Q&A + How to Improve Fertility with PCOS + Guess this Food

We are back to answer your questions and give you our top 5 tips to getting pregnant with PCOS!

You’ll learn:

– Do I have to avoid mangos with PCOS?

– Can I have PCOS without being insulin resistant?

– Tips to improving fertility with PCOS

– And much more!

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Full Episode transcript:

I’m recording you. I recorded that. Dr. my own hands and with the stem naturally Did you watch Harry Potter? This is the winter season. We Still have the last movie left. Are you Kidding me? Oh, we watched it. Oh yeah, we did with it. What happened? What happened In Hogwarts? And then they have kids and then they send their kids off.

Oh Yeah. Are you crying? I remember I looked at you and you were crying and I was like, why isn’t this as magical as the first movie? Right? Cause it didn’t have that flare. I’ve been watching the interviews of the Harry Potter actors on Netflix. I think they’re doing like the series of interviews Or HBO. Max. I think they released like a return to Hogwarts.

Makes you think they actually. Yo, it’s crazy though. All those movies like Harry Potter, even like Lord of the rings, pretty soon, they’re going to have remakes and we’re going to be the old people who were like, we liked the original better. It’s so funny though. Like I’m pretty sure, pretty sure they’ll do a Harry Potter remake. You can 10 years.

Why Would they do that? They do. Or you make of Everything. Complete perfection. I Felt like four through seven could have been better in terms of like the theatricals put into it. I agree, But it was still great. One through three. They can just leave it alone. Yeah. I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that pretty soon in like 10 years I’ll redo it.

They’ll read the Lord of the rings one day. I love Laura. I never watched that one. That’s a legendary anyway, tall and just talked mad, mad game about ranch on our private sisterhood podcast. She was talking about. No, I was just Kidding. I like ranch. Yeah. We were just talking about some different kinds of ranch. Yeah.

We just recorded our private podcasts for the sisterhood. So do you want to hear more fun things from us and uncensored things? That’s what I’m trying to say. Uncensored stuff about ranch anyway. So welcome to today’s podcast sisters. We are going to be doing a couple of different things today. Just like last week’s episode, we’re going to do guests, this food.

And I’m basically going to give some hints to Tallinn about a piece, us friendly food, something that we find to be very beneficial for a lot of sisters. Tine has no idea what it is. I’m going to give her the hints. She only has one guest to get it right. And once she may be gets it right, she’ll give everybody some waste.

Incorporate it into your daily life. I’m so excited. Yeah, but besides the guests, this food segment, we’re also going to do PCs QA. So we went ahead and took some questions from Instagram at peace USDOT weight weight-loss we took your questions and we’re going to answer them about five or six questions at the end. We’ll also be doing tips for improving fertility.

So how to improve fertility naturally with PCs. We’re going to give you about five tips, improve fertility naturally for PCO. So stay tuned for that. That’ll be at the end. All right. Cool. I say let’s get started with the piece us QA today, babe. Okay. Let’s do it. Why don’t you go ahead with our first question. says,

is it true that you should avoid Mingo if you have PCLs so I know why she’s asking this it’s because they say like tropical fruits have higher sugar content. They’re higher on the glycemic index. So basically don’t choose those foods choose like low glycemic foods, Like mango pineapple, like certain fruits are like really sweet and then berries. Not so much Has to do with instant resistance specifically.

Yeah. You don’t want to have like a huge spike in blood sugar when you’re eating fruit. So you want to choose fruits that are lower in sugar. However, however, that doesn’t mean you have to like never eat mango again. I really like Mingo. Now will I eat a whole mango on its own by itself at three o’clock in the afternoon with no nuts,

no, I’ll have a slice of Mingo and then a handful of nuts to pair it with that protein and fat. And I’ll slowly absorb the sugar from the mango into my bloodstream and I’ll be fine. That’s my thing. Yeah, no, it’s that’s the way they do it. Like you said, it helps the absorption of the sugar into your bloodstream.

It absorbs slower. So you don’t get hungry as fast and it doesn’t spike your blood sugar as you know, as dramatically. Absolutely. So that means you can still have mangoes just in moderation and just be The best option, but you can still Figure it out. Yeah. And just being aware like fruits are great, but you just want to be aware of their sugar content and picking the right ones.

If you have insulin resistance with PCs and we will Definitely get into this when we talk about fertility. Okay. The second question is from da Jaylon, she asks, can I have PSUs without being insert resistance? What a great follow-up question. Tony, can you have PCs without insulin resistance? Well, I’m going to quiz you. What percent of women have insulin resistance?

80%. Yeah. So there are some sisters who don’t have insulin resistance and have PCs because they have really high androgens or hypothyroid. That’s triggering PCs symptoms. It’s possible. But I’m going to say, it’s not that likely. So the majority, yeah. It’s not the majority. So if you have blood work and you only check your A1C or your fasting glucose,

that’s not a good indicator of insulin resistance. You need an insulin glucose tolerance test to really know if you have insulin resistance, even the slightest bit, which won’t be detected in a glucose test, fasting glucose, tester, A1C, even the slightest bit can create PCR symptoms. So it’s really important to take this seriously. And if you have really bad cravings,

if you have symptoms of insulin resistance, I’m going to say you likely have it. Okay. Next question is from Gabriela. She says, just curious, what are your thoughts on lifting heavy, but taking it slow and resting enough instead of just using 10 to 20 pounds, for example, a great question from Gabriela. So when it comes to like lifting light or heavy,

it just depends what your goals are. If your goals are to, you know, grow more muscle, then you can do a little bit more heavy. But if you’re trying to lose weight, you want to go for lighter weights with higher reps. So what that means is about like 10, 15 pounds, you can go 20 pounds as well and doing them up to higher reps of like 10, 12, 15 reps.

Whereas if you do like heavier weight, for example, like if you’re like really trying to get really strong, 30, 35 pounds and higher, and you’re doing those lower reps of like four to six, then what you’re gonna do is like develop more muscle, like more of that bulky look. So it just really depends what your goals are in that case. Next question from Sully,

Mina, she says, what about sweeteners? Like Stevia? I personally don’t suggest substituting sweet foods like sugar with Stevia, because what happens? Your body thinks you’re eating something like a thousand times sweeter than sugar itself. And you could have an insulin response where your body releases a bunch of insulin hormone because your body thinks you’re eating something sweet. That’s the problem with PCOS,

that insulin being high and bombarding your cells and their cells becoming resistant to it. And the story goes, so yeah, I do not suggest Stevia. If you’re going to make some sweet treat, I just would cut the sweet, like the sugar in half, you know, and use like organic, like coconut sugar, if you want, or use fruit,

like as a sweetener, like mashed banana in your banana bread, Your body can still think you’re having that sugar red because of the sweetness that it, your taste buds are experiencing. Exactly. Yeah. All right. So I guess what, like, what’s your favorite way to sweeten something? If you want it to be a little sweet, I don’t sweeten anything.

And my palette just gets, has gotten used to not sweetening anything, not the tea, nothing. Now, if I’m baking, which is not like an everyday thing, I’m going to use sugar. I usually cut the sugar in half. I’m not a profound baker. People don’t think I’m a great baker. I really don’t Your cake, your birthday cake,

you made for me was amazing. I’ll tell you that much, but that was on the first year of dating. Sorry, I didn’t write the recipe and I can never make it again. Also I think that the gluten-free flour I was using had Darien was so good. Dare back then. I didn’t realize, I didn’t realize if anyone’s listening and you have gluten-free flour in your pantry check if it’s dairy free because they put like protein.

Yeah. My mom was making some gluten-free stuff for Italian and she’s showing me the, the PA the bag for it, just to make sure it was gluten free. And I was like, oh, it looks great. And I looked at the ingredients just to double-check and it had milk powder in it disaster. Yeah. Like she had no idea of course in like easily.

Like how could you know? All right. Yeah. And I agree with like, like for me to, like, I basically could add extra sugar from my, from my like day to day stuff. Like, of course I still eat foods that have sugar in it, but I try not to like add it myself if I have, you know,

decaf coffee or if I have like a tea or things like that. Like I just, my taste buds, like times that it gets used to it after a while, like at first you’re like, oh, this is nasty. Like, let’s see having the tea without sugar, but try this however much you’re putting it. Just start your next week by putting half of that amount for one week.

And then the week after that put half of that amount and have half, half every week. And by then, your tastebuds will get used to, it’s literally all about your taste buds, nothing else. And addiction, it’s like a drug it’s in the research. It literally hooks you. Yep. So yeah, you can definitely train your tongue. It’s like in the article that I saw on there,

like the biggest drug in the world is actually in your pantry right now. It’s like, what’s in my pantry. It’s the biggest drug in the world, but it’s probably the Most common, like most consumed maybe consumed. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Next question is from Cudas the boutique. She asks how to reduce hair fall because of PCs. Ooh,

great question. Blood sugar control, you know, and that’s going to help reduce testosterone because high insulin triggers high testosterone, The root of the hair fall as well as facial hair, right? Yeah. As a couple of things you can do about reducing that testosterone. So of course like tying set, like focusing on insulin resistance, that’s the main issue right there.

The main root cause. So that’s going to take time about six to 12 months. It’s going to take time to really like manage and resistance and refers to symptoms of testosterone, overproduction. But meanwhile, what you can do is also take like a spearmint tea, drinking spearmint tea studies have shown. If you drink three times a day, it can actually help to reduce testosterone.

So that’s a great thing you can do at the same time while you’re managing your insulin resistance to basically, you know, reduce that testosterone. Okay. Oh my God. I’m so excited. Oh, you’re right. So that was the PCs QA. We’re going to go to our new, our taglines favorite segment now is guests this All right. Hit me.

Oh, she just flipped her hair back. Like she’s getting ready. I don’t want you to even like see any things or read. I don’t want you to even read the hints because it’s not on the script, but I don’t want you to even read it. If you Forget what I know what it is. Okay. So just for anyone who’s new,

I’m going to tell tie in a bunch of hints and she’s going to guess what this piece us friendly food is. And I’m going to go one by one and telling you only have one guest. Okay? Okay. You can give you a guest at any point, so you can give it as early as you want. And the earlier you give it the better,

like, you know, applause, the better applause would give you, but like, I’ll continue saying the hints and you’ll let, and you can tell me if like, oh, your hint is off or whatever. Okay. So the first hint I’m going to give you is, and it can be anything by the way, it can be fruit. It can be vegetable.

It can be a protein that can be anything. Last week. It was salmon. This comes from the same family tree as cinnamon Bailey’s and so the same family tree as cinnamon bay leaves and sassafras. And it gets so far. No, I don’t know. Okay. The average serving of this has 4.6 grams of fiber. No, no, no.

Get so far. All right. Third. Yes. These were first used as tributes from towns, folk to local royalty in meso America, 7,000 years ago. I’m getting deep in this game. These were tributes from towns, folk to local royalty in may. So America, 7,000 years ago, no guesses over is already telling me, oh yes. Tell me what you’re thinking.

Just say out loud what you’re thinking. And then I’m going to cover my face so you can see God. I have no idea. It’s what? So it comes from cinnamon. Yeah, No, there’s, isn’t going to soon. It’s the same family tree. So there’s this, it comes from a tree and it’s the, it’s in the same family of trees that is cinnamon bay leaves and south for us,

it has an average serving over 4.6 grams of fiber. So A tree fiber has to Be true. Okay. Let’s continue royalty. Does it have to be a fruit? I dunno. It could be. I dunno. Alright, Continue. You know, what’s so funny. You just asked what else comes from the tree. And I don’t know is the orange is our fruits.

The only thing that grown tree really think so. Okay. All right. Next one half of these contains 19 milligrams of glutathione. And for those that know glutathione functions as an antioxidant, which helps your immune system function. Normally I’m really getting deep into this game. Oh my God. Okay. Anything else? It’s a fruit. Oh, Well of course it’s okay.

We have two more, two more hints. It has a higher levels of potassium than bananas too. I know this for doing All right. And the last hint, I feel like this one may help you get, get it. Like I kind of made the last one as easiest to kind of like give you the thing, California produces 90% of this in the United States.

Oranges, not Persimmons is the best in the spring. And early summer, California Produces 90% avocados. Yes, that was good. Right. I made it a lot more intricate this time. Cause last time it was the first time we did it was last time I only gave you like four, but this time I was like, I love this. I’m usually not good at like jeopardy or things like that.

But if you want to talk nutrition Yeah. And fruits, and you’re going to learn so many random facts during this game now. Yeah. Same family tree as bay leaves cities. Right. Isn’t that interesting? Interesting. Okay. So tell us what are some ways you recommend sisters about avocados? Like how to have it day to day consistently kind of a thing.

I’m going to give you My avocado recipe here. Okay. First of all, go to Gelson’s Gelson’s has the best offer. God knows. I don’t ever round with whole foods. Avocados. Okay. Whole foods, avocados dropped a bit. Ralph’s has hasn’t good out of some Ralph’s too. Okay. Now what I do as I get a white, sweet onion,

chop it up finely and sprinkle some salt on it and mash it with one of those mashers, you know, like an avocado masher, mash the onion first, right? With the salt and then scoop out some avocados, you know, take the seeds out, everything, throw it in with the onions. I think it’s like one small onion to three avocados.

That’s what I like. And then one small lemon squeeze the lemon mashed all together. You have guac. You don’t need to add anything else. This is my favorite combination. You know, if I’m eating at a restaurant, they add like a bunch of different things. So lawn show spices, cumin, blah, blah, blah. Live your life.

Do it if you want. This is the simple, delicious one that I make. Every time guests come over. Every time we have a, a summer barbecue. Yeah. Yeah. And otherwise you can just encrypt incorporate, just get an avocado with anything you have. It’s just a great thing to just slice up and put it on, put it next to your plate.

And the great thing is like, it gets you fuller and helps you stay fuller to Yeah. There’s an avocado chocolate mousse recipe in the sisterhood. Wow. Yeah. It’s an avocado chocolate mousse on a cupcake because the frosting is avocado. Chocolate sounds delicious. It really is. I have to make that one ASAP. Maybe I’ll make it tonight when we go skiing.

Take it to lake Aaron tomorrow. Yeah. We’re going to lake Arrowhead this weekend, sisters to ski and hanging out with friends. Okay. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity call and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Opacity helps with healing,

insulin resistance, a common root issue that most PCs sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of obesity has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body.

But with women like me who have PCO S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking Avast tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. Awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order.

Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making, you don’t want to take a prenatal that’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. They’re a needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive. It contains the active form of folic acid folly as well as 2000. I use the vitamin D also,

it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. Shall we move on Before we go to tips for improving fertility, naturally, let’s go and do our wins of the week.

So these are fellow sisters who are managing, losing weight with PCOS and thriving with PCs. So our first win of the week is from Clarissa. And this is from the, from the sisterhood. She says day one of the four week meal, a workout plan. Thoughts in short, I think I can actually do this in detail to be completely honest.

When I first saw the recipe, I thought there’s no way these food would have so much flavor or that I would like them. But let me tell you, let me tell you girls, this ish is bomb. I am trying things I have literally never had in combinations. I would never have thought of, and they are delicious. And then meal prep was super easy.

I’m already prepared for tomorrow with breakfast and lunch done for the most part and throw it together easily. Groceries for week one was a bit expensive, but I just reminded myself how much I had spent on takeout each week. This is so much worth it also completed day one, full body workout. And for someone who hasn’t worked out in months, I’m definitely feeling it,

but I’m not feeling the fatigue I normally would with just going to the gym. So ending day one on a high note, happy, I was never hungry at any point, thanks to these amazing meals and also things so vast. It’s all excited for day two, Clarissa stamp, stamp, stamp, and look at her pictures yet includes the egg bake and the avocado toast.

And I can’t talk as a printer. Mess up this picture tacos. Yes. Tacos. Yes. Tacos. That is awesome. It looks so good. I’m So happy for it. Isn’t clear. So when I said, I thought there would be no flavor in the recipes. Were you like, No, they are so good. Like we collaborated with the chef on these recipes.

So it’s really next level. Actually all our recipes. Even the ones in the sisterhood. Yeah. Chef Created By chef Rafi. Yeah. The course ones. Yeah. Yeah. All right. You want to read the next one’s from YouTube. Okay. Shanda Wolf says cutting out gluten and dairy and monitoring. My sugar intake has been life-changing. I feel so much better and healthier.

Plus I am down 40. Wow. Shonda. Amazing. So happy for you. That’s amazing. I wish you elaborated because I want to hear all about it. Totally. Grace art says I cut out gluten in most area and I got my period for the first time in six months, six months. It’s so good to hear. Great job, grace,

go sisters, go. Those are our fellow sisters from YouTube. If you don’t follow our YouTube channel, just go to YouTube and search peace. U S weight-loss and we will pop up. All right. We got a wind from the sisterhood. This is from Jen. She says your Turkey chili recipe. And I started Avastin, tol magnesium and zinc this weekend.

Plus I picked up makeup. That is good and free. Wow. And here, I thought it was only in food. It’s in everything I love. She says. And then she shared a picture of her Turkey chili soup looks so good. It looks amazing. Love the colors. Love it. The corn, the beans, the avocado, the ground Turkey.

Yeah. Perfection. Good for you, sister. I love when people take a picture of their meal and then they put Novasol next to it. Yeah. All right. Now let’s talk about improving fertility with PCLs listen closely sisters, because this is a very traumatizing subject. I feel like when I was first diagnosed, what was I like 18? My doctor made it sound like I was gonna for sure have trouble having kids.

Like, that’s it. This is what I’m destined for. And she told me my ovaries looked premenopausal and she told me that I should have kids as soon as possible. And I’ve heard sisters who message us and say like, my doctor told me, like, I should have kids ASAP. And I’m like 21. And I’m just like what the F is going on out here in these streets,

because you can change the picture of your ovaries. Like it takes three months or more to change the picture of your ovaries. You can improve your blood sugar control, improve your stress, hormones, improve your inflammation level, and that can improve the picture of your ovaries and your ability to ovulate a healthy quality egg. So don’t let anyone make you feel like your body is for sure broken.

And it’s just not going to be possible for you. And that’s that makes me so mad. I could literally into this phone right now because people go to the doctor and I was reading blogs about like in and PCs and they were all saying the same thing. And people go to the doctor with a sixth grade education on fertility because no one’s talking about it enough.

And when the doctor tells you these things, you have no choice, but to listen to them, it seems, but you know what? There is a lot more to fertility than what we learned in sex ed in sixth grade. Yeah. And you can do a lot to improve your ed quality and oblation. It is in your hands, in your control.

And for some reason, healthcare is shaped in a way, especially women’s healthcare to make you feel like it’s not in your control and you are doomed and destined for infertility or something. And it’s absolutely not the case. So I am getting off my soap box and I’m going to continue snap, Snap, snap, stop, stop. I got that off my chest.

I was like up to here, just speaking of blood sugar control, you know, we’re going to give some tips on improving insulin levels so that it can help with your fertility and ed quality and opulent. So that’s where we’re focusing, right? Basically, because a lot of women with peace years, they’re just told to lose weight and come back. They want to get pregnant,

but they’re not really told like How, and they’re not told that the blood sugar control is the key to losing weight and to getting pregnant. And I’m not saying there aren’t other factors there’s thyroid there’s this there’s that there’s lots of, But it’s not even like the losing weight is the key. It’s the managing the instant resistance is the key, because that will help you like lose any of the excess weight,

but also get pregnant because that’s kind of effecting ovulation at quality and all those. Exactly. Yeah. And I highly recommend you get a lab test taken so you can really understand the root causes of your PCO. S cause it could be a number of things from your thyroid to your inflammation, to stress, hormones, whatever you want to figure that out before just agreeing with your doctor and getting pregnant at 19.

Yes. They told you to. Yeah. And in some countries, doctors tell women to hurry up and get married and get pregnant. It’s like they throw in like the cultural judgment pressure And pressure. Oh my God, the messages we get in our DM box. So let’s talk about the, all right. So tip number one, to help with insulin levels,

reducing your sugar intake, the best that you can. So that means desserts, soda, juices, anything with sugar. And that also even means fruits. Sometimes we lean on a fruits because that’s our healthy source of sugar and it’s a very healthy, nutritious ingredient and organic and everything. But you might find that eating in a side table for breakfast is not helping with your blood sugar control and ultimately not helping with your fertility.

And it doesn’t mean you have to completely cut them out either like in desserts or, you know, anything with sugar. It just means like managing them. So in moderation and also just being more mindful of them too, you know, just keeping a moderation basically. Yeah, exactly. Your second tip. The second tip Is of course, over acetone,

cause sometimes managing gear cravings for desserts juice, fruits, sodas, things like this. It’s really hard because it’s hormonal and it’s because of having high insulin levels. So it really helps to take a supplement. And is one of our favorites for PSUs. Cause it helps with ed quality and oscillation. Yes. And period regularity. Yeah. A lot of times with the insulin resistance can occur due to,

you know, the 40 to one ratio that’s found in your body of Mio, auntie Kira and are subtle when that 40 to one ratio of my auntie car in our store is basically is off it’s your insulin resistance can worsen over time. But when you take a supplement like Avastin tol, it can help to restore that ratio. Cause that’s the same exact ratio that’s found in Novasol.

So that’s exactly why it’s one of our favorite supplements for insulin resistance. Yeah. Yes. And we get lots of messages from sisters who have gotten pregnant with Avast tall and studies show that taking in an Aceto supplement while you’re on IVF can help improve the outcomes. Yeah. That’s very impressive. All right. Third tip is to eat a high protein breakfast,

skipping breakfast entirely, or just grabbing just like one piece of fruit. Something like that is not ideal really. Cause that’s just going to keep you hungry for the rest of the day is basically as a bad way to start your day. Right? Cause like the way your, the way you start your day, especially with breakfast really makes a huge difference on how you feel through lunch,

through dinner and the rest of your day. Huge. If I skipped breakfast, I have such bad cravings after dinner. Yeah. Look, I missed that mealtime completely by skipping breakfast. And it makes a huge impact on the rest of my day, like eating a high protein breakfast will set you up for blood sugar control for the rest of the day.

Yeah. Especially like combining the high protein with some good healthy fats. So for example, if we’re making a smoothie, you know, you can throw in some hemp protein powder, you can throw an almond butter for the healthy fats. You’re going to throw in chia seeds, chia seeds, chia seeds, for even more of all that, throw spinach,

throw some fruit in there, throw some, some of your faze throw in some nutrient stuff. You know, like there’s so many things you can add in there to really make it a nutritious high protein full smoothie, which can be really keep you like sustainably full until lunch or until you want to have a snack later on Super important. You want that blood sugar stable.

Otherwise you’re going to have high testosterone and that’s going to inhibit your ability to ovulate and have your period and things like that. So, yeah, like I said earlier, it’s really important to think of these blood sugar stabilizing tips. And our next one is to cut out gluten and dairy for at least 30 days to see how it affects your hunger and fullness levels,

how it affects your symptoms like bloating, like cystic acne, because that is a reflection of what it’s doing, how it’s helping you on the insight to these foods might be really inflammatory for you. And you wouldn’t know it unless you cut it out for at least 30 days. So you can see the effect that it has on your symptoms that are physical,

that you can see because definitely if you’re losing weight or if you’re less bloated or you don’t have as much acne and this, this and that, most likely it’s helping with your egg quality and your ovulation. Cause you’re reducing insulin and inflammation. Yes, it was. He so many sisters go gluten free and the sisterhood and get pregnant, get their periods back and just overall just feeling better there’s symptoms,

reducing like bloating, acne so much. So. Absolutely. All right. The fifth tip is to get better sleep. This one is really important because a lack of sleep, impairs insulin sensitivity and effects your appetite. So if you gain like less than six hours of sleep, it can basically make you have more cravings for carbs, sugar and significantly affect your blood sugar levels.

Yeah. I’ve actually read like sisters who have a what’s it called the thing, the aura ring that like tracks your sleep. And they found that their cravings were much worse when they didn’t get quality sleep or like REM sleep. So it is really important. It’s not just like laying in bed, you know, don’t be like scrolling on your phone and like saying you’re resting.

Like that’s not the same as like high quality sleep. Well, who are you talking to? I read my Kindle. It’s not a screen though. It’s like paper like Black and white. Although when we have dinner after dinner, we’d you’re like, okay, I’m gonna go shower. And then you sit On the couch While I’m washing the dishes. You’re on the phone.

And I come like, oh, you haven’t showered yet. Cause you’re on the phone. It’s just for like 20 minutes. And it’s at like eight o’clock and then I stop after, But I have to be the phone police and be like, come on baby Showers. Yeah. You’ll look at me with true growling face as if I’m not right. You know,

I’m right. I’m just trying to help you move along. It’s not easy sisters. It’s not easy. But I do like, No, I’m just talking about like after dinner, but like of course I know you don’t like stay late on your phone or in the bed. We’ve done a pretty good job of removing the phone from the bed. Basically keep the phone highly suggested.

Keep the phone outside the bedroom when you can go to sleep, just put the phone outside, you know, charge it in the bathroom or wherever else. And then it just, it just makes a big difference. No notifications. And they see it as all Level improves. Yeah. Because it’s not next to all that like, you know, greater waves and stuff like that.

Yeah, absolutely. Okay. Tips. Those are our tips. One thing I wanted to also mention though, is even if like you’re not trying to get pregnant, it’s still really important focus on these improvements to avoid any potential risks in the future. Yeah. Just because you’re not trying to get pregnant. Doesn’t mean fertility, isn’t important. It is important.

It’s important to ovulate. It’s important for your, your bone health, your brain health, your mood, your bloating, your weight loss. It’s important that all of these bodily functions are working top Dodge. C is sitting with one leg up on the table. If you fall right now, I am so imbalanced. You have no idea. And there had been a more balanced in my life.

Also just a bonus tip is third NATO Corps. So if you’re looking for any kind of prenatal, third NATO core is a great option. It’s from the same company that makes all the basketball and you can find it on theralogix.com. We’ll link in the description, but they’re there. NATO core is a great option for anyone who’s trying to conceive because it’s made specifically for those trying to conceive.

It’s really important when you’re looking for prenatal that you don’t find just a generic one that’s made for anyone. Who’s either trying to conceive or who’s pregnant. You want to find one that’s made specifically for one who’s people who are trying to get pregnant. And you want to find one separately for those who are actually pregnant. Cause each one should have different nutrients in them to support that person in that different stage.

So we’ll put that in the Lincoln bio. Yes we will. Oh, sorry. Not licking by Instagram link in description CIF. All right, sisters. The way we’ve been doing yoga every morning, let’s tell her should have talked about in the beginning. Yes. It’s been every morning, Every morning for this whole week and a half, maybe two weeks,

Almost two weeks of doing it. At least 20 minutes of yoga. It’s 20 minutes. Whenever you go on 30, like at least it’s totally Ms. It’s a lot. And I personally feel like it’s more effective than meditation. I mean, meditation is fabulous. You should still do it. But sometimes it’s really hard to wrangle your mind and find that like silence and doing something physical,

like yoga really forces you to be like, only thinking about the pain of the position of Like, if you have it on the phone, you put on the TV or just put on your phone and you just do it for 20 minutes and you just, all you’re thinking, right? Yeah. Doing Something physical chakra. What Are you saying? Chuck?

Chuck around was other stuff too tight. We wake up in the morning and Tyler would be like Dawson. I’m already like grumpy. So I’d be like Chikara All right. We’ll talk to you. Yes. Take your sisters. Hope you have a great week and we’ll see you next time. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood.

It’s my monthly membership site where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle pollutant and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.


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