Is there a Cure for PCOS?

Can PCOS be cured? What is the difference between curing & reversing PCOS?

In this episode, we discuss how you can actually reverse symptoms like ovarian cysts, weight gain, insulin resistance, hair loss, facial hair, and thrive with PCOS!

Every woman doesn’t have exactly the same PCOS symptoms but there are a few common factors and addressing them can help reverse PCOS. We explain how you can address each of these factors in this episode!

You’ll also learn how Tallene was able to reverse her PCOS after dedicating years to researching the underlying issues driving her symptoms!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome Cysters to another episode of the podcast. That was a cute countdown talent. Thank you. I stole your thunder. You did steal My thunder, but you put your own twist to it, which I will respect today.

We’re going to talk about very important topic as always is PCO S curable is a reversible. There’s always a controversy around this topic, so we want to tackle it straight on Straight done. We get so many comments. Every time we post about this on Tik TOK, the crowd goes wild. So we just want to get to the bottom of this. Yeah.

Tik TOK and Instagram and wherever else you might find us. Yes. But before we get there, we just had our anniversary, but I felt like we celebrated for a whole week. But, but the most importantly was that we just took a little break over the weekend. Our anniversary was in middle of the week, you know, on a Wednesday.

And of course, you know, it’s hard to kind of step away from work and just enjoy each other like that. So we said, you know, let’s take a weekend trip to a hotel in LA Memorial day weekend. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cause we got married on Memorial day weekend. Conveniently. It Depends because cause we’re like we said,

oh, we’ll just continue this tradition going forward. But now it means that every weekend that we booked this trip is on a Memorial day weekend. Of course the prices are higher. Things are more booked, so it’s like harder to get things. So Yeah, but he still had a good time. We can always do it on a different weekend if it’s a problem.

Yeah. We should just move our anniversary two week after. Okay. We already forget when our anniversary is it’s May 26th and I always think it’s the 27th or the 28th. I don’t know because our engagement party was the May 27th. So every anime a year Later we had the wedding on the 26th. So I don’t know which one it is. And I think I even proposed to you on one of those days or that Could be wrong.

I don’t know, but I always have to pull up the wedding invitations, figure this out. I don’t know what’s on the calendar now. Yeah. The hotel was great. I mean, we had great service the whole time, basically chilling by the pool the entire weekend. Like every day we would just go to the pool and tan and have some snacks there,

some drinks and it was just like a good moment. Difference To just like stop moving and stop thinking and just like lounge. Yeah. It’s like a meditation of its own. I tell him was like greeting she’s reading this book called effortless. And she was like, literally reading the book to me out loud, like as I’m like laying and it was really relaxing.

Not going to lie. We went to this one restaurant. I had like a crazy preparation for this fish. So they’re known for their like Mediterranean food and for their fish. And I’m not really a fish person. So Brad I’m like we have to fish. I mean it’s yeah, they’re famous. Yeah. So they had a couple of different options and we picked this fish called branzino and that option where they basically covered the entire fish with like huge crystals of salt.

Huge. And when I say covered, I don’t mean like all like covering the skin of the fish. No. I mean like they got a bucket of salt and poured it all over the fish to the point where it looks to it’ll just looks like a mountain, a mountain of salt. They baked or peaked. I mean, I’m sure it was in a fire pit or something.

Yeah. Either oven Or something where they be, they basically cook it like that for like an hour just with like the salt around it. And when we got it, it was of course amazing. And guess what? It wasn’t even salty. Cause like when you take, when I ate it, I was like, this guy doesn’t need salt because I don’t think the salt actually goes into here.

Yeah. Because the skin is on the fish. Yeah. Oh, but it was so soft and moist. Yeah. It was a guy just like killed back the skin and took out the meat. Oh my God. I love fish. I don’t know about you, but I’m, I’m always, I’ve always been a beef person. Like I can just never beat a steak.

So it was, the pressure was great. But the back of my mind, I was like, but I wonder what his state. Yeah, no, no. It was still a barrier Is so good. Do you know what the best part was that he cleaned the fish and he put it on a plate because I saw it and I was like,

oh no, I have to do all this. Then the guy started doing it for us. And I was like, this is an anniversary where I don’t have to cook. I don’t have to clean up after myself. I think last time during COVID we had like a romantic dinner at home or something for our, Something along those lines. Yeah. Yeah.

Because we couldn’t really go out COVID was going heavy. Yeah. I’m sick of it. People just want to go to a restaurant, someone to cook for me, someone to clean it up afterwards. That’s it One day. Anyway, let’s move on to this week’s topic. This week’s episode, which is, is PCO is curable. Is it reversible?

What’s the situation? What’s the situation. So there is no pill to cure PCOS because PCLs, it’s a complex metabolic condition. Every woman doesn’t have exactly the same symptoms. So there’s not like a pill that’s just going to magically fix PCO S you know, and you have to realize that, yes, maybe that’s an annoying factor of PCO is, but at the same time,

that’s fine. Because now we have to prioritize. Self-care taking care of our bodies, discovering what it is that we need. And women with PCLs end up being very, what’s the word like introspective or sensitive to your needs eventually because you are prioritizing yourself care so much, you know, instead of waiting in the later stages of life, like some other people might be doing to prioritize their help,

you do it early on, you know, right. When you find out about PCs or as soon as you find out that changing your diet and lifestyle can make a difference. And the sooner you do that, the more you’ll thrive and feel good throughout your life. And later on. And you’ll avoid having issues in the future like diabetes. Absolutely. I mean,

we’re not told that we can change our diet and lifestyle and reverse. PCLs like the ovarian cysts. Like they can disappear in one to three months, You know, insulin resistance. You can reverse that to hair loss, facial hair, 12 months. Yeah. It can take six to 12 months. Same thing with the weight gain fatigue. These are all things you can reverse and thrive with.

Peace us. Yeah. And I feel like people are being negative about it because they’re frustrated because they’ve been dealing with symptoms for such a long time or it’s because they went to the doctor and the doctor gave no, no information on the fact that they can do something about their PCs. Aside from birth control, aside from Metformin, aside from suffering, you know?

And I feel like women just silently suffer. That’s like the underlying tone of PCs and women’s health in general. People just end up suffering and dealing with things without complaining about them. Because nobody’s talking about that. You can reverse things that you can thrive with PCs, like you said. Yeah. Yeah. Something that we would all want with a situation like this as a magic put,

right? Like a pharmaceutical drug or a supplement, that’s just going to cure their piece us. But the reality is that there isn’t something like that. And some great books that talk about this. For example, Dr. Fiona McCulloch’s book is literally called eight steps to reverse. PCLs eight steps, reverse PSUs. She uses the same exact verbiage and yeah.

And in the book she says, no supplement or medication listed here will ever come close to bringing you the benefits you’ll get from making those simple lifestyle changes. I love that call. And I love her book. I think it was published in 2016 and that was fairly recent. Like imagine it’s 20, 21. Now that was five years ago. And I was diagnosed with PCs like 10 years ago,

12 maybe. So, I mean, it’s fairly recent that people started talking about reversing PCOS, and I think it’s great. We should be screaming About it. Yeah. And we’re never going to stop screaming about it because we truly believed that you can reverse PSUs symptoms and just be able to thrive with PCO. So no matter how many times there’s going to be a debate,

I’m speaking of debates, usually on tick-tock I think it’s mostly tick-tock, but it’s on tick-tock or on Instagram, if we say, you know, the words, you can reverse hair loss with PCs, you can reverse acne with peace. Us. People will be like, you can’t reverse this and that. And I think like Tom was saying, it just comes from that sense of frustration,

but I mean, let’s, let’s tackle that right now. What is, what does the word cure mean versus what does the word reverse mean? I wrote down the definitions and I’m really excited because see, that gets really hyphy about things like this. So I was like, this is so perfect Because the linguistic thing that I don’t think people may be aware of.

Exactly. So cure, what does it mean, babe? What’s cure. Okay. According to Webster’s dictionary, curable slash cure means something as a drug or medical treatment that brings about recovery from a disease or illness, remedy, or cure for colds, for example, recovery or relief from a disease, something that solves a problem or improves a bad situation.

Yeah. And in most cases, what cure is usually used as is all your, let’s just say, whatever it is, it’s cured. You’re not, you no longer have to worry about it, deal with it. It’s gone. Right. And that’s not what we talk about because we talk about PCRs as a lifelong condition, but it doesn’t have to feel daunting.

It’s something where you can tackle head on with diet and lifestyle thrive. And when we talk about that, we’re talking about reversing the symptoms so that they’re in remission and you’re, you’re basically not worrying about them because you’re managing your diet and lifestyle. Exactly. And you’re enjoying the things you’re doing to keep it in remission at the same time. And Just to re read what the definition of reversible and reverses,

according to the dictionary, it says turning toward the direction opposite to that previously stated able to be turned the other way around so that the previous state or situation is restored. Bam. Yes. Literally, That’s all we always say, turning toward the direction opposite to that previously stated. So for example, if you have facial hair, we want you to be able to reverse that symptom by Stoli,

you know, tackling or insulin resistance to underlying issues and slowly getting rid of the facial hair or whichever symptoms that is frustrating. Yeah. That’s exactly what this definition says. And that’s exactly what we try to do. So anyone, Yeah. They’re fun. Educational content too. I mean, I knew how much you could learn from a Tik TOK video.

We’ll have the audacity to jump on there and be like, you can’t care if you cos we’re trying to make this fun people. And honestly this episode isn’t even like defend the use of reverse or cure. Like yeah, we don’t care. We’re going to use the word reverse. Cause we believe in this. And as Dr. Fiona McCulloch believes in it,

when she wrote her book eight steps, reverse PCs, and just as many other doctors like Dr. and others who say you can reverse pieces. Sure. So thriving with PCOM. Exactly. So that being said With that being said, I just want to jump in here and say that I have been able to reverse my PCRs. I dedicated years to researching and figuring out the underlying issues that drive my symptoms.

And it wasn’t easy. Like there were so many things to learn and not enough research. I mean, just think about it. Some of the best books were like recently written about PCO S that I know of, that I’ve heard of, you know, and it was, it was hard. I have to say it took me a lot of time and we try to really simplify this for you.

We try to make it as the adjustable as possible because every woman is different and your journey might be challenging. Might take some time. So with that being said, we want to jump in to some of the factors that help with reversing. PCLs some of the things to address when you’re on this mission. And before we get to that, just want to say a shout out to the sponsor of his podcast of that subtle many will be not.

This is our favorite supplement for PCOS. And if, especially, if you have insulin resistance, it can really help get down to the root issues of the instant resistance and help with period regularity, ovulation, improving symptoms, such as hair loss, acne. And basically it’s one of our favorite supplements for PCs. If you have instant resistance, Great. And NASSA toss supplement,

there’s lots of research about how it helps women with PCOS and improves our symptoms. So it’s definitely something to look into. Absolutely. There’s a link in the episode description where you can go ahead and check it out. And we also have a 15% of PRC code. If you use the code 2 9, 2 6, 6 0 on the Avesta website, memorize, you’ll be able to get 15% off.

All right. So let’s break down the factors when it comes to treating PCLs Okay. The first thing I want to talk about inflammation, everyone with PCOS has inflammation. Lots of it. That’s what’s driving the other symptoms and it manifests in different ways. Some people have more, some people have less, but it manifests in like, you know, cystic acne,

ovarian cysts, hair loss, facial hair, all of the symptoms, the underlying issue is inflammation. And what that means is our cells aren’t inflamed. They are not working metabolically the way that they should be because of all types of different factors from diet to environment, to lifestyle, all these things affect the ability of our cells to function properly. Metabolically,

you know, that gluten and dairy, we always talk about could be a factor. So it’s really important to determine if inflammation is a key factor in your case, when it comes to PCLs. And that’s why we, you know, we were just on a live with Dr. Aviva ramen. She was like, it’s talking about how going gluten and dairy free is like the low-hanging fruit,

the first that you can try to help reduce inflammation, improve your symptoms. So why not jump in and see if it works for 30 days? Yeah. Because If you’re trying everything else and you’re still eating gluten and dairy, and it’s basically not giving you the ability to see the results from all the other changes. Cause it’s constantly adding to the inflammation and other Symptoms fueling the fire.

Yeah. You’re trying to put the fire out with the water. And at the same time, there’s someone pouring gasoline onto the fire. It’s a great analogy. I did just think of that. And I think I deserve an award. Oh, wow. Good for you. And then the second factor when it comes to treating PSUs, and this is also as,

just as important, if not more than inflammation is insulin resistance. Now we’ve talked about this a lot, but 70 to 80% of women with PCOS have insulin resistance. But did you also know that there’s a spectrum? Meaning how much insulin resistance you have and it can vary from woman To woman? Yeah. It can be more severe in some women and it can be slight insulin resistance in others.

So if your blood work shows like, oh, a little bit of insulin resistance, okay. Keep in mind that even that little bit of insulin resistance can trigger PCs symptoms. This is something that we need to tackle. It’s really important for our metabolic health, our cellular health, and, you know, think of it this way. Like we secrete insulin after we eat a meal cause right,

we’re eating, you know, bread or something. It breaks down to sugar in our bloodstream. Our body releases the hormone insulin to store that sugar, you know, do what we will with it. Right. Well, when insulin levels are high after we eat, we’re not in fat burning mode, we’re in sugar, burning mode, glucose burning mode and insulin should come back down after we’re done with our meal.

So in between lunch and dinner, it should be nice and low. But with PCO, as it’s always high, we are craving things. We eat more and then it remains high naturally because our cells are insulin resistant and insulin blocks, fat burning. And so here we are with the metabolic issue with insulin and how that contributes to our symptoms and PCO and triggers,

high testosterone and everything. Yeah. And I was just going to say, not just, it makes it hard to lose weight. It blocks fat burning, but it causes to make testosterone from the ovaries that can lead to lead to hyperandrogenism symptoms such as acne, hair loss, facial hair. And then it can also cause inflammation. So it creates like this cycle.

Cool. Like inflammation can cause it and it can cause inflammation just goes back and forth. Yeah. Yeah. And then the third factor is adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can be related to stress. Yes. So this is when you go for long periods of time doing the intense workouts and cut your calories. And a lot Of caffeine, you know, all day for drinking coffee all day,

you’re really draining goes Absolutely. And then you get bad sleep, you know, and all of these contribute because now your body is making a bunch of stress hormones instead of the other sex hormones necessary for you to ovulate for you to have your period on time, et cetera. So over-producing those stress hormones can be a really big problem with women who have PCOS.

And unfortunately we are told to cut calories and work out more and that just makes it worse. And it’s like, why aren’t we treating the root issues with BTS? Absolutely. And when you take that into consideration, it can cause symptoms like moodiness acting in particular. You just mentioned It. I was, I used to have like moodiness because of it.

And I had so much adrenal fatigue. I had no idea I was kickboxing all the time. I could go to the beach in the most relaxing situation, but because of my hormones, I’d be pissed. Yeah. And I’m pretty confident too, that I had adrenal fatigue at some point from lack of sleep and having too much coffee, both of which have kind of like nipped in the bud.

Now I get very good sleep because I no longer have to drive three hours to go to work. I just wake up and go to my walk through her office. Oh my gosh, I forgot. Yeah. And then the Second thing is I use a drink like four or five cups of coffee a day when I was, when I was working as an engineer.

But now I just, I cut that down to one cup, one cup of coffee a day and definitely feel a lot better. I can sleep better and feel like more energy. When I wake up, You guys wouldn’t believe this. See dock used to drive two hours from Northridge to Bria to work. And then each way each way, Hour and a half.

But you know, when there’s traffic, a lot of traffic, it Becomes two hours. Yeah. I mean, that’s, it, that’s a recipe for adrenal fatigue. I was going to school to going to school at the same time. Like online schooling. Well, some, sometimes it was physical, you know, going to Cal state and then other times it was online.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, people listening, you know, people are in school, people are working that is, think of it, flex on what your lifestyle is. Yeah. Sometimes you can’t fix it. Like in that situation, what were you going to do? Quit your job. No, but sometimes you can mitigate it with meditation.

Like you used to read on the van to work, you know, so that you can relax and stuff instead of whatever. So, well Let’s not bring back up these horrible memories. I’m getting PTSD here. Okay. Thyroid function. Yeah. So it’s really common with PCLs because if you have adrenal issues, insulin issues, inflammatory issues, then it can lead to thyroid issues as well.

And there’s only so far, you can go on your PCs journey. If you have a thyroid issue, you know, it requires blood work supplementation, sometimes medication. So it’s definitely something to look into because it can definitely halt your progress with PCLs. So that’s why blood work is super important. Absolutely. All right. So now let’s talk about how do we,

these issues before we get there, before we get there, we want to mention pure spectrum. CBD are, our show is also brought to you by pure spectrum CBD. As you know, we love taking CBD, especially at night, really helps with relaxation, helping with stress, helping with anxiety CBD has also been shown to improve sleep. We actually had a sister in the sisterhood,

in our sisterhood membership who had one of those sleep trackers. And she showed her sleep cycle the day before she took CBD. And then she showed it to us after. And I believe she had a more than an hour of REM sleep, which is the most important cycle of your sleep. So it can be really helpful with helping with your sleep cycle as well as it can help with reducing inflammation,

helping with acne. And I’ve read studies that it helps with insulin resistance. Oh, really nice. So it really does treat root issues of S of course you wouldn’t want to rely on the supplement once again. There’s no K you were for a PCO as talked about this before, but to compliment your lifestyle changes, which we’ll get into right now. Yeah.

It’s great. Yes. And if you want to order your CBD today, you can check out pure spectrum, pure spectrum And if you use the code word, the sisterhood, one word, the sisterhood you’ll get 10% off your order. Cool. All right. So how do we address these root issues, babe? Well, let’s hop into diet change since being a dietician is my thing with diet and lifestyle,

right? Yeah. I really want to talk about dairy too, because this has a major impact, like diet change is the single best way that you can improve your PCLs, everything else, secondary to diet change. Like it’ll transform your life, your hormones, your mood, you know, reducing the insulin secretion and so on. Yeah. And I know we always talk about gluten and dairy free,

but I want to jump into dairy. There’s certain proteins that cause us to release a lot of insulin because of the amino acids in that protein. So amino acids, they actually stimulate a lot of insulin release and it can be a really big problem. Dairy contains those amino acids that can stimulate insulin. And this is why so many women with peace to us do so much better without dairy because it’s spiking our insulin,

you know, every time you eat it. And that is the main concern with women with PCs, because that triggers testosterone, like you said earlier, that help that blocks fat burning, that triggers RPCs symptoms. So focusing on insulin. So when it comes to dairy like yogurt, it has a higher insulin index than white bread. So if you were to have two pieces of white bread,

you would secrete as much insulin as you would. If you had a small tub of yogurt. Isn’t that crazy? Yeah. That’s pretty shocking. Told that like, oh, some yogurt with some fruit is so healthy, like trying to Say have white bread instead. We’re just trying to show you like the comparison, The impact impact. It’s like eating a carb.

And it’s something that, you know, we’re told to eat as a healthy snack or something. You don’t realize how it’s impacting your exactly. You just don’t realize it until you change your perspective toward healing, the root issues of PCO S yeah. So a lot of women with PCs, you know, we release a lot more insulin and it’s harder for our insulin to drop.

So it stays higher for longer in between meals. And like I said, that triggers our symptoms and it makes it more difficult to lose weight. So going gluten and dairy free. I tell you, say it once and I’ll say it again. Hallelujah. Grab some water, Your water. But the next topic we’ll talk about is environment. And specifically,

the first thing we want to mention is the toxicity of different kinds of plastics, pesticides, and basically, you know, endocrine disruptors that are basically all around Everywhere. Yeah. We were just on the live once again with Dr. Aviva. Romm. She’s great. She was talking about like flame retardants and all of these things all over our house. Yeah.

Like you use all the time, you detergent. Yeah. You know what that example she gave. If you think of how much estrogen you, we have like one drop of estrogen in a big pool of water is all it takes to have a major impact on our symptoms. So think of the estrogen disruptors, like, you know, we read about every,

like people try to defend them and say like, oh, it’s just a little bit like, it’s just some makeup. It adds up. It only takes that little bit to make a huge impact on our endocrine system. Yeah. That’s all it takes because it’s a cascade effect. So yeah. I mean, didn’t she say, like, if you change the stuff that touches your skin,

for example, Huge impact, but like, yeah. Makeup, maybe like shampoo things that you’re putting on yourself every day constantly onto your skin. That’s easiest to absorb. Just starting with those changes. First can make a huge impact because we know like sisters, we know like life is difficult. You can’t have every, all the products around you. Perfect.

Same thing with us. Like not everything we have is, you know, perfectly safe. Like we’ve done the job of replacing our shampoos or conditioners or detergents. But I think our couch probably has Scotchgard, maybe the carpet, you know, we’ve heard about carpets, the bedsheets, things like that. You know, we understand that like not everything is replaceable or maybe you don’t have the means.

I mean, not to mention a lot of these products can be more expensive than the regular. So we completely understand, but Makeup, I don’t think is necessarily more expensive, but the quality is not as good maybe. Well, I used to think that, but I think it’s just a matter of trial and error. Like I’ve been using beauty counter makeup this past week because I wanted to like restock my foundation,

things like that, that I use everyday. So I was like, whatever, I’ll try something new. And I’m impressed. People on Instagram are telling me my skin looks better. So I’m going to continue using beauty counter. See how that goes. I’ve also heard Iliya is a good brand. Yeah. So every time something runs out, I’m just going to swap it for something more PCs friendly.

Yeah. Another thing I did was swap our plastic loofahs in the shower. One day I just realized like hot water one. I saw the same one. Is it plastic? I don’t know what it is. I don’t think so. I’ll look into it, but I got like the natural sea sponge thing. Yeah. So, and there’s some of those statistics out there pretty crazy,

but yeah. Unexposed to a female fetus in the womb to BPA can actually induce piece us for, to future generations. So Imagine your mom is pregnant with you and you are developing ovaries in the womb, which have eggs in them. So it’s your ovaries have eggs in them, right? So not you but me or women. So the fetus has ovaries.

So in both the fetus and the eggs in the fetus are going to be effected on what the mother does. So imagine that the impact you have. So if you’re just, the BPH is everywhere and I, you know, whatever the environmental circumstances are, you never know it could have an impact on to future generations. Yeah. And there was even a,

before we move on, there was actually this really interesting study that was done in Chicago, where they looked at a number of pregnant women and they measured the, the levels in their blood, you know, how much BPA was in their blood. And then they basically organized each group of participants, depending on how high, the BPA levels in their blood work.

And then many, many years later when they had children, they then looked at their children and compare their IQ levels. And the woman who had the highest amount of BPA, their children had the lowest IQ by, I believe 20%. I may be getting some of the details wrong because I read this study a while ago, but I do know that this study was done.

And these were basically the results. And you might be wondering, how is that happening? What BPA has been shown to impair cognitive development in the fetus and in basically in a development phase of people. So that’s crazy. It’s very interesting to think that and just how, how much of an impact it can truly have. So that’s why we want to mention this just to bring awareness to it.

We don’t want to make you panic. Just bring a word, Just throw it your plastic or recycle it. Get rid of it. Yeah. I mean, one thing to do is just using glass, right? Just try to use glass glass and things. Glass lasts longer, you know, plastics usually degrade over time and you have to buy something new,

but glass, glass lasts forever. I mean, at first it’s more, but if you think about how many times you’re buying plastic containers over time, you know, glass lasts forever. It’s going to be the same. Unless you breaker breaker, just like me. It also has BPA, sorry to like drag this out, but receipts. Right. I was Reading this NPCs SOS and she talks about how,

like you put your hand sanitizer at the grocery store and then you touch this receipt and the receipt has so much BPA. Now you just open your pores up with the hand sanitizer. You just absorb that BPA right in. And she’s like, you should, you know, don’t touch the receipts or like, have them throw it away right now. I just asked for like digital receipts,

anytime I see a receipt, like grab it with my long nails. And I’m like, ah, and throw it in my purse. I know if it’s something that I know that I’m never going to return or something like that, I’ll just be like, I’ll probably ask him to throw it away from me. So I think that’s probably the route to go in most cases.

But with your situation, you return half the things you buy. So maybe you need it. All right. So we actually asked, that was basically the two factors wanted to talk about, but also we asked you sisters on Instagram PCO to start weight loss. If you don’t follow us, PSUs start weight loss. But we asked you sisters, we had a poll.

Do you think PSUs is curable reversible or neither? And here were the results. 57 people said curable 360 people said reversible and 132 people said neither The results are in it’s reversible. I’m, I’m very happy that majority sees that it’s reversible. Cause we, this whole point of this podcast is to spread the positivity so that people know that they can reverse her symptoms.

We don’t want anyone to start their journey and be put into a corner where they feel they can’t reverse it. And they feel like they’re stuck with whatever symptoms they’re having. Right? We’re on the opposite side of that, where we want you to put you in like a, a rainbow of some sorts where you feel encouraged, where you feel like the symptoms are manageable,

Try something new. You know, there’s always something out there And just goes to show from our followers, these responses, it looks like we’ve been doing a good job of helping people feel and know that they can reverse their symptoms are right. And then we actually even asked in the DMS, or we actually asked what symptoms have you been able to reverse on Instagram?

What symptoms have you been able to reverse? Hello? Nana says the doctor never even told me I could do that. The doctor only told me to lose weight. Well, Yeah. It’s not a symptom, but I’m glad that they’re aware of that now. Yeah. I’m glad she’s calling the doctor. Yeah. That was A typical response to the sticker.

Yeah. People were like reversed. Yeah. Zeba said stopped caffeine and I have more energy. There you go. Love it. Sometimes that low energy is, can be just from having too much caffeine. Torque c’mon says gluten free dairy free. And my skin is like a mirror. That’s acne, the acne getting reversed and there’s yeah. India banjo says I’ve trying to basketball for a few days.

And I noticed I don’t have any cravings. Great. They’re in some resistance. Chubb Lewis says reduce cravings by having balanced meals. Awesome. Sky B says no more cysts, no more miss periods or cystic acne. That’s great. And that just goes to show like anyone that’s wondering, can I reverse the ovarian cyst? Can I reverse, you know,

my period irregularity, can I get rid of the cystic acne? And we want to use it as an inspiration that yes, it’s totally possible working on diet, workout, lifestyle supplements, things like that. So much you can do. Don’t give up everyone’s symptoms are different. It takes different procedures for different people to reverse their symptoms. But there’s something out there and with a little bit of research and a lot of patients you’ll figure it out.

All right. So before we get to the winds of the week, we want to play a message from our hotline. If you’re not aware we have a PCO is hotline that you can call or text. The phone number is one eight, three three, ask PCO S that’s 1 8, 3, 3 a S K P C O S. And it’s toll free. You can leave a voicemail.

If you want to leave us a testimonial about how it has helped you. Or you can leave a question that we’ll play on this podcast and here is today’s voicemail. Hi, my name is Emily and I’m 18. I’ve been struggling with PCOS since, well, pretty much since like 14, but I only got diagnosed when I was 16, but I was just curious,

is it Constable or is it okay to take pre-workout before working out with CCOs, I’ve heard good things and I’ve heard bad things on the gods started taking me about a Vasa Paul. So I’m not sure if that really helps with energy too, but our struggle a lot with my motivation before working out and that, and what are some of your favorite workouts?

Okay, great questions. Let’s start with the pre-workout question first. Well, personally, I don’t recommend taking pre-workout supplements because of a majority of pre-workout supplements have number one, a lot of dangerous ingredients. I’ve talked about this in the past, but they add a lot of ingredients in there for the purpose of manufacturing. For example, I forget what this ingredient is called,

but most, a lot of pre-workout supplements had this ingredient that helps to make sure that the supplement itself doesn’t get stuck to the machines that are making them so that it’s easier to clean up and it saves on time, but that doesn’t have any, you know, a need for us when we’re taking that. Pre-workout supplement not to mention. There are a lot of other dangerous ingredients in there.

There’s usually caffeine things that are supposed to like make you pump your heart rate and all these stuff. I personally had that experience. I take a pre-workout drink, you know, like a long time ago, I used to like drink them sometimes. And every time I would drink it, it would feel like my skin is on fire. Like I was itching myself.

I was like, what’s going on? Like my head’s itching, my skin’s itching. My heart rate was going crazy. It was like a crap load of caffeine in there. Yeah. Ingredient. I just didn’t feel good while I was working. Yeah. You also don’t need a pre-workout if you’re doing slow weighted workouts. So you don’t have to get like HiFi and super like AMTA,

Ooh, let’s do this. And like, you’re not running 10 miles. If you don’t feel, if you struggle with being motivated to work out, getting in the mood for it, maybe there are other ways other than pre-workout that you can do that, like doing it at a time. That’s, you know, like after work, I feel like winding down and relaxing.

So that’s a good time to do a workout, make myself feel good, light a candle, take the yoga mat out, turn the TV on. Watch a show that I like at the same time, you know, set the tone for yourself. Yeah. Also just focusing on having the proper meal an hour or two hours before your workout. So having something with,

you know, adequate protein, you know, something with carbs, something with healthy fats an hour or two before that we’ll make sure that you have the sustainable energy throughout the workout. She also mentioned, oh, basketball, you know, feeling low energy. And now she was feeling low energy and she started taking a Avastin hall, wondering if that will help with it.

What a lot of times that low energy can be due to insulin resistance because you know, your blood sugar can crash. You can drop and it can make you feel lightheaded. You don’t have fatigue. So if you have insulin resistance, ABAs talk and definitely help with that. And lastly, she asked for an example workout. Well, I have a workout that I love love to suggest to anyone that starting out.

I call it the 10 by tens. So you’re going to pick just one exercise. You’re only going to do one exercise. And with this, I like to do the squats because squats, even though it’s a lower body movement, it has such a huge impact on insulin resistance because they work outs. You know, your legs are the biggest muscle in your body.

It can help to pick up the sugars in your bloodstream, therefore helping with insulin sensitivity. Now that’s why I love squats. And plus squats can really help with your bag too. Cause you have to keep your back straight the whole time. But how are you going to do this is how you’re going to start. You’re going to start your first set by doing 10 repetition.

So you’re going to go down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. All right. That’s 10 squats. That’s your first set. Now you’re going to rest 60 seconds. And then you’re going to do that same thing again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10. That’s your second set. You’re going to do even a rest 60 seconds and do it again. Basically. You’re going to do that 10 times, hence 10 by 10,

10 reps by 10 sets, resting 60 seconds each time. And if you’re wondering what way to choose, think about choosing something that’s like 50, 50 or 60 of await that may be like where you can do only like five reps or something. So, or not that much, but like 10 pounds, you know, five pound dumbbell. That’d be totally fine.

Even if you want to do it only body weight to get started. That’s totally great too. So you just want to pick a weight that it doesn’t feel too hard in the beginning because as you go through the exercise, it gets more and more difficult. So you just want to be able to do the 10 reps fairly easily. Okay. Awesome. So that’s my workout suggestion.

And before we go, we always do our favorite part of the episode, which is the wins of the week. We love to mention our sisters in the sisterhood or on Instagram who are having amazing success, losing weight with managing their symptoms, basically thriving with PCOS. Yes. The first one is Karena Banuelos. She says, Hey sisters. So I am on week.

Number two of slow weighted workouts, hydrating and avoiding gluten and dairy and taking Avesta. I truly refuse to weigh myself for the time being due to the discouragement. It often brings me when I used to use to do that. I feel overall so good though. My stomach isn’t hating me and I just feel truly empowered. Do you ladies think it’s okay to continue with the path of not weighing myself,

but still feeling good that I am feeling better than I have ever felt in years? Well, I’m so happy for her and I chose this win because it’s not always about the scale. It is about your symptoms. Like if you’re treating the root issues with PCLs the gluten going gluten-free, dairy-free taking Euro Vasa top, you know, following our method with the slow weighted workouts.

Now the scale will move later. It may be, or, or now, or it doesn’t matter if any of your symptoms are getting better, you are doing something that’s treating the root issues of your PCs and you should continue. And just continue until those symptoms are gone. And with that being said, everything is tied together. So if you’re improving your acne,

then you’re probably improving your testosterone levels, which is probably means you’re improving your insulin resistance, which when that is, you know, solid, you’ll see weight loss results as well. So it just ties into it is all full circle and it doesn’t start with the weight. It starts with the symptom improvement feeling good. Absolutely. I love that explanation time.

She’s like a breather. Ooh. All right. So the second one is also from the sisterhood. And before I read that, if you’re wondering if you’re new to us and you’re wondering what the sisterhood is, that’s our membership program, basically, where we help you learn about your PCs, get down to the root issues of your piece, us by helping you discover your PCs type,

we help you learn how to go gluten free. Then we help you go how to go. Dairy-free learning how to discover your carb tolerance and learning how to work out. These are all categorized in different stages, just like a game. So you go from stage one all the way to stage five, where you’re finally able to manage your PCs and thrive and not to mention you get monthly workouts that update every month you get a whole recipe section that’s completely gluten and dairy free.

You get two lab calls, one with a doctor and another with us, which is a live workout. Basically. It’s an amazing, it’s an amazing support team where you can go to start taking the first steps in your peace geos journey. If you want to access us, just go to PCO S weight, PCO, S weight, and you’ll find a programs tab there and you’ll be able to find the sisterhood.

Awesome. Cool. All right. The second winner is Jacquelyn who? Yes. I went to Armenia with her. Yeah. So was like a, of a friend of yours. Oh wow. That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Well, Jacqueline, she says I have irregular periods and after my period being Mia for seven months last year, it made it come back in January,

February and March Sally in April, I decided to go on vacation. I’ve been gluten dairy free for about two weeks now. And I’m following the weight loss workout course, and I lost four pounds. And the best part is my period has reappeared. I thought I would share some exciting news. That’s amazing. And I’m so happy Jacqueline that, you know,

after those seven months, you really tackled this situation head on, you know, and with period regularity to, it can take some time before it completely gets back to being regular. So for example, it can come back for a month, maybe two months and then it can go away for another month and they can come back because your body just trying to get into that rhythm of having the consistent periods.

So anyone going through this journey just want to, like, this is a great inspiration for anyone. So thank you, Jacqueline for sharing your progress, your results. And you know, we’re always here to help as You can. Yeah. I’m so happy for it. I can’t wait to hear in the future how she’s doing. Yeah. All right,

sisters, We hope this episode was helpful in helping you learn that you can reverse your PCs symptoms. And if you ever see someone trying to dismiss you and saying, you can’t reverse this, or you can’t reverse that Now, you know what to say exactly. And I hope you feel super empowered. And there’s a lot of takeaways in this episode. So go on sisters,

get started on your PCs journey. Keep us updated in DMS. We always like to hear how you’re doing. Yes. We’re always here to help you along the way. Talk to you soon. Take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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