PCOS-Friendly Desserts

9 PCOS-Friendly Desserts

PCOS-Friendly Desserts
by Tallene Posted March 8, 2024

If you’re a Cyster living with PCOS, you know managing symptoms can be challenging especially when you’re first getting started. Depending on who you are, the lifestyle changes needed to help you naturally reverse your PCOS symptoms can seem a little daunting. However, once you start feeling symptom relief, all your behavior changes feel totally worth it! 

No matter how much you’re loving the improvements in your health that you’re getting from your natural PCOS healing process, there are still things you miss! If you’re on an anti-inflammatory gluten- and dairy-free PCOS diet, something you may miss is sweet treats. We all want some chocolate once in a while!

Well, good news: a PCOS diet should not feel ultra-restrictive. You can definitely indulge in dessert without compromising your health goals! Of course, you need to be calculated about what desserts you eat, but there’s plenty to get excited about. I have a sweet tooth myself, which is why I have dozens of PCOS dessert recipes on The Cysterhood app. Download it for access to all my recipes everyone is perfectly suited for your new diet! 

If you’re still not convinced, I’m dedicating this post to some of my favorite PCOS-friendly desserts. On the surface, they may not seem like they’d fit into a PCOS diet (or any diet), but I’ll explain the ingredient changes and healthier alternatives that make all the difference when baking your tasty treats. 

Let’s get into it! 

pcos friendly desserts

9 PCOS-Friendly Desserts 


Muffins are a great choice for a PCOS-friendly dessert, snack, or even breakfast! They’re naturally not as sugary as a frosted cupcake, which is a good start! Beyond that, you’ll need to swap some ingredients to make it fit your diet. Choose a gluten-free flour like almond flour or coconut flour. Then, opt for dairy-free milk or dairy-free yogurt. Finally, instead of white sugar, use xylitol, which is the only sweetener that’s actually healthy for you! 

Once you swap out all the gluten, dairy, and sugar, it’s time for flavoring! Mixed berries, oranges, apples, nuts, cocoa powder, vanilla, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can definitely help curb your cravings. And, with intentional ingredient choices, muffins can be between 25-55 g of carbs. Depending on your carb tolerance, you could probably indulge in at least one (maybe two?) PCOS-friendly muffin! 

On The Cysterhood app, I have recipes for Mexican Chocolate Protein Muffins, Cranberry Orange Muffins, Apple Cinnamon Muffins, and more! Check them out! 

PCOS-Friendly muffins


Muffins may not feel like dessert depending on how decadent you want your sweets, but truffles are sure to feel like an absolute after-dinner delicacy. In just 20-30 minutes, you can make truffles using chickpeas, almond butter, almond flour, dairy-free milk, and xylitol. You can even add protein powder to help make the truffles more healthy and filling. 

For flavor, ingredients like vanilla, coffee, nuts, oranges, apples, and dairy-free chocolate are all great choices. And, since truffles are bite-sized, each one is only 8-11 g of carbs. No guilt here! On the app, you’ll find my recipes for orange truffles, cardamom truffles, and even apple pie truffles! 

PCOS-Friendly truffles


Popsicles are the perfect summer dessert! You can prepare them in just 10 minutes (not including freeze time, obviously) with ingredients you probably already have in your PCOS kitchen staples! Use a dairy-free milk or yogurt of your choice and xylitol as a base, and then add your favorite fruits! Lemons, berries, and coconut are some of my faves! 

Want an added boost? Add some Ovasitol to your popsicles! The supplement will give your popsicles and extra boost to make you feel even better about the sweet treat. You’ll find recipes for lemon yogurt popsicles, toasted coconut popsicles, and strawberry cheesecake popsicles on the app. Yum, right? 

PCOS-Friendly Desserts Popsicles


Fruit is one of the best ways to get a quick sweet fix. However, just because fruit is healthy, you’ll still need to pace yourself with your fruit intake because of the natural sugar. The best fruit choices for PCOS are apples, Apples, pears, oranges, kiwi, peaches, grapes, cherries, grapefruit, and strawberries. They hold the most benefits and a lower natural sugar content. If you really want to treat yourself, dip your fruit in a dairy-free healthy chocolate hummus! 

Sweet Bites

Bite-sized desserts are a diet-favorite because you can get a treat without being tempted to consume a lot of carbs and calories. You can make little bites or dessert balls using coconut butter, coconut milk, coconut cream, and xylitol as your base. Then, you can mix in vanilla, cocoa powder, lemon, dates, nuts, and spices to make it tasty! Then, dip those bites in dairy-free dark chocolate or roll them in unsweetened shredded coconut for a complete treat. 

Some of my favorite versions of this dessert are my coconut lemon bliss balls and cinnamon roll protein bites. (Yes, you can add protein powder to these!) You find all of my recipes on the app, and each one is under 15 carbs and read in about 30 minutes. Quick, delicious, and don’t count as cheating on your diet! 

9 pcos friendly desserts


Brownies? In a diet? Yes! Just like the other desserts on this list, it’s all about supplementing the ingredients that make it unhealthy for a PCOS-body. Almond flour and coconut oil are a good start. Then, for sweetener opt for maple syrup or xylitol. Then vanilla, cacao powder, dairy-free chocolate chips, and maybe some peppermint extract make it the indulgent dessert you’re used to but this version is under 35 g of carbs! 

If this is hard to wrap your head around, you can just follow my recipes on the app. I have a lot of brownie recipes on there including sweet potato brownies, peppermint chocolate brownies, beet brownies, and more! (Yes, I pack even more healthy ingredients into my brownies, but it doesn’t compromise the flavor one bit!) 

PCOS brownies


Silky smooth mousse made from coconut cream and chickpeas is absolutely divine! Like other recipes, swap your white sugar for xylitol or maple syrup. Then, flavor with your favorite fruits, vanilla, cocoa powder, or warm spices like cinnamon! And, for an extra boost add some protein powder like I do with my high protein pumpkin mousse! 

You can put mousse together in 15 minutes and one serving is under 25 g of carbs! You’ll find more of my favorites on the app, like strawberry mousse and avocado chocolate mousse. I love mixing some mousse together when I’m craving ice cream. It definitely satisfies! 

PCOS mouse


What’s the difference between a smoothie and a shake? I’m not sure, but I like both for desserts! I have a recipe for a chocolate mint shake which is just as indulgent as a Shamrock Shake but only 40 g of carbs and done in 5 minutes. (It does have almost 500 calories, but this is a treat!) 

This shake includes almond milk, avocado, fresh mint, vanilla, dairy-free chocolate chips, and protein powder! However, if chocolate mint isn’t your thing, make it vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate. Just don’t compromise on using the best ingredients that support your diet!


We all love cookies. That’s why I have over a dozen cookie recipes on The Cysterhood app including no-bake peanut butter cookies, hot chocolate cookies, cranberry pecan oatmeal cookies, and a lot more. These all use ingredients like gluten-free oats, gluten-free flour, maple syrup, xylitol, molasses, and diary-free milk. 

For the mix-ins, I love to use peanut butter, vanilla, cranberries, cacao nibs, spices, and even coffee! One cookie is usually under 30 g of carbs and ready in under 30 minutes, making cookies a guilt-free and easy PCOS dessert!

pcos friendly dessert ideas

Treat yourself to a PCOS-friendly dessert!

Getting on a new diet is intimidating, especially when it’s a lifelong change and not a 30-day fix. But, a PCOS diet doesn’t have to be restrictive and stressful. Instead, as a Registered Dietitian and Cyster myself, I love to explore vibrant, indulgent flavors using healthier PCOS-friendly alternatives. That’s why all of my recipes on The Cysterhood app will support your health goals, whether that’s to lower your blood sugar or support hormone balance! 

You can find so much more PCOS lifestyle tips and healthy eating advice on the PCOS Weight Loss blog. I’ve got all the information you need to start making choices that’ll help lead you down the path of healing and symptom reversal. Don’t know where to begin? Try my 7-day PCOS meal plan to see just how delicious a PCOS diet can be! 

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