Benefits of Omega 3 for PCOS + Our new PCOS supplement line!

Benefits of Omega 3 for PCOS + Our new PCOS supplement line!

Why should you consider taking Omega 3 to fight PCOS?

In this episode, we talk about the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids for PCOS as well as the launch of our new PCOS supplement line!

You’ll learn:

– What are Omega 3 fatty acids?

– Why are they important in fighting PCOS?

– How to pick the right Omega 3 supplement for you

– The launch of our new PCOS supplement line

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Full Episode transcript:

We’ve been working on our supplement line and it’s been a very fun process, a very educational process, a grueling process. There’s been lots of ups and downs in terms of like how we’ve made a whole supplement line come together. There’s all kinds of certifications to make sure everything’s pure and perfect. So we’ve put our heart and soul into this. We were really adamant about a few things,

the purity of the supplements, the quality, but not just that we want to have all of our supplements like certified third-party certified, basically go through these extra processes that even though we didn’t have to, we felt like we were obligated to do them, to serve the PCs community as best as possible. Dr.<inaudible> into my own hands and stem naturally<inaudible> We are in Italy sisters,

Which has had, I’m not joking with just had focaccia sandwiches and somehow we are living right by another gluten and dairy-free truly Italian store where they make different like gluten dairy, free products, like focaccia sandwiches. I mean, it’s amazing. It’s amazing. This happened in Spain as well. We chose an Airbnb that was literally a street away from the gluten-free bakery.

And now we’re in this place called<inaudible> and we’re literally a street away from the gluten-free bakery. And honestly, like if you went to Portofino or Santa margarita Liguria, which are like surrounding towns, I don’t think they have gluten-free bakeries. I literally think we chose the Airbnb that’s right next to the only gluten-free bakery on the Amalfi coast. For sure. I mean,

we got lucky in Barcelona and Barcelona for anyone who’s living there, horse visiting, just go to hunt Sana. Gluten-free that’s the name? J a N S a N a gluten-free amazing bakery in Barcelona. And what was the name of this store? Honestly, I didn’t catch the name. I just like walked up to, it said sends a glutenin and I walked right in And sends a lactose.

Oh Yeah. As well on their board. So Amazing. I had a croissant. I had full Kutcha thriving into the Morphe coast. Yes. Solo Soto. I said, I, it sounds like a combination of though and Yolo. So though, anyways, today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about omega-3 four PCO S the benefits and why it’s such a vital nutrient for PCLs.

And this episode has been a long time in the making, because ever since February and March of this year, 2022, we’ve been working on our supplement line and it’s been a very fun process, a very educational process, a grueling process. There’s been lots of ups and downs in terms of like how we’ve made, you know, made the whole supplement line come together.

We’ve had to wait a long time. We know everyone has been DM-ing us. What supplements do I take for PCO? S and we’ve been talking about our supplement line, but it’s been taking some time because there’s all kinds of certifications and just to make sure everything’s pure and perfect. So we’ve put our heart and soul into this. Yeah. I think one thing we definitely did is kind of make it harder for us because we were really adamant about a few things.

Some of them are the purity of the supplements, the quality, but not just that we want to have all of our supplements like certified third-party certified, basically go through these extra processes that even though we didn’t have to, we felt like we were obligated to do them in order to serve the PCs community as best as possible. So for all the people waiting were sorry,

but at the same time, we know that you’re going to really like them even more because of how much better quality they are in terms of like the efficacy, how bioavailable they are, how high quality they are, and to kind of give a brief explanation of our supplement line. The name is overfit. And our first supplement line that we’re coming out with is called metabolism.

Plus, Yes, it is a combination of supplements that are formulated to support your metabolic hormones. So I know, you know, that you’ve heard us say always that healthy diet and the lifestyle is essential for reversing PCs symptoms and you can’t out supplement a diet, but a combination of food and supplements can really help fight piece cos and eliminate symptoms. And we spent a lot of time researching and trying to figure out what were the core essential supplements that we feel PCs women need and are deficient in.

And a lot, a lot of times we have nutrient gaps where it’s really detrimental for our hormones that are supposed to support our metabolism. And so we did a lot of research to find out what those nutrient gaps are and formulate these four supplements. And one of them we’re revealing today in this podcast episode, because honestly, if we talked about all four and all the details of each one in one episode,

I think it would be way too long. So in this episode, we’re going to be talking about omega three. Yes. And as Tom was saying, there are four supplements in this metabolism plus bundle. And one of them is omega-3, we’ll be revealing all the other ones. And the next month in the next two months, as we do an episode on each one,

so stay tuned for all those episodes, make sure you subscribe to catch all of them, for anyone who has any questions, feel free to DM us, send us questions on Instagram, feel, feel free to email us. We’ll be to explain further, but basically it is a bundle where you would receive all four supplements in a three months supply. And we’ll later on,

explain why we’re providing everything in a three-month supply, as far as how that can benefit your PCs with that being said, I guess let’s go ahead and get started with this episode about omega-3 the benefits and what to look out for. So here we go, Let’s do It. So first thing you’re probably wondering is what are mega three? Like what is omega three omega three fatty acids that are essential for hormone health.

There are several types of omega-3 fats, but the most important ones can be categorized into two main groups. There are your essential omega-3 fatty acids. These are known as alpha linolenic acid ALA, which is an essential omega-3 fatty acid. It is found in a lot of different foods, especially plant foods, such as walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds,

and their oils are the richest sources of the ALA or the essential omega-3 fatty acids. But then there are also the long chain omega-3 fatty acids. These are the most known as I’m going to try my best to say this correctly, but the two most known or Elko SEH, pentatonic acid OPA yes, and docosahexaenoic acid DHA. And they are mainly found in fish oil,

fatty fish, but also in seafood, like other seafood and also algae and algae oil. That’s why usually when you hear about omega-3 supplements, it’s referred to as like fish oil That’s right. So ALA is considered essential because you can produce it on its own, but you can also get it from your diet, like from seeds and nuts. So oftentimes we suggest pumpkin seeds and things like that.

And then on the other hand, EPA and DHA, aren’t technically considered essential because the human body can use ALA to produce them. However, converting ALA to EPA and DHA. Isn’t very efficient in PSUs women. On average, your body turns only about two to 10% of the ALA you consume into EPA and DHA, but for PCs women, it’s less.

So I thought this was really interesting when I learned about it, because I thought I was getting enough for my seeds and nuts turns out that having PCO S makes it harder for you to convert that ALA into EPA and DHA and get those benefits from the nuts itself. So here’s why so women with PCs were unable to efficiently process the ALA omega-3 fats found in seeds and nuts because of the impairment of an enzyme called D six D and that converts the ALA to EPA or DHA.

The reason why PCO is women like can’t efficiently process, the omega-3 and seeds and nuts is because of hormonal abnormalities like stress, hormone, dysregulation, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism. Oftentimes we drink a lot of caffeine that can affect your ability to convert ALA vitamin and mineral deficiencies. And we often have one or more of the things I just listed. So our bodies are very inefficient at converting ALA into EPA and DHA.

But as I was continuing my research, I figured out that fortunately, you can skip this conversion step by taking a fish oil supplement in the form that most everyone can utilize a nice PuroClean fish oil supplement. So essentially you’re taking an omega-3 fish oil to skip that conversion and get your EPA and DHA directly. But why is it important? Why is that important to you to take an omega-3 supplement and get your EPA and DHA,

make sure that they’re at the correct level for your body? Well, now we’re going to jump into the benefits of taking omega-3 supplement. And the first benefit is actually from a study where they found out that it can actually reduce your hunger and cravings by helping you feel fuller longer. In fact, in the study, the fish oil group report, it’s so funny,

the fish oil group, like what does that mean? But the fish oil group reported feeling fuller for up to two hours after having a meal such as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What kind of makes me think of like a school of fish, you say the Fisher. So visual also helps improve your metabolism, the higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn and the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off.

One study reported that when young adults took fish oil, their metabolism increased by around 3.8%. I mean, that is a significant difference, especially for women with PCOS, where we’re trying to support our metabolic hormones and really get our body to naturally lose weight. Another study, it showed that when older women took omega three, their metabolism improved by 14%, which is equivalent to burning 187 more calories a day.

Very interesting. That’s a lot, a more recent study. It showed that in average adult taking omega-3 improved their metabolism by 5.3%. So as you can see, there’s a lot of studies around metabolism and omega three fats, And there are even benefits to exercise. Fish oil can improve the benefits of exercise. In fact, research suggests I consuming fish oil may also amplify the number of calories and the amount of fat you burn during exercise.

Researchers believe this happens because fish oil may help you switch from using carbohydrates to fat as a, of fuel during exercise. Now we’re talking about metabolism gear. We’re talking about improving fat burn. We’re talking about reducing cravings and reducing hunger, but there are also so many other benefits that can help support PCO as symptoms and have a lot of sisters. Yeah,

that’s right. So, I mean, we’ll start with the first one fertility, there’s new research from the American society of reproductive medicine that shows omega threes are beneficial for improving fertility and chances of conceiving in PCO as women. I mean, that’s amazing that they did that study and were able to come out with that statement. It also helps improve insulin resistance,

lowers triglycerides improves your mood reduces inflammation. And if you’re struggling with fatty liver, it can help improve that as well as was a quality oblation lowering androgens and having a healthy pregnancy. So overall omega-3 is one of the core supplements out of our bundle of four supplements that we feel PCU us women need. According to the research studies, I mean, let’s break down some of these benefits because I think just going through them,

like there’s so much information here, for example, like improves insulin resistance, 80% of sisters have insulin resistance. So this is such a great, such a great benefit. Of course, improving mood. Many sisters have anxiety and or depression, and also have mood swings due to different reasons, reducing inflammation, almost all PCs women have chronic inflammation. We always talk about the importance of liver health when it comes to PCs.

And then of course, air quality oscillation and then testosterone. So if you’re a person who is trying to lower your testosterone levels, studies have shown fish oil also lowers androgens. So these are all great benefits and we’re just really happy to have found a supplement, a formulation that can really help with all of these different factors. That’s so true. And you know,

what I’ve found in, you know, managing PCLs and also helping other women reverse their symptoms. It’s that it’s about a combination of diet and lifestyle. And I really see that supplements help move the needle with that because managing PCO is, especially in the beginning, when symptoms are all flared up, you know, it takes a bit of time. It takes several months to see the results and start reversing it.

But when you really take supplements that support your intentions with reversing PCOS support, the metabolic hormones that are driving your S then it can really move the needle. So I think that I try to eat fish once or twice a week, but taking an omega-3 supplement every single day is definitely going to move the needle faster than me trying to eat fish every single day,

which is not something I technically want to do. So with that being said, let’s launch into like dosages, like how much should we be taking? So it’s recommended to take within a range of 300 to 3000 milligrams of combined EPA and DHA. But to see the benefits that we talked about in the studies, a dosage of at least a thousand milligrams as recommended,

which is how much I found in our omega-3 supplement. There’s also an another important factor when it comes to dosaging, it’s recommended that you choose one that has a combined percentage of 50% of EPA and DHA at least per a thousand milligrams. So that means if you’re having a thousand milligrams of fish oil, it should have at least at least 500 milligrams of combined EPA and DHA.

So ours actually has 700 milligrams combined EPA and DHA exceeding the minimum requirement of 500 by 200 milligrams. So even better when it comes to that ratio, which is of course a good thing, not besides from the dosage, there are a lot of really important factors in terms of safety to look out for when it comes to fish. So the first thing is you want to make sure that the fish oil that you’re,

that you find that you’re looking for is harvested from healthy, from abundant waters, and it’s processed to eliminate environmental contaminants. And of course it should be, third-party tested to ensure that the finished product exceeds international pharmaceutical standards. This is important because I’m sure everybody has heard like fish these days. It’s kind of hard to find quote, unquote, clean fish because of contaminants cause of pollution and all these different factors.

So you want to make sure that the fish source that’s being used is free of heavy metals, dioxins, Forens, PCBs, all of these should be as low as possible. And the manufacturers should minimize the oxidation of the fish through advanced technologies. If that kind of makes sense. So where ours is different is that ours is independently tested and certified by both the NSF and the international fish oil standards.

That’s right. There is a whole organization that tests fish oils. So it’s certified by the international official standards that I F O S for content accuracy, parody, and freedom from contaminants, such as the mercury and the other ones we mentioned, including PCBs, PCBs are polychlorinated by phenols, which has obviously not good for you. And so, again, all our omega-3 supplements that we’ll be providing in the metabolism bundle will be tested for the label accuracy and for,

for all the contaminants. There’s a whole association out there keeping up with the purity of fish, actually remember learning in school that a lot of fish oils are rancid because they’re not, third-party tested, they’re not regulated is the word they’re not regulated properly. And they just like sit on shelves and go rancid. And even like the bottle color, like everything matters when it comes to choosing a fish oil,

because there are so many ways that it can get like contaminated or like ruined. So it’s, this is why it has taken us so long to come out with this supplement bundle. So also you want to look out for a fish oil supplement that lists a single type of fish as its source. It’s much harder to control the quality purity and oxidation of multiple fish oils combined into one supplement.

And the one we chose is sourced from a hundred percent sustainable, wild caught Alaska Pollack from the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering sea. It’s met the Marine stewardship council standards for sustainability. So we have waited and waited and waited and all these people who regulate fish have approved. Yes. And of course like sustainability is really important because a sustainable fish oil supplement needs to consider like the needs of like,

it sounds cheesy, but the needs of the planet, right. And optimizes the environmental effects that you have. So that’s why it was really important for us to find a fish source that was sustainably sourced, wild caught, not farmed. Cause we like farmed fish is unfortunately not very good and it’s cold water fish and minimizes the use of plastic. So again,

we have met all these standards because we are meeting the standard that is set up by the Marine stewardship council MSC for sustainability. So when you received the metabolism bundle and you look at the omega-3 bottle, you see all three of these certifications on the bottle, NSF, the ifs and the MSC, the Marine stewardship council. So we’re just really proud of it.

I feel like, it sounds like we’re maybe like bragging about all these certifications, but yeah, I know we spent so much time and energy Getting All of these certifications to happen and that’s why it’s been taking us so long. Everyone’s DM-ing us so excited and we love it. We’re excited too. We usually can imagine our impatience as we wait for paperwork to go through.

Yeah, absolutely. So we’re just really proud of it and we can’t wait until, until sisters, you try it out too and let us know how you like it. Because as we, as Tom was saying, a lot of energy has been put into it a lot of time in it. It’s only worth it because we know it will be helpful to so many people out there.

That’s right. And we just want to take out the confusion of selecting supplements for PCOS, especially if you’re newly diagnosed. I mean, if you just go on Google, there are so many supplements that are great for inflammation are good for PCO S but we really deeply dove into the research, saw where the nutrient gaps were saw, where the deficiencies were and also how we struggle with certain enzymes and conversion and just getting the right amount of this specifically omega-3 fat.

That’s so essential to supporting our hormone health. Once again, I’m not going to eat fish every single day, but taking a supplement can certainly get me there, get me where I want to be in terms of the anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oil. So this is one of the four core essential supplements we’ve selected for PCs, weight loss, By the way,

if you notice how me and tie-in are kind of like taking a break between each other talking it’s because we’re sharing a mic tally. They don’t want us to bring to max on our second trip of Europe. And I agreed with her. It was a lot of extra weight having to mix in other equipment. So we just brought one mic that we’re sharing back and forth.

The good thing is I especially don’t speak over Italian when she’s talking and she usually doesn’t speak over me, but like, I usually like, no, We have to hand the mic over to Each other. Like, because like pause Between what we’re trying to say. But before we, before we end the podcast, we want to end the podcast with our winds of the week.

As we always do. These are sisters who are managing their peace, us losing weight, and basically showing peace us. What Abbas is our first win of the week is from Molly. She is from the sisterhood and her message is, Hey, sisters finally made a decision to go gluten dairy free last Sunday and decide to do a weigh in every Monday,

just weighed myself this morning. And I am down 4.5 pounds in a week. I’m over the moon. I hadn’t even been able to be active or do any exercises or anything. So this is solely based on the change in food. That is amazing. That’s awesome. I’m so proud of you in a week, such progress and you know what such progress with reducing inflammation.

Because a lot of times we retain water. A lot of times we gained weight exponentially as well because our metabolism isn’t working properly. So it sounds like you’re on the right track. All right, next, Lauren Mack, she says a few wins today as a sisterhood newbie. My whole day was gluten-free and dairy-free, I got three walks in while listening to the sister podcast.

I made a balanced meal and my obese Tom arrived. I’ve been about 90% dairy for you the last two months. But since joining the sisterhood last week, I am trying to work on gluten-free the thing that’s driving me right now are my blood test results. I really don’t want to be diabetic. I have severe insulin resistance and I want to lower my inflammation.

I’m so sick of all the failed yo-yo diets and never losing a pound. I’m excited to try something. That’s actually addressing my metabolic struggles, feeling optimistic. That’s fabulous. I’m looking at a picture. Oh my gosh. She’s showing us her steps on her Fitbit, her balanced meal from the sisterhood, her opacity tall, she downloaded and printed the workbook from the sisterhood.

I’m so, so excited for you. I can’t wait for you to see the next lab results you get, because I honestly have no doubt that this is really going to make a difference go. You I’m so proud of you. Amazing job. So proud of your sister. You got this Lauren and speaking of tall, a lot of questions that we’re getting about the supplement bundle is does this replace of assets acetone?

Do we no longer have to take Avastin tol now we love Avast natal. We feel like it is the perfect supplement when it comes to managing your insulin resistance and regulating your blood sugar and improving so many other pieces of symptoms, like period, regularity, oblation, ed quality. However, we’re not looking to replace a perfect product. We feel that our supplement bundle it can work in conjunction with Avast Atol of Avesta is perfect.

There’s no reason for us to create a Supplement. Yeah, because why would we, if we were only looking to create supplements that we feel like aren’t in the market, that we feel like aren’t available. So we only want to try to create a perfect supplement and there’s no, in our opinion, there’s no way of creating an another, an all-star supplement.

That’s better than acetone. So I hope that explains that you can still take both the, both together. Of course, that’s up to you. And whether you feel that’s right for you and your body That’s right. I mean, we’re all trying to move the needle as much as possible, as fast as possible in terms of reversing our PCO. S so I mean,

sometimes just comp layering on the different components to losing weight and managing your symptoms is ideal. So Lauren, for example, she’s got her diet down, she’s taking, oh, Vasa tall. She’s getting in her steps and when she’s ready and if she wants to, she can layer on an, a supplement regimen with the forest central supplements. So these are all just here to support you on your PCs,

weight loss journey. Next is Carlita. I’ve been on Odessa for one month and gluten and dairy free for a month too. I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds. And today I just got my first period that I didn’t need birth control for. And I’m so happy. I could literally cry. Amazing Girl. I’m so proud. It sounds like you really got your insulin resistance under control here.

You’re headed in the right direction. You know, having your period, it’s just like a report card of how the month has been going. And clearly you have been taking all the right steps for your body. So go you. Yes, absolutely. You got this Carlita and for anyone who’s interested in Avesta tall, we have a link in our podcast description.

They can go ahead and order. There’s even a 15% of code. You can check that out. And for anyone interested in the supplement bundle metabolism, plus it will be coming out very shortly in about a month. We will be having a pre-launch. So stay tuned. You can sign up to our newsletter, or you can keep following us on Instagram because we will be launching the pre-launch date where you can,

we can order it ahead of time so that you’re guaranteed a bundle because right now we only have a limited quantity of bundles available. Of course we’ll have many more in the future, but this initial run, just because it was so difficult to create all the bundles that we only have a limited, limited quantity. So make sure that if you’re interested that you’re ordered during the pre-launch and during the pre-launch,

we’ll be having a special bonus for anyone where they will be getting a free month in the sisterhood. If you ordered during the pre-launch. And even if you’re a sisterhood member, you’ll get a free month added to your membership as well. So Yes. So stay tuned, everybody. Thank you for listening to today’s episode, we’ll be back next week with another episode about the supplement line.

So stay tuned for that subscribe. And we’ll talk to you then talk To you soon. Take care. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free, get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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