Stuck in fight or flight mode: How trauma can affect PCOS with Savana Antonation

Stuck in fight or flight mode: How trauma can affect PCOS with Savana Antonation

#202: A special guest joins us to shed light on the intricate interplay between trauma, the nervous system, and PCOS.

Savana Antonation, professional therapist and body image & food coach, helps us uncover the way life experiences sculpt our nervous system, the factors that perpetuate the fight or flight response, and the potential connection to PCOS. We also go into effective strategies to help you regulate your nervous system and find equilibrium.

Savana is a practicing therapist in Alberta, Canada and has her Master’s in Clinical Social Work. Savana works with clients through a trauma-focused and nervous system lens where she helps them understand the role of the nervous system, how our life experiences get programmed into it, and how our nervous system shapes how we experience the world.

To learn more and work with Savana Antonation, head over to her website at ( and Instagram @bodyimage.therapist (

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