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So for this episode, we did a podcast recording while answering all types of PCOS weight loss questions LIVE on our social channels.

Tune in for a laid back episode where we interact with the Cysters, answer questions, and cover the following topics:

– Does PCOS cause weight gain?

– PCOS fertility treatments & supplements

– How is PCOS detected?

– How to find a meal & workout plan for PCOS weight loss

– Is there a PCOS & endometriosis connection?

– Can PCOS be cured?

– And more!

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Full Episode transcript:

Okay. All right. The podcast has started. It’s begun. We have started the TikTok. TikTok is live. And now we’re about togo live on the ig. Are you ready? We’re ready. Your sisters, you’re seeing the background or behind the scenes are now how we go live to thousands. To millions worldwide. Hundreds. Okay, here we go.

Let’s go live on IG as well. All right. And let’s see. Everybody come in, Doctor, into my own hands. So I became a diet. Hello sisters. We are live on TikTok and IG and recording a podcast. Yes, doing the q and a. We are multitasking. Well, for one purpose, we wanna do a little live q and a session for,

for the podcast, for assistant and Mr. And what better way to do a live q and a session then on the grams and the tos. Exactly. We love all your questions every time that we hop onto IG lives. So we figured that we should just do this. Yeah. And answer the public. Let’s give out some shout outs. Hello to Kingsley.

Hello to Soso. 1999, Sammy. What’s up everyone? Karina, how’s it going, Rachel, son, hope you’re all doing great. If youwant to hear your shoutouts, of course you can listen to this on the podcast. All right, well, we got our first question already from Bush. Roddy, what do you recommend for hair loss?

Advice for hair loss? All right, so hair loss, that’s a great topic to start with because so many people ask that question. It’s one of the most difficult symptoms of P C O S struggling with hair loss. And it typically has to do with having high androgen levels, high androgen levels like testosterone and cortisol. And these are the hormones that really drive anxiety and cystic acne and hair loss.

And so basically when you have high testosterone, it turns into D H T, which is the more potent form of testosterone, and that gathers around the hair follicle and causes it to shrink and the hair to fall out. And it also causes like an overproduction of oil. And so that’s why you might see that you have cystic acne or a lot of oil on your scalp.

And so one thing that could really help is drinking spearmint tea. And that helps to lower testosterone levels significantly. If you drink like three cups a day consistently, you might see a big difference. But that’s not just it. There’s so many different things that factor into why you have high testosterone. So it’s really important to like look at the bigger picture,

see if you have insulin resistance that can trigger high testosterone in your ovaries, and so on and so forth. Yes. All right. We got a comment from Barbara. Hello. I want to thank you so much for running this page. It’s been so helpful for me. Thank you, Barbara. We really appreciate it. Thank you for the support and it’s our pleasure.

Let’s go to some next questions and, oh, we got Andrea Day nine of the 10 minute workout challenge. Awesome. You go girl. Yeah. For anyone who hasn’t participated, let us know in the comments on TikTok and on Instagram. Have you been participating in the 10 minute workout challenge? Do you even know what that is? Or, or like have you like you have no clue what that is,

like maybe you haven’t seen our stories yet. Let us know. Curious to see what people are doing with that. Basically, we have a 10 minute workout and CAC put it together. It’s a slow weighted workout. You can do it at home. And if you don’t wanna do it, you can go on a walk and basically just take a selfie and tag us PIOs dot weight loss,

use the hashtag P C O S and you may win a four week meal and workout plan. Yes, we’re doing giveaway every single week and actually we’re gonna announce a winner today. So say tune. Let’s go back to your question. Sisters is walking 30 minutes a day. Good for weight loss with P C O S. So yes, there’s a question from Kelly.

So walking is definitely gonna help you with improving your insulin sensitivity, improving your metabolism, lowering your stress. These are all really core factors in your P C O S weight loss journey. Now, it really depends what your journey is like. Now, if you wanna lose weight over long periods of time, it’s a really great way to incorporate walking into your,

into your routine. So yes, I think walking is great. Of course, if you’re just only doing walking, it may take a little bit longer, but if you’re incorporating walking with slow to workouts and other forms of cardio, then you can see the results a bit faster. Yes. Alright, let’s see. I feel sleepy all day. Tell me what I can do.

Okay, so fatigue is really challenging and you know, there’s a lot of different factors that play into this and a lot of times people get addicted to caffeine for energy and that kind of makes the fatigue worse and snowballs it day after day. But the idea here is that when you are really fatigued throughout the day, it’s a sign that you might have cortisol dysregulation.

And that means that your stress hormones aren’t being high when they need to be high and aren’t being low when they need to be low, and they should be low at night. So you can get some deep quality sleep and then they should be high in the morning. So you can wake up with a pep in your step. And if that’s not the case,

then it could be cortisol dysregulation. And there’s different lifestyle factors that you can do to really like push your cortisol where it needs to be. And that means, you know, setting up a great nighttime routine so that you get a good surge of melatonin that will push your cortisol down so you can get quality sleep at night. Don’t look at your screens.

Make sure that you are taking C P D, reducing stress, reading a book, not staring at your phone all night and going to sleep at a, in a timely way. You can even take melatonin if you need to consult your doctor, of course. And then in the morning, making sure that you are waking up with energy, maybe going out for a walk because the sunlight can really pump that cortisol and make you wake up.

Things like that. Awesome. Did you hear about that sister who took ovasitol and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible, I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, Ovasitol helps with healing insulin resistance, a common root issue that most P C O S sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance,

we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings finally regulate their periods, ovulate and improve their ED quality. Each packet of ovasitol has a 40 to one ratio of myo acetol and D chiro acetol. This ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body, but with women like me who have P C O S, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OVASITOL can be super effective in treating insulin resistance starting from the root of the issue.

So awesome. It tastes like nothing, so just warn me when you put it in a cup so I don’t drink it. You got it, boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right, we have next question lined up. This one is from TikTok and this one is about teeth. So question has,

does P C U S have any link to bad teeth? So we actually did a podcast episode about dental health and P C O S. Now this isn’t to scare anybody or to be like to bring up another thing that P C O S affects. This is just, we’re just, we’re just amessengers. And basically research has shown that there is a link between P C O S and causing,

causing change to, yeah, higher occurrences of gingivitis and other gum issues in the, in the teeth as well as cavities. So we believe that the reason for this is due to insulin resistance because that excess sugar could be being excreted, Circulating, circulating Throughout your saliva. And that when you have that excess sugar in your saliva, that’s obviously gonna cause cavities,

gingivitis, and like, cause your bacteria, the good bacteria in your teeth over time in your gums, basically, what is it?Correct. I’m not a dentist, so it’s kind hard for me to explain this. We Actually had like a, Yeah, we had a, A specialist on our podcast. Yeah, we had a specialist come on the podcast and explain all of this.

So highly recommend listening to that podcast episode. If you just scroll down, you’ll, you’ll find about dental health and P C O S. Yes. All right. Let’s See. Seeing a lot of questions about Avast babe, maybe you can answer this one from aj, when is a good time to start Ovasitol? Should you wait until you start your cycle and maybe we can just give some information about it?

Yes. So when’s a good time to start? A good time to start is as soon as you know you have P C O S, as soon as you know you have insulin resistance, inositol is the most researched supplement for P C O S. So I always talk about it because it has shown to help with all pathologies of P C O S,

all of our symptoms, specifically insulin resistance and cravings and getting our periods regulated and ovulation and egg quality. I mean the list goes on and on and on. And OVASITOL is one of the best, in my opinion, because, or according to research, because it has the 40 to one ratio of myo and D chiro, inositol, and these are the two types of nost ocelots found in your cells in a ratio that your cells need to be replenished in order to become more insulin sensitive.

You know, not to get into a science lesson, but basically it has helped so many women with their cravings with getting their periods back and getting pregnant. Yes. And we have a link to it in our highlights called ovasitol and also in our podcast description. Yeah. And we can actually now ship it internationally. We couldn’t do that for a long time,

but just as, just as of this month, we made some changes to our website and we can now ship ovasitol out internationally. So if you wanna do that, you can go to Cool. All right. 12 3 30 workout. Is this a good workout for P C O S? Yes, it’s actually a great workout. We highly recommend it.

If you’re curious what 12 3 30 means, basically all you need is a treadmill. You find a treadmill, you put it on 12% incline and then you set it to three miles per hour and you do it for 30 minutes. The 30 minutes part, you can do a little bit less, a little bit, little bit more, but generally you wanna hit that 30 minute mark.

And this is gonna really be helpful in one, engaging your legs during this walk. It’s engaging the leg muscles a bit more, therefore helping with more muscle growth that’s gonna help with insulin sensitivity. Again, insulin resistance help you improve your metabolism, help you have more energy, lower stress, all of this while you, you’re doing this 12, 3 30, it’s not an intense workout either.

You’re not getting out of breath, your heart rate isn’t beating too fast and it’s just overall a great workout. Yes. All right, next question. All right, is everyone having fun? Are we all enjoying this live q and a? How do I address sugar cravings?Did we, Did you talk about cravings before? Did I? No, I talked about ovasitol.

Okay. How do you address sugar cra? It’s so hard because I feel like there’s so much like miscommunication out there about cravings and what we can do. So one thing that I remember doing when I had really bad cravings is eating a lot of fruit. And I thought that because fruit’s healthy, I could just have a bunch of fruit throughout the day if I was craving sugar.

And as it turns out, that is not ideal. What you wanna do is make sure that you’re eating in a way so that you don’t get the sugar cravings. And what I mean by that is like balanced meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, making sure that there’s protein, fiber, fat, carbs, you know, everything on your plate that you need in order to feel satisfied until your next meal.

And I mean of course there’s a place for like snacking once or twice a day, but it shouldn’t be like this crazy drive to the pantry that you need to have a bunch of sugar or else you can’t survive. So basically sugar cravings have a lot to do with your eating patterns throughout the day. And it’s not just something that just like comes up randomly.

You know, you wanna reflect on like, oh, did I skip breakfast? Was my lunch too light? Like maybe that’s why I’m craving something. Maybe my blood sugar is low because of that. And it doesn’t end at just like what you’re eating. It’s also genetic if you will. Like it’s not genetic but what’s the word? Like it’s basically because of P C O S,

if you have insulin resistance, even if you’re eating in a great way, there might be that occasional crazy craving for sugar. And that’s when supplementing comes in to just look. Someone said, oh, Vasala has helped my cravings. Nice. AndAndrea, Nicole. Yes. I mean when you compliment of acetol with that healthy diet change, you’ll see the biggest difference.

Yeah. And it related to this too was a question on from Carly on TikTok, what carbs do you recommend? My gynecologist said, no carbs for P C O S. Let us know if this is something you’ve heard. Go low carb, go keto, just don’t eat carbs at all because well, so okay, so here’s the thing. So you probably be heard about keto a lot.

The thing is keto can momentarily, temporarily help with P C O S weight loss because you’re having drastically low carbs all of a sudden and that can, you know, help you lose weight temporarily. But we all know that keto isn’t something that’s sustainable for the rest of your life because you’re not gonna have less than 50 grams of carbs for the rest of your life,

right? I don’t think anybody wants to do that. Never have bread, never have car pizza, things like that. So let’s say you lose weight during keto for a few months and then you get off of keto. Majority of the time from our experience with sisters is they gain the weight back because keto doesn’t get to the root cause of the issue.

It doesn’t actually fix insulin resistance or reduce inflammation like permanently or help with adrenal fatigue. Like what keto does is it just drastically lowers your carbs so much, forces you to like basically lose weight, maybe improves your insulin sensitivity a little bit cuz you’re not having excess carbs. But then the second you stop doing that, your body basically like gains the weight back.

Yeah. You wanna find a realistic way to reduce your carbs and that could mean slowly lowering your carbon intake until you find a range that works for you. It doesn’t end at just lowering carbs though. And that’s the thing like of course if you’re insulin resistant and you just cut out all your carbs, then you’re not gonna have spikes in insulin as much.

And okay, but how long can you do that for? And what about the other things that can help with insulin resistance? Like walking and supplements like ovasitol? Yeah. And making sure you’re eating a high protein breakfast. I mean that the easy way out is just to like throw out all the carbs and like never look back. Yeah. And it’s actually so hard.

It’s not easy and it’s not sustainable either. And for some going keto is really helpful. Yeah. And for others it can be really stressful on their body. Yeah. So again like you have to find the amount of carbs that works for you. If keto is it, that’s great and if it’s not, no Problem. Yeah. And we’ve, we know people who’ve gone keto and they’ve done great and they’ve got off of keto,

but the one thing is they knew that keto, like going on keto and the losing the weight wasn’t like the cure. And then they knew that once they went off of keto they had to make sure that they were on top of their blood sugar and things like that. So my point here is if you aren’t keto and it’s going great for you, that’s awesome.

Make sure that once you go off of keto, whenever that may be, you have a plan to, you know, make sure that you know everything goes good afterwards basically is what I’m trying to say. Yeah. And there’s a message here from Melina so spot on about keto among keto for the third time. So yeah, it just depends on each person of course you just have to be aware of what’s going on.

But in terms of carbs, like what carbs you recommend, the question from Carly, the thing is with with carbs it’s really more so about knowing what amount of carbs are right for you. You know, like I may be able to, or I don’t have P Cs, butlet’s say tally may be able to eat a hundred grams of carbs and then Carla might be able to eat 150 grams or 80 or 70.

The thing is you don’t know until you do a bit of trial and error where you’re basically testing it out so you have a hundred grams and then you see how you feel. We have a tracker in the sisterhood, especially with the app coming out soon, ifthere’s a whole like a live tracker that you can see how your carb tolerance is going and you f you figure it out after a few weeks,

maybe a month or two and then you go from there, you know, and that way you don’t feel restricted, you can still enjoy your life, you’re still having the carbs you love just to the grams that your goals are for that day. Yes. Alright. Oh the app. It’s coming soon sisters. We are just getting it in the app store.

Hopefully. I know we just submitted the app, the sister app to the Apple app store. We’re waiting for the approval. Come on Apple, approve it. All right babe, let’s do some questions for you. I love this. This is such, okay, this is a perfect question for Italian. What is a good P C O S routine that feels manageable without adding more stress?

T the queen of routines, what do you have for us? Okay, great question. Of course. Something that’s not gonna be stressful and manageable is really personal. Like so you would have to like tweak this however works for you but for me, oh my gosh, okay, well it takes time. I’m gluten and dairy free. We always talk about how that really can help reduce inflammation and insulin resistance and you should try it for 30 days to see how you feel and if that’s a lifestyle you wanna continue,

if it’s really great for your symptoms. So for me it’s great for my symptoms. So I’m gluten and dairy free and it took about a year to like get used to it and make it manageable and make it consistent in my lifestyle. So that took a minute but for me it’s manageable and that’s part of my routine. And also what else is part?

Oh I definitely do my slow weighted workouts four times a week. Give us like your nighttime routine. Cause I feel like a lot of sisters they wanna know like how what, what can help them fall asleep at night. You know like what is your relaxing routine that’s guaranteed to give you some sheep at night? Sheep? Yeah. Okay. Well I try to put my phone away.

I use blue light blocking glasses all day, not just that night. And that really helps because that blue light suppresses melatonin and it’s just awful for your cortisol and it makes it really like I, I can feel the effect that it could have on my sleep. Also going on a evening stroll like while the sun is setting really helps you get your melatonin up and get in the mood to sleep.

I read a kindle that’s relaxing to me in dark mode so that the bright like screen so that there’s no like bright screen light. What else do I do? Oh there’s C, B D, that’s a great idea right before you sleep you Do your face Routine. Routine. I do my face routine, put towel wrist towels, I put my, I have these like wrist towels,

they’re like bracelets but made of like towel materials so that when I wash my face the water doesn’t dribble down into my elbows because I have this whole like skincare routine. I follow Doctor Oji skin at the moment I’ve been using his product or it’s called like ZO skincare and yeah that’s pretty much it. Nothing crazy, Nothing fancy CAC plays the guitar. It’s relaxing.

I mean for free Too. You have a Contribution free guitar every night in this room, you know? Yeah, should be. I’m grateful. Yeah, That’s right. Okay Eric Clapton up in here. All right. Okay, so let’s do some rapid questions because you know, I wanna make sure we answer as many question as possible. Let’s try to see if we can run through some questions so we can answer as many PO as possible.

So what is a good way to lose belly fat? That’s where I seem to gain weight the most. Great question. PCOS one are actually more likely to gain weight in the belly area for a couple of reasons. One is insulin resistance, 80% of scissor have it and it actually causes your body to retain weight around the midsection. Number two is stress.

High cortisol if you have really high cortisol, it also causes your body to retain weight around the belly area and also retain weight generally. Number three is poor sleep, also poor sleep gets, that’s also related to high stress as well cuz usually high stress leads you to have cortisol dysregulation. Now then now you have poor sleep as well and now that creates that cycle of cortisol being constantly dysregulated.

So there, there are varying factors but in our opinion for majority of P C O S women belly fat is a cause of insulin resistance and high cortisol. So what do you do? Well you wanna make sure you’re managing your blood sugar levels, maybe taking a supplement like acetol, making sure your diet is on point with your blood sugar levels. And then number two is you’re doing workouts that are working on your entire body as a whole and spending the most amount of energy.

For example, like full body workouts or workouts that include the legs. These are gonna expend the most amount of energy and cause your body to burn the most amount of energy, AKA fat and cause you to gain lean muscle and get rid of that belly awaken at the same time. Yes. Okay. I kind of went off. Well done. I went,

I, I said I was gonna go quick but I didn’t go quick. So go, go ahead Todd. There is no quick, let’s see, one second. I love peanut butter. What’s a good alternative? So I don’t lose my favorite treat. You could still have peanut butter, you can have almond butter. I heard peanut butter is like more inflammatory then almond butter.

But either way, if you like peanut butter, I don’t think that’s going to make or break your P C O S journey. Yeah, I think that sometimes we get caught up on the little things and I mean for example, like endocrine disruptors, okay, they’re everywhere. They’re in our beauty products, hair products, shampoo, the plastic lofa we use is like made of plastic.

We’re like rubbing it on our body in the shower with high heat water. So I mean yes there are like toxic chemicals everywhere. I’ve heard peanut butters, inflammatory, blah blah blah, all these things. And I feel like if you want to start from one thing like makeup and start swapping things out, you know, maybe that’s more of a sustainable way to clean up your lifestyle and make it more PCUs friendly.

For me, like throwing everything out and buying everything new is like too much. Like I like my mascara from Estee Lauder, you know what I mean? It took me a minute to swap over to like a clean mascara I did when it ran out. But you know what I’m saying, like it doesn’t need to be this huge upheaval that makes you uncomfortable and like not wanna sustain it.

Yeah. So if you love peanut butter, I would stick to peanut butter and if you wanna for example, do something that probably has more impact on your diet, like going gluten and dairy free, you know, I would start small and swap out the dairy from your breakfast and try to like start implementing that instead cuz it actually would probably have more impact than peanut butter.

Alright, I wanted to read this question right here cause I think it’s a a good point. Well, vasal is really expensive. Everyone can’t afford it. Please suggest some alternatives. So I, I want to explain one thing too is that Ovasitol actually comes in a three month supply. So that’s why it comes off as expensive. Now this might seem controversial but I’m gonna say it,

Ovasitol is actually one of the cheapest in OLS out there. Yes, it is actually one of the cheapest. Here’s why. So it comes in a three month supply. So when you look at the, actually the monthly cost, it’s actually relatively low compared to otherInstal supplements, but Ovasitol comes in four. So like if you’re looking for alternatives, these are the factors to look for because at the end of the day we want you to get the proper instal supplement to help you.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s Ovasitol or something else, the important thing is you get Aosta supplement that that has like research backed dosages and quality. So here’s what to look for. One, you wanna look for a Aosta supplement that has a daily dosage of 4,000 milligrams. So that means you’re gonna have 2000 in the morning and 2000 in the evening breakfast and then dinner.

So that’s the first number one important thing cuz that’s what was used in the studies 4,000 milligrams a day. Number two is it should be in a ratio of 40 to one Mayo and D chiro Acetol. So 40 to one Mayo and D Chiro Acetol. Again, this is what was used in the studies and two, this is the ratio that’s found in the body.

And when that ratio gets off, that’s when insulin resistance occurs and gets worse over time. And number three, Enal is a massively produced product in on this planet, which means you should buy it from a company that is NSF certified or at least third party certified in AL is used as a filler in a lot of other supplements in a lot of other areas.

And what that means that it’s a very massively produced product. So you can’t, you shouldn’t buy it from a company that doesn’t have any credentials cuz you don’t know what the heck they’re creating. So essentially what I’m trying to say is buy it from a company that has a third party certification. For example, Ovasitol has that NSF certification, which means that it’s third party tested for contaminants,

for accuracy, for a lot of things. So that’s why Ovasitol is our favorite cuz it meets all of those different criteria and we haven’t really found any other Instal supplement that meets those criteria that’s even close to the same price. So I hope that explains it and if you have any questions about it, if you, if you find any alternatives, let us know.

We’ll definitely share it. Okay. Let’s answer a couple more. Can you mix Avast in with any beverages? Yes. You can mix it with hot or cold beverages, but not with anything carbonated. So I mix it with tea, I mix it with water. That’s pretty much it. Yeah. Tea, water. I make apple cider sometimes I like boil apples with cinnamon.

Sometimes you put in like a smoothie or something. Oh, A smoothie. Yeah. Your morning smoothie. Pump it with all, Allright. Color Street says, you guys are amazing. I learned so much. Every time I watch your lives videos and sisterhood, I’m slowly making changes and definitely feel the difference off. Thank you so much. We’re so happy to be able to help.

That’s awesome. Yeah. Welcome to the sisterhood. Yes. And you’re doing great. We’re very proud of you to, to making all those changes. It’s just to touch on the sisterhood for a second. Yeah, let’s touch on that. We have been working night and day on the app to get this app going and out. And as you can imagine,

it’s not easy when you’re designing something from scratch and you have this vision and you want it to be perfect. And then you, you know, there are other factors. I mean, if I was the one building the app and I had that kind of smarts, let me tell you, it would’ve been done yesterday. But I wish we were app developers.

Wow. Would I be spending day and night developing this app? But I’m not and I can’t And here we are. Yeah. Waiting. It’s okay. Are we thinking it’ll be out in, in about a week? Give us seven days? Oh, it’s Possible. I’m not giving anyone any timelines. I know, I’m just gonna sit here quietly.

The funny thing is, back in like literally back in August, I was like, September guys, September will be out. Yeah. Yay. Well that hopeful Cuc is now it’s December no longer with us. It’s December Cdac Squandered dreams. Yeah, I YearsSquandered. All right, well it’s fine. Alrighty. Well, I guess on that note,

for anyone who is watching us right now on the live, if you wanna listen to this podcast, you know where to, maybe you don’t know where to find us. You just go to any podcast platform there is Spotify, apple, Stitcher, Google, and just search a sister and her, Mister a Sister and her mister. Or if you search P C O S,

you’ll probably find us as well. We have so many episodes, we’re getting close to 200 episodes, all about different, different topics. And yeah, just stay tuned for this sister to everybody. It’s about to come out the app. Stay tuned. Stick around. Yes. All righty. Bye everyone. We’ll talk to you soon. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site where sisters, just like you are learning how to move through the stages of P C O S from stage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the P C O S lifestyle, pollutant and Dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body again.


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