PCOS Cravings & What You Need To Do

Hey Cysters! On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we talk about the different kinds of cravings that comes with PCOS and discuss tips to prevent PCOS cravings based on scientific research. We even read messages and comments from Cysters on how they fight their cravings! 

We reveal the Cyster of the Week and how she has been able to manage her PCOS in different ways to get the wins she deserves!

We had a recent fiasco in the house when our pumpkins were visited by some critters. Listen into the hilarious story about the discovery and the eventual cleanup that took place!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician And I’m celiac husband, engineer, and MPC us personal trainer. We’re going to make PSUs a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

What’s up sisters? Welcome to the third episode of assister and her minister. Thank you for listening. Yes I’m Seadog and this is Tallinn we’re husband and wife. And we’re going to talk to you about a lot of different things. We’ve got some exciting stuff Today. We’re going to go over cravings. This is something that I get questions about in my DMS all the time.

I swear to God, I have a whole Instagram DM, Something I will relate to today. So I can’t wait to hear about the research and the article about that. That’s great. Well, what do you crave the most? It’s hard. I crave a lot of things, but I love bread and cheese, especially fetish fetish shoes, but you know,

we’ll talk about that more later. I feel like your cravings have more to do with the fact that your metabolism is so quick. You work out, you sweat a lot. You’re like constantly eating. Yeah. I mean, I’m not a slob like you where I’m moving 10, 10 meters a minute. No, I’m moving 10 meters in their camp kind of slow,

but no PCLs cravings are different. So hormonal imbalance and we’re going to get into it in this episode. Yeah. Besides that, we’ll talk about some personal stuff between me and Tallinn and you know how it relates to PCs. We have some, you know, some funny stories to tell you guys, we have DM questions coming from, from all of you from all the sisters,

all the Instagram followers Feedback about cravings. I want you to hear what your fellow sisters are saying so that you don’t feel alone in this, you know, PCs world, this feeling that you know, you having all these cravings. You’re the only one. No, there’s lots of sisters out there. Yeah. Yeah. So before we get started, let’s talk about this weekend and what the heck happened to us.

I mean, it’s um, Should we start with taco night or pumpkins? Okay. No, we’ve got to get into pumpkins right now. We had a freaking nightmare. We had the worst. My worst nightmare happened, guys. I don’t even want to talk to you Pumpkin infestation. The pumpkin’s that I had, the decorative pumpkins that I got from whole foods.

I put them in front of the TV next to the flowers. They started to rot. I had no idea. And the bottom of the pumpkin was disgusting. It was Ryan. Yeah, there were, what are they called? What are they called? Larva were larva guys Everywhere. They look like rice. It was so disgusting. I didn’t, I started crying,

screaming and crying. Well, you were like weeding and stuff. I mean, first just discoveries, these little dots, these little seed, looking like things, discuss the audience. I mean, let’s just be, let’s just talk brass tacks. I’ve always wanted to say that brass tacks. That’s what they say when they just get down to the floor.

Uh, so there was the, all these little like seat things. And then we realized some of these were like in different locations. And like when you squished them, it was almost like liquid, like popping. Oh, just shut it off through my soul. Anyways, we looked at and we looked, we looked and realized there some bigger ones that looked like maggots that’s right.

Little warm, like things. And then we realized it was the pumpkins. They had been infected from the bottom doodle flies. Some flyaway flies went in there, ate, they laid eggs, these eggs or whatever became larva. Laura became that. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. And know we’ve threw it away. I’m never buying another pumpkin again.

I know. Maybe I kept it too long. Maybe I should have checked if it was writing. I don’t know, but I’m never going to buy it. Pumpkin’s in front of the house too in front of the doors, like, Hey, welcome. Just come in and lay and lay your eggs and fertilizer in the back too, if you want that.

Oh my God. So that got bug spray. I cleaned the floor with like bleach solution. Okay. It was the most non hour long fiasco. It was crazy. It was crazy. Okay. Anyways, that was like, I was like two, three hours of cleaning, just the living room full of all these little low. I have a PSA or PSA lesson learned Your pumpkin’s on the rag to see if they’re rotting and don’t keep them for a very long time.

And when you get those cute fancy ones from whole foods or trader Joe’s with like the bumps all over them and they look cool. Well, then I feel like I’m not sure, but those are probably more likely to rot because of their shape and like texture. I dunno. Cause that’s the one that was rotting. Yeah. It also depends. I mean,

if there’s like three, four flights, get inside the house, they’re just going to go after them. It’s our fault too. I mean, there were some, probably some flies around the house. I don’t know what the door is. Closing the, um, what’s it called screen? Sometimes implies getting, yeah. Okay. Anyways, we’re changing the subject to our wonderful meal that we had with our friends.

So, And dairy field, the free meal, if you may have. Yeah, it was so much fun. I want to share this with you ladies, because I know the feeling of not, not being able to figure out what you’re going to cook for your guests or what you’re going to host, what food you’re going to make for people when they come over.

And this was super easy. Like we invited my friends over my friend, Megan, she visited us from San Jose. Ooh. And she brought her boyfriend and we invited them over for dinner and I really didn’t have much in mind to make, but then I realized, you know, I always have ground beef in my freezer. I took that out.

I put it in a bowl of water and defrosted it. And then, And then you made tonight. Yeah. Celiac was craving tacos, Thursday, not on a Tuesday, but you know, it’s fine. I’ll have tacos any day, even if it’s on a Tuesday, but Thursday tacos, gluten and dairy free. It’s delicious. And you know what?

I took out some shredded cheddar cheese. People could put it on their taco if they’d like, and my friend brought corn tortillas. Cause I didn’t have any of those. And I just took out the vegetables from the fridge, like cabbage. I shredded that up. I always have cabbage cause it doesn’t go bad quickly. And then I put lemon and olive oil on that and salt.

And then I had some cilantro, some onions, you know, cheese for whoever want to choose. I always have taco sauce. I also had taco seasoning that I put in the ground beef when I cooked it up Ground beef. It’s so versatile for different flavors. You can have, I mean put some onions in there, chop up some Swan show some,

some, I dunno some Bazell maybe No, but so lunch is really good with it. And then you have that with some avocado and some sort of, you know, some safe car for peace. U S It’s so easy to make some rice With the, with the ground beef just obviously don’t overdo it. But yeah, it’s great. And so you have a perfectly gluten free meal and then if people want to add their cheese,

they can and you don’t have to. We opened the bottle of wine and it was a very easy meal, super easy to clean up, super easy to make and very beautiful and presentable as if I had spent all day making it. So if you sisters are ever trying to pull together a little hosting, you know, a little party at night, this is a great option.

All right. So that pretty much sums up our weekend and what we did in the last couple of days next, we’re going to talk about a really important topic. Cravings. Yeah. We even have some research that Ty and I did and you know, we’re going to really get it, get into this. So if this is something you suffer from Up sisters,

so there’s a difference between the cravings that you get. Like my husband gets, he wants tacos. He’s creeping tacos, fine. There’s that. But then there’s like the crazy cravings that sisters get. Like they cannot, we cannot focus on what we’re doing. All we’re thinking of is the next meal. What we’re going to eat, how we’re going to eat it.

You know, we’re starving all the time you eat, you’re still not full and you want sugar or you want salt. And it’s crazy. I mean, some you guys even messaged me saying it’s like an unstoppable feeling like a monster has taken over me. I mean, this is the words out of your mouth and I can totally relate to that. I just wanted to,

Here we go. Yeah. I have some descriptions right here, guys. How would you describe your piece? Your cravings specifically unstoppable. Like a monster took over me. Insane. Monstrous, intense, overwhelming coachable. That’s just how it sounds to me unquenchable. On other words I hear it’s not, it’s like not being myself, but having a demon inside of me that pushes me to eat,

to feel happy again. Totally feel that right there fully feel that there I’m always hungry. Even after eating a big meal. That’s I’ve been there so many times I’ll eat a huge meal and then 20 minutes later I’m like, Oh, but like me, I have some chips to just shit under more other ones out here. When I was eating gluten and dairy,

I always wanted chocolate and cheese. I mean, I would definitely recommend don’t combine those chocolate and cheese. I don’t know if that’s a good combination, but I see for co if you’re craving one or the other. Yeah, I liked, I like a dark chocolate after dinner, but like one tiny piece that probably doesn’t help Was still more like my stomach is an endless tank that never reaches full.

Yeah. Always thinking about what to eat next. I crave sweets like a smoker, crave cigarettes. That’s insane. So let me just go over some of the reasons why this happened. So let’s talk about this comment. It’s like not being myself again, but having a demon inside me that pushes me to eat, to feel happy again. Okay. So I’m sure you guys have heard me talk about insulin resistance.

This is when there’s the insulin hormone floating around in your bloodstream because your cells are resistant to it. It’s trying to give yourselves sugar energy so that it can burn it for energy for your body to function, but your cells are resistant to it. Insulin is floating around in your bloodstream making you feel like you’re not eating enough. Like you need more energy.

And this is why your body is feeling desperate for food and energy. Because insulin hormone is triggering you to want more food to make you have cravings. So is it your fault that you have cravings? Not really. It’s your hormones. You can do stuff for your body to make it so that you’re not having these terrible cravings. But so for example,

sleeping more because if you don’t get enough sleep, you’re 30% more insulin resistant and then you create more, these little things can really help. I think they recommend seven to nine hours, correct? Yeah. Seven to nine hours of sleep per night. So He showed that if you sleep, if you miss like five hours sleep of a total throughout the week,

you’re 30% more insulin resistant. I mean, yeah. Sleep affects so many things. Like if you don’t get enough, your metabolism is in the same and you’re not, not as don’t have the same insulin resistance. It’s really big sensitive. It’s a really big difference maker. Totally. And then there’s this other comment. So when I was eating gluten and dairy,

I always want a chocolate and cheese. Okay. Definitely gluten in one of the IGTs I did. Is there a reason why she would be craving those two things specifically? Or it’s just, yeah. I’m going to tell you, Oh, that’s a good question then. Okay. So chocolate and cheese. Okay. So when you eat gluten, you are more your,

I mean your leptin hormone, which is what’s the hormone that tells you, you know, how much fat is in your bloodstream so that you can be in storage mode or burning mode, right? So your leptin hormone is 50% less sensitive to the fat in your bloodstream. So if it’s not detecting the fat in your bloodstream, your cells are just going to be in storage mode because you don’t have enough fat.

So this is your body’s way of surviving. This is what’s happening when you’re eating gluten, if you’re gluten sensitive. Yeah. So now your body wants fat to store. So when you’re eating cheese like fatty foods, like cheese, chocolate, your body’s going to want to store it. And so you’re, you’re craving it. So when you eat gluten and dairy,

you crave the fatty foods that your body can store. And so there you go. Ask me another question, boom. I mean, it really makes sense when you go go solely over the facts like that, by the way, I’m on Instagram, tine has a great IgE TV story or IGT V posts about this exact thing about leptin and how the leptin sensitivity is reduced by up to 50% because of gluten and other factors.

So you should, you guys should really look at that one cause she really goes into details like she did right now and just explains all that. So I recommend that. But besides that, I think you made a really good point there, babe. I mean, you just got to think about those little things, sleep and gluten and dairy and all these other factors really add up.

You’ve just got to look at everything and make sure you don’t have to be perfect at it. Perfect at every single thing, but you know, make sure you’re aware of what you’re supposed to do. And you’re at least within that range. Exactly. If you’re aware of these things, if you educate yourself about these things, then you can slowly make changes towards bettering your PCs.

And that’s all that matters at the end of the day. I’m over here, yammering on about all this information, you don’t have to be perfect, but if you listen and open your ears and learn, you can make slow changes. And that’s how you turn this into a lifestyle. So get some more sleep, heal your insulin. How do you do that?

We’ll talk about that in a second. Do you want to read, uh, the other comments on what people are doing to manage their cravings? Yeah. So we asked the question on Instagram. What do you do about your cravings? Eat fruits. Definitely don’t recommend that because you’re going to get a huge sugar spike when we just talked about insulin resistance.

Yeah. I recommend having one fruit a day, especially when you’re starting out to heal this. Cos just one fruit. Even me personally, I don’t have any stress, but obviously, but I don’t really eat fruit during time I eat fruit is before a workout and like, I don’t even do that ever, but like I just try to avoid it.

I know it’s very nutritious and everything, but to me, yeah, I know. But like there’s a time and place and I feel like most of the time you shouldn’t be having it unless Yeah. There’s a time and place. It’s how you eat it. Yeah. But that’s just me. Yeah. Alright. Next one. Avast to tall and trying to manage hormones.

So that’s a very good way to do it. Gold star for this sister. She took three steps to PCO. Oh my goodness. My first course. Yes, definitely. Oh, basketball. Hi. Let me just elaborate on this. Before we continue with these responses, I have been screaming from the rooftops about since the day I fell. Why don’t you explain to some of the listeners what Vestal is because not everybody probably knows about,

Okay. So is a supplement made from vitamin B eight and it’s kind of like Metformin. So it really heals your insulin resistance, but it’s not a drug like Metformin and there’s little side effects. And a lot of studies show that it has a huge impact on your ability to get pregnant with PCs as well. Oh, Vestal has a 40 to one ratio of a NASSA tall.

So it’s not the same thing as taking in an ASA tol supplement. And it mimics the ratio. That’s in yourself because with PCLs we’re lacking that ratio of an Elsa talls. So it mimics that. And that’s why it’s really treating insulin resistance from the actual co you know, what the heck is going on deep, deep down. Once you take the three months supply that they sent you,

um, you don’t have to continue to order it because you’ll probably be fine. It really just depends how insulin resistant you are. But one, you know, three months set is enough and it’s just made from vitamin VA and I’ve like, I can go on for hours about this. I have a promo code on my Instagram page and we’ll put it in show notes.

Yep. So you could, you could take that promo code if you’re interested in taking her vest, that’s all, you’ll get 15% off tying hates when I mentioned this to her, but the microphone is currently blocking her face the camera. Let’s just put that little bit down a little down. There you go. Thank you very much. All right. Next one.

So again, the question was, what do you do about your cravings? This sister said, drink lots of water and have something else. Now that’s a, that’s a very good one right there. You know, drinking your water always helps with cravings and just overall health having this, something else, just, you know, just make sure that something else is something that’s good and neutral and there’s a balanced approach for your body.

And even when you have something else consider like a fatty food, like avocado or something instead of the cheese or the chocolate that you’re creating, because that’s, that’s also really good for your hormones. That’s going to heal as well as help with the cravings. So yeah, It helps with when you eat something fatty like that, like avocado, it’s very sustainable for your body to digest for the next two or three hours.

And so spiking up the insulin just to digest it right away. All right. Next one. I’ve cut out gluten, which basically takes my cravings away. That’s a good one right there on the volt star. Very good. Good job, sister. I think we’ve pretty much talked about gluten. So we’re going to discuss that any further. I mean,

I could write a whole book about it. Has, is that a surprise, but maybe one day, why not? I try to stay away from sugar, but it’s hard. That’s definitely hard. It’s an everything you eat these days. You just have to even make sure that your water doesn’t have sugar these days. Seriously. No, he’s joking.

Don’t freak out guys. Water doesn’t have sugar in it, walking out water. It does. But yeah. Anyway, so I try to stay away from sugar, but it’s hard. It is hard. I mean, especially if you have this hormonal imbalance and there’s sugar, let’s say like in your pantry you have candy chocolate, whatever. You’re constantly going to obsessive.

Think about it. And when you have insulin resistance, when you don’t have insulin resistance, you’re not going to think about it at all. There’s so much chocolate in our pantry right now. I’m not even concerned about it. Sometimes I get like a nibble For a whole year. What we have is from gifts and from just, you know, whole food,

grocery shopping, we have maybe a couple of packets of it, but that one, we’re not going to say that, but you know, that’s because we have some good discipline. No, we don’t even have a, you have discipline maybe. But I have managed my cravings. I take, I have taken my Avesta as needed. I sleep well.

And this is why that chocolate is in the pantry. Most of the time. Yeah. Untouched, you have discipline you on the other hand, you could eat everything in sight, but you stop yourself. That’s true. Alrighty. Last one I hear is I avoid it, but given 90% of the time, come on, sister, you can do it.

I know that 10% you’re succeeding, which is good. But the next time trying to get 11, 12, maybe 15% of the time. And eventually maybe you reverse it 90% of the time you’re resistant and it’s okay if 10% of the time you crave it and you have a little bit of this or liberal of that. And eventually you won’t even think about that.

So, you know, One step at a time, one little percentage in the right direction is the biggest difference. So one step at a time and you’ll get there. So I mean that, that’s pretty much the research we did on cravings. And I mean, a lot of this stuff, Tanya knows because she’s a dietician and she’s really had first hand experience with D w with this.

I mean, even myself, I don’t have peace. She was, but I feel like I’m going to say that so many times on this podcast, I don’t have PCs, but That is so funny. Yeah. You physically cannot have. Yeah. True. Literally. So, but like I get cravings. You have to say that part number again.

I get cravings as well. You know? Cause I feel like any person can, if you’re, if you’re just, you know, normal. So I get cravings and what I would recommend is what one of the sisters said it was to drink some water, but obviously another, uh, another, um, one could be to sleep more, but also have like a,

like a snack, a destination snack for you to eat whenever you’re craving, when you’re not sitting Like a secret stash of protein or something. Sure. Well, let’s not call it a secret. You don’t have to have a frigging James Bond compartment. Well, when somebody takes your snacks, Oh, when you’re expecting to have something in the pantry and somebody ate it,

I’m happy to me. I don’t live with the roommates. Some people I know. I mean, some people do, but like, okay. So forget that. What I would recommend Protein bars, Protein bar. I mean, protein bar is maybe a little bit too much. If you’re craving something at night, maybe I might recommend something like, like a rice cake.

No, what’s wrong with the ice cake rice cake. You’re just going to eat some carbs. You might as love the chocolate. This is a great point. I’m so glad you brought this up. Okay. So See, there you go. I made a mistake there. Rice cake. How about you put some peanut butter on it. Gluten free.

See, you didn’t let me finish. I said it, rice cake. I looked at you. I thought you were going to be like, and peanut butter. But I was like, you looked at me. You were like, Why didn’t you just tell them to do Oh, rice cake. Oh man. So yeah. So rice cake with peanut butter.

Yeah. Peanut butter on top of these rice cakes is gluten-free very low in carbs, healthy carbs. And you got some fat and protein with the peanut butter. Have one of those pack up your bag, go to bed, ladies and gentlemen tomorrow, whether we have a good day Also consider what you ate throughout the day. Why are you craving something at night?

Did you have enough carbs at lunchtime? Did you be judgmental? No. No, not judgemental. Just reflect on how your day went. Like did you not eat enough carbs at lunch? Perhaps you didn’t eat enough throughout the day. You had a big meal at dinner, you have this huge rush of insulin and now you’re still craving food after you eat your dinner,

you know? And so you want to eat more and more and more. You have to spread out your meals throughout your day. I mean, lots of different natural paths and dietician say different recommendations on how to eat for PCOS. I’ve heard people say like skip breakfast and just eat a big lunch. I’ve heard people say, eat a big lunch and then don’t eat it.

This and that. You have to find what’s right for you. But I recommend eating throughout the day, large high protein breakfast, a nice balanced meal for lunch and dinner and snacks in between so that you don’t have carbs at night. I mean, It was perfect snack between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, handful of months here and there. Some peanut butter,

whatever you were skiing. Yes. Race is gluten free. You can have, right? Yeah. And honestly, if you like eat dinner at six, seven, o’clock after that, after you know, a couple of weeks of having the right diet, I promise you your craving is, will be almost nonexistent. None existential non-existing Non-existent. Yeah. So we’ll tie,

uh, I think we have some wins to talk about further for the sisters from, for this week. What are they Ladies? I hope to hear about your wins soon. You can always DM me and I’ll feature you in a podcast episode at the end. Like I’m about to right now. So Angela messaged me, Angela. Woo. I’ve been on for literally a week and I just got my period back.

The second I started sipping it. My craving started to go away and thank you for the meal plans in the sisterhood. I’ve been not some of didn’t work. I’ve dropped a whole dress size and feel so much better dairy and gluten free. I don’t feel like I’m dieting as much as exploring new ways to cook. That is exactly the right way to go at it.

It’s not a diet. It’s just a new way. Yeah. A lifestyle, but it’s still new way to look at life. A new way to eating way to cooking new way, new approach, new beginnings. I know. And the best part, the pest line. Okay. Let me say the second I start sipping it. My cravings start to go away.

That’s exactly what happened to me. When I started at basketball, I took one or two gulps and that insatiable craving I had had before I drank it gone instantly, this thing is crazy. I mean, I believe that, I mean, in the past I’ve taken supplements and other things that like really change my performance and or how I feel throughout the day.

So I believe it. And with, with you and the other sisters and other ladies is that it’s a basketball thing. It’s like, it’s real thing. It’s not like some sort of a gimmick, like a supplement or something. Yeah. There’s so many supplements out there. This is the first one I recommend studying. Yeah. This is like a real thing made for women who suffer from PSUs and who designed for PCR and who are tallying,

didn’t make this, I didn’t make this. This is made by, you know, some, uh, scientific insight to the company who is, who’s making these things. And it’s great that they’ve made a great solution to a lot of the symptoms. Yeah, Totally. I mean, I’ve just, I just want everyone to cut to the chase, stop taking a thousand supplements,

stop trying all these crazy diets and just do my proven framework for a month. At least see how you feel. See if it works for you because it has been working for many women, including Angela over here. I think we’ve covered everything we wanted to talk about in today’s today’s episode, we talked about the cravings research and you know how to kind of prevent cravings going into the field,

What your sisters are saying. And I hope you feel more part of this sisterhood community, a group of women learning how to manage their PCLs, please Feel free to message and DM and everything like everything like the sisters we read from today, just feel free to talk to us. And you know, we’ll read your questions and your answers out loud here.

And you know, we’ll talk about more about our, our lives, what we do on the daily, how the PCLs affects Our lifestyle and how we’re navigating PCOM flawlessly. Just kidding. The third at the sort of guys though, you know, we’re getting better. We’re going to make this a good podcast for you guys, always going forward, Giving you valuable information on how to make this PCs lifestyle attainable for you too.

That’s right. So thank you for joining us and we’ll see you next week for the fourth episode. Take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCs from siege. One Colden alone at the doctor’s office to five nailing The PCs lifestyle,

gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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