Tips For Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions

Are you making a resolution in the new year? In this episode, we identify the right kind of resolutions to improve PCOS symptoms and how to create a plan to reach your new year goals! Sprinkled throughout this episode, we share our top tips for creating successful new years resolutions- see a broken-down list of these tips below! 

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8 Tips For Sticking To New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve all been there. Sometimes it can be SO HARD to stick to your new year’s resolutions. Setting your new year’s resolutions is one thing, but actually sticking to them is another. And unfortunately, the sticking to them part is usually where people struggle, even though its obvious that sticking to them is the most important part.

You know…it’s easy for a lot of people to make a new year’s resolution to start fresh. Right? But it’s really hard to keep it when you don’t set yourself up with the right methods. A lot of times we make it harder on ourselves, and then we feel bad when we don’t achieve it. But the truth is, it wasn’t set up for us to succeed.

Sticking to new years resolutions is what actually creates results versus just setting them and not following through. So, how you set your new year’s resolutions is SO IMPORTANT. This is something that is so much easier said than done. Trust us, we know. So, how do you set and stick to your new year’s resolutions, you ask? Don’t fret Cyster’s, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our roundup of tips for creating successful new year’s resolutions!

Set realistic goals.

This tip is all about goal setting. Tons of people come right out of the gate in the new year with huge, unattainable goals. And when they realize their goals are unachievable, they give up. The point here is, you don’t want to disappoint yourself and make yourself not motivated to continue either. So, its a good idea to set realistic goals so you can achieve your goals. And really, small steps are best.

Some realistic goals for managing PCOS symptoms might look like (and keep in mind they will differ for each person):

Create a course of action.

Now that you’ve established your new year’s resolutions, what next? Having your week or even month planned out in advance so that you can follow it takes a lot of last minute guesswork out of the decisions that you make. Like, what are you going to eat today? What time will you get your workout in today? Or, how will you prioritize self-care today? All good questions which can easily be answered and achieved with a clear plan of action. If this is something you struggle with, try our Meal Plan and Workout Course.

Find ways to motivate yourself.

We’re not even going to sugar coat it, it takes TONS of motivation to stick to your new year’s resolutions. And you need to find that motivation within yourself. You want to be motivated by internal, emotional types of things. Not just wanting to look good or feel good for whoever…like forget whoever. Think of you. Figure out what drives YOU, then use that as motivation to stick to your goals.

Prepare yourself for minor setbacks, and learn to recover from them.

Perhaps in past years you’ve had a goal and there was a setback, and then you had a hard time recovering. This is super common, but oftentimes leads people to give up on their resolutions. The thing is: everyone slips up. EVERYONE. And we don’t even like calling it a slip up because life is not perfect. Instead of allowing setbacks to indeed set you back, prepare for them. Know you will probably have 1-2 setbacks and that IT’S OKAY CYSTERS. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and keep on keeping on.

Accept help from friends and family.

Friends and family are the perfect people to help keep you accountable for your new years resolutions. They are also some of the best people to help you achieve your new year’s resolutions. Especially if you can partner up with someone in a sort-of buddy system way to help each other remain accountable. You just don’t want to have a lack of support – you want that support because you deserve it. So, if friends and family offer their support…take it! (As long as it’s healthy help of course.) Don’t put the weight of the world all on your own shoulders – it okay to accept help from time to time!

Share your journey.

Here’s another tip on accountability. Don’t be afraid to track and share your journey with others going through the same thing. Girl, get that support any way you can. There are thousands of Cysters out there just like you who are also seeking that same support and deserve that same support. If you’re not sure where to start, consider joining our membership. Our membership includes a monthly hour-long Zoom Accountability session to identify goals, a monthly hour-long Zoom Q&A session, AND access to a supportive and engaged private Facebook group.

Reward yourself.

You’re doing something amazing sisters…you’re pushing through. So, you deserve to reward yourself. But, how do you like to reward yourself? Really, everyone is different. If you’ve been sticking to your PCOS diet, consider a treat. If you’ve been exercising day-in and day-out, consider a couple of rest days. Go out and treat yourself or stay in and binge movies – it’s up to you. Just don’t forget to take the time to reward and cherish yourself for all the hard work you’ve done.

Sign up for our membership & take our course.

We touched on this a bit earlier in our tips, but if you’re finding yourself with all these new year’s resolutions and nowhere to start, start with us. If you’re not a part of the Cysterhood yet, consider joining. There, you will find a multitude of support, as well as meal plans, exercise routines, Q&A’s, and so much more.

And if you’re really trying to get serious about your new year’s resolutions, definitely consider our course. It is totally unique with four custom workouts per week, recipes for every meal of the day, and even video tutorials for the recipes. Join the Cysterhood and get connected – you won’t regret it.

What are your favorite tips to stick to your New Year’s resolutions?

Everyone is different, and so everyone has different ways of finding the motivation they need to stick to their new year’s resolutions. Do you have any tips to share that work for you? If so, drop them below! And while you’re here, let us know what your new year’s resolutions are for this year as well! Wishing you the best of luck as you navigate the new year!

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Tips For Sticking To New Year's Resolutions




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Full Episode transcript:

Dr. into my own hands and with stem naturally. Welcome sisters. Welcome. Welcome CX wearing short shorts. Okay. How dare you? I do feel like they’re really short right now. They are so short. I’m surprised your boxers don’t show right now. I think I’m going to have to return these. There’s just something I do. Where when I order clothes,

I keep it on the office couch for like a couple of weeks until I marinate. I had to see it there. I wear one day, the ties are still on it. I wear for a whole day. See how it feels. I take it off. I’ll keep it on the couch for another couple of days. I’ll try it again. Cause I have in decisiveness.

I have hard time choosing to say yes or no. So Yeah. I mean, especially with these holiday sales, sometimes you buy something just because it’s half price. Not because you love it. So you have to, I mean, now that I’m wearing these shorts for the second time, look at this leg coming. Wow. Really looking at it by right out.

All right. With that being said, though, welcome to this episode. We’re going to talk all about new year’s resolutions. And in fact, new year’s is just four days away. Perfect time to talk about it. 27th, four days from now, sisters, let us know what you’re doing. What have you planned for new year’s like, how are you celebrating?

Do you remember how we celebrated last year? Telling COVID and we sat at home. My parents came over. We had, we had like a Tomahawk steak, something really nice. Yeah. Just to like add some pizzazz. Yeah. Cause it was watch TV. Yeah. I don’t think it was Tomahawk. I think it was like fish or something.

I don’t know. But I remember kind of being sad, not because we were with like your parents. It was just sad because we were at home. It, it felt like we were all, Every the world was sitting at home. It felt like, and it was sad to know that like, no one’s celebrating the way we used to Interested in how the same flair,

you know, like celebrating from your couch. And it was just like, okay, now what? You know, whereas if you were like at a party or something, it’s like, woo, I love new year. I love like celebrating a new start, a new beginning, making goals. Some people think it’s cheesy and it’s like, oh, like what?

You know, why would I make a new year’s resolution? But it’s so much fun. Last year, my resolution was to get more activity in like walk more, do more. Cause COVID got me like sitting at home and I totally thought of that throughout the year. Yeah. I feel like new year’s resolutions. I look at it from two different size.

You know, when I look at it, it’s a great way. Like it’s a great motivator to start from scratch to start with the new year, January 1st. It’s a great way to just like, you know, forget about all the other times and just really, but then at the same Time, it’s also, it can be like intimidating, intimidating.

Yeah. Like, oh, January 1st or like beginning, January 1st, I’m going to start all this pressure and it can also, it can just, I don’t want to say make things worse, but it can just make you create more anxiety in your head because you have all this pressure leading up to January 1st. Yeah. So then you’re like really, really focused on your goal in January,

but then you kind of like, let it go afterwards and then you feel guilty. And so we’ll talk about how to set your new year’s resolution so that you don’t feel like this big pressure and anxiety, you know, when Executing now we, even as you sisters on Instagram, what are your new year’s resolutions? And we’re going to read them before we give you our main tips for setting your new year’s resolutions.

Before that though, we onto something, a little different, trying to change things up here at the sister and her Mister, we’re going to go into our sisterhood Facebook group. And we’re going to just read some questions and read some messages that we see on the group just to kind of, you know, bring up the community here and kind of connect with everyone that’s also in there.

Yeah. One of the first messages that I see, or one of the first posts on the Facebook that I see is from. She goes today’s breakfast. Let us boat with tuna and my green tea with Avastin hall mixing while it looks good, baby, That looks bomb. I love a good lettuce boat. Yeah. Well I have to be honest though.

I can’t do tuna for breakfast. I feel like that to me though. But you know, it’s really good for you. It’s a little strange, but it’s really good for you. Healthy fat, high protein, lots of vitamins and minerals. Like it’s a great option. Honestly. It’s like way stronger than just the, Not as much protein, healthy fats.

I know Someone who to teat anchovies for breakfast. Cause it’s so good for you. I think people do like salmon bagels, right? Can see people who eat that. I can’t do salmon bagels. It’s so good for you. She knows what’s up. I see a testimonial. Should I read that? She says her name is Teagan. She says,

Hey, sisters just wanted to share my progress. I’ve gone. Gluten free dairy free, low carb, low sugar for three months now. And notice a significant change. I have more energy not taking naps 24 7 and have actually lost weight. Can’t believe that one. No more bloating. No more pain. It’s practically gone. Thanks to the sisterhood. Yeah.

Awesome. Who was that? What was your name? Teagan. Amazing Teagan. Great job. And then I see a Lana. This is actually really cool. She goes, Hey sisters, I got my test results from the equal life piece, us testing the results mimic the symptoms. My body has. It feels pretty good to have some data to show.

I am not imagining these things, but more importantly to have a guiding path as I work towards a healthy body. Has anyone else tried their testing and seeing results from their recommendations? Okay. Oh girl, my sister. After like a month of taking the supplements that they suggested based on her lab results. Yeah. 28 day cycle. Like something she’s never had Jen,

she was on birth control for like 15 years and not getting her period. Yeah. That’s amazing. And only take a couple of months after getting off of birth control after taking that for like she was on birth control for 15 years, right? Yeah. Yeah. Something like that. That’s amazing. Yeah. And I, and we have personal stories ourselves.

Like I take the tests and I found out I had some stress issues. So I’ve been taking some supplements for that. It’s helped me a lot, especially with my sleep Tallinn, what their thyroid doesn’t really helpful. Yeah. Just to clarify though, it’s not called PCs testing. It’s not like specifically may to test for PCs, but it can help uncover the root causes of your PCs.

Cause it goes basically looks into all the corresponding hormones and lab work. Yeah. And you had a 30 minute call afterwards. Makes all the difference. You can’t just look at your results and be like, I don’t know what this means. You know, I got call that call is super important for anyone interested. That’s also linked in our, in our podcast description as well.

Okay. And then let’s read one last message here. This one is from Meredith. She goes trying to find a new protein that will help me achieve my goals. Does this one look like it meets the criteria? No weird sugars, hidden dairy, thanks for the help. And the brand that she put is natures plus spirit team high protein energy meal.

So it would take us a minute to kind of like look at this one specifically on the podcast and read the ingredients on the episode. But we can kind of talk about what we look for when it comes to a protein powder. So I think Thai one thing you like is simplicity, right? Yeah. I like when it has simple ingredients and I like when they ingredients are super foods spirulina,

which is pretty exciting also like hemp based protein powder. Yeah. And one other thing to look at is to sugar content. So the sugar content, you don’t really want something that’s higher than that to say five grams of sugar per serving. Cause that can easily add up when you’re doing two or three scoops for your breakfast. Yeah. Not to mention staunchness about the sugars,

but also the artificial sweeteners. Yeah, exactly. Sometimes the artificial sweeteners can spike your insulin levels because they make your body think you’re eating something super. Yeah. And this is something that’s been shown in studies as well. So it’s not something that’s, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s been proven in studies. So you just want to be aware of that when you’re having artificial sweeteners,

even like Stevia and things like that. Okay. And yeah, of course dairy free as well. And a Lot of people ask if away is dairy. Yes it is. Yes. Always derived From, from dairy milk or insulin girl. Yes. So I hope that helps for Meredith. And with that said, that’s it for the Facebook group portion,

looking at the community. Of course there’s a lot more messages, but if You want to join a sisterhood, Exactly. If you want to join this dessert, you’ll see all those messages. And in fact, we have a little surprise announcement that we’ll mention at the end of this episode for the sisterhood. Okay. Oh, and I just remembered before we get into the new year’s resolutions,

we do have four days until what time? The four week meal and workout plan for PCs, weight loss. Yes. The Map, The map, the step-by-step The four week map where you’re going to basically get four weeks of meals, all like for breakfast, lunch, dinner, all made, you can watch them all through a video from scratch to finish,

including downloadable PDFs In the videos. It’s so cool. I talk about each ingredient, why I chose it, why it’s great for PCs, weight loss, what it’s doing to your hormones and your insulin levels and the science behind PCRs weight loss, how to improve your metabolism. You know, like oftentimes it’s just a meal plan. This one it’s thought out and specific for us and our needs.

Exactly. And then the workout component. Oh yeah. So the workout component is something that I know assessors you’ve been waiting for or you’ve been re really requesting is basically full length workouts. So that’s what we do. We created basically four weeks of full length workouts. So week by week, day by day, basically each week has like a three-day schedule and each ILS workouts are full length.

So you’ll follow along. Even with the rest periods, we have a timer. So we all rest together super important. Yeah. And not just that for some of the workouts, we have taglines sister and her friend join ends. So it’s a group workout. It’s so fun. I know this is like the funnest, the biggest project we’ve ever done for obviously like for PCO,

weight loss, our Instagram, and for just basically for everyone. So this is like probably the biggest, best product we’ve ever made to help people. And honestly, like I personally think this is a greatest course ever created for PCs because I guarantee you, no one has, no one has ever gone to this detail. Yeah. Science and like break down of it.

I mean the videos they’re so fun to watch CX talking, like showing the word. Yeah. I mean, even tie in during the, during the cooking stage, she was like explaining how each ingredient is beneficial for peace juice, which is super helpful because even when you’re done with the course, which by the way you have access to forever, so you can keep restarting it.

But even when you’re done with the course, you can be mindful of just those little ingredients. So as you do, as you make your own meals separately, you can be like, oh, I remember pumpkin seeds really good for so-and-so. I remember buckwheat noodles being really good because it contains, like, there’s all these little things that you can learn and incorporate into your life for the rest of your life Forever.

And the recipes like you’re going to make them afterwards. For sure. We collaborated with a chef and they’re like, they’re not fancy schmancy. They’re like things you can make in 30 minutes that are absolutely delicious. Gluten free dairy free pizza is friendly. You’re going to want to make them. And we’ve struggled at the year. We’ve structured it in such a way where you basically would you prep your week over the weekend.

Like you buy all your groceries. And then Monday through Friday, you’re able to make all those meals like day-by-day cause they all depend on each other. So you’re not, you’re not like making something from scratch on Monday breakfast, Monday lunch, Monday dinner. It’s not like super complicated where you’re going to be basically making like a whole meal every single time.

It’s all like connected all inter web so that you’re able to like really take advantage of one meal and make another meal with it. It’s the stuff like that. Yeah. I’ll give one example. You make meat balls over the weekend, freeze them. And then that week, like on Friday you make spaghetti squash and meatballs. And then two weeks later,

you know, it’s still in the freezer and you make a new dish with the meatballs and it’s like, your dinner is so much faster, right? Yeah. All these mills should take less than 30 minutes. So we really worked hard to make sure it’s easy to do. And so this launches on January 1st in four days, and we have special bonuses until January 7th.

So you only have a week to get these bonuses. Ty, why don’t you read off the bonuses? Because there’s like $10,000 value that we’re basically just giving all away with The course. Yeah, exactly. I mean, we want you to have all the tools you need to achieve your peace. U S weight loss goals. Like that’s your new year’s resolution.

We want you to have everything. You need the community, the course, everything. When you enroll in the course, you get the annual membership to the sisterhood. And that has so many pro I mean the annual like all year talk about new year’s resolution. You have all year access To this comes free with when you enroll in the course. Exactly.

You have monthly live Q and A’s with us monthly live workouts with us, a whole library of even more recipes. Like after you do the four week plan, you could continue with all the other recipes in the sisterhood, monthly new workouts that drop every month in the sisterhood. So Not just workouts, workout plans, Workout plans. Exactly. And you know,

a whole community of sisters who are doing this with you and cheering you on. And we’re always in the Facebook group, like giving advice, making sure that we’re supporting everyone, you know, and giving our time because we want you to achieve that’s who we are. That is what we do. We want to carry you through all the way. Not just here’s the four week plan.

No, we want the whole year to be about your health and thriving with PCO S and with that being said earlier, we talked about the lab kit. When you enroll in the course, you get a $250 voucher off the lab cash. So literally every tool you need, if your new year’s resolution is to lose weight with peaches, every tool you need is in this plan,

you get the course. And then all these things, Four weeks of meals, four weeks of workouts, a whole year of support in the sisterhood with more recipes, more workouts, not to mention the Facebook community, one of the most important things. And we’ll talk about this in this episode is having support and what better support than to have other women with PCO as supporting you,

going through the same thing that you’re going so highly, highly recommended to have a supportive group around you. Oh, shoot. In the dark. When it comes to your new year’s resolution, you’re just going to fall off the wagon and it’s going to be annoying. You want all the resources? Yeah. We literally are giving it half of it’s for free.

Yeah. I mean, so all those bonuses that we mentioned January 1st to January 7th, that’s the only time you can get all those bonuses for free when you enroll in the course. So exciting. I know I’m working so hard on this. This is what we’ve lost. Like sleep, we’ve lost hair. We’ve lost. I’ve lost Every night. Like thinking of like,

you know, the videos. Yeah. Ty wears a mouth guard every night. I swear. It’s because of this because when you don’t have control, like when the other people are editing, when other people are creating the website, you’re just like, okay, I hope it’s going to be good. I hope they’re going to be done in time. And then they send it over and you’re like,

here are the Edits. Yeah. You know, it’s just so much like, yeah. But it’s all for, It’s all worth it. I love when we get photos, like screenshots of like people making the meals. Cause last year when we launched it, we had so much great feedback. Like people losing two to three pounds a week. Amazing.

Like, No, it wasn’t, this It’s like completely like off the charts. Like we hired a film crew or film and fork. It’s amazing. Okay. Anyways. Okay. We’re getting excited. Getting excited. Let’s move on to the topic of the episode, which was new year’s resolutions with PCO bias. So for anyone who’s like maybe your new year’s resolution is to manage a certain symptom or to lose weight.

This is a perfect, perfect episode for you. That’s right. And on Instagram, we did a DM. We did a poll. We asked you what’s your new year’s resolutions the time do you want to start reading some of them? Okay, Let’s see what the sisters said, cost me. It says lose weight and get my period back naturally. Yeah,

sure. A lot of sisters are on that same boat trying to get their period back or trying to lose weight. Yeah. Totally possible. When you treat the metabolic root issues. Absolutely. Mariak says to stay on this track. I am now. Absolutely. Right. That’s even, that’s a great goal because you’re continuing what you’ve been doing and getting better and better Building on what you did this year.

Yeah. Alyssa says to actually stick with gluten and dairy free. Yeah. And that’s same thing from FIAR. The next one, she says stick to 30 days of gluten dairy free. I just want to say the course is perfect way to do that because it’s four weeks of gluten dairy free meals. So it’s like an amazing way to have every tool.

Everything you need to know, everything that you like, the ingredients in your hands. It’s all I li we literally tell you what to make over the weekend, how to freeze it, what to make every single day, but All through videos, PDFs. The only thing that we don’t do is give the food directly to, And it’s 30 days for a reason because that’s really how long it takes to see if this lifestyle is right for you.

And when you stick to it for 30 days, whether you lose weight or not, like you want to see if this is something that makes you feel good. And it’s just so important. Okay. Let’s keep reading and I can go on for hours. CX looking at me like, okay, Excuse me. Well, I drew, I don’t wanna make that so,

so long. Cause I know since there’s only one of the episode is like longer than an hour. All right. I am Steph Portelli says regaining my strength and hormone balance. After a stressful two years, that’s a great goal. Great goal. I know that’s something that’s very tough. So I hope the new year’s of solution, you find like the goals and pat to do that.

And we’re always here to help you through it. Yeah. It’s been a stressful two years. P U R R says, learn to manage my newly diagnosed PCO. S you know, I love that because it’s hard to get diagnosed and thank God she is. And now she knows that she can take the next steps. And sometimes we get lost after diagnosis and we kind of ignore it for years,

but she’s like grabbing it by the horns. Yeah. All right. Liliana says, give Guten their fee or try to make my health a priority. Give it a try Girl. We’re always here to help give you tips along the way. Another, the last one little fun one Denae says go to Greece. Isn’t that our new user solution basically go to wherever we can get suit with this.

COVID Go somewhere and see something other than our four walls. Did you hear about that sister who took opacity tall and finally got her period after a year of not having Incredible. I see those kinds of messages on Instagram a lot. How does that even happen? Oh, FaceTime helps with healing, insulin resistance, a common root issue that most Pecos sisters have.

And by targeting insulin resistance, we’re seeing sisters kick those crazy cravings. Finally regulate their periods opulate and improve their ed quality. Each packet of opacities has a 40 to one ratio of myo-inositol and de Cairo. And NASSA tol this ratio is similar to the ratio that should be found in the body. But with women like me who have PCOM, this ratio is often imbalanced.

So taking alas tall can be super effective in treating insulin resistance, starting from the root of the issue. So awesome. It tastes like nothing. So just warn me when you put it in a cup, so I don’t drink it. You got it. So check out the link in the description to get 15% off your order For anyone who’s wondering about our trip plan.

We mentioned in previous episodes that we’re going to be moving soon. Right now. It looks like Miami is the go-to option. Perhaps Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina itself. Charleston is North Carolina. Okay. What do you want to bet? What do you want to bet? $20. Who makes Dinner tonight? Okay. All right.

No, I swear in South Carolina Charleston status healthcare North, for some reason, but that’s rally. I know. Dang it. Okay. All right. When’s Making spaghetti Squash. No problem. You get better than you. Okay. All right. Cool. All right. So now that we read your response as sisters, we’re gonna go into our tips.

You know, it’s easy for a lot of people to make a new year’s resolution. Right. But it’s really hard to keep it when you don’t set yourself up with the right methods. A lot of times we make it harder on ourselves, and then we feel bad when we don’t achieve it. But the truth is it’s like it wasn’t set up for us to kind of succeed.

Exactly. Yeah. You, maybe your goal was too big. Maybe, you know, it wasn’t achievable or wasn’t your top prior. You didn’t think it through like, so the first tip is having realistic goals. I think this is a super important one because that’s, what’s going to carry you through, Especially if like, you’re, your goal is like weight loss,

like losing weight. Then it’s really, really important, especially to have a realistic goal. A lot of people they say, okay, I’m going to lose. I’m just going to say 20 pounds in one month. Yeah. That’s my goal for new year’s resolution, Drink juice every day. It’s going to be 20 Pounds. Exactly. That’s so unrealistic because do you know how,

like how difficult it is for the human body? Not just Pete’s us, but the human body to lose 20 pounds in a month. In fact, losing 20 pounds in a month, can at times be an unhealthy thing. Absolutely. Yeah. I’ve seen people pass out on their juice cleanses. Yeah. I’m not a fan. Yeah. So definitely something realistic,

like five pounds a month. 10, maybe really just depends on what you feel is, And it’s not, it doesn’t even have to be about way. Like, let’s say your goal is to lose weight. You can still make these small little realistic goals. For example, eating more greens, losing five pounds in a month, or just going on two,

three walks a week to store, you know, like these kinds of realistic goals that are not focused on focus on the scale, but rather focus on the things around the scale. So it helps. That’s a good point. Sometimes the scale is triggering. If you feel like five pounds is a triggering goal, don’t make that your goal make it. I want to feel better in my jeans,

or I want to go on a walk. Like you said, three times a week or whatever, something that’s not pound related. Yeah. Like if your goal is to have abs within a month, I highly don’t recommend that because it’s not, it’s very hard to achieve that. Yeah. And you don’t want to disappoint yourself and make yourself not motivated to continue either.

Exactly. That’s how you fall off the wagon and don’t continue. Yeah. And for anyone wondering, like, what is the right amount of weight to lose or something in a month? What we’d like to recommend is one to two pounds a week, one to two pounds a week is a healthy speed of losing weight. Of course, some people may lose faster.

Some people may lose a little bit slower and that’s okay too is just, we liked that the medium, the average is like one to two pounds. Cause that’s healthier and more sustainable. And sometimes with PCOS, you don’t lose any weight for a couple of weeks. And then suddenly you start losing weight, but you felt good for a couple of weeks,

even though the scale didn’t move, It’s almost like a revving up the engine. It’s like, you’re in the 1940s. You have an old school car. You have to stick that thing inside the engine. You have to turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it, turn it. And then I see that compared PCs, weight loss to a cart.

Okay. I’m just trying to make metaphors here. All right. Next one second tip is creating a course of action. So Having your week or even month planned out in advance so that you can follow it, it takes a lot of last minute guesswork out of the decisions that you make. You know, like if you don’t have a course of action and you have this like long day at work and you come home and it’s like six o’clock and you don’t know what to eat,

nothing is defrosted from the freezer. And you’re just like standing in your kitchen. What are you going to do? You know exactly. Like, what are you going to eat? Like, are you even going to eat? I don’t know. At that point, it’s either your fault because you have such limited choices. So you’re just gonna end up resorting to whatever is the easiest option,

you know, which, yeah. Which might not always be the healthiest option, but you know, of course there are certain days we have to just go with the flow. But you know, having your days planned helps really So much, most of your days being planned is progress. Yeah. Every day doesn’t have to be perfect. And I mean,

not to link back to the course, but that’s exactly what we, well, that’s what we trying to do here is we’re trying to have a whole plan for you, a whole routine so that when you come home for dinner, from work, you already know what’s ready. What’s ready to be made because it’s already been prepared in advance. And you’re basically just making it in 20 minutes and having your meal.

Yeah. It’s planned already. Yeah. I told you what to do in the video. That’s it. All right. Third tip. Having a lack of motivation. Think about why you want to lose weight. You want to be motivated by internal, emotional types of things. Not just wanting to look good for whoever, like forget whoever. Think of you.

How do you feel? What is driving you emotionally to do this? Do you want to have kids one day? Do you want to have your period? Do you want to have a lighter periods, less craving so that you don’t feel controlled by your Crazy more energy? You know, like just that perhaps you have fatigue. So you want to focus on the root issues to help you with having more energy.

And of course, this doesn’t mean that we’re not talking specifically about the new year’s resolution of losing weight. We’re just talking about in general, whatever your new year’s resolution Is, they can be a lack of motivation. And if your new year’s resolution is to get to let’s say adrenal fatigue. Well, some of those motivations would be to have more energy.

I want to have more energy when I play with my kids or I want to have more energy when I’m, when I wake up in the mornings, when I’m at school, when I’m at, you know, like stuff like that, or be in better shape for hiking with your family, that kind of goal connect family to it, or connect something emotional to it makes you want to do it.

Right. Totally. Yeah. And then we have about three more tips, three big tips. But before we continue for tips for new year’s resolution, we’re going to jump forward a little bit again, we’re trying to change things up, you know, just trying to keep it exciting. We’re going to go to the winds of the week. Let’s talk about it and then we’ll go right back to the tips for new year’s resolutions.

All right. Well, for anyone who’s new, the winds of the week are from fellow sisters who are managing their peace, us losing weight, thriving with us. And I guess we’ll let, tie-in start with the first one. Let’s do it. Let’s motivate ourselves. Okay. Erica Cole says, hi, wonderful women. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.

I definitely had a win, my happy and I made everything for us, gluten and dairy free minus the rolls. I didn’t overindulge. And I don’t feel guilty for enjoying a little pie. PS telling your pumpkin pie recipe is lovely also for the first time ever. I am obviating I’m so over the moon, excited. I know my body is finally healing from all the help from the sisterhood.

That’s amazing. She posted a picture of her Thanksgiving table. She’s so cute. And Donald It’s such a nice table of meals and stuff. Yeah. Beautiful, Amazing. Eric. I’m So happy for you. Yeah. And that is from the sisterhood. Next one is from Hannon. She sent a message to us from the sisterhood as well. She goes,

hi sisters. Today’s my day. 30 on a best stall. I don’t know where to start. 90%. Dairy-free 70%. Gluten-free I have lost weight. I haven’t weighed myself. So I don’t get de-motivated because numbers on the scale, doesn’t always reflect your true weight. Very true. My energy levels and mood is amazing. I feel like I can move my love myself again.

And the symptoms are slowly disappearing. The acne is gone. PMs have reduced by 80%. Ladies, please keep going and trust the process. Just want to update you all. And she even says, Tallinn, thanks for all your hard work. You don’t know how much I appreciate your effort and all the hard work you and your husband have done. You gave us hope and you have designed the process,

which is hundred percent on point. Thanks again. And she goes, lastly, I’ll keep you posted by. I’m loving my weight loss. I feel like my old self pre PCOM. Wow. Don. So Moving. Yeah, it really was. I put a big smile on my face as I read it right now. I really liked That. I feel like my old self pre-prepare For this sister,

she was 90% dairy-free and 70%. Gluten-free, that’s something really important to think about because I know a lot of times people will say like, oh, it’s so hard to give up dairy or so hard to give up gluten and everything or things like that. Right. And there’s a great example of a sister who didn’t necessarily give it up a hundred percent,

but found extreme, extreme benefits when she limited her gluten dairy. So the amount that worked for Her. Exactly. Yeah. For some, it could be a hundred percent for some 80%. Yeah. But it’s just something that’s really important to consider when you’re managing PCOS. All right. So with that last one, let’s go back to our tips for new year’s resolution.

So the next step to read off is poor recovery after a setback. So perhaps you had a goal and there was a setback and now you’re having a hard time recovering, which is very Common for it. Yeah. Got it. Prepare for that recovery. Yeah. So everyone slips up everyone. I don’t even like calling slip up because life is not perfect.

No one is perfect. Even you, my dear wife, you’re not perfect. But what you are is is to assistant My dinners are not perfect. Every night. They are Always there on the Table. Your rice, you never put salt in It. You don’t salt around. Yes. You do. Sisters. You put salt and rice. Don’t shoot.

Oh my God. Let us know I’m going to Google it right now. Never puts up. Maybe the butter. I mean, I don’t know. I don’t put salt in rice Races. Like pasta. You have to salt the water or else you have planned rice. I put half a table. Teaspoon. I’m sorry. You have, I put half a teaspoon to a table.

I can’t read teaspoons when they’re, when they’re like abbreviated abbreviate. Okay. I put half a teaspoon. This is from Bon AU Bon Appetit, I can’t believe you. What were we talking about? Preparing for setbacks. How did we get into rice? Oh, Okay. No, seriously. Seriously. Everyone makes mistakes and changing your lifestyle is hard.

Yeah. It’s very hard. You have to go with the flow. Yeah. You have to learn along the way. Never expect perfection or else. You’re not going to want to get back on that horse and keep going. You’re just going to be pissed and give up. Yeah. And with any change that there’s a learning process. No one starts from day one and they get a perfect until day 352 64.

My God, I have lost my life. If we did two weeks in a week. That’s why, so no one starts from day. One is perfect or 365. It literally takes mistakes along the way to learn. And that’s what, anything in life? Absolutely. Okay. The Next tip, next one is getting help from friends or family and kind of combined with this is sharing your journey with others who are going through something similar.

Super important. Yeah. I felt so responsible for my last new year’s resolution because I announced it on stories. I said, I want it to be more active this year. And let me tell you, like, every time I went through a phase where I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be, I was like, oh my gosh, people know about this.

I said, I want it to be active. I’m not being accountable for Posts on stories. And then I would get into it again. Yeah. So I was sharing it with people, you know, A hundred percent, especially when you’re sharing with others who are going through something similar. Again, this is the power of like the sisterhood Facebook group.

Especially like when you’re doing the courses as you’re going through week one, there are hundreds of others, other sisters going through week one with you. So as you’re doing it, you’re on Facebook. Hey guys, how did you like Wednesday’s lunch meal? Yeah. I really like adding this to my meal. I really liked this ingredient. Twisted it. Yeah,

Exactly. Like that’s it makes us a lot more fun as you record and share your journey. I remember last year, someone posted about how she was drinking wine while she was cooking the course, she was doing the course, the four week plan and she was drinking wine and she like burns the dinner, but she’s still, it was still edible. It was so funny.

She posted she’s like, I burned it, but it’s okay. I still follow the recipe, but it’s fine. Like of course. Yeah. So yeah, you just, you just don’t want to have a lack of support. You know, you want that support cause you deserve it. Sisters. You deserve to have a whole army around you, The army around you seriously.

You don’t want to have PCLs and feel like you’re the only one in the room. Yeah. One in 10 or one in five women have it. They’re all in a sisterhood. And then the last tip we have here is rewarding yourself. You’re doing something amazing sisters you’re pushing through. Don’t let that not reward yourself as I’m trying to say, So what should we do to reward ourselves?

Like how do you like to reward yourself? Yeah. I feel like everyone has like a different way of doing so. Like for example, if your goal was to work out, like, let’s say you want to just start a workout routine for, for the next year where you did it. Let’s say you did it for a couple of weeks. Take a day off,

reward yourself, have a rest day, have a rest. A couple of days, take a week off. If you want to reward your body, I guess the rewards are embedded into the four week plan because you only work out every other or like three times a week. So you can rest for me after the workout, I feel like accomplished. I feel like I really did something good for myself and that’s a reward in and of itself.

Yeah. And then it motivates me to continue doing stuff for myself. So I feel like doing a facial afterwards where I feel like watching TV and vegetating because I need that. I feel like, you know, reading a book, maybe making time for my hobbies, it feels rewarding to do it. And then you feel like continuing to reward yourself. And again,

that could be individual to each person, you know? So whatever you want to reward yourself with, if you, if you’re doing something consistently with renewals or solution or anything for that matter yeah. Rewards yourself. Like, you know what that reward is. That’s going to make you feel happy and go for it. We think long-term dose rewards make you more motivated to continue.

And yeah, It creates a positive energy around this difficult thing that you’re doing for yourself. You know, you’re going outside of the box, you’re cooking, you’re working out in a new way. It’s challenging a little reward yourself. You’re happy. Yeah. I completely agree with you time. And the truth is too, like if you don’t reward yourself,

you’re going to end up hating. The process is actually going to make you not want to continue. Cause it’s, there’s never like that moment where you just enjoy whatever it is that you may want to have. So like not having rewards can be, it can create setbacks. I will also say another way. I like to reward myself going down this path after I have a good workout or after I feel like I’ve been eating really well or really nurturing myself.

Every time I walk past a mirror, I look at myself and I’m like, damn girl. And I like, say something nice. You know, I know you do this. He knows I do this because it like hypes me up to continue. And it makes me feel that. And then I stand in front of SeaTac and I like demand. Yeah.

Like pose in front of me. Like with like, like lifting your shirt, like look at this buddy. Like, I like it. I put in effort. Like, it doesn’t matter what size you are. Like it just be happy and grateful and you know, celebrate yourself. Yeah. It feels Good. Yeah. One thing I do is stand in front of the heat heater events and I let it like blow my hair in the wind.

And I, I stand in front of it and I like pose like a model to see. And I’m like, look at me, you have to do this. Sometimes you have to hype yourself up. You’re your own hype team. Yeah. I feel Like Beyonce in front of the heater. Yeah. Get a fan blowing, go get your friend or partner.

Just get a fan right in front of you. Yeah. Recording Stonewall. Some music slay. Yeah. Hey sisters, I’m done screaming in your ear about hyping yourself. I love it. That’s the kind of motivation that I think we all need when we do anything in the safe. Totally. Especially for a new year’s resolution. Yeah. So those are all our tips,

sisters. We hope you enjoyed every single one of them and we hope they help you with your new year’s resolutions or with any, any changes that you decide to make at any time in your life. Because I feel like all of these tips apply to basically anything you can do with life. All right. Before we go, I did say that we have a little surprise announcement for the sisterhood.

So for anyone, for our fellow sisters and the sisterhood, we have special, special, new feature coming very soon. We’re going to drop an exclusive sisterhood podcast. Don’t worry. We’re still going to have a sister in her. Mister things will change a little bit, but we’re gonna make a whole scissor podcast where we’re going to make basically put all the content that we have on there in audio format.

So you can listen to it. Audio only with its own separate app. So details coming soon, but you’ll be able to download an app and be able to listen to all the content. And we’re going to create new content every single week where we talk about the community, just like we did earlier in this podcast, we’re going to read Facebook messages,

comments. We’re going to do Q and A’s. We’ll basically like submit a Q and a box in the Facebook group and have everyone submit their questions. And then we’re going to read all the questions in the podcast and answer them. So that’s like one, one episode idea that we have. We’re also gonna do pep talks. Yes. We’re going to have fell assists or windows.

So many different things. You’re literally just going to be able to press play and hear our voices. Like any moment of your day, you don’t have to lock into this sister. It’s like on your phone. It’s a podcast version. Yeah. Yeah. And that will only be for sisterhood members. So for anyone who enrolls in the course, you will get those features too,

because you’ll be part of the sisterhood. Once you enroll from January 1st to seven. Yes. With that being said as well, remember the course launches and four days. And you have until the seventh to get all your bonuses, after that, the bonuses will not be available anymore. We hope to see you in there. We hope to see you in their sisters.

Super excited. Let’s cook together. Yes. And I hope you liked this episode, sisters. We kind of changed it up today. You know, we did a little bit different intro. We change up the winds. It was trying to keep a little bit you a little bit different as you go on possess and we hope you all have a great new years.

That’s all going to 2022 with goodbye. With good vibes. Yeah. Yes, yes. Talk to you soon. Bye. Bye. Bye. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, you have to come check out the sisterhood. It’s my monthly membership site, where sisters just like you are learning how to move through the stages of PCs from stage one,

cold and alone at the doctor’s office to stage five, nailing the PCs lifestyle, gluten and dairy free. Get ready to finally feel in control of your body. Again,

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