk about what time set, like saving time. So thinking about this moment right here, a bicep curl with a lunch or even the squat and a shoulder press. Normally, if you did a squat of three sets,

three different times, that’s going to take you like maybe 15 minutes and then you move over and you do a shoulder press. That’s another 15 minutes, but now imagine you doing them together. So you’re literally cutting your workout time in half. And this is why I sometimes have trouble with hit workouts is cause you’re literally doing a bicep curl, then jumping over to a squat and then jumping over to a shoulder press and then jumping over to something else.

You literally doing all of these compound movements separately, which is only gonna make a run around the gym is make you spend more time, increase your stress hormones. You’re like thinking you’re strategizing like what’s next. What’s just one thing. Do it three sets then to move on to the next exercise. Exactly. All right. We have three more tips, but before we go to that,

let’s jump over to the winds of the week. Yeah. Moving things around aren’t tire tricky. All right. Well, why don’t you go ahead and start with our winds windpipe. Okay. It be yummy. Beluga says, hi everyone. I just joined over the weekend. And honestly, feeling really good. The dashboard is so organized and it’s everything I have needed since I got the diagnosis.

Oh my God. I love to hear that. I did do my workout this morning. Excuse the lighting. It was very early in the morning here. And then she posted a picture of herself with weights. Fucking great sister. I love that. She took a picture of herself in the mirror with the weights. It looks amazing. I love it.

Jim’s selfie. Our next wind is from Ali. So Ali says, hi first. I just want to say thank you for this program and group. It has given me a game plan and direction. The last four years have been a guessing game for me on how to lose weight that came on quickly and seemingly out of nowhere, nothing was working, but I finally feel like something is working and I just want to celebrate a small win.

I’ve been hooked on Starbucks and sugary coffee. I would get it almost daily. And since giving up dairy, I knew Starbucks had to go to, it’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve been, since I’ve given up to sugary drinks and switched over to a hundred percent tea, I’ve tried this before, but I never had motivation to keep it up.

But this program has given me the exact plan and motivation. Also I am down four pounds in two weeks. This is the first time I’ve lost weight in over four years and kept it off for more than a few days. I’m thrilled. Thank you. Oh my gosh. That is so great. Allie. That is so great. Especially like tying we’ve,

you’ve talked about a lot, so many scissors, who’ve gone through something similar years and years of trying and gaining weight uncontrollably and nothing working. I’m so happy to see the sister like finding the steps it took for her at least to kind of like make that happen, Honestly. And I love how she’s so motivated and how she said she was going to give up dairy.

And she said, okay, I’m going to give up the Starbucks too. I mean, it’s just, you feel good when you’re making choices that make you feel good and then it makes you want to do more things that make you feel good. It’s just a snowball effect of like good things. Yeah. And we’re not trying to take anyone’s pumpkin spice latte or anyone’s does we know the Starbucks drinks can go Latte,

but Just be aware, you know, it’s, it’s all about being aware. So, you know, what’s happening. That’s all we’ll say There are lots of decaf teas, like chai flavor and stuff like that. That are very delicious. That can take the place of a latte, a sugary latte from Starbucks. And I’ll say another thing, decaf coffee with coconut milk.

It’s bomb. It is, It is. I have tried it and it is pretty good. And they make it pretty good at Starbucks with the coconut. Yeah. Most bougie coffee shops. Have it. All right. Next. We have the last one here, Vanessa. She says in the sisterhood, I’m so thankful. I came across a YouTube video regarding how to cure PCs.

Naturally, this may not look like a huge difference, but it really is. I found Tallinn on YouTube and was drawn in by her story. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on face washes, dermatologist appointments and facials with no help. Thank you telling for sharing about cutting gluten and dairy out within days. My face no longer hurts. The acne is clearing up and I am so grateful.

And the photos she’s posting, I had the same acne. It is very painful, very deep. You can’t pop them. It’s just inflamed welts on your chin and face. And I can totally relate. I’m literally in pain looking at your picture And you remember what happened. Yeah. I remember exactly how it felt. I’m sorry. Yeah. Great job.

And it’s love, love your progress. And I’m so happy. You found those through YouTube and join the sisterhood after for anyone who isn’t aware like YouTube, just same name, peace, U S weight loss. If you go there, you’ll find a lot of information and from informative content. But of course we have a lot more in-depth information in the sisterhood about,

you know, reversing, acne, reversing, hair loss, facial hair, all these kinds of exactly. All right. So let’s go back to our tips for working out. We have three more. So go ahead, Baby. Okay. The seventh tip be consistent and don’t get discouraged hitting your workout goals week after week is what leads to the results,

right? And that commitment to consistency is going to help make staying active a lifestyle instead of a one-time ordeal. And the simple act of repetition keeps the weight off long-term too. So if it’s like a habit, you know, in a lifestyle, most likely you’re going to maintain your weight. And remember it plateaus they’re normal. If your results stall, just mix up your routine,

tweak it a little bit. Maybe your diet needs a little tweaking to, or the type of workout you’re doing. Adjust it. Yeah. Sometimes it’s changing the time of day you’re working out can make a huge difference. For example, if you’re working out late in the day, try to see if working out earlier in the day will have a bigger benefit because some people will have shown that when you work out earlier in the day,

it boosts your metabolism for the rest of the day. Honestly, I don’t think it’s, it’s not that big of a factor. It’s not that big. It’s not going to be like a 20% increase is a very minor difference, but it can still maybe be better for you with your sleep at night. Just your mood during the day, the choices,

the food choices you make that day too. It just like makes it a little bit of a day. Yeah. I remember it takes two weeks to start a habit or it takes two weeks for a habit to like, almost be permanent. If we just do something for two weeks, it’s like, your brain is immediately like, okay, we have to do that.

I thought it was four Weeks. Honestly. I’ve heard two and three weeks. Yeah. I mean personally what I hear from sisters, they do four weeks and that’s when they see, well, if you’re doing everything at once, the gluten-free the dairy free, the workouts performance too much. That’s when you start to see like, okay, this is gonna work.

And then you’re like, I feel good. And then you continue forever. All right. The next one is, don’t forget to fuel. So even if like your, your goal is to lose weight with PSUs and work and from your workouts, it doesn’t mean that after you work out, you shouldn’t eat or you should start yourself. Yeah. In fact,

it’s the complete opposite. If after your workout, you started yourself or you don’t eat, then your body’s actually going to go to your muscles for resources. You might actually see the opposite results. You might gain weight. You might hit a plateau and you might not feel good. Yeah. I’m typically hungry after my workout, like 30 minutes afterwards, I’m like,

oh, I could eat something. You know? And that’s why I work out around five o’clock five 30 for dinner. Yeah. So I can eat dinner afterwards because my metabolism is revved up. That’s what you’re doing. The workout is revving your metabolism. So that’s when you want to eat afterwards because you’re going to burn it up. Right? So you want to have something that has,

you know, carbs, protein, some healthy fats. This combination is going to help your muscles recover, get your energy levels up. And have you burning more calories as your body repairs? Yes. That’s really important. It’s going to help your body burn more calories because there’s always something in the furnace to burn. Oh, that’s good. Yeah. That’s a good analogy.

Yeah. So I like to have dinner or if you want to have a snack, you can do like a piece of fruit with some almond butter, or you could make like a little gluten dairy, free peanut butter sandwich or something. Something that has fat. Like I said, fat protein and carbs, like balanced. Yeah. You could even do like a little smoothie,

like had some protein powder and a banana at an almond butter in there. And then boom, you already have everything in there. I honestly, I get a lot of questions. Like what pre and post-workout shakes should I drink? Whatever. I don’t know. I’m I haven’t like found one that I love or anything. So I don’t suggest any of them.

I just think that we should stick to whole foods. We should stick to balanced snacks, balanced meals. You shouldn’t take a pre-workout if you don’t have energy to work out, you should go take a nap. That is method. I will say. I completely agree. Especially like pre-workouts a lot of them have caffeine as like their main ingredient, which we’ve talked about before not being helpful,

but not just that they have other like crazy ingredients to, like, I remember back in the day when I was like 18. And so I was like, just into all that kind of stuff, whatever. And I would take these pre-workouts me and my cousin. And we’d be like scratching our souls to remote work out, like scratching my head. I felt like my skin was itching and it was really weird.

And I looked at like, it was, the ingredients was like all this crazy stuff in there. It’s just ridiculous. And I just want to also mention one more thing. Oh, wait, I forgot what I was going to mention. It was in my head. And then he said scratching and I got distracted. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Okay.

Why don’t you give the last tip? Okay. Losing weight. Isn’t just about the time you spend at the gym. You may work out for three to five hours a week, but you need to make healthy choices when you’re not at the gym too. If you want to see those results. So stand or walk for five to 10 minutes every hour,

you know, if you’re sitting at your desk, get up, walk around a little bit, improves insulin sensitivity. They say, if you get up every 30 minutes, it will help your insulin sensitivity. Yeah. Also getting enough sleep improves, insulin sensitivity, limiting your stress will reduce your cortisol levels. Remember high cortisol leads to fat in the midsection.

So reducing stress, getting good sleep. All these things are great. Like your, your body is a complicated machine. Okay. We need to understand what’s going on. And once we understand how to improve that metabolism, that metabolic machine that we have, you know, that’s when we see the results and that’s when we feel and function our best. Yeah.

That’s just the most important thing. The bottom line. It’s not about hours and hours in the gym. It’s about everything you’re doing for your metabolism, from eating to walking, to sleeping, to Stressing everything. And that may be like the most important tip out of all of these is not being focused on the hours at the gym, but also remembering like it’s more than that.

It’s like, like everything time just said, sleep. Just Making sure that you’re walking at least throughout the day. So you’re not sitting all day while you’re working, you know, stress, all of these are going to contribute to your weight loss progress. So yeah. And I will say another thing I personally prefer that people tackle their diet before they start working out.

I mean, sure. You can still work out, but I’m just saying like your main, main focus before anything with PCOS is to tackle your diet. Maybe it’s working with a dietician one-on-one or maybe it’s just learning how to cook from home and make gluten dairy free foods and see if that works for you. You can do it while you’re working out,

obviously, but I’m just saying you can’t overcompensate with workouts if you’re not eating the way. That’s right. Yeah. I mean, even though I’m a PCs, personal trainer, I agree that diet comes before exercise and The end of the day, we want to see you get results. So there’s no like one trick pony. Like it’s not just like one trick pony that’s gonna like reverse everything.

It’s the big picture. And we’re always talking about that on this podcast and in all of our, Yeah. And for anyone who is interested on starting their workout journey, as you mentioned before, there’s a four week plan that’s out right now. That can be very beneficial if you’re trying to start with some instructions, if you want to start with a group setting,

because again, we’re doing group workouts in the videos. So you can kind of follow along with Tallinn with me, with fellow sisters in the videos. So it’s a really fun place for you if you want to get started. That’s right sisters. Yes. So I hope you take this course, this four week plan and message us. And if you didn’t see the IgE live,

we did the other day, the other week with a fellow sister named Kelly, she went gluten and dairy free for four weeks in the beginning of 2021. And it kick-started the entire year for her. She lost beef D pounds zero in the year of 2021, after trying gluten and dairy free for four weeks, she just started layering in the other components because she was like,

this is going to work for me. I feel great. She did the workouts. She cut out caffeine, dah, dah, dah, everything that we talk about. So I’m just saying four weeks can be like, Exactly. I love that four weeks can be life changing. Ooh. All right. So I guess that’s the episode. Sometimes we just want to keep going,

like, okay, let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about the hair, the Balka that we had on the podcast. And that was the whole thing. You have to join the sister at the year. That way. It was really funny though. Alrighty. Well, we love your sisters. We hope you have a great rest of your week.

We hope this was a great start to your week. And again, we hope that your 2022 will be your year and we know that you’ll crush it. Yeah. Yes. We’re excited to hear about your progress in 2022. And hopefully we will be talking about your wins on a podcast episode. Thanks dear to that. Talk to you soon, sisters,

take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body.


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