5 Science-Backed Benefits of Curcumin for PCOS!

5 Science-Backed Benefits of Curcumin for PCOS!

What if there was a supplement for PCOS that could lower testosterone, reduce insulin levels all while showing improvements in inflammation…

In this episode, you’ll learn why we selected Curcumin as part of our Metabolism Plus bundle!

We cover:

– The benefits of Curcumin for PCOS women

– How to select a proper Curcumin supplement for PCOS

– Limited time bonuses coming with the launch of Metabolism Plus

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Full Episode transcript:

PCOS women who took curcumin for three months showed improvements in inflammation and insulin sensitivity. In a three month study, they showed that they significantly decreased weight, blood sugar levels and serum lipids. Therefore, we found out that essentially curcumin reduces insulin levels and they also found that, that it reduces androgen levels. So as a result, we really want to include Curcumin in our supplement bundle to help with CS symptoms like weight,

gain, fatigue, swelling, and cravings. Dr. Now just into my hands, natural naturally. So I You’re under oath. Have you taken your supplements today? No. By The power of Congress behind me, I condemn you to take your supplements. Now you Have to remind me that’s part of our routine. You remind me of my supplements. How dare you.

I took my supplements before the gym, after eating breakfast. That’s how you should do it. After you eat breakfast, take the supplements all you need. You know, that’s my routine for myself. So I dunno what to tell You, honestly, because we’re traveling, it’s just, I’m so out of routine, like I’m never in any routine, it’s so annoying,

but definitely when we get home, it’s gonna be like on the counter. Always being taken every morning at 9:00 AM. Okay. That’s good. By the way, the supplements that we’re referring to for, to are the same supplements that are gonna be in the bundle. She’s been taking them basically, ever since we got the formulations complete, ever since we finally got the supplements in our hand,

tally’s been taking in for the last, like 2, 2, 3 months almost like, how are you feeling with it? I love it. I feel confident when I’m taking them, like it’s filling the nutrient gaps that might be in my diet from inflammation or not being able to eat the things that I’m typically eating or, I mean, for example, the omega three,

like who’s gonna eat fish every day, might as well take official oil supplement. So I found that it’s been really helpful for my routine, my P C O S and just feeling confident about getting all of my nutrients. Speaking of the four supplements, the bundle, you probably already know what the four supplements consist of. If you’re following us on Instagram at P CS dot weight loss,

but basically there consists of omega3 fish oil curcumin, as we’ll talk about on today’s episode, Coq 10, which is also known as coenzyme Q1. And the last one, which you’ll probably hear about next week is a specially derived multivitamin that we’ve designed for P C O S women. Yes, I am super excited to talk about this today. We are going to deep dive into curcumin and all of its benefits for P C S women and how we’ve designed our supplement for better absorption.

So I’m super Talk about the launch date. Ooh, we’re launching September 19th, September 19th at 5:00 AM Pacific standard time. So mark your calendars set your clocks because the first 100 people to order the supplement bundle, get a free three month supply of Ovasitol. And I feel like this is like my proudest moment. I feel like because Six months in the making, It is such a great combination.

I mean, to be able to take OALL with the four essential supplements, it’s like a one, two punch to your P C O S. So set your alarm, set your clock September 19th, 5:00 AM PST Pacific standard time. And Ty, you actually forgot one of the bonuses. So when we launch on September 19th, it’s actually pre-launched. So we have a two week pre-launch period.

And during this time the first hundred people to order will get a three month supply of acetol. And everybody that orders during this two week pre-launch period will get one month free in the sisterhood, including sisterhood members. So we’re really excited to just work with the logics on this one who makes ol and really make this P C OS awareness month. A great,

great experience for everybody so they can receive all the benefits that is available in the P C OS world. So, which is really excited to make this happen in September, which is by chance. We started working on the supplement line since February, and I guess the, all the stars aligned to really make the sub supplement launch actually happen in PCOS awareness month.

So it is great on that note, let’s start this episode and talk about Kirk Cuman Ty, and I have a question for you. What in the hell is curcumin? Curcumin is a bioactive compound that comes from Ric, but there’s a difference between consuming Ric and consuming curcumin. Ric has something called curcuminoids and these are bioactive compounds and curcumin is one of them and it is 75% of the curcuminoids found in Ric.

So it’s kind of the star of the show when it comes to the anti-inflammatory properties of Ric curcumin, content of Ric. Isn’t that high though. So just like putting Ric in your meal, sprinkling it on chicken and things like that. It’s not gonna be strong enough for you to absorb the benefits of curcumin. Like it would be if you took a supplement.

So taking a high quality supplement of her curcumin is ideal, but curcumin by itself is not really absorbed very well. So in order to get the full benefits of a curcumin and all of its anti-inflammatory properties, it has to be really bioavailable and it has to be a little improved upon. So a lot of companies actually add piperine to their curcumin supplements, and this is an alkaloid present in black pepper.

So you often see on the shelves like Ric plus black pepper or curcumin plus black pepper, and that’s to help with the absorption. And we’re gonna get into that in this episode, we’re gonna get into like the pros and cons of that and how we actually made our curcumin supplement a hundred percent absorbable without using the pipeline. And it is absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to get into this episode.

So let’s talk about the benefits of curcumin, babe. So when we talk about the benefits of curcumin for P C O S specifically, we looked at some studies and we found a study where P C O S women who took curcumin for three months, short improvements in inflammation and insulin sensitivity. In fact, in a three month study, they showed that they significantly decreased weight,

blood sugar levels and serum lipids. So therefore we found out that essentially curcumin reduces insulin levels, and they also found that, that it reduces androgen levels. Androgens are hormones like testosterone. So as a result, we really want to include curcumin in our supplement bundle to help with P C S symptoms like weight, gain, fatigue, swelling, and cravings,

not just that. They also found that it fights depression by boosting brain derived neurotropic factors. BNDF I guess that’s an acronym which are typically low with depression. So they found that curcumin may boost serotonin and dopamine, which can help improve mood. So we know a lot of P C O S women can suffer from mood swings from different factors, and they found that basically curcumin can help with boosting mood,

but there’s more, there’s More, it helps stimulate bioproduction in your gallbladder and that’s used by the liver to eliminate toxins because your liver is filtering your blood. So that’s essentially helping with, you know, if you struggle with fatty liver, if you struggle with insulin resistance, it’s promoting the bioproduction and then helping with your livers detoxification of your blood. That’s really important for P C O S a lot of us struggle with fatty liver and the liver is supposed to,

you know, detox our excess estrogens and androgens and things like that. And, you know, unfortunately we are struggling with it. So having like a daily curcumin supplement can help boost the benefits towards your liver. All right. And lastly, it’s a antioxidant that essentially neutralizes free radicals, which are the really highly reactive molecules that are thought to be behind chronic conditions and aging.

So for reducing inflammation, again, it can be really key factor and it also boosts the body’s own antioxidant enzyme. So it’s like a one, two punch, but essentially the really big note to take from this is the studies that were done on P C O S women. Because of course, like when we’re designing these supplements, we really wanna especially make sure that they’re helpful for P C O S women.

So from the studies that were done on P C OS women, they reduced insulin levels reduced androgens. They improved inflammation, improved insulin sensitivity, you know, decreased weight helped with blood sugar and serum lipids. So the really key points are that, and we’re just really happy to be able to include it as part of our supplement bundle as metabolism plus, as you already know,

but it’s not just about the studies. It’s also about when you look at how to make the proper curcumin supplement, it’s not just about finding a random curcumin off the shelf and, you know, taking it because there are so many different curcumin supplements out there. They are all made differently. Yes, they are all made differently. So that’s why making this curcumin supplement really took a lot of time for us to look into how to make it very absorbable.

That’s why our supplement line took so long to develop. I will blame the curcumin supplement, wouldn’t you? Yes. That was the longest taking for sure. The longest taking supplement was curcumin. It held everything back three months. That was a long time. So our formula is very bio available. Okay. It is a hundred percent absorbable. It’s 300 milligrams and you’re absorbing 100% of it.

So when you’re looking on at other tumor supplements, you’ll find that they’re in higher doses, perhaps like 1500 milligrams. And usually you can only absorb like 12% of that. That’s why they provide really high doses. Well, actually, to kind of clarify that part. So when we looked for suppliers who are making curcumin, they are using clinical studies to compare their curcumin to other brands.

So the supplier that we found, it uses 300 milligrams at a hundred percent absorption, and they did more than 20 clinical studies to prove this. And they compared this to other Ric sources or cure human sources. And they found that the brands that are using 1500 milligrams for example, are only getting 12%. So if you do the math, let’s just say 10% just to make the math easy.

So 10% of 1500 milligram is a hundred fifty one fifty, whereas ours is 300 milligram and there is a hundred percent absorption. Therefore you’re getting 300 milligram, even though you’re taking one fifth of the dosage of a 1500 milligram trickin. So again, many brands will use a really high dose of curcumin to fight that low bioavailability. But the reason why this is important is we don’t know enough about the safety of such a very high dose of Cucu for the body.

That’s why we went with a 300 milligram and it’s 24 times more bioavailable than a 1500 milligram of a standard turmeric extract. This is a, basically a patented formula. We actually found a supplier from France. And again, this is again why it took so long, but we found this company from France and they, they made the first bio equivalent turmeric at a low dose and the most bioavailable turmeric at a low dose as well.

They have a patented formula with toxicology and clinical safety studies to make sure that this is as effective and safe as much as possible for people to consume. So the crazy thing is it turned out to be the most cost effective tumor solution as well, because when you take a very high dosage, that costs more, whereas when you have a lower dosage, like 300 milligram,

it makes you more cost effective, therefore more affordable for people to take. And yeah, that’s the reason why, again, we went with this curcumin now, when we were looking for actually, I’ll give it to tie on this one. Since I’ve been talking for a minute, here is the mic. When we were looking for the right curcumin formula,

we were looking into black pepper and we were trying to decide if we should include it or not. So we came across a study that was published in 2012 by a group of researchers from Boston university. And it clearly showed that the amount of free curcumin, the active form of curcumin is not detected in the blood with a daily intake of three grams of curcumin with or without piperine.

So that means adding black pepper to Ric doesn’t increase the absorption of the free or active curcumin in your body. And the authors concluded in their article by stressing that the need to explore new curcumin formulas is really important. Another study showed that pipeline present in the black pepper damages, intestinal wall and increases intestinal permeability formulas based on black pepper, or polysorbate 80 are not recommended because of their effect on intestinal permeability.

The integrity of the intestinal barrier plays an important role, especially with inflammation. So formulas based on non-natural ingredients are also not recommended. So this is another reason why we were thinking that we found that black pepper wouldn’t be a good fit for PCs women, because we often struggle with chronic inflammation. I’m sure you’ve heard us talk about leaky gut and intestinal permeability,

and following the gluten and dairy free lifestyle, we really stress improving your gut lining by not eating gluten. And so we wanted to make sure that our supplements support that as well. And after reading about the studies done on black pepper and intestinal permeability, we found that it just wouldn’t be the right fit for P C O S women. So ours uses a water dispersable colloidal suspension of curcuminoids with enhanced bio availability.

And so what that means is it is basically a water based type of formula that allows you to absorb the curcumin without the black pepper. It is also independently tested and certified by NSF international. Of course, all of our supplements are in order to guarantee purity and safety, and that you’re really absorbing and getting what you see when, what you read on the label.

Yes, exactly. And with all that said, we’re really proud of this Cucu supplement that we formulated. We’re really lucky to be able to find such a great supplier as well. The company that we found from France to really help us make this. And we, we honestly wholeheartedly believe that this is the best Cucu supplement in the world, and we just hope that everybody else feels that way when they take it with the bundle.

So stay tuned September 19th, you can go ahead and order be the first people to order the P C O S supplement bundle. We also were calling it metabolism plus to really help improve your metabolism, lower inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, all the core factors behind P C O S. And with all that said, let’s go into the winds of the week.

These are sisters who are managing their symptoms, losing weight and showing P C S who the boss is. Our first win is from Sai I’ll Lett. Go ahead and read it. Sai delay. She says, just wanted to share a bit of a win. So I’ve been dealing with massive hair loss for the past years, and it was greeting getting pretty bad and kind of depressing.

However, just joining the sisterhood and following telling’s advice that is drinking at least two cups of spear tea, I’ve started to see some difference. And I feel like my hair isn’t falling out as bad bef as before. I’m so happy because this was something I was struggling with for so long. And I’m finally seeing results, girl, I am so proud of you.

I know a lot of people out there struggle with hair loss and wonder, you know, is my hair ever gonna grow back? And you are a true Testament to this because your hair can grow back and you just gotta be consistent. Just gotta find out what’s working for your body. And what’s reducing that testosterone and SP T is definitely one of those things.

So great job. Yes, absolutely. Great job. We’re so happy for you. And our next win is from Rava and she’s actually giving some tips for weight loss. So I’m gonna go ahead and review or read her tips for you sisters. Her first one is measure yourself every week and write it down. And she puts hips, waist, upper waist,

thigh arm. And she says that it’s more effective than the scales. Yeah, it can be a great option, especially when you’re not doing it every day. And when you’re taking measurements, of course, the scale, a lot of times can lie because you know, there’s different factors when it comes to losing weight. And then she goes on to say on the first day of measuring,

we’re a top, which is tight on you, then as your weight loss journey goes on. We’re that same top after a month to compare. All right. Alright, interesting. Keep a small notebook and write down everything you eat and track it on fitness. Pop, create an alarm on your phone for your workouts. Make sure you have your yoga mat water bottle ready,

and even change into workout class at home. If it makes you feel good and make sure no one bothers you during this time, good ideas have someone you trust to motivate you and check in on you. Time to time to see how you are doing. Definitely make your meals ahead either the night before or the morning of it helps so much with binge eating and cravings.

And she goes on to say, water, water, water, definitely good point on water. And this is what I’m doing. And it’s helping me. I’ve had a few bad days, but so far it’s going well. And I’m motivated most important. Don’t feel bad if you don’t a hundred percent follow, it will take time. Well, these are great tips and of course everyone’s journey can be unique in their own,

but these are good general tips that scissors, you can try see if it works for you and just see how that goes time. What do you think about Rav’s tips? I love it. And my favorite one is to have someone you trust to motivate you and check on you from time to time, sort of like a support group. I mean, I know for sure,

like when I plan to work out with my sister, especially cuz she likes to work out early in the mornings, it’s so hard for me, but if she’s doing then I’m doing it. So having a accountability partner or someone to share your experience with when it comes to working out or P C O S weight loss is great. And so that’s why you always have us in the sisterhood.

We are in there talking to all our sisters, motivating them and sharing each other’s stories and journeys to just know that this is totally normal if you’re struggling with it. And I love these tips. Awesome. Thank Ravena. And I guess those are the wins of the week. We appreciate everyone for always sending in their messages. We love to read them.

So just keep on sending them in the sisterhood. We always read them and save them and love to always mention ’em on the podcast. But with that said, sisters stay tuned for the supplement. Pre-launch again, it’s September 19th. The first hundred people to order will get a three month supply of acetol and a free month in this sisterhood. So stay tuned.

We will talk to next week and until then take care. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the P C O S lifestyle pollutant and dairy free.

Get ready to finally feel in control of your body, again.


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