Coronavirus & How to Stock Up with PCOS

It’s been a wild time the last couple days so we had to dedicate an episode to the Corona Virus and what you can stock up with PCOS!

Episode 16 of A Cyster & Her Mister is about the Corona Virus and the foods we bought to stock up with PCOS, how to be safe, and tips to continue living your life while managing your PCOS weight loss and keeping your immune system strong by focusing on reducing adrenal fatigue!

Tallene even goes over what she does every night to keep her stress levels low and hormones balanced through the night. Sirak explains how you can still work out at home without going to the gym. Tune in to hear more about the foods we each got!

We highlight a Cyster who’s been managing her PCOS like a boss and losing weight even during these times! Listen to hear her personal message!

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free!

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome to a sister on her, mr. A podcast where we show you the real behind the scenes of how we balance the PCOS lifestyle in our marriage, gluten and dairy free. I’m telling your fellow Cyster and registered dietitian And I’m Sirak husband, engineer, and PCOS personal trainer. We’re going to make peace us a little less overwhelming and a lot more fun.

I don’t have a drink, Babe. I think watching the news has overstimulated your stress, Always overstimulated by all sorts of news or all sorts of information. It’s just so much information comes in and it comes out these days. And like, especially with the coronavirus, you know, I’m always reporting to Tallinn. The numbers are up or yeah, I’m in denial.

What can I say? A few days ago? I didn’t even realize what was happening and Sedaka was trying to tell me and I was in complete denial and then yeah. Yeah. Well, to be honest, a couple of weeks ago, I was like, baby thing might actually get bigger than it is. Let’s be prepared. And you were like,

we talking about Beans. I don’t need to keep bees. I know we have a thing about beans. He’s like, you need to get beans. And he put on the groceries, I’ve been saying for a week, let’s get beans. I want a stock pile of beans. You’re acting ridiculous. I’ve never experienced such a thing. And then just the other day we were like,

wait, maybe we shouldn’t go to the gym. Yeah. Two days ago on Wednesday, we always go to the gym or like it’s this little grocery market and sit and get stuff in case something happens so that we’re prepared and then we’ll just work out from home. Yeah. So we ended up going to the grocery store and luckily they had lots of dairy free options cause everyone was taking the dairy.

Sure. Yeah. It just funny, everybody takes a dairy products, but the F the ironic thing is all the dairy products are this stuff that would get expired. Whereas the non dairy stuff, like if you get like ripple milk and you look at the expiration date, it says like, may, because it’s nondairy which we’ll talk about, Oh, look,

time, just take out the milk. We have all this stuff that we bought and July 30th, 2020. There you go. There you go. So we’ll talk about that. So let’s go into this episode. So with all this stuff, that’s been happening with coronavirus, we’ve been getting a lot of DMS, like, Oh, like, what should we get?

What should we, you know, stock up on? How do we say save? So this episode, you know, we know a lot of, a lot of people having affected maybe like one of your family members or even friends has, um, has been, you know, been around this coronavirus, or maybe it’s just affected your life directly where like so many people can leave their house.

Right. Exactly. Yeah. I mean, it really depends which part of the country you’re in, or maybe which part of the world, but so many people are on locked down or maybe like they’re not even allowed to go to school to work. So this episode was just to kind of talk about that and what you can do with PCs, what foods you should get,

what you should keep in your fridge, especially when you’re gluten, dairy free, what stuff’s, uh, you know, stock upon how to stay calm, how to stay calm, especially with adrenal fatigue that can really affect your immune system and other aspects of your piece, us and your daily life. And even like, we’re going to talk about workouts,

how you can do your work. It’s very important to stay active. So it helps your immune system. So we’ll tell you how to work out from home and including stuff. Like the stuff is specifically what we bought and the portion sizes and things like that. Yeah. And what I like to do at night to stay calm and collected so I can have a restful sleep and start the next day in a good state of mind and not overstimulated by all the news that I’m avoiding.

Because every time you come home from work, you’re like, you won’t believe it. And I’ve been in my bubble. I haven’t opened any news channel. I don’t know what’s going on. I get like the days download at five o’clock. The truth is I’m so annoyed that I’m at work. And I can’t like, I can’t believe you still go to work.

They haven’t made me stop going to work here, but I really don’t want to, but it’s just like, what can I do? I’m not going to just, Oh my gosh, the peer, I guess. But like, yeah, I feel like we should, all best thing is to slow it down as a stay at home. If it’s from what I’m hearing,

Stay safe, big. I mean, you’re the one that did the research. Should I get a face mask? So I read, um, exactly from the CDC website and also from the who, the gut, the who website, which is like all the age, who, the agencies at world health organization, the agencies that are like, you know,

in charge of all this. And they’re saying, uh, basically the most important things is to avoid contact, basically keep within, uh, or more than six feet away from each other. Cause if you’re within six feet, you can actually the most, uh, the common way to get this is through like your respiratory system, meaning breathing. So through the air.

So these are all, yeah. All transmitted through the air. Even if it doesn’t have to be as direct sneeze, it could just be like around the vicinity of that person or even the object, you know, Your work, the research violate the air, right. Thursday. Yeah. Anything with central area, their research. That’s why airplanes and cruises are the most dangerous places to be in because they recirculate the air.

So if that’s, if that particles in the air yeah. And it’s just circulating and more people can get it just like that. And that they say to wash your hands and always because if you touch a surface that may have it, and then you put it on your face. Now you have an even higher likelihood of getting it through your mouth, you know?

So that’s why it’s important to, you know, try to avoid touching a lot of things. And if you do touch things, wash your hands immediately. Like, let’s say you just went grocery shopping, immediately wash your hands afterwards. I did. But I felt, I went with my sister the other day. She was like, I’m covered in Corona virus.

I’ve just covered it. Yeah. Cause we were around so many people and it was so crowded, but I came home. I watched. And the thing with the masks is, so the mask, the, the news and like the guidelines about it had been a little bit complicated because there are two types of mask. There are like the regular surgical masks that like,

you know, that you, you see them putting it on over their ears and stuff. Those actually don’t help that much. They only help with, um, you know, avoiding to spit on things and things of that nature. However, the, uh, the N 95, they’re called N as in Nancy and 95 masks, I guess they’re a bit more,

um, a bit more helpful because I have like a filter on them. But even them, they’re not a hundred percent effective because you have to be trained in how to use those and how to breathe through the filter because they have gaps from the edges. So if you just breathe through them regularly, you’re still breathing the outside air, however D teach,

you know, like professionals, like the medical people or people who are using it in like very, you know, dangerous environments. They teach them to breathe through them in a very specific way. And even that is not sustainable, sustainable for long periods of time. Even those people have to get out and breathe, take deep breaths after using this masks.

So for that reason, that’s why they say the best way to avoid this is to just stay home, try to avoid people, like say like six feet away from each other, telling them, you just know, but you know, like when you’re out, You happen, we are going down together. It’s like the Titanic except Rosa. Okay. So yeah,

that’s just like the best ways to stay safe. And you know, unfortunately it isolates people, but just the other day telling you, or showing me the people in Italy, singing on the balcony, Beautiful on Instagram. They have like a few videos going around. They’re viral that it’s women, not women, I’m sorry. It’s people in their balconies singing.

And like even a DJ brought out his set to his balcony at night. He’s like, he’s like, everyone’s dancing, DG drop them now. But yeah, it was crazy. You gotta stay happy. Yeah. Whoever we’re going to talk about that too, making sure you still light that darn candle at the end of the night, and you just act like this is the end of the world Crawl into bed.

No, but we’ll get there. Yeah. And like, again, we’re trying to make this positive, you know, we know a lot of people are affected, but we’re trying to help, which should give you some information. But we’re also trying to make it a positive thing because you know, at the end of the day, we got to keep being happy and moving forward,

you know, everybody, all the news and stuff, there’s alarm information, everything we’re hearing. But Because talking about it, it’s just like, Oh my God. Yeah. Stressful. Just remember this is all going to go away. It might take, you know, um, a couple of months, maybe a little bit longer, maybe like just a year of like being very uncomfortable,

but just know like, even like all the doctors and everybody’s saying, this is eventually going to go away. It’s just going to be very uncomfortable for some period of time. Or we’re all going to get through this. And afterwards life is going to go back to normal. Yeah. PSA life is going to go back. Yeah. All right. Until then we need to stock up our pants.

Yeah. Let’s talk about the food that we bought and people should. Yeah. So I went, we went grocery shopping twice. And so right now, if you’re listening to this podcast and you feel like there’s nothing left at the grocery store, I just want you to know there’s, you know, um, they’re restocking and also you can find some foods at the liquor store.

You’d be surprised. A lot of people don’t go there, but you can go to a liquor store and find some food if you really feel like you’re out. But anyways, we went together and then I went with my sister a second time. Both times it was kind of pen. No, the first time it wasn’t pandemonium when we went together. But last time I went,

it kind of was, but still there was a lot of gluten and dairy free foods still on the shelf. That’s the thing. It really helps to be good tender. If you’re in new situation, Specifically buckwheat noodles, there was no pasta left, but there was buckwheat noodles. I’m like, Oh wow. Show them. Yeah. If you’re watching this podcast on YouTube,

you’ll see, I’m holding up buckwheat noodles. They, even though it says wheat in the name, they’re gluten free. And, um, let’s see, they’re higher in protein. They’re six grams of protein. Yeah. Only two sugars or two grams of sugar. And um, you know, it’s a carb of course, just like any pasta, but at least it’s higher in protein and yeah.

You know, if they run out of pasta at least. Yeah. And they’re still lower than normal carbs. However, I’m just curious this bag. How many meals do you think that? Oh, okay. Good question. It says servings serving per container is four. Okay. And so when you’re in this type of desperate situation where you can’t leave your house and go to the grocery store,

cause you don’t want to get infected. It’s important to look at the portion sizes and try to keep to that. So that you’re nourishing yourself. You’re not overeating. You’re not under eating. Yeah. That’s the important thing is you want to nourish yourself, get all the nutrients, your body needs all the needs so that your immune system is good. And it’s like,

it’s it’s high because your diet is good. Yeah. I told the other day, we have a scale, a food scale. And if push comes to shove and we really can’t leave our house, I’m going to start measuring our portions by the scale, because we can’t just be eating as much This book, we don’t just get like 10 bags and it doesn’t even take that much space,

you know? And like now you’re stocked up. Cause you want to just have a lot of food and maybe for the next couple of weeks, a month, just so you can avoid going to the grocery market where they’re they be 20 people around just try to avoid going back to maintenance. Another thing that was fully stuck, like we said earlier, was the ripple,

pea protein milk expiring in July. This is the best part. This milk right here. Doesn’t expire until July. So you can actually buy like 10 of these if you wanted to. Yeah. And we don’t have a big enough refrigerator. So we got five. Your mom sent us a text. What does your mom or I think I saw it on Reddit maybe,

but it was a picture of somebody who the entire cart was full of just milk. Like these people don’t realize that milk is going to expire within the next week. So where are you buying all that much for, so, yeah. So that’s why you gotta be smart with what you buy, like buying a lot of toilet paper is not going to do much And water bottles.

Like we have tap water. We’re not going to run out of water and salt. Like what do you mean? So being smart, like one, this is a funny way, but in Seguin toilet paper, just by a normal amount, like just regular amount, but just get a good day. But my sister did that. Or if you’re going to,

um, for water and civil water bottles, go get a tap or a filter. We’ve had a filter since we moved in here. So like, I really didn’t even have to worry about getting water and um, yeah, like just be smart. So let’s, let’s continue. Use the towel. You don’t need all those paper towels. Yeah. That’s going to take up so much space and you’re not getting the essential is I read an article on why people are actually getting stuff like toilet paper and paper towels.

It’s a psychological factor is one they’re so confused about what to buy. They don’t know exactly. What’s the most critical. So they just go to the thing. That’s the most common that like they usually get, which is all, I need a lot of toilet paper. And then the psychological factor on top of that is other people seeing that. So they start to go in and buy two.

That’s why I think people are nuts. It’s a mob mentality. And that’s the, yeah, I was just like A little bit of the media kind of creating this pandemic. Like every time you go open, like a CNN CNBC, or like Twitter, Facebook, any of these places where there’s news, it’s always like this crazy headline pandemic, um,

uh, extreme cases. Like it’s always like these, these big words that like create this emotional change. And I think that’s, it’s adding on to the, to the mob mentality. Mob mentality is right. And me and my sisters. So when we went together, the second time I went to the grocery store, I was like, Oh my God,

like, there’s nothing on the shelves. I should buy all these things that I wouldn’t normally buy. Cause everyone else is buying bags. But then I, you have to use your mind seriously. You guys, we can control our mind. And if you, if you can get a grip, it’s really not so bad. Okay. Control your mind.

You know, there’s no paper towels just use a towel. You don’t have toilet paper. Just like, it’s fine. Get in the shower. I don’t know it’s going to be, Yeah, I retired. It was really great that she’s really like, just convincing her mind, not to like panic and just thinking in a very good way. And I commend her for it.

Yes. I had adrenal fatigue once and before I continue with the grocery shopping that we were trying to talk about, I had adrenal fatigue once and it was like, everything was so anxiety, riddled. It couldn’t even like function without being anxious, like walking through the hallway to get to my apartment. I thought someone’s going to attack me. Like just ridiculous things.

Like, and then, you know, of course that has to do with what you’re eating and how you’re fueling your body. And if you have a lot of inflammation and it’s not always like your fault, but if you really just sit down and get a grip and get control of your mind, meditate, do something dry brush, whatever. Then you can,

you can reverse that. You can just come back to the center and realize it’s really not that bad. We’re going to be fine. Yeah. So that being said, let’s talk about these nuts, the whole bag of all men roasted salty Again, that’s something non-perishable right. Like what is this school last year? Yeah. It could last a while.

Let’s see. Yeah. We just say, Oh, June. Okay, perfect. Yeah. And I figure like everyone’s buying rice and stuff like that, which I understand like for survival you need those dry ingredients, but also you want to have stuff that you like, like if you’re stuck at home. So that’s why I got almonds. And that’s why I got gluten-free brownie mix.

Oh no. It’s funny. I was playing while we were shopping. Tonya was getting all like these fun little things like, Oh, like, um, gluten-free breading for chicken or tall taco shells. I’m like, why don’t we get this essentials first? And then, you know, she convinced me. She was like, no, we gotta make things fun.

You know, we’re not just going to eat beans all day. Yeah. When are we going to do with beans? Like we need, yeah, You’re right about this. You got to still have your fund meals. What’s next year I bought simmer sauce. It’s called mild taco simmer sauce. And the ingredients are, you know, tomatoes and garlic and um,

so lunch. Yeah. I can see on the back September, September 20, 21, This doesn’t go bad. And it’s also just easier to make chicken and fajitas. And like, you know, anything, if you have this already premixed sauce, it gives a great flavor. I know it’s not rice and like staple foods for survival, but what are we going to sit at home?

And like, You get those essentials, you get those rice, but this is the kind of stuff that you add on top of it to change it up. You don’t want to eat the bland stuff every day. You know, your family, your self, you want to keep your mood high and happy. And um, I also chickpeas crunchy chickpeas from saffron road.

We were, this is a little, this was too much. I was just grabbing things off the shelf. At this point, I was like, all right, well, if I can’t go to the store, I’m just going to get whatever I like. This goes back to portion sizes. Like if you’re going to get something like this, you know,

where like it’s just one bag and you know, I could eat this and I know, but you know, it’s fine. I could, the important thing here is, do you have portion sizes? You put a cup, okay. This is how much we’re going to eat for while watching this show right now. And then you enjoy it. Don’t just sit with the whole bag and ended up finishing it because who knows when you’re going to go to the grocery store next,

you know, now we have to be super mindful of how much we’re eating. Sure. And then as for vegetables, I, I only got as much as, as much greens that could last the next week. Cause it really stuck up on that. And he ran out of frozen vegetables. I was like, okay, no need to panic. I got carrots.

Cause those last I got onions. Cause those last two salary lasts and potatoes. And so Don’t you also free stuff like when you left, so you cut onions and doesn’t finish your freezer. Right. I don’t waste it. Yeah. Keep, keep all the extra stuff put in the freezer. It stays fresh. Yeah. And that’s important because What else can they do with vegetables?

Or like, let’s say for vegetables, if like frozen veggies are not there. So what can we do to replace the fiber in the diet? Like getting stuff like beans. Right baby. It’s okay. Not to have some greens, you know what I mean? Surviving in times like these, you need protein and that comes from meat and that, and I have a whole freezer full of meat.

Now it’s ridiculous because, but, but that’s the, it doesn’t matter if you got the simmer sauce, the almonds and ladies, as we mentioned, the free brownie and stuff, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have meat and beans. Yeah. You’ll be fine. We didn’t mention that. Right. We’ve got a lot of meats. Just get like ground beef gets,

you know, like just not stakes, I guess, whatever kind of meat, chicken. I didn’t tell you. Oh, nice smoke it. Uh, the thing, the whole bag of chickens, you know, thin breasts, chicken breasts, get a bunch of that. Put it in the freezer and then you’re good. Yeah. And then I got a whole bunch of beans because you know the onions they lost.

Right. So you can chop up some onions, mix it with some garbanzo beans and then you can add the lemon. Cause that, that lasts a while too lemon, olive oil, salt. And then, you know, I like to put sumac on garbanzo beans. So you can do that. You can put a variety of spices on it. If you ran out of herbs,

if they all went bad, you know, just make it work. Just, just make it work. As in ignore the fact that there was no vegetables in the frozen section when you went to the grocery store and like completely bypass the panic of like, Oh my God, there’s no vegetables and hop right to, okay, let’s see what we can do instead.

That’s what I’m like training my mind to do. And that’s what I need everyone to join me in doing bypass the panic and go straight to the solution. Yeah. And if let’s say you do go to the store and there is a much, and you really don’t have like a lot of options, which can be the case in some, in some areas just don’t panic.

There’s maybe other options around. But the thing to remember is you go in the morning. Cause that’s when they’re like, you know, like put everything back in stock and that’s when the least amount of people are there. A lot of people are going around like 5:00 PM, 3:00 PM. When they get out of work, they’re all rushing to the grocery store instead of going in the morning when it’s just first thing,

if it’s possible, you know, like just take like an hour from work. Or like, if you’re not going to work, just go in the morning early, get all this stuff and then come back home. And that should be like the best time to go. Cause when I went, it’s funny yesterday when you went and it was like very crowded.

I had gone to like, I think it was a whole foods near my work in the morning just to get a couple of things. And it was like, it was chill. It was very normal. And then one of my coworkers went at lunch and they said it was like very crowded or something. So like just a couple of hours can make a huge difference.

So just going in the morning can make a huge difference and just getting all the stuff you need. Yeah. Yeah. And another thing they’re restocking the shelves. Yeah. Everyone’s acting like we’re not going to get food back in the groceries. Oh, okay. Well I guess people don’t want to leave their house to go to the grocery store because I,

me, I think people are afraid. People are afraid that one day there might be food though. Like obviously right now they’re like restocking, restocking. I think they will continue to restock, but like maybe at some point the capacity’s reach and like, people are worried about that, which has justified, who knows. We’ve never been in this situation before.

Like anything can happen. So it’s a little justified, but at the same time, it’s because we’re all rushing to get toilet paper that people are panicking too. You know? It’s like the apocalypse. Yeah. That’s why I like this whole thing. We’re trying to prepare all of your sisters to just get the essential needs. So you, you’re not in that mental Flight mode.

Oh my gosh. That’s the thing. It’s fight or flight mode, which is adrenal fatigue essentially when you’re like constantly in that mode, what I’m saying is don’t get sucked into everybody. Else’s fight or flight mode. Right. Bypass the panic and go straight to the solution. Yeah. I mean, yesterday we had like three friends over four friends over and we were just,

instead of trying to make it about, Oh, we’re all just trying to like, stay calm and like tell each other like, like intelligent conversation, you know? Like not like, you know, we’re all like, we’re not all over the place. We’re just trying to keep each other comment like telling here. I gotta say she’s been doing some fun stuff around the,

around the house they leave doing like this Jay rollers. I’m sure you’ve been seeing it on Instagram. I really didn’t use to do this as much as I’m doing it now because I just see the panic surrounding me. So I need to like create my little bubble and push that back. And how I do that is when Cedar casita you’re really good at having an evening winds down routine.

Like he plays the guitar, he stretches on his what’s it called thing, the sole right. For his back, he hangs upside down on the inversion table, like a bat. And I’m like, well, I should do something to like, what am I sitting here? Yeah. So I dry brush. And this all goes back to your immune system,

right? This is like strengthening your immune system, especially around this time. Exactly. So tie-ins methods are, go ahead. I love hearing your things. Dry brushing is a great one. If you haven’t ordered yourself a dry brush, do it. How does that help with the immune system? This is something you do before you shower, because it helps move fluids through your body.

It helps with your lymphatic drainage. And so what that means is your toxins are trying to move out of your body and you’re kind of eating it by brushing your skin towards your heart. And, um, basically it, it detoxes your body and it helps move your white blood cells around them. These are your immune cells that help fight bacteria and stuff have Corona virus.

So when you do that brushing motion, you’re helping your immune system. You’re also helping detox your hormones. Yeah. And you know, this is a proven thing. And so a lot of people do dry brushing before they shower. Because once you shower, you can like wash the, like you get hot. Right. And then you wash out the toxins.

Great. I think to the right after. Yeah, Yeah. Or the sauna or something. So that’s one, um, lymphatic drainage thing that I do. And then another is the Jade rolling on my face. It helps with acne. It helps with removing the toxins from your skin. Um, just like dry brushing. And also, I totally see a difference in my skin texture and like plushness the next day when I do it.

So keep it in the fridge. It’s nice thing. And now I’m trying to do that ritually too. So just keeping myself, um, con you know, just keeping, taking care of myself and making sure that my immune system is functioning properly and also avoiding stress, like watching the news And you’re not depressed. You’re not depriving your body of the attention it needs.

You know, sometimes at night it needs a little bit of self care. Like it’s a greasing Doyle on a car. You want to grease the oil on your body. And like, everything, like loosen it up, you know, for the next day, get it ready. We light a candle, plays the guitar. I brush myself, we have our CBD oil That day after dinner.

It’s like ritual that we’ve had is having a little bit of CBD oil after dinner. Every time two soy relaxes you. And you have to take it after dinner. Yeah. Yeah. So one good tip I give is with CBD oil, it stay say it’s like four times more absorbable. If you have it with like a fatty meal or like a,

like a dinner, because your body absorbs all those like helpful nutrients and compounds better. So have it with a meal, like even like maybe breakfast and then dinner. But I highly recommend like CBD oil as like a, you know, at the end of the night, somebody to relax yourself, especially around these times. It even helps with immune system Minutes after I take it,

I’m like pulsing with relaxation. It works that instantly. And it’s not just in my head cause I forget I take it. And then I’m like, wow, I’m so relaxed. And then I’ll think about like, play my relax. And then I’ll remember that I took it. It’s not in my head. It’s a real big. Yeah. And then also Rosebud team.

That’s the only tea I buy because it helps with your adrenal glands, um, to, you know, stop them from pumping so much stress hormones. And I like to pour ourselves a cup of a jar of Rosebud tea, almost said adrenal team at night, um, in our pretty teacups that we got for our wedding. I don’t pull out the mugs anymore because I’m trying to just elevate the atmosphere even last night when people came over,

I took out our wedding plates because we are going to go down in style. Okay. So help me, God, I like it. We’re going down with the wedding place. But yeah, this just all goes into your immune system and keeping it strong cause with this coronavirus, you know, fortunately for most people, it won’t be as, um,

you know, as harsh and under, you know, body and stuff. Like they’re saying that it’s really, um, it’s, it’s the worst for people who are maybe older and the immune system is not that strong and they have, you know, maybe some underlying conditions. So with, with this thing, you just want to keep your immune system strong so that like,

hopefully your body fights it off. And like, if you do get it, your body’s able to just process it like a, like a regular flu, you know, it may be a little painful, but it’s just like a flu and it goes away. So it’s very important to like, keep on doing the things you normally do, like taking vitamins,

you know, taking your normal supplements that you do not to mention your Avastin at all. Oh, we’ll get to that right now. But like, it’s just important to keep your immune system strong. So that like, just through this whole process, your body’s able to fight anything off. Yeah. Nothing like this type of situation to get you, to force yourself to change your lifestyle,

because that is really, what’s going to help you get through it at the end of the day. So Avastin tall, if you haven’t, you know, made sure your supplies are higher, just make sure, like right now, I believe we just saw it today. And yesterday sisters were saying, Oh, my vest all came. I’m so happy.

I can’t wait to try it out. And like, it’s great. We want you all three months supply. So that’s great for sisters. We just recently got theirs and we hope, you know, you guys continue to go ahead and resupply just to be safe. You know, we haven’t heard of any problems there. Yeah. They emailed me. I didn’t see any issues about back ordering or whatever,

but yeah. I mean, it’s going to help your cell metabolism and it’s going to help at the end of the day at your body, be strong and functioning in situations like these, we want to do everything to help ourselves, um, improve our PCO S and be strong. Yeah. It’s funny. Like, I was always waiting for the apocalypse.

I love like, you know, those movies with like Armageddon and like, just like San Andrea’s like all of these like crazy APOC. I want to live it. I want to be driving a fast car and get in the car. And like, I’m going through like this, like fire. I don’t know why I have a machine gun. I don’t know who I’m fighting off.

And like, I just like, this is the life I’ve always wanted to live, but not this. This is like something you can’t even see, man. Like, I can’t even fight this. It’s like, Oh, I’m sick. Like I can’t, I can’t do anything to fight it. Nothing. You just it’s in the air. You can’t fight it.

We can’t like drive away into the sunset to like escape it, all this shit. This is not treating, Sorry, this isn’t the disaster you had in mind. I know, but at least a week, at least we get to stay home and help others. Scissors be informed. I guess, you know, this is one way to help. Social media is true.

Is this the time to stay together and be strong on social media? Right, exactly. It’s interesting though, how this is going to change the world because I feel like so many people are gonna try going virtual, like with work with education, with so many aspects of everyday life that it’s, it may have a, like a positive impact on the progression of technology.

You know what I mean? Because you know what I read somewhere on Instagram that during the bubonic plague, Isaac Newton stayed, obviously everyone was quarantined and invented calculus or something with calculus. It was something like, I think it was Isaac. Yeah. Yeah. He did it And invented calculus during the bubonic plague. Cause he couldn’t go outside. So let’s see what beautiful things can come from this Who invented calculus.

Pretty sure it was neat. According to Wikipedia dot Newton. I was right. I remembered it. Yeah. So it can have a positive impact on technology and how we go forward. But you know, it’s very important that we keep our, you know, interactions like social, entire interaction still there. Like even if it’s through social media or like you call your friend or something like that,

just try to, uh, you know, keep that together. Yes. And very important aspect of chemo, keeping not just your immune system, but your overall health, you know, like healthy and, and going his workouts. So let’s get into it like home workouts. How are we gonna replace? Maybe you always work out at the gym. Cause that’s like your place.

That’s where you’re like focused. You don’t get distracted, which I totally understand. That’s how me and Tony were doing it too. But like workouts now are going to be, have to be done at home. For most people. The gym is not safe enough to go and work out because you don’t know who’s been there. How much bacteria is there.

It’s just, if you want to stay safe, it’s better to work out at home. Yeah. You’re touching all these things. Yeah. And like as much as I hate saying it, like it’s, unfortunately that’s what it’s come to. I love working. I go to the gym four or five times a week. But at this point in order to keep myself in time,

it’s better. If we don’t Thanks for protecting me. Of course. So what can we do with home workouts? Now? We actually, months ago in January had a, you know, a home workout, basically a workout and um, meal plan course, you know, whole video series for four weeks. And that all of those were actually home workouts.

You could also do them at the gym, but Tallinn in those videos did them all at home. So we’re actually pretty accustomed to knowing exactly how to work out at home. It’s not so bad. In fact, it’s better. You’re like dinners cooking at the same time you have the TV on like you’re comfortable. You can lay on the floor without feeling like you’re laying on a bunch of germs.

Yeah. So it’s just about getting the basics. Hopefully you can, if you have some dumbbells at home, maybe like 10 pounds is all you really need to get started. 15 pounds. Maybe it’s two 15 pounds to 10 pound dumbbells. Even if, if you have two, five pound dumbbells, that’s still something you can do. And like, just especially for upper body and Even legs.

When you do the one where you put your leg behind you on the couch and squat with your other leg in front of you, Belgian lunges with five pounds is honestly hard enough. I’m still sore from Bulgarian, lunges. I who is getting, I get it mixed up between Bulgarian and Belgium thing is Bulgarian lunges. Anyways, actually in my opinion, leg workouts are very easy to do from home because just the other day we were recording a workout for the sisterhood and telling him was doing it just from a chair.

We just use one chair. I think we’ve talked about it in the past. We put one chair and Tom has used it to work out. So like, we can, you can easily do the same thing and we’ll actually show some examples for all of you in the future. Maybe we’ll just do a live workout on Instagram, from home, you know,

while everybody’s home, let’s just do a workout together, something like that. So you can do like, just get some dumbbells also. If, if it’s still possible to order from Amazon, I just ordered this the other day. Let me take it out. Ooh, this is a, it’s called A workout bar. You know, you put this bar,

this one is made by iron gym. Um, what is like the official name for this? It’s like a bar you can do pull ups on, but the great thing is it doesn’t need any kind of installation. You just put this on your doorframe, above your head and now you can do stuff like pull-ups not at all. It’s not an, the at all.

It’s just a bar with like these plastic things and you just put it on, on the top of your doorframe. And now you can just like pull yourself up using it and like to, to work out your back or like your arms. And you can even put it on the ground and like use it as leverage to put your feet. It shows it in the instructions like how you can put it on the ground between the doorframe and put your feet between the bar and do sit ups so that you have leverage,

you can put it on the ground and do pushups. You can do a tricep workouts. And this is just like one, one piece of tool that I just bought it like three days ago. Cause I knew this were about to like, just work out from home. This was $30 for me on Amazon and you can probably still buy it. I’m pretty sure it’s still available.

Yeah. I’ll definitely take a picture and like we’ll share it on Instagram. So it’s just like, this is like one piece of tool, $30 and I can do like so many workouts with, and it’s a very efficient. Yeah. So just because it’s the Corona virus doesn’t mean our lives and our PCs friendly lifestyles need to find. Yeah. Cause I’ll tell you what,

I’m not losing my games. Okay. I am not losing my games. I’m going to, It’s going to ride this wave and wait for it to be over. I’m gonna make my beans in my simmer sauce and chop my onions and just wait until the coronavirus acid. Yeah. And just keeping your normal state of mind and normal state of life is very key.

Like just make sure you still take all the vitamins, take your Avastin. Tol used to workout, keeping your body active. Even if you know, like they closed off your work and you can’t go to work anymore. It doesn’t mean that you have to just stay home and do nothing. You know, like obviously we just want to Netflix and chill,

but it’s keeping your body engaged. Your mind. Engaged is very essential that your immune system is still strong right there. What is that? All the topics we wanted to cover are related to the coronavirus. Yeah. I think we talked. We, yeah. I hope everyone feels encouraged. Yeah. To not encourage, to not just like, um,

fight this, but to not panic and keeping your body in a good state of mind. Right. So we should into what we always do. Cause we still have our winner of the week. Our sister, who’s doing great. We know all your sisters are doing great, but we always cover one, uh, one, one sister who sent a,

you know, like a message to us and we’d like to highlight. Yeah. Yes. So this sister DMD me and she said, she sent me a picture of her, of acetone. And she said, after a year on Metformin, I asked my doctor, if I could switch to a VESA tall, I lost 40 pounds going gluten and dairy free while taking Metformin.

My cycles came back, but I was always feeling sick. She didn’t even hesitate. My doctor didn’t even hesitate to say yes, I’m so excited to be two weeks into opacity. I’m excited to have finally made the switch. That’s great. Go girl. 40 pounds. That’s so good. I feel like on average, sisters are losing 10 pounds a month,

but if you’re not, don’t get discouraged. Don’t feel discouraged if you’re not, it’s fine. I mean, one of the most healthiest rates is if you use, like, if you lose one to two pounds a week, because that’s a sustainable way, that’s how you can slowly make sure your body is like getting used to it. So don’t feel discouraged.

If, if it’s going slow for some scissors, you can go faster and that’s okay too. And sometimes you don’t get any weight loss for a couple of weeks, but you have your symptoms improving. You can tell they’re improving it. Maybe you feel like your waistline is getting less bloated. Maybe you feel like your skin’s getting better. And if that’s the case,

I encourage you to continue and just wait it out because your hormones are starting to move in the right direction. And the weight loss will come maybe in a few weeks, maybe later on, or maybe you need to add a few more, um, of my tips to your lifestyle. Like changing up how much carbs you’re eating. Maybe a little more than maybe a little less.

Yeah. We have lots of information and guidance in the sisterhood about what else you can do to help with weight loss. Very true. And it’s really important around these types of around these times to stay within your community, keep yourself engaged, talking to others. And fortunately we provide that with the sisterhood. You know, it’s just, it’s a community chat forum.

Yeah. Times in the chat forum, along with other sisters. And there’s all these resources that you can learn from videos, workouts you can watch and do at home. So it’s just, it’s just a, it’s a great resource right now, especially if you’re stuck at home. Oh definitely. Yeah. So thank you sisters for listening in. We hope you really enjoyed this episode.

I mean, it was, we will keep you encouraged. Yeah, it was last second. I think when we were planning this episode, we weren’t planning on doing a coronavirus and throughout the week were getting so many messages. Like what should I buy? What should I get? Like, should I do this or should I do that? And we’re like Risk because they have this immune auto immune disease.

But my answer is, I don’t know if you’re more at risk, but it doesn’t matter. In any case, we need to take care of ourselves and not panic, whether you’re more at risk or not, we need to get our immune systems strong and panicking is not going to help. So that’s what the, Yeah, that’s very true and keep a positive mind because you know,

a stressful mind is impacted more by, by, by news and stuff like that. Yeah. And viruses too. Yeah. Thanks for listening ladies. Thank you. We’ll see you on the next episode. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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