Could Going Dairy-free Help Heal PCOS Symptoms?

by Tallene Posted December 17, 2021

Ice cream, chocolate, cheese… All delicious things most women do not want to have to give up. You may have heard that going dairy-free could help heal your PCOS symptoms, but the idea of drastically changing your diet and eliminating foods that bring you enjoyment almost doesn’t sound worth the sacrifice. So instead of telling you everything possibly damaging about consuming dairy when you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, I’m going to give you solutions, tips and ideas for easing into creating positive change in your life, reversing your symptoms and enjoying your favorite foods at the same time!

Dairy: Can I never have it again?

Cheese, icecream, chocolate… can I never have them again?! 😭

Not true, Cyster!

If you’ve seen any of our content before, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate for going gluten and dairy free for at least 30 days to see if you have a sensitivity to it.

“But why dairy?”

Dairy is just one of those foods that can have an impact on our insulin levels and inflammation, two root causes of PCOS that we want to keep in control.

Does dairy affect gut health?

Think of it this way, the purpose of milk is to nourish a baby mammal and it’s biologically engineered to stimulate rapid growth of a young animal. It’s nutrient dense and provides large amounts of everything needed to support growth – great for a baby but totally unnecessary for a woman with PCOS who’s already a metabolic conserver. Hormones in the dairy, like insulin and casein, trigger metabolic reactions that make us “grow” and gain weight.

Casein, an inflammatory protein in dairy, converts to casomorphin, which acts on your brain’s opiate receptors, making you feel literally addicted to cheese! It can even cause symptoms like brain fog and fatigue. So if you’re trying to stop eating dairy and you’re finding it to be a bit difficult to kick that craving, just know that it’s not your fault. The cheese is playing tricks on you!

Does all dairy cause inflammation?

In short, yes! Dairy contains a protein called casein. This protein is not only known to cause inflammation but is also hard to digest and excrete. Studies show that casein has also been shown to be an inflammatory trigger for endometriosis too!

Inflammation, which all PCOS women have, impairs insulin sensitivity. Not only can the casein in dairy affect our level of inflammation, it also leads to insulin resistance. As a result, insulin hormone isn’t able to function properly. It plays a huge role in PCOS weight loss and signalling ovulation. When we have too much insulin in our bloodstream, it can trigger high testosterone in our ovaries, which might lead you to miss periods and affect your ability to ovulate. 

Easy ways to try going dairy-free

I can’t say I haven’t touched a single piece of dairy for 10 years (I’ll have a nibble of cheese about once a month or so)… but I am predominantly dairy free (and so are many of the women in The Cysterhood

After 30 days of cutting out dairy, myself and our Cysters have noticed…

  • A huge improvement in acne (especially cystic acne!)
  • A decrease in bloating and belly inflammation
  • Less fatigue, brain fog and cravings
  • Losing weight! 

Not only can we lose weight by cutting out dairy and keeping insulin levels low, but we can also reduce our cravings! High insulin levels throughout the day, which dairy can trigger, can lead to monstrous cravings!

Dairy affects our insulin levels as much as bread. Even just a small tub of yogurt can spike your insulin levels as high as a piece of bread! So if you’ve been avoiding carbs in a bid to lose weight… try going dairy free too! 

Need some support saying ‘NO’ to cheese?

Oh, Cyster. Me too!

That’s why we created​ our 4-Week Meal & Workout Plan!

In just 30 days it provides you with an easy to follow, step by step plan for PCOS Weight Loss!

If you’re struggling to come up with gluten and dairy free meals, we’ll show you our fave weeknight meal prep for meals that take less than 30 minutes! ✅

If you’re a beginner when it comes to cooking and you don’t know where to start, we’ll show you how to select PCOS friendly ingredients to stock up your pantry ✅

If you struggle to follow Pinterest workouts for PCOS weight loss, join Sirak for real time full-length weighted workouts! ✅

You can also grab loads of support, here:

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