Treating PCOS Hair Growth/Loss

On this episode of A Cyster & Her Mister, we target the topic of PCOS hair growth & loss, also known as Hirsutism.

Listen to us explain the two main reasons why women with PCOS go through hair growth and loss including what you can do with each type. We give you tips to naturally treat PCOS hair growth and loss including supplements and other treatment options.

There is no shame in treating unwanted symptoms while trying to heal your body! Listen to Tallene explain the treatments she used to improve her skin and hair including what she does today!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a Cyster on her Mister. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

A three, two, and a one Tallinn. What’s up? What is up, babe? I don’t know. I’m wearing pants right now in our living room with shoes on, because I thought, I thought I might as well get prepared for this podcast as if we’re going out. I can’t believe what I’m looking at. Shoes on me. I feel like a lunatic.

It’s just like, I felt like I had to, you even saw him. You’re like, what are you doing? Taking your jeans out. And I was like, I haven’t worn jeans in a while. I’m just going to wear it for the podcast. I’m just going to look like my, I mean, you inspired me to wear something other than workout clothes.

Yeah. You’re almost there. You’re wearing tights on the bottom wearing tights though. I haven’t put gel in my hair. It’s like, you know, when they get the gonna bring the curls out Full hair, blow out because I was like, Oh, that’s enough. It’s been like two, three weeks for maybe that I haven’t really committed to doing like a nice blowout and like caring when I It’s like,

Hey, I mean, we have a whole, a whole day of, you know, content stuff. We have the podcast and then we’re going to do a live workout. We might as well start looking good from the beginning of the day. What are you going to exactly? What else can we do? I don’t know. You were telling me you feel like a monster because your nails are growing.

You can’t go get your laser treatment, all this stuff. So annoying. Like I hate to complain about minuscule things like this while people are out there fighting the coronavirus. Yeah. It is the little thing Like I supposed to do. I have to cancel my laser appointment. Then that to me is like, Oh, when am I going to go again,

hearing that this Corona virus is going to last, who knows how long? Just a couple of couple more months, but you know, it’s now, you know, I get what you’re saying with me, babe. Yeah. It’s totally a first world problem thing. But yeah, honestly, I get what you’re saying because many people, you know, we have,

we used to have our habits. What, what going to the gym or doing, getting a haircut every weekend or I don’t know, something like that. Uh, and then now we can’t do any of that stuff. It’s just like, we’re stuck at home working. It’s like a weird thing, but so that’s why I put my pants on. So I didn’t put a belt on.

I’m not that crazy. Okay. It’s still, still a loose, loose, loose hips right now, but yeah, It’s all good. I’m down to be natural for a month. Yeah. It’s are you, can you handle it though? Can you handle it? She’ll hair and Yeah, no, everything’s okay right now. Everything’s always great. I mean,

this is the time where we can actually maybe take a break from all that, all the maintenance that we do, like superficially, let’s just say, yeah, let the skin breathe. You know, no makeup, no like, uh, the nails, all that stuff that they let my hair grow a little bit. You know, you still want to take care of your piece of yours and you still want to make sure like health wise you’re improving,

but all the extra stuff, maybe this is the time that they can break from that. And, you know, focus on the more important things like being happy with yourself, being happy with your inner health, you know, one of the, one of the, yeah. So you see how I’m bringing it back home. The topic that we’re going to talk about today is hirsutism.

So actually you can take the opportunity to learn about hirsutism today and apply it into your life so that, You know, we’re going to give you some natural treatments. We’re going to talk about laser and electrolysis. And we’re going to talk about why this is happening in the first place and what you can do to restore your confidence. Yeah, because I’m sure many sisters out there really struggle with.

Um, I know for a fact that a lot of sisters out there struggle with hair loss, facial hair growth, and the toll that it takes on your confidence. I’ve definitely been there myself. Um, I do go to laser and it lightens up the facial hair and it doesn’t grow back for a while, but then I have to go back and maintain it,

um, and see that they really know about this, about me until like we got married and I still didn’t tell you when I had to leave their appointments. But that’s just like how I do things sometimes, but I’m sure you wouldn’t care if No, I really would not have cared. I would not have, if you told me that on the first day,

I’d be like, okay, cool. Yeah. Oh yeah. You don’t know a lot of things about me. How about that? I’m a mysterious man. You don’t know what I do. I mean, here’s the thing, girls like, I, wouldn’t not that like, you’re a supermodel, babe. Okay. But if I was dating and the guy let’s say was balding,

let’s say wasn’t super fit. Let’s say like had skin issues, whatever. I could look past all of that because of his personality, because you’re trying to be happy with a person. You know, it’s not all about like superficial things. If their personality shines, I can get it. Yeah. If you’re looking at the external things, that relationship is almost never going to last because it’s that externals don’t last or you get bored of any external,

you know what I’m saying? Like, it’s the conversations. It’s the face to face time where you get to talk and like have a great time together. That’s what brings you together. So for all the sisters, if you get like, you know, disencouraged because, you know, maybe you might have like, like hair, hair growth on the face or maybe acne and you feel very discouraged to like,

you know, a date or you feel like maybe your current boyfriend or something is to, uh, maybe like have some negative thoughts when you break out or something like that. It’s like, don’t really put that into your mind. That negative thoughts, because I promise you if that person really likes you or loves you, that’s not, what’s on their mind.

What’s on their mind is making you happy instead. And what he would normally like in my sh if I, if he’s like me, like with Tallinn, I love, and you guys all know this. If I see she’s having an issue with PCO is I don’t think, Oh man, like I need to like do something else. No, I think what can I do to help her?

How can we make her happy? And like, how can I order 200 kilos over VESA tall right now? Like, it’s just like, things like that. That’s and I promise you, your man, if you know this already by your man, if he’s a good man, you know, who would do that for you? Exactly. And to find a person like that.

I think it’s key to spend time with yourself taking care of your own mind and your personality and your perspective about your yourself. If you don’t exude that confidence. And if you don’t work on that confidence with yourself, then when you date and you’re sitting across the table from someone they’re not gonna, they’re going to see that unconfidence or they’re, um, don’t expect them to like,

fill that void for you. It might turn that might not work out. Um, but if you’re super confident, then they’ll feed off of that and they’ll be like, okay, you know what? And so they won’t even notice. They won’t even notice. Yeah. Just be yourself. Exactly. Be yourself because that’s what any guy wants is your you exactly.

So before we’re going to the natural, basic treated and like other other options, let’s go into why, um, sisters could peace U S get her citizen. Why is this happening in the first place? And again, hypnotism is basically hair loss, hair growth. And also a little, a little bit of acne is involved too. But, uh,

yeah. Yeah. But it’s another episode though. Yes. But it’s usually hair loss in her growth hirsutism. Correct. Versus ism is a term that covers, um, all of the symptoms like hair. Oh. Cause it has to be high androgen, right? Yeah. Okay. That’s true. Issues, mood issues. Like it all goes under the hearsay Umbrella.

Yeah. So as I mentioned, high androgen ism. So what, so that goes into one of the reasons why, why it happens is that insulin triggers a high testosterone. So the insulin cells actually go in and create testosterone, is that correct? The insulin hormone goes to your ovaries and it triggers high testosterone to happen in your body. And then that high testosterone goes and it gathers around your hair follicles and it causes the light hairs to turn to dark hairs or the hair to just fall out and DHA,

which is a stress hormone works the same way as testosterone. And that’s triggered by high stress. So if you don’t mitigate the stress with things like CVD and things like Rose hip tea, and, um, Even like meditation, or like just having like Inflammation, sorry. Yeah. Meditation. Yeah. So that was a second, second, um, reason,

right? High stress can trigger your high D H E but by the way, this can also be genetic. So maybe you’re predisposed to having these conditions, which is another special, another high, more important reason why you should consider doing something to treat it naturally, or, you know, whatever reason, whatever treatment to make sure that you keep it Control.

True. A lot of sisters just have like genetically high da HEA, like it’s crazy, you know, but, but there’s so many natural things that you can do. I mean, just cause just cause it’s genetic doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. You can still help mitigate it and help it basically be like, you know, it can’t,

you can’t ever cure some things, but you can make it almost seem like it’s nonexistent because you’re managing it so well, Exactly. And I say, this is crazy because it’s like, how did this happen to like, you know, you turn a certain age and your body starts changing and it seems insane, but you know, it could be genetics.

Um, I had a client who had her citizen and she had come in for like weight loss and help with that. And it, you know, I was trying to help her understand how it completely correlates with her diet and lifestyle, but she was so used to and addicted to the way that she was living already. It was hard for her to change.

Like for example, she was addicted to working out really hard that, um, that, uh, what’s it called The feeling the adrenaline rush. Yeah. And then, um, she would have high DHA and then she, her blood sugar was like a roller coaster because she didn’t eat at like specific meal time. So she had like hangry attacks again,

like insulin resistance and that triggers testosterone. And she had a really busy life. Like she would just leave appointments like early because she had such a go go schedule and it was hard for her, but of course she was able to get it back under control, but it took a long time for her because these are lifestyle issues. And it takes a while for your mind to be,

to understand for you to really absorb and understand that you do have to do like slow workouts. You can’t go running like four miles a day or doing CrossFit. You know, this is affecting your hormones, which is affecting your hair and your symptoms. Like these things take time to adapt to. And I saw it firsthand with many clients, but specifically this client,

I remember because it was such a longterm struggle. Yeah. I mean, it’s like this, the workouts are almost adding onto the lifestyle because like she’s doing CrossFit, that’s very high, intense workout, or even like a different kind of workout maybe. And that high stress hormone, because women with PCOS, when you increase your stress hormones, it doesn’t go back down like normally as maybe someone without place yours.

But instead it stays high for like elevated for like number of days. So maybe because of that now next day, she’s rushing through things. She’s trying to wake up early and then get through her morning. But then that morning is really stressful. You know what that goes into your lunch. It goes into your evening and that just like creates this bad habit now where you’re doing the same thing you get into like this anxious feeling.

Cause you had the same feeling the last time and it’s like this avalanche. And it’s exactly why, um, finding the right workout or even the lifestyle is so important because it can create this avalanche just to like tie in. So it was, it would create this whole timeline of things. Exactly what it is in one day leads into the next and that stress continues to snowball and becomes part of your life and personality.

And before you know it, you have all these symptoms and you have no idea why, because you’re so used to being your high strung. So yeah, You think it’s just like this busy life, but it actually, it’s just maybe, um, the way life is, unfortunately it’s too hectic, but you have to just kind of find a way to figure it out.

Yeah. And even a 10 minute meditation that cuts through your insane day that you might have like between work and kids and whatever, like it, 10 minute meditation can do, sorry. Huge wonders. Let’s say you just stop at 1:00 PM. You’re like, okay, I’m going to stop my day right now. I’m going to do a 10 minute medic meditation.

It would make sense usually with me and time do this now every day. Right around four. Yeah. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Yeah. And it’s like, it makes such a big difference because you kind of stopped this whole tornado thing in your head and you sit down, you close your eyes and you just breathe and not thinking about anything else.

I highly recommend you use like an app to get started. Like there’s calm or there’s a Headspace. And a lot of these right now are doing free trials because of the coronavirus. So take advantage of all these free things that, you know, some of these, um, self care companies are giving out and, uh, yeah, try that out.

I really think it would make a big difference. That’s so nice of them to give a free trial at a time. I mean, at the end of the day, they’re all trying to get a client. Right. You know, but it’s, it’s at least something they’re doing to help people. They give them like extended trials to make people try their product because they know that it works.

Meditation really does work. Yeah. I’d recommend it to anyone. If you feel like you can’t meditate, then you probably should sit down and start with like a five minute meditation and train your mind to be able to meditate. The person who can’t do it the most is the one who probably should do it. Oh a hundred percent. If you feel like you’re so busy that you can’t get 10 minutes of meditation,

then that means you need that 10 minutes of meditation. Probably more than anybody else. So yeah. So other Tips, swapping coffee for decaf, green tea. Yeah. That studies have shown will increase this hormone called sex hormone, binding globulin. And that is something that picks up testosterone from your bloodstream and helps you lower it in your body and restrooms.

Right? Green tea. Yeah. Decaf green tea can help you do that. Whereas coffee can pump your stress. Hormones, you know, increase all of these, um, hormones that are causing these symptoms. Like hair loss. Isn’t that interesting. A lot of people struggle with cutting out coffee. It’s it’s addicting pretty much cause the caffeine in it,

your body’s. So it wants to know every day. Yeah. And you ask yourself, like, if I cut out coffee, what am I going to do about my fatigue? And what it comes down to is drinking. Coffee is just contributing to the vicious cycle of fatigue. And if you cut it at coffee, if you cut coffee, you cut that vicious cycle.

And so basically you’re drinking it and you’re getting your energy and then you’re super fatigued and then you need more coffee and then you’re super fatigued and you’re pumping stress hormones. And the more you pump, the more exhausting it is for your body. So then you keep drinking it because now you’re exhausted. And so it snowballs into a worse and worse situation. Yeah.

And you’re also like, Whoa, like hiding the problems. That’s maybe they’re like, if you need coffee to go throughout your day, maybe it’s because you’re not eating the right foods and that you’re not pairing them correctly. So your energy levels are too low. Yeah, exactly. So, um, also coffee, like, uh, shoot. What was I going to say?

I totally forgot. Hold on. It’s right there. I’m not going to forget. It’s about, Oh, I try to cut it out slowly. Cause they can be, it’s literally like a joke almost caffeine. Like the body likes caffeine, right? Like, so try cutting it out slowly. If you cut it out all at once, drew are going to crave it strongly.

So maybe if you’re having two, three cups a day, go to one couple of days, maybe for a couple days if maybe a week and then cut that out. Maybe make it half a cup and then cut it out completely and go to decaf. If you really like it. Decaf does contain trace amounts, but should be okay. Cause I think it’s only like five milligrams or less.

So it should be okay. That should be not a problem. So yeah. Yeah. Or just get some decaf, green tea and sip on that. Nice and hot. And I get what you’re saying. Cause I love coffee personally. I drink it every day, but CNX thinking of getting an electric mug, I am solid. My coffee gets too cold too soon.

Like within five minutes, I’m sure everybody can agree with your teas, decaf green teas. And we can all need an electric mug. I looked on Amazon. It was like a hundred dollars. No way. No. How am I paying a hundred dollars for a mug? It would be a good gift. Do not do it. Lady don’t annoy me.

I would love that. You always get the things that I would love to get. If they weren’t too expensive, you get it on them. Spend the money. That’s what lives do. I’m just kidding. Um, fresh ground flaxseed. Ooh, I hear this a lot from sisters asking if they should have it, how should they do it? How should they have it?

And it does the same thing as decaf, green tea, it picks up sex, hormone, binding globulin, and that which gets testosterone. It increases binding globulin to pick up testosterone in your bloodstream. And that’s just by adding ground flexi to your salads, you can put it in your shake, make sure you grind it yourself. So it’s nice and fresh.

And the oils like get out and you know, you can absorb it better. Um, if you buy it pre-ground it could be like less. What’s it called? Um, bio available. That’s the word? Less fresh. Yeah. It’s less fresh. Okay. Yeah. Next one to one that we love, we love gluten and dairy free gluten dairy free.

So a lot of, um, hair loss and hair growth can be due to inflammation. That’s caused by the foods that you know, sisters eat. For example, if you’re eating gluten, dairy does causes, as Tom has mentioned, uh, inflammation in the body and this leads to further symptoms with PSUs and this can contribute to the high androgen aneurysm.

That’s leading to hirsutism. Cause if you’re in a constant state of inflammation, then your body treats that as stress. So if you’re constantly inflamed, everything you eat is causing inflammation in your body. And that means, you know, inflammatory markers are being released by yourselves, right? Your body will recognize that as stress and then stress hormones will pump and then these symptoms can occur.

And inflammation in inflamed cells can be more susceptible to having acne and hair issues. So, um, going gluten and dairy free can really help with that. I’ve heard a lot of sisters say that their baby hairs on their head are like growing back after going gluten and dairy free and especially taking opacity call to help with blood sugar issues, which in turn helps with testosterone.

Um, so that could really make a huge impact with the under underlying root issues. Yeah. And speaking of which would you recommend Avastin to for her Susan? Yeah, right. Yeah. So Avastin is also a great option. It’s a natural supplement that we always talk about the description or the link is in the podcast description if you’re interested and there’s a 15% off code too,

but yeah, it’s a natural supplement. That is basically our favorite supplement for PSUs. Yes. What my stomach just made this really loud. There’s I hope that’s picked up. Well, I don’t eat breakfast cause I just want it to like kind of take it easy in the morning. Cause I, you know, I had a late snack is I’m going to be honest.

I just had like, I think a peanut butter or almond butter and some like Zeke crumbs with a little protein. I don’t know you had a party while I went to bed Friday night trying to watch TV The next natural way to treat, um, ha ha here’s the autism is adrenal support supplements. These are great for lowering stress hormones as well. Especially if you have naturally high DHA,

which is a stress hormone, it would serve you to have a supplement, um, to, to take while you’re doing these lifestyle changes like meditation or CBD and so on. Yeah. Uh, well CBD is a supplement to that. Can help. Yeah. We’ll get to that. We’ll get to that after this, if you want. Yeah. Well I’m done with adrenal support.

So Yeah, CBD too really helps. Like we talked about before the inflammation, it helps with the adrenal fatigue and cortisol levels. So that’s exactly. Yeah. That, and it goes into what we were talking about earlier, which is that the high stress can cause a high DHA. So you want to kind of like kind of make it a habit in your lifestyle to reduce that.

And one great way you can do that is with CBD at night or even in the morning, it helps, you know, by it relaxes the body and it helps reduce inflammation among many other things, but it’s really, I’m just like one of those habits that just like continues to like lower stress. Yeah. I mean, um, no matter what you do,

like if you’re meditating, if you’re eating well and all of these great things for your stress hormones, you still need to supplement. If you have naturally highest stress levels and we’ll link all of these in the description, the adrenal support and CBD, and then another supplement is saw Palmetto. And this is an herb that prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT,

which is a more potent form of testosterone that causes hair loss and hair growth on chin and chest. And so saw Palmetto, I’ve read so many great things about this, helping with hair issues. Um, you could try it definitely self-monitor make sure you feel good when you take any of these supplements. Um, and make sure that there is something that’s,

that’s working for you and you’re not just taking it, hoping that it’s gonna work. Eventually if it’s like, sometimes these supplements can have side effects. I don’t know. I took them once. It gave me some anxiety after taking it for a while. So it’s like always have to self monitor. Of course, it’s you got to gauge your body.

Sometimes it, the right thing doesn’t work and or what you think is the right thing, doesn’t work. And then you to like, okay, that wasn’t it move onto the next thing that you think might work. And Oh, by the way, like when we talk about supplements, like we have an episode where we said peace supplements for peace us.

And that’s what we’re going to. It’s like, what’s your type of piece. You is the four different types. And then we say for each type, what supplements you should focus on because right now, like we said, you don’t wanna just start with any supplement or you don’t want it to start with any supplement and just like, you know, basically shoot shoot for nothing you want to like,

just start with the one that’s right for your type. And then from there you can build on that. Like if you have blood sugar issues and you know, you’re very insulin resistant, then you would focus on Obasi tall. Or if you had naturally high stress hormones or just tight, you know, high stress hormones, you take adrenal support. So assess your symptoms.

Um, and you know, in the sisterhood we have lots of resources to help you understand your PCOS type. Cause the quiz that we have, it’s like a fun quiz, you know, it’s not very like in depth. Um, but yeah, that will definitely help with supplements or you can get lab work done. And this is great because then you can check.

If you have anemia, you could do a full thyroid panel and see how your thyroid is doing because these two issues really contribute to hair loss. Um, and once you have those checked and you find that maybe you’re anemic or you have thyroid issues, you can take medications, you can do certain things that will help with those symptoms instead of constantly taking all of these supplements and things and nothing’s working,

you know, because it can only work to a certain extent if your thyroid is not functioning, if you have anemia, these are issues that need to be treated more seriously then. Yeah. Supplements. Of course There are other treatments, of course, um, like laser and electrolysis. I always want to say electrical license citizens. I’ve never heard of that one electro license.

Um, every time I read it, I have to correct myself, but this is important to pay attention to because here’s the autism is irreversible essentially. So what you have to do, like let’s say you’ve grown facial hair. Yes. You have to change your diet and lifestyle. Like we said, so that it doesn’t get worse, but you also have to do some type of treatment to remove the hair.

And hopefully these diet and lifestyle changes will help so that it doesn’t come back or it could just comes back later. Um, but you still, now, once it’s there, you have to do something so electrolysis or laser and from what I understand and we’ll get into it laser, you have to constantly keep up with, and I know this because I do laser every like six months,

um, and electrolysis is more permanent. Um, laser, it grows back like lighter and electrolysis. They say really reduces it a lot more than laser. Um, but I’m sure everyone has, because we, we did a sticker on Instagram story and we asked you guys who sisters, how your experiences was with laser and electrolysis. And everyone had these like varying answers.

And a lot of sisters are frustrated that it didn’t work. It didn’t work, but it’s because when you go in and you ask them for laser or electrolysis, they tell you that this needs to be paired with diet and lifestyle changes with your blood sugar and stress hormones or else you’re going to keep coming back and it’s going to keep growing. And of course they don’t tell you this because they want to have to come back and true.

No, no, but some people tell you this, of course they didn’t tell me this, but, um, yeah. Yeah. You have to consider maintenance and consider doing things to lessen it from getting worse. Yeah. So it’s, it’s about doing the actual, like basically going to the laser or electrolysis to remove it. Cause it’s not gonna just fall out.

Right? Like what’s already on do something to remove it. But at the same time, it’s like, you’re looking under the hood and like fixing your like problem so that the issue that’s coming out, you know, he gets lessened. So I like that. It’s a thing you have to give them two things you have to do at the same time.

Right? Yeah. I would start with lifestyle and then go into considering laser and electrolysis. Once I have that kind of under control or you can do both at the same time, it would be fine. But yeah, really, really sisters, there’s no like magical solution of like going to laser and all your problems are solved. Like you have to consider putting in the work and your lifestyle and diet.

Um, so apparently laser hair removal is relatively new technology. So I’ve tried that. Um, I’ve a lot of other sisters have tried electrolysis. It’s a popular way to remove hair. I haven’t tried that one, but the main difference between laser hair removal and the traditional method known as electrolysis is that laser can treat multiple hair follicles at one time. I think so.

Yeah. I think so. I haven’t done a lot of choices, but I’ve heard that it’s slower. And I, because identifies and probes that each individual hair follicle That’s electrolysis, it identifies and probes each individual hair follicles. Whereas laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light to remove unwanted hair. And it says, um, the light energy is converted to heat,

which damages the tube shaped Sykes within the skin or hair follicles that produce hairs, this damage inhibits or delays, future hair growth. So that’s laser Completely. It’s like, that’s what happened to me. I go every six months, it delays the hair growth. The hair is lighter. Okay. Not damaging anything else. Right. It’s just going into the,

to the Nothing else. I never broke out or had redness. It could happen. I’m sure I am not an aesthetician, but yeah. So electrolysis, um, identifies and probes, each individual hair follicle, it involves inserting a very fine probe into her hair follicle then activating an electric current, which passes through the needle to the roots of the hair,

destroying the tablet. That was Spanish, but destroying the papular. So the follicle can no longer produce hair no longer. Or is it like for a long period of time, it doesn’t produce no longer. So is it permanent? I mean, for some people yes. But if you have and you’re not treating found your language, It’s not.

Yeah. And it says, uh, Oh yeah, I think that’s it from electronics. Yeah. Basically if your hormones are out of work and your insulin is too high and your DHA is like way too high, then hair will grow back. You can’t do electrolysis or laser if you’re not in the process of having your insulin and hormones under control. And because the hair that you zap will not only come back,

but dormant hairs can also come out. So you it’s a full on approach. So if you are struggling with self confidence and you know, there’s a lots of facial hair, um, going on on your face, consider doing laser and electrolysis to remove it for so that it doesn’t grow back for a long period of time. Like that’s actually, yes,

it’s upsetting that we can’t like fully reverse this, but at least it won’t grow back for a long time and it’ll grow back lighter when it does. And in the meantime, you can work on your diet and lifestyle. I mean, I think that’s a deal. Yeah. It’s really a good start to treating the hair citizen and you know, hopefully that will work.

And if, if, if it does or you’re going through the process, let us know, send us some messages or comments saying, Oh, I’m trying laser N so-and-so happened. So let us know. Yeah. You can always DMS. And now we’re going to read the time mentioned. We had, we did a question about the laser and electrolysis,

right? Yes. And on the Instagram stickers. So we’re going to read the responses right now. I asked everyone, um, have you tried laser electrolysis? What do you think? So I’m going to read some of the answers. Someone said, I’ve tried both. I still have a lot more sessions to go. I’ve done at least 12 of each.

Honestly, that sounds like a lot for electrolysis. And I’ve heard that you shouldn’t do both. I read that pick one and stick to it. Um, I’m not sure exactly why, but that’s what I read when I was looking this up. And also again, like going 12 times electrolysis, you may not be, um, making the lifestyle. Yeah.

Make sure you’re, excuse me. Make sure you’re spacing them out correctly, like, or at least maybe longer period of time. So you can make sure that it’s taking longer to grow between each time. Because if you’re doing a diet and lifestyle change, that’s what should be happening. Yeah. Someone says laser didn’t work interested in triangle, actual system.

Here’s the thing, like we said, laser is not going to fully reverse everything and you’re just never going to have to go again with PCs. You’re going to go every six months or whatever, um, to maintain. But at least it will come back lighter. At least it won’t show so much. And um, you know, in the meantime,

your diet and lifestyle. Yeah. Okay. Let’s see what else. Let’s see. Any juicy, Just staring into the abyss here as you, I’m dying to get laser under my pit so that, uh, thank you for asking people. This question I do under my arms and it’s great. I think it’s great in the summer, especially. Yeah,

of course in the summer go do that. I got to do sometimes not lose you, but you know, sometimes I got to his chest. How dare you bring me here? I do not. Okay. I barely have any, I like to wax it once a year before the summer, just to give my chest some time to shine. Oh my goodness.

Brought this out onto the podcast. Well, I’m bringing out my facial hair. Someone says yes, both lasers. Okay. But electrolysis is more permanent. Yes. That’s what I read too. Um, I had laser hair removal done on my face and neck. Best decision ever. That’s great because yeah, when it’s reduced at least, Oh my gosh.

She feels so much better. Yeah. Electrolysis on my chin worked perfect. Do get a random hair once and awhile, but not as course. Yes. That’s great progress. Um, I mean, what are we supposed to be like Barbies over here with like no facial hair tight and right. Yeah. It’s going to happen. That’s why we do maintenance.

Now the coronavirus is here and we’re all falling apart. Okay. I’m sorry. I’m so dramatic. I know everyone’s so many people around the world are listening. I’m sure you have bigger problems than Leazar. Um, Yeah, it’s a, it’s definitely a first world problem thing, but you know, we can all relate or sisters all around the world can relate to her Sufism and having hair growth.

Yeah. Yeah. I’m seeing a lot of messages that say Ben getting electrolysis for two years, it’s been really effective on thick PCRs chin hair. Someone says a hundred percent worth it. My sister and I have thick dark hair and have gotten it done. Um, that’s interesting. Very good. I like what I’m hearing. It sounds like there’s a solution out there.

Yeah. Um, someone says, Oh, someone says I spent thousands of dollars and it didn’t work for me, especially on my face, but it’s like, but then it’s not very common that you’re when you go to get laser done that they’re like, all right, do you have peace dos? What type do you have? Here are supplements you should take.

No, Their job is to judge basically laser your face and do what you’re asking extra externally. They’re not going to look, as I mentioned under the hood, Your job to investigate and go on Instagram and find this podcast. And here we are in. Yay. Good. Good for you. Okay. That’s a think it’s all the stickers are, there’s a lot more,

but we went through most of them. Yeah. And I guess this goes into that thing is all about the concludes, our topic of hirsutism and peace Looking under the lid and if a car and or whatever. But, uh, before we go, we always want to highlight a sister that’s, uh, you know, managing her piece. She was like a Bouse and basically doing her best to lose weight with PSUs and you know,

manage her piece. Like I mentioned, 10 times, Yes. This win is from a sister in the sisterhood. So she messaged in the chat forum and said, do you want to read there? Do you want me okay? I like reading, uh, Kaitlin. Buffone she’s at, currently in the stage three, uh, in the sisterhood and the CICD.

We have different stages and she’s in stage three, have stage five. She’s starting gluten-free yeah. We have five stages. And she’s right now in stage three, starting gluten free. And this is her message. She said, I stepped on the scale this morning and I am officially down 13 pounds. I couldn’t believe it. Trust the process, ladies.

I’m not a hundred percent gluten dairy free almost, but I can’t believe the changes I’m seeing. You’ve got this. Keep believing yourself and healing your body. I truly can’t believe how far I’ve come after years of struggling and just a few weeks. Well girl, Good job. Sorry if I hurt your ears right now, but good job. Good job.

Kaitlyn and thing. I really liked. And she’s from San Antonio. So shout out to San Antonio. Um, the thing is, I really liked one thing she said is trust the process, ladies. And that’s because like, as you could tell in her message, she doesn’t go a hundred percent, which is what we say. Don’t go a hundred percent like right,

right away. Because you can really put too much pressure on yourself and it can be a lot to do at once. You don’t want to over pressure yourself with too many things to apply. And I’m like, even here you can, in the sisterhood, we have different stages. So she started with gluten free and that’s about goes into that, trusting the process.

So great job to Kaitlin. I enjoy all of the small wins. Seriously. If you see just, if you feel better, if that’s all you see so far for three weeks, you just feel better. Enjoy it, stick to it, keep doing it. Keep investigating. Cause things like heal, reversing your symptoms and healing PCOS take time. And it’s a lifestyle change that you have to stick to and get used to.

And Hey, it took me a whole year to figure it out. Yeah. To take me 10 years to figure it out. It took me one year to really commit and really become gluten and dairy free and enjoy this lifestyle for the rest of the time. Yeah. That’s great. And the thing, the cool thing is you pretty much applied all of that into this sisterhood.

Like you put your journey into there. And I think the one thing you always tell me is like, I wish I had this when I, when I was diagnosed with PSUs, because like, there’s so many stories, there’s so much stuff there. Like, there’s like, there’s an area. If you’re just recently diagnosed, there’s an area. If you’re trying to do workouts,

but there’s an area. If you’re in the middle of your piece, you his journey. And like, like it’s perfect for anybody. Who’s trying to find resources, meal plans, um, workouts, all that jazz in one place just for you. So this is true. I don’t know why we just went off on there, but you know, we just love it.

Like I’m going to go on there right now and I’m going to post some stuff, something about a form rolling and all that jazz, you know, I just like to sing jazz right now. All right. Thank you so much for listening ladies. Yes, this was awesome. It was. Thank you. And we’ll be back next week. Bye bye.

If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCs from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body.

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