Tallene‘s PCOS Morning Routine + 100th Episode!

Life can be so chaotic…a morning routine or ritual can give you a sense of stability to carry you and set the tone for the rest of the day. In this episode, we talk about how to have an ideal morning routine to support your PCOS so that you are thriving the rest of the day!

It’s also our 100th episode of the podcast! We want to take this time to thank  each and every one of you for listening every week and supporting this channel. We would not be here without you Cysters!

Tune in to hear our 9 tips on how to start your day off right. Currently running short on time? Need to save this episode for later? We’ve still got you covered! Read on for a quick breakdown of our 9 tips!

Let’s dive right in!

Tallene‘s PCOS Morning Routine

Get a good night’s sleep.

A good morning routine starts with a good night’s sleep. Getting good quality sleep for 6-8 hours each night is key to keeping your stress hormones (cortisol) in check and thus, keeping your PCOS symptoms under control. With that in mind, one of the best ways to promote good sleep is to align your circadian rhythm with the sun, aka get some sunshine in the morning so that your body realizes it’s time to wake up.

Step outside for some sun to help wake you up.

Morning sunshine stimulates the release of cortisol, which is what gives you the energy and motivation to get up and out of bed. As well as to tackle the day ahead. Chronic high levels of cortisol during other parts of the day does not provide the same benefits. In fact, it can adverse effects, especially for women with PCOS. So, to help support your body’s hormone balance, go for a quick morning walk or do some stretches outside. It can help a ton with fatigue and brain fog throughout the rest of your daily routine!

Drink a glass of water.

While you’re enjoying your morning dose of sunshine, grab a glass of water and start drinking. Drinking 1-2 glasses of water in the morning before anything else is an excellent way to rehydrate, break your overnight fast, stimulate your metabolism, and curb early morning hunger pangs.

Spearmint is also known to stimulate the metabolism, which is why we recommend tossing a spearmint tea packet into one of your morning cups of water. Or, you can, of course, enjoy it warm as well. Spearmint can help lower testosterone as well.

Make your bed / tidy up.

Beginning your day by completing an easy, yet very productive cleaning task, can help set you off on the right foot. And believe it or not, it can also help reduce stress throughout the day. Research shows that those who keep tidy and stay organized in both their living and work spaces tend to hold less stress and tension throughout the day, be more productive, and have a more positive and uplifted mood.

Avoid social media.

While there are many benefits of social media, there are also some downfalls. Some of which are that social media can easily consume your time and make you miss out on enjoying your peaceful morning. One second you’re just checking Instagram and the next second it’s time to run out the door. Not to mention, negative social media can quickly swoop in and ruin your morning (although you shouldn’t let it!).

With that said, we recommend avoiding social media in the morning. Rather than scrolling, typing, and texting first thing in the morning, allow yourself to full wake up and enjoy the easy hours of the morning before you are off to the races.

Eat a high protein grab & go breakfast to keep blood sugar stable.

Managing your blood sugar throughout the day is another key element to keeping your PCOS symptoms under control. So, like the old saying goes, breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Especially for Cysters who need to manage their insulin levels!

To avoid causing a blood sugar spike first thing in the morning, opt for a protein heavy grab & go breakfast. Eggs are a great option when it comes to maintaining a healthy PCOS diet. And despite what you might hear, eggs are not a dairy product. Keep the simple bready carbs to a minimum, but feel free to include some complex carbs like oatmeal, avocado, chai pudding, or gluten-free hash browns. More breakfast ideas, here.

Enjoy your breakfast.

It’s so easy to scarf down your breakfast and hit the road. But remember Cysters, this PCOS morning routine is all about enjoying your morning, keeping those stress levels low, and easing into your day with motivation and confidence.

So, don’t run out the door with a breakfast burrito in your hand. Instead, schedule time into your morning routine to sit down and actually enjoy your breakfast. Even it if means waking up earlier. If you have extra time here, you can also enjoy a quick podcast, do some quick journaling, or spend time catching up with your immediate family.

Complete a 10 minute meditation to start your day with stable stress hormones.

Immediately after breakfast, we recommend heading into a 10 minute meditation. Meditation looks differently for everyone, but the main purpose here is to calm your nerves, stable your hormones, and prepare you for the day ahead.

Studies show that meditation can have significant effects on your day, including less feelings of depression and anxiety. Some mediations you can complete include yoga, stretching, breath-work, journaling, manifesting, stating your intentions, and practicing gratitude.

Do something creative and uplifting first.

Lastly, before diving right into your to-do list for the day, do something for you. Something you enjoy, that is fun, uplifting, and motivating for the day ahead. For us, this looks like being super creative, whether that’s creating content, snapping photos, or just brainstorming about new content for our family of Cysters. For you, this should be something you really enjoy and gives you all the positive and productive vibes. Vibes you can carry into your busy day with you!

PCOS Gluten And Dairy Free Meal Plan

A big part of today’s episode was spent discussing our Gluten And Dairy Free Meal Plan, which also includes exercises catered specifically to Cyster’s for our unique PCOS weight loss needs.

Our 4 week plan has step by step video tutorials for each recipe to show you how to make quick & easy, gluten &
dairy free meals
 that taste so good, you’ll be making them on repeat! Download The Cysterhood app for all of my recipes, resources, and workout guides. It’s designed just for women with PCOS and our community is amazing at helping support you on your healing journey!

If you’ve been considering making some lifestyle changes to better manage your PCOS symptoms, you’ve come to the right place.

Cysters, there is no one perfect PCOS morning routine. While this routine might work for you, you might also need to make some necessary changes to better fit your lifestyle, and that is okay. It’s also okay to skip a day and try something new. What’s most important is starting your day off on the right, healthy foot.

So, let’s do this together! If you have any questions or comments about today’s, drop them below – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Tallene‘s PCOS Morning Routine

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to the hundredth episode of a sister and her Mr. 100 episodes, sister Dr. my own hands. And with other stem naturally We did a baby, a hundred episodes. I mean, I couldn’t be happier with how our podcast has been going. How many listeners are tuning in every single week? The positive messages that we received You Control.

I know if you go to apple podcasts and look at the reviews, they’re like we have about 1500 reviews. Majority are five star and just have used scissors to thank for that. Yes. Thank you so much for listening sisters, everyone. Who’s listening to this episode right now, we’re sending you lots of hugs and kisses and just so grateful for your continued support,

wonderful reviews and all the nice things you say to us that keep us motivated and continuing to make all this content for you. Yeah. A hundred percent agree. And it’s been such a fun thing. It’s something that we started almost two years ago. We started the podcast because we wanted to get closer to our audience. Kind of show you our personal side,

because obviously on Instagram you can only show so much. You have reels. I mean, back then, there wasn’t even reels. We have stories, but of course you can only do so many stories before people just skip, skip, skip. So we thought the podcast was like the best way to really show you our personality. You know, our quarterly.

Yeah. Bring you into our living room. Chit-chat have a cup of tea. Maybe you’re doing a workout right now. Yeah. So it’s really, it’s been a really fun two years. I think we’ve surpassed a million downloads in less than a hundred episodes, which has really big success. If you look into podcasts and that’s a really big thing to be able to get a million downloads before a hundred episodes.

So again, thank you to all the sisters. We appreciate that. And since we’re talking about that, let’s look at our most downloaded episodes to really see what people have enjoyed the most in the last a hundred episodes. So let’s see, let me go into our hosting site here. I’m going to guess that people liked the episodes, the ones about gluten and dairy eat the most.

That’s what Maybe, maybe. So when we look at the data we have about 1,000,008 thousand downloads total, so that’s great. That’s great. And let’s see where, what our top 10 most downloaded episodes are. So number one is actually the first episode that we ever did, which was the introduction to his sister and her Mr. That makes sense anyone who’s new,

they will listen to that second. Most listened, ever is actually the second episode we ever did, which was explaining peace us to your loved ones. So anyone who wants to learn about that check out the second episode we ever did now here, it gets more interesting. The third most listened episode is actually an episode from this year, which is with Dr.

Phyllis Gersh, the queen. Yeah. So that episode is from March 1st, 2021. And it’s called how to reverse piece yours with OB GYN and author Dr. Phillips Gersh highly recommend that to anyone. If you haven’t listened to it. It’s our third most listened episode. And one of the most informative really sciency really get into the ins and outs. And that’s from March 1st of this year,

She’s the best. She has a great book. PCLs S O S yeah. And then as we go further, the next most downloaded is PCO as cravings. And what you need to do that’s from December of 2019, how to reverse hair loss from January of 20, 21, your most requested piece, us and personal questions from June of this year. Yeah,

the Personal ones. That was a surprising one because we just answered a lot of questions and got personal questions as well. And it ended up being one of the most downloaded Should do that more often. Yeah, I think so too. Maybe like once every month or once every two months. Okay. So it says, what do you think messages on IgG,

if you want us to do more of those requests of questions, and then the last couple of years, gluten dairy free for peace us, of course, that’s us. That’s from January of 2020, and how to restore natural hormone balance with Dr. Aviva Romm that’s from May 31st. Love her. And then the last two, what’s your piece? Us type from July 26 and reversing insulin resistance from September of 2020 Topics that I feel like a lot of sisters have a big question mark in their heads about when they’re first diagnosed.

Yeah. So anyone, if you’re new or if you just haven’t listened to those episodes, those are the top 10 most downloaded ever feel free to look back at our feed, listen to those episodes and always feel free to comment, send us a message on Instagram, let us know how we can, what episodes we can do better. We always want to improve.

You want us to cover? Yeah, Exactly. So today’s episode is going to be about how to have an ideal breakfast or ideal morning we should say for PCLs morning routine. Yeah. Wait, Before we get started, should we talk about what we did the last two weeks? Okay. Why don’t you give them a little bit intro what happened? So The last couple of weeks we have been refilming our course meal and work out for PCs,

weight loss the four week. Yeah. The four week meal and workout plan for PCOS, weight loss, and imagine cooking everything you would eat in a month, in four days and working out every workout you would do in a month, in four days. Yeah. Basically we combined everything into eight days of filming. Yeah. I mean, it was so much fun,

so much creativity just like nonstop, you know, let’s start with the meal portion. Let’s explain how that went down The meal portion. So the first week of filming, we said, okay, the first week, the first four days, we’re going to do just a meal prep. And for anyone wondering like, obviously when you, we hired like a videographer team,

like two people shout out to Kevin and Ian, they like got their equipment was so professional. Like almost as if we’re like on the reel or something like amount of equipment used. And I had a chef, my old boss Rafi, shout out to Rafi. I collaborated with him on making the actual meal plan and all the recipes we taste tested it.

We made sure that they were a simple, easy, delicious gluten free dairy free high protein. Yeah. Like the ingredients were correctly proportioned to gave you the perfect balance of protein, carbs, healthy fats. They were all gluten dairy free and designed by a chef who knows what he’s doing. Chef and dietician. Of course. No. Yeah. But he was super helpful.

So then during the, like the meal prep recording process, oh my God. Like every single recipe we had to gather all the ingredients, make them look beautiful, put them in little ramekins, like set up, like Ciroc had to set up the kitchen counter and like, make it look good for the camera. Then I would be able to go in there and we would record it and then like move on to the next recipe.

But there were so many in one day that it was like crazy how much you had to Mease out and prepare. We literally made every day, we made 12 meals from scratch to finish everyday, sometimes 15. So that’s like we did at least 50 recipes in four days, these included breakfast, lunch dinner. So imagine before each time we film me and Ralphie the chef,

we’re putting each ingredient into like ramekins, putting them beautifully designed for each shot and then Talia. And of course the hardest part is actually making the meal and talking at the same time. So it’s like a whole team effort. Me and Ravi get the ingredients. Tine does video. I had all these notes. Like I had so many little things I wanted to say like about why chia seeds are helpful for PCs or why we’re combining these ingredients together.

Like why I’m always using pumpkin seeds. Like there were so many details to it that like my mind was exploding with like so many different things we had to do. Thank God we had such a good team. Yeah. Yeah. And that’s the thing with filming these kinds of projects that you can’t really take your time. Cause you know, there’s like all these people that we’re hiring people are waiting.

You just gotta like do batch recordings of all these meals. So, and we’re trying to keep the videos short too. Cause when you’re trying to learn how to cook your breakfast, you don’t want like a 10, 20 minute video. You don’t have time. We’re trying to keep it three to five minutes, keep it quick and easy. So you can watch it in the morning and make it really quickly.

Yeah. So it was really funny was so fun, but it was like hectic. Like the days we’re doing a meal prep, it felt like we worked, we started 9:00 AM, six or 6:00 AM. Client would wake up, get makeup done at 6:00 AM every morning makeup. It was so funny. And Then all the way until Seven. Yeah. All we went to seven.

But when I talk about all the way to seven, I mean like we’re running around like, are we going to make it we’re losing light? Are we going to make it? Oh, there’s some brightness. I didn’t sit like all day, except for lunch. We took lunch breaks. My knees were honestly, thank God I scheduled a massage every single night of filming at seven o’clock And we barely made those massages.

Yeah. Call me Crazy. But without those massages, I don’t know how we would’ve gotten through everything. Yeah. I, I didn’t have it every day, but yeah, you really needed them. Cause renews were aching. Your back was achy your neck. Like I’m trying to like bring my stress hormones down so I can get through the next day.

Yeah. Especially the workouts. Like when we did four workouts a day, that way my muscles. So yeah, this second week was a workout and Tallinn the soldier here because obviously we can’t do, we’re doing four weeks of workouts. If we did a workout once a day, that would take forever to film. So instead we had to film four workouts a day for four days.

So that would basically do a four week schedule. So telling gear, cause we’re doing full length, workout videos, like we’re not doing just snippets full length, workout videos. So you watch it from beginning to end and follow along. So that means Tallinn had to do four full workouts every day for, And here we are telling everyone to take it slow three 10,

But that’s how you do it for the sake of filmings. You can’t go Exactly. Like when you have no choice and you have to do something that, you know, maybe isn’t like the best for your cos. You have to create an environment that allows your body to do it. Especially if it’s temporary. Like it was just four days. It’s not the rest of my life.

It’s four days. I got my high protein breakfast and we had like a breakfast burrito every morning. I got my massage. Every night we took breaks in between the workouts, every single workout. Like we would do a bicep curl. Let’s say that we would take a break, re do the camera’s whatever, and then move on to the next one.

So we found like a rhythm that made it sustainable for me that I didn’t like really, really fall apart. Of course You were really going hard with the self care, which is really important. And not to mention throughout all this time, we’re still managing Instagram, take talk YouTube. So you can imagine it was a crazy two weeks for us and it was Worth it.

So for anyone wondering that will be launched in January. So on January 1st, it’s going to take some time for us to edit all these videos, create the page, but it’s going to be beautiful. So that’s a four week meal prep and workout course. Oh my God. We had such funny moments with the filming because we have obviously like a, like a studio mic that’s over talions head,

but we also have Mike’s that’s like attached to like her blouse as like a backup mic, just to make sure that we capture sounds anytime it’s too loud on the studio mic. So the first day we did it, you know, the videographer Kevin was placing it on tines blouse. And then he started yelling PC O S P C O S into her chest.

And we’re all looking at like, what’s going on? Why is Kevin yelling piece us into tie-ins chest? And then we realized he’s doing like a sound test, you know, like trying to make sure that the, the mic is picking it up. But it was like, it was just like a really funny moment. I had just met him too,

you know? Right before first friends with someone like, you’re you, you don’t really know each other yet. He’s like in my chest yelling PCO, as I have no idea what’s going on. Yeah. And that, that became like the inside joke for the rest of the, the rest of the filming. But yeah, it was really fun. Definitely a big project.

And it’s going to be so worth it. Sisters, highly recommend to wait till January 1st, if you’re planning on doing any sort of, you know, meal planning or working out, it’s going to be fully Guiding a new program. Yeah, Exactly. Did you hear about that sister who took Obasi tall and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible.

I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of obesity has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo.

And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup,

so I don’t drink it. You got it. So check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making you don’t want to take a prenatal that’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. They’re a needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive.

It contains the active form of folic acid fully as well as 2000. I use the vitamin D also it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. All right. So sorry.

That was a little bit of a long intro, but it’s part of the podcast, but let’s go into the morning, ideal morning routine for PCs paper. Okay. Okay. So I mean like it’s, I feel like for PCs or for anything, you know, even you could talk about your morning routine, it can totally relate to anyone. You know,

we were just setting ourselves up for stability for the rest of the day. I feel like that’s what a morning routine is about. Yeah. I feel like it’s true for peace us, but also for everyone, like the morning sets you up for the rest of the day. Absolutely diet wise and mental wise In every way. So the first thing when I wake up is so I try to get like seven or eight hours of sleep.

So I naturally wake up before the alarm hits. So that’s ideal. So I feel like that kind of starts with the night before. So let’s not get into a nightly routine. That’s a whole nother episode, but let’s at least say not the night before you want to sleep at an ideal time. If you’re going to wake up at seven, then you want to sleep around 11,

right? Like 10. Yeah. We’ll get to bed at 10, read a book, fall asleep by 11 or something like that. Make sure you’re turning off electronics, like screen time. Do you want to turn it off one hour before you’re going to go to sleep? So that kind of sets you up for waking up. Yeah. So the first thing,

so I try to naturally wake up. Doesn’t always happen. But the first thing I do is look at the light. Like I literally look at the window to get the rays of the sun in my eyes to wake me up because I don’t always like, feel like getting up, but I want to leave there. I’m so comfortable. The bed is warm,

you know? So the, the rays of the sun will help raise your cortisol. Cause it should be high in the morning to get you out of bed. So that’s why I feel like it’s really important to get that in. Yeah. And that also means like maybe before you sleep open up the blinds just a little bit, so that yeah. Crack,

maybe you halfway. So that way when the sun comes up, your body naturally wakes up with the sunlight hitting the, And it’s tricky with that because I sometimes read like you should black out your room, so you don’t even see like one Dependent at night, how bright is outside. If it’s really dark, then it’s okay. But if we’re living in a city where there’s like lights everywhere,

dance can be hard to like, you know, keep it open. It’s pretty dark where we live. Kind of. Yeah. So yeah. I feel like halfway for us as good. I don’t like pitching it out completely like, like completely dark. Cause then again in the morning, you’re like, why is it so dark in the morning? You know,

I hate that. Yeah, You too. I like immediate sun. Yeah. And another thing I keep my phone charging away from my bed. This is something SciTech has really instilled in our household. The phone police over here, we have laws against phones being charged. Sorry. I’m so sorry. Phone’s being charged next door. I had to because what are you going to do?

The first thing you do is grab it and check your notifications. When you wake up for like 20 minutes, you’re going to lay in bed and waste a perfect 20 minutes that you could have spent doing other things. So then, And then keep it away from the bed. That way it, it makes you get up from the bed sooner because your brain isn’t distracted by the phone.

Yeah. You wake up, collect yourself and you get up Is your most creative, most energetic, your cortisol’s up like take advantage of that. So that sucked into the phone. First thing like maybe journaling, you know, something to get your mind going. So the next thing I do, I have next to my bed is a cup of water.

So the first thing I do is drink water. And I look at the sun and I drink water. I highly recommend this one, not just for anyone with PCs, but for everyone in general, when you wake up, you should have one to two cups of water before you have anything else before you have breakfast before you brush your teeth, before you do your bathroom stuff,

just have one cup. If you can have two even better, but have one cup of water to just start your day because you’ve gone eight hours, hopefully eight without drinking any water. So your body is naturally thirsty, but that thirst can trick you into feeling more hungry than you actually are. So by just having one to two cups of water in the morning,

it’s going to quench your thirst, which is also going to take away from that quote unquote, like the extra hunger that you’re feeling cold. Hi, whether you think I do cold in the summer, hot in the winter. Yeah. I would probably go with cold both times, but yeah, I feel like you want to go Kohler hot because that shocks your body and boost your metabolism,

right? Yeah. Yeah. When it’s cold, your body has to warm it down to body temperature. And when it’s really hot, it has to cool it down to body temperature. Both times your body works, activate some metabolism to do that. Bam. Boom. So speaking of colder hot, I like to put spearmint tea in my water. So we have those peak tea packets that you don’t have to sleep.

They’re just cold pressed tea. So you can add it to cold water or hot water. And then you already got your dose of spearmint TN right in the morning. So I find that to be really easy and moving to that, of course it’s my favorite tea and you know, spearmint helps lower testosterone. So it’s just like a great part of your regular routine in the mornings.

So then, I mean, realistically all like go do my hair and makeup. After I use Eylea beauty, I talk about this a lot on Instagram. And I feel like I used to use the same things that I used like years before. I just, I didn’t really think through my products. I didn’t really know if they were like pieces, friendlier,

toxin free or whatever. I just bought whatever. I felt like buying. And I would kind of feel bad like as I was doing my makeup, like, oh, this probably isn’t good for my skin. You know, what is this? Do I have to wear makeup? Like, why am I wearing makeup? Then I wouldn’t wear makeup. Then I’d want to,

I had this like internal battle with the makeup I was using until I finally swapped it over to Eylea because I, now I know it’s like toxin free. You know, it’s not going to be harmful for my endocrine system. I like the ingredients they use. So I’m happy. So now I do like a full face of makeup and I don’t feel like guilty about it.

That’s awesome. Yeah. So for anyone who’s looking into those, you know, talks and free makeups. Of course. No pressure. It’s part of like when you’re trying to remove endocrine disruptors, you go one step at a time. So if anyone interested in makeup, Iliya beauty. I L I a Eylea. I wish they were a sponsor because it’s such a perfect,

perfect. Like I wake up. Yeah. It’s a perfect makeup company for sisters and anyone. Cool. Yeah. I honestly bought everything that they sell. They don’t sell like so many things. They just sell like the necessities for it, natural face look, and I have everything. Can I say, I’ll admit it. I love it when you like,

give me some products at night, because at night, like after I shower and so time will sometimes come to bath and like my face stuff. And then she’ll start to like, she’ll have like a whole like regime, like a protocol, like, all right, first we put this thing, this Acid, The acid cleanups your face, then you’re,

we’re going to put this cream and then there. And then, yeah, you’re welcome. But that’s not makeup. That’s like skincare Companies that I just use any random. Like I’m not quite sure I always rotate it. I haven’t really found something I love enough To, for, for the, for the nighttime self-care so Yeah, I’m still testing product sisters,

you know, removing endocrine disruptors. It’s like a one step at a time type of thing. And the first thing you swap to, isn’t always like the best thing. So I’m trying things out. That’s the thing, when you go to the toxin free stuff is then not all of them are as effective. And I mean, obviously like when you’ve gone your whole life using the toxin stuff,

like for example, it’s about detergent, right? Sorry, not to get off topic, we’ll go right into morning, right away, right back. But like for example, detergent, all our lives, we use tide and they’re very effective at removing stains. Ever since we got married, we’ve been trying to go into more of the talks and free stuff like attitude and other companies.

And of course, some of them let’s be honest, not all, but some of them suck like we have stains or it doesn’t come off. So we have to switch from this brand to that brand. And of course some are more expensive than others. So it’s all about each person and their means. So obviously it takes time to find And you want to swap.

Yeah. So after I do my hair makeup, I want to mention, I do not weigh myself every morning. This is like a constantly debated thing. Should you weigh yourself every morning? Every day? Whatever. Absolutely not is my answer. I mean, when it comes to PCO S sometimes when it’s out of control, like insulin resistance, we ended up gaining weight exponentially.

Like, it’s, it’s crazy. Like every day you gain a pound, you know, if you really don’t have control over that and it’s upsetting and like, what can you do about it? You kind of like freak out and it freaks you out. Right? First thing in the morning, I feel like there’s no point in that. Yeah. I feel like there’s no point in fixating on the scale.

What is that going to do for you? We have to focus on how we feel. And the whole point of the morning routine is to make us feel good and confident, ready to take on the day and do good for our souls and our body, you know? And what does the scale do? It’s just like, it’s triggering every single day when you’re going through that kind of traumatic thing and gaining weight so quickly.

And so that’s why I’m not into it. I don’t tell anyone to weigh themselves every day. If you’re gonna weigh yourself, if you’re on that weight loss journey and you want to see your progress once a week, once every two weeks, just to make sure that what you’re doing is working. Yeah. So a week, once every month, two weeks is good because you’re not going to see like weight loss doesn’t happen in one day.

So to look Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is not fair to you looking at least once a week or once a month. That’s enough time to see what’s happening with your body. So I think that’s a great tip once a month is great. Yeah. Yeah. And I don’t even suggest once a week for the rest of your life, just when you’re first trying to figure out what’s working for your body.

Like you’re testing out your carb tolerance like we do in the sisterhood. You’re like slowly lowering your carb intake. Does this work for me? Yes. Then you want to weigh yourself once a week to see if it’s giving you that progress you’re looking for. But then after that, and you know what you’re eating and you feel good about it and you’re seeing the progress,

you feel great. What’s the point. Exactly. And for anyone wondering, yes, you can find your own specific carb tolerance, which means like how many carbs you can have in a given day. If you want more information about that, if you, of course link it in the podcast description, you can join the sisterhood at PSUs, weight, loss.org,

but just for anyone who’s like carp tolerance all week, we have a whole downloadable. We have a whole stage where you learn all about it, videos to make you find your specific carb tolerance. So you don’t have to cut out carbs. So that’s all in the sisterhood link into the description. Once I’ve done the hair, makeup, dress, myself,

everything, we share a sink, by the way, I’d like to add that we have, we share a sink, share the bathroom kind of how to take turns. I mean, I’m sure most people Do, but Oh, we definitely possible share bathrooms. Yeah. Yeah. But I feel like a lot of people will have two sinks. You know?

I mean, not a lot, but like most people have, I feel like a home. They have like multiple bags of hers. We don’t have that. We just have hers. And I head back to the bedroom and we make the bed together. That’s part of our morning routine. I like to make The bed have food. It’s A two person job,

lots of pillows, Lots of Talking, laughing and tucking. And it has to be done a certain way because it just, once again, sets your day up for success. You don’t want to walk into the bedroom and see a messy bed. Oh my gosh. Anyone, I’m sorry. Anyone listening, people who don’t make their beds, who are these people who are these messy,

messy people? I’m sorry. I know like, some people are very busy. You have to get up. But like, if you’re especially working at home, like, oh, if you’re working out or if you get home at night, I used to have a friend who was like, why should I make my bed? I want to sleep at night.

Make me go crazy. If you work from home. You’re which a lot of people do now, your protocol is so much more serious than it used to be because you’re not just leaving the mess and going to a job and coming back. Yeah. Or circling the apartment all day. Like if the bed is a mess and the kitchen is disgusting and the pillows aren’t fluffy,

like what are we doing? Yeah. Our apartment is tiny too. It’s like 900 square feet. So like Instagram stories are a messy house. No. Alrighty. Okay. So next part is, So we made the bed trying not to look at so social media yet we haven’t reached for the phone yet. We’re still in the flow, right? Yeah.

It’s, I’m not perfect at it, but I’m just saying, Yeah. I mean, he’s looking at social media, that’s kind of like pause your morning. You’re going to stare at your phone for 10, 15 minutes and not do the next thing. It just slows the whole thing down again. Yeah. So now I’m making breakfast a high protein breakfast,

got my philosophy, protein powder, which I’ll link as well. I’ve been using this protein powder for years. I add it to smoothies. I add it to chia, seed pudding. I added to oatmeal, literally like need this protein powder because it tastes like chocolate, but there’s no artificial flavors in it. It’s not sweetened by Stevia. It’s natural.

It’s like hemp and cocoa and like ashwagandha and all these great things for your stress hormones. And yeah, it’s just a great, We also like to like make eggs, like any sort of egg breakfast, you know, if you’re making eggs and the gluten free bread, great combination of fats, protein and carbs with avocado, you can make that Bagel seasoning.

Oh my gosh. So you guys, you guys gotta get everyone listening. You have to get everything bagel seasoning. I think they have it on Amazon to sprinkle that on top of eggs. Oh. And you can get the eggs, you can make it into a burrito. If you want add in some bacon for that healthy fats, you know, give it,

give it some, you know, flavor boost, some Hash Browns from trader Joe’s gluten-free pre-made patties. They have, you can like bake that from, Yeah. Basically you’re looking for one of that, like a traditional morning breakfast with those eggs. Of course. We’re just trying to be mindful portions protein, keeping the protein and the carb ratio. So you want to have a high protein compared to the current And if you’re sensitive to X cause some sisters are,

yeah, you can try oatmeal or chia seeds, chia seed pudding, which is like less harsh on your stomach. And you make that the night before. Yes. Yeah. And that’s also in the course, that’s what It is. Or smoothie of course, smoothie. Very easy to make smoothie, according to your own favorite ingredients, you know, being mindful of,

you know, not putting too much fruit, being mindful of the protein content. That’s basically what we’re looking for That you can throw in Euro Vasa tall. You know, you can just throw it into your smoothie. Yeah. So we never talked about that. You can just put all that stall in your smoothie. Yeah. Sometimes I like to do and the peak spearmint tea in a chocolate smoothie with the protein powder that has cocoa powder in it.

So now it’s like a chocolate mint smoothie with Obasi tall. How much better can your breakfast? I almost want to try it now. It’s delicious. Yeah. For, by the way, for anyone wondering about the spearmint tea, if you’re trying to lower it to start, Sean spearmint tea has been shown to be able to lower testosterone. If you drink it three times a day.

So if that’s one of your situations to lower testosterone, it’s a great option to add it to your morning smoothie. Yeah. And of course, I start to go back for real quick, two eggs. A lot of times people will ask, oh, but aren’t eggs, dairy, no, actually eggs. Aren’t dairy. They’re considered non dairy. Although some research has shown that people,

some people have sensitivity to eggs, but just so it’s clear, eggs are not dairy. So you can still have them if you’re trying to go dairy free. And one thing about cheersies we mentioned throwing cheersies into your smoothie. Oh, cheersies actually have a lot of calcium. So that’s the one thing is, oh, but if I cut out milk,

how am I going to get my calcium? Well, chia seeds, I believe have more calcium in a serving compared to milk. So it’s a really good way to replace it. And it has many other nutrients within it, like fiber and protein. And it’s not going to affect your stomach cause ideas. Many of the issues that the issues that milk can cause It’s great for your gut.

Yeah. We’ve talked about a lot of essentials right now. Avast tall spearmint, chia seeds. It’s the morning. Once again, we’re setting ourselves up and you want to get in a routine where you’re getting everything you need in. And so you don’t have to think about it later. So this is a great point that we’re making right now. I’m just realizing like pack it in to that morning,

set it set the day up because now you’re going to get busy afterwards. Who’s going to reach for a, Vasa taught like, and then you’re going to crave things and it’s like, what’s going on? Yeah. And the great thing is you can combine all of these. For example, you can put into a Avastin hall and the chia seeds into your smoothie.

You can even throw a chia seeds into your oatmeal to give us some of that texture, by the way, oatmeal is actually naturally gluten-free if you’re wondering. So if all you have to do is find oatmeal that says gluten free on it. Cause most of them, they rolled it in gluten. So just look for the gluten-free oatmeal. But yeah, like just add it in altogether.

Spearmint, chia, seeds of asphalt in a smoothie, bam, you already have all three. You don’t have to worry about it for lunch. So then usually after we make our breakfast, we sit on our patio and we drink it and we talk and we just like try to have that moment of enjoying breakfast instead of like yeah. Instead of just grabbing the smoothie and like going straight to the computer.

Yeah. So we, Which we haven’t been good at lately. Cause I feel like after the whole filming fiasco this week, we’ve been like more like, all right, we have a lot to catch up on. So let’s just have breakfast and like sit up and hop too. But like we have to go back to that like, like we used to before just eating breakfast and then meditating right afterwards.

Exactly. Like before we start the transition from the patio to the desk is a 10 minute meditation or five minutes at least to just calm your mind, silence, keep those stress hormones where they need to be and then get ready to start your day. Yeah. I highly recommend meditating if it’s not for breakfast or in the morning, then do it lunch or dinner or before you sleep,

it’s really helpful for just calming down your brain anxiety, helping with depression, helping with, even if you have anger, if you have just feelings where you just don’t feel like you’re in control, really beneficial to meditate, it also sets your brain up for the rest of the day too. So if you’re wondering where to meditate, of course there’s like the paid options like Headspace calm.

Those are really great. I personally use Headspace. We use Headspace, but there are a lot of free options as well. Like if you go to YouTube, if you put in a five minute, 10 minute, 15, you’ll find all different kinds of meditation. Of course, I’m sure there are other apps on the app store that are free for meditation.

So just look around, you’ll definitely find some free options as well. Totally. And then we’re ready to start our day. And I feel like the first thing we do in the mornings is a creative project or something that gets our creative juices flowing because that will make me feel productive. My mind is clear. I’m not cluttered with like emails yet. Like,

you know, I’m designing posts, I’m doing things. Yeah, exactly. You don’t want to get into just like emails right away and responding and getting into the ins and outs of like, you know, yeah, totally. Sorry with creative kind of makes you feel more alive, but of course everyone’s different. Like not everyone wants to start with the creative juices.

Some people wants to clear their clear their inbox. So of course, April, where you should probably do is what do you enjoy doing the most? So in a given day, in a given Workday or given school day, whatever that may be, what do you enjoy doing the most? Then do that first and whatever else leave for second, third,

fourth. So first thing you should do is whatever you enjoy the most for your or school and do the rest after. So you’re going to keep pushing the one that you enjoy the most for later and you might not get to it because you’re like, that’s not important and you’re not prioritizing your happiness. Yeah. That’s where I did it yesterday. And me and Talon,

you know, we didn’t like art. We didn’t have like an argument or anything, but I personally feel like I kind of like ruined the mood for Grumpy. What is with fueling With stupid Like taxes, no, not taxes, These forms and stuff that yeah. Insurance forms that I had to like, cause I was like, I was pushing them away for the last two weeks because of filming.

So I’m like, I have to find a do this or else we’re not going to have insurance. I don’t know. So like I had to do for three hours and by the end of it, it wasn’t even done. Cause I had to wait for Wednesday to, for it to like finalize. I was just like so annoyed because I had like nothing left in the day to work on what I actually want to work on.

So it just like ruined my mood and you know, I of course pushed out onto telling a little bit. I’m leaving. I have to make returns to go to ups, blah, blah, blah. I went to the post office. They were closed. What the hell? Columbus state Have everyone Columbus. But yeah. Start with the thing you want to work on the most.

And then, you know, lastly, like just keep in mind, things will change. You know, you might have a big project, you might have a vacation, you might just be going through stuff and things will change. So you’ll basically be able to substitute stuff. So maybe some mornings you do yoga instead of meditation. And the other stuff you mentioned or Wake up earlier to facilitate.

Like for example, when we were filming the course, I created a routine for myself so that I could get through that course filming, you know, in the mornings and at night and everything. Yeah. So things will change, like you said, and you have to be flexible. Like every morning isn’t going to be this perfect morning where like you look at the light and you drink your water and then you do hair and makeup.

Sometimes you’re going to like fling yourself out of bed. You’re going to have to do something else. And then you have to go back to your morning routine and like finish it and make sure you have your breakfast and stuff. Yeah. I don’t know. Like every day is not perfect. Exactly. And sometimes things change over time. Like I’ve I found myself doing things differently than I was doing it six months ago.

But I feel like I’m happier now. Or like, you know, it gets better. It gets better. You find the, you find the things that you really like the most stuff like that. Yeah. I really liked when I was doing yoga in the mornings for like 15 minutes while you made eggs. Yeah. Yeah. I take really long to make eggs cause I make them real good.

The secret is take as long as possible to make the expo. I don’t know Why I’m getting into this, the lowest, Lowest heat. So put it on. Like if it’s like, I have like zero through 10 on my, on the stove. So I put on like four and then not like two or three or four. I exaggerate. So obviously before I put the eggs in there,

I really mix up like four or five eggs. I mix it up it’s for me on time, I mix it up, mix up, mix up till it it’s like bubbly. And I put the eggs into the pan. And then this is a secret. You have to do 30 seconds on 30 seconds off to pack. But the whole time you have to keep stirring and stirring it with the,

what is that spatula, spatula and making sure the underneath doesn’t get stuck. So for 30 seconds, you’re stirring, stirring, stirring, taking it off the stove, stirring, stirring stirring for 30 seconds, putting it back on stir, stir, stir With yoga. It literally takes 10 minutes minimum for me to do it. But I’m telling you talent is the best eggs you’ve ever ate in your life.

It’s out of control. It is silky smooth, soft, delicious. Oh, okay. Farmer’s market eggs too. Like we don’t joke around, like we get the farmer’s market, like straight from the Chicken straight from the chickens, but It still has feathers on it. I swear to God. Sometimes they’re like blue. Yeah. It’s really cool. Really cool.

So yeah, as we said, you’ll find the best breakfast or morning schedule routine for you. And over, over time, you’ll modify it, change it up and see how it best fits you. And we’re not done yet. So we asked the same question to your sisters. So on Instagram at PSUs start weight loss as well as a sister and her Mr.

P Instagram page, we asked you what’s the most important thing about your morning routine and we’ve got all your answers. So let’s go ahead and start with the first one. The first one is Roxy LP says I drink water here. Correct? Right There. Any Khaleed says having tea. Yeah. That’s a good option too. If it’s spearmint tea. I mean,

so I don’t want to like go all into it. But one thing that we didn’t mention here is caffeine like coffee or black tea. So like for those that don’t know, I’ve gotten decaf just recently. Cause I found that about my stress hormones and Talia doesn’t drink any caffeine. So we talk about how caffeine can impact PSUs and stress hormones specifically. So it doesn’t mean that everyone with PCs has to cut out caffeine,

but you’re just want to be aware of How are you depending on it to wake up or you have a problem. Yeah. How much is too much for you? So just, just try to see if, if your caffeine levels are okay with you or if you need to cut it down a little bit or completely, that will depend on, you will say Ciroc.

I can tell the difference between when you drink caffeine, when you first quit capping. And now you’re so like now I, I think it’s great. Like before you were depending on era more fatigued and like you have to have the caffeine and then when you quit it, obviously it was hard. But now it’s like, you’re fine. That’s great. Well,

I’m glad you like be better No matter what. Oh shit. I love you too. All right. Let’s continue here. Getting close to the end, but let’s let’s we have some DMS read off again. Next response is rose gold gratitude walk last. Yeah. A little walk. I see. I used to do that. Yeah. At one point we had a dog that would drag me out of the house immediately when my feet hit the floor.

Yeah. So a walk is a great way to boost metabolism. Give your body energy, wake you up. That sunlight in sunlight’s really important. Where are we? Rinku says taking thyroid medication. Yeah. Awesome. Take all these supplements. All that important stuff in the morning. Yeah. Sophina she says eat. Oh my God. I wake up starving.

Love eating. Of course you don’t. You don’t want to wait too long after waking up to eat. So you want to eat within 30 minutes, More insulin sensitive in the mornings, which is good. So it’s like prime time to eat. If you’re hungry. It’s whole Clairmont says stepping outside early to breathe fresh air and watch the sunrise I’m here for,

it Sounds like she wakes up pretty early to watch a sunrise. So that’s, if you wake up early, man, you can do so much in your morning, which I’m so jealous of, you know, maybe one day. Yeah. Like go on a walk, watch sunrise meditate. I could be able to get like two days of one. All right.

Kudos says drink green tea before doing anything else. That’s a great option. Green tea. Also, if it’s the caffeine version has lower amounts of caffeine. So that’s also good if you’re trying to cut out caffeine and it’s also been shown to improve or lower testosterone levels, help with energy. So great option. It does says drink, warm water with soaked chia seeds in it.

That’s cool. I haven’t heard that before. I mean, yeah, you can do that. You could do that with your tea and yeah. That’s kind of a good idea. Yeah. Okay. Diener says make sure to have a high protein breakfast and drink my Avast. Todd sets me up for a great day. Now here’s someone who is an avid follower.

Yes. She knows exactly what we’re doing and yeah. Great job Diener. And then next person is procrastinating. Butterfly. What? A cool username. Cold shower. I can’t do anything without it. Cold showers really wake you up. Yeah. Would you do that in the morning? No, I the, I, I couldn’t do I have to be hot.

Like I turned the heater on. I don’t care. What time of year it is, needs to be like 78 the same way. I know we literally turned the heater on this morning and yeah, we got, we got that. 68 when I got up. Oh my God. I literally, I was like, I’m going to turn it to 77 and then get back in bed and wait until it’s 77 to get back up.

Alright. Couple left. Gratitude. Gold says work out and listen to your podcasts for motivation. Ah, thanks. Gratitude gold. And working out in the morning can be great. Great way to boost your metabolism. Great way to start your day. It’ll definitely have you feeling energized for the rest of the day. So highly recommend that if you have time to workout in the morning,

One day, we’ll be able to wake up on the sunrises, get a workout in, get a walk in. That’d be great. Yoga. That’d be great. That’s like my dream for like 20 years to be able to work out in the mornings to wake up early enough where I can work out and have the rest of my days. So I didn’t have to worry about working out later on.

Why don’t We try it? Yeah, we should have to look at me like that. Like staring at me. Like you drive To my sister’s house at, See, that’s a problem. We have to go somewhere else. It’d be like one day when we have the house, we can have like a gym in the garage and do it. You know,

that’s feasible. Yeah. But I don’t know. Like we should be able to just drive two minutes down the street. You could walk there in 15 minutes. Don’t even have To check. I know it’s like literally a Block with that. If you woke up at six, you could walk 15 minutes to her house doing a 45 minute workout and then walk back in your home by seven 30.

Okay. Who’s going to wake up at six people Who watch the Sunrise. I know, but I’m not those people. What if we tried? I’ll try. All right. Next one is sport’s wife. She says, shave my face, then drink a glass of water. It was great. I put it there. It’s the reality of PCOS. Yeah.

Some of us are shaving our pieces first thing in the morning because we’re on that lowering testosterone journey and it’s not always immediate results. Yeah. So the reality is we wake up, we shave our face, you know, do our hair, makeup, get ourselves. Yeah. And if you’re in that situation to consider adding spearmint tea into your morning routine,

especially if you have insulin resistance, insulin resistance can cause high testosterone. So combined spearmint tea with Avastin tall into your smoothie. And you’re already, you’re already working on Loring that testosterone in the morning, helping with their facial hair as well. So Smoothie concoction is everything. Yeah. Mona says Avastin tall. Can’t live without it. Hell yeah. That’s a great,

great last comment to finish it off right there. Yes. Awesome sauce. Cool. So that’s basically all the responses that we had from fellow sisters and our morning routine. Before we end the podcast, though, we always want to do our wins of the week. These are fellow sisters who are managing your piece, yours losing weight, and most importantly thriving with PCLs.

So our first winner is from the sisterhood. Her name is Jenna and you want to read, read her message. Sure. Jenna says, Hey sisters, I thought I would share my win this week. I have been fully gluten and dairy free for about a month. I eat rice and potatoes still quite often. I’m trying to stay within my card range,

which I believe is 60 to 90 grams. I tried 90 to 120 grams and the scale wasn’t budging. Oh, that goes back to what I said earlier about checking the skill once a week to see, okay. She says, well sisters, after months of hardcore workouts, dieting restricting calories. I didn’t see my weight budge. In fact, I gained 10 pounds from dieting,

but going gluten and dairy free finding my carb tolerance. I finally lost eight pounds from this in less than a month. Wow. I still have sugar cravings once in a while though, I would like to add that I just started taking Odessa tol about two weeks ago. And I’m also maintaining my gut health by taking probiotics. I drink spearmint tea every morning because I love the taste as well.

Keep going sisters. It will come Amazing. Jenna. I love her message. You know how she like tried the different carb carb levels and just going right from it. Yeah. Going away from the restriction and rather going into the lifestyle, losing weight. That’s amazing To me. I love what I just read. Yeah. And again, for anyone interested in finding your carb tolerance,

learning all about that, and as sisterhood, we have a whole area, a section for you to learn your carb level and to get started on that. You can always go to the Lincoln bio to join. And the second sister is Christina. Christina says, hi sisters, I’m new here. And I’m on day six of being gluten and dairy free or DGF.

As my super supportive boyfriend says, this has been my go-to breakfast for the past week. Two eggs, two slices of Turkey, bacon, gluten dairy free bread from canyon topped with kite hill dairy free cream cheese, God damn what salt and pepper pepper. And she says, I’ve never felt better. And she included a picture of her meal. And I have to tell you everyone listening.

It looks amazing. She’s Clearly sitting outside catching some rays. Yeah. So good. It looks delicious. Great job, Christina. Yeah. Look at these perfect eggs. Sunny side up. I know. And the kite hill cream cheese I’m obsessed. I know it’s getting you’re hungry. Right? Cause we eat that for breakfast. I know maybe tomorrow.

Okay. Woo. All right. So that’s everything for this episode. We hope everyone loves our morning routine or I should say Tali Ann’s morning routine for her PCs for any lifestyle, with my little tips in between. And we hope you enjoyed a little tidbit about our course. That’s coming up in January. A lot of sweat, A lot of sweat in these dishes.

A lot of ingredients, a lot of hard work went into it. So just Exploding with PCs, friendly content. Exactly. All the little ingredients used are all like meant to be. Piscivorous apparently to help with specific piscivorous needs. We’ll get more into it as we get closer to the launch. But just so you know, it’s coming soon and it’s all,

we’re all doing it for you. So you had the best resource, the best cookbook that’s ever been made. The best video course that’s ever been made. It’s going to be, we feel the best product ever made for scissors. So stay tuned. Yes. Thanks so much for listening sisters until Next time. Yes. We’ll see you then take care.

Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of DCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle collusion, and dairy-free get ready to finally feel in control of your body.

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