How Dimple lost 30 lbs & 4 inches off her waist with PCOS!

Fellow Cyster Dimple joins us this episode to talk about her PCOS journey including how she lost 30 lbs and 4 inches off her waist!

We talk about her struggles of finding the right care after her PCOS diagnosis and how she eventually found the steps that worked for her including diet & lifestyle changes!

Dimple also explains what tools she used in The Cysterhood that helped her including favorite recipes & workouts! Tune in to hear more!

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free.

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Full Episode transcript:

Welcome everyone to another episode of a sister and her Mister today, we have simple. She is a fellow sister from the sisterhood who has seen amazing success with reversing her PCs symptoms. She lost four inches around her waist, reversed her hair, loss, fatigue, and a lot of her PCs symptoms. And we’re going to talk all about it in this episode,

as well as her 30 pounds, weight loss journey.<inaudible> my own hands and with the other stem naturally. Welcome dimple. Hi. Hi, Sarah. So excited to have you because we for I’m sure some of our listeners will remember we had you on our Instagram live and it was so inspirational. We had so many people watching. So many people commenting that you were so relatable as well as,

so like inspirational for people in their journey. So I just want to say thank you for coming on this podcast. And I think it will be a great episode. Thank you. It’s because of you guys just following what you guys say, you know, it actually works. Thank you. We appreciate that. I mean, we, we put the information out there,

but as we always say, like, we put the information, but you do all the work. So all the credit always goes to Thank you. But I think there will be a lot of, thank you. Is in the video, I guess let’s get started with, how did you first find out you had PCs and what was like the initial diagnosis and how were you diagnosed and what were you taught to do?

Okay. Ever since I was young, I was actually born overweight. So ever since I was young, I was having a lot of problems with facial hair, hair loss that also the male pattern, hair loss. And also a couple of times, most of the times, actually I was having these hanger attacks, but whenever I visited the doctor, they always said it’s normal.

And they just blamed it. Puberty. They always used to say like, I need to eat healthy. I need to lose weight. And that’s how everything will get back to normal. And the main sign for insulin resistance was always, you know, the dark neck, the dark inner thighs, which was always ignored. And I was always told, you know,

scrub it, each it, even though I tried all of this method, nothing, I can’t Say such a thing. Well, doctors just say that. Yeah. And fast forward to 2000, I don’t know the year. Exactly, but I was, I think 23, when all of a sudden my periods disappeared for four months as every little girl who will be thinking why her periods disappears.

The, you know, it’s cause of alarming. They will do every home remedy as possible to get it back. But I did everything. Nothing was coming, parsley tea, a lot of ginger, a lot of tumeric, nothing was working, never it came. And that’s when I visited the doctor and I said, I’m having problems with periods. I’m not getting it on time.

And that’s when she just prescribed me a progesterone tablet for 15 days. And she said, you will get it after this. And if you don’t get it, come back to me and I didn’t get it. Surprisingly, I visited her again. And then she refused to do ultrasound and kept blaming me for the wait. You should have blamed her. Hey,

you gave me this pill for 15 days and nothing worked like, maybe you should have blamed her for that. That’s so unfair. It was, it was very like every consultation with the guy any I ever had was always emotional. I always used to cry. And I remember when I was 14, 13, when I got my blood work done, I used to do it every year.

My testosterone was always very high and the doctors kind of said, it’s normal. It’s puberty. But later on, my hormones were very messed up. After I took this 15 days, birth control pills. It was so messed up that, you know, my hair was even losing a lot. I was having a lot of acne on my face. I was just gaining massive weight around my midsection,

like a lot. And they were just saying, stop eating carbs, stop eating, you know, chocolates and everything. And then finally, after back and forth with her, she did an ultrasound and she said, oh, you have polycystic ovaries. And I said, what does that mean? She said, well, you’re fat. And this is what happens if you eat a lot of McDonald’s KFC French fries.

Yes. She made me believe that it was all my fault. And she prescribed me as usual birth controls and Metformin without testing my glucose tolerance as well. It’s so exhausting when things like this happen, because you almost wonder if the gynecologist has any idea about the mechanism of PCLs and why women with PCs gained weight. Because if, if you know about PCOS,

he would know that it has to do with metabolic hormones, cortisol, insulin, and these things being high, whether it’s from genetics or from the environment you’re in, or even from overexercising or not eating enough, this can affect the hormones that affect your ability to have a metabolism, a proper metabolism, be able to just lose weight naturally and be at your natural weight.

I mean, I just, I feel for you how it it’s like it was so turned around and you were made to feel like it was your fault. Like you ate McDonald’s when you probably didn’t. Yeah. Like it’s just like putting the blame on you as if you’re not trying hard enough. It puts you at a very like big disadvantage. Cause it’s like it demoralizes you and makes you like,

like, not almost want to try because someone is saying those things to Yes. I agree with you. She didn’t want to accept the fact that this was genetics. This was like, basically when I sat down and I was like, okay, tell me what’s PCLs and she’s like, oh, well, it’s just, you know, when you eat too much,

you get it. I’m like, okay, it doesn’t solve my questions. And even like the exercise, I was overexercising every single day, all sorts of workout, CrossFit, you know, weightlifting. But the crazy weightlifting, not the ones that you’re saying, I did everything, cardio yoga and you know, yoga and heat because Dubai is always in hot weather.

I did everything. I starved myself. I went on fasting, but nothing worked, nothing ever worked. They make you feel better a little bit. Or did it make you feel worse as you, like, as you did those things? Or how did you feel day to day Currently? Very exhausted. Ending up, you know, taking naps, like,

you know, my nap used to be like four or five hours because I couldn’t move. I was so exhausted. And then coming to the end of the mountain, not even like a centimeter out of my body, it’s just the same. And I kept gaining weight. That’s when I changed my doctor and I went to another one and it turned out my thyroid levels were very high.

And that’s when I was like, you know what I give up my life has ended. I can never have a good life again, because again, they made me believe all of this was my fault. My family, my friends, everyone was like, just lose weight. Everything will go. There was even a guy in here I visited last year who told me,

you need to lose 30 pounds, go insane, bike biking, you know, in the gym, you get these bikes learn. What does that go by classes? Something like Spin classes Spinning Like one hour, two hours do that. And you’re going to lose weight. I was six months. I need you to lose 40 cages and then come back to me cause I’m not going to treat you.

Wow. And I was like, yeah, They do. Sometimes they say like, I can’t treat you unless you go lose weight. And they’ll even tell you like You how to lose Weight. They have no idea how to even treat you. If you did lose weight because they don’t know how to help you lose weight because that in, if you’re losing weight with PCOS and your symptoms are getting better and you feel good,

then you’re treating your PCLs, that’s treating your PCOS weight loss. Isn’t like the precursor to that, you know? So by saying like, I’ll treat you when you lose weight. No, you have to know how to treat me so I can lose weight. Yes. The answer. And the funny fact was when this last year I was almost kicked out of the clinic because I spoke like this to her.

I told her, you don’t even know what is PCOM, because you’re just blaming me. She was like, my A1C levels were 6.2. And then she told me it’s all normal. But when I was checking online, it was diabetic. Yeah. It was very high. And she was like, it’s normal, stop eating sugar. Okay. I stopped eating sugar.

Nothing helped me. Nothing at all. Even worked. Even when she was like, you need to quit salt. I quit salt. I mean, my meals were bland. They were horrible. But I tried everything. And in that month, instead of losing, I gained two cages. That must be so frustrating. And like, I’m so glad you like stood up for yourself.

And like, just like the story that you almost getting kicked out, like that’s like, it’s, it’s sad that you have to fight for your health, that much, that the doctor almost going to kick you out of the clinic, because you’re literally showing that person real data from online that shows like, Hey, this isn’t really good. So yeah.

And you can go back there and teach them how to manage PCLs Patient. Yes. When I have no SIS left, you guys are coming to Dubai. I’ll invite all these doctors have a party. We’ll do a conference where we teach your doctors. I wonder like when they learn about PCs in school, like, what are they learning? Is this how they’re told to treat their patients?

Because from my experience and what I’m hearing right now, there’s absolutely no education on PCOS. Just absolutely none. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity call and finally got her period after a year of not having one. Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing,

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Your order Friend of mine is studying medicine in school. And literally the PCLs page has just one page that tells you what’s to be prescribed. And what should she do? I don’t know much. I don’t understand like most of the language in the medical school’s quite difficult, but she told me, see, this is your cure. And the doctor even told me if you’re not going to take his birth control and Metformin,

and two years time, you will get ovarian cancer without checking my ovaries. Yeah. Without even checking my ovaries. She’s like, you’re fat. You’re very overweight. If you don’t lose weight, this is the problems you’re inviting. That’s when I was going on to natural treatments that we see on YouTube, also another scam. I did everything there. Every single video is watched by me.

I tried every single way. I tried, you know, having all sorts of diets, keto, everything, but nothing worked. There was even once I asked the doctor does dairy and gluten have any effect on me. She was like, no, I don’t think so. And she just changed the topic. I said, lose weight. That’s the only thing they say you to do.

And they give you a diabetic chart, a meal plan. And when you follow that, there is high amounts of gluten and there’s high amounts of dairy. And there’s just no sugar and low sodium. That’s what they think the ideal diet should be Outdated. I’m so surprised because there’s a lot of research that shows that going gluten and dairy free can help with fibroid disorders.

And if you had hyperthyroid, I’m so surprised that she didn’t realize that when you mentioned gluten and dairy. Cause I mean, at least that at least that come on, people it’s online. You can Google it. There are the research. And some of those food charts are so outdated and it’s so corrupted, like how those food charts are even made in the first place.

All those recommendations. And people forget like doctors, they don’t really take, they don’t have much education in nutrition. Like when they’re going through school, even though they go through like 10 years of school, they only take maybe like one or two classes that even talk about nutrition. So they don’t have any like education on it. I mean, there are great doctors out there who will actually recommend working with a dietician who actually has experienced,

who knows exactly how to eat for certain conditions. So like, if it was a good doctor, they would at least recommend that. And so just telling you, oh no, just like used chart, follow this chart and you’ll be fine. Even after following that chart, you will end up gaining weight. I gained weight so badly that I was 138 kg is I was very bad.

And then again started saying, oh, maybe you are eating. McDonald’s in the middle. You’re eating fried food. You’re eating sugar because you’re no sugar. Your body is not adapting to the change. And I was like, you know, just two words that get lost. That’s the only, Yeah. Yeah. So tell us what turned it around because I’m sure our listeners can totally relate to your story and feeling really confused and distress and blamed.

So let’s pick up the positivity. How did you turn the ship around The positive way? Was you guys, you know, just two nights before my staycation, I was praying to God, like get me a page of PCLs get me, someone that didn’t help me and everything. And that’s when he sent me to angels. That’s you both Thank you so much.

That’s so nice. So welcome. I cannot thank you guys enough. I brag about you guys, but my friends, my family everyone’s mouth is open. When they look at me right now, they are so short And now you’re the people like you’re praising. Now you’re on our podcast. You can show them, you can show the Haley, Hey,

look, I’m on their podcast because I think more than us. You’re a great, great, inspirational, great role model for other other sisters who are going through this. So I think that’s like the most important thing is like, yes, you found us. But through finding us, you yourself have become a role model for so many people who are going through a similar situation.

Yes. But all the credit goes to you guys for providing information that is lacking in this world. And also if, how can I start? You know, the first biggest thing that is about dairy and gluten, what it’s doing to your body and what it’s doing to your condition is Tallinn helping us and telling us every, I think every month there is her talking about why gluten is bad,

why dairy is bad. So that’s, you know, enough for everyone to understand why these things are really bad for our condition. What helped you get started? Like when you found us or when you started doing the program, what were some of the first steps you took that you like immediately saw some benefits from First was the discovery or PCRs type doctors don’t even know that are types.

They have no idea what the root causes are in the first place. If they could help you. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with you. And that’s when I discovered all the four Hawks were in me and slowly I’ve managed to bring it to two types now. So all the four types was tyroid. My firewood disappeared. My levels are completely normal.

My neck, my throat is all normal. It’s not swollen like before the first step was gluten dairy-free. And I just had to say a big, no, on the day my mom made this bread for me. She was like, oh, try this bread. I made it for you. I said, no, I’m done with this gluten and dairy.

I don’t want to have That’s the hardest part. Right? The hardest part is when, if your mom or your family starts giving you like gluten or dairy in the first few days, and yet like, you have to kind of start to be like, no, I’m not going to have it right now. Maybe I’ll hide the later, but not right now.

Then they get upset and offended. Yeah. Yeah. I know it hurts. But I stopped that. I usually, before I used to always want it to become a vegan person, like avoid dairy with animal and stuff, but you know, chicken is amazing. I cannot stop. So I stopped milk. I stopped the cheese. I stopped everything that day.

When I discovered your video on YouTube saying why gluten dairy is bad. And the insulin resistance symptoms that video, I was still doing insane amounts of workouts, but I was feeling energetic. I was waking up because before I could never even leave my bed. I’m just like a lazy Play-Doh sitting there. But after that, when you came up with the video,

how to lose weight with TCOs and 30 minutes long, I just started doing that for an entire month, four times, three times a week To work out yet. All of that, like 45 minutes. And I was not even feeling tired. I was feeling, oh, you know, I feel great. Unlike before my trainer told me hopeless, he told me,

you need two hours in the gym. One hour cardio. And my cardio was only like 10, 15 minutes, cause I couldn’t do it much. And now it’s a game changer. When he saw me after a month losing seven kg is in a month just by working out simple, simple workouts with simple weights that you can get anywhere. Seven cages dropped and the plating style of Tali.

Also the whole gluten dairy free lifestyle, caffeine free lifestyle. It made so much changes. I saw no acne on my face. I have lost weight. My dresses start fitting me better. That’s how the positive changes came to me. And that’s when I decided sisterhood. I joined sisterhood in January and I’m not going to leave it. Well, I’m glad you’re in this sisterhood because really,

really soon too, you’re going to give and get more and more like helpful tools. Cause we’re like developing the app right now, which is going to really give you everything you need on your phone as you like go through your day. But it’s really amazing how you went from the two hours. Like your trainer telling you two hours at the gym to just 30 to 45 minutes per workout,

three to four times a week. And then even the like someone telling you, okay, you eat less and you’ll lose weight. Instead of that, you’re focusing on how to actually set your plate up so that you’re actually setting yourself yourself up for success. Like these are really sustainable ways. And I think, yeah, I mean, what do you think?

Like, I’d be like, it’s like, you’re really treating the root cause of insulin resistance inflammation, and those are all you can tell all of those from the symptoms that you’ve approved. I feel like you have accomplished so much and it’s almost easy for you to continue doing it. What didn’t you say like for the rest of your life, would you ever go back to not doing these things?

No, actually I prefer sticking to gluten and dairy free gluten because I remember every time I used to go out or at home, I used to eat something that had gluten and dairy. I would feel so horrible. Bloated, pew, Kish, stomach upset. I used to feel all of that. You know, again, the doctor will blame it on my weight and used to tell me,

go for a surgery. I am not sure how you pronounce the words there, that surgery. Yes, that surgery. She was like, you need to go on that surgery. So you lose weight and get rid of DCOS. Even after the surgery that made me laugh at her face again, I was almost thrown out, But I, I cannot stress upon this topic.

How gluten and dairy helps people helped me so much that, you know, hunger attacks are become like 10% of my entire day. I don’t get hungry every two hours now. And the meals and sisterhood is not all about, you know, starving yourself. There is a good amount of protein, carbs, fiber, fat, everything that is enough for your body to absorb.

Yeah. It’s really important to balance your plate. And I’m so glad that you’re doing it because it’s, yes, you can cut out gluten. You can cut out dairy, but it’s really about how much carbs protein, fat and fiber are on your plate. Because if you’re not eating any carbs or if you’re eating too many carbs or if you’re only eating chicken,

you know, throwing it into your mouth and then like rushing out the door, this imbalance makes a really big difference in your body’s ability to naturally lose weight and move and work. And like the next time you eat something, it’ll stick to you. It’ll be so much harder to burn off because your metabolism is slow and it’s not moving. So it’s just great that you found that balance and I’m sure your like mind and body have gotten used to it.

So now when you, for me, like when I eat out for now, we’re traveling, you know, it’s not hard for me because I know what the plate should look like. And I know, you know, maybe something’s missing. Maybe I need to order a side of vegetables or something and I can maintain that balance and maintain my weight because it’s part of my lifestyle.

Yeah. I mean, you guys should totally come to Dubai maybe for a week. I think we will. I think we will. And we’ll we’re for sure. Going to hit you up and maybe we’ll go out to a couple of dinners. And speaking of that, do you find it like easy or hard adjusting to the lifestyle in Dubai? Well,

we have restaurants right now that are serving gluten free bread. Dairy free options are like quite insane now. So then everyone has adapted to it. So it’s actually very easy sometimes when you go to a restaurant, okay, you have chicken kebab sometimes. So they give you a plate of rice with it. So again, I stick to Italians plating methods and I take a picture and I posted it on sisterhood telling like,

oh, this is my meal today. So, you know, if you know how to stick to your plating and you follow, whatever is given on sisterhood, life becomes so much easier. You know, you don’t even overeat you don’t under eat also because you have that much that’s required in your body. Yes, absolutely. And it’s really interesting how so many places are now offering gluten dairy free options.

Like we’ve been in London for almost two weeks. And I can’t tell you how many, how many spots that we go to. It says GF and DF on so many things like next to them. Like, why is so many people, so many places doing this? Like it’s like people waking up like that. I think so. I think the way that they’re manufacturing,

wheat products and dairy is evolving and getting so much worse and people are getting sick and they’re realizing the effect that it’s having on their body. And I think it’s great. I mean, we just went to a gluten and dairy free lunch spot and it was delicious. Yeah. And like in the middle of a really popular street, I mean, it seems to be a popular thing here in Europe.

Yeah. I saw your story today. It was a pancake with coconut floor and almost cure. Yeah. It’s a great example of like a balanced plate. Okay. Like I ordered that because it was gluten and dairy-free and the waffle was made of almonds and coconut flour. So I was like, okay. So it’s like lower carb, high fat, because coconut flour and almond flour don’t have a lot of carpenters.

Yeah. So I was like, okay, so it’s going to be like kind of a higher fat and it does have carbs. And then you have like a breakfast. You have like a porch or two poached eggs. Yeah. I had two poached eggs that I asked on the side to pair with it. And then the jam on it had no sugar in it.

It was just like cooked raspberries with chia seeds that they drizzled on it. And then some coconut yogurt next to it. And then like half a banana that they mashed onto the plate, which I thought was so cute because I was like, oh good. Because I didn’t want the whole banana. I was like, this is great. Like now I know how to balance.

I mean, at this point in my life, like I know how to balance my plate. I’m eating these 12 holes. It’s not going to be a problem. I’m not going to gain weight over it. Here we go. Like, we’re just continuing the PCs friendly lifestyle. I agree with you. Even here, there are times when you are not able to find this gluten dairy free things.

And there are times when you’re forced to eat that. That’s when it’s the hardest part. And that’s when you have to tell yourself, if you’re going to eat this gluten contaminated food or dairy contaminated food, you are going to be in a bad space right now. You don’t want to, you know, rush to the washroom. You don’t want to have pills in your mouth because you are having stomach ache or something because of it.

So that’s when you know, it’s the strong part you have to stick to. Okay. Give me a salad that has these, these options and decide because it’s quite easier to, you know, take the gluten dairy food, put it in your mouth, but then hours later you feel regret. You feel all the side effects that you don’t want it.

So that’s when you know, you just have to say, no, thank you. I will stick to my salad. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I’d definitely say I’ve definitely experienced that a lot where I’m not ordering exactly what I wanted. Like I’m not in the mood for beef tartare or like salad. Maybe I want a sandwich, but it’s not gluten-free.

And I’ve just had to be like, okay, whatever, I’m going to have the salad. I’ll have a sandwich tomorrow, somewhere else. Yeah. And it’s like those small wins that make you feel really good that add up. They kind of like when you achieve those small wins, it just makes you feel so good. And it makes you like want to do even more and more for your PCs.

Yeah. The better you feel, the more you can stick to it. Oh. So if you have supportive people around you, right. You have Ciroc. I have my sister, my mom, they were not understanding this whole gluten dairy free. And for my mom, I told her, let’s just sit together and what you on sisterhood. We went through the whole success path together.

That’s when that’s when she understood, okay, my daughter needs it. So now whenever, wherever she goes, she leaves her shopping in the side. She’s like, oh, this gluten-free is this dairy-free. I love that. Even. Yeah. Even like my very closest friend, he also is like, you know, whenever I’m taking something that has gluten,

he will just pull my hand is like, no, you know, just speak to gluten free dairy, free things. You’re not allowed to take it. And then he just like, oh no, it tastes bad. The support, this is the support you needed. And then the journey becomes easier. That is so beautiful. Like, I just like you telling you saying that about your mom,

your sister, how like your mom is like so into it now. And it really it’s a lot of times when you just help them learn about why. So like in your case that you show like in the sisterhood, we have a whole success path learning section. So when you like show that learning section to your family, they can finally like start to see,

okay, look at this real science-based information. This is exactly what’s hurting me with PCs and what I can do once they start seeing that, they’re like, okay, this all makes sense. I need to help her. So like, I’m so glad you were able to do that with your, A lot of parents feel like, what do you mean gluten and dairy free.

We used to eat fresh milk from the cow. And we always had bread. Like, how could this be bad for you? This was a staple in our lives growing up, you know? And I guess it’s really important to educate them on how food has changed and it can affect our metabol. And I tell my mom this, because she used to be like dairy intolerant when she was younger.

But because it was like fresh milk from the cow and nobody thought it would, it could possibly be bad for you. So they’d forced her to drink it because nobody was educated on things like this on science, metabolism, hormone health. So she was forced to drink it throughout her childhood. And she like still remembers how it like made her feel so sick,

but nobody thought that it could possibly be bad for you. Cause it’s milk from a cow. You know? And so now it’s like, I’m so glad you can show your mom that you can, you can show our videos to anyone and they can easily understand what’s going on. Who’s going to deny it. You know, we’re talking about science and facts and what’s happening to people and we have so many stories about it that it’s like,

you can’t just be like, no, you know? Yeah. So true. Yeah. When I even go to a doctor now, like last month was my last time I visited them. I told them like, you know, this is<inaudible>. I don’t know why I didn’t talk about Avastin at all. It’s like, oh yeah, babe. It is the best thing on earth ever created for us DCOS girls.

It has me so much, so much. I cannot, I cannot thank that person who created that. And when I tell them that is the natural way to heal and everything, they just denied. I said, no, natural, never works. Medications, work science works, but they’re not looking into the science of obesity. They’re not looking into the science of gluten,

dairy caffeine, the worst, you know, caffeine makes me feel very itchy that I started noticing. So whenever there is a coffee hangout with my friends or family, I always opt for decaf. Or I just go for decaf tea, you know, Decaf gang over here. Me and Tyler, both drinking, I’m drinking decaf coffee. And she’s drinking Decaf.

English breakfast. Yeah. So Today I went and bought a lot of decaf teas. I just threw my green tea that had a lot of caffeine that I’ve been drinking since I was 13. And they used to make me drink five times a day saying it will lose me. It will lose weight, but they don’t. I never, I don’t know how dumb I could be that time that I never knew caffeine also caffeine.

Yeah. How would you know, no one really even talks about that either. I really don’t see that, you know, cutting out caffeine. I don’t hear other people saying it’s so unfortunate because we have this women with PCOS. We struggled to bring our stress hormones back down. So once we pumped them up with caffeine or intense workouts and things like that,

it’s a problem for the rest of the day for a lot of us, because now we have anxiety and we don’t know where it’s coming from. And who would think that it’s coming from green tea, green tea is marketed as this like relaxing drink. Yeah, No. Yeah. So I can totally see where you were confused at the time. I mean,

everyone is It’s like caffeine is like marketed as such a natural thing. Part of society and like, Well, happily have things in Starbucks coming in that is gluten free, dairy free know caffeine free. Like we have a new drink called forget me not. And it’s all caffeine free. It’s all dairy free. You asked for dairy free milk, of course.

But it’s all, it’s all good. You know, as long as normal, like small, sorry, it’s a big company, but small, small areas of the companies that are thrown away in the city are providing you caffeine free options. You know, things become very easier. I understand if some people are not able to get decaf anywhere, and I know some countries that cannot provide decaf coffee or tea,

because they are very small. That’s when they have to opt for, you know, natural like ginger lemon tea or rose tea, rose hibiscus tea. That’s when it actually helps. Cause they’re all actually so good for our body that they only market as green tea is the best part. It made me worse. Yeah, absolutely. I’m so glad you tried<inaudible> too.

Because like you said, a lot of people, a lot of times people think, oh, it’s a natural supplement. It’s not going to have the same effect, but they don’t realize like there’s science behind natural remedies behind natural supplements. Like this is, this is nature’s literally nature’s own supplement. It’s own prescription because it’s coming from beach nature. It’s made of vitamin BA and like studies are showing how this improves insulin resistance,

how it improves all these PCs associated symptoms. So, so glad you tried it and it’s working great for you. I’m sure. Like it’s helping with the cravings and just like those hangry attacks we’re talking about, right? Yes, it does. It does help me a lot. I hook my friend up to her basketball, but she’s taking it in a very bad way.

She’s not stopping gluten, not stopping dairy. And then she says, oh, it’s going to help me stay away from hunger. But which is wrong. It only helps your body to stop having these really bad cravings towards that. You cannot control it. If you know, sometimes I don’t have a rest at all, all the time with me during dinners or lunchtime.

That’s when I take a teabag of experimenting and like experiment, he works also like magic and 10 minutes the cravings go away. So it’s just the 10 minutes you have to, you know, be strong and hold your body to avoid the cravings. Otherwise, you know, a lot can happen in the 10 minutes. Yeah. It’s a great mentality though.

It’s a great mentality. Just giving yourself some time and some grace to kind of see if you, if you’re really hungry or if it’s just one of those like cravings, because if you are hungry, you should eat. But if it’s just a craving that you feel like, okay, I need to like stabilize my blood sugar. I need to find something.

Then if you can’t do that, then, then that’s great. Yeah. Tell us what your favorite recipe has been from the sisterhood. That’s helped keep you satisfied full unlike kick those cravings. Okay. A lot of room, but my favorite snack is seed cycling. Browning’s the ones that are like made out of dates and pumpkin seed. And I have also the ambassador tops that are in my fridge right now.

Yes. And smoothies, chia, seed pudding, protein, waffles that you have made out of gluten-free flour. I sometimes when I’m not accessing that I use buckwheat flour and it tastes actually better than the ones we get outside. And also there are recipes about egg bake. It’s my favorite when I’m not in the mode to make my chia seed or forgets.

So egg bake is the thing that helps me in the morning. Also, there are so many recipes. I also like the Mahima heat instead of fish Always replacing it with chicken. And your new recipe is like the line chia pudding. It’s like a turquoise green color. Oh my God. I love that. I know we’ve really been focusing on adding more and more recipes,

especially as of recently, like our plan is to really up them in, in terms of like what more we can add in how much more fun we can make them. So right now we’re like minimum, we’re adding 10 recipes every month. So like we’re really growing the library recipes so that anyone can at any moment grab a recipe and just like never gets to give them.

Cause there’s so many in there. I honestly can’t stop adding through. Like, I think we’re going to always add two recipes a month. I hope because anytime I see something on Instagram that tastes good. I’m like we have to make a gluten and dairy free version of, We eat out. Like we ain’t play in Spain and be like, okay,

let’s add this to the system. Exactly. We added Paya. There was something else. I forgot what it was just the other day. I like wrote it down, but anytime I’m inspired and I’m like, that looks delicious. I’d love it. If it was gluten and dairy free, boom. I put it in the sister. Even the ice cream that you have posted on the snack side.

Yeah. It’s so it’s so yummy. I cannot like I have through my ice cream that is gluten dairy free and I’m sticking to this ice cream. It’s just, when you know, cravings hit, you just need these things in front of you. Even sometimes when I’m out with my mom and I’m craving like suppose something random out of nowhere. And my mom was like,

tiling suggested you this, if yes, if no, no That’s so funny. Oh my God. Say hi to her for us. I wish that she loves her. She’s like always thinking you guys always like, God bless you guys. You guys are sitting, you guys have saved me so much. I can not think you got Really appreciate that.

You’re very welcome. And we appreciate those kind words. And again, it’s, it’s all thanks to you as well for all the amazing work that put in. So that’s great. I guess the last thing I want to ask you is because I’m sure many sisters like are looking for this type of motivation. What keeps you going every day? Like what even,

let’s say you have a bad day, or let’s say maybe it’s hard to sometimes like be on top of everything. Like what keeps you going? And like, what makes you just like, just want to like, even if you’ve had one bad day, what makes you want to like get up the next day and like, just start that day the right way again.

Well, first of all, if you’re seeing progress in yourself, you don’t want to miss that day. And you know, go back to that day that you were feeling horrible, helpless, and feeling like you have no answers to your questions. So one bad day is okay, but if you’re going to keep taking that bad day and ruining every other day is going to ruin your hard work.

So always listen to your body. If your body is not in the mood to work out, don’t work out, just go for a 10 minute walk after lunch or after dinner, because it really helps. And also, you know, stick to your diet, stick to your lifestyle because what you’re doing is your future will thank you so much for it.

And sometimes there are times when you say like, all my weight is not going look at the progress of what you were before and look at the progress of what you are now. You don’t want to mess anything and you want to stick to it. Yeah. The last thing I want to say, stick to what Telene and Xerox state and join sister Hertz.

Thank you. Well, that’s amazing tips right there. I think just focusing on the positive and if you are seeing those improvements, that in itself is great. Great motivation. Yeah, absolutely. We’re so proud of you and your progress and you’re such an inspiration and we just, we can’t wait to hear more good news from you in the upcoming months.

Yes, absolutely. But I might be annoying you guys, if I keep posting every single day, The single day tag, we want to hear every single part, everything, everything go on the Facebook group and tell us everything. Honestly, we love seeing your posts on Facebook. We’re always in the Facebook group. I know almost like week by week,

month by month, I’ve seen your progression. Cause I remember when you initially started posting and you were looking for improvements and at first it was a little bit difficult and then you like really, really progress along. And like, I’ve really seen that progression and like, we’re so proud of like all the things you’ve done. And like, I just remember seeing all your messages on,

in the Facebook group and it’s, it’s such a great thing to see how you’re thriving right now. And the Facebook group is just for that, the community aspect, helping each other out and just helping each other progress along. So keep doing that. And I think other sisters will especially appreciate that. So Thank you so much. I’m so happy to be part of sisterhood.

You live for your posts and everyone’s posts every post, like have your meal feel free, like, oh, I’m eating something from the sister, take a picture, post it. Like we want to see all of it, you know, for sure I will do that. Absolutely. Thank you so much for, for being on this episode. Thank you so much for joining this podcast and just sharing your experience,

shout out to your mom as well for being so supportive of you and being yeah. And you and your sister as well. So yeah, I guess that’ll be it for this episode. Stay with this dimple, but we’ll talk after this ends, but thank you so much for joining us. Thank you sisters for listening in, we’ll be back next week with another episode and just remember you can also drive with PCs and just,

just, just take it day by day. Just like nimble that You can do it. Sisters, talk to you soon. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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