3 Major Roles Vitamin D Plays in PCOS!

Did you know that Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin? It’s a precursor hormone produced by the kidneys and is a key factor for hormonal balance!

Up to 3 out of 4 women with PCOS may have Vitamin D deficiency and on this episode, we break down the major roles this vitamin plays in your body!

We explain how Vitamin D can play a part in lowering inflammation, lowering androgens like testosterone, improving fertility, and much more!

You’ll learn the impacts of Vitamin D deficiency such as depression, high blood pressure, mood swings, sleeps issues, and more!

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Full Episode transcript:

Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making, you don’t want to take a prenatal. That’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. They’re a needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive. It contains the active form of folic acid folly as well as 2000,

I use the vitamin D also, it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. Let’s take a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some pure spectrum CBD.

Sure. Hey sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety asleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low. Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued at all. Now open your mouth, please. So I can give you a serving.

Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum cbd.com and use the code, the sisterhood one word for 10% off. Can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds. my own hands. And hello? Hello sisters, sister. So today We’re going to talk all about vitamin D and PCO S and the benefits of vitamin D so much more.

You’re going to be surprised how important vitamin D is actually for whom with PCs and in general, but it’s a good time to talk about it or garden and the patio and how it gets basically no vitamin D exactly. Our garden in the patio has gone to how you say shit, because it’s not getting enough sun during the day. And a lot of the plants are on the ground,

so they stay moist. And this is attracting like little gnats, like the fun guy of flies and all these kinds of things. So we’re actually in the process of like removing it all and having elevated garden beds. So it can get more sun It’s pretty devastating. I mean, Sierra toils in this garden every single night, almost watering them, cleaning them,

fighting the what’s. It called the little flies, Rebecca, like we were at war with them, or I have like stickers out. I had the knee Moyle going every single day. Mosquito bits know What you can’t fight it at a certain point. You realize that the conditions of your patio just don’t work for the plants. There’s literally a fly, literally a fly now.

And the only, the other thing that I guess that’s a learning experience is that I was using a metal container for all the stuff. And I learned that a metal container doesn’t breathe enough, obviously it’s metal and it doesn’t breathe through the soil, causing it to remain wet and stuff like that. So I need to get to something that’s word that can breathe and learning experience.

I’m sorry, I’m on my green thumb is barely growing. One day. I will be, I will have a lot of experience and skills, but until then, we’ll just keep, That is so the truth. Like when you try something new, you want a new hobby. You will not do good for a minute. Like it’s not just naturally going to come to you.

Yeah, but that doesn’t mean to give up. And the same thing goes for PCO. S I just want to tie this to the gardening experience. Like, honestly, you can’t just like say, you know, I’m going to do all of these things and expect perfection. The next day, you’re going to stumble. You’re going to fall the plants aren’t going to grow.

The carrots will turn out one inch big after six months of waiting, and then they’re going to be bitter because you know, the conditions weren’t right and all of this. And it just takes all the patients in the world to get that garden, to grow in that piece, cos to reverse how you like that. I like it For good at transition time.

And we grew by the way, carrots for four months. And they came out so small, disappointing. We didn’t eat them cause they were bitter. You know, it is what it is. It is what it is. We’ll get better. But great transition, babe. And let’s jump into vitamin D M P C O S. Now just to talk about some of the research out there,

there is actually a statistic that says upwards of 75% of the world is vitamin D deficient. That’s right. 75% of the world is a vitamin D deficient. And going along with that statistic, almost three of every four women with PCOS may have vitamin D deficiency. So that’s against 75% of women with peace. U S may have vitamin D deficiencies. I just want to say that when I hear statistics like this,

I almost say to myself, subconsciously like, oh, everyone has it. Like, it’s not that important, whatever. Like we’re all fine, whatever. Like you try to neutralize it, but we’re about to drop some bombs and tell you how important vitamin D is. Yeah. And did you actually know that vitamin D is actually not a vitamin it’s a precursor hormone produced by the kidneys and is a key factor for hormonal balance.

Exactly. Boom is right. I wrote an entire, I don’t know how many pages of a thesis in grad school? On vitamin D. Yeah. And it was literally like on vitamin DNP, cos like going on and on and on about how important it is for women with PCOS. Because it’s not just a vitamin it’s, it’s a hormone for us.

It’s a precursor hormone. Yeah. And deficiency can not only be bad, but it can cause things like it can make increase your risk of things like inflammatory bowel disease type one diabetes, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, depression, obesity, all of the things that are kind of linked to PCLs already are also linked to vitamin D and studies estimate that these diseases could be reduced as much as by 50%.

If the deficiency is corrected. Imagine. Yeah. I remember when I had a blood test, it showed super low vitamin D levels. A lot of people. Yeah. And when I went to get the supplement, the guy at whole foods was like, did you have a lab, a lab work done? Are you just getting it? Cause people are telling you to get it.

I’m like, honey, I got the lab work. I got the papers to prove it. Like give me the vitamin D so, but yeah, a blood test can really tell you if you’re deficient, don’t just take it Willy nilly, honestly like get the blood work done first. And it makes sense that people, 75% of the world is deficient.

Because if you look at the world now, majority of jobs, I mean, at least in the United States, they’re in an office setting, they’re in a setting where you’re basically in a closed off building with not direct sunlight coming in. And the only real light is the light from the light source to UV lights or whatever it is. And you know,

that’s obviously has an impact on your vitamin D levels. If we’re not getting enough sun, like we need to get at least an hour sun, we’ll talk more about this later. You need to get at least an hour sun every day and your body has to, there’s also a factor in how well your body absorbs the vitamin D and converts it to vitamin D even The sun might not be enough.

We’ll get into the things you can do to increase your vitamin D levels. Yeah. There are some countries that practice a lot, a better, you know, better healthy habits, you know, enforcing their employees to go outside. Oh yeah. There’s a lot of different studies that have been done in different countries that show like when you force or when you let your workers go outside for a longer period of time,

it benefits their mental health, their cognitive function and improvements in their output. So, yeah. Wow. And then we talked about Def the deficiency in the vitamin D it’s contributes to depression, mood swings, sleep issues, fatigue, and time mentions are all issues that are already existing with PCs. So we want to improve that with vitamin D. So how does vitamin D play a role in PCOS?

So there’s three key ways that it really does make a difference. It lowers inflammation. We know PCs is a state of low grade inflammation that stems from insulin resistance. You know, they’re linked together. So women with PCs have more C-reactive protein. So when you get blood work done, this is an inflammatory marker. I personally had like C-reactive protein 10 times higher than it should have been.

And it was just crazy how much inflammation my body had at the time before I went gluten and dairy free and all of this and supplementing with vitamin D can also reduce these inflammatory markers. You know, not only the lifestyle changes, but this supplement has powerful effects. Like we said, it’s a precursor hormone. Yeah. It can also lower androgens. So with PCO S we are hyper angiogenic,

many of us, you know, we have more male hormones. So I was just going to say, androgens refers to like hormones that are mainly found in males. So testosterone things like, yeah. So you might feel more anxiety. Your skin might break out. You know, you’re more predisposed to these things. When you have high androgens, one study found that your testosterone and androgen levels can reduce after three months of supplementing with vitamin D along with calcium.

Wow. Amazing. Yeah. You know, the impact one vitamin can make along with diet and lifestyle changes. I’m not saying, just do whatever that’s triggering the high androgens. You know, you want to stop that triggering, but also you want to reduce them and that’s taking your vitamin D yeah. Is one of The factors, one of the, one of the factors that can help you in your journey.

Exactly. Okay. And fertility. So this is something, this is something we’ve talked about in the past and how fertility can improve. It’s so funny time, we’re looking at my posture. I know it’s really hard to have a great posture right now because we’re new to this. It’s an elevated table and we’re on a stool, obviously, as you guys know,

barstools are super uncomfortable and we chose to get them tally. But yeah, when we’re looking at the screen on the laptop, making sure our postures are always nice and straight and not hunched over, you know, even though we have scoliosis that’s okay. Oh my neck. So back to fertility. So we talked about in the past, how there’s so many benefits of vitamin D with fertility specialists,

ovarian function, but vitamin D receptors have been found in almost every tissue and cell in the human body and can directly affect follicle, egg, maturation, and development. So it can directly affect the follicle egg metric map, mature age, maturity, maturation, and development maturing. And then one study showed that infertile woman had a higher number of dominant follicles and improvements in menstrual regularity when taking vitamin D with their Metformin for six months,

compared to just Metformin alone, a study showed that also higher vitamin D levels and peace S woman taking Clomid improved their pregnancy rates. So that’s, that’s amazing for those taking Clomid studies show that the vitamin D helps. So if you’re taking, Clomid speak to your doctor and ask, Hey, can I take vitamin D along with this? And it will improve my chances and let them tell you.

And also like we’re taking metaformin too. Like we just said, vitamin D helps when you’re taking Metformin with the menstrual regularity. So talk to your doctor. If you’re taking that form and talk to them, ask them can take vitamin D you know, these are important things to cover, and it will help with your mentor regularity. It will help with your fertility ovarian function.

Right. We have a vitamin D supplement that we love. Oh yeah. Farelogics again, we love them. They’re a D There are D and we’ll put the D we’ll put the link in the description, but yeah, it’s maybe there are logics the same makers of basketball. So We love them. We trust them. And you can, you can use the same 15% off code that used for opacity hall for 30 D yeah.

Throw that in the bag when you’re buying your opacity. But of course, if you have any other vitamin D supplements that you like, you can go for those too. This is just that this is one example of one that we like so up to, right? So aside from, you know, the benefits directly with S that taking vitamin D can have,

it can also have other benefits. So if you’re a diabetic, let’s jump into this people with higher levels of vitamin D are 40% less likely to develop diabetes. And it helps with the pancreas’s ability to regulate insulin secretion and reduces inflammation, which influences insulin resistance. So vitamin D can help with diabetes as well. Many women with PCR struggle with blood sugar issues.

So that goes the same for us. Also longer cycles. If you have longer cycles studies show that insufficient levels of vitamin D are associated with a two time increase in the likelihood for longer cycles, there’s a 30% increased chance. Your menstrual cycle length will be longer with every 10 and G per nanograms, per milliliter, decrease of circulating vitamin D 10. Sorry,

just, I didn’t want to like say wrong, but every 10, every 10 nanograms per milliliter, decrease of circulating vitamin D. I mean, my levels were so low. I don’t know how many tens of crabs I was low, but if I could find my old lab work. Yeah. And those are huge differences. A two times increase in likelihood for longer cycles when you have insufficient levels of vitamin D two times,

and then with the 30% increase in your menstrual cycle length with every 10 nanogram per milliliter decrease. I don’t know what I’m saying, but it sounds crazy. Also pregnancy, we mentioned earlier, women with adequate vitamin D have shown to have lower risk pregnancy complications and preeclampsia, postpartum bleeding. Yeah. And auto immune diseases. So many women with PCOS struggle with auto immune diseases,

along with their PCLs. And these are mediated by immune cells called T-cells. And in some studies, vitamin D has shown to, to regulate these ma modulating. These T-cells in such a way that the auto-immune attack is diminished. Yeah. So that’s amazing. That’s really profound because many women with PCOS have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, that’s auto immune, you know, other issues,

skin issues, skin irritations, things like this that are autoimmune. So yeah. Super important. Get that vitamin D and how do we do it, babe? Well, striving for 50. Did you have to put striving on the, on the, I like that word, I love basking in the sun hit it. So striving to get 15 minutes of sun exposure every day can improve.

Sorry. Striving for 15 minutes of sun exposure every day provides 80 to 90% of the body’s vitamin D. It can improve approximately 10,000. You just getting 15 minutes of sun exposure every day. Amazing. So, and then also eating vitamin D rich foods like called liver oil. I think it has like 340% of your daily value salmon, which has 112% of the daily value swore fish,

tuna. And then you don’t want to rely on like four or five dairy or processed breakfast cereals for vitamin D just fortified With vitamin D like, yeah, you might as well get it from the actual fish or something. That’s not dairy. Yeah. And of course, like a lot of the cereals that had like a lot of processed ingredients as well.

So you don’t want to really depend on that for your vitamin D levels. And then of course, supplementing with vitamin D. So checking first, checking your levels through your blood work and, and then getting, you know, a recommended dosage from your doctor based on your, based on your blood work. So when you’re taking vitamin D you want to take it with a fat containing meal to increase absorption.

Now, I don’t know if you noticed, but you want to basically do this with any supplement you take when it’s, if it’s CBD, if it’s vide, if it’s just straight up multivitamin, if it’s vitamin D, when it comes to any supplement, you want to take it with a fat containing meal, or like, for example, they say that when you take a supplement fish oil,

it helps with the absorption. Cause the fish oil has the fats because the fats are able to help transport the supplement in your body. So yeah, you want to take it with a fat containing meal to increase absorption. And then we suggest also high quality independently tested and certified vitamin T3 supplements. So we mentioned earlier, one that we like is called a 30 by 30 logics and it meets those criteria.

But of course, if you find one on your own that you like go for it. And so basically Sisters, what you want to do is saute yourself, saute, saute, SERE, whatever, some salmon, get a nice salad, go outside for lunch, sit under the sun, eat your salmon, bask in the sun for 15 minutes, and then pop a vitamin D supplement after your high-fat salmon meal.

And there we go. Let’s not overdose on vitamin D, but No, that’s fine. Yeah. Just make some, make some notes to like go outside more, to sit in the sun more of course, that you want to wear sunscreen. If you’re exposing your skin too much, you always want to wear a sunscreen, But this podcast, I’m going to go outside To want to walk for sure.

After this, I Love the summertime. All they do is bask in the sun right now. It’s like way too cold. I see the trees moving. I’m not into that breeze. And you know What, when I meditate, a lot of times I will picture myself basking in the sun, like as one of my practices. And then just feel,

because it always feels good to feel that like absorption of like hot sizzle sizzle into your body, unless it’s like a hundred degrees or something. Yeah. Okay. That’s true. One time I fainted. So yeah, just to summarize, going outside, getting 15 minutes of sun exposure, eating vitamin D rich foods and taking a supplement, a vitamin D supplement can really help.

So with that being said, though, we also asked you sisters, your experience with a vitamin D supplement. And we asked you on our Instagram page, if you don’t know if you’re new, our Instagram page is at peace, U S dot weight-loss P C O S dot weight loss. And of course the podcast has an Instagram page to assist her and her.

Mr. But so on the PA on the Instagram page, we asked you, what difference did you feel when you took a vitamin D supplement Quicker? Jessica says more energy on ice mouse says so much more full of life. Oh yeah. I could tell when we understand why based on everything we just said today, Shawna banana says less headaches. Yeah.

Yeah. And may Camargo says I was deficient in vitamin D and they prescribed me 50,000 milligrams a week and I feel so energetic. That’s all that is. I don’t know what she means, 50,000 or a milligram, but that’s a lot. It does seem like a lot. Yeah. But I’m sure it’s based on your doctor’s recommendation and your Blood work and how low it is.

So you can’t just like take 50,000. You have to check. Yeah. There might be a difference in the conversion of milligram to ICU, probably. So maybe, you know, but anyways, that’s, that’s great that you had your levels checked and you got a prescription from your doctor based on that. So that’s great. Awesome. So, all right.

Guess what sisters guess what the PCLs hotline is back? Not that it’s been away for a while. It’s just, you know, we have guests, so we’re not able to play messages from the PCs hotline every week. But if you’re new, we have a hotline that you can call or text message. The phone number is one eight, three three,

ask PCO S one eight three, three a S K P C O S. And you can leave a voicemail or text message. It’s toll-free and here is our color from this week. Hi guys. My name is Alisa and I have a question. I went dairy free and gluten free a bit ago. And I am looking for easy options that I can throw it together in a couple of minutes when I’m in a pinch or I’m working or anything like that.

And beforehand, we used to eat those Turkey places and chicken slices, like come in the packs, the grocery store. And wondering if those, because they are processed, if they’re endocrine disruptors, I know that they have nitrates. Sometimes I’m wondering if there’s ones that are better than the others. There’s a lot on the market that have just simple ingredients.

Like it’ll just say chicken, vinegar, sea salt potatoes, or stuff like that. I’m wondering if they’re all bad for you. Some are worse if they should be avoided with PCLs. So I’d love your feedback and answer to that. Thank you. This is such a good question. Okay. So here’s what I’ve learned from Dr.. When I went to her,

when I was diagnosed with PCs, you know, she listed all of these great things I could do to manage my PCAs, going gluten and dairy free. Number one, like number two, you know, getting rid of those endocrine disruptors. I mean, there are just so many it’s like, where do you begin? Right. By the way, we have a whole episode on endocrine disruptors on the podcast.

So if you go back a few episodes and the feed, you’ll see a whole episode on endocrine disruptors. Yes. So, you know, those Turkey slices and things like this, they are endocrine systems. They are processed. They can be really not great to have a specialist. They have nitrates and stuff to conserve them, but I try to choose the ones that are hormone-free nitrate-free they have minimal ingredients,

just like she mentioned. Some of them are like healthier than others. I choose the healthier one. And this is because for me and my lifestyle, I don’t have time to like whip together, like a fish for lunch, you know, like something that’s going to take me longer than five, 10 minutes, you know? And I like to slap together a delicious Turkey sandwich.

I love prosciutto and apple as like a snack, you know, after lunch or whatever, it’s high protein. Yes. It’s processed. It’s prosciutto. But I still, like, for me, that’s what works. That’s I feel good. I’m gluten and dairy free. I do other things that with detoxing, you know, endocrine disruptors from my body,

you know, drinking green juices, cruciferous vegetables, things like this. And so I don’t feel like I have to do everything perfectly and cut out the processed meat. You know, I can choose better processed meat, you know? And so it’s just, you have to pick and choose you can’t you can do every single thing if you want to. But I just choose not to,

because it’s, for me, it’s like a nuisance. I want my Turkey sandwich. And that goes with everything. That’s endocrine disruptor that you can try to do your best and ways that you can control are some things that are out of your control, that you can do some, you know, you can go out of your way. For example, I’ll just tell you about our household.

We’ve switched our shampoos and our conditioners and our shower soaps to things that are more natural and don’t have like the harmful ingredients. That’s one thing we’ve definitely done. But like time mentioned, we still get like Turkey slices and things like that, which may still have, you know, some endocrine disruptors in there. Yeah. I mean, for heaven sakes,

like the couch is an endocrine disruptor off gassing. Whatever’s on the couch, the rug, the flooring, the walls, the ceiling, like where do we begin with these endocrine disruptors? We have to tear a house down and rebuild it. I’d love to do that by the way, why don’t we just get an empty lot and build a house that’s completely, disrupted.

Everything is like natural wood, like nothing, but then your house falls apart. Like you need the scotch guard on the couch. It spills Trash. What do you do? Some of these things, but we’ve come accustomed to like toothpaste With fluoride. It it’s been proven to help with, you know, teeth, health whitening, all this jazz, but then it’s also been shown to be an endocrine disruptor.

So which one do you do? I have xylitol. Eileen does, but I don’t because I refuse to get brown teeth. No, My God, I do not have brown teeth, but I don’t know they are, this toothpaste I use is actually so good. Yeah. Do not hate on my two kids. I’m kidding. It is so good.

You and your Colgate, you need to be changing your toothpaste. This goes to show, we all have our decisions, things that we’re happy with, things that we’re comfortable with and like maybe scissors when you listen to our episodes. I don’t know if maybe you might come off, like we’re doing all of these things perfectly, but we’re not like the vitamin D I,

that we’re getting the, all the vitamin D that We should be getting. Yeah. I need to double check. Yeah. And like, we, we don’t, we haven’t eliminated all the endocrine disruptors in our household. We try our best, you know, we’re learning as we go along, we’re learning what we can do, how many adjustments we can make,

but that’s part of the process of, you know, learning and just adjusting and making changes along the way. So yeah, you’re along, you’re along the journey with us in making these changes. Exactly. So Anna scissor was also asking about gluten and dairy-free foods and such. If you’re looking for gluten and dairy free recipes, we have a great resource for you.

Our membership program, the sisterhood, we have a whole gluten and dairy free recipe section. That’s all for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And not to mention, we have basically a whole five stage piece, your weight loss success path that helps you learn your PCs type helps you learn how to go. Gluten-free, dairy-free how to find your car brains,

which is really important for insulin resistance, how to work out. We have monthly workout programs that change every month. We have a Facebook private group where we’re able to chat with each other and other sisters. And we have our two live calls a month, you know, for Q and A’s and for live workouts. So join us there if you want more resources like that.

And speaking of that, we had two wins of the week from both sisters from Instagram and from the sisterhood. So let’s read it. Okay. The first one’s from the sisterhood, Tony rose says I’m on week three of this program. And all I can say right now is thank goodness I found it. This might be TMI, but I know my sisters will get it.

I finally got my period for the first time, since October. I’m so happy and so grateful that this is working for me so far. I hope that the rest of you are feeling great and have amazing results coming your way soon. Ooh, that’s awesome. Congrats. So happy for you. Nothing more exciting than getting your period back after not having it for so long.

I remember I didn’t have it for a whole year. Yeah, Yeah. I remember you telling me this. Yeah. And obviously, I don’t know this experience, but hearing from Tali and hearing from other sisters, I can see how important or how good the feeling is when you finally get it or, you know, when you’re not getting it. And the frustration that builds up.

So anytime I hear a story like this, I’m more than happy for that person and for all the sisters. So congrats, Tony. All right. And then the second one, this one is from Instagram is from Parker and Parker says I was diagnosed January 21st and started following you that same day. My OB GYN, basically just set to consider losing 10 to 15% of my body weight.

Wow. And take progesterone to force shredding at least four times shedding shredding. Well, I’m sorry. And take progesterone to force shedding, at least four times a year. I had already cut gluten in March, 2020 because I have realized it was causing me to have hives and eczema. And since cutting that, I lost about 30 pounds very easily. My last period was in June and since almost completely cutting dairy for two weeks,

starting daily and also talls and spearmint tea. I got my period. I almost can’t believe it happened that fast, especially since I had already been gluten-free for so long. Thank you for being an amazing and accessible resource. You are impacting so many lives. Wow. That is so exciting. Thank you, Parker for that sweet supportive message at the end.

30 pounds. Yeah. Easily. Yeah. And she says it’s, that was, And by easily she means like without restricting and feeling miserable. Yeah. When people say like, I lost as much weight, it was so easy, whatever it’s because it’s a lifestyle and it’s not like I’m starving all the time. It’s like, I’m healing my metabolism and I feel good.

And it’s working and I’m eating things and I’m burning. Yeah. Especially when you consider how hard some women try to lose weight and then just to be able to lose a little bit. But in this case, losing 30 pounds is an amazing accomplishment. Considering the difficulty in losing weight with a metabolic and hormonal dysfunction that’s happening in the body. So congratulations.

Parker. We’re very, very happy for you. Yes. All Right. So Tine. I think we should go on a walk. Yeah. Get some real good sun in our community have decide is sunny, half the size shady. So we’ll be on the sunny shade if you need us sisters and yeah. Let us know on Instagram. What kind of episodes you guys would like us to create DMS?

We read every single one. We read Every single one, respond to every single one. And we also go live on clubhouse for these podcast episodes. If you don’t know, we’re on clubhouse, PCs, weight loss, and we’re able to, every time we record an episode, we go live there. So if you want to hear these episodes before it gets released on apple or everywhere else,

you can listen on clubhouse. Yes. I feel like I’m talking a lot. No, I’m enjoying it. I know. It’s just, I see you looking at me all your beautiful eyes. I just keep talking. Well, you’re serenading Pete with your place. They call me Kenny G right? Let’s go on. All right. Thank you sisters for listening.

We’ll be back next week. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body.

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