How to Work Out for PCOS Weight Loss Pt. 2!

Are your workouts not giving you the results you want? On this episode, we talk about the best kind of workouts for PCOS weight loss!

What’s more important? Diet or exercise? We go into the importance of nutrition and how it can be paired best with exercise! What about supplements before/after workouts? We got you girl, tune into hear what we recommend before & after your workouts!

Should I do intense workouts like kickboxing or HIIT? You’ll learn how intense workouts can impact PCOS and the benefits slow weighted workouts can have on PCOS!

Can I do cardio workouts? If you love cardio, you’ll love our tips to help you make the best out of your runs!

If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, check out episode number 14 for more tips!

We also answer questions from the PCOS Weight Loss Hotline & read the Win of the Week, a Cyster who’s been managing her PCOS like a boss!

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Full Episode transcript:

Hey Cysters. And welcome to the show. This episode is brought to you by pure spectrum CBD, and I have been taking CBD and we are loving. I’m holding the tincture right now. Tallene, can you open your mouth please? Yeah, I’m going to give you a dosage now. Keep it there for 60 seconds while she does that. Let me tell you the great benefits of CBD for PCOS studies show it reduces cortisol,

improves insulin sensitivity, reduces inflammation. You can go to pure spectrum now to order and use the code. This sisterhood one word at checkout for 20% of Tallene and hold her for 30 seconds longer. While the sisters enjoy the show. Welcome to a sister and her mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage,

gluten and dairy free. I’m Tallene your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make PCOS a little PCOS weight loss. But I just,

I just wanted to, to talk about one thing, if sorry, if you’re hearing some sort of noise in the background, there is some sort of huge truck, two blocks away in the community. They’re kind of like grinding trees. And when you throw that throw like a tree into that big machine, it was real and it breaks up the tree and like spits out the wood.

That’s basically what’s happening in the community today. I just don’t understand every day. It’s a new thing. If it’s not the gardeners, it’s people breaking down. So the plywood in our patio to replace it because of termites or like screaming outside, We have such a nice community, great weather. Everything’s so nice. But like every day there’s something, obviously people doing their jobs.

So I can’t really complain, but like one day is a Gardener’s outside, like blowing everything and cutting down trees and landscaping. Like everything is beautiful. So I am not, obviously I’m very thankful, but then the next day, you know, the whole community, I guess they, if they found termites in the, all the patios or something in the woods,

so they replacing all the plywood in the balconies for everybody. Yeah. So it’s just like every day there’s pounding yesterday was our patio. And like literally the whole apartment was shaking, shaking, like an earthquake. My guitar fell down in the other, like the other room, not even by the patios, in the other room, in the back of the house,

my guitar fell down and just like, They were hammering so hard. But honestly the only reason why it bothers us is because we filmed so much. Yeah. Yeah. Like yesterday we were trying to film in the morning and we had to cancel it for four hours. Yeah. Yeah. It’s cause we’re podcasting. We’re doing a live or, you know,

so then I, even yesterday I went downstairs and asked the guard and like the most polite way. I didn’t want him feel like, of course He’s just doing his job. I mean, he’s not doing anything wrong. I don’t mind by how much longer are you going to be mowing this? And then the other thing is, I mean, I don’t think our neighbor listens to our podcast.

No, but our neighbor across the street so loud. So I mean, she has kids and I, I understand, like I had two nephews or three, three nephews and one niece. So I know like, it’s very, like, it’s not easy taking care of kids, especially boys, when they’re little, the kids aren’t loud. The parents,

the mom is so loud all day. I totally understand too. At the end of the day, you know, your treat, you’re taking care of a child. Like you lose it. It’s so much stress. I understand. But it’s so loud all day. Sometimes I yell out the window, I’m like, shut up. The baby will be yelling.

Like, and after like two minutes of this, I’ll just, I’ll just like yell out the window shutter. I’m hoping they don’t think it’s me. But like, you know, like it’s just hard to take. Sometimes It’s hard when you’re at home using recording things and stuff like that. Yeah. Yeah. But again, it’s life, everybody goes through something.

We can’t expect it to be quite. I hate to complain. These are such minuscule things to complain about. It’s just, we’re trying to record a podcast and people are shredding trees outside. Imagine you listened to this podcast and all you heard was a baby crying in the background or trees being crushed in the background. That’s why, that’s the only reason we care is so that you,

your experience doesn’t get ruined. Yeah. But anyway, too. Yeah. So today we’re going to talk about how to work out for peace. Us, as you can tell from my shirt, I’m wearing a Nike fit shirt for working out only wicking, sweat wicking. The only, the only thing I don’t like about this shirt is it like shows my nipples,

you know, like my guide, because it’s so tight, I have to make sure that it’s not like You’re in YouTube. We apologize. Anyway. So yeah. Today we’re going to talk about how to work out for peace, use weight loss, a very common question and the piece she has community, you know, we always talk about what is the right method to working out.

Obviously it’s different for everybody, but we suggest a slow weighted approach instead of doing intense workouts and intense cardio, we’ll get all into details. Why and, um, and why and how we recommend slow way to work. Yeah. And if you’re new to our podcast, doc is our PCLs personal trainer. Ready to give us the tip? Yes. Yes.

Ma’am. So the first thing I want to bring up is the most important thing. The number one thing you should be looking at, the number one thing that is basically what is it is the most important thing and that’s nutrition. Well, no matter how you work out, no matter what workouts do you do, if your nutrition isn’t where it should be,

or it’s not right, then you’re not going to get the results you want. And this affects everybody. I mean, it’s not just women with peace juice, but also men. So like everybody has to worry about nutrition and it will always determine your results insulin. Yeah. So if you want to lower your body fat, the first thing to start with,

the first thing to look at is nutrition. It is the only, and the one thing that I would say to choose if you had to pick, if you had to pick between working out in nutrition, always pick nutrition and then add on the workouts afterwards, The five stage success path and the sisterhood upgrade starts with nutrition and the first four stages and the fifth stage is working out.

Yeah. Cause that just like adds and supplements to it. Yeah. So basically I’m trying to get myself fired from the solution. No, I know Really it’s um, ma make sure nutrition is on point. And after that, that’s when you’re focused on working out. Yeah. So, uh, when it comes to working out, a lot of times,

you know, uh, sisters will ask, can I do kickboxing, can I do high intensity interval training also known as hit? Can I do, you know, like CrossFit and a lot of these different workouts. So let’s get into what we don’t recommend. We don’t recommend doing intense workouts or intense cardio. And there’s a couple of reasons why, so when you do intense workouts,

what happens? Your heart rate increases, right? You can feel your heart rate pounding, your breathing increases. You’re basically going to the state of, for a long period of time. Maybe the whole workout, maybe like the whole time, right? So what is this doing? This is increasing your stress hormones. It’s spiking your cortisol levels. Why?

Because your body realizes that it’s in fight or flight mode. It’s realizing that you need to perform. You need to do something to save your, as it thinks that you’re in danger. Almost a lot of times, this is actually a good thing because it will help you perform better and it will help you go longer. However, for women with PSUs,

you’re not able to lower back down those stress hormones as easily. What this, what happens instead is your stress from one stay elevated for a day, sometimes four days. So have you ever felt like you worked out and the next day you woke up and you were completely fatigued, agitated, like you didn’t want to get out of bed. Muscles are completely sore.

And you know, not only that, and then days later, weeks later, you’re not seeing results. And some cases, I hear sisters, they gain weight. You know, they do crazy intense cardio deplete, their sugar levels. And then they have to have a big meal because they’re so hungry, starving. And then over time, what happens is instead of losing the weight,

so losing the weight, they gain weight. That’s true. And also when you do high intensity cardio for a long period of time, you’re pumping sugar into your bloodstream. And you’re doing that because it’s like, your body is pumping the sugar so that you can burn it so that you can survive this like intense cardio session. But because we’re insulin resistant,

we can’t burn it very well. And what happens is that that sugar goes in stores as fat in ourselves, around her liver, this and that. So basically it’s a contributing to insulin resistance rather than, you know, helping us to. And you would think that I’m going to run for days so that I can lose some weight, but no, like for PCs,

that’s not how it works. Yeah. And like for cardio, if you’re doing so you can, you can still do steady state cardio, which means you’re running at a steady pace where you’re breathing normal throughout your work throughout the run. And your, your heart rate is normal throughout the run, because you’re able to control that by keeping the pace at a steady level you’re comfortable with,

and you can burn calories this way. But honestly, that is not the best way to lose fat. It’s not the best way to lose weight. One hour on the treadmill is not going to get you the results you want. It can help you burn calories. And there are all these system cardiovascular benefits. So I’m not saying stop it. There are benefits to your cardiovascular health,

but in regards to fat loss and weight loss, it’s not going to be as efficient as your other options. I can attest to this. I used to think that if I ran five miles a day, almost every day of the week, this was college freshman year, you know, PCOS all over the place. Then I thought that I would lose weight and I didn’t lose any weight.

I hurt my back. I already had scoliosis. I made it worse on that treadmill. And I was hungry all the time and I gained weight from it. I got bulkier. It was like, really not, not ideal based on everything we’re talking about. It makes sense. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So, um, instead of cardio, so,

well actually let me say one thing, when you do cardio, let’s take your run for 30 minutes and I’m just gonna throw out a number you burn maybe two, 300 calories. Let’s just say, so after your workouts done, you go and have a meal. You know, if you’re having dinner, your meal is going to be more than that.

So you’re already eating more than you, then you’re burned from running, right? And you don’t with, with cardio because you’re not building muscle. And you’re just running. When you run, you don’t build lean muscle, unless you on some crazy incline, you just basically lose weight, like, um, ratio like equally for muscle and fat, right?

So this doesn’t do much in regards to your metabolism and your insulin and insulin sensitivity. So it’s not as efficient. So going from that, I want to go into why I recommend slow, weird workouts, or also like not as weight training, but what we recommend is doing it slowly with, um, the reason why we recommend slow way to workouts is it helps you build lean muscle.

Now lean muscle is very beneficial for your, uh, for you, uh, weight loss and for your just overall health, uh, lean muscle mass can help with insulin sensitivity. When you actually do, like, let’s say thigh workouts it to pick up the sugar in your bloodstream, therefore helping with your insulin resistance, right? And then also another benefit of having a little bit more lean muscle mass is you have a greater depo storage for glycogen,

glycogen, glycogen. So you have better, you know, you can last longer, you have better, um, uh, energy levels. You won’t fatigue as easily. And when you have more muscle, your body requires more energy because muscle requires more energy. Fat doesn’t require anything. It’s just fat. It’s just stored is staying there. But when you have muscle in your body that needs energy every single second,

every single hour. So what does your body do for that in order to compensate for that? It increases your metabolism. So you always have more and more energy. So when you have a higher, when you have more lean muscle, that means your metabolism will be higher. Not only when you’re working out, but even after you’re done with your workout studies show that your high,

the higher metabolism stays elevated sometimes for up to three days. And it will actually stay elevated permanently. If you have, if you just create more muscle mass, then your metabolism will always be high. And the reason why Sidak mentioned thigh workouts earlier is because they’re the biggest muscle in your body. So like the more you do, you know, weighted squats,

things like that, the more you’re going to build that muscle, that biggest muscle in your body, and pick up a bunch of sugar from your bloodstream and burn it for energy. And like you said, improve your metabolism. Exactly, exactly. And you know, um, when it comes to women, it’s, here’s the one good thing I’m going to say when it comes to women,

actually, it’s a lot easier to develop lean muscle mass because compared to men, there’s a woman have less already to begin with. So when you start, you actually get faster results compared to men because you like your body will build it faster. Cause it doesn’t have as much. Whereas when you already have it, it’s hard to build on top of it.

Right? So when you don’t have as much, you’ll actually have faster results to get the lean muscle mass. So don’t be discouraged that all, like I’m there, I’ve never done a slow way to training. I’ve never worked with weights. I’m not going to get results. Actually. It’s easier for women to get lean muscle mass because you have less to begin with.

And just the thought for that, because we tend to have a little bit higher testosterone with PCOS. Yeah. You know, it makes us build muscle easier. So a lot of women out there listening may find that, um, that you do get muscular fast. And I know you’re going to go over this, but they may think that like they’re getting bulkier or something,

but really if you change your diet so that you can improve your testosterone levels and you can really target that issue at the same time, you know, that won’t be the case. And also these workouts that we recommend don’t make you bulky and scenic we’ll get into that. But a lot of women with PCOS, although we have fat on our body, um,

we have a lot of muscle underneath it because of this testosterone, this high testosterone. And it’s really interesting because you might not expect an overweight woman to be as strong as she is and to have as much muscle underneath, you know, at all. So it’s really incredible. The conjunction of nutrition and weight training. Yeah. Very important to develop the lean muscle.

Yeah. And let’s get into that. The science, so many questions I see as a Willem, make me bulky. Absolutely not. So when it comes to the slow witted training, especially the methodology and the how we recommend it, it’s all dependent on your nutrition. So what it means is if you’re eating, you know, like unhealthy, you’re eating a little bit too much,

you will, you can get bulky because your nutrition, you’re having a lot of calories. A lot of all these things, then when you do weight training, it’s like, you make it a little bigger, right. But if you’re in nutrition is on point, you’re following, you know, like a healthy diet, maybe you’re gluten dairy free. And in that case,

you will not gain muscle mass in that way. Instead of you will gain lean muscle. And even the workouts that are we designed is not made to make you get bulky. So here’s a little tip and trick that I will, I will teach you in weight training. This is how we look at it. If you want to get bulky and have muscle mass,

this is how you do it. You go a heavy and you go low reps. So you go like a hundred pounds and you do four or five reps. That’s how you get bulky. Cause you’re going extremely heavy. And you’re doing as a couple of reps, as many as you can. Cause it’s so heavy, right? That’s how you bulk up.

When it comes to lean muscle, the science behind it says you do higher reps with low to medium weight. So that means eight reps, 10 reps, 12 reps, maybe 15 reps with a lighter weight that size, let’s say for a bicep curl, we’re talking like five, 10, 15 pounds. So you do eight, 10, 12 reps in that range that actually builds lean muscle.

The second you go into four to six reps with higher weight that will build bulky muscle. So there’s a whole science behind it. So think of those two things. One it’s your nutrition and two, it’s the way you do that way to training it’s about the reps and the weight and the way we design all the PCRs workouts in the sisterhood, on our course on Instagram,

tick, tock, everywhere. We’ve designed it so that you can get lean muscle mass and not bulk up. Yeah. So, and then whew, that’s went off a little bit. Okay. Nice sweating. Good thing. Your shirts WIC. What was this saying? Easy wig. Let me just smooth out my chest here, guys. Nipples are pointing again from the shirt.

Okay. Now another common question is how can I lose fat, lose fat in the mid section, which is a very common thing you want to like lose fat in your stomach. You get like abs and just, you know, like feel more confident. Right. Very natural. And I totally understand it. And I used to think like I used to think I have to do a thousand.

Sit-ups do AB workout after I broke out to lose fat, just they’re wrong. So I learned through my experience through research and reading that you don’t have to, um, like, uh, focus on just one body part. If that’s what you want to like get better at. So like, let’s say you have, you have that in your midsection,

right? When you work out, let’s say you’re doing a leg workout or full body workout. When the workout is done and your muscles are depleted and they need to recover day, we’ll be pulling resources from everywhere. So they’re basically your Mo in order to build lean muscle, your body needs fat. So your body’s going to look for fat everywhere. So wherever fat is stored,

maybe it’s in your stomach. Maybe it’s in the arms wherever it’s going to go and looking, grab it, grab it, grab it, grab it. Now of course there are like, if you do leg workouts, your leg, your legs will become more tone. Why? Cause you’re, you’re building lean muscle. And that lean muscle is using the fat around to become leaner.

And therefore, you know, your, your, your legs become more toned. So the same thing can apply to sit like to your abs and like everywhere else, but still in general, you want to do a full, like workout on your body, like legs, upper body. And then you can maybe like do one workout that focuses on like do a AB workout at the end of your workouts.

Yeah. That’s what you do. Yeah. You have like a 10 minute AB workout for us at the end of, you know, leg day or whatever, just like tack it on. But that’s not, what’s making us lose the belly fat. It was the leg, you know, the engaging the core while you do the squats and like the whole body Approach.

You said it exactly, babe. Yeah. So it’s not the AB workout at the end. That’s making you lose weight in the midsection. It’s actually your whole workout. As I mentioned, your, your body will go look everywhere to find the storage effect to recover. Cause that’s what muscle needs. Yep. And then, um, a lot of times,

you know, there’s quite a lot of sisters will ask me about, you know, Oh, what about pre-workouts I need energy to start my workout. Or what about like posts? Good Lord. I’ve had some patients take pre-workout and it just messes them up so much and puts them no, my God, no, I, I don’t like to be stimulated.

Like just leave me alone. I’m like a turtle calm. Like, you know, I don’t like the whole, but my I’ve had patients who have taken pre-workout and there’s so much caffeine in it and their heart’s jumping their minds racing and they’re not losing weight. And then their trainers blaming them because I realized that the ch the train wasn’t realized that they’re pushing them so hard,

making them do things they shouldn’t do. Yeah. You’re not going to lose weight. If your cortisol is through the roof, you’re just not, it’s going to all go into your belly, everything you eat, you know what I mean? The science shows. So like why High cortisol levels will impact your midsection? Cause you will gain. Yeah, exactly.

So, I mean, caffeine contributes to it. Pre-workout contributes to it. These long intense workouts contribute to it. No, you’re not here for it. I’m the turtle. So when it comes to pre-workouts many times they have like harmful ingredients. So like one, they have a lot of them have, have caffeine, which we know increases stress levels,

cortisol levels. They have, um, artificial sweeteners, which we know will impact your insulin resistance. And they have a lot of harmful ingredients. Like Akisol Fein potassium, which we know is like harmful for human consumption on a day to day basis. So there’s a lot of these things in there. So for that reason, don’t recommend it. What I do recommend is eating at least one hour before your workout so that you’re not on an empty stomach.

And what you want to eat is something that has protein, carbs and fat. So you have long sustainable energy throughout your workout. And then after your workout, I do recommend having maybe a protein shakes. We have some high protein consumption to help recover for, uh, to help your muscles recover. But you also do need carbs too and healthy fats as well.

So definitely have a meal. So like maybe you have a protein shake right after your workout, you know, shower, do your thing and then sit down for dinner or lunch or whatever, whatever it is within half an hour, never exceed more than an hour because at this point, your body is like, looking for energy is looking for carbs, is looking for protein is looking to help your muscles recover.

So if you don’t eat soon enough, then it’ll do the opposite. It’ll start eating itself to recover. Interesting. Yeah. Let’s talk about how to do slow weighted workouts. So many times, you know, um, w w when you hear story to workouts, you might be asking, what does that mean? Um, doesn’t mean I have to do my workout in slow motion.

Like Cool. No, not at all. So still we’ll work out. What that means is you don’t want to be swinging weights. You don’t want to be going into this high intensity mode. So let’s say, let’s start with, uh, let’s go with that example, like a bicep curl, you know, very, uh, straightforward exercise. You’re holding the weight at your side,

and you’re curling at your elbow to bring the weight up, you know, by sub Crow. So when you do this curl, you want to come up with the weight at a normal speed, not fast, normal speed come up right to your shoulder. And then when you bring back down the weight, don’t just drop it. Okay. This act of dropping the weight will actually take away the,

all the work from your muscles. So like when you dropped that way, you literally just dropping into it and catching it at the bottom. Your muscle didn’t do anything. And not only that, when you do this movement, like for 10, 15 times, and if you’re doing it like that, it becomes like this whole swinging thing, your heart rates,

your breathing’s increasing, and now it’s becoming your elbow, hurt your elbow. Exactly. Like a tip. You’re gonna hurt yourself. So instead, what you want to do is bring back down the weight slowly. So once you come up to your shoulder with the bicep Crow, you want to come down slowly, maybe about five seconds. So now the bicep is completely engaged and it’s controlling the weight coming down many times.

This will do more work than actually when you’re going up. Oh yeah. So yeah, on the way down, it does a lot more work because not, not only are you controlling the weight, you’re balancing the weight and your body and everything. So on the way down is the most important thing is to control it that way. When the weights lighter,

you will do way more work in those 10 reps than if you were swinging. So try this, grab a weight of 10 pounds and go really fast. Right? See how many reps you can do. If you go really fast now do the same exact weight, but do it the way I just recommended it. Go up normal speed. Come down five seconds slowly,

normal speed, five seconds. Now tell me how many reps you can do. I guarantee you, it won’t be as much. And that’s because your muscles are doing more work. And they’re fatiguing a lot sooner because of that. This is definitely my style. I can tell you this much afterwards. I feel so relaxed. The whole workout was like a meditation,

in some sense. I’m just like, you know, I’m not overstimulated. I’m listening to music. That’s, you know, keeping me in a good mood. I’m not fatigued afterwards. These like slow motions, don’t pump up my cortisol and like, get me all hyped up and nuts. Like you don’t have to be nuts to get a good workout in.

You will be sweating right afterwards. You might think like, Oh, this is easy. No, you’re going to burn. It’s going to be great. It good? Yeah. The burn, basically when your muscles are burning, as they’re going down and like, things like that, what does that mean? It means your muscles are filling up with lactic acid because your muscles are being pushed to their capacity.

So when that happens, your muscles build was like to gas it. And that is a good sign that you’re doing something, right. Obviously if you’re feeling something else, it could be an injury or something like that. So be careful if you’re feeling joint pain, knee pain, that could be something else. And by the way, the same approach with the bicep would apply to like a squat.

So basically you go down slowly and you come back up normal speed. You don’t jump back up. You don’t burst back up. Cause that’s going to increase your breathing, your heart rate. You want to come down slowly, get low as you can with the glutes and the legs. This, the statement that I love hearing is asked to Gress, go down as low as you can.

And then come back up slowly. And the same approach will apply to many workouts. So yeah, this is like the, my basic tips. And we’re going to get into some sticker questions. But my basic tips with the working out is one number one, most important thing is look at your nutrition. If you’re a nutritionism right, it’s not going to matter what you do with your workouts.

Understand why intense cardio and intense workouts may not be right for you. Understand why I’m slow. Rate of workouts can actually be more impactful for a weight loss and your results. And, you know, just keep in mind of these different workout tips as you go through your next workout. Maybe you can try it, maybe adjust your workout to see, Hey,

maybe if I do this squat, like you told me, maybe it’ll be better. Let me try it One step at a time. Yeah. So now let’s get into, um, we asked on Instagram, uh, what was the question? So I asked on Instagram story to our fellow sisters. What are some reasons you struggle with working out? So the first answer is songs.

This girl, she says, she struggles with finding the right songs to work out with. That’s hilarious. That’s hilarious. That’s funny too, because we actually have a playlist. Yeah. I wanted to say that. That’s why it caught my eye. We have a playlist on Spotify called weight loss workouts. And they’re just like the right beat to work out too.

They’re not like really Helen’s favorite songs for working out. They’re like relaxing beats, you know, gets you in the mood. I love it all the time. Yeah. Just type in pieces, weight, loss workouts. Maybe we should tag it on podcasts. Yeah, let’s do that. Yeah. Okay. Some of the answers, um, it’s hard to find the motivation.

Yeah, it can be. So like, uh, when you first start with working out, you’re like overwhelmed with like the results and like wanting you want to get in one day, one week. Yeah. Especially if you’ve worked out a lot before and not seen results in many you’ve given up because you spent so much money at the gym and so much time and stuff like this.

Yeah. And like, it it’s a it’s progress. And to me, honestly, the most motivating factor is the first sign of progress. So like, let’s say you have a goal, right? You’re not going to get to that goal, unfortunately in one workout session or in one week, because it takes time like your body composition. It’s not an easy thing to change.

It’s not easy to gain lean muscle mass and you know, lose fat. It takes time. Your body has to go through some time to, in order to change that. So when you first see that first sign, maybe you lost one pound, which was a great result for each week. You can lose one to two pounds. It was a great results.

But when you see that first sign of progress, I promise you, you will be so motivated. They’ll be so happy. And you’ll be like, I can’t wait to go gym. Yeah. I look in the mirror. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I look different. And then I want to work out more. Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Next fear of judgment. Oh, this is, you know what, this is why I like indoor workouts. Cause I can just like have the privacy of my home, but also yeah, no you, no. Yeah. I mean, fear people aren’t even looking at you. You think they are in, they’re not seriously. And if anyone judges you like get the hell out of here.

Yeah, Absolutely. But also I want to say actually it’s a complete opposite at majority of gyms. Like for some reason, I dunno like gym, people respect, like everybody who is there, they don’t care what you’re doing. If you’re doing something wrong or if, if they think you’re doing something wrong or anything, they respect the fact that you’re there and you’re trying something to better yourself.

And there’s no sense of judgment. If anything, they might come up to you and try to help you in any way they can. So don’t ever feel like when we were going to the gym before this whole COVID thing, there is like this guy who’s who would always do these crazy workouts and you would always be next to him. It was like a fun guy.

He would just like, say what’s up to us. And like, even though we were doing like a slow rate of workout, exactly. Opposite of what he’s doing, he would never, he would always be like smile and like talk to us, like never sense of judgment. He was just doing his own thing. Everybody’s focused on themselves at the,

at the gym, looking in the mirror at yourself and you’re trying to do something to better. So everyone is there to better themselves. So they will always respect you and wish the best for you. Change your mindset because here’s the thing. No, one’s actually going to come up to you and say something, but you convincing yourself that they’re thinking something is holding yourself back.

And they’re probably not thinking something. And even if they are, they’re not even going to say it to your face. So like, why are you creating this mental block for yourself in the first place? If you could just change your mindset and convince yourself that everyone thinks you’re beautiful, you know, that’s, that’s the same thing. Like that’ll motivate you at least maybe no one will come up to you and say that cause they’re busy working out,

you know? Okay. So one of the answers, the next answer, low energy and fatigue. So the thing with fatigue is these types of workouts aren’t going to drain you, you know, hype up your cortisol and affect your sleep and things like that. Yeah, exactly. So, um, with that, I would say if you’re too tired to work out,

go ahead, sleep. Don’t work out, go on a walk and set or something. But maybe like, if you can do something like go on a walk, yoga, be a little bit active. It’s good for you. It gets your mood up. It’ll help you sleep better. And maybe you won’t be fatigue And you feel better like, Oh,

I did that. I felt, I wasn’t feeling good, but I still went on a walk. I still did. 30 minutes of yoga. You know what? I’m ready for tomorrow. Yeah, exactly. It might motivate you and change your outlook tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow you’ll decide. Yeah. Like maybe, Oh, why am I fatigued? Did I not eat enough today?

It was something off of diets. It’s looking into the root issue as well. Um, someone says losing, losing interest on doing the same workouts every time. Yeah. So you don’t have to do the same workouts every time. That’s like the best thing about is like stairway to workouts is there are so many weight training workouts. There are so many workouts that involve dumbbells kettlebells.

We show you on our stories a lot, several times a week, you can find some in our Instagram feed, you can find some in the sisterhood. Of course. Yeah. So on the sisterhood, we have a whole library of PCs friendly workouts, so you can choose from, but we all, we also, some of you may know, we have a whole workout course for you.

It’s a four week workout plan. Every day is like planned out for you with the workouts and the sets and the reps. And even better is like we actually, me and Colleen teach you how to do each workout in the video, walk you through it with a step by step tutorial through each week till the end. So you can find that on our website,

peace U S weight, and basically enroll in the course. And then you have lifetime access. So even after the four weeks is done, you can retake that course over and over and over again, or even go back to a specific week and do it. And that also comes with a, if you want to, it comes with a meal plan.

So you can have a four week meal plan with step by step tutorials on how to make the meals and work it together with the meal plan and the workout working in conjunction. And you can get the best results. That’s right. Um, I mean, pretty much everyone is repeating themselves and saying fatigue, low energy, always tired. I’m just like every single message is that.

Yeah. So hopefully our tips can really help you. And also, you know, going gluten and dairy free girl, try it out, your energy, your mood, it can all change. So when you talked about bad knees, uh, so if you have bad knees, um, it could be due to a couple of factors. One, you may have some,

some, uh, knee issues, like some knee health issues. We’ll check with your check with a doctor to really look into that, but also, um, your form. So like a lot of times people, you know, when we do lunges and squats, if you’re doing in a bad form, day after day, that’s going to cause a pressure on your knee eventually going to have a knee injury.

So like for example, when you do forward lunges, I always recommend to, to be aware of where your knee is, when you do a lunge, you’re when you come down to the ground, your knee should be right above your ankle. This like almost like a 90 degree angle from your ankle to your knee, to your thigh. So this,

this makes sure that the pressure is not on your knee, but it’s on your thighs and your glutes. Whenever that knee goes forward, now the pressure is going more on your knee. So if the knee is like forward, like past the ankles, now there’s pressure there there’s, you’ll feel it in your joints. And then if you do that way too much,

you’re going to get knee pain and knee injury eventually. So keep that out, keep Dynamind same thing with squats. You want to make sure your knees don’t point inward, they point outward and keeping your back straight so that you don’t put extra force on your back, but the force is more on your lower body and you know, like these kinds of things to make sure you don’t injure yourself.

That’s right. That’s pretty much concludes the sticker portion of this. Okay. All right. Very cool. Let’s go into the hotline and see what question we got this week from a sister. Alright. Hi, it’s Kelly from North Carolina. I have a question about exercise. I’ve struggled and struggled with weight loss, but I do play tennis and I also love to swim,

but I can’t get my weight to come off. I’m reading lots of conflicting messages about whether to exercise or whether to not exercise with PCs. So could you clarify, I’m really looking for, um, some way to make myself feel better, which is what tennis and swimming do, but also I really need to lose the weight and I’m working on the diet part as well with no dairy,

no flour and no sugar. So thanks. I appreciate you guys. So yeah, that’s a great question. It kind of sounds like what, at first, I wouldn’t say don’t do any exercise because exercise is very important. We’ve talked about on previous episodes, right? Exercise is great for, you know, mental health and your overall body health. So,

um, when, when, when you say don’t do intense workouts, we don’t mean don’t do any exercise. Yeah. So, um, so it sounds like the sister here, she does tennis and swimming. I mean, both of these can be intense, especially like a tennis match. If you’re playing with a friend you’re going back and forth side to side,

you’re running sprinting sprinting. A lot of times you’re under the sun. So you’re breathing heavy. Your heart rate is probably like pounding as you go through each set, you know, game set, match love 40 to love, whatever the terminology is. So, um, that may be the reason why it may not be like the tennis. Like maybe you can still play tennis if you just learn to play,

uh, in a more steady fashion, maybe like a more like a practice rounds or something. Maybe you need to, um, maybe do a little bit less tennis and more of like a slow rate of workouts or, uh, workouts where you’re more comfortable with, you know, going a little bit lower intensity, same thing with swimming, swimming. If you could,

if you were like sprinting, or if you go too fast, you’re going to be, uh, creating an intense workout for yourself. But also about these two workouts. I mean, just from the, both of these are, are a bit more cardiovascular workouts. Swimming does involve the muscles a lot. I love swimming. I even like I will go into the community pool and I do like these Arab,

like acrobatic moves in the pool. I don’t even swim. I go to like the deeper section. I stay floated. And I do like these acrobatic moves cause the resistance of the water. Yeah. The resistance of the water creates this workout for me. And like it’s a full body workout. I freaking love it. We should do that again. This weekend.

I was thinking, doing a story about it. Like still me doing the workouts in the pool. Yeah. This is a good summer edition. How cute would that be if I got like pool weights? Yeah. So like both of these, they’re a little bit cardiovascular workouts. Like I said, swimming can be more resistance, but try to see if you can change your workouts to like,

you know, apply a little bit more of the slow weighted approach or at least just applying some resistance, you know, you don’t have to get like, like we mentioned heavyweights, you can just maybe go ahead and grab, um, like light dumbbells, grab a cable, you know, resistance cable that can print and pretty much act as weights. And even like,

uh, I should have mentioned earlier, like you can grab weights from your house, like a textbook, the textbook from college or high school. We all know those expensive books. They’re frigging 10 pounds, put them to work. We paid all that money for it. Probably wasn’t worth all that money. Let’s put it, let’s put it to work,

you know, like be creative. Like you can grab a pot of your plant, you know? And like, just hold that against your chest and go down into a squat. I was actually thinking of doing the other day. Oh, like a plant workout series on Instagram. You guys so many new ideas coming to me. So yeah. Try to see if maybe you should be switching some of these cardiovascular workouts in to more of a,

some resistance workouts to see if that may help with the, with the weight loss. Right. Alright. Let’s pull up the win of the week. Yes. So as always, we like to, uh, announce the winner of the week, which is a sister who’s managing her PCs like a Bouse and losing weight. Yep. We also mentioned her on the live earlier.

Her name is Fatima and she says, hi Tallinn. I’m writing this message to thank you from the bottom of my heart. For all that you do to support us sisters through thick and thin for college students, like me who are completely broke, knowing that someone’s got, got your back with PCOS is a huge support I’ve been taking, saw Palmetto having spearmint tea,

at least two to three cups a day and high biscuits, Rose hip tea, at least thrice a week for the past two to three months, my hair fall has reduced drastically. And what’s magical is the fact that my eyebrows are filling in. I’ve had light eyebrows since the beginning of a PCO S which goes back to 2014. The difference is so noticeable now and the little bald patches by extreme hair fall now have baby hair growing.

And also I used to have so much hair fall that I had no hope in anything working for it. Let alone spearmint tea. I had to shave every alternate day because that’s how thick and full my chin hair would grow. I recently tweezed them and Oh my God sign. I can’t explain it. My emotion right now, my hair has improved so much amazing.

That’s awesome. Jeff, Fatima, we’re very proud of you. And the one thing I want to say about her, because I remember her specifically for Tema. She, I’m sorry if I’m saying your name wrong. um, she messaged us, uh, I remember like three months, four months ago. And she asked this question about like, how can I help with my hair loss?

How can I help with the growing, the growing hairs on my chin and stuff? And we responded to her, we told her, you know, it takes time. It’s about diet and lifestyle change. And it’s really about the patients with yourself and seeing the results and like letting it Six months, maybe 12 for some people. And she did it consistently.

And then she messaged us. That was our message. Must later saying how it worked for her. So great job on you for Teamup for being patient with yourself, applying what worked and just, you know, sticking with it. Cause that’s like the really the hardest part sometimes is like being patient with yourself. Cause you want your self to change. Yeah,

exactly. We sent her a voice memo afterwards, so excited. Both of us. Yeah. She was really excited about that. She got really happy and that’s what we’re here for, you know, to make you guys happier and like being able to manage your piece, us with like a much more positive vibe, because you don’t have to feel negative.

Like Tallinn has had pieced us her whole, like since last 10, 12 years. And she’s like, brilliant. Like look at her. She’s very happy. You should. It’s all good ladies. Eventually you’ll figure it out. Just hang in there and keep investigating your health. Yes. So thanks so much is the best way to end this podcast right now.

Positive vibes. Everybody’s happy, happy the sisters, you know that’s right. All right. All right. So thank you for joining us. Have a great week. Remember to follow us on Instagram at peace USDOT, weight loss and the sister and her Mister, please, uh, subscribe to our podcast and our YouTube channel. The YouTube channel. We’ll be having a lot more videos coming up,

not just about the podcast, but we’re going to do some taste testing with gluten free products. We’re going to do some fun videos that are going to be very We’re really excited. Stay tuned. Bye bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCOS from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.

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