LIVE PCOS Q&A: Your most requested questions answered!

LIVE from Switzerland…we answer all your PCOS questions including personal questions you have for us!

Tune in to hear us answer questions like:

– How does PCOS affect weight loss?

– What matters more…carbs or calories?

– What is it like to work together as A Cyster & Her Mister?

– Is Intermittent fasting bad for PCOS? How can I reduce facial hair?

– When do we plan on having children?

And much more!

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Full Episode transcript:

Okay, we’re good here. We’re recording. We’re about to go live on the ground. You ready for this? All right. We’re about to go live to thousands and thousands of people you’re ready. Yes. Not nervous. No,<inaudible> my own hands. And<inaudible>, It’s snowing And we’re live. What’s up sisters. We are live from Zurich.

I almost forgot where we were and we’re doing a live podcast Q and a forgot your questions lined up. But hello. Welcome everybody. Hello? To chap Taz to Jessica silly. What’s Up? Hello? How’s it going? What up the Shah’s SIADH that’s slim. Silly. I said your name, but hello? Hi mom. Messing me.<inaudible> Tammy DeRay.

What’s up? Everyone. Roup, Amman. So happy to see y’all. So as you’re joining, we’re doing a live podcast, Q and a answering all your questions. This is going to go on a next episode of the podcast and we’re gonna have fun. We’re gonna interact today. We’re also watching the snow fall with a beautiful view of the Zurich library.

And every time I have to ask Tallinn to fix her mic Rog and I take a shot. This is the game we’re playing. Take a shot. Every time I asked Tallinn to fix her mic, It’s fine. All right, let’s hit it with the question. Yeah, let’s hit it. Okay. Let’s start with this great dairy-free question. If we go dairy-free how can we take calcium?

That is a great question. You’d be surprised how much calcium you can get from other foods. For example, a serving of chia seeds is just as much calcium as milk. Yes. So if you’re having dairy free milk, add some chia seeds to it, a serving couple of tablespoons, and you’ll be good to go. We have a lot of chia seed pudding recipes in the sisterhood.

Yeah. And there’s also lots of naturally occurring. Calcium found in foods like times a chia seeds, but also nuts. Spinach. There’s a lot of, a lot of great options. Hold on. Somebody asks, can we show, see the snow outside the window? All right. Let me show right now. Yeah. CX literally thinking the phone out the window on a tripod.

Alright. Alright. Thanks guys are still good. We’re still recording the All right. We’re good. Properly. Oh yeah. People can see it. Awesome. So happy to hear that. Let’s answer this question. Cause I know we get this quite often and I love to answer it. Why are y’all in Switzerland? Guess? Why are we traveling?

Well, we’re traveling so we can travel and we work virtually. So that’s fine. And we decided to spend 10 days in Switzerland and drive around, spend two nights in Zurich, two nights in Lucerne, two nights in Bern and just keep driving around till we get to Genova. And we’re off to London. Yeah. And just like a overall reason to why we’re traveling.

I mean we’re 30 years old. I’m not going to lie. We’re 30 years old and we’re going to have kids soon. We’re gonna need to buy a house. All the stuff that adults do that we don’t really want to do just yet. And this is our chance to like, kind of like travel the world in a comfortable way without kids. But you know,

that’s just like, that’s basically the reason why we’re just taking this whole year to travel before we settled down with all of those things that I just said. So that’s what I would say. Yeah, Pretty much. Let’s go to another question. What’s the best method to remove facial hair shaving or waxing? My Sister’s here. Sup Arlene. All right.

So with facial hair, here’s the thing, laser electrolysis. These things can be really helpful. I think electrolysis works more effectively than laser laser lasts like six to eight weeks and then it starts growing back. But what happens is you have to manage the reason why you’re having facial hair. So is it high testosterone? Is it that your androgen receptors are more sensitive?

So although it’s difficult to understand why you can try a few different things to help reduce your testosterone. So that includes going dairy free because that will help make your androgen receptors less sensitive and less receptive to testosterone. So that’s good. And then it’ll also help reduce your insulin levels, which will help reduce your testosterone levels. And then, you know, there are supplements that you can take as well that can help reduce testosterone.

I think saw Palmetto is one of them and also, yeah, just reducing inflammation. Testosterone is what I’m going to stick to right now. Yeah. Selena says I live in Switzerland and last week we had the best weather, you know, that’s so funny you say that because we were talking to, we were at a restaurant and we asked the waitress or like anything you recommend while we’re in Zurich.

And she was like, honestly, we had the best weather until this week. And now we have the worst weather, which is like rain and snow and all that kind of stuff. Is it really that bad? It’s not bad. This is really romantic. We’re watching the snowfall. We’re working. It’s fine. I feel like when it rains in LA,

which is like, not very often, but when it rains in LA, it’s like super heavy and it’s like, it abrupts life as we know it. But here it’s like light rain, Soaps work, Disrupts, life Strips life. I’m sorry. Abruptly disrupts. Like, Yeah. Whereas like, I feel like here in Europe, in Switzerland, as we’re like walking in the rain,

it’s light rain, it’s manageable wearing thick coats. And it’s like, the snow is beautiful. Who doesn’t want to see snow In Switzerland. Yeah. I’m sure that people here would prefer a son. All right. Next question. Next question. How to prevent acne with PCO S Okay. Yeah. So, All right. Let’s talk about acne. When it comes to acne,

it’s the same answer that I gave about th you know, high testosterone. You really want to help reduce that and also reduce inflammation. Cause the combination of inflammation and high testosterone around your oil glands is going to create a lot of overproduction of oil and the combination of the overproduction of oil with the inflammation, cystic acne. So I try going gluten and dairy free 30 days.

See how you feel. Great question for you right here. Telling do you break gluten and dairy-free whilst on holiday or vacation or while you’re traveling? I really try not to. So I’m going to give an example like yesterday we went to a cafe and literally the only gluten and dairy free item on the menu was beef, tar, tar, and salad.

And like, maybe that wasn’t my first choice, but I still ordered that because I literally couldn’t order anything else. They have a lot of cheese here in Switzerland cheese she’s on everything. So, and I don’t want to go through the trouble of asking them not to put cheese on it. Cause I feel like they can’t or whatever, but I try to make it,

make myself flexible and just eat whatever is possible to eat. That’s gluten and dairy free. Cause I’d rather do that than eat something that’s not and suffer the consequences while I’m traveling. Yes. All right. How to overcome stress from PCs. So obviously everybody has different drivers of stress. It could be life. It could be external. As I mentioned it,

it could be more internal having to do with your hormones. One thing to really consider is of course your environment, you know, take a look at your day-to-day life, your mornings, your evenings, your mid day, or you’re experiencing stress due to those external reasons. You know, maybe it’s work, maybe it’s friends or family. Maybe it’s just some things that are sometimes out of your control,

but you can maybe find ways of overcoming them or managing them better. For example, let’s say you have a really stressful people who like are pressuring you about peace us. Like, would you have some tips for that baby? Like just to kind of overcome some of the stress that’s associated with that kind of environment. Yeah. I think knowledge is really power.

So if somebody is asking you a million questions asking you why you’re not pregnant yet asking you why you have acne or why you gained weight. I think having the knowledge of what PCs is doing to your body and being able to explain that to somebody, being able to explain why you choose to be gluten and dairy free, or why you choose to manage your PCs a certain way can really help with normalizing it.

So instead of feeling like you’re so different than anyone or someone’s asking you, you know, why do you why’d you gain weight or something? You can explain, like, you know, I’m having metabolic and my insulin levels are out of whack right now. And I’m trying to figure out how to reduce that so that I can naturally lose weight and get back to my normal body shape or whatever.

Being able to say that I think is really empowering and kind of like shuts down the person that’s stressing you out about it because then like, what else can they say to you? Firstly, come at you, judge mentally, then you spit out some education and then they’re like, oh, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have judged you. Yeah. Another thing to think about though is also hormonally what’s happening inside the body because if your cortisol levels are not managed properly throughout the day,

then you’re going to feel a lot more stress. You’re going to feel like you’re about to break when something happens in the morning or later in the day, they, for example, this used to happen to me a lot because I did a lab test and my cortisol level was really low in the morning and then really high later in the day. So what ended up happening is I would get really stressed out as my day would go.

And I would always, always like just be in a really bad mood sometimes. So just to give you an example of how your cortisol hormone is supposed to work is when you’re, when you wake up in the morning, your cortisol hormone is supposed to be at an all time high. And as you go throughout your day, your cortisol hormone is supposed to wean off.

Basically go down, down, down, down, down at nighttime. It’s supposed to be as low as possible. And your melatonin hormone is supposed to come up to help you relax and help you go to sleep. Now that it basically is supposed to happen every single day and help you go to S H help you wake up in the morning with energy and help you fall asleep at night.

So that balance is really crucial to not feeling stressed out throughout the day and being able to sleep at night. Of course, what I’m telling you sounds easy on paper. Of course, it’s hard to incorporate. So supplements can be really helpful, highly suggest looking into adrenal supplements, but also you don’t lifestyle, making sure you’re trying to sleep a little bit earlier,

making sure you’re waking up in the morning with some sort of a self care plan so that you’re able to keep those cortisol hormones in check. So I know it’s not easy, but we have a lots of tips for you on this page, in the sisterhood to help you throughout, you know, throughout your day and much more. I am distracted by the snow.

Yeah. All right. Tips on getting off birth control. Oh right. So when it comes to taking birth control or Metformin or any of those medications, I really suggest having an exit plan. So if you’re taking it to help with your symptoms and like immediate relief, that’s great. And then what you can do is plan on what diet and lifestyle changes,

what you’re going to make in your life so that you don’t need it anymore. So if you’re planning on getting off birth control before you get off, I would suggest starting to manage your blood sugar better, make sure you’re reducing inflammation as much as you can, whether that’s taking supplements or it’s going gluten and dairy free at the same time. And also doing weighted workouts to help with your insulin sensitivity because birth control tends to make you more insulin resistant.

And once you’re off, you know, those cravings might be off the charts. Your mood might be off the charts. And so I really suggest taking a lab test afterwards, after you get off of it, you could take it while you’re on it, but if you’re going to get off, take it while you’re off of it, we have a highlight called lab kit,

and you can click on that and order a lab test. And after the lab test, you get a 30 minute consultation and they tell you what your lab tests are saying, what supplements you should take, what your next steps are. And we just did an episode on birth control on the podcast. So if you want to listen to that, I highly suggest going to our latest episode on the podcast.

And you’ll be able to find that episode and get a lot more information about birth control, how to get off, how to manage PCs while on birth control and much more so highly recommend. Checking that out. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity call and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot.

How does that even happen? Well, Obasanjo helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body.

But with women like me who have S this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking a bus tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got it. Boo. Check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order.

Are you trying to conceive when you’re in the process of baby-making, you don’t want to take a prenatal that’s designed for a woman who’s pregnant, they get expensive and have ingredients you don’t need quite yet. They’re a needle core is a prenatal focused on women who are trying to conceive. It contains the active form of folic acid folate as well as 2000. I use the vitamin D also,

it doesn’t have any expensive ingredients that you don’t need until you’re pregnant. Their logics is prenatal. Their natal core is especially for women with PCOS who are in the process of baby-making check the link in the description for our 15% off code. I see a question from<inaudible>. If a fastball is out of stock, what can be an alternative supplement? I highly suggest checking Theralogix or that stalls website.

Cause it’s usually sometimes like the individual packets are out of stock, but the canister is still in stock. So I highly recommend checking it like 99.9% of the time it’s in stock. And you can always order with the 15% off PRC that we have 2 9 2 6, 6 0. But if you’re looking for any in all-star supplement, we’re very, very happy to make suggestions. So there’s a couple of criteria that are really important.

One. You want it to be a 40 to one ratio of myo and de Cairo and NASSA talk, that’s the ratio that’s used in studies and that’s the ratio that’s normally found in the body. And when that ratio gets out of whack, that’s when insulin resistance can occur and worsen over time. Second thing you really want to look into is daily dosage.

So you want a daily dosage of 4,000 milligrams. So that means 2000 milligrams in the morning with breakfast and then 2000 milligrams in the evening with dinner. Again, those are the clinical dosages that are done in the studies and are really, really important. Third. You want to make sure it’s coming from a reputable company and also towels they’re made by lots and lots of companies,

but many of them do not carry high quality standards. So make sure they are third party certified, which is going to be really important to know that that what you’re taking is actually what you’re wanting to take. And not some filler, not some rice flour, that’s something that’s fake. And the fourth thing, and this is really important for anyone who’s on a budget is you want to make sure that it is price friendly,

price efficient, because for example, you can find the NASTAR supplement on Amazon for let’s just say $25. But when you look at the criteria that I just suggested 4,000 milligrams a day of 42, 1, you’ll look something that says $25 for one month, but you’ll see that the daily dosage is actually a thousand milligrams. So that means you have to take four times daily on that bottle.

So that one month supply actually becomes a one-week supply. So to order to get just one week, it turns out to be a much, much more expensive. The great thing about Avastin tol that it meets all this criteria. It’s, third-party certified by, by NSF. And it comes in a three months supply, which makes the average monthly cost affordable for anyone who’s looking to do it on a budget.

So again, that’s why we love Avast tall as our, as the, as the go-to for an also taught supplements. All right. Let’s pull up a question for telling you, How could we work through a career in dance or fitness with constant exhaustion? Ooh, Good question. Great question. Okay. So if you’re constantly exhausted and you have kind of a strenuous job or lifestyle,

whether you’re a dancer fitness instructor, if you’re a lawyer, a doctor, like I feel like, you know, sometimes certain jobs require a lot of tenacity, you know, physical tenacity, being able to withstand like several hours and your body strength. And if you’re exhausted all the time, you know, it can be such a challenge in your mood can,

you know, really suffer from it and everything. So I suggest getting some lab work done. See if you have a thyroid issue, because if that’s the case, then you really want to target that immediately. And then I would suggest at the same time as doing this, making sure that you’re setting yourself up right in the morning. So that’s having a high protein breakfast,

making sure that you’re not depending on caffeine throughout the day, and you’re not stuck in that caffeine cycle where you use it as a crutch for energy, but then you crash and then you need more and then you crash and then you need more because that is going to really pump up a lot of stress hormones and create problems with your energy throughout the day.

So I suggest, like I said, managing your stress hormones with reducing your caffeine intake slowly and making sure you’re having a high protein breakfast to really kick off your day with a lot of great energy and not feel like you’re on a blood sugar rollercoaster. Yeah. Just a shout out to Tallinn. She’s really talking to the Mike really nice today. Oh,

Thank you. So no shots so far. All right. Question for your time. I think a lot of people really want to know this. How do you clarify in restaurants that you are not celiac? Just gluten-free I find it so awkward or in general to like, how do you even say that? You’re gluten-free just like, I feel like sometimes people,

people they ask, right? They’re like, oh, are you celiac? Like, do you have a Yeah, like, I’ll be like, oh, do you have gluten-free bread? And they’ll be like, no, but are you, are you celiac? Are you gluten-free? You know, let me, let me go through whatever you ordered and make sure that it doesn’t have gluten in it.

Yeah. It’s a little bit of an awkward conversation, but it’s not awkward. Like your server is there to serve you. There shouldn’t be anything awkward about it. And if they’re making you uncomfortable, you can vocalize that and be like, you don’t need to make me uncomfortable. I have this issue, you know, what’s wrong with you? What kind of person does,

But how do you, how do you deal with, how are you good and free at restaurants too? I think that’s a great aspect of this question. So first I’ll, I’ll navigate the menu. See what’s gluten-free, what’s not gluten-free and then see what I can make gluten free or dairy free and a model by modifying it. Then as the waiter,

like, can I get this without cheese? Can I get this without bread? Or like, or if it’s really hard to order something, I’ll ask, for example, for eating Asian food. And I know it’s gluten-free, but I know that the gluten is in the soy sauce and I’m fine with that. Or else you can’t eat sushi, like,

what are you going to do? You have to give a little bit when you eat sushi. So I’ll be like, is it fried? Is the sushi fry like, is the fish in the sushi fried or is this not? Gluten-free because of the marinade and the soy sauce. And I’ll ask those kinds of like picky questions to see like what’s going on,

then I’ll make a decision for myself. Does that answer the question? All Right. Alrighty question. Here are<inaudible> intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast, bad for peace us. So, well, one thing I will say is when you’re doing intermittent fasting, it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily skip breakfast, but in general is skipping bad for peace stress. I mean,

I don’t want to just say yes, it’s bad. I don’t want to give you like a definitive answer that that applies to a hundred percent of people with PCs. But I will say that we don’t suggest skipping breakfast for PCs because breakfast is like your You’re most insulin sensitive when you’re eating breakfast. Yeah. It’s like, you’re the Kickstarter to your day,

right? It’s the most, maybe like the most essential meal of your day, because it’s going to set you up for the rest of the day, because what you have for breakfast is going to give you stable blood sugar. It’s going to keep you full as much as possible. And it’s not going to give you those cravings that you know, that come in bread before lunch or before like hours before lunch,

I makes you want to like snack and things like that. Snacking is fine too, but it’s just about like really making breakfast work for you as best as possible. Yeah. You’re more insulin sensitive in the mornings too. Like you can tolerate more carbs in the mornings technically. So you don’t want to like, not eat during that window and your body is ready to eat something and metabolize something.

Yeah. And if you’re looking at the internet and fast, we usually recommend about like a 12 hour fast cause with a 12 hour fast, that means, let’s say you eat dinner around seven or 8:00 PM. And then after that, you don’t eat, you don’t eat until seven or 8:00 AM. So that 12 hour fasting window is really great. It’s not too drastic.

It’s not too restrictive. You still have a normal day. Whereas if you go like 14 or 16 hours, then it becomes really like restrictive and much harder to do. And the great thing about fasting is it’s. It can be really beneficial in improving insulin resistance, really beneficial in reducing inflammation, helping with gut health. It really gives your body a break while you’re sleeping,

to really focus on repairing itself, to really focus on the immune system and much more because it’s not focused on digesting food that you may have maybe eight, right before going to sleep. Let’s continue with our questions. How, how do you feel about berberine for PCs? All right. Berberine is great. There’s lots of studies on it for PCLs. It can help with insulin resistance.

It can help with so many things, especially in a three month period of time. I know this because I’ve been doing a lot of research on berberine and we plan on including it in our supplement line, in the bundle that we’re creating for supplements that help with metabolism and berberine is definitely one of them. I do suggest it. I do suggest it.

So a little, a little update about the supplement line. It’s going to come out soon, but we’re really working hard with our manufacturing team that we, that we’re involved with. And we really like spending the extra time to make sure that the supplement line is over the top notch quality. Therefore, we’re going to have it NSF certified, which is a really hard thing to do that you don’t really see from any other supplement line,

especially for PCs or you see it from some, don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of supplement companies that do this, but those are usually like the top notch. And that’s what we’re trying to do. Like we’re not, we don’t want to just come out with a supplement line. That’s just like, it takes the most generic form of berberine.

No, we want to get the best quality of berberine because we want to pass those NSF tests for parody, for quality, for cleanliness. So this is like our priority right now to find and extract for the best berberine source, including all the other supplements that we’re including in this bundle. So it’s going to take a little bit of extra time due to this reason,

but a little surprises while that research and laboratory testing is being done, we’re going to come out with a protein powder. That’s right. So, oh my gosh. We’re so excited. So last week we were talking to the people who are manufacturing, the supplement line, and we realized how long it’s going to take with all of these things we have to do.

And everything. And celiac mentioned that we were wanting to also make a protein line. They’re like, well, we can do that faster. We’re like, okay, let’s hop on it. So let’s actually do a little poll here. I mean, we can’t do a poll on the live, but I want to do a little vote because we’re thinking of flavors.

Oh yeah. And okay, so the thing with I’m going to go on, I don’t want to go on a tangent about protein powder. This is a Q and a, but the thing about the flavor is the protein powders are going to be gluten free, dairy free. Of course, they’re not going to have fake flavors. Like when you see natural flavors on an ingredient list,

it means it’s probably a fake flavor. Okay. Like 99% of the time natural flavor actually means It doesn’t mean anything. Natural. Natural just means I, it tastes like a strawberry, but it’s a fake flavor that tastes like a strawberry. Yeah. So it’s really important that we’re not using those fake flavors. We’re not using Stevia. We’re not using Monkfruit,

we’re not using any type of sweetener that isn’t good for your gut health. We’re using xylitol and studies show that it helps with your gut health and your oral health and your microbiome. So it tastes a little bit sweet. And it’s also good for you. Yeah. That’s going to be our sweetener. So when it comes to flavors, we have to choose like natural ones.

So if it’s vanilla, I don’t know if like the vanilla bean is going to be strong enough to really give that delicious flavor. So I wanted to vanilla coconut. Yeah. And then that will be more flavorful. Do you see what I’m saying? Like, you’re not going to use those fake flavorings. I need to create some creative flavors. Yeah.

Oh, let’s talk about the five flavors. And then people listening, write down the number that you like. So we’ll say number one, number two, number three. And put the number that you’d like. So the first one is double chocolate. All right. First one’s double chocolate. Second one is vanilla and coconut combined. So vanilla coconut combined.

That’s the second one. The third one. Spearmint chocolate mint. Chocolate chip. Yeah. So third one is mint chocolate chip. So it has spearmint in it to help you reduce that testosterone. God damn. All right. Fourth one is Berry bliss, Berry bliss, which has like pomegranate and Berry flavor. And fun is a secret one for the holidays.

Oh, y’all already know what that is. Then the water will come out in the holidays. Okay. So let’s see what the people are saying. I see a conscious as double chocolate, Jasmine Chocolate Chip mint, chocolate chip yet freckle journey says one, which I believe was a double chocolate. Single or double chocolates Was two vanilla coconut. Yeah. Two was vanilla coconut.

I’m seeing a lot of ones and threes. Wow. Yeah. As suppose as two and four, Jessica says one four was the last one. Berry bliss. Yeah. Three was the mint chocolate. So it looks like I’m seeing a lot of double chocolate, a lot of mint chocolate chips, Definitely going to do a poll on Instagram stories to really see what people feel about this vanilla coconut vibe that I had in mind.

Yeah. Your mom says one. All right. So let’s go back to the questions, but thank you everyone for your input. And we’re so excited to come out with this. All right. Let’s talk about this is eating often associated with peace us because I’m always eating. Oh yes. So when it comes to PCLs, if, oh my gosh.

So if you have high cortisol levels, that can make you hungry. If you have low blood sugar, because you have insulin resistance that can make you hungry. If you’re sensitive to gluten, that can make you hungrier. If you’re sensitive to dairy, that can make you hungry. There are so many reasons why you may be struggling with wanting to eat all the time.

The first thing I would do is definitely try to go gluten and dairy free and see how that helps and help with reducing your cortisol. So don’t be doing back to back cardio workouts. That’s going to create cortisol, disregulation, the higher, your cortisol, the hungrier you are throughout the day too. So manage your insulin resistance. Maybe taking OBAs tall.

A lot of sisters who take opacity, I’ll say that it helps with their cravings, like moments after they drink it. It’s not even like, you know, an hour later, it’s like 15 minutes after you’re like, what was I thinking? I don’t want a cupcake. Gluten-free dairy-free Novasol Right. Starting off with that. See where that takes you.

And then later on, All right, let’s talk about this right here. Do you enjoy working together? I says, yeah. I love working together. It’s a Question. Yes, Yes, yes we do. I mean, it’s a, it’s, it’s an amazing, we’re we’re very fortunate to be able to work together in spreading Spreading awareness about PCOS.

Of course. Like here’s the thing, you know, as creators as a dietician and as a personal trainer, like what you see on Instagram, what you see on YouTube, all that stuff. Like we’re showing you the best of the best, but of course, like you have to kind of relate to like behind the scenes. It’s not always perfection,

you know, of course we argue sometimes of course we have our, you know, arguments about this or that, but Like flavor of protein. Yeah. But like, we just, we make it work. Like don’t always for anyone for that matter for any influencer you follow for any dietician you follow. Like It’s always the highlight reel that’s on Instagram.

Don’t show like the hard work and like the late nights and like the scrambling. I think that’s what you’re talking about. Like scrambling, especially now with like traveling and everything. There’s a lot of like, where is this cable? I can’t record the podcast without the Gable. And then like, I packed it in like one of the six luggages, How can we get this tick tock,

great dog for 30 minutes? And we can get this line of right. Like there’s those moments That take time is The worst part of what we do the funnest part. But tic talks are the hardest part because we didn’t study to the tick ducks. Kelly went to dietician school, you know, They are not actors. I’m not an actress. I’m not a singer.

You know what I mean? I can be as entertaining as I can be, but I studied nutrition. And if not a Tik TOK star, and I think C deck is like Mr. Perfections. And he has this idea in his head of like how the tick-tock is going to go, you know? And I can’t execute it all the time and I can make it as funny as I can make it,

but I can’t take it to that level. When you, when you scroll through, take talk, you can see some crazy things. Okay. Like people are dedicated. People are showing off their bodies. People are like half naked out of these things are in my book. Okay. So, I mean, we do our best. Yeah. But see,

that’s like, that’s something where like we have to be creative together. And it’s a really challenging thing for us. It takes time and patience and it’s not always easy, you know, behind every tick talk is a lot of scrambling. Yeah. That’s exactly right. All right. Back to your question, sisters, let’s go to this question from her.

Shita how to control dark spots with PSUs. So those dark spots that you’re talking about, the skin tags and those kinds of symptoms that’s associated in general with insulin resistance. So managing insulin resistance is going to be really key with managing those dark spots. And of course, we’ve talked a lot about insulin resistance, how to improve those symptoms. We have a full podcast episode that you can listen to if you’re already listening to this,

but for the people who are alive on Instagram, a sister and her Mister go to that podcast episode and you’ll be able to find all the symptoms and all the ways to reverse insulin resistance. So highly recommend to take a look at that. Now that we’ve talked about our marital problems, let’s go on to more questions. Okay. All right. All right.

All right. Let’s see. I feel like we covered everything. We Did. We really covered so many different things. It’s hot in this room. We can’t open a window because bugs keep coming in. But I’m curious to know what bug is it? Life in this cold. Alright. When gluten and dairy-free how many hours in between should you eat?

So I like to eat breakfast around nine lunch, around 12 or one dinner around six or seven. This has been very hard to execute while traveling, but yeah, we’ve done our best. Anyways. I like that. I like spacing it out like that because you have enough hours in between each meal to get your insulin levels back down, because they go up when you eat something,

right. Because your body’s going to metabolize what you ate, but they should go back down. Because when they’re down, that is when your body and your metabolism is in fat burning mode. That’s why I don’t like to graze throughout the day. I like to snack once between lunch and dinner, maybe between breakfast and lunch, but usually not. And I like to have several hours where I’m not eating in between those meals so that I can keep my insulin levels nice and low and to keep my body in fat burning mode.

Yeah. Alright. What’s next. Let’s go to does carbs matter regardless of calories. And then a question before that from Marie is omega three. Good for peace us. I’m gonna get to is great. Really great for reducing inflammation. Really good for even lowering testosterone and much more so highly recommend omega three, for anyone who’s interested. It’s also really good with improving metabolism,

keeping you full for longer and also even more energy. So yeah, love omega-3. And Tom, do you want to answer that question about do carbs matter regardless of calories? Okay. Well, definitely carbs matter a lot. It’s gonna affect your insulin levels. Now, when people say like, just cut out all your carbs that’s because they don’t realize that there are other ways to manage insulin.

You don’t have to cut out all your carbs to manage your insulin. You can reduce your carbs and then you can do other things to support your insulin, like weighted workouts, going gluten, dairy free. Maybe that could help with your appetite and with your insulin levels, reducing inflammation. Like these things make a big difference on your insulin levels. You don’t have to cut out carbs completely,

but when it comes to calories, I don’t base PCs, weight loss off counting your calories. And here’s why, because we’re focused on getting your metabolism to work for your hunger and fullness hormones to be at the proper ratio. Okay? So that you’re not hungry all the time and your body will naturally know how much you need to eat to be at a normal weight.

You don’t need to count calories unless you’re trying to get six pack abs and get cut. And that’s a whole other genre of weight loss in general, you know, and that’s like, that’s a different account on Instagram, whatever that may be. We’re talking about PCOS, weight loss, and that is getting your metabolism to move so that you can lose weight and naturally keep it off and not have to worry that when you eat something,

you’re going to suddenly gain a bunch of weight. That’s why I don’t focus on calories. That’s why I focus on managing insulin resistance, reducing carbs a little bit and doing all the other things. Absolutely. All right. I guess that’s a lot of questions here today. This was really fun. We haven’t done like this live Q and a version for a podcast in a long time,

but you know, it was really fun to just talk about in general, like our life here in Switzerland, what’s going on day to day, it was really fun to do this, a Q and a on, on the slide. Like this is just a different thing we’ve done in while. Yeah. We look forward to making more content around our travels.

And for now we have a lot of work to catch up on. Yeah, we do. So right now we’re going to go to a cafe in Zurich and kind of like a work from there for a little bit before dinner. If you have any cafe recommendations for Zurich, please DMS right now. If you don’t mind and we go, we’re going to go check it out,

basically. And yeah, if you want to listen to this episode from start to finish, subscribe to our podcast, it’s an basically any podcast is available. Spotify, apple, Stitcher, Google podcasts, basically anywhere that you can listen to podcasts, you can find this podcast. It’s called a sister and her Mr. Listen there, and you can also find many other episodes listened to like instant resistance birth control.

You can learn about work, working out for peace S weight loss and how to go gluten dairy free so much so highly recommend to, to check out the podcast. All right, sisters, we will talk to you later until next time. And thank you Sharina. Thank you, unicorn, darling. Thank you. I embryo, thank you all for your,

for your sweet messages. We appreciate it. And you’re very welcome for this Q and a, since you’re saying thank you. You’re very welcome as always. And we’ll talk to you later, But if you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five,

nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free, get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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