The dirty dozen + The clean 15: PCOS shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce + How to build a PCOS garden

#190: We dive into the world of pesticides, uncovering the “dirty dozen” – the fruits and veggies that are the most heavily sprayed with unwanted chemicals which can act as endocrine disruptors and wreak havoc on our bodies!

But it’s not all gloom and doom! We also introduce you to the “clean 15” – the produce options that usually have less pesticides and chemicals. Discover how you can incorporate these foods into your daily PCOS routine!

And, it’s not over until we help you create your own PCOS friendly garden! Sirak, who is an avid gardener, breaks down how to get started with your own garden and what foods are the easiest to start with.

Let’s “dig” into some PCOS tips, one garden bed at a time and remember to subscribe to be notified of all new episodes!

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