What type of PCOS do I have?

10 Products to Help Heal PCOS

What type of PCOS do I have?
by Tallene Posted April 5, 2024

If you’re new on your journey to reversing polycystic ovarian syndrome here are ten of my favorite products that have helped me to work out, unwind and relieve and heal my PCOS symptoms. Bookmark this page because this article is a lifesaver list of gift ideas for yourself and other Cysters when it comes to Holiday gift giving and birthdays!

Prioritizing self-care has been proven to help to relieve stress. Stress is one of the biggest enemies of PCOS because it increases cortisol and inflammation, which in turn impacts PCOS symptoms, making them worse and more difficult to get under control or reverse.

In case you didn’t know, Sirak is our in-house personal trainer! He specializes in teaching women with PCOS how to work out and lose weight without spending hours on the treadmill! Here’s the kit-list we created together to ensure all our Cyster’s workouts are as effective (and low-impact) as possible!

10 Products To Help Heal PCOS

Products to Help Heal PCOS

Workout For PCOS

Let’s first start with a quick roundup of the best workout accessories for women with PCOS. Establishing a regular exercise schedule is important to combat symptoms of PCOS for a variety of reasons. Just to name a few, a regular exercise can help relieve stress, improve mood, correct hormonal imbalances, improve insulin sensitivity, decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and prevent weight gain. What I love about the workout essentials below is that they are simple yet very effective. Because as I’ve learned over the years, you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to get a good, solid PCOS workout in.

  • Resistance bands are a great accessory to a PCOS friendly workout! You can add intensity to body weight exercises by simply using a band! Squats, lunges and hip thrusters just got upgraded!
  • An easy-to-hold set of hand weights or dumbbells are an essential addition to your workout area because they can be used for toning up arms, increasing the effectiveness of body weight exercises and adding a punch to your crunches. You could say a good pair of weights comes in handy.
  • Protect your back and prevent ourselves from sliding all over the floor with this padded and stable yoga mat which also doubles as a portable workout area (and protects the neighbor’s ears!). This one will fast become a favorite as it has a handle so you can roll up and go!
  • Who says you can’t look good while you workout? A really cute top gets me motivated to work out because I can’t wait to put it on! And as for leggings… who doesn’t live in them?
Workout for PCOS

Self Care Relieves Stress

Beauty products and skincare can take us from feeling drab… to feeling fab! And bonus points if they’re good for our skin too. The best part? When you take good care of yourself and make time for a little pampering here and there, you relieve stress. Which, in turn, can help relieve symptoms of PCOS.

As a woman with PCOS, I really like to avoid artificial chemicals as much as possible. It’s not great for my body, but it’s also not kind to my skin – which needs protecting from PCOS acne flare ups.

  • Sometimes PCOS can lead to brittle or dry hair (or even hair loss) – so shampoos and conditioners full of things such as jojoba are an excellent antidote.
  • When I’m out of the shower, I love to dry brush my skin. Dry brushing your body helps with lymphatic drainage (i.e making you less puffy) and helps to detox excess hormones, like estrogen. Look out for natural bristles and don’t scrub too hard. The goal is to stimulate a healthy glow without leaving brush marks on your skin.
  • Natural deodorant that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals can go a long way to detoxing your body and healing PCOS. This one has a gorgeous floral scent and I love how soothing aluminum free deodorant is! Plus, it’s kinder to the planet too.
  • If I’m creating content or heading out for the day, I like to be mindful of what I put on my skin. It’s nice to wear make up, but not if I have to spend days fighting off an acne flare up afterwards! I went makeup free for ages because I was so worried about putting things that weren’t ‘clean’ on my sore skin. Then I found Ilia Beauty and have since bought nearly their entire collection of toxin free makeup! It’s good for your skin, looks great and is formulated so well that you sacrifice nothing when it comes to quality of your makeup look and color options.
Products to Help Heal PCOS

Healing PCOS starts from within

The choice to begin healing your PCOS can be a hard one. I know from experience and from hearing from Cyster’s like you, just how difficult it can be to establish new daily habits. As well as to break the old habits. Healing from PCOS means making a commitment to yourself to heal, and all the lifestyle changes that come along with that goal. And I get it – that can be totally daunting.

If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed, know that you’re not alone. Also know that it’s not a race to see who can eliminate their symptoms the quickest. The BEST WAY to establish a new PCOS friendly-lifestyle is to start small and work you way out from there. Even the smallest lifestyle changes can make a big difference. And once you start healing, you will naturally be motivated to continue the process.

As well as making ourselves feel and look good, it’s paramount that we’re doing good on the inside too. Understanding how your body works is the key to making massive, healing, long-lasting change. And after educating thousands of women with PCOS we’ve realized knowledge is the most powerful resource someone can share.

  • PCOS SOS is one of the best books I’ve read on the subject of managing and restoring hormonal balance. It’s also a great book to quote to friends or family who are struggling to understand.
  • If you’re hoping to improve your fertility or effectively lose weight with PCOS, then 8 Steps To Reverse PCOS is a good foundational book to read too. It’ll help you with improving insulin resistance and reversing inflammation to finally lose weight and remedy PCOS side effects!
  • Once you have a good knowledge base, it’s easier to work out what you want to implement next. Of course, diet is a huge topic within the PCOS community – and it can be a little overwhelming. As a registered dietitian and nutritionist, it’s something I’m mega passionate and highly researched on. All that knowledge, weight loss tips and PCOS reversing swaps are easily laid out inside our 4 Week Meal & Workout Plan! Take the stress out of grocery shopping and meal prepping by following the simple walkthroughs and recipes in the course.

How To Naturally Heal PCOS?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with PCOS, you might be wondering if there is a natural way to treat PCOS? The good news is: there are a plethora of ways you can naturally heal your body and prevent PCOS flare-ups. You can find our full roundup of tips for managing PCOS naturally, HERE. But I’ll give you a quick rundown for good measure.

The best way to naturally heal PCOS is make some simple lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes include:

  • Eating balanced meals, including anti-inflammatory and PCOS fighting foods
  • Eating several smaller meals throughout the day, rather than 3 huge meals
  • Getting plenty of sleep at night and resting when needed
  • Choosing low-impact exercises with the type of equipment I mentioned above
  • Limiting your alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • Learning to better manage your stress through self-care and mindfulness
  • Consuming plenty of fiber and omega-3s
  • Consider taking dietary PCOS supplements like Ovasitol (chiro-inositol + myo-inositol)
  • Try going gluten and dairy free for 30-days
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Looking for more PCOS product recommendations? Grab my grocery shopping guide for meal prepping!

10 PCOS Friendly Must Have Products

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