Your Most Requested PCOS & Personal Questions Answered!

What’s the best breakfast for PCOS? What is it like to work together as A Cyster & Her Mister?

On this episode, we answer the most popular PCOS questions including personal questions you have for us!

Tune in to hear us answer questions like:

How to start going gluten & dairy free?

Are we planning to have children?

Is intermittent fasting bad for PCOS? How to stop hair loss?

And much more!

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Full Episode transcript:

All right. 3, 2, 1. Well, hello. Hello Cysters. So the new episode of our podcast Welcome ladies. Today’s A bit of a sad, sad day. We are no longer doing a, how you say YouTube version of the podcast. We decided as a team, as two hosts were like, you know, maybe we could do make the YouTube content more valuable,

make it more short form, make it more specific about certain topics since you have the audio version of the podcast does really well. We’re trying to make the YouTube version a bit more fun. So going forward, there’ll be no video versions of the podcast. It kills me. It really killed when we started, when we started the podcast, I was like,

so adamant about having a YouTube video version. Cause all my favorite podcasts had that. And I was like, you know what? In order to really make it fun and like enjoyable for all the Cysters, there has to be a video YouTube version. Of course, now that we’ve done it for like years episodes. Yeah. Now that we know we’re 68 episodes,

I can tell from like the view numbers, it’s like the audio versions, a lot more important to the sisters and the video version. We need to do something else. So no more podcasts, video versions. We’ll just do something more along the lines of a specific topic, videos like hair loss, birth control, Metformin, and things of that nature to help you sisters more.

She said, I get it. I mean, we’re going to have some great other content to shoot and edit. That will be more interesting to the sisters. Actually. It’s pretty funny. Last night we were laying in bed talking about this. I don’t like 12 to 1220. We had like a meeting about this laying In bed about the fact that their main app there may no more be YouTube podcasts.

I dunno. So if you’re listening to this, you probably realized by now, because we had like a bunch of already recorded YouTube videos for the podcast, but we decided, you know, we’ll hold on to those. We’ll just release the audio versions. So I guess that’s how it’s going to be, how it’s going to be to Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, for heaven’s sake. We’re going to have such great content instead of I know, I know. So scissors, go ahead and follow us on YouTube please. Cause we’re going to create so much content in the next few weeks and we’re going to do a lot of giveaways on YouTube as well. So go to YouTube, please. Us weight loss.

We’ll be doing a lot more there. Now today’s episode is going be a pretty fun one. We took all your questions from Instagram piece, us thought, weight loss. If you don’t follow a stir piece, USDOT weight loss. And we took all your questions, gathered all the most part, most common asked questions and to groups. And I mean,

I think we have, like right now we have a full page of questions that we’re going to go through. And some of them are going to be about peace. Us. A few of them will be about us. We’ll keep a fun lighthearted and informative at the same time, I squeezed in like personal questions in between the PCLs questions. So we’re going to go back and forth.

I Like it. I like it. All right. So let’s start with the first question coming from Saba, Saba IFE. She says, how did you two meet? Ooh, personal question to start it so tiny. Why don’t you start off? Okay. I love talking about this story because it’s so funny how the stars aligned. We were both on Tinder and at the time I was working in downtown LA and I was going to school grad school in LA too.

And SciTech was commuting from LA to Bria to work in orange county. Yeah. So it just so happened to be that my work was near his home and his work was near my parents’ home and Tinder matched matched us. I don’t know if it’s because he was, you know, at work near my parents or if it was because I was working near you,

but sounds Like we’re both swiping while working. Exactly. I was swipe, swipe swiping while I was working. Let me tell you if anyone’s on a dating app, you need to have a great eye and filter and like, know what you want and just type stuff. So I was like, no, no, no, no, no, yes,

no, no, no, no, no. Yes God. My life would have been. So you skipped over my non shirt picture with my shirt off and my bathing suit tats out six Pagnol. Could you skip over that shirt? Oh my gosh. I just skipped over that picture And then I like, you know, sought his, his Tinder page.

And then I went on his Instagram. Okay. I’m getting into too many details, but I like stalked him a little bit. I was like, oh Yeah. So basically met on Tinder and then we won our first date. Like a week later. It was a funny thing was at Taiwan to talk on the phone like before we met. And I was like,

I’m not talking on the phone. Like one, I hate talking on the phone with anybody to talk on the phone with a girl I haven’t met yet. I’m not going to give you that time of day. So we went on a first date. It was called the restaurant was called the church key. It wasn’t like west Hollywood, like Hollywood sunset Boulevard,

the church key. I don’t think it’s it’s no longer there. No. And we had our first date there and met everything was, it was a pretty Good week. Great. You were such a gentleman actually his ears. Weren’t like, he couldn’t hear me. Like he’d gone up a plane and his ears hadn’t popped. So he was quiet and I was like yelling and turns out like,

it’s the exact opposite now it’s loud and I’m more quiet. Yeah. But I mean, I wanted to talk on the phone because that’s what I used to do with the Tinder dates before I like spent my time going out, getting ready and all of this with them. I would like talk on the phone for a second or you know, something. So I make sure that like we’re vibing a little bit,

Right. Shamara psycho, or that I’m a real person kind of, You know, you can tell you, oh my God. Yeah. That’s how we met first day. And you know, we really got along and after that, I think it was just a match made in heaven for us. We just basically continued in Heaven fender. Don’t get,

don’t get ahead of yourself. All right. Why don’t we go to a more peace U S centric question next. So to keep it going back and forth. So the next question is from GC Taylor, what are your thoughts about Metformin? Very good question. So now we’re getting into the more PCO stuff. Yeah. We Did a whole podcast episode about Metformin.

Yeah. Well, Which was a bit of a bit ago. So we do need to maybe make a new episode about it, just to give more updates, more research that’s been done. But so yeah, there’s not a lot of Metformin recalls, but for those that are curious about Metformin foreman. So as most of you know, like most assisters,

when they go to the doctor with insulin resistance, you know, this uncontrollable weight gain uncontrollable cravings, the doctor’s main most of the time, the main recommendation is Metformin. Now our thoughts about Metformin is that unfortunately it doesn’t get down to the root cause of the issue. And instead just masks actually what’s going on with the insulin resistance in the body. The thing is Metformin actually is meant to treat your insulin resistance,

which is like better than just taking birth control. Like at least we’re addressing the insect resistance, but there’s never an exit plan. So like you said, like the root issue is kind of being masked with Metformin and you know, we expect that we have to be on it forever. You know, there has to be an exit plan, like a lifestyle or diet change or something where you don’t need to take it anymore because the idea isn’t that you take it forever.

The idea is that it helps with your insulin resistance and then you apply the things that are more challenging to help with your insulin resistance, which is changing your diet, making sure you’re eating higher protein and you know, a little bit lower carb and I’m sleeping better. All of these things affect your insulin resistance, but sometimes we’re just given Metformin with no explanation.

We forget that there’s so much we can do about our insulin resistance other than Metformin. We think we have to take it forever. Yeah. Yeah. And not to mention the Metformin coming with adverse side effects for many women, you know, most of you know, but like the nutrient depletion, the bloatedness the, you know, going to the bathroom,

like all of a sudden, like there’s just a Sick. Yeah. I love Avast natal honestly, because studies show that inositol supplements can work as effectively as Metformin except without all the side effects. So a lot of women take over tall and they find that their healing, their insulin resistance, you know, combine that with some great diet changes and like,

you know, you’re set your cravings, get so much less diminish so much. And then your period regulates, and it’s just, it’s wonderful without all of these awful side effects. And if you’re on that format and you’re seeing benefits, that’s great. That’s amazing. Continue doing what’s working for you. And if you’re wondering about getting off of Metformin, because you don’t like it,

and you’re thinking about going to an NR star supplement, for example, local basketball, please first speak with your doctor, consult them, make sure that they can check on your blood work to see if you can make that change. So like just don’t go and do yourself, you know? Cause that’s your doctor has given you a prescription. You don’t want to have adverse reactions by going off of the,

all of a sudden if your body needs it. So, okay. So that was the question about Metformin. Alright. Let’s take a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some peer spectrum CBD. Sure. Hey sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety asleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low.

Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued at all. Now open your mouth please. So I can give you a serving. Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10% Of, can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds.

You hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having one Credible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Vasa Tal helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have and by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings.

Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance,

starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t Drink it. You got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Let’s go back to Something a little bit more personal. Are you both Armenian? Yes.

Yeah, I would. I would say yes. Could You tell on Tinder when you saw my picture? Yeah. I mean, your name Tallinn is a very prominent Armenian Name promise, right? That’s true. I couldn’t tell until I stalked your Instagram and I saw we had mutual friends, I saw like, you know, your comments, whatever, everyone that followed you was Armenia.

I was like, okay, because I didn’t have Like, Ian, like everybody has like Kardashians that Ian at the end of their last thing, which is the typical army last. Yeah. But yeah, me and Tyler are both a hundred percent Armenian fun fact. I was actually born in Istanbul, Turkey, and I grew up in Turkey for about 10 years and then moved to America.

Yeah. 10 years old and lived in LA. And now we at and lived together in orange county. But yeah, we are fully Armenian. My, my parents are fully Armenian too, but as most of you know, there is a bit of history with Armenians being in Turkey. So that’s why we were living in Turkey before we moved to America.

I mean, there’s a whole lot of history there, but I’m not going to get into it. I’m not going to start some controversy on the podcast. Not that it’s controversy or I just don’t want to bring up a bad history, I guess you want to say. Yeah. But anyways, that’s a bit of why or not why, but how we’re Armenian,

I guess. Yeah. Okay. What’s the next question you wanted to, Okay. Let’s see advice for people starting to go gluten and dairy free and how to eat gluten and dairy free. So that’s a great question. I mean, we talk all about going gluten and dairy free on Instagram. And of course it can seem intimidating. Like it’s this major life change,

which it can be, you know, you’re changing all the food, you’re eating, you’re changing what your family’s eating, kind of, you know, it’s, it’s something where you have to evolve basically. And we help you do this in our membership, the sisterhood where we have lots of resources and handholding involved in the process. But the best place to start is I like to say breakfast.

So don’t get all intimidated by all the meals. You have to change. Just start with one and gradually move forward to the rest. So breakfast, you know, choose something gluten and dairy free. So I used to eat like bread and cheese for breakfast. O M G like before I went gluten and dairy free, but now it’s more something along the lines of a smoothie with dairy free milk and lots of protein powder.

That’s not made of way, you know? Cause I used to have way too and that’s dairy. So I, you know, once you nail breakfast, you’ll feel more confident and then you’ll move on to the next meals. You don’t have to tackle it all at once. Yeah. And you can do that breakfast switch for like a week, once you feel comfortable and on lunch and then dinner.

And then all of a sudden, your whole day is gluten dairy free. And it’s especially starting with gluten first or dairy first and moving on to the other one or moving onto the ladder is moving on to the former. I always want to get that term right. And moving onto the former or the latter. It’s always such a great term anyway. Okay.

But tell them about your gluten and dairy preacher, any bait, because ever since we got married, I’ve transitioned you. I don’t even realize I’m 95% gluten and dairy free because it dinners are amazingly delicious. Like every food we have, it’s like naturally gluten dairy free. It’s not like you’re going out of your way to make some sort of like concoction that’s,

you know, like, like gluten-free flour and everything, you know, like pasta or whatever. No. It’s like majority of the time we’re having like something like sweet potatoes with some sort of protein, with some sort of vegetables, that’s all naturally gluten dairy free. You don’t even think about it and like, yeah. The tacos last Night and made this fish.

The Cod yeah. Yeah. Wait, the other night the neighbors came over. I was like, I made this delicious fish the other night, so embarrassing. But honestly it was so good. And it had no gluten, no dairy, Like it was Cod, you know, seasoned with paprika and salt seared. And then I set it aside and then I cooked some cherry tomatoes with white wine and then they added the Cod back into that mixture with some Bazell and lemon zest.

It was so good. My only complaint was there was too many cherry tomatoes. That was my only complaint. How dare you? You said the same thing. Don’t you get Dolan? I didn’t say that. Oh, how dare you? I don’t remember. It was so delicious that I ate too much and I literally had to lay on the couch.

All right. Okay. Well, you had your Avast hall after I did, because I was like, I don’t know how I’m going to digest all of this right now. Okay. All right. Well, let’s go on to, I see this fun little question that I’ll give you a quick answer. We’ll see doc, do a podcast explaining Bitcoin.

Honestly. There’s not enough, not enough podcasts. Explain my enthusiasm about Bitcoin, but I love Bitcoin. I’ve been into it since like 20, 20, 15, maybe like 2013. I was like one of the early adopters. And it’s something that I’m highly interested in for the future, but I don’t think we’ll ever do a podcast episode explaining about it, but scissors,

if you ever want like a quick explanation or anything like that, I’m happy to explain that like on an Instagram live or something like that, but it’s a fun topic I always love talking about. And it’s definitely something of interest to me, but yeah. Oh my gosh. What if you did like a Bitcoin Instagram live about, you know, sisters with Bitcoin,

invest in Bitcoin, Give a warning though. There’s so many people trying to do scams right now because you know, a big queen so popular that there’s like a lot of like clickbait, like just don’t fall for anything. Sisters don’t even worry about that kind of stuff. I think just like as a pure investment. It’s cool. But don’t get into like any of these like scam people who are trying to like get clickbait stuff.

So anyway. All right. What’s The next question? It should be S so Which one did you, I was just going to read a question from Casa. She said what’s the best breakfast for PCO S okay. The best breakfast, but we can give a couple of our favorite breakfast. Okay. What’s yours. Okay. I’ll start with the simple one.

I’ll start with our like smoothie example, for example, like this is a smoothie that I make and it’s very similar to what Tali makes. I like to do spinach time, put spinach as well. I put protein powder and tie-in Adger on different protein powder. I put a one full banana Tallinn puts half a banana because you don’t want the carbs and the sugars and the banana.

And I put almond butter used to be peanut butter, but Tallinn sister is allergic and has therefore ruined my light down this road. I can never have peanut butter, like a look I want to anymore. I have to go. I have to be in a different state. Okay. Anyways, we Went to Texas and bottle all this peanut butter. Yeah.

Anyways. So should I put on like a scoop of almond butter? And then I put some like extra stuff to like really like boosted. So I put like adaptogens, I’ll put like, what is, I think called ashwagandha ashwagandha. I put like this vitamin D like I put this vitamin D tincture oil thing. I even put the athletic greens powder.

Wow. Really makes a potion out of his, But that would be my base. That’s basically everything. Just like, Can I order daily harvest to mix it up? Because sometimes it gets boring. So what’s yours. What’s your favorite breakfast? Let’s see. I like definitely a smoothie, but then I get sick of it. So I like to have some eggs.

And then, you know, sometimes I’ll put like collagen powder in the eggs to add protein to it. And I also like having oatmeal or Millay, which is my new favorite gluten free grain. And I add protein powder to that. So anything I can really like boost up with protein. Cause I like to have like 35 grams of protein for breakfast.

It really helps with like blood sugar control and also breakfast helps reduce your cortisol. Like you wake up with your high cortisol, which you know, should give you some energy and then it should go down. But if you don’t eat breakfast, it doesn’t go down. So it really relaxes me. So your quick explanation Was eggs, eggs with collagen powder,

milk and oatmeal is what you’re going. Where is your best breakfast? This is how you want to live your life. Sisters DM me. If you have any better breakfast ideas, I’m here for it. Okay. Okay. All right. So let’s go to a favorite vacation spot. I mean, it’s like pussy tunnel. I’m sorry. We went there for a honeymoon and it was the greatest time of our lives.

The best food, the best atmosphere people were super nice. Gosh, we went to the islands. Caprini right by it. This was pre COVID. So this was before lives were upside down, but hands down Positano, I can’t even like, I don’t even have to think about it. How about you? Yeah. I can’t think of any, where else did we go?

That we loved so much? No, no. I don’t think there’s nothing can be the seafood I ate at Positano. I know that octopus. And I will say we went to Mykonos in Greece right after that. Bless you. We went to Mykonos right after that. And I, we love Greece. We love the island, but the food was,

everything was frozen and regress and defrosted, everything. Even the seafood. Like you think that you’re on an island, you’re going to have fresh seafood, but everything was defrosted. And when you ate it, you could tell it also, even though like it was on the menu, is it says, this is frozen. I Wonder if, because of COVID less people obviously traveled to Mykonos last year.

I wonder if they’re like natural resources revives. Like if they’re like, you know, oceans and stuff, you know, like your octopus came back and a lot Of the world that happened, you know, like the reefs that always people visit and it gets destroyed. Yeah. Okay. Okay. All right. What about this next question is intermittent fasting bad for peace us and it,

I’m sorry. And if so, why? Well intermittent fasting actually, you know, doing like a 12 hour fast is good. In my opinion, not in my opinion. According to research like a 12 hour fast for women. Good idea. Right? Eat breakfast at seven and then eat dinner latest at seven and then stop eating after seven. So that’s ideal.

Yeah. But as you move to like a 13 hour, 14 hour fast, it starts getting stricted. It can’t, it can be harmful for your period for your blood sugar control. It’s not for all women. Exactly. And just to speak on that too recently, we had a podcast guests, as many of you know, her Alisa Vitti. She’s an amazing advocate for women’s health and expert in women’s health.

And she brought up some research, the, or she brought up some points that the research on intermittent fasting is done predominantly on men and on women who are out of their reproductive age. So the research on intermittent fasting is not really shown on a woman in their reproductive age before the age of 40 and such. So that’s why you want to it with a grain of salt.

When you hear it about intermit, intermittent, fasting, being good, even like 12 hours. That’s something that we have found in research, but you really want to get down to it and see who, if that is going to be applicable for you. Yeah. Because Dr. Jolene Brighton also says that like some women, you know, having some,

a cup of tea with some collagen in it, or maybe like a spoonful of almond butter, like before you go to sleep is actually good because it’ll help with keeping your blood sugar stabilized while you’re asleep. And so, but for some women, that’s not necessarily your ideal. So the, you know, you have to find what works for you. Yeah.

There’s not going to be one approach like intermittent fasting or keto. That’s going to be a hundred percent working for everyone because in some ways it can make it like that 16 hour fast can be too restrictive for a lot of people. So you want, you want to just start slow with it, see if it’s helping and go from there and maybe look more into the research to see what,

what range of hours were done on a woman to know if it’s going to be right for you. All right, Next question. X, Tina teasel. What is, what is it look like to work together? What does it look like to work together as a sister and her Mister? Oh, Well, imagine you’re spending 24, 24, 7 time with your beloved partner.

So you’re side by side. From the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep, you work next to each other all the time you’re doing lives together. You’re constantly asking each other questions. It sounds bad, but it’s actually a great time. It’s so much fun. Yeah. Like not that, not that it sounds bad, but like I’m sure people would go crazy.

I’m sure some of you are like, I need some space. It’s A small apartment. There is no space here. Our apartment is 800 square feet. So it’s not very big, but of course we make the best of it. Yeah. You know, we, we know that like a human being needs some space, like you don’t even have to ask me and I’ll just like go to my mom’s house.

There’s no Couple in the world who’s going to spend so much time, like 24, 7 time together and not need space. It’s just a huge, it’s human nature to need space. So we were totally like understanding of that. Like, although we do spend an abnormal amount of time together compared to maybe like other couples, we still make sure that we give each other space.

And by doing that, it makes all the time that we spent like fun, so fun. And it’s also important that we’re always like honest with each other and give each other feedback. Like, Hey, like, I feel like I need some space here where I feel like you did so-and-so wrong. Where I feel like I dropped the ball here. Like you just always have to be honest with each other and continue communicating.

So since we’ve been doing that, I feel like we’ve been doing great. Yeah. We started working full-time together. Just, just almost, almost a year ago. I would say like 10 months ago. And since then it’s been Very well. It’s been great. I mean, it’s really hard to like, make me mad. You know what I mean?

Like sometimes like couples, it can be challenging to like work together because you know, there’s a lot of moving parts with like business and stuff like that. So it can get really overwhelming. And I feel like we’re both like, really passionate about what we do. So even if one of us like, does something wrong or drops the ball, there’s like nothing to be upset about because accidents happen.

And like, we’re both doing our best, you know? So it’s pretty relaxed around here. Yeah. I would agree. I would agree. Okay. Let’s go on to two questions. One from Veeva, it’s Maria and other from tantrums, amygdala, she says, or they say is jump rope. A good exercise with PCOS. And other question was,

is hula hoop good for PCs? These were fun questions and questions about working out with, with PCs for peace. U S. So we’ve talked about in the past about controlling the intensity of a workout to help with a couple of things. The reason we want to control the intensity of the workout is one for the stress hormones, the cortisol levels, because intense workouts,

camp pump up your stress hormones like cortisol, which is a normal thing. Our body raises our cortisol, cortisol, you know, pumps, adrenaline when you’re in a workout because it wants you to perform better. It goes down to basically our genetics. You know, imagine back in the day, when you’re running through the forest with a tiger, chasing you,

your body goes into survival mode. It pumps you with adrenaline, pumps you with cortisol to make you run faster, to make you breathe longer and like basically survive. It’s like your body’s instinct to help you survive. So when you work out, this is why cortisol levels get spike. This is why you get that adrenaline rush. This is why your heart rate goes up.

This is all to basically help your body perform better. However, when it comes to women with PCs, there comes th there is a couple of issues. One there’s cortisol, dysregulation, which basically means that you’re not able to bring down the levels of cortisol your stress hormones, and they stay elevated. And this can cause number of issues, you know,

more inflammation causing you to have also causing you to have mood swings, causing you to not recover properly, causing you to have really bad sleep and feeling, feeling fatigued all the time. So along with, you know, weight plateau, or just not getting the results that you want. The second thing is insulin resistance. When you do a really intense workout,

for example, like a long intense run, your body will dump a lot of sugar into your bloodstream to use for energy. However, because of insulin resistance, you’re not able to convert the sugar into energy and instead get stored as fat. And now we want to mitigate these two things from happening, because they’re going to hold you back. So in the case of jump-rope or hula hoop,

you want it, you can still do something like jump rope or hula hoop, but you want to be of the intensity, meaning you don’t want to let your breathing get out of control to the point where you’re like, and you have to stop in like, completely like take five, 10 minutes to catch your breath, or you don’t want to let your heart rate get so fast where you feel like it’s beating out of your chest.

And you basically, again, had to stop and let that let your body cool down for five, 10 minutes. These are all signs that your, these intense workouts are letting your body get into a state where your cortisol levels get spiked. Adrenaline, adrenaline kicks in and so forth. So you can still do jump rope. You can still do hula hooping as long as you make sure to keep the,

to control the intensity. Of course, if you, if you’ve been going really intense and it’s been working for you and you’re seeing results, then that’s great. Continue. Of course, what I’m saying, doesn’t apply to 100% of all women with PCs. This is just something that we’ve seen with many of our clients members, followers. So Hula hoop.

Yeah, maybe you should. And this is also something that Alisa Vitti talked about in our podcast with her. She even, she mentioned that in the luteal phase, I believe after ovulation, after ovulation, it’s better to take away the intense workouts and focus more on weight training. So that’s a, you can listen to that episode as well, to learn more about that one.

I think I’m going to order a hula hoop on Amazon and take it to my son for like one weekend. It’s going to be over how expensive are they? I’ll donate it afterwards after I’m over it. So that, that would be my, like, you can still do it. Just try to control the intensity. And if you’re, if any scissors are looking for specifically questions about,

you know, how sh how, what workout should I do to lose weight? We recommend doing weight training in our Methodist, slow way to work outs. You know, the point of weight training is that it one, it helps your insulin resistance because we train has been shown to improve insulin resistance, because it helps pick up the sugars in your bloodstream.

So by doing like thigh workouts, which is the biggest muscles in your body, you’re gonna get your legs. It’s going to really help improve your insulin resistance. Second, it helps your metabolism. Many sisters have metabolic dysfunction. So by doing, by increasing lean muscle mass, your metabolism will permanently increase as a result. This has been proven in research studies.

You know, as long as you keep that lean muscle, your metabolism stays higher. Stop thinking about it. Okay? And if you’re looking for workouts, we have all, we have a library of workouts that changes every month on the sisterhood. So if you go to S weight,, you can join our membership. And you’ll be able to find all different kinds of workouts,

as well as learn how to work out that’s best for you. Alright, so let’s go to See Matt. Chris, what were the first things you liked about each other? What do you like about me, boo? I’m sick. The first thing I noticed you in our first date was your eyes. You had like the puppy eyes, which I was like,

oh my God. She’s like, she has like puppy eyes. Like I have to, I feel like I have to like, do something like, you know, like when a puppy like, makes me feel guilty or like makes you want to pick it up or something, you gave the same vibe with your puppy eyes. Now I’m like desensitized. So you can’t like sway me with your puppy eyes,

but Just look like whatever to you. Now that you’ve looked at you so much for so many years, and we’ve been around each other for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Am I just like, eh, It’s a no. And if, if, and if it was a yes, I’m not going to in the middle, on a part.

What about you? Let’s see, I think it’s your energy. Not, I think, I definitely know it’s your energy because you know what, it’s really hard to find a silly guy. Some guys that I’ve dated were like very serious and like mature and like macho and stuff like that. But I was like, always like loose as a goose and just like having fun around you.

Yeah. I think so silly. Yeah. I think some guys get embarrassed of being silly because I’m not all about that. I feel like I grew up around comedians, so like I’m a comedian myself, so Yeah, that’s true. Okay. Because that’s why I just want to point this out. I just want to say one more thing. I never had like a serious boyfriend before I met Cedric and I think it’s because a lot of guys were a little bit too serious and I needed silliness.

I needed like fun, you know, and I just find it to be a little bit boring when it’s like that. So I’m glad you’re aloone thanks. Alumina. Take care. Yeah. Well, thanks. I appreciate it. And I’m very lucky to have you before we get all romantic on this podcast and make everyone cry. Let’s just continue. Okay.

All right. Let’s go to the three-three question from T3 three or four maybe is or username. Anyways. She says haven’t had my periods since November. What can I do to regulate it? Well, oh, vast the tall sister. That’s one of the chats, one tool, but honestly, it’s really about blood sugar control. You’d be surprised how important that is in terms of getting your period,

your period regulated. So that’s why I taught super helpful. And then, you know, reducing inflammation and reducing stress on your body, which can come from inflammatory foods. So going gluten and dairy free can help a lot of women see great results with this combination quickly, you know, and I, I know it sounds simple. It sounds like an easy answer,

but in many, many, many cases, it is one of the underlying reasons for period, Eric Erie Get Larry regularity Is insulin resistance, the blood sugar. So focusing on controlling your blood sugar through diet, gluten, dairy, freakin, Vassy help. We’ve seen you sisters, many testimonials of others who have got their periods back from this, as well as supplementing with something like a basketball and a NASTAR supplement,

which will help regulate your blood sugar. And you will be surprised how much effect this has on your period. So that’s the reason we always talk about insulin resistance and blood sugar is the cause of that. All right. Okay. Okay. We’re running a little short on time. So that’s a scurry along. Let’s go to, what do you, or who do you think has the best jokes I’m going to just say it’s me.

That’s pretty, pretty clear. He thinks Of the funniest things. And my line is, how did you think Of that? How did you See that? How do you think of using I’m a Genius and then let’s go to Michelle. Who asks, when do you guys want kids? Our plan has always been to have kids like five years after we got married.

It’s already been two years. Yeah. So for us, probably in like three, four years, that’s when we’ll, we’ll start to try having kids and hopefully everything will, everything will be going in our favor, but, you know, w we’ll see when the time comes With that, that’ll be then yeah. We have time. Yeah. We just want to kind of take our time and like,

you know, stabilize our business and stuff to make sure that once we do have a kid that we’re not like running around as a blow up. Yeah. I mean, we’re still going to run around, but like, you know, we want to make sure that like our livelihood is, you know, it’s going okay, where that we’re supporting all the sisters the best way we can before we,

you know, have a kid, then we can spend as much time, you know, in the sisterhood, but we’ll see. We’ll see, we’ll see what happens. Not for awhile. Okay. And then one of the last few questions, how do I stop hair fall with PCLs? Well, this can be one of the most stressful symptoms of PCO S because,

you know, our confidence women, you know, our competence is like linked to sometimes our hair, the, you know, the features that we like most. And then when you see your hair falling out, it can be really stressful. But a lot of times this has to do with high testosterone or high stress hormones, and you can have some control over this.

So for example, high testosterone, so testosterone, Curver to DHT, the more strong version of testosterone gathers around those hair follicles causing them to fall out. So what can you do? You can manage insulin resistance because that’s, what’s probably triggering the high testosterone. Yeah. It sounds simple, but it’s, it’s one of the real true causes. Yeah.

Yeah. And it takes like six to 12 months to see results and you have to be consistent. Right. So now, now it’s like a little bit like results aren’t overnight. And like, am I doing this right? You know, so it can be a little bit stressful, but you can do it. You can do it. We’re here to help you.

You just want To keep in mind that it is to take six to 12 months. So once you’re seeing progress that just know that it’s working and they just have to continue for six to 12 months to fully see that transition and come back. And like tie-in said, insulin resistance can work can be one of the triggers because insulin resistance can lead to a surge of testosterone.

Not just that, to give you a little bit more information here is when you have insulin resistance, it can also cause your liver to under produce something called sex, hormone, binding globulin. Now, what th what globulin does is it acts like a sponge to go ahead and clean up all the excess testosterone in the body. So when you, when your body’s not producing enough globulin,

it creates an excess ratio of a testosterone. So insulin resistance can cause both of these, it can cause you to have more testosterone and cause you to have less globulin, which is obviously going to lead to more severe symptoms. But these are reversible in 99.9% of cases. So find it. So keeping your blood sugar stable with, you know, with diet and lifestyle,

along with Avastin, tol like a, like a NASTAR supplement is going to do the great help. So I think that was all the questions we have covered all the piece, us questions. And I think we covered all the personal questions since we had so many questions that we’re answering, I guess we’ll skip the hotline for this week. And then we’ll bring the hotline back next week.

Since the hotline is basically a question just like this. So before we go, though, let’s not forget the wind. Yes. The winds of the week, the new to our episode, or if you’re new to our podcasts every week or every episode, we mentioned a couple of sisters who are managing their symptoms with PCs, losing weight, getting their goals and basically being the boss of it.

Yes. So this first, when do you want to go for it? Be sure. First one is from a member in the sisterhood. She said this in our private Facebook group, her name is Tate Garcia. She said, and she said, she’s feeling blessed. She says, update y’all little victory today. After only three days in the program,

I feel more energetic. I have cut dairy and gluten and taking my Avastin tall. And she says, lifesaver, I’m not drained when I wake up like before. And it feels amazing. Thank you for this. Thank you for the support always forward and never back. She says a lot. I love that core. I love that quote always forward and every bag,

but only three days. And she’s already feeling energetic going gluten free of acid tall. Amazing, amazing Brandy holiday says I have been completely gluten and dairy free for almost a month. Now I’ve been taking supplements and reading the book PCO S S O S as well as doing the stages on the membership site. I feel really good. I have very minimal cravings.

If any, I have not had a soda, caffeine or chips in about the same of time. I’m slowly reducing my family, introducing my family to healthier foods and making more of the food I can eat. But for the entire family, my girls who are eight and 10 automatically think yuck. When I say something has gluten is gluten and dairy free.

But if I don’t tell them until after they eat the meal, it’s usually a winner. I feel like I have the support I need between you here in the sisterhood and my family to be successful. Thank you. Oh, sweet Message. Thank you, Brandon for that. And it’s so funny what she said about her, her girls saying young when they hear gluten dairy free,

but when they don’t and they eat it and then afterwards they’re like, oh, this was delicious. And it’s gluten dairy free, but it was very common. I think it used to happen probably with our families or so. And then slowly over time they realized, Hey, this is still delicious. They don’t even mention that anymore. So yeah. That’s one way to trick them.

Yeah, I like that method. Yeah. So great job, Brandon really loved the results you’re seeing and hearing these for those who are interested. PCO S S O S is a great book. It’s written by Dr. Phyllis skirmish. She was a guest on a previous episode. She was my gyno and functional doctor. Yes, yes. And she writes a lot of great things in her book piece.

USSR was one of them being gluten, dairy free, along with an also taught along with many other tips and tricks that we have personally ourselves learned from. So really highly recommend listening to PCs or reading PCs. SOS. Yes. All right, sisters, thanks so much for asking these questions. Yeah. So, And by the way, if you ever have questions like this that you really want,

like you need answers to just letting you know, in the sisterhood membership, we have a private Facebook group and anyone who asks, who asks questions on the Facebook group. We answer like all of them. So like all these questions that we answered today, we answer them all the time in detailed format on the Facebook private group. So if you’re interested in having support like that,

not just from us, but from other sisters who are, who have PCs, then Cicero is a great place for you. Again, you can find that at peace, U S weight and go to the membership tab and you’ll be able to join. So I just wanted to give you a heads up. If you have more questions or you want,

you want more answers like this more often is that we have, we have a place for you. Okay. Well, sisters, it was a pleasure chatting with you Chatting. And I guess that’s the first BD video lists podcast episode we recorded. And you can tell from the sadness, in my voice for Heaven, we are coming at you with some awesome YouTube videos.

Yes, We definitely, definitely are. All right, everyone take care. We’ll speak to you next week. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the of PCO S from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free, get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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