Yoga for PCOS: Benefits & Poses that can help!

#174: Does yoga count as a workout for PCOS? Can it help with fatigue, anxiety, and elevated stress hormones like cortisol?

In a nutshell, yoga can do wonders for PCOS. The chill vibes of yoga exercises help keep our bodies relaxed and stress hormones in check while we sweat it out.

This means we get all the benefits of working out, without feeling anxious or overwhelmed, which is a win-win, right?

Speaking from experience, I felt so much better when I switched from intense kickboxing and cycling to yoga. My body and stress levels were in dire need of a break, and yoga did just that.

If you ever feel exhausted, anxious, and maybe feel like your gaining weight from intense workouts, then yoga may be the hormone-healthy fitness routine you are looking for your PCOS journey!

Tune into this episode to learn why yoga can be so great for PCOS…including our favorite poses!

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