What Tallene eats in a day for PCOS while traveling (Part 1 Spain)

Today we talk about what Tallene eats in a day to manage her PCOS while traveling. These are some of her favorite gluten & dairy free recipes, including some new favorites she’s discovered while traveling in Spain.

When it comes to eating healthy for PCOS, Tallene is laser focused on blood sugar control and reducing inflammation. This is the root of the metabolic dysfunction that comes with having PCOS so you’ll learn everything you need to know to prevent that from flaring up even when traveling

Stay tuned until the end where we answer all your specific questions about what to eat for PCOS!

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Full Episode transcript:

Is it TMI. If I say you’ve had your first period in Barcelona, That’s fine. Doctor, since my own hands and with the other stem naturally Yeah. Sister is on my period. I’ve tend to be pretty private about stuff like this, but I shouldn’t be, everyone wants to know. Some people asked me, is your period regular?

Yes, it is every 30, 31 days. Very regular. I was pleasantly happy and I’m always happy. I was like very, I was pleasantly surprised because we did a long travel. We’ve been eating all this like different kinds of foods, Katy And rhythm And rhythm. Exactly. It goes to show despite all of this, all of my peace Suez lifestyle habits pushed my body,

you know, into staying normal basically. And so getting my period on time and things like that. So I think it’s great. And I feel good. Cramps. Aren’t crazy. I really was expecting it to be super late. I was so stressed when we were packing and being, and like, I missed some workouts and it was just like all over the place,

but my shooting was normal. So yeah, Maybe that’s why even in traveling, like when you travel from one country to another and you experienced a jet lag, which Dr. says women with PCRs are basically experiencing jet lag all the time because of their circadian rhythm being off. And your circadian rhythm was all for like, at least five days after we landed in Barcelona.

Remember like, you bet. Yeah. You were waking up at like four or 5:00 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. Or you were taking like naps throughout the days. Cause you were just exhausted from like your body not being in rhythm. Yeah. And yet here we are. And I’m still going through changes myself. Like I haven’t had a normal,

I’m sorry to say this. I haven’t had a normal bowel movement since we got here. It’s all over the place, all over the place. I am sorry for this information, but it truly is. I took it. I’m taking it. It just feels that, oh my God, it looks different. I don’t know what to say. We’re getting used to we’re acclimated The first week too.

I was like dehydrated every single day and it didn’t make any sense. I was like, why am I D every time I would, you know, like P wouldn’t be clear. It wasn’t clear. P I’m sorry. I just think we weren’t drinking enough water. We’re not used to this. Like we’re drinking from, I will say it. Plastic water bottles.

Yeah. Which I do not approve. What am I supposed to do? If anyone has an alternative, please email us and tell us what the heck we’re supposed to do. We’re here in this Airbnb, you know, and these are our options. Yeah. Well, we could go, we could buy those like metal thermoses or do they call thermoses and then dump two big water bottles into thermoses.

Take it from a plastic water bottle and put it in the thermal Plastic. And it makes a difference because it’s still seeped by the BPA. Oh my God. Or we can buy glass containers and pay like triple the price. But I can’t, I didn’t even See that option. I know I miss our filter at home Keri here into the apartment. We’re carrying water into that.

The eco store. There’s one store down the street. It’s like an eco store. It’s like all this gluten and dairy free stuff. If you watch her Instagram you’ll know it. And they have glass containers. But again, like, you know, it’s expensive And I don’t want to carry glass. It’s hard enough to carry these water bottles every other day By like packets and packets or water bottles.

So yeah, as you can tell sisters, we struggled too sometimes with keeping consistent with a lot of these things, but you know, just like everyone, you gotta just keep trying your best to keep doing what you can and, you know, figure it out. You figure it out along the way. But welcome everyone to this week’s episode. We have a lot of fun stuff today.

We’re going to do a little short Q and a today. We’re going to do a special win of the week for a sister that we met in Barcelona. And we’re going to talk about what Tallinn eats in a day. We’re also going to do a special Q and a for what tine eats in a day. We asked on Instagram, what questions do you have for Tallinn about what she eats?

So when we get to that segment, we will answer all those questions. We’ll read them. So stay tuned until the end, when we get to that section, but guests paper, we’re gonna get started with a regular Q and a session from Instagram. First question is from LMK 41. She asks, how many steps should you get a day? I like to aim for 5,000 when I’m at home,

because walking is not part of our daily routine. And it really like takes up, you know, 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there. It makes it easy to get 5,000, but it just takes up a lot of time. If my goal is like 10,000 at home, that’s me though. But here 10,000 Here, I mean, Yeah, it’s easier.

Cause you’re walking to dinner and then you’re walking back and you’re like, oh yeah, we’ll do an extra block to like really kick it up a notch. And that’s another thousand. Yeah. You’re walking to the gym, walking back from the gym. You’re walking to the grocery store. Literally everything we do is walking here unless it’s like a two mile location that we’re going to take the taxi Part of being here,

to be honest. I mean, aside from like everything else, but I just love that. We’re like walking all the time. Yeah. Like sightseeing for me. I don’t know too much about Spanish history, so it’s beautiful. And then it’s like, okay, that’s cool. Like I’m not blown out of the park because I didn’t study Spanish history.

But the fact that we’re walking is like, let’s do it. Let’s see everything. Let’s walk everywhere. We have gone to a Spanish museum yet. We got to really go to one of those because They’re amazing. Yeah. Well, it’s been great. We’ve gone to like park. Well, we’ve gone to arc the, from arc the trail, which was amazing.

There was a park near there too. I forgot the name. All amazing stuff. So there’s a lot of history here. Like you really notice as you walk down the streets, like buildings are 300 years old. Like you, buildings are beautiful. You can really see the architecture and divide. You know what I mean? So that’s been great. But as far as steps,

one thing I would recommend though, is try to start out with your goal being 5,000 steps a day. Maybe do that for a couple of weeks and then try to add a thousand steps to that weekly. So for example, like first two weeks, try to 5,000 steps a day. Then maybe after a couple of weeks, try to get to 6,000 steps a day.

And eventually if you can find the time to get to about averaging about, you know, eight to 10,000 steps a day, that would be, that’s a really good, really great way to keep your body active. A great form of cardio and can be really beneficial for metabolism, for insulin resistance, losing weight and so forth. Yeah. Next question is from Kayla Holmes and she asks us our YouTube channel.

If you don’t follow us on YouTube, just go to YouTube and search piece, us weight loss. You’ll see us there. Our channel has been blowing up, has been blown up, but Kayla asks, I really want to ask, brings question for your telling because I think it’s really important. She asks, why do y’all want to get your period back?

No judgment. I’m truly asking. My gynecologist told me that having a period has nothing to do with being healthy. I’ve been on period for two months, desperately looking for a way to get it to stop. I just want answers. Now. I wanted to bring this up because it’s not at all a bad question by Kayla. In fact, I think she’s been directed in a really bad direction by her gynecologist.

And I would really like Utah to kind of dive deep into this. All right. There’s a book called the fifth vital sign. And it’s all about your period because people are now saying that your period is your fifth vital sign. So what’s the vital signs. So that is, you know, the sign that you’re alive. It’s your, what are the other vital signs?

See doc, look them up while I go on my tangent. But basically your period is a reflection of your health. It’s telling you, how has your blood sugar, how has your inflammation, what are your other hormones doing all your hormones doing throughout the month? How much your cramps are, is a reflection of your estrogen dominance or how much progesterone you’re making.

It’s really important to make sure that your period is coming every month, you know, in a timely fashion pain-free. And if it’s not, you have to investigate it and figure out why, because the period is the fifth vital signs, you know, did you find that those Two different sources, one from Hopkins medicine and another from Cleveland clinic and they both say the four main vital signs are body temperature,

pulse rate respiration rate, which is the rate of breathing and for your blood pressure. So basically the signs that tell you that you’re alive. Like if you don’t have a pulse, yeah. Need I say more, but with that being said, your period not stopping, this is something you can certainly investigate maybe with a different gynecologist or maybe with a naturopathic doctor.

They really dive deep into the blood work. They look at specific numbers, you know, they don’t look at such a broad spectrum that your gyno is looking at and they really can navigate your lab work and understand what is going on and what supplements you need to take and how you need to support your body to make your period stop and have it just come,

you know, every 30 days, 28 days for like five to seven days. And that’s it pain-free so this can definitely happen for you. Why not? But it sounds like you’re a guy. No, I just want to know what kind of guy now goes to medical school. It is so hard to become a gyno and you come out of it saying that your period doesn’t matter,

Me Falling out of this horrible sofa, it’s fucking so far. Okay. But really, I really just don’t understand. It’s not your fault sister. You have been missing. Absolutely. If you’re not getting your period month to month, or like, you know, consistently like time explained, Demi’s, there’s something off with hormones with maybe your circadian rhythm,

like obviously more complex than that. Yeah. This is for long-term health. Yeah. For your own sake. Why should you have your period every day? You know? Yeah. Well, I mean, it sounds like hers isn’t stopping, like you don’t have to suffer. This doctor is clearly not helping. Yeah. I would definitely recommend getting another opinion.

Definitely see another gynecologist for that too. Just to see like what they would say. Third question from Alafia. She says, why can’t you skip meals? I eat until I’m full, roughly 1500 or more calories and two meals a day and I’m not hungry in the morning. So what’s the idea behind not skipping meals. Another great, great question here from Olivia.

So I don’t think there’s one size fits all. If eating two meals a day is working for you and you feel good and you’re losing weight and you’re just energetic and everything’s wonderful go for it because it means that your body can survive with, you know, in between those meals for long periods of time, your insulin levels, you know, not spiking for long periods of time.

That’s great. So maybe it’s working for you, you know, I’m not sure, like depending on your symptoms and situation, but if you have cravings, if you’re fatigued, if you have anxiety, then it’s not working for you. If you’re struggling to lose weight, especially it’s not working for you because it means it’s slowing your metabolism and your body is feeling deprived and breakfast for most people helps with supporting blood sugar control throughout the day.

So skipping breakfast sometimes leads to cravings later in the day and like snacking at night, things like that. So it’s really up to you, evaluate your symptoms, evaluate how you feel. And then, you know, if you don’t feel good, you can definitely change it to three meals a day. See how you feel with that. Yeah. Also like some people are led to believe all,

like, just stay hungry and skip your meal and that’s the way you lose weight. But then they don’t understand that can cause like Tyne said fatigue, your body’s like eating its own soul, which is not Burning your stores, but also you’re losing energy. Like You’re not burning your own muscles and muscles. Yeah. All right. Well that’s our QA session for today’s episode,

but stay tuned till later we have a Q and a about what Tallinn eats in a day, as well as tying, going through what she eats in a day. Do you like my announcer voice time? All right, bye. Exactly Bob Barker. Okay. So we have a special one of the week. We usually have multiple wins of the week,

but this week we want to focus on one sister Maria from Spain. So she reached out to us via Instagram and she had messaged us saying, Hey guys, I come with amazing news today after three to four months of going gluten and dairy free and taking an all-star supplements. I went to my gynecologist yesterday and she told me that my PCLs has completely reversed.

My cysts are all gone. My lab results look normal. And apparently I obligated last week, we are starting to think about having a baby. And I was all the leading half times a year. So I literally cried. Thank you for all the work that you do for people with peace us. I never expected that your easy guidelines would have such an effect on be amazing.

Right? We’re so happy for you. And after that message, we continued talking with her and realized that she’s in Barcelona. And we had dinner that dinner. Yeah. So much fun. We went to this gluten and dairy free spot. I mean, it’s not completely gluten and dairy, but they had lots of options, flax and Yeah. Flax and kill.

So if you’re in Barcelona, you can check that out. They have two different restaurants and both It was bomb. And she was so sweet. We had such a good time. It’s amazing how, when you meet someone with PCOS, you can really just connect with them because they have the same journey as you. And it’s just this whole community out there there’s so much to talk about and so much to cover.

It was a great time. We had a, Yeah, we literally talked about the pain points, a piece. You as how, like she was so frustrated and annoyed about how little help they shared gotten early on in her PSUs journey. And she was amazed at like, what happened? Like she couldn’t believe that something physical, like ovarian cysts could actually disappear just through diet and lifestyle.

Like many people think like if you have like something physical, like ovarian cysts that you need surgery or something like that. But in fact, like diet and lifestyle can make those Cisco’s away. Go away. Of course everyone’s situation is different. We’re not saying it’s like a hundred percent everybody, but It’s a good kickoff point. Yeah. People don’t tell you that you can do this when they just tell you,

our guy knows you have ovarian cysts, take birth control, reducing inflammation, managing your insulin levels. Your ovarian cysts can go away. This is the real deal for some people it’s going gluten and dairy free for other people. Maybe it’s something else. There are other ways to reduce inflammation and insulin levels, but either way you can do it A hundred percent.

Well, shout out to Maria. Thank you again for going out to dinner with us. We really had a great time with you and I’m sisters. If you’re in Barcelona or if you ever see us in your country in the next year, just send us a DM. We’re always happy to go out to dinner. Just to have a good time. Talk about PCOS,

eat something gluten and dairy free. Enter your question to your questions like the QA. Imagine. Yeah. It comes with like a list of questions. Why Not? As long as you pay for general Dinners on us, Dinner is on us. It really is. It really is. I’m just, I’m just kidding. But yeah, that was so fun.

Shout out to Maria for that. And yeah. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity call and finally got her period after a year of not having one And credible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Well, It helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most PCs sisters have.

And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced.

So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order. All right. Well, let’s move on to w I’m sure everybody is really waiting for,

which is what Tallinn eats in a day. So time. Do you want to go through your day first and then answer the questions? Or do you want to answer questions first and then go through your day? How would you like to do this? I’ll go through the day first and then let’s answer questions. Okay. Let’s do that. So here in Barcelona,

we don’t have a smoothie blender. Okay. I’ve been resorting, not resorting, but we’ve been eating eggs a lot in the morning. So eggs, avocado, tomato, cucumber, olives. This is basically my breakfast and there’s this store called where we found lots of gluten-free bread and other things like croissants people. I had a gluten-free I don’t know if it was dairy free Chris this morning.

And it was really good. I mean, I’m not going to make it a regular thing. I just got it to try it. Yeah. I ran out of gluten-free baguette today. Yes. Correct. They make gluten-free baguettes all around. You. You’d be surprised. And we’ve, we’ve been having it. It’s amazing. And this downstairs at the other Breakfast spot,

they have Hansel. Yeah. Hansel. They literally made us a gluten-free bread in 10 minutes to they, oh, it’ll take a little bit longer. We’re like, no problem. No problem, sir. There was one shot. The one shout out To one who is not listening to This podcast. He is what did he became a fan. But just to also specify,

like we have Italian has about two to three eggs with like 2 0 2. Yeah. Well, I’m just saying sometimes three by six, six. I make the, I make the eggs like some weeks. And I, sometimes I put like five eggs, total scrambled, and then I’ll give you like half have, but then I noticed sometimes you like to eat less eggs when maybe like you have a little bit less.

So two to three, but usually two for Tallinn was like half a half an avocado. Right. And things like that. But why don’t you explain your smoothie? If you were back in the states, what kind of smoothie would you make? So if I was in the states slash next week, I’m going to go downstairs. There’s this spot, this healthy breakfast spot that seems to have smoothies.

And I would get spinach, some almond milk, half a banana almond butter, chia seeds, and dairy free protein powder because whey has protein in it. So I usually offer, I mean way has dairy in it. So I opt for him, protein. I really like a good smoothie, like a Hardy smoothie for breakfast, but haven’t been able to do that here yet.

I will let you know next to find a blender. I was going to bring a blender, right? No, no, no, No, no, no, no, no. There’s like a portable Blender, something like that. Where you just like put the thing upside down. Boom. And then, And she got it. They’re so small.

Probably so somewhere we should get it. We’re going to be around the Europe for the rest of the year. I cannot believe I didn’t do That. Well, we are going back to America for wedding and June, July, July, still a while. While the way we have to think about that, what am I going to have salad For breakfast?

Let’s we’ll find a soar. We’ll find a blender. Should they have it somewhere? Maybe these ships and a small cheap lender. Amazon here in Spain. That’s the one thing we haven’t done it all as Amazon. I don’t think so. Cause I don’t see any Amazon print trucks. I haven’t seen one. All right, let’s move on to your snack.

So what’s your snack after breakfast, before lunch, Peanut butter and half an apple lately, I’ve been having half an apple with half a banana and then giving SeaTac the other half. But I basically make a little fruit bowl with peanut butter. And then for lunch, sometimes we go out. Sometimes we’ll eat at home, but one of the lunches I had last week was so good.

It was salad with some berries and nuts and then some delicious tuna on top. And the tuna was like Ole and fatty and the salad didn’t have a lot of dressing. So it was like a perfect combination. Then we got Quock and corn chips in the middle and it was right after a workout. And that was like one of my favorite lunches so far.

And then as a snack, after that I’ll have hummus and carrots. Cause I got some of that from the grocery store carrots here for some reason are so good compared to California, they’re Full of water and hydrated, Not dry at all. They’re so good. I don’t know if it’s like us. Maybe like we just think, cause we’re in Europe,

the food here or the groceries are better, but Honestly I was telling Maria and she thought I was crazy. And I was like, no, you don’t understand the crunch. It’s so good. I just want one right now. Okay. And then for dinner last night we had Cod and I had some gluten-free bread with some tomato rubbed on it. Penn they call it.

So I put some of that caught on top of that. Then we ordered some arugula salad that was really good. And they have something called Russian salad with tuna, which has mayonnaise in it. Yes. Nannies is dairy-free. So I had a bit of that and I thought that was a pretty healthy, balanced dinner as well. So as you can see lots of seafood happening here.

Yeah. But what are the things you’re looking for when you’re having dinner? So scissors know like what should they look for when they’re trying to make their dinner every night? So I’m always thinking protein, carb and fiber slash fat. So what’s my protein going to be usually here it’s fish, what’s the fiber going to be? We order a salad, but we have to like make an effort for the fiber.

Cause it doesn’t come on the side or like most of the top us, like they’re not vegetables. Like we have to literally like look at minuscule salad section of the menu. Yeah. And of course you need some healthy fats too, which is usually found, well, it depends. Sometimes if you’re having fish, it’s going to have healthy fats, but then also the carbs And then carbs.

So usually if there’s like, no gluten-free bread, I’ll just get patatas bravas, which is potatoes. Some like a only thing on it, which I don’t like to eat too much of because I’m not sure if it has dairy or whatever, but yeah. And it doesn’t feel like the most healthiest thing to you all the time either. But something to think about too,

like for your proteins, like you can definitely, I know that not everyone likes fish, including myself. So you can go for like chicken. Chicken’s a great protein option because it’s lean and very high in protein and very healthy. Of course there is of course beef, different kinds of beef. You know, you can have even pork know pork is good too pork.

We’ll have some fats in there as well. And then for your carbs, something we use as a staple back when we were in the U S was sweet potatoes, like almost several times a week, we had sweet potatoes because sweet potatoes have good carbs, not as high as you know, regular potatoes and they’re lower on the glycemic index. So they don’t spike your blood sugar the same way as regular yellow potatoes,

because yeah. So you don’t feel the cravings after red, red after eating dinner. So a couple of things like that to think of, but of course there are other options too, for carbs that you can find like keenwah whereas some others Bape, some other carb options, buckwheat rice. Yeah. Rice Racist. Gluten-free of course again, I’m sure you’ve heard,

like don’t have rice with PCRs, but that’s just because it’s a carb, but you can still pair it with proteins and fats and things like that to help reduce your blood sugar. So yeah. Lots of options. Yeah. And then some other things that we’ve had here that I really liked for dinner or for lunch where the other day we had gluten-free falafel and some salad.

Well, at honest greens, that was good. That it has been top three restaurant here. We should go back. Yeah. Maybe today after gym, maybe we have time. We have time. I don’t think we have time, But anyways, salmon, tar tar and arugula salad was really good. They have a lot of salmon tartare here and steak tartar.

Yeah. I mean We had Cod tar tar last night, raw cotton. That was not, I thought it was, It wasn’t, it wasn’t hard. It was just raw card, but it was like, it was like sashimi. It was a tar tar tar tar. One more time on spot. Yes. Okay. That’s bomb too. Oh yeah.

They make this omelet here. It’s called Spanish omelet and it has like potatoes and onions in the omelet and it’s freaking amazing. But honestly, if you are in Spain, traveling really check out on a screens. It’s like a, like a hipster salad place. You know what I mean? Very different than anything else you find in Spain. And as a result,

it has long lines, but it goes by really fast and they give salads with like amazing like protein options as well as vegan options. It’s really, it has everything you would want if you’re trying to be healthy while you’re living in Spain or you’re trying to just have like a healthy lunch, you just want something like a beet salad, chicken and like a kombucha Chicken this whole time.

I Know amazing. But it’s true. We barely have any chicken, chicken. We’ve had so much fish instead of chicken. And I’m into that. When we go home, let’s try to do that. All right. Let’s answer some questions about what I eat in a day. Are you super strict gluten and dairy free or do you allow cheat meals?

I mean, I don’t like the word cheat meals. I don’t like the word strict because this is a lifestyle. So it’s really, something has a little bit of dairy and like I don’t have any other options. Okay. Well I think everyone just heard you in this conversation talk about, oh, this one has a little bit dairy. You just go,

you just like, you know, you just try to limit it and you go with it. Right. Exactly. Most of the time I don’t eat gluten and dairy free. And then if there are situations that I can’t really control and there’s a little bit here, a little bit, there I’ll be like lenient about it. You know, I’m not gonna starve,

but I do like to prepare in advance. Like if I’m going to kids’ birthday party, I’m not going to have the pizza. Like I’ll bring my own sandwich or eat it right before I get there. I prepare in that way. But if you think of it as like a strict, like a strict thing where you can’t have cheat meals and so on,

it gets a little bit stressful and that’s not the point. The point is to nurture and nourish yourself. So if you feel like you want some sometimes, or you, you have no choice and you’re hungry. It’s okay. Yeah. Question from Melissa. She says, found that I had peace us yesterday and I have no idea what to eat or what not to eat.

But Melissa, I have two places where you can start. First one, if you go to our website, peace, us weight, loss.org. In the block section, we have one blog called pantry food items that are for PCs basically. And if you look, we have a list that you can download and it’s, it can be a great start.

But if you want more details with like carb tolerances, with ingredients, grocery lists, et cetera, that basically does all the work for you. I highly recommend checking out the sisterhood. When you sign up, you can go to the recipe section and they have, we have not, we have a whole recipe, section 50 plus recipes for breakfast, lunch,

dinner, snacks, including vegan options, where you can basically find all the things that are right for PCs with the grocery list. Again, the ingredients, and there are customized to your carb tolerance, which we help you learn in the sisterhood community and the sisterhood five stage success path. So I highly recommend going there Melissa and finding those. All right.

So next question. You look at question a sweet. Do you eat chicken? Apparently not recently. Not recently, but we do eat chicken a lot when we’re in. I used to get organic antibiotic free chicken. Yep. So Alice says, do you weigh out everything when you’re making it, do you calorie count? Absolutely Not. Calorie count. That is so stressful to me personally,

I focus on metabolism. So I’m a registered dietician. I understand weight loss, especially PCO S weight loss, hence pizzerias weight loss on Instagram. And I will say that we have to focus on metabolism. That means nurturing your body in a way that it works, but it just burns what you’re eating, but you don’t have to think about calories and all of these things.

And how do you do that? You think of blood sugar management, you think of stress management, you, you know, eat anti-inflammatory foods that make your body more insulin sensitive, which is a really important hormone to think about because that is the hormone that gives your cells, the sugar in your bloodstream to burn for energy so that you can lose weight and food.

And so everything I do revolves around improving insulin sensitivity. So whether it’s doing my slow weighted workouts, eating gluten and dairy, free eating a high protein breakfast, walking after meals, all of these things are supporting my metabolism. And I don’t have to think about calories. I just have to think about what is my lifestyle regularly? What do I do most of the time that will support my metabolism?

Absolutely. All right. Question from Arianna. She says, I can’t handle seafood. How can I get the nutrients from it without eating it? Great question. Since we just talked about us eating seafood and I agree with the Ariana, sometimes I can handle either. So you want to first think, okay, what is in a lot of seafood? That’s,

you know, what, what do they contain? So many seafoods, they contain vitamins, a, B, D and omega three fatty acids. So if you want to find the source of protein, that’s right for you, for example, chicken, beef, pork, what have you go for that? And if you want to make sure that you’re also taking maybe a omega-3 supplement,

obviously check with your doctor, have your levels check, see if it’s right for you before you go ahead and do it once you know that you can try and see if omega-3 supplements are right for you. And of course like vitamin D is also very, very important, especially for women with PCOS. I forget the statistic, but I believe 50% of women with peace us are low in vitamin D.

So that’s something else that you should definitely get checked with your doctor. So those are some of the main stuff, but of course, you know, fish also has a lot of other nutrients or minerals as Irin, zinc, iodine, magnesium, so much other things. So you want to look for foods that also contain those as replacements. Next question.

What natural sugars are okay to eat, not sweeteners. Okay. With PCO. S of course you’re saying not sweeteners. I’m just going to touch on that for a second. Eating sweeteners can spike your insulin levels and give you high insulin levels, which is just as bad as having high blood sugar. So I don’t suggest like Stevia, monk, fruit.

I don’t suggest any of them. So with S I feel like reducing your natural sweeteners as much as possible is ideal. So whether you’re having coconut sugar, whether you’re having regular sugar, it’s still sugar. It’s still going to have an impact on your blood sugar levels and reducing it as much as possible from your diet is super ideal. And if you have some here and there,

whatever, but regularly I don’t eat. And just to kind of, I don’t wanna dive too deep into it cause I know Ty, and you already explained it, but Lucy mentioned, do you count calories or do you intuitively know how much to eat to keep your weight stable? And I think that’s something basically Italian does is after, you know, years and years of experience of knowing the foods that’s right for her body portions,

et cetera, I feel like you eat the kind of foods or you eat enough where, you know, what’s keeping weight stable, right? Yeah. And in The sisterhood, we show you how to discover your carb tolerance. And that requires a little bit of tracking. So you’re going to track what you’re eating for about a week and really see how much carbs you’re having in a day and analyze how you feel when you lower them or when you increase them.

And if it helps you, if it doesn’t help you with losing weight or your symptoms. And so with that being said, I don’t such as tracking forever, like your carbs forever. But once you find your carb tolerance where you feel comfortable, then you start getting used to eating that much. Then you start improving your metabolism and your hunger and fullness,

hormones are more sensitive and working properly. And you know, when to stop and you’re like, you know how much to have, because you got used to it, you understand your body now. And that’s it. Like you don’t have to count for the rest of your life and obsess because nothing’s working and you’re trying to be super strict because you want to see the results and yes.

Yep. All right. And the question from Lou, do you limit fruits? What do you think, baby? I mean, I would say no, not really, but we just keep it a moderation, right? Yeah. I mean limit as in I have one fruit a day. Yes. Maybe two, but I used to substitute fruit for like my sugar craving.

So if I wanted something sweet, I would have a bunch of fruit and I would say it’s healthy, it’s fruit, but it’s not if you’re having that much. And if you’re having cravings like that, there are other ways to manage it. Instead of suppressing it with a bunch of sugar and fruit. So with that being said, I have fruit as a snack,

like once a day. And that’s pretty much it. I try to reduce my intake of sugar altogether as much as possible. Yep. Yup, yup, yup. Yup. All right. I guess that’s all we will answer for today. This was really fun though. We should do this. We should do this more often. Like what tiny eats in a day with your questions to dive deeper into each one?

I think definitely this is something we’ll keep on doing in the future. So scissors subscribe to this podcast if you haven’t already. So you can catch next week’s episode. I think next week we’ll do our game. Guest is food again where we’ll have telling guests APCO is friendly food based on my hints. And yeah, we look forward to just keeping updated on this Barcelona journey and our next journey,

which will be in Switzerland in a couple months. And just keep you updated along the way, how we’re eating. Hopefully we’ll start cooking more at home soon because I don’t know, it gets kind of tiring to eat out. Cause it’s really hard to eat out and stay healthy. You know? Like we’re like purposefully trying to like, not waste Too much too fried To this.

Exactly. We’re trying to eat. Like that’s why yesterday we got like sashimi card because it’s, there’s no like really anything fried about it or like butter or anything like that. Yeah. It was like the healthiest thing we could eat. We’re getting salads more and more so pretty good dinner. Yeah. So we’re, we’re gonna try to like try to cook from home more often and try to see if we can that It’s still dinosaur kale.

I’m going to massage it, make it into a nice little salad, but then we need a, and I don’t know what to make. We’ll get some chicken, chicken, chicken. All right. Sisters time for my first nail appointment of Barcelona. Yes. Take everybody. We’ll talk to you next week. Talk to you soon. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from stage one, cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCOS lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again.


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