PCOS Q&A, 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About PCOS, Guess this Food

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with PCOS, you are probably experiencing a mix of emotions: shock, worry, and even some confusion.

Unfortunately, women who suffer from PCOS can also suffer from an inauthentic or dismissive demeanor from their doctor. You should never feel blame or shame for your diagnosis, nor should you feel ignored.

If you’re feeling unsure about your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to PCOS then this episode is for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn the 5 questions you should be asking to gain confidence and certainty if your doctor is providing the best course of action, or if it’s time to find a new one.

In addition to our doctor visit guide, we’ve got you covered with lab tests you can ask for your PCOS!

Join us in The Cysterhood, a community of women learning how to manage PCOS & lose weight, Gluten and Dairy Free.

Doctor visit guide including lab tests

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Full Episode transcript:

You got to verbally and firmly advocate for an annual ultrasound to ensure long-term healing and to monitor if your condition is improving. I personally like to go every year, do an ultrasound, make sure there’s no like string of pearls, which is when you know the ovarian cysts lineup in your ovaries and they’ve disappeared and they’ve stayed gone for so many years. And that’s great,

but I just want to make sure that we’re all on the same page, Dr.<inaudible> my own hands. And<inaudible> I got sucked into the rabbit hole of Instagram and I was watching reels by this girl named Kay, Wendy home. K one Makes these gorgeous like arrangements and drinks and DEC core, like for her house and her kitchen renovation, everything seriously.

Like I got sucked into her reels, you know, in the Bella does pockets of peace and like her content too. It’s just so relaxing. And Now I’m so Zen right now. So then What’s your theme? Just making beautiful homes. Yeah, exactly. She has like a certain aesthetic and she just creates beautiful corners of her home. Like, you know,

her spice cabinet and she’ll do like a reel on how she makes it gorgeous. And I’m so into like kitchen renovation. And I’m so excited for us to one day, get a house and we’ll be posting so much home content. It’s going to be like the sisters live with us. That does sound relaxing. We all, one thing I hate is getting sucked into like Tech-Talk or reels for like an hour.

Like just watching them end to end there. There’s nothing wrong about it. Like I think we all get sucked into it. Time to time is just like, every time I get out of that, I just feel so like dumb Will sit time. They move a waste of time. It’s more about like, like we all need time to just chill out and relax.

But when I do like take talk or reels, I just feel dumb. Like it’s a six, all it’s all short form. Whereas I see like I love YouTube where like, yeah, like right now I’m really into Casey Neistat and I’m just watching his videos back to back to back. But they’re like 10 minute videos and I’m not saying it’s any better,

but I feel like for me, I feel less brain dead after I watch those YouTube videos. Cause they’re like, like you said, 10 minutes long. There’s like a story. I can see what you mean. Like I have to get something out of it if it’s like random people on Tik TOK and I’m just watching it for like entertainment, I feel sucked in,

I feel kind of dumb afterwards. But if it’s like something where I’m learning, like I learned a recipe from this Wednesday girl, like Yeah, but I totally, I totally agree with you. Learning makes it easier, but I don’t even mention the education part. What I’m more talking about is like Tik TOK is like the short form stimulation content where like,

it’s like 10 seconds or five seconds or 15 seconds point is to stimulate you and make you feel like excited. Right? Exactly. Whereas like YouTube can be like, you can lay on the couch and watch and relaxing as you’re watching it. Like, Yeah. That’s what I mean, like the stimulation you get for like one hour doing tech talks, it’s so much that you feel brain dead afterwards.

I think that’s where I’m getting at. That’s what it feels like. Yeah. Yeah. Well, with that said, if anyone doesn’t want to watch our reels Head over to our YouTube channel, you can watch our YouTube videos there too, or just, you know, in general, whatever you like. I mean, we’re just talking to you right here.

Here we are. Why don’t you leave in a few Days? Yeah. Why don’t you talk about our last few days here in Barcelona? Meanwhile, maybe we’ll get some water. He has been a little bit rainy to be honest, rainy every day, but yeah, I’ve, I’ve grown to accept it. I feel like that’s okay. Like this is Europe.

This is not Southern California where it’s 75 degrees in sunny year round and there’s like one week of rain. So I’ve learned to just accept it is what it is. And I dunno, I just keep wearing the same sweaters over and over again. We’re going to go to Zurich soon in a couple of days. And we rented a car seat. X is going to drive us around in it’s manual,

stick, shift all over Switzerland. It’s going to be raining of course. But it is what it is once again. And then we’re going to go to England. Yeah. Barcelona has been amazing the last two weeks, unfortunately, like you said, Talia, it’s been like rainy and muggy here and there, but like still, like we didn’t come to Barcelona to be tourists.

We came here to live like Catalonians and we really enjoyed that part of it. Like we’re not sightseeing every day. We’re not leaving the house all day. Like we’re working majority of the time and that night we’re going out. If it’s like, if it feels right or we’re going out in the weekends and just, it’s been an amazing time, Especially the weekends.

I love how they take it easy. If I was at home, I would have a full agenda of what I’m going to do, what I’m going to cook. I mean, cooking takes time and here I’m not cooking as much, but like, you know, I’d have a full agenda, but now it’s like, oh, I think I’m going to like read a book and then we’ll go to brunch and then we’ll walk around and get some steps in,

do some yoga. And I mean, maybe it’s because we’re so far from like home and friends and stuff like that. And there’s nothing else to do, but yeah, I like it, but taking it easy. I agree. And when you’re listening to this episode, because we’re recording like a week before you listen, we’ll be in Zurich like tie-in site.

And we’re going to start that 10 day road trip from Zurich tool assern to Barron, to interlock in green was a Griswold Grindle Wald sounds like a Harry Potter character. I think it is Grinda Wald. And then Is it okay? Yeah, you’re right. And then too, I think Grendel, Walt is a character when I, because when I Googled Grendel,

Walt have two things are like this actor from Perry park. I dunno. Okay. And they were going to go to Montreux and then to Jennifer. So like six, seven cities in a span of 10 days via car. And it’s going to be really fun. We’ll we’ll like vlog as we go through it and make some fun videos. So stay tuned for that.

Okay. So what is today’s episode about? Walk us through before we get started? So we are going to talk to you about what to ask your doctor. When you go for your doctor’s visit what to ask them, how to get, I want to say proper service, but I guess the word is like proper healthcare from your service provider. So I mean,

a lot of people go to the doctor. They don’t know what to ask. They don’t feel empowered to ask anything. They feel like the doctor has all the answers. Then the doctor says what he or she knows about PCOS and it’s usually disappointing. And then you leave disappointed. But I just want you to know that PCs management is really in your hands and you can’t depend on only your doctor or gyno for all the answers.

There is this big word multi-disciplinary Multi-facet multi-disciplinary healthcare where you need your gyno. You need an endocrinologist. If you want to do, you know, health and wellness approach to PCs and reversing it, then you know, a functional naturopathic doctor is excellent. One-on-one help from them is like really helpful. And they’ll look at the lab work and the labs and everything.

And so in nutrition, dietician, this sisterhood, how much more affordable approach. So basically we want you to feel empowered when you go to the doctor and realize that you can get proper health care from your doctor and multiple other healthcare providers. Yes. So we’ll dive into basically what tasks your doctor and a Q and a session as well. But before we get started,

we got to play our favorite game. We haven’t done this in about a month. It’s guests, this food All right. So for anyone who’s new, we like to play this game. It’s called guest this food where I see duck gathered a bunch of very random facts, about one particular piece, us friendly food. It can be anything from spices to ingredients,

to staples fundamentals in every kitchen. So it’s usually one food that’s gluten free, dairy free. That’s really PCs friendly. And that can really help with weight loss piece, us weight loss as well. So tie-in just as a, for you. We have one guest and you lock it in at any point, once you lock it in, you can’t change until I get to the end of my,

you have six tenths today and they’re going to get easier as we get to the sixth hint. So People at home you can guess to, you can yell it out loud in your office or school wherever you want. So I like to always start with a piece of history. The first sentence, it can be traced in human diets back thousands of years.

And scientists think that it originated from Asia minor because there exists many different sub species of this. The grain was introduced to north America. There’s a hint within the hints. The grain was introduced to north America in 1602 by Scottish settlers as your first hint. And he guesses, No, I don’t know Scottish settlers and what they eat. All right. All right.

Second hint. Because of their natural anti-aging properties, they are used in the cosmetic industry for a variety of products. The name a Vino for instance, comes from the botanical name, Aveena for XXX X, a grain. This is the science of Vino comes from the botanical name of Aveena. Continue. That’s all I’m going to say. All right, no hints.

No, I have no idea. Third hint, popularly used as a dairy alternative in milk, yogurt and ice cream.<inaudible> we’ve bought this before, too. This kind of, so I’m going to say, But that’s a nut, not a grain. We can still be used. I know it. Okay. What is your guests? Oh, Are you locking it in?

I’m Locking it in. Okay. It’s locked in. We’re going to continue the game. And as we continue, you’re going to say, you’re going to see if it’s right or wrong. Is that sort of odds is times locked in answer. I have three more hints. Why Do I do this? Why do I block it in so soon, These grains are high in beta glucan,

a soluble fiber that has been shown to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, and increase the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract. All right, that’s the fourth hint. The fifth, hint, these cereals have a higher protein content than most other cereal grains and are high in antioxidants. In fact, it’s considered the perfect breakfast food because several studies suggest that eating this may help reduce hunger and increased feelings of fullness.

So for how do you feel about your locked-in answer? Good. All Right. And the final hint, and I think this is going to really clear up the confusion here comes in three varieties. Old-fashioned steel-cut and instant. There You go. Good job towing. This was Your first one where you got it. Like really well, like from the first like third hint,

you got it. You got it. I kind of helped you out with that one. Before I say we’ve got the milk before. What Was your critical? Yeah, I mean, you said grain and then you said milk. And the only grain that I know that can turn into a milk is, oh yeah, I’ve never heard of keenwah milk.

So why don’t you talk about some oatmeal recipes, especially like we have someone that sisterhood as well that are really good. And talk about some of the benefits and what people can do. Cause I know like oatmeal can sound really boring. Oh, it’s just oatmeal. It sounds just like just, you’re just eating carbs. Maybe explain how sisters can make some great recipes with it.

Oatmeal is very versatile. You can make overnight oats. In fact, we have a new recipe for overnight oats coming in the sisterhood. It’s peanut butter and jelly overnight oats. Wow. Chris, it’s not jelly. It’s like more of some, you know, low sugar mash of berries that you’ll make, but it is great because when you pair this grain with the healthy fat,

from the peanut butter, and then you have the delicious, natural sweetness of a fruit with it, it’s great for blood sugar control. And you can add some protein powder like collagen in it and you won’t even taste it. Not that it tastes that bad, but you can mix in college into like amp up the protein. It’s a wonderful breakfast grab and go,

you know, make it at night, let it sit overnight. You don’t have to cook anything. You don’t have to wash anything. And just, I used to make it in college a lot overnight oats. I remember it like it was yesterday And don’t we have a ginger bread protein bowl. That’s oatmeal based. Yes. That sounds delicious. I think we’re going to keep adding more varieties of overnight oats and chia seed pudding because it’s simple,

easy to make. A lot of people are making them and there’s so many fun flavors you can create out of these recipes. Amazing. So shout out to oatmeal and oats basically for this one who did Not sponsored, Not sponsored, oh, it’s the general ingredients, grain oats to nuts sponsor this. Okay. Before we move on to the doctor portion,

let’s go into our Q and a. So we have some random Q and A’s that we pulled from different platforms from YouTube, from Instagram and tech talk. So this first one is from YouTube. She says, I had been doing this workout for two weeks. Now. She commented on a workout that we have on YouTube. And she says, I do this workout on Monday,

Wednesday and Friday. Can I do rope skipping on the days? I’m not doing this workout. Yeah. I mean, as a PCs personal trainer, I’ll go ahead and give the answer on this one. Basically on your off days, you can do any forms of cardio that you like, that you feel are good for you, that you feel are helpful for your PCs.

And you can go light jogging. You can go walking. I mean, you can go walking any day as well. And if you’d like rope skipping and it doesn’t exacerbate your any real symptoms then yeah, go for it off days are totally fine and doable. Okay. Burnout who commented? How do you refuse from cheese? Well, she’s can be very addicting.

There’s something called casein in it. That turns into case. So morphine and works on your brains receptors or opioid receptors makes you feel addicted, but hence CAISO morphine. So once you realize that you can feel more empowered to stop letting cheese play tricks on you. And the best way to cut out cheese is to just replace it. You know, it’s a thought and it’s,

it feels delicious and satisfying in your stomach when you’re hungry. So, you know, instead of adding cheese, add avocado or hummus, or, you know, another like a nut butter to your diet to replace that, Yeah, you don’t have to cut out all at once. Either. You can cut it out gradually, gradually because you know, as we,

as time explained cheeses, literally addicting, it has compounds in it that makes it addicting. So if you feel like you’re addicted to cheese, that’s a real thing. So because of that, it can be more difficult. So just cut it out gradually and it may be easier that way. Yes. Okay. Next question is from pretty K 1 4 9, how’s in also tall for a woman experiencing facial hair growth.

Two, two piece us, will it help with that? Well, the thing with the NASTAR is that it helps with blood sugar regulation and that in turn, you know, keeping your insulin levels stable in turn can help with your ovaries, not creating so much testosterone because what happens when you have a high insulin, your ovaries create an overproduced testosterone, and that leads to the facial hair and all of these.

So if you’re insulin resistant and you’re taking Odessa the tall, you know, thinking critically, it should help with testosterone as well. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of Like, I mean, it doesn’t say that on the label, but a lot of people have said that it’s helped Some resistance Palmetto for testosterone. Like Yeah. Well, yeah, I guess so if your insulin resistance is what’s causing the overproduction of testosterone,

that’s leading the facial hair as tricks as you’re saying, then it can be helpful in that way. Yeah. So check if you have insulin resistance and that’s the main culprit behind the facial hair or even hair loss and yeah, in that way, it may be helpful. And then the last question here from K N Taylor 5, 2, 3, she says this might be silly,

but what about eating while walking like a smoothie at lunch while taking a walk? Hmm. I see no problem with that. Yeah. I love a good walk in a drink in my hand. Is it okay to do activities while like your stomach is digesting though or something? Well, don’t run, but like if you’re going on a pleasant stroll in you’re drinking your smoothie sounds great to me.

Okay. Wow. Look at this. I just like Googled something real quickly and it says other than increasing your risk of choking on food. Oh my God. It says eating while sitting upright or standing up can reduce pressure in the stomach. Reducing the likelihood of reflux, more overeating while standing and moving around. Such as during a walk meal may help food,

exit the stomach more quickly, further lowering the likelihood of reflux and heartburn. Interesting. And that’s from healthline.com. I don’t know how are they a, their website? I think they’re pretty good. Yeah. Cool. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity toll and finally got her period after a year of not having one? Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot.

How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have. And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body.

But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced. So taking OBS tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup. So I don’t drink it. Got it. BU check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order.

Let’s go into wins of the week. All right. I’ll start. Evaline. Barragan sets my dinner today. She posted a picture of, it looks like it’s keenwah with asparagus and steak and some potatoes. I’m so proud of myself. I’ve been gluten and dairy free for about a week now. And I feel awesome. I haven’t been as bloated and I’ve found myself not snacking as much like before I do however,

have to plan a light post-workout snacks. So that, that is not too heavy on my stomach. Since I go to the gym a few hours after dinner, it is time I take back control of my body. Stop feeling guilty and manage my PCO. S oh, I’m so happy for you. This looks like a perfect meal. She has a fourth of her plate.

The keenwah fourth of her plate, steak and half her plate is asparagus. Yeah, that looks delicious. Perfectly balanced. Great job, Evelyn. That’s an amazing win. If only I could have this meal right now, I go out to dinner and not like a mixture of When you’d like a nice homemade meal. Like this one. Yeah. Well,

good job, Evelyn. We’re so happy for you. This next one is from Instagram. Shoot. I don’t have her name cause it’s a DM from Instagram, but she says, hi Tallinn. I remember when my doctor said, come back. When you want to get pregnant, feeling helpless, I came across your Instagram and started falling gluten dairy, free diet,

taking a basketball and doing slow weighted workouts. Today. I found out that I am pregnant. This all happened because of the changes I incorporated in the last four months after joining the sisterhood. All thanks to you. I considered a miracle. Thank you so much. My God Congrats sister. We’re so happy on the pregnancy news. That’s amazing. It’s amazing.

And you know, I love how you said it took you four months of consistency to do it because it’s not an overnight thing. I imagine that those four months were really challenging to upheave everything go gluten and dairy free change your workouts. You know, taking all that stuff was pretty easy, but good for you. Yeah. I mean, it takes some effort to take it every single day,

twice a day. I think you will know that you have problems sometimes taking your supplements consistently SciTech Sidak chases after me to get my supplements in me. So when we come out with a supplement line, I’m going to be like everyone. I have a confession to make. The only reason why I take my supplements is because Ciroc chases after me and gives them to me every single day and then tells me how annoying it is that he has to give them to me every single day.

And I don’t do anything. And that is marriage give and take 50 50. That is marriage. Okay. Next one. Mickey Barrington. Ooh, she’s gorgeous. She says not where I intend to finish, but thought I would grab some photos and do a side-by-side I’m 51 pounds down this year. Wow. Without help of any medication, just the help of this group.

My new year’s resolution is to stick to it and drop 50 more pounds. Wishing you all a happy holiday. Best of luck. Some amazing results. Amazing 50 pounds is a lot of hard work. Let me tell you when you lose like one or two pounds a week or sometimes half a pound a week or no weight and being consistent enough and reaching 50 pounds.

Good for you. Yeah. Amazing job Mickey. I mean, you look beautiful in both pictures or so happy that you’re achieving your goals and yeah. It’s amazing. It’s amazing. You, I love your jumpsuit and your matching bag. Yes. Both bags. I mean, she has a bag on the left one and the bag on the right one,

such a beautiful books. Beautiful. All right. So those are the winds of the week. Let’s go to our main topic today and shout out to all our winds, by the way, we always want to talk about all our wins and just, just like show how many sisters are thriving with PSUs inspiring. So many other people. So shout out to all her sisters who are getting,

achieving your wins and your goals every single week. That’s why we do this whole section, this portion of the podcast every week. It never changes. There’s always more scissors because we want it to inspire and motivate you to continue because we know how, not that I know how, but we know how it can feel for people to not feel like it’s possible.

Like it feels impossible. So that’s the whole point of this. Yeah. It’s so inspiring. I mean, we literally lay bed and we read them like one after the other, I’ll randomly at dinner, just like pull it up. Cause you know, we’ll screenshot them and add it to shared album and I’ll read them. And there’s thousands a month,

each month, like hundreds, each month adds up to thousands each year. And it’s amazing to hear that people are able to control their PCLs and you know, if you’ve gone to the doctor and you feel like you can’t because of what they said and we’re about to get into it. Yeah. It makes the working on, cause we work on Instagram basically 24 7 when we wake up and before we go to sleep,

we’re always on Instagram, like reading comments, responding DMS, and like seeing how the community is doing. And that’s the portion we loved the most is seeing like you letting us know how you’re doing. And yeah. It’s like, I love it. I love it. It’s a great job. We have a great job. Yes. We’re happy. I mean,

I wish we didn’t have to have this job, you know, I wish there wasn’t something like PCs where, you know, we didn’t have to do what we have to do, but you know, it makes it ever so worthwhile to be able to help and just make everyone progress during their journey. Okay. All right. With all that said, we’re just jibber jabbering here.

Let’s go on to our topic. What? To ask your doctor. All right. I’ll tell my personal story briefly. When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I felt like the world was literally crashing down. I was crying all the time. I was going to all these different doctors asking a hundred questions, getting zero answers. You know, like I even had a dietician once.

Tell me like, this is just how your body is. Like, you have to accept, you know, that your body weight, for example, like, cause I wanted to lose weight is just like this. And I was like, what are you talking about? I am uncomfortable. Like I’m bloated puffy. I can’t lose weight. I’m working out and I can’t lose weight.

Like do you know anything about metabolism? That was the worst. I’m sorry. I’m so traumatized by that. But anyways, it was really, really frustrating. I was only given birth control and Metformin. I didn’t want to take either. I ended up taking birth control, but then I was like, what’s happening. So I decided to get off of it and eventually like deep dive into my own health.

And of course it wasn’t easy. And I wish I didn’t like spend so much time feeling down and feeling like what my doctor said was true. And I wish there was more inspiration back then. Cause I immediately would have taken control and found better doctors sooner. Did they explain to you like why they’re prescribing you this or that? Like why? The point is where you confused.

That was so young to no explanation. What is birth control? What is it going to do? Why don’t I have my period. Yeah. Not one person said one thing about blood sugar. Nobody said anything about blood sugar control and how that could have an impact on my hormones supplements. My doctor made it like they were silly and like voodoo, like what’s up.

One’s like you, this is just how you are. It’s ridiculous. Yeah. They really need to do. You mentioned that some people still think that way, by the way, some doctors and even some dieticians still believe like, oh supplements, they can’t help or they don’t, they can’t do this. And it’s like the, one of the biggest,

biggest misconceptions And It is a big shame. Okay. So diving into it. I think the first thing first, what we should really mention is to know you have PCs. If you don’t know for sure, or you feel like you’re being misdiagnosed. One thing to know for sure is like you need to out of the three symptoms and the three symptoms are ovarian cysts,

irregular periods and hyperandrogenism hyperandrogenism is basically when you have elevated male hormones such as to start strong and that can lead to acne, facial hair, hair loss. Now where you can gather from that is you don’t need to have ovarian cysts to have PCs. You can still have the two other symptoms. But with that said, let’s go into the first really important question to ask and be director,

doctor, You got to verbally and firmly advocate for an annual ultrasound to ensure long-term healing and to monitor if your condition is improving. So, I mean, I personally like to go every year, once a year at the beginning of the year, do an ultrasound, make sure there’s no like string of pearls, which is when you know the ovarian cysts lineup in your ovaries and they’ve disappeared and they’ve stayed gone for so many years.

And that’s great, but I just want to make sure that we’re all on the same page. So I go yearly, I haven’t checked, I have everything checked and I’ve had a doctor who like, didn’t want to do an ultrasound, was like, oh, well last time you were fine. So you’re fine. And I was like, no, I have PCOS.

And I want to know for sure If you had a risk for it, why wouldn’t you? Yeah. So I just, whatever. So find a doctor who is open to doing what you want to do with your healthcare plan. And even if you know, you have the other two symptoms and it’s clear yet us, it’s still super, super important to check for variances because you know,

if, if it goes untreated, it can get worse. Do you want to just say, do you want to be able to treat it? Yeah. Yeah. So the second thing to advocate for, with your doctor is to ask for a lab test. So maybe you’ve got your diagnosis confirmed, who know what’s going on with your body. But now the really important part is to check all your lab work because you want to know what your levels are and then what might be triggering your symptoms,

not the lab work to ask for. I’ll go ahead and quickly read them to you right now. But we’ll, we’ll provide a link in the description that you can download and get all those. They are testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, F S H L H cortisol, D H E S glucose, your thyroid panel and your C-reactive. Now you want to check for all of those and get,

Once you get your lab results, just don’t expect that your doctor’s going to be like giving you natural solutions to managing all of this. You know, most likely your doctor will offer you Metformin, spironolactone. All of these can really help with mitigating symptoms, especially if you’re really suffering, but keep in mind. It’s good to, if you decide to take these medications,

it’s good to have an exit plan. So while you’re on them, think what diet and lifestyle changes you’re going to make so that eventually you don’t need them anymore. And you know, some people choose to take them and do it that way so that they don’t have to suffer from symptoms that are just, you know, debilitating sometimes. So that’s fine too.

It’s really your choice. If you want more support with like naturopathic help and like diet and lifestyle and supplements, then you would see a naturopathic doctor. So don’t confuse your gyno with what a naturopathic doctor can offer you. And if for some reason, your doctor doesn’t want to test your labs, which happens so weird, but okay. I don’t know why they wouldn’t want to as if they’re paying for it or something.

I know. Or if they’re, if your labs seem fine and they’re like, you’re fine. And then you have all these symptoms, but they’re like, but your labs are fine. So you’re fine. You’re like, but I have facial hair acne. This, that mood swings that, oh, you’re fine. Don’t take that as your answer. Okay.

There’s something called functional medicine. They look at more specific lab ranges. So we have a lab kit and it’s linked in the description and this will take a look at all of the hormones that can effect the root issues of your PCs, your cortisol, your blood sugar, your thyroid, all of it. Right? And you’ll take a look at the functional ranges and have a 30 minute call with the health coach who will go over them and tell you what your next steps should be.

So if you need more support with that, we haven’t linked. Yeah. And again, your Dr. May be able to do these functional tests, but if they’re not willing to, or they don’t want to, this lab test is available for you to just go ahead and do it. And like tie-ins said, it includes a 30 minute consultation with the next steps.

So, you know exactly like what supplements you should take, what you should do with the law in accordance with the specific lab results that you got. We’ve done this lab test multiple times, me and Italian. And we both learned so much more about our bodies. Like I for, I think I’ve told us many times, but I found out that I had really high cortisol throughout the day and not a lot in the morning.

And they suggested some supplements for me and I took them and I, and I redid the test four months later and my cortisol range was freaking perfect. And I’m still continuing to take some of the supplements, not all of them. And over time, like if like my DHA was too low and it helped to raise it back and get it back in the normal range,

a lot of other stuff. So I feel super happy about it. And it’s something I personally will do every like four, five, every six months for the rest of my life. Probably. Totally. I think telling you, you did it last time. Why don’t you talk about your thyroid and how improvements I, you know, I did it and everything looked fine,

except my fibroid was a little weak. So I took a thyroid supplement and that helped. And the next time I took the lab test, my thyroid was perfect. Yeah. And then now everything’s I and checked vitamin D that was low. Your vitamin D was, and that’s what, now I have to remind you every day to take And take this element,

but I’m so blessed because I remember a time where none of it was fine. And my sister, when she first took that lab test, none of it was, but it she’s gotten so much better. She feels good. Her metabolism’s working, she’s working out, she’s seeing results for the first time in years. Yeah. And if you’re interested, we’ll link that lab kit in a description and it comes with a $50 off offer.

So you get $50 off when you use that lab care. All right. The next third point to bring up to your doctor. All right. The third point is to ask them if they’re familiar with inositol and that’s okay. If they’re not, you, maybe you can bring in some studies to show them that in Austin is one of the most researched supplements for PCOS.

And it can really help with insulin resistance with blood sugar control, oblation, ed quality cravings. Ugh. So if you want to take an ASA tall or Avast tall, then you know, you can take it, but we always say, consult your doctor, see what they say as well, and bring in some studies if they’re not familiar with it.

Now, if they’re not open to even understanding an ASA, I mean, you have to understand like in hospital, out of all of the supplements is the most research for PCOS. Like yeah, everyone needs to know about if they’re not interested and like what’s going on, We need to find someone Else. All you have to do is literally just Google and also tall PCLs.

And you’ll immediately find a study that was done comparing Metformin to in also towels, where they found out that they had the same exact results with an also towels having five times less side effects when compared to Metformin. So if your doctor is immediately prescribing Metformin, again, there’s nothing wrong about taking Metformin. It’s just about being aware and just knowing your options.

If you personally don’t want to take Metformin, bring up in, also talks to your doctor and ask them like, Hey, like I’ve, I’ve found the study, I read about this. And like, just to give you a little story as we’ve had multiple sisters tell us, or I brought this up to my doctor and he actually looked it up and he said,

this sounds great. You can, maybe you should take. And like, I’m not saying your doctor will do the same or will recommend the same, but just know that it’s totally possible for you to bring up things like this, to your doctor and them understanding. So you should definitely feel free to feel free to do that. Yes. As you know,

our favorite in our stall supplement brand is called Avastin hall. A couple of reasons why we liked him is they’re in also talls are the 40 to one ratio. The 40 is myo and the one is de Cairo. So it has a 40 to one ratio of Mio and<inaudible>, which is important because that’s the ratio that’s used in studies. And they give a daily dosage of 4,000 milligrams,

which is also important because that’s the dosage as used in the studies as well. So whenever we select supplements that we like, or we recommend, they have to be backed up by research there’s they can be just random and also tours out in the world that don’t follow the dosages or the ratios that were used in the studies. So whatever in our stall,

you buy, make sure that it meets those two criteria, okay? The fourth topic or the fourth. So you can ask your doctor what dietary changes you can make to help with your PCs. But most doctors don’t have experience with this. They might refer you to someone, or they might tell you to cut out all your carbs, which is maybe the most common response.

So with that, take it with a grain of salt. It’s always good to ask. See if they have any professional advice about diet changes, but remember your doctor is not your dietician and I am a dietician. So there’s a role for everyone. So don’t expect them to have all of the answers for your metabolic function and so on, but hopefully they do.

Yeah, That’s exactly right. All right. Let’s move on to our fifth tip or fifth question. I forgot to mention for<inaudible>. If you’re interested, we can, we have a link in the description that gives you 15% off as well, and two weeks free in the sisterhood. So just an FYI, if you’re interested, that is in LinkedIn and description.

So the fifth question to ask for a doctor that’s really important is how will this affect my fertility? Now, one thing want to make sure that you know, that it is still very possible to get pregnant with PSUs, even though a percentage of women with peace years have trouble getting pregnant, a diagnosis of PCs does not mean you are doomed to a life of infertility challenges.

Yeah. So when you ask this question, remember, you are in control here. Don’t let what your doctor says to bring you down because there are so many resources out there. So many people who have messaged us that they got pregnant with PCOS and you know, they didn’t have to go through any treatments and they, you know, change your diet.

They change your lifestyle. They took the sub ones. They understood the root issues of their PCs. These are all possible for you too. So of course you want to ask your doctor about fertility and how PCs affects it. And they will give you like a well-rounded response, hopefully about the importance of managing your PCRs before you decide to get pregnant in order to avoid issues when you decide to get pregnant.

But unfortunately, oftentimes they give you birth control. They come, they tell you to come back. When you want to get pregnant, then they give you medication for that. You know? So unfortunately this doesn’t always go as planned, but you’re at your doctor’s office. You want to cover all the grounds, go ahead and ask them, remember the keys are in your hands.

Yes. And a great example is Coleen and many others who are told that, oh, Italian, you may have trouble getting pregnant. And three years later, or a couple of years later, Tallinn went back to the same doctor, did an ultrasound. And the same doctor told her. And as we always say this funny quote, cause it’s just funny way of saying it,

but it’s true. She, the doctor told her you’re fertile as fertile as a salmon, Sounding upstream, Swimming upstream. So it’s very possible to reverse the picture of your ovaries and your body and your symptoms. So You can do it. Yeah. Very possible to reverse the picture of your symptoms and your ovaries and all that. So, okay. But Leslie,

before we go, we also want to mention like when your Dr. May not be a, a good fit. Yeah. Like when it comes to hormonal imbalances, there are a lot of invisible symptoms, right? There’s like moodiness, sleeplessness, there’s facial hair, acne. I mean, of course that’s visible, but sometimes it’s just not taken seriously. And a lot of doctors,

unfortunately, from what I read in the comments, make sisters feel like it’s just all in your head and the weight loss is your fault. And you know, what’s sleepless is what moodiness your labs are fine. Like the kind of like gaslighting, you don’t let that happen to you. There are doctors out there who will support you, who will understand,

who will put, prioritize what you’re struggling with and try to figure out a solution for you. So don’t let that bring you down. Yeah. It’s always possible for you to find another doctor. You don’t have to sit there and take it and be insulted. If they talk about your weight in a way that’s disrespectful. Yeah. If you feel unsupported,

if you feel like your doctors, aren’t respecting you, isn’t answering your questions. If they’re not answering your questions, that’s a big red flag right there. If they’re not willing to, I think your eyes at night, because this is what happened to me. She was like rolling her eyes and just like giving me short answers. And I understand PCs is complicated and maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the session with me,

but I’m asking you like, say something, give me a resource. Like blood sugar control, look into it, say something. I mean, the way it was handled for me, it was like really dead end. You’re screwed. That’s not cool. And of course, if you’re ever looking for a community, you already know where to find the largest of community.

That’s in the sisterhood where we have an amazing Facebook group where you can talk to other sisters by buyer journey about what steps you’re taking. And people are always there to answer questions. I mean, not to mention, we’re always there answering any question that’s as, but there’s always other scissors who can help you through your process as well. You get a bunch of other tools as well,

that are just as important. You get recipes, you get workouts, you get a whole learning section where you go the five steps to learning, how to lose weight with PCs and reverse your symptoms. So just know that we have an amazing hub for you. If you’re interested to get started there as well. We got you. Yes. And all.

Yes. We’re also making an app too, to really make it resourceful and all that can be found@pcosweightloss.org, where we also have many blogs and other helpful videos and much more to really help you out. Monday, we have a meeting with the app developers and I’m so excited. So every time we mentioned the sisterhood to you by heart flutters a little bit,

cause I’m so excited. We’ll show you on Instagram as we progress. Yes. All right, everyone. Thank you so much for listening. And if you’re on apple podcasts or Spotify, please feel free to leave us a review. It’s always great to see how you like this podcast. And it’s, it’s a great way to just read your feedback and yeah,

we love it. We always love it. If you leave us a review after you finish listening and if not, no pressure, no problem. We’re always here every single week. Yeah, We’ll be back next week with another episode. And until then bye-bye and we’ll talk to you next time from Switzerland. Talk to you soon. Bye bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast,

you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCO S from Sage one cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,


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