Should I Take Zinc for PCOS?

Many women have inadequate levels of zinc and it has been shown that women with PCOS might have an increased need for zinc! On this episode, we highlight the benefits of zinc and whether you should be taking it for PCOS!

Are you experiencing hair loss? We discuss the role that Zinc plays in improving alopecia and hirsutism!

Do you take birth control? Birth control pills have been found to cause key nutrient depletions including Zinc! We talk about the importance of zinc for those on birth control and what you can do!

How to check for a deficiency? We go through different symptoms that can be a sign of zinc depletion! You’ll learn the recommended daily amount of zinc as well as what foods you can add to your diet to avoid deficiency!

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Full Episode transcript:

Did you hear about that Cyster who took Ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one. Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Ovasitol helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most PCs sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings.

Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of obesity has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and Inositol. And Ovasitol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOS this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking bus tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance,

starting from the root of the It’s so awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got at BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right, babe, let’s take a moment to correct our posture. Take a deep breath and have some pure spectrum CBD.

Sure. Hey, sisters CBD can help with acne inflammation, anxiety asleep, and so many other PCs symptoms. I personally take it throughout the day to help keep my stress hormones nice and low. Not to mention I sleep like a baby every night and I don’t wake up fatigued at all. Now open your mouth, please. So I can give you a serving.

Now, hold it for 60 seconds. Head over to pure spectrum and use the code. The sisterhood one word for 10% off. Can I stop now? Nope. You got 30 more seconds. Welcome to a sister and her Mister a podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCRs lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free.

I’m telling your fellow sister and registered dietician, husband, engineer, MPCs, personal trainer. We’re going to make PCO as a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun. You brought Lady bugs into the house, and now they’re all living in the window. Sills in the cracks. Every time I see one, I’m like, Oh, no, fly away.

And I escorted out the door. I’m sitting here, we’re recording a podcast. I’m looking at another one on the window. No, to be honest, I think the lady bugs are coming from outside into the window. Stipe. I mean, I don’t know. I really don’t know aura as I go inside and outside the house, I opened the screen door and the lady bug comes in.

What does, I feel like our lives are about lady bugs recently. We’re doing a live on Monday and then literally, literally a lady bug appeared during the live. And we had to like, Oh, hi, The other day, Sarah Russians have the house to go to the bathroom, but then you called me and you’re like, I think there’s lady bugs all over me.

Oh yeah. Cause, cause I had just Q for a lady, but I had to deploy the troops, deploy. You guys must be wondering what the hell is happening with the ladybugs. So we have a farm on the patio. We have kale, we have some carrots, we have some onions peppers, you know, but lettuce, whatever. Right.

And they, there was an aphid attack or actually first I want to say there was a Caterpillar attack. They ate up half the lettuce. And then I was able to, I was able to get rid of them luckily through like the special spray, organic. And then I was happy for a day. And then the aphids arrived. Now the aphids are like,

there’s all these like little tiny black, black, almost like bugs or whatever you want to call them. And they just eat up the plans and make some more yellow and stuff. It’s all the Swiss chard. You can forget about Swiss chard Sprays. Won’t do anything. Cause I’m using the organic sprays and they’re like, just not doing not. It’s almost like,

Hey, you want some water? Let me just, that’s what it feels like. Yeah. Yeah. I mean we asked on Instagram story, what we should be doing. We did everything that everyone suggested. I’m pretty sure nothing. And now there’s a lady bugs, but the lady bugs are weird because you can’t just like put lady bugs onto plants.

What you do is you buy the box. Okay. You put lady bugs in the evening. The first day you put a little bit right there. And then you’re supposed to put them again every few days because what these little ladies do, they just leave. If there’s not enough food for them, they just bounce. But there is enough food there is,

but they won’t find I’m, I’m literally putting them on to the kale. And they’re just like, let me just go find something else. Let me go into the dirt. Like dude, they’re right there. I mean, don’t get me wrong sometime. I’ll I’ll watch them eat them. It was just crazy. By the way. It’s like, I can literally see the ladybug grabbed the aphid with its little tiny hands and just like put it into its mouth.

It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. But so yeah, like I had to buy like three boxes of lady books. Cause every week they seem to just bounce and the ingredients are still there. When you looked it up, it said that you need to continue to apply. The point is, I guess the point is they’re supposed to lay their eggs and the larva is what eats the most amount.

So hopefully We can’t see any eggs. Winter is coming, they’re going to get cold and hibernate. And our plans are going to get attacked by aphids. Yes. So sisters, welcome to a lady bug in her. Mister. This episode is all about lady bugs and how it can impact your PCs. Just a J K a. We are actually going to be talking about zinc,

right? Another popular supplement, a popular question. It comes about zinc. What is zinc? How can it help with PTUs we’re going to cover it all. And Yeah, it’s, it’s something super important for women with PCO S and we’re going to try to make this nice and interesting and informative so that you can consider if zinc is a supplement that you might need to get.

Yeah. So how would you describe like women with PCs and their levels of zinc? So Really women with PCOS struggle with sync. You know, we, we typically don’t have adequate amounts of zinc in our body and it’s suggested that we might even have increased needs for zinc. And I do remember when I went to my, one of the gynecologist that I had seen Dr.,

she has an awesome book, PCOS SOS, and it was, she gave me zinc as one of the, one of the many supplements that she had recommended. And it was very helpful during the whole life diet and lifestyle of people that I was going through. How did it help you? So it, it helped with my skin specifically, like the cystic acne going on and the insulin resistance,

it helped with the whole process of reversing my PCs. It’s just one of those components to the big puzzle. Yeah. Let’s do a fun thing. We usually read this at the end, but let’s read other sister’s experiences with zinc and then we’ll get into what zinc is, how it helps and all that stuff. So we asked a sticker on question,

I’m sorry, a sticker on Instagram piece to start weight loss, if you don’t follow. And we said, okay, sisters, have you tried a zinc supplement? And how did it help you want to read the responses? Sure. Neo Naidu says it’s helped a lot with hair fall and my energy levels. Nice. That’s really good. Donnelley 94 says yes.

Indirectly helped. The changes were slightly noticeable. Okay. That’s good. That’s good. Navea. Charlotte, Sean says, yes. It helped with my acne. Amazing. I mean, so far I’m seeing a lot of symptoms like the hair fall and the acne, which are associated with PCs. That’s really good that it helps. Pana says, yes,

my face looks much better. Awesome. Lots of skin responses, Debra Lee, Laura says it’s been three weeks, but I still lose my hair. Now we’ll get into housing, can help with hair loss. But three weeks is a pretty short amount of time. So, you know, with hair loss, it takes six to 12 months. So, and not just sink,

but a combination of diet and lifestyle changes. And we’ll get into that. Yeah, yeah. As yes. And as time mentioned in the beginning, many women have inadequate intake of zinc, but it is actually suggested that women with PSUs actually even need increased amounts of zinc. So would that being said, a 2014 study found that those would piss us,

particularly women who are insulin resistant or predisposed to type two diabetes are more likely to be deficient in zinc. Interesting. Very good research study. We’ll link that in the description. If you want to take a look, but as you can tell, if you’re insulin resistant, you know, predisposed to type two diabetes, especially obviously if you have peace shows or you want to be very Efficient.

Yeah. And supplementing did lead to an improvement in PCOS symptoms. And it’s also important to note that birth control has a profound impact on nutrient depletion in our bodies. And you know, things like folic acid, B6, B12, vitamin C, vitamin E magnesium selenium. And of course, zinc all these nutrients have shown to be depleted by birth control.

And I mean, I still remember my doctor not suggesting one thing about taking a multivitamin, taking a supplementing, anything in conjunction with birth control. So, I mean, we have an episode about getting off the pill too, and or whether or not whether you want to stay on the pill and there’s, there’s a protocol to it because you’re deficient in all these nutrients and you get off the pill and all of those symptoms of these,

this deficiency comes back. Yeah. If you’re wondering about that episode, it’s with Dr. Jolene brighten, who wrote the book beyond the pill. I highly recommend listening to that episode. If you’re on birth control or thinking of getting off or the book as well, the book beyond the pill is amazing. Yes. The world health organization recognizes this, this deficiency that birth control is causing.

That’s crazy that they actually recognize this and It, they recognize that it’s a threat to women’s health because millions of women are taking birth control without adjusting their nutritional needs. And because of the changes PCs creates in your body, it’s like a double whammy for women with PCOS when you’re taking birth control. So you’re like already, you’re bound to be deficient because of PCOS and the metabolic issue happening here.

And then you take birth control and you’re more deficient. Yeah, it’s crazy. So if you, if you think you’re depleted in zinc, make sure you’re also checking your folic acid levels, B6, B12, vitamin C and E magnesium selenium. But if you’re on birth control, it’s important that you know about these and specifically with zinc. So some of the,

you can check for a deficiency with a blood test, of course, but some signs that you may be deficient in zinc specifically is loss of appetite, brain fog, as well as hair loss. Right? So keep in mind though that if you take a bunch of zinc, that’s not necessarily better because it can inhibit copper absorption. So supplementing with zinc.

I mean, taking a C yeah, exactly. Like the supplement of zinc often comes with copper. So you want to check the box. Exactly. Most zinc supplements. If they’re from a very reputable brand, it’ll have, it’ll come with a small percentage of copper. So make sure you get it like that. Because like time mentioned, when you have a lot of zinc,

it depletes your levels of copper. So you want to have both to make sure your body’s getting both. Yeah. And like, how much do you take? I read that 15 milligrams per day is recommended daily ML. But then I also read that for those of us with PCO S we should have a higher dose around 30 milligrams per day. So definitely.

Yeah. So your doctor, obviously, because zinc is one of those things that you don’t just like pee out, like an extra bite, you know, if you take vitamins, you just pee it out. I don’t think you pee out zinc. Interesting. Interesting. Yeah. So, you know, it’s found in me. Oh yeah. I was just saying,

if you’re like, if you don’t want to take supplements, then there is also a diet, right. You can also supplement zinc with a diet. And then if you’re interested in the foods that you can find it in Meat, fish, seeds, nuts, these are all great sources of zinc. And for example, three ounces of oysters has 74 milligrams of zinc.

And as you mentioned earlier, you need about 15 to 30 milligrams a day. So that’s more than what you needed. I mean, I, I put oysters on this list because it was like the highest, but the rest are like, like three ounces of beef or seven milligrams, chicken, 2.4. I mean, what are we going to eat?

Oysters all day. Yeah. But seven milligrams is not nothing. It’s half of 15 almost. Yeah. That’s like, yeah, if you have beef for dinner, then you have a bunch of sink. And if you have chicken for lunch, Yeah. It says three ounces of chicken has 2.4 milligrams, half a cup of beans has three milligrams. And one ounce of almonds has one milligrams.

Interesting. I mean, it’s good to know this stuff Makes you more mindful of the ingredients that you’re choosing. And you know, when you’re shopping, maybe you’ll consider adding some variety to what you’re eating and picking up some beans or something, or, Yeah. But I don’t know if you don’t hate them. You keep on telling me ever since we’ve been dating,

I’m allergic to oysters yet. I’ve seen her on oysters. So I’m thinking it’s some sort of bull crap to get me not to order oysters room the table. One time I ate it and my eyes swole up, but I’m not sure if I’m allergic. Like I got it. That was an allergic reaction. An allergy test done. Maybe if your eyes,

but if your eyes swelled up, that is some sort of a reaction, He was just bad oysters. We should try it. But I don’t really want to, because like, what if my throat closed up? Okay. Yesterday you were like on vacation. And then it’ll, it’ll just be my voice on the podcast with telling nodding, all right.

About that. But what are the benefits? What are the benefits of the sink For hair loss and hair citizen? And for that fellow sister who, you know, messaged us in the sticker saying that it hasn’t helped with her hair yet zinc can help with hair loss. And here’s the autism facial hair, acne things like this 40 to 70% of women with PCs have hair loss due to elevated androgens testosterone converts to a powerful androgen.

D H T you might’ve heard of it. It’s so a combination of zinc and saw Palmetto studies show can help with eliminating DHT, which is this powerful version of testosterone. You see shampoo that says like DHT blocking shampoo, you know, so zinc and saw Palmetto together might be the right combination to help with your hair loss. Very cool. And I see here,

there was a, there was a study on 48 women with PSUs, and it showed that 50 milligrams a day of elemental zinc for eight weeks, improved Alipay, alopecia, and hirsutism consider supplementing. I mean, if you have a hair loss, like this is Talk to a doctor, you know, have them do a blood sample, see how much seeing you have in your body.

If you’re deficient, then they can tell you how much to supplement, how long to take it from. Yeah. And again, we’ll mention, we’ll link the studies in the description. So you guys can read it, you know? Yeah. Hair loss, like it’s, it’s not just the supplement, you know, other components contribute to high DHT other than like,

you know, taking zinc to eliminate it. You want to think of, what’s contributing to that high DHT in the first place. We you’re going to hear us say this later on again, but we should have to say right now that zinc alone or any supplement alone is not, is never like the full answer, right? It’s like a whole combination of diet lifestyle,

and then supplementing with the zinc, magnesium, whatever it may be. It all just helps, like snitches Stickley EV the whole, your body to get better. It can also help with your thyroid. Zinc is crucial for proper thyroid hormone metabolism and zinc supplementation has appeared to have a favorable effect on thyroid hormone levels. This is really interesting because a lot of women with PCOS also struggle with fibroid issues.

So that’s, you know, it’s a very common supplement sink sink has given talk often to women with PCOS. Yeah. I feel like especially right now, because of, because of COVID everybody’s talks about taking it. Yeah. Cause it takes the one with copper though. Yeah. When we’ll talk about why actually I’ll get, we’ll talk about right now.

So zinc, the reason a lot of people have been talking about it recently because of COVID and immunity is that it actually helps one, it reduces inflammation and it helps with your immunity. So just to read, read here, zinc plays an important role in immunity, such as zinc, lozenges, and is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. And then the study done on women with PCOS show that 50 milligrams of zinc can help reduce C reactive protein,

an indicator of inflammation. Yeah. And it’s, it’s no wonder it was given to me because my C-reactive protein was like nine times higher than what it should have been very shocking when I saw that. Yeah. It was given zinc. So probably really helped me at that time, aside from going gluten and dairy free and cleaning up my diet Again, diet,

lifestyle, supplementation, Combination. Yeah. Improve it also improves oscillation. Zinc deficiency is known to cause developmental issues throughout pregnancy and caused defects in cells in the ovaries. So if you are trying to get pregnant, you want to check, if you have a sync deficiency, perhaps this is a supplement you should be taking and another super important benefit, it improves acne.

So yeah, a lot of like skin creams that I’ve seen that help with cystic acne have zinc oxide in them. Cause it suits it’s anti-inflammatory sometimes you take an oral supplement that can help with skin. So it’s something to consider. If you have really bad cystic acne, of course, that could be inflammatory from your diet. But also if you take a supplement like seeing perhaps you’re zinc deficient,

that can also help. Very cool. Very cool. The next one is if fence off depression, it’s a major nutrient involved in mental function, learning and behavior and studies show that it has been effective in improving patients with depression. Very, very, Very interesting. Another PCO symptom. Yeah. W we don’t, we don’t think sometimes I like our mental thoughts.

Like our brain runs on nutrients, you know, vitamins and things of that nature. So like when you’re missing a crucial thing, for example, like zinc here, it like, it’s like messes up with the biochemistry of your brain almost, you know, you think differently, you may be more negative. So it’s really important with the supplements vitamins to make sure you have the right level of not just for like your body,

but also for your, for your mental health. Exactly. It also lowers blood sugar. So 50% of women with PCOS, we get diabetes, but diet and lifestyle can obviously prevent this. A meta analysis study showed that those women who took zinc had lower fasting glucose and HBA one C, which is great. So their blood sugar was being controlled better because they were taking zinc and they weren’t deficient in it,

you know? And we talk about magnesium as well. That helps with insulin resistance and blood sugar control. So it’s just a multifaceted subject, insulin resistance. There’s so many ways to tackle it. And you want to make sure that you’re understanding what your issue is. Are you using deficient? Do you need magnesium? Do you have a lot of inflammation in your body?

What are the components contributing to your insulin resistance? And so it sounds like zinc has a profound impact on treating it as well. Yeah, perfectly said, babe. And we’re when we read the sister submissions earlier in the podcast, you could tell like when sisters are getting better with the hair loss or the acne, those are also like related to insulin resistance,

as well. As we mentioned earlier, how we can actually directly help with the acne and the hair loss. So it’s really good stuff. And there’s always like the, you know, the popular recommendation is usually like magnesium and zinc, right? The combination. So we talked about magnesium a few, a few weeks ago. So definitely check that episode out if you haven’t,

if you want to learn about magnesium as well, but know these natural supplements, vitamins, nutrients, whatever you want to call them, they can be very powerful. So it’s just up to you sisters, to like to get the full power gate, What is happening and get the supplement that works for what you are missing here. I love that because a lot of times I think we think,

let me just take every single thing, right. But then it’s not going to give you the best benefits. Cause there’s certain things you may need more than others. So you want to just focus on what you need. Exactly. Really good stuff. We’re tackling PCLs one step at a time sisters. Alrighty. So that is actually our information about zinc,

but we’re not going to be done just yet. We do have a sister question coming from our piece, us hotline. You remember one eight, three, three, ask PCO S a S K P cos, if you call, you can leave us a voicemail or send us a text message. So today we have a text message and the fellow sister says,

hi sister, I’ve been on keto. And now I have started incorporating gluten and dairy free, but I still don’t have a period after losing 30 pounds. What can I do? Wow, congrats on losing 30 pounds. I know that’s very challenging, especially with keto because keto is so difficult to stay on. I feel like, so that’s great. But with period health.

So like I said earlier, insulin resistance really contributes to your period health and approaching insulin resistance. It can, it can be approached in so many ways. So what you’ve tried sounds like you’ve tried keto, which is very low carb, but perhaps, perhaps not eating enough carbs is actually causing a nutrient deficiency. Perhaps you need some carbs, so your body can create the hormones necessary for you to get your period.

So maybe going completely keto, isn’t the way for you to tackle insulin resistance. See, here’s the thing your Dr. May have said, just lose some weight, just lose some weight. And so you’re checking the scale and you’re losing the weight, but maybe that’s not, that’s not the end all be all with your period health, just losing the weight. That’s not going to suddenly unlock the door and your period’s going to come in because to treat your period,

you’re missing period. You have to understand what’s happening with your body. And so you need certain nutrients and you need vitamins and minerals that come from carbs and you need carbs in general to build the nutrients necessary for you to re get those hormones going and get your period back. So it could be too restricted for you. Despite what the scale is saying about you losing weight and congrats.

That’s wonderful, but is it sustainable? Is it something that your body needs? You know what I’m saying? So for some people it’s too restrictive and you might not realize that because you’re focused on losing weight and it’s that, that weight loss is working for you. But yeah. So even though we’re all about PCs, weight loss, we’re more about treating the underlying root issues and reversing the PCLs and as a result,

losing weight. So you won’t be able to be on the keto diet forever because I mean, that’s really unsustainable. Maybe, maybe you won’t be, I don’t know who you are, but like everyone’s event probably won’t be, but so you want to find something that’s sustainable for your body and then work with that. And then that will help you be on the right track for your period to come back.

Yeah. I love that. Did I babble too much? You really explained that I love your explanation. And you know, it’s we talked about this with Dr. Nirvana and she mentioned like the, for the main four reasons for like irregular periods was like, it’s restrictive dieting, which, you know, like, as it is restrictive. Yeah. And then like the hyperthyroidism stress.

And I forget there was one more Hypothyroidism Posted on Instagram about it. Yeah. Pull it up please. But yeah. I mean, listen to that episode, two scissors, if you guys like, are still wondering about irregular periods, if you haven’t listened, we have an episode just like a few weeks ago. Insulin resistance answer is there we go.

So we talked about this with Dr. Nirvana’s we’ll check that episode out. It was called reversing PSUs, regular periods with Dr. Nirvana. So if you want to learn more about that topic, check that out. That’s right. Yep. So that was helpful. Yeah. And we’re gonna go on to our favorite part, The wins of the week.

Yes. And one of them is actually a celebration. So Yeah, I had to include that. Should we start with her the flow? Okay. So we’ll start with a comment. I received on one of the photos that we posted and it really just struck a chord in my soul because it just sounded like my own journey. And so this is a comment from the mother of someone who SPCs.

So she says, Tiffany, she says, well, let me see. Tiffany S. Graham says, my daughter has followed this protocol for three months. She is 15 pounds down with zero exercise. We’ll be adding that soon. She has never slept better and wakes, refreshed. Her acne is better. Hair is falling out less energy levels that are up and best of all,

I have my daughter back. Her moods have leveled out. She smiles all the time. She told me at dinner the other night that she was sorry for talking about how happy she feels all of the time. Now I told her after seven years of being ill and never feeling good and just angry in general that I love to hear her. Tell me how happy she is.

I will never tire. I know I could just cry right now. I will never tire of hearing how good she feels. It’s been a long, hard road. I truly believe God led us to your page. She was reluctant to try it. I told her I would pay three months for her program in, for her birthday. I asked her,

I think the sister had asked her to at least go gluten and dairy free for a month. And she could quit for after a month. If nothing happened, she’s going strong for three months and never wants to go back. Thank you for helping our family. How sweet is that by the way, another week or so we’ll need to go shopping for smaller clothes.

I’m also going to start gluten free as well. Did I mention your period is back to zero PMs symptoms. It’s not affiliated with, I’m not affiliated with this site other than following your program. It just works. And I want to give credit to the couple for their health. Literally, I feel like, like, I dunno, like it’s like a very emotional,

this is the sweetest thing. I read it on this podcast. It was great, Matt. I mean, Tiffany, I just want to say you’re a great mother. I just want to save for supporting your daughter, helping her find solutions and Years of turmoil. I mean, I can totally relate to this too. Like for years I was just like aggravated,

you know, and just not myself and just this, like, just depressed, like, Ugh, like just, everything was so difficult, so annoying and yeah, Very positive. Amazing, great job, Tiffany. We love hearing, I mean, great job to your daughter, Tiffany and great job to you. You love hearing these kinds of stories and scissors.

This is why like families or any supportive person for that matter is like so important to have. So talk to your friends, talk to your family and like, there’ll be there for you. We promise We’re getting through the sisters right on the line. That was what light. That was the lightest. This is the best thing I’ve ever read in my life.

My soul, like I know So sweet, but we have even something, not even something sweeter, but just as sweet as this, we have a big congratulations to Mary, to Mary, who just recently got engaged and she put this message on our face, a private Facebook group for the sisterhood. She said, my boyfriend had one of his coworkers,

bake us a dairy. And gluten-free cheesecake shaped like a heart for anniversary last night. It was so good. No, no information for me. Then he popped a question. I said, yes, as long as you can get me that recipe. Amazing. So cute. That is, that is so Sweet. You picture of her and him too.

We should share that. But congrats to you, Mary and your, your now fiance. That is amazing news. And the fact that he was, he went and got that for you for your anniversary. I think you guys had a great future together. I mean, gluten and dairy free bringing, bringing people together. We don’t need, we don’t need a Tinder for sisters.

We need like a gluten dairy free app. Look at that bird on the lights. Oh yeah. That bird keeps coming back. It’s sitting on our string light and like swinging back and forth. I got being a ball, kind of a bird is dead. I don’t know it’s been here so many times. I wonder if it goes and eats the lady bugs though,

because I’ve seen it go down into the kale and come back Up. It has to be eating the bugs. Maybe we Have worms. Imagine now I have like a bird problem now battling birds. That’s the next war I have to reach. Oh, see, deck will be just sitting on your chair. Okay. That’s enough. Alright, ladies, come over for a cup of tea and we’ll talk about the person,

the lady bugs. All right. So thank you so much for listening. We’ll be back with another episode next week and everybody talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. You enjoyed listening to this podcast. You have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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