Insulin Resistance Symptoms + Natural Treatments for PCOS

It’s reported that 80% of women with PCOS struggle with insulin resistance… and why is this important? Insulin resistance can make it very difficult to lose weight with PCOS and can also lead to irregular menstrual cycles, ovarian cysts, and more.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– What is Insulin resistance?

– Signs & symptoms of insulin resistance

– Natural treatment options you can start today

– Supplement recommendations

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Full Episode transcript:

If you look at your macronutrients, like your carbs, protein and fat, you’ll see that carbs spike your blood sugar. The most protein is second and fat is third. Most foods have a combination of these macronutrients, but if you’re insulin resistant, you want to be focusing on creating a balanced plate with some carbs, paired with fat and protein. my own hands.

And with the stem naturally Sister, sister, Sister, sister. Did you watch that TV show when you were As obsess? And I love those sisters, TN Tamara, Mary, and I watched the real, but tomorrow’s not on the show anymore. So there we go. I remember watching that show too, when I was like in early high school or middle school,

I think middle school Classic. I’d watch it now if I had time, But how many seasons in the last? I don’t know how many. Wow. I should use that song more often in stories. I feel like it’s just really relevant to, I used to use it when I was in California with my actual sister, we would drink Novasol together and I do a story and play that song.

Six seasons. Yeah. That’s six seasons started in Nineteen ninety four, ninety four. I was born in 92. It’s four ninety one. So to all our young sisters who may not even know this show It’s on Amazon prime or something. Yeah. All right. Well, let’s go back to our regularly scheduled program over here. So today we’re going to talk about insulin resistance though, symptoms,

treatments, but let’s talk a little bit about this last weekend that we just had. We were, we celebrated talions birthday weekend. We got all your amazing wishes for Tallinn. Thank you everyone. I read all of your messages. I tried to respond to as many as I could. So sweet. So kind seriously, especially the responses in the birthday sticker that Seadog posted.

Everyone was like, happy birthday. You changed my life. I just loved it. Moved me to tears, But we had a really fun time in Madrid, celebrating tie-ins birthday weekend. And it was really fun. I mean, it was Ty and turned 30. So we had to, you know, make a big, right. So we spent a whole weekend in Madrid to get train ride there from Barcelona.

It was really nice. Like the way we looked at it, Madrid was like very different. Like the buildings were a lot more like they still look like the 19th century, like Victorian, but they were like, looks brand new. Yeah. Honestly, clean white Gothic looking at the same time. So much inspo, so much beauty. It was just,

it’s a great place I go to shop to sight-see. Yeah. I couldn’t believe how new the be. It seems like they paint the buildings every single year or something because you cannot have that clean of buildings everywhere. Like It looks like they painted it right before we got there. And it was just like drying. Yeah. It was built. It was a beautiful city.

I will say. Sorry. I will say compared to Madrid to Barcelona, the people in Barcelona are much nicer. Wow. You know, I personally can’t follow rules. Many of you know this, many of you know this, if you follow our Instagram stories and my cooking series is of me trying to follow even my own recipes, I can’t do it.

Okay. And we went to the palai Royal, the Royal palace. Yeah. Let me tell you, there’s a lot of rules there. Walk on this side of the rope. Not that side of the rope and to through this store. Not that Door, no pictures here. Not pictures, No pictures anywhere. Listen, I can’t like, you know,

like, why do I have to jump over this rope when nobody is here? Okay. Like, no one is like walking in the opposite direction of me where I would be obstructing their path. You’re just saying that because you want to say something and I just don’t like rules, Authority Rules. No, no, no. We’re in Zuora and I’m just standing,

standing, talking to somebody. I’m asking them a question. And then one of the employees at Zuora just ran into me, like ran into my back, like full on like half tackle and then got mad at me. I turned around to be like, oh, who just like hit me. And I looked back and the guy’s like, come mad at me.

It’s some sort of way. And I was like, I got, He rolled his eyes And I was so mad. I was mad for 15 minutes after we left at Zuora, I was so mad. I was like, I want to go back and just like, just like kill the guy How wrong he was, but oh, So see, here’s what I think it is.

It’s just being a little lost in translation. My style is more relaxed as you may know, you know? And in California, oh, are we easy going? Okay. Rules, rules, like rules are for fools. I feel like was really easy going too. I do too. But Madrid, they have their rules. They have their authority and they are not taking it from anyone.

I mean, another example, I ordered a salad from room service. She brought me chicken instead of the chicken salad, Chicken salad. I Literally so kindly it was like, I’m so sorry, but it looks like you have my order wrong. Blah, blah, blah. And the lady proceeded to argue with me, basically like yelling at me. I’m like,

ma’am I just salad. I need vegetables. You don’t understand. I mean, No. She’s like, no, it’s on what you ordered. And then she was like, she was like, she was like, we don’t even have chicken salad. We don’t have chicken salad. I was like, yes you do. I pulled it up on my phone.

I’m like this, this is the chicken salad. Is it not? And she’s like, okay, I bring your chicken salad. I’m like, okay, you did. We have to go through all of this, my cortisol’s up to here, but it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. I don’t think they mean anything by it. I think it’s just how they compensate.

I guess. I guess I just, I’ve never been on the road so many times in a city. I there’s so many times I feel like that was a nuisance to My New York of Spain and Barcelona is like delis Angeles. Cause you’ll have like a New York people like don’t have time. They’re tuber. Didn’t have time for your BS. A little bit more faster paced.

And then LA, Oh my God. Remember the taxi driver. See, I took one second, too long, pulling up the address of the hotel and the taxi driver was like flailing his hand. Like hurry up, hurry. Oh, Huffing and puffing. We’re pulled over. We’re not in anyone’s way. They go watch The phone is loading. I’m sorry.

Okay. It’s on me. I should’ve had the address loaded up, but I’m trying my best here. You don’t have to be like rushing me to give you the address. Not to mention the taxi smelled like farts. I’m sorry. We got into the taxi and it was, it smelled so Bad. It smelled so bad. We had a great time in Madrid.

This is just one of the extreme, Well, like right before we got into the taxi, he farted and he like opened the window right before we got, it was the far taxi And the, he had the audacity to get mad at me. Maybe I was so lightheaded from the Ford smell, but he not think that Guide, Oh good. Let’s get into the episode.

So this episode doesn’t become too long. Okay. So today we’re going to talk about insulin resistance, the signs of insulin resistance and some natural treatments. So a lot of things that people can take away from today’s episode. But first let’s answer a couple of questions. We pulled some questions from Instagram in our YouTube channel. So the first question is from Nibila from our YouTube.

She asks, Hey, your videos are really helpful. Can you please share which kind of cooking oil is good in PSUs and which kind of oils are good for salad? All right. That’s a great question for cooking. I use avocado oil because it has a higher smoke point. And then for salads, I use all important. Oh my God, what was that?

Oh, olive oil. I use olive oil and speaking of like oils and stuff. I just want to mention that I am dairy free obviously, but I do not mind butter. Like I cook with butter. If I have to, you know, I’ll bake with butter. If I have to, I don’t find that butter alternatives are any better than butter.

So I’m just like, whatever. I’ll try to use oil as much as I can. If not, I have to use butter. It’s butter. Yeah. But I would say you use even butter, like lightly, like you don’t like, Or like, I mean, like when you use it, like you don’t use like that much you use like just as needed basically.

Cause sometimes people put a lot for like rice and stuff. Like your mom, she makes the best rice in the world So much Better. That lady puts like a full stick of butter. So good. But shout out the times bumps, she makes the best rice in the world, but yeah, at the end, the extra-virgin oil for the what’s it called salads and stuff yet.

By the way, when I make the omelets in the mornings, I’ve been using olive oil. Wow. Yeah. I going to have butter butter from the, from the store. Cedar has been making the best omelets and you know what, in another episode, he’s going to share with you the recipe because there is a technique. Okay. We’ll do a story about,

Yeah. Send us a question. We’ll make it part of the Q and a, just so we don’t dive too deep into omelets, but I make the best. I used to make the best almonds in America. And now I came here with, with better eggs and I make even better. One Better X, better on the ins. It’s insane.

Alright. Lame. Slug says, and then, and then She says, I can’t, I can’t drink caffeine because it gives me anxiety. I can’t drink caffeine because it gives me anxiety. What are some ways to increase energy? That don’t cause anxiety. So with caffeine, you know, it’s just a crutch and then you crash and then you’re more fatigued and need more caffeine.

Now you just have anxiety and the jitters. So if caffeine doesn’t sit well with you and you’re using it as a crutch for energy, it’s time to change some lifestyle habits. And I would definitely start with prioritizing your sleep, making sure that you’re winding down at night, making sure that you’re not bringing up your melatonin levels with like screens and stimulation and like intense workouts late in the day.

You really just want to bring up the melatonin. How do you do that? Read a book. Don’t stare at your screen. Don’t watch TV without your light blocking glasses or at all go outside for a walk during sunset. That really helps too, because like the rays of the sun, it’s a certain light, you know, at night that helps stimulate melatonin.

It’s so relaxing to go on a walk at sunset. Yeah. And I actually pulled up a study from Harvard and they published a study and they gave some nine tips to actually help with, you know, natural wastes increase energy levels as well. One of them was controlling stress because stress induced emotions can consume huge amounts of energy. Second one is lightening your load.

So one of the main reasons for fatigue is just overworking, overworking, either work, family, social obligations. So you want to streamline your list of must do activities. Third exercise, exercise almost guarantees that you sleep more soundly and it gives your cells more energy to burn and circulates oxygen. So definitely recommend that. Another thing they mentioned avoiding smoking, because smoking can actually siphon off your energy by causing insomnia because nicotine and tobacco is a stimulant.

So it speeds. The heart rate raises blood pressure and it stimulates brainwave activity when you’re trying to sleep. All right, the next one is eating for energy. So eating foods with the low glycemic index whose sugars are absorbed slowly, may help you avoid the lagging energy that typically occurs after eating quickly absorbed sugars or refined starches. So foods with a low glycemic index,

which include vegetables, nuts, healthy oils can be really helpful. Love that. Also proteins and fats, which have glycemic index that are close to zero next is limiting alcohol. So one of the best hedges against the mid-afternoon slump is avoid drinking alcohol at lunch, which I think is really common here in Spain. Because every time we go out for lunch,

people have like beers and wine. How do you go on after having wine at lunch? There’s no way I could. Yeah, these. And then it also says a using caffeine in a smarter way. So it says caffeine can have energizing effects, but you have to use it judiciously, judiciously. So Facebook, how do you say it? Because it can cause insomnia,

especially when consumed in large amounts or after 2:00 PM. And then lastly drinking water, which has been shown to increase performance and energy levels. So Super important sisters. It’s really hard while we’re traveling to get enough water in it. And I can really feel the effects on my body. Yes, we have one last question for says are red potatoes good?

And I thought with PCs, you can’t have carbs like potatoes. Well, here’s the thing. Red potatoes, blue potatoes, they’re all potatoes. And they’re going to have an impact on your blood sugar. It’s really about how much you’re having some potatoes have less effect on your blood sugar, like sweet potatoes, for example. So I typically opt for those.

So if you like potatoes, I would not cut it out of your diet. I would just figure out how to incorporate it in a way so that it doesn’t impact your blood sugar so intensely. So potatoes and chicken potatoes and avocado, something that will help you slowly absorb that carb. Yes. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having one.

Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Obasanjo helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo.

And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup,

so I don’t drink it. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. So today, before we get to the insulin resistance part, let’s just go over our wins of the week, who are fellow sisters, who are managing their peace, us losing weight and above all thriving with peace us. All right.

So our first one is from Sierra. She says, good morning, sisters. I’m starting to get up an hour early each morning to make time for myself. Before I had joined the sisterhood, I would stay in bed until the absolute last minute I could before I would be late for work. I’ve always wanted to get up and meditate, stretch and do yoga in the mornings.

And now I am, I feel so much better about myself throughout the day and connected with my intentions and goals. I love, Love that I need to get on that. I’m fatigued from the weekends and like all the traveling and walking. So I just want to sleep, but that is great to wake up early and to do all the things, to set your body up for the day and fight stress.

Like you can’t control the stress of your work of traffic, of all these things. But if you wake up early, if you do all the right things for your body, you can be more flexible in those instances, your body can handle it better. Your cortisol can handle it better. So it’s just good for you. Absolutely. All right. Our next one is from Julia James.

She says I am on day one of the four week meal prep and workout. And oh my goodness. This crispy fish taco though. Thank you, Tallinn. Amazing. Yes. Gosh, I want some, that picture looks really, really good. Don’t you miss our recipes that we would make at home? I Do. I miss chopping vegetables, roasting them.

How I like them. I miss it. All right. Next deep T Bush Wani Hoocha says hi T and S you have made so much of a difference in my life that I have been inspired by you two and created my very own brand of gluten-free products. There’s good news that I wish to share with you all. I’ve been working on a new venture since November, 2021,

and it gives me a proud moment to announce that I’m launching my own brands. Gluten-free by di I know you must be wondering why gluten-free by D as you all know, that I struggled for years with allergies in all the invites for breakfast, lunch, dinner, with you, all of you in one way or the Other. I’m so sorry. It’s just,

okay. I’ll loop you in one way or another have made sure that I always had something to eat. There are so many people out there who suffer with these allergies and some of them are life-threatening as well. It’s my turn now to give back to society that we live in with my gluten-free range of products, the official launch date for gluten-free by D is March 4th, 2022,

for the success of my brand. Your love and support are highly appreciated. Follow my Instagram page. Awesome. I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to try it wish you could ship to Spain, but I doubt it. So we’ll try it when we go home. Yes. And everybody check out gluten-free by D I believe that’s her Instagram. Gluten-free by D D I,

and so happy to support another sister in their venture and in what looks like a new company for her. And we’re so happy that, you know, it’s a lot of times a great business, a great company comes from passion, comes from someone who really believes in what they’re doing, comes from someone who really believes in something that’s super helpful for them,

and which will be helpful for others. So I really love what Deepti is doing here and what we hope that, you know, it flourishes and becomes one of the biggest companies in the world. So good luck Deepti and yeah, I mean, we’d love for you to send us some, I mean, it’d be great. I want to try A cookie now And hashtag no ad because we just want to support another sister who let us know about their product in the Facebook group.

So, yeah. Shout out to deep team. All right. Speaking of cookies, let’s talk about insulin resistance. It’s time. It’s time. How do we launch into this space? It’s a big subject. Yes. So we’re going to talk about the symptoms, how you can treat it and why it might be affecting your ability to lose weight. And in the end,

we’re going to share some easy tips that you can start today to improve your insulin resistance starting today. All right. So with insulin resistance, you know, 80% of sisters have insulin resistance. That’s a lot, some might argue that all of us have some level of insulin resistance and insulin resistance. There’s a range. It can be mild. It can be extreme,

but no matter where you are on that range, you can have some major symptoms like weight gain, high testosterone, irregular periods, ovarian cysts, all the PSUs symptoms can really be traced down to insulin resistance. And with that being said, insulin is also a metabolic hormone. So not only does it affect our menstruation and reproduction, but it also affects our ability to metabolize what we’re eating.

So before we get into this, let’s talk about what insulin resistance is. So when you eat something, it breaks down into sugar in your bloodstream and your body releases the hormone insulin to pick that up and stored in your cells to burn for energy. Now, when your cells are inflamed or when you’ve had a high sugar diet, and lots of insulin has been pumping out into your bloodstream,

your cells become resistant to insulin. And what happens is the insulin hormone. Isn’t able to communicate with yourself. It’s not able to give yourself a sugar in your bloodstream to burn for energy, and you know, so your metabolism can move properly so you can lose weight and so on. And so what happens is insulin is left high in your bloodstream and that blocks fat burning it also not only does it block fat porting,

it goes into your ovaries and it makes your ovaries produce more testosterone. And then we have the symptoms of high testosterone. So it is really just one of the major root issues of PCLs. And it’s really important to manage it in order to manage your PCs symptoms. I wish my doctor talked about insulin resistance. The second I was diagnosed. Yeah. It’s one of the most important aspects of managing PCs is healing,

insulin resistance. Cause like you said, it helps heal. Your metabolism helps to lose weight and helps with the hair loss, facial hair, acne, and so much of those symptoms. So absolutely Strong symptoms. Yes. Yeah. All right. So let’s get into some signs and symptoms of insulin resistance. We have about seven signs. So if you’re one of these signs might be a good time to kind of reflect and see,

and like deep dive, deep, deep Dive, Deep dive further. All right. First sign. So if you carry a lot of weight in your midsection, this is a major sign of insulin resistance because the fat is stored in places like around your liver, fatty liver can occur around your midsection. You know, midsection weight gain can occur. So that’s basically the first thing that happens when your cells are being inflamed and not communicating with insulin to burn that sugar in your bloodstream.

Like I had mentioned that sugar just goes in stores as fat around your liver, around your stomach area, waking in the mid section, Number two, swollen ankles, feet and hands. One of the other roles of insulin is to tell the kidneys to retain water. This is really interesting because many sisters have actually told us, Dave went down a shoe size after Gander insulin resistance under control.

It’s very surprising. And we’ve even done like a Instagram post about this. And in the comments section, so many sisters are actually saying like, agreeing with it, like, yes, I’ve gone down a full shoe size after managing my insulin resistance. Yeah. That swelling happens when you have really high insulin levels. And you might find that you feel like puffy,

like when you touch your chest or your face or your arms, like you just feel uncomfortable in your skin because you’re bloated, you feel bloated, you’re puffy and so on. So yeah, it’s really cool. Number three, feeling all the time after a meal and having sugar cravings is a sign of insulin resistance. If you’re reaching for a piece of chocolate or a cookie after you eat,

I want you to think about why you’re doing this. This is because your body is not regulating blood sugar levels properly because of insulin resistance you ate already. And the energy is there, but your body isn’t able to use it because your cells are resistant to insulin. The high level of insulin after your meal is tricking your body into thinking that you need to eat more.

And that’s why you feel cravings. Sometimes the cravings for chocolate and sweets are so unbearable, but it’s only because your body is starving from not being able to use the sugar broken down from your meal efficiently. Hmm. Super interesting Science Science, All right. Number four, dark skin patches and skin tags. High levels of insulin in your blood can trigger the appearance of dark,

dry patches of skin. Usually you’ll see this on your skin, around your armpits, neck or groin. So tags of skin on your neck or armpit can also be an indicator of insulin resistance. That’s a pretty common one. Yeah. Number five, frequent urination and extreme thirst. If you always have to pee, you run to the bathroom. It means your kidneys have to make more urine to pass the sugar from your blood.

And if you’re flushing water from your body, you’re going to be thirsty all the time too. Yeah. Number six, irregular menstrual cycles. So high insulin causes the ovaries to make more testosterone, which triggers irregular periods and ovarian cysts. If you haven’t had a period in a while, or your periods are irregular, this can also be a sign of insulin resistance.

Yes. It’s very common as well. This is why a lot of times a supplement like Alvesco tol can really help with regulating your insulin resistance, which can then help with getting your period back. So many other things. Yeah. Yep. Number seven, elevated blood sugar. So if you have a blood sugar meter, you can check your blood sugar before you eat.

And two hours after you eat to see what’s going on two hours, post-meal your blood sugar should return to baseline. If it hasn’t, then that’s a sign of insulin resistance. That means your insulin levels. Didn’t come back down. Remember this is just a snapshot because there’s several factors that can affect your blood sugar other than your diet. So it could be your exercise,

stress or sleep that day that can affect your insulin resistance. Yes. So these are seven common symptoms of insulin resistance. And like tie-ins had earlier, it can be reversed. Don’t worry. Don’t stress out because you may have a multiple of these signs. We’re going to give you some seven main ways that you can control and resistance. And we’ll give a little bonus tip at the end as a number eight,

if you want to call it. Yes. All right. First time, eat less foods that spike your blood sugar. So if you look at your macronutrients, like your carbs, protein and fat, you’ll see that carbs spike your blood sugar. The most protein is second and fat is third. Most foods have a combination of these macronutrients, but if you’re insulin resistant,

you want to be focusing on creating a balanced plate with some carbs paired with fat and protein. Sometimes if you see on Instagram stories, I’ll, I’ll draw lines on my plate and you can see how I like to balance my protein, carbs, fat and veggies, And sometimes creating a balanced plate. Isn’t like, is it enough? And you may need the help of a supplement,

which is why we love supplement that we suggest of acid hall. We’ve linked it in the description. And it’s basically a great natural supplement that helps with restoring the 42 1 myo and DeCaro and all-star ratio, which can lead to many times insulin resistance occurring. So it’s a great natural supplement. If you’re interested in check out the Lincoln to the description of his podcast episode,

and you can find more about it there. Yes. Sometimes diet just isn’t enough to help with insulin resistance. And you just need an extra boost of support from supplements. Yes. All right. Our second tip is to actually eat less frequently, stick to your meals and have maybe one or two snacks in between them. If you feel you really need it,

this is really effective in reducing insulin levels. So they’re not constantly elevated. This is especially accomplished. If you’re choosing snacks that are high in fat, like nuts, which wants spike your blood sugar or create an insulin response as much. So we’re not saying eat less or restrict your eating. We’re just saying stick to your main meals, breakfast, lunch,

dinner, and just have one or two snacks in between instead of maybe eating every hour with, you know, with like something Munching on something. Yeah. Totally makes a huge difference. So my next tip is to go gluten free. This is because gluten causes inflammation and you want to understand if it’s triggering inflammation significantly in your body. And in order to do that,

you have to cut out gluten for at least 30 days to see how your symptoms improve inflammation caused by foods like gluten makes yourself lock up and become insulin resistant. Part of healing, insulin resistance is healing inflammation. So going gluten-free can help with this process. Yep. Highly recommend. And related to that, the fourth tip is to try going dairy-free. So dairy contains a hormone called insulin like growth factor one.

This elevates insulin levels in our body. When we eat dairy, ultimately contributing to insulin resistance. In fact is going to sound a little crazy. One cup of your group can create an insulin response equivalent to two slices of bread. Not to mention dairy can be inflammatory as well. The combination of inflammation and insulin is a recipe for triggering insulin resistance. So you want to try cutting it out for 30 days to see how it affects your symptoms.

And isn’t a crazy time. One cup of yogurt can be equivalent eating two slices of bread. It’s insane. When I read that my mind was blown. Yeah. Pretty Shocked. Tip get off the treadmill and stop doing those long intense workouts. Here’s why let’s say you were going on a long run. Like I used to do because I thought I would burn more calories to lose weight.

Well, on that long run, your body is pumping sugar into your bloodstream to burn it for energy. And this is a survival mechanism. However, when we struggle with insulin resistance, we’re not able to burn that energy up. And instead it stores as fat. And you may find that you don’t see any results from working out really hard, or perhaps you went to back-to-back cycling classes.

You didn’t lose a single pound. This is because your body is under stress and it’s holding on to the weights. And you know, this is really something you need to focus on. If that’s the case. If you’re not seeing the results with those intense workouts, don’t waste your time. Don’t tear yourself apart and lower that intensity try slow weighted workouts instead.

Yeah. And this is why we love strength training as an alternative because strength training has been shown in studies to improve insulin resistance, to improve insulin sensitivity. And that’s going to be very key in helping to lose weight with PCs as well. So that’s why we love story to workouts. And if you’re looking for workouts, we have them in the sisterhood.

We have a monthly workout plan that changes with every month and is a great way to focus on improving that symptom. All Right, what’s the six tip babe. The six tip is to get better asleep. So one study showed that just one week of sleeping, only five hours a night, reduced insulin sensitivity by 24%. So not getting enough sleep can make a huge difference in your ability to reverse your symptoms.

Especially if you’re trying to lose weight and implementing all of the above tips. So sleep is super important. And just one week of bad sleep can reduce the insulin sensitivity by more than one fifth. So really important. Yes. And the seventh tip listen closely is to keep your stress levels nice and low. If you aren’t managing your stress, then your blood sugar of your body will go up as a result and contribute to the cycle of insulin resistance.

Some ways I like to manage my stress is by doing a morning meditation journaling, when there’s a lot on my mind or doing a really relaxing yoga session before bed. So it’s really important to arm your body with these de-stressing techniques so that when you’re given stressful circumstances that you can’t control your body is ready for it. Yes. So those are the seven tips,

but we have a bonus tip there. You can go ahead and do right now, if you want to. The bonus tip is a walk. Yes. Sounds really simple. But actually going on a walk after your meal through studies have shown that it can significantly reduce insulin levels. It’s great for blood sugar control after meals. And if you’re walking regularly,

it can also help improve insulin sensitivity. So highly recommend to squirt on a walk after lunch in the afternoons, even to start off your day, Or maybe you’re doing it right now while you listen to this podcast. Yeah, exactly. Great job. So those are all the signs, the symptoms and the tips to help with reversing insulin resistance. I love that Top two it’s sisters.

We got this. If you need support, you have us always in the sisterhood. You can share whatever it is that you’re working on, whatever you’re struggling with and me, or celiac will respond. Absolutely. And your sisters. Absolutely. So we actually have a meeting time in two hours to talk with our app developer, which is still fun to get started,

but we have to go to the gym before we do that show. I want to rush out of here. Yeah. So as sisters, thank you so much for listening and we have a special request. If you enjoy this podcast, we would love it. If you could leave us a review on either apple podcasts or Spotify, if you don’t know,

if you didn’t know, Spotify now has a review where you can leave a rating for us. So if you could just leave a rating for us, either on Spotify or apple podcasts, it would make our day. And we love doing this podcast for you weekend and week out. And this love hearing your support. Yes. We’ll definitely be reading your messages.

Absolutely. Alrighty, take everyone. We’ll see you next week. Talk to you soon. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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